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tv   Today in New York  NBC  January 8, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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streets are blocked off, hazmat crews on the scene because of a leak outside. plus, a scare in the air. a plane from laguardia makes an unexpected stop. why a passenger had to be restrained and then carried off. and the new rules that could be coming for uber. "today in new york" starts now. good morning, everyone. friday morning. it is january 8th. i'm darlene rodriguez. >> i'm michael gargiulo. let's start with a check of the weather. storm team 4's chris cimino is here with the weather. i took my new york soccer club scarf off today. >> not needed. that's right. no wind. it's not all that cold. it'll be back on next week. don't put it too far deep into the closet. temperatures in the mid and upper 30s around the city right now. in central park, it's 36. most of long island at the freezing mark or just below it. there are a few cold spots. sussex, poughkeepsie, danbury, and monticello in the teens.
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days where we see intervals of clouds and sun. 41 by noon. forecasting a high of 43 degrees. no rain today of consequence. we'll see that change as we go through the weekend. more of that in a little bit. let's get the first check on a friday morning commute. here's lauren. >> good morning. we have a couple problems out there. route 202 shut down northbound between mt. airy road and harmony road. that's with a structure fire. route 4, accident westbound in t fue left lane by midland avenue. we'll have more weather and traffic coming up. >> lauren, thank you. breaking news on the upper west side. a hazmat situation at a hospital happening at mt. sinai west on 10th avenue between 58th and 59th streets. tracie strahan is on the upper west side with more. >> reporter: darlene, police tell me this situation started after a 31-year-old man jumped from the back of the hospital and landed on an exterior oxygen line.
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a large emergency presence right now because that line was leaking. there's concern that it would affect operations at the hospital. crews responded to a report of a jumper just before 2:00 this morning. after that 31-year-old man was pronounced dead at the scene, hazmat crews responded to that oxygen leak. right now, a private oxygen company is tending to the leaking oxygen line. we've reached out to the mt. sinai to confirm reports that patients now have to use portable oxygen units. fire crews responded on fears that this oxygen could be flammable or any other situation that could disrupt things here. 59th street behind me between 9th and 10th avenues remains shut down to traffic as they tend to this situation. the good news, darlene, we are starting to see a lot of emergency vehicles pull away from this scene, and we haven't seen any evacuations from the hospital. that's the latest live from here. back to you in the studio. >> tracie, thank you. there's breaking news
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officials say a suspect tried to exger ecute, in their words, a police officer. this happened in west philadelphia just before midnight. the police commissioner there says the suspect, who is now in custody, opened fire at an officer driving through an intersection, then walked up and emptied his gun into that police vehicle. the 33-year-old officer was hit three times, all in his left arm. officials say fortunately he is awake and coherent and will survive. this morning, three bronx men are accused of three armored car heists that took place last year. all three robberies at gunpoint were in the bronx. the first in august, the other two in december. federal prosecutors arrested michael santiago, a corrections officer, who works in fishkill, along with kenneth smith and bruce calazzo. officials say they're still searching for other members of their crew. some people on a united flight that took off from laguardia are now looking to press charges after being attacked by an unruly passenger. news 4 viewers sent us this cell
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restrained woman off the plane. she allegedly assaulted several passengers. this was a flight headed to chicago. the pilots made an emergency landing in detroit. police say the woman may have suffered a medical condition. if you ride in uber cars, you could see changes down the road. the city council is putting the final touches on a bill set to regulate the service. lawmakers will not cap the number of uber cars on the streets, and they may not end surge pricing, but they could put other controls in effect that regulate them, like yellow taxis. time for a check of weather and traffic on the 4s. let's check in with chris cimino. we're getting spoiled again. >> it will get milder again. yesterday, 46 degrees felt nice in the afternoon. we'll be in the 40s again today and tomorrow. then 50s, maybe close to 60 by sunday. what to expect today, morning low clouds, especially from the city on south. then we may get a break of sun and more clouds later in the day.
