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tv   Today in New York  NBC  January 7, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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arrest in a sudden attack. how police tracked down the man they say randomly slashed a woman. plus, information stolen. this morning, why you might be getting an e-mail from your cable company. and a record jackpot. this morning powerball soaring higher than ever before. "today in new york" starts now. i saw that on the way in this morning, that sign. that's something. >> powerball is now at $2 trillion. >> yeah. good morning, everyone. it's thursday, january 7th. i'm darlene rodriguez. >> i'm michael gargiulo. chris cimino is here with the forecast. >> but remember, a trillion goes to the government. >> that's the lump sum. >> we've got a big variation in temperature from suburb to city. walking around the city, doesn't feel too bad out there. the suburbs, still quite a bit colder. you get towards the coast, notice temperatures in the low 30s in the city. we're the warm spot right now.
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most of long island between 20 and 25. west westhampton, you're down to 10 degrees. clear sky and light wind. that's why those temperatures dropped overnight. temperatures bouncing back to 40 by noon. we expect a high of 43 degrees, which should feel nice. clouds rolling in and a change. we'll talk about that in a little bit. let's get the first check on a thursday morning commute. >> good morning. so far, so good. we just have some roadwork out there. if you're headed to the queens midtown tunnel that, overnight road work is there. the south tube is closed, north tube taking on two-way traffic. if you're getting on the trains, uptown n and q trains are running express due to track maintenance. more weather and traffic coming up. >> thank you. new this morning, a quick arrest thanks to a very observant man. police say they have the suspect who randomly slashed a woman on a street in chelsea. "today in new york's" katherine creag is live where the suspect is being held.
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department thanking that alert passerby you mentioned for recognizing the suspect. we should get our first look at the suspect, who's expected to be walked out of this police station a little later this morning. we want to show you video of that suspect. surveillance video. a man in the midtown area recognized the suspect when he saw him walking around st. patrick's cathedral about 6:00 at night. that man believed he was the one who slashed a woman on the face. he was arrested about 6:00 at night. 12 hours earlier, a 24-year-old woman walking to work along 23rd street near 7th avenue was followed by the suspect, according to police, when out of nowhere he slashed her, possibly with a razor blade. she sought help from workers at a diner. she talked about the moment she was attacked. the victim wanted to hide her face.
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and i was freaking out. i ran into the nearest place by me. they helped me call the ambulance. >> reporter: the victim received seven stitches. you'll hear from one of the diner workers who helped her. as for the suspect, we're learning that he lives in the bronx. we're waiting to find out if that person, that suspect will be in court later on for an arraignment or if he'll receive a mental evaluation. >> kat, thank you. a homeless man now facing murder charges in a deadly stabbing at a bronx mcdonald's. police say raphael gonzalez, seen in this video, turned himself in yesterday. they say he attacked 28-year-old adam garcia at the kings bridge restaurant monday. garcia was the manager at that mcdonald's. we're told gonzalez spent hours at the restaurant before garcia asked him to leave. gonzalez allegedly returned and killed him. a warning for time warner customers. the cable company says about
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impacted by a data breach. if you're impacted, time warner will e-mail you and send you a letter in the mail. as a precaution, they say change your passwords. no word yet as to how that information was stolen. there were no winners in last night's powerball drawing, which means the jackpot has now climbed to $675 million. the new jackpot now the largest in u.s. lottery's history. last night's jackpot of $524 million was the fourth largest of all time. even though no one hit it, there were still $1 million prize winners in new york and connecticut. really, still check your ticket. the winning numbers yesterday were 2, 11, 47 h 62, 63. the powerball number, 17. the next drawing is saturday night. we still have a shot. >> we do. 4:34 right now. time for weather and traffic on the 4s. line up there and get those tickets.
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saturday, maybe a little dampness in some parts of the area, but we'll get to that in a second. today, while it's chilly, it doesn't feel as cold as a couple mornings ago. the wind has eased. into the city, temperatures in the 30s. suburbs, teens to 20s. sun will mix with clouds this afternoon. not too much wind throughout the day and into tonight. that'll help in terms of feeling more comfortable. right now in the city we're at 33. skies start out clear and sunny. we'll start to mix in clouds. high temperature of 43 degrees. back above normal by a few degrees. not too bad at all. let's see if it's still not too bad at all commute-wise. >> not too bad at all, chris. if you're getting on the buses, one detour this morning, the m-50. we have overnight track work out there on the 4, a, d, f, n, and r. otherwise, things running pretty smoothly on the rails. major commuter lines are fine. alternate side of the street parking rules in effect today. >> lauren, thank you.
