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tv   News 4 New York at 5  NBC  January 7, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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an area 3 feet by 3 feet and that's where his upper body was. he was lateral across the seats with his legs underneath the dashboard. >> reporter: a bmw was dangerously dangling overhead. the third avenue express was in a race against time. >> in this situation the firefighters want to try to get the trapped person out within an hour. they had this man out in 45 minutes. >> this is a spreader and this is a cutter. >> reporter: firefighters used the spreader, cutter and jaws of life to free the victim. >> it turned out to be a great ending. it looked like we weren't going to have a good ending to this one. >> reporter: the name of this man has not been released. he was treated in critical but in stable condition at lutheran medical here in sunset park. he had since been released along with two others who suffered minor injuries. that is remarkable when you consider the dire situation within his front seat that this
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gowanus expressway. john chandler, news4 new york. and we are following some breaking news in new jersey where police are looking for clues in a homicide investigation. dennis protsko is in chopper4 over the scene in newark. dennis? >> reporter: that's right. a serious accident. and as you mentioned now a homicide investigation. looking down here at newark 6th street between park avenue and fourth avenue. accident investigation under way. came in around 3:30. newark police responding to the side. they needed the jaws of life to get a person out of the vehicle. now we do have essex county prosecutors office here out on the scene investigating as well detectives. accident. one person con fimd killed at the accident and a homicide investigation onlining. lights out here. it's going to be a prolonged accident investigation and we do
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down between park avenue, 4th avenue will be closed down for some time. recording live, dennis protsko. back to you in the studio. and now the wall street where the markets plunged again yet amid worries about a showdown in china. mary thompson joins us from cnbc with more on this. the year is off to a rough start. >> it certainly is. the dow jones down more than 400 points, settling 392 points. the first four trading days of the year the dow's worst ever. when you look at those four days in total. the nasdaq falling over 100 in today oes session. the reason is concerns over china. overnight the chinese stock market was halted for another day this week. this is the second day this week it has happened. the circuit breakers went into
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shortly after this happened they announced they were going to take away the circuit breakers market to halt. concerns about china. certainly a cause of today's selloff. then you add a decline in oil. that too weighed on the markets today. average investor is looking at. kind of scary when you look at the 401(k) and what's happening to it. >> they usually look at their statements on a quarterly statement. so they may not get a read on their portfolio until march. if you have a long term view of it, you may want to consider holding off. if you're concerned, always call your financial adviser first. they are the ones you should turn to. they are the professionals. keep in mind what your time frame is with these investments. don't make rash decisions one way or the other.
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if you're a retail investor. and turning now to the random slash in chelsea. the suspect has a long rap sheet and may be responsible for slashing other victim ons the street. michael george is live in midtown where the suspect was captured. >> reporter: sometimes detectives need one break to solve the case np in this case it was this, this red indian's jacket. so when a bystander spotted a man wearing a similar jacket and acting erratically, he flagged down the police. now the police say this suspect has a long criminal history. a woman slashed in the face in a random attack. police say the man they have in custody is being investigated for another slash in the bronx. surveillance video may not show his face clearly but this was one detail that led to his
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>> a male black wearing a very distinctive coat which helped us go forward with identification. we took the video out and put it on the news. >> reporter: and just based off of the surveillance video, a bystander was able to recognize the suspect and contact police. mounted police officer called for help and helped arrest bazemore. he stacked and attacked a woman. she needed seven stitch to close up the wound. we went by his home today. the person inside wouldn't answer. and right now police are looking into the possibility this suspect is linked to even more slashing attacks. they're asking any additional victim to come forward. live in midtown, michael george
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another attempt at terror attack in paris. this time police officers were the target. and this latest incident koms on the first anniversary of the "charlie hebdo" attack. chief investigative reporter jonathan dienst is here with the latest. >> today's attack seems to be isis inspired. a lone man with a machete ran at police officers wearing a suicide bomb vest. an incident that again put paris on edge. police shot and killed the would-be terrorist before he could hack away with a butcher knife. but it could time before they would realize that his suicide bomb vest was just a fake. this latest suspect apparently inspired by isis terrorists. response it came on a day when the french
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lost in the "charlie hebdo" attack. a year ago mass gunmen targeted the newspaper killing editors there after the paper published a cartoon of the prophet mohammed. police still working to confirm the identity of today's attacker who apparently screamed god is great in arabic as he ran at officers. nearby schools and businesses were shut down as a precaution. with a suicide vest that turned out to be fake, this case sent jitters just weeks after suicide bombers attacked in the heart of paris, shooting and killing 130 people in coordinated strikes. france remains on high alert, an international manhunt continues for other suspects involved in leading or helping to carry out the attacks. it has been a tough year for france but the only death this day, that of a would-be attacker. the attacker still not identified. french authorities say he was shot at six times by police.