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even a few teens. any sun loses out to clouds later on this afternoon. highs mostly between 40 and 45. we just have this in. a winter weather advisory in effect. sussex county, upper passaic county, and into the hudson valley and interior sections of connecticut. begins about 7:00 tonight as freezing drizzle or even sleet breaks out. partly cloudy, 36 right now in the city. looking for a high of 43 degrees with a mix of clouds and sun. more of the weekend forecast in a bit. any new issues? >> it's early. we have a couple problems out there. delays on downtown 4 trains. also overnight track work on the 4, a, d, f, n, and r. expect delays and service changes on those lines as well. if you're getting on the buses, everything is running on schedule today. no detours getting in your way. alternate side of the street parking rules -- oh, the trains are fine too. we'll have more weather and traffic coming up. >> thanks very much.
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push for a new bill to improve elevator safety. it comes after a man died in an elevator accident on the lower east side. that's where "today in new york's" lori bordonaro is this morning. this is a city where we depend on elevators almost every day for everybody, lori. >> reporter: indeed, michael. lawmakers will be out here gathering this morning to push for that legislation to keep elevators safe. many of the residents here in this complex actually confronted the management during a very heated exchange last night. wavecrest management says an extensive review is under way after 25-year-old steven hewitt brown was crushed to death in an elevator here on new year's eve. about 100 angry residents turned up at last night's meeting where they were told the d.o.b. inspected and approved the elevators.
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with the elevators constructor union calling for the elevator safety act. many residents said they still building. one woman says her 90-year-old mother was stuck just last month. >> i pray every time i come in and bless that everything will work out because i'm really, really afraid now. >> reporter: the elevator safety act has passed the assembly four senate. everyone will be gathering here at 11:30 this morning to make another push. back to you. >> thank you. a 2-year-old boy is in the hospital after falling down an elevated platform shaft inside a bronx wedding venue. it happened during a family wedding rehearsal around 7:00 p.m. last night in throgs neck. the boy was playing with his cousin when he tumbled into a shaft of an electrical riser. >> i saw him run towards the elevator, and he dropped. >> are you upset? >> yeah, definitely. my only son.
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it couldn't be worse. >> with the people here, maybe this shouldn't have happened? >> it shouldn't have happened. >> reporter: the fdny rushed to the scene to rescue the boy. he's expected to be okay. two men are now under arrest for having alleged ties to isis, one take into custody in california. he's accused of traveling to syria to fight and then lying to investigators about it. the other suspect arrested in texas. he's charged with providing material support to terrorists. authorities say both men came to the united states as refugees from iraq. happening today, the man accused of plotting a terror attack in rochester is due in court. emanuel lutchman planned to bomb a local bar on new year's then take hostages, kill them all in the name of isis, according to investigators. lutchman's father claims his son is mentally ill and says the fbi may have set him up. two fbi agents are working with suffolk county police in the information of ten sets of human remains found on long ieltd.
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remains were found along ocean parkway. news day reports suffolk officials met with the fbi in melville earlier this week along with the two agents. fbi profilers will also work up a full analysis on the killer or killers. 4:38 now. president obama defending his use of the word conspiracy when he talks about people who think he wants to take away their guns. >> are you suggesting that the notion that we are kree creating a plot to take everybody's guns away so we can impose marshal law is a conspiracy? that is a conspiracy. >> that exchange during last night's town hall meeting in northern virginia near d.c. the president defending his executive action to expand background checks on gun buyers. today the president writes in a "new york times" op-ed piece that putting an end to gun violence is everyone's responsibility. turning now to that armed standoff in oregon.
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meeting today with the activists there. yesterday the sheriff asked ammon bundy and his followers to leave peacefully. bundy said no. law enforcement trying to end that week-long takeover of a federal wildlife refuge. in today's money report, your retirement fund could finally be on the rebound. things are looking better in china and on wall street. shanghai closed over 2% higher after a week of turmoil. yesterday, the dow was down nearly 400 points. this morning, stock futures are looking up. 4:40 right now. ahead, the superstar that's going to join coldplay for the super bowl halftime show. plus, the dramatic rescue that unfolded here on "today in new york". hear from the first responders about how they did it. and when the weekend will turn into a soaker. weather and traffic on the 4s coming up. first, a look at the hamilton bridge. and don't forget, follow us
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michaelg4ny, darlene4ny.