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an option for new yorkers with certain conditions. there are only a handful of places around the state to get it. one of them is in union square. tracie strahan is there. new chapter here in new york city. >> reporter: it really is, michael. most people don't even know what's on the other side of this door here when they walk by in union square. this is going to be one of eight medical marijuana dispensaries to open in the state today. news 4 was able to get a look inside. this is one of the places that looks more like a boutique. this one is called columbia care. it's the first facility in new york city. no, there's no actual sight of marijuana plants inside. they're going to be dispensing non-smokeable medical marijuana in forms of capsules, vaporizers, and liquids. new york law limits distribution only to patients suffering from serious illnesses and who are screened by medical experts. >> because this is a patient product and this is a medical
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mother nature has made and we extract the organic, natural chemical compounds and we put them into a concentrated form. that concentrated form is what results in the liquid that patients end up using to treat their symptoms. >> reporter: because of things like that, officials are already saying these dispensaries are going to be a far cry from the things you see in places like california and colorado. patients here will have to show proper identification before facility. as we bring you back live to union square, we want to show you the security cameras that are positioned and not by accident right at the front of the door here at columbia care. we spoke to the head of the center. he said they want to be secure, but they don't want this to seem like a fortress. they want it to seem like a doctor's office for people to come inside. back to you. >> just looking at it, tracy, it's different from the places out west. it's not hiding what it is, but they're not really advertising it in a very broad way. >> reporter: right. they're already saying, don't
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>> okay, yeah. that's what i guess i was trying to say. thanks, tracie. 4:37 right now. hang on to your 401(k). wall street could reel from the effects of another wild ride for stocks in china. the emergency brakes kicked in for a second time this week at shanghai's exchange pd trading was stopped after stocks plummeted more than 7%. this is on top of yesterday's selloff on wall street where the dow closed 252 points lower. right now stock futures are way down. well, in a few minutes, the president of france plans to speak, and he may talk about the three-day terror spree in paris that began one year ago today. it started with the armed assault on the offices of "charlie hebdo." that attack nearly wiped out the magazine's executive staff. two days later, hostages were taken at a kosher supermarket. in all, 17 people were killed. today, a texas man accused of working with al qaeda will be arraigned in new charges in
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he's charged with helping to build a suicide bomb for an attack on a u.s. military base in afghanistan. knoll american no americans were killed. the man was found in pakistan and flown back to the united states in april. right now, police are searching for a sexual assault suspect in brooklyn. while the incident happened in early december, investigators just released this surveillance video of the man they're looking for. they say he grabbed a 24-year-old woman who was walking along bergen street and tried to pull down her pants, but she screamsed and he ran away. a bronx man now charged with killing his pregnant daughter is due in court, hiding her body in the basement of their home. police say caruth bludgeoned and strangled her daughter after he found out she had secretly taken
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>> she was a very giving person, very generous. this is terrible, terrible. >> terrible tragedy. >> family and friends held a vigil last night outside andrea caruth's home. this afternoon, congressional republicans plan to celebrate their vote to repeal president obama's signature health care act. the house gave its final approval yesterday to the bill. it also calls for a cut in federal funding to planned parenthood. this is the first time that repeal legislation will make it to the president's desk. he says he will veto it. president obama is going to give his last state of the union address. it's going to come on tuesday. he's giving us a couple hints as to what that speech may look like and that he's looking to his legacy. >> not just what i want to get done in the year ahead, but what we all need to do together in the years to come. >> that's a youtube preview. the president says he's optimistic about this year ahead. you can watch that address live
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the u.s. navy may step up operations in asia while few people believe north korea really tested a hydrogen bomb. just hours ago, an anti-nuclear protest was held in south korea. that country's government now says it will resume propaganda broadcasts aimed at the north. this is after nuclear test was detected near the border with china. now analysts are weighing in. >> that initial analysis is not consistent with the claims that were made by the north koreans that they had successfully conducted a test of a hydrogen bomb. >> pressure is mounting on china to use its influence to reel in north korea. yesterday china joined other nations at the u.n. to condemn the nuclear test. 4:41 right now. just ahead, there's a new look but not all of it's new. a new name as well now proposed for penn station. plus, weeks after a random attack in a queens neighborhood, the letter just found that has
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w are going to have weather and traffic on the 4s coming up as we look at the hamilton bridge. don't forget, follow us on twitter, facebook, and instagram. michaelg4ny, darlene4ny. you're watching "today in new
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it's 4:44. here are four things to know this morning. police arrested a man in the random slashing of a woman in chelsea. they arrested him thanks to an observant person who spotted him in the street somewhere else. today, mayor de blasio will sign an order that provides paid parental leave to city employees. it's going to guarantee the city's 20,000 nonunionized workers six weeks of paid leave.