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had sworn allegiance to the leader of isis. and new at 5:00, sad news out of new jersey. police found the body of an 83 yeernl woman reported missing earlier this week. she was last seen leaving her mount clair apartment on monday. family members believe she may have wandered off. a medical examiner has yet so say how she died. turning now to spots, mike piazza was in town today. and we now know what hat he's enters the hall. bruce beck is more with that. >> mike piazza is headed to the baseball hall of fame. it's official piazza will be wearing a mets cap when he
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he was joined by ken griffey jr. a 60 round pick. he is the lowest draft pick ever to enter the hall of fame. despite starting his career with the dodgers, mike embraces the franchise in flushing. he talked about what new york means to him and the importance of being just the second met over to enter cooperstown. >> as much as i love the dodgers and will cherish my time there, i'm going in as as a new york met. i ended up in new york and the fans truly brought me into their family. every time i come back i'm honored from the response and, you know, unfortunately we do have to choose one. and for me it's just i always sort of enjoyed reconnecting here in new york. >> what a great moment. piazza joins the franchise, tom seaver as the only two mets in
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i talked to the 12-time all star after his press conference was over. we'll show you that interview on news4 new york at 6:00. still ahead as we continue on news4 new york at 5:00, the battle in one town over a landmark church dating back to the 1800s. >> an historic land marc church in ruins. can it be saved? should it be saved? and miners trapped in an elevator hundreds of feet under ground. new information on what caused the accident. the clouds continue to thicken and we're tracking the rain that's headed in our direction for tomorrow. it may start out a bit icy in some spots. i've got the details next. and powerball frenzy reaching a fever pitch now that nobody won last night's mega jackpot. stay with us. the centers for medicare and medicaid services recently asked
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quality of over 3.500 hospitals. t fewer than 6% received 5 stars. r among them was cancer treatment centers of america in philadelphia.
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you could get free installation, no data cap, and access to over 400,000 twc wifi hotspots with select plans. call now. a moth of a fugitive teen anyoner known for his affluenza defense is back in her home state of texas. she arrived today facing charges of hindering arrest. couch and her son fled to mexico last week violating the terms. the defense arguing he didn't
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his privileged upbring ppg the 18-year-old is still in mexico being held there. in west orange there is a desperate race to serve a land marc church that was burned to a shell last friday. the town says it's unsafe but some architects say it can be salvaged. brian thompson has the exclusive details. >> reporter: there is nothing left here but the bare walls. >> there are contractors, architects that specialize in this. >> reporter: but the president of the architect saying it can be saved. >> we have everything that's necessary to save a build like this. it's the money. >> reporter: what caused the fire last week is still unknown. though there's no sign of arson. the pen coastal denomination that bought it a year ago says it has insurance. it's not clear if it's enough
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will cost to rebuild. two friends watch and debate that very issue. >> it's something that will boom the businesses around here, it would be nice, you know. but i don't any. >> reporter: so it could go down as far as you're concerned? >> yeah, probably. >> how much business? >> reporter: the present owner simply says no decision has been made. many architects tell me they've made up their minds. >> the news was on, i heard your voice and i looked up and literally started screwing. >> reporter: several architects plan to meet with the town officials and church officials early next week to press their case that this church can be rebuilt and saving an iconic piece of architecture and history. in west orange, brian thompson news4 new york. today mayor de blasio signed an order guaranteeing the city's 20,000 nonunion workers six
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birth of a child, adoption or foster care. today the mayor and first lady were joined by new and soon to be moms and dads. >> i am positive in the months ahead i will face schal lengs and joyce as a new momma. but worrying how i will manage to bond with my baby and pay my student loans won't be one of them. >> they're planning on scaling back on a raise and having workers give by two vacation days. >> say hello to two of new york's finest. mayor de blasio swore in 1365 new recruits today. the mayor said they're joining the most respected police agency in the world. this year the incoming class has the highest percentage of women since 2009 and 106 of the
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>> congratulation to all of them. we made it through the cold snap. it was comfort f comfortable today. >> lovely day today, high clouds mixed with the sunshine. more warm temperatures are on the way in the next couple of days. these are the highs today, a couple of degrees warmer than what we forecast. 46 in central park, jfk, 48 in islip. you knee where the temperatures are going, up and up. and by the weekend we'll be in the 50s. we'll also have rain in the forecast. tomorrow is dry most of the day. it's not until the evening commute that we'll see the light rain or drizzle. but it may glas over in the valleys where cold air will be trapped for a little while. right now, there are a lot of 30s on the map. mainly above freezing to the north and west. temperatures in the mid-40s from the city to the south and high clouds streaming through the