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it's 4:43. here are four things to know this morning. the record powerball jackpot is already larger. it's now $700 million. it's likely to go even higher with so many people buying tickets. the drawing is tomorrow night. zulily is recalling some pajamas because they don't meet u.s. flammability standards. they're offering full he funds. stamford police are warning residents about a phone scam that appears to be making a come back. someone calling people claiming to be with the irs, seeking unpaid taxes. if you've received a call like that, let police know.
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hollywood is this weekend. the golden globes take place sunday night. host ricky gervais has already apologized in advance. he's a funny guy. tune in sunday night here on nbc 4 for live coverage of the golden globes, beginning with the first-look red carpet special at 6:00 p.m. that leads up to the awards show at 8:00. >> all right. 4:44. ricky already apologizing. staying ahead of things. meantime, we're going to have to stay ahead of watching out for icy precipitation in parts of the area late tonight, early tomorrow morning. the clouds are going to stick around for the most part today. there may be breaks from time to time. we'll get a little sun, best chance would be north of the city. drizzle moving in later on tonight. again, with it being cold enough in parts of the area north and west, could be some freezing drizzle. just looks like a damp weekend with sunday being the real washout, especially the first half of the day. 38 is our normal high. expecting a high of 43. we made it to 46 yesterday afternoon.
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above normal after that brutally cold start this week. still pretty cold up to the north where the skies are clear and the wind is light. danbury at 17. it's these areas up in here where you're seeing the teens in particular that run the risk of seeing freezing drizzle and freezing rain later tonight. 36 in the city. low 30s across long island. here's the area with the winter weather advisory. western passaic, sussex county in new jersey. it's orange, sullivan, and putnam counties for upstate new york. and interior fairfield county. it's from 7:00 tonight until 10:00 a.m. saturday morning. you can see the clouds gaining on us. first this batch of low clouds here. what i think will happen this morning, we'll have low clouds to deal with it. you can see it encroaching upon the city. that's where you'll see your sunshine. these clouds may erode for a time before the clouds with the rain move in again later on tonight. so here you go.
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breaks in the overcast again at 1:00. good portion of new jersey in the clouds. from this point on north and east, a fair amount of sun early. the clouds fill back in again toward evening. no rain of consequence today to worry about. then that patch of drizzle and light rain comes through overnight. the pink is where there could be a period of freezing rain or freezing drizzle. after 10:00 a.m. tomorrow, everybody warms up. nothing more than a couple light showers tomorrow afternoon and evening. but here comes the heavy stuff. this is towards sunday morning. 7:00 a.m. through about 1:00, 2:00 in the afternoon, still heavy rain. finally that moves off toward the north and east to be followed by a shot of colder air. the ups and downs continue. not a bad day today, just a lot of clouds. some sun, 43. drizzle tonight, could be freezing drizzle to the north and west. heavy rain, soaking rain first half of the day sunday. back to the chill monday, tuesday. maybe snow showers or flurries on wednesday. it stays cold thursday into the next of next week. let's find out about the commute.
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nothing too bad. we'll head over to the grand central parkway. westbound we have an accident that shuts down two lanes before you get to jewel avenue. over in new jersey, route 4 westbound by midland avenue, an accident with a downed pole in the roadway there blocks the left lane. and we have a structural fire, route 202 shut down northbound between mt. airy road and mt. harmony road. that's all your issues on the roads. we have delays on downtown 4 trains. and alternate side of the street parking rules in effect today. more weather and traffic ahead on the 4s. >> thanks so much, lauren. now to the update on that horrific crash on the gowanus expressway that we watched unfold yesterday on "today in new york." you can see dozens of firefighters surround the mangled vehicles, but rescuers were surprised no one died. three people were pulled from the wreckage, including one man in a badly damaged toyota. that man was pinned inside the vehicle and calling for help. >> when i looked at this mangled car, i just shook my head and said, i can't believe that this guy is alive and speaking.
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of the car that was not crushed. >> the driver of the toyota was released from the hospital. the two other people in the accident were treated for minor injuries. fellow firefighters, friends, and loved ones are going to say a final good-bye to a volunteer firefighter who was murdered on new year's day. the funeral will take place later on this morning for 20-year-old justin speights. he was stabbed to death while trying to break up a fight at a new year's house party. police at this point still looking for his killer. the nypd will put an independent monitor in place as it settles a lawsuit brought by the muslim community. this involves police surveillance of mosques after september 11th. the city was sued in federal court. now the nypd will put time limits on certain investigations. muslims argue they were being unconstitutionally targeted. >> this is, i think, not a win for the muslims but for the city
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know our constitutional government is the right of everybody to worship and practice the religion they believe in. >> under the settlement, the city will pay $1.6 million in lawyers' fees. 4:48. happening today, the mother of the so-called affluenza teen, ethan couch, is expected to be arraigned. tania couch was extradited from california. he arrived in ft. worth, texas, yesterday. she's charged with helping her son flee to mexico after he allegedly violated probation. 18-year-old ethan received probation for a drunk driving crash in 2013 that killed four people. happening today, the suspect accused of randomly slashing a woman in chelsea is due in court. kari bazemore was arrested near st. patrick's cathedral. someone recognized his cleveland indians jacket from surveillance video and alerted an officer. police are trying to link bazemore to four other random attacks in manhattan and the bronx. >> we're looking back as we go forward in other cases possibly in the bronx as well.
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we'll go forward in identifying him as well. bazemore has had 31 prior arrests. his family claims he has a history of mental illness. he was taken to bellevue hospital for an evaluation. in newark, homicide detectives are now investigating the death of a man found in a crashed car. that car flipped on top its side yesterday afternoon in the 300 block of north 6th street. the man inside transported to university hospital, where he was pronounced dead. there's reports that someone may have shot him before that accident. investigators also trying to figure out what caused a new jersey transit train to slam into a car in paterson. want to show you the aftermath of that crash at the 5th avenue grade crossing. the driver was taken to st. joseph's hospital in serious condition. none of the 400 passengers on that train were hurt, but police want to know how that car ended up on the tracks. this morning, mets fans can rest easy. mike piazza is going to the hall
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yesterday, piazza and fellow inductee ken griffey jr. showed off their jerseys. mets' logo. he's only the second player to be inducted as a met. >> your heart can only be in one place. fans. as much as i appreciated coming up with l.a. and learning through that organization, i ended up here, and this was the most special time of my career. >> piazza and griffey will become the 311th and 312th members to be enshrined in the baseball hall of fame. we have some big news for beyonce fans. brace yourselves for another super bowl performance. beyonce will perform at the february 7th show at levi stadium in santa clara, california. of course, she headlined the
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last month, coldplay also announced they would perform at the show. not a bad lineup. >> no. beyonce shut it down literally. the electricity was a problem. hopefully the lights stay on. she's that hot. it's 4:51. still to come, it doesn't happen often. why one state's dmv is apologizing to drivers. ahead at 5:00, yes, you're hearing it there. this is how south korea is using music to respond to the north's nuclear bomb claim. and some dramatic video of a driver who realizes he's about to be swept away by a flash flood.
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take a look at this video here. it shows the danger that drivers in california are facing after
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you can see water and debris pouring across california state route 23 north of l.a. the driver had to drive in reverse to get away from the flooding. look at that. that's scary. >> as we check weather and traffic on the 4s, chris, the situation, they've had this drought for like four years. now they're getting the water they need. >> too much too soon. the ground can't absorb is. the el nino season, the pacific coast will get slammed by storm after storm. these pictures may repeat themselves. this may only be the beginning for them. meantime, an el nino year for us, weather is generally not quite as