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specifically for drone users. it's called b4u fly. the app will show you where you can and cannot fly your drone. nobody hit the powerball jackpot, so now it's up to a new record. what's the number? amazing here. $675 million up for grabs on saturday. it's going to be more than that, actually. that number will likely get bigger before the drawing. all right. 4:45. time for weather and traffic together on a thursday morning. things feeling a little better, particularly in and around the city in erms of temperature and wind combination. but suburbs still down in the teens early on. we'll have a sunny start. more clouds to finish off the day today. then a mixed sky during the day tomorrow. should be quiet. some rain, some heavy, for the weekend. it will gradually turn milder as well. back in the 50s by the time we get to sunday. even milder today than it was yesterday. we pop a couple degrees above normal. normal high is 39. 43 is our expected high for this afternoon.
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just a few clouds. you can see these temperatures. big range from in and around the city. sort of that heat island effect. we hold the heat here in the concrete jungle, if you will. 32 in city hide. you -- city island. it's 12 in morristown. 13 in bridgewater. 13 in sussex. 15 in danbury. all of 10 out in westhampton. these temperatures in the teens don't feel as brutal as earlier in the week because we don't have much wind. we're earlierly clear right now. starting to see clouds drift up from the south. that's why we anticipate the sun will mix with more clouds through the day today. probably doesn't become totally overcast. maybe for a time tonight it will. we start off sunny. clouds build up. high temperature, 43 in midtown. even suburbs north and west should get close to 40s. we share the wealth of the milder temperatures. clouds continue to thicken up somewhat tonight. low of 31 in the city. because of that cloud cover, not quite as cold as recent nights.
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during the day tomorrow, clouds will stick around. we may see a little drizzle develop tomorrow night. temperatures in the low 40s. the issue with tomorrow night mainly for suburbs through the north and west is there may be enough cold air trapped in the low levels of the atmosphere that when the warmer air overrides that, could be a little freezing drizzle well to the north and west. northwest new jersey, especially into the mid and upper hudson valley. watch for possible slippery conditions out there. else where it's just rain and drizzle. that will evolve into a heavier rain by sunday, but it's milder. rain and wind, temperatures back into the mid-50s. that doesn't last too long either. here's the seven-day outlook. low 40s today and tomorrow. relatively quiet. spotty light rain and drizzle saturday. a rainy day on sunday, 55. 37 for monday. 36 for tuesday. 37 for wednesday of next week. maybe snow flurries by the time we get to wednesday. let's get to lauren and find out about the commute. how is it treating us so far? >> overall, pretty nicely.
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that's not treating us so well. we're going to look at the van wyck expressway, where we have ongoing roadwork. it's been out there for a while. two lanes shut down southbound between the grand central parkway and hillside avenue. expect a slow ride here. but here's a look at the george washington bridge, where everything is moving along nicely on both levels. over on the connecticut turnpike, here's what it looks like out in stamford. smooth sailing here as well. no roadwork getting in your way. alternate side of the street parking rules in effect. more weather and traffic coming up on the 4s. >> thanks so much, lauren. the nation's busiest train station is getting a massive makeover and a new name. governor cuomo is pledging $3 billion to revitalize penn station. he says requests for proposals will be due in 90 days. the governor says the existing penn station is dark, ugly, and un-new york. >> it could use a refresh. it's a little tired.
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it smells like urine all over the place. >> imagine being a first-time visitor to new york and getting off in penn station. good thing the vice president flew and didn't take the train. >> the governor is referring to vice president joe biden, calling laguardia airport a third-world country. penn station will be called empire station. connecticut's supreme court is going to hear arguments today that could determine the fate of row. the court ruled last year connecticut's decision to repeal the death penalty in 2012 prevents those inmates from execution. attorneys for the state disagree. they argue the inmates were already sentenced to die and the ban on executions should not apply retroactively to them. neighbors are on edge in one queens neighborhood after a new threat surfaces from the man who slashed a teenage girl in the face. police say the masked man in this video attacked a 16-year-old chinese exchange student while she was walking to school last month.
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girl's whitestone home monday and vandalized a car. he also left a note apologizing to the victim, saying she wasn't the intended target. the note threatened another young woman at the home. neighbors do not want to appear on camera. >> reporter: there was glue on the locks. the tires were slashed. egg, they thought there was maybe acid, but i'm not 100% sure. >> if you have any information on this man, give police a call. this morning, a north carolina man is starting his prison sentence for the shooting death of a 2-year-old boy in the bronx. yesterday, darrell hempfield was sentenced to 25 years to life for the murder of david pacheco jr. the bullet hit a passing minivan and killed that little boy. and a retired nypd officer has been sentenced for killing his wife in front of their two young children.