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we're tracking the rain now, extending from near st. louis all the way down to the gulf coast. a lot of the moisture moves in our direction tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow evening. and the heaviest rain will be sunday. we've got clouds coming through. dront have to worry about rain or ice tonight. the temperatures will fall through the 30s but staying above freezing. north and west you may sea some 20s. it's going to be a chilly start. clouds are going to increase. no rain or sprinkles until the evening. by 1:00 a.m. we'll start to see some drizing. snow flurries or sleet or ice over the catskills and poconos in the valleys. that will continue until about mid morning and then that will start to move out of the area were at least the temperatures will warm up and it's all rain. we're not looking at a lot of rain on saturday. just a few light sprinkles, a lot of clouds. showers pick up on sunday
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they'll be heaviest from 10:00 in the morning until 1:00 or 2:00 in the afternoon and then things will taper off. that's the day we'll be in the 50s. tonight we're in the 20s and 30s again, midtown 31, 15s out there too, rock hill down to 19 degrees. it's calm and cold and quiet tonight. mostly cloudy in the morning at the jersey shore. you'll see sprinkles by the afternoon. your highs in the 40s. cold start north and west with the reading in the 20s. and then tomorrow night north and west is when you may get the icy glaze on the streets and sidewalks there. long island and coastal connecticut same deal for you, in the city as well. starts out dry, drizzle for the evening commute. but the heaviest rain will be sunday morning. we're talking about over an inch of rain possible. windy too. it's going to be a nasty day on sunday. by the afternoon it's tapering off. 55 is the high temperature. after that we fall back to the
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i know you've been sad you haven't been able to talk about snow. we thought we'd give you a peek. this is a live shot of the camelback mountains. the ski resort finally opened for business today. a later than usual start thanks to the unseasonably warm weather in december which made it impossible to make snow there. but now the skiers and snowboarders can finally get out on the slopes and enjoy themselves. well according to the newest stats, you have a better chance of becoming the next president of the united states than winning the next powerball jackpot. >> so you're saying i've got a chance. is that going to stop people from buying tickets? nope. nobody won last night. saturday's jackpot is worth at least $700 million. that is if largest jackpot in history. >> oh man. >> $700 million. it's big.
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>> more than enough money for everybody. >> even though nobody won the big prize, there were still $1 million prize winners in new york and connecticut. check your ticket. the number wrs 2, 11, 47, 62, 63 and powerball 17. >> i hope there's a winner out there. if no one wins on saturday, lottery officials say that the next wednesday jackpot will likely be more than $1 billion. >> should spice up sales a bit. up next, new york's first marijuana dispensaries open for business. new dietary guidelines are out. sugar, salt and fat. which does the government warn you to cut down on when we come back. tonight at 6:00, sealed off exits, closed staircases. >> if there was an emergency, would you be able to get out of the subway quickly? >> more investigations, more
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well just in time for those
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the government has come out with its latest dietary guidelines. for if first time the guidelines tell americans to limit their intake of added sugar to no more than 10% of daily calories. an expert on the "today" show explains what that means in real terms >> it would be a regular can of soda. and also the fun size candy bars that you get at halloween, the little rectangles, one can of soda and one of those is the added amount that would be allowed. >> and now there are no limits on cholesterol from food because studies show there is little to no impact on the levels. healthy eating, cut down on sodium were more fruits and vegetables, like always. whole grains, increase your intake of low fat dairy and lean protein which is a must, from
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however some experts do say that the government doesn't really goo far enough arguing there should be some guidelines on lowering the risk of cancer including limiting red meat and processed meat. new york's first medical marijuana dispensary is open today. columbia care in union square is among the eight facilities welcoming patients. under state law, only those with certain diseases are allowed to use a nonsmokeable version of marijuana for treatment. there are 20 dispensaries opening statewide, nine of them in our area. david ushery is here now with a look at what's coming up. >> a popular brand of children's pa jack mas could pose a fire hazard. we'll have what you need to know about a recall. they're known as sidewalk sheds, unsightly pieces of scaffolding that are in some cases one up foryears.
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i'm andrew siff with new details. and smash and grab thieves or would be thieves. they certainly have the smash down. but we'll tell you why they left
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right now on news4 new york, 4 investigates the danger bo. new yorkers are used to walking under staff folding oversidewalks across the city.
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safety at risk.
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