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prosecutors say canty confessed to shooting his wife multiple times inside their home in april of 2014. yesterday in court, he apologized to his children for that murder. canty says he did it because he believed his wife was cheating on him. happening today, the upper east side pastor accused of stealing money from his church is due in court in a civil suit. pastor daniel iampaglia is being sued by members of the rock church congregation who want him out. they claim he took more than $ $,000 in missing church money. in november, iampaglia was arrested on nine counts of larceny for allegedly stealing church offerings. and this morning, we're trying to get details about what may have caused a fire at a times square restaurant. that fire began last night inside the kitchen of a restaurant on 48th street. the restaurant opened just about a month ago. one person was treated for smoke inhalation. they are expected to be okay. in this morning's cnbc money report, macy's is shutting down dozens of store and laying off
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a macy's spokesperson says it's because of disappointing sales last year. in all, 40 stores are closing. that includes four that were shut down in 2015. the stores closing in our area are at hudson valley mall in kingston, middlesex mall in plainfield new jersey, and enfield square in enfield, connecticut. still to come, an announcement that could be welcome to tens of thousands of people who rent. and new trouble for chipotle. why an outbreak is now at the center of a criminal information. you're watching "today in new
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4:54 on this thursday morning. going to check weather and traffic right now. 33 degrees. we are sort of slowly going in the right direction this woke eek. >> we're getting there.
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the studio, this isn't bad. >> walking around outside aimlessly? >> this feels okay. >> yeah, not too bad. >> the 33 would have felt brutal a week ago. but after being down at 11 and having windchills below zero, 30s feel nice. we all get back to the low 40s this afternoon. sunshine will mix with clouds later on in the day. then it's a partly to mostly cloudy sky tonight. chilly but not bad again. 31 in the city with 20s in the suburbs. we've got changes heading our way towards the weekend. again, looks like a rainmaker, not a snow maker. snow lovers again frustrated on this one. >> waiting. >> oh, those snow lovers. >> what's happening, lauren? >> not much for the commute, which is something we like. we're going to take a live look at the cross bronx expressway, where things are moving along nicely by the bronx river parkway. similar story on the bqe for a change as you make your way into the area of the east river crossings. no roadwork out there. all east river crossings doing okay too. >> all right.
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el nino storms are now burying parts of california. heavy rain turned freeways into waterways. look at that. leaving cars trapped in high water. close to 19 million people along the coast are facing flash flooding. heavy winds are knocking down trees and ripping the roofs off of buildings. in other communities, mudslides are starting to threaten homes. >> we worry, but we've done a lot of preparation. there's a whole bunch of sandbags around the house. >> this big thunk. we heard moving around. >> el nino is expected to continue in california and other parts of the country in the come coming weeks and months. the texas state trooper who arrested sandra bland is now indicted. yesterday a grand jury decided to indict him because of a statement he made in his report about the reason he arrested sandra bland. bland was later found dead in
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her death was ruled a suicide. last month the grand jury decided not to indict jail workers in that case. and we're learning that bill cosby will not be charged with raping two women in los angeles. prosecutors say one case is too old. the other, prosecutors say they could not find enough evidence to go forward. last week we saw the legendary comedian face sexual assault charges in a different state, pennsylvania. bill cosby denying any wrongdoing with dozens of women who accuse him. now the latest on the armed occupation of the wildlife refuge in oregon. last night residents living near the refuge in harney county took a stand, demanding the protesters leave. the demonstration led by ammon bundy is protesting federal control of land in oregon. the protest began saturday and shows no signs of ending. >> show of hands of how many people want to work this out peacefully and would like these folks to go home.
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has disrupted life in the community. schools there have been closed for a week. the fast food chain chipotle is now at the center of a criminal investigation. the fda and u.s. attorney's office want the company to turn over all the documents related to last year's norovirus outbreak. more than 180 customers and 18 employees were sickened at a california restaurant. it comes as chipotle is reeling from an e. coli outbreak in late october, followed by another norovirus outbreak in boston. there's good news for new york city renters. more than 150,000 apartments could return to rent-controlled status. landlords would get special tax breaks but claim they're exempt from regulation. the governor says there will be zero tolerance for those landlords. it's believed 2,000 build in addition manhattan will be affected.
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piazza is headed to cooperstown. he played 7 1/2 seasons here. the greatest hitting catcher of all time. he helped lead the mets to the world series in 2000. >> it's truly a blessing and overwhelming. very honored. i'm a huge student of the game as far as the history of the game. so this is just something for me describe. >> well, now the question remains, will mike piazza wear a mets hat in his plaque at the hall of fame. he did play with the dodgers before coming here to new york. the hall will decide. mike piazza said he was told not to speak about it. >> it would be nice to see him in a mets hat. >> he dropped some hints in a radio interview. ung i think we're going to be okay. coming up on 5:00 a.m., if you're about to head out the door, take us with you.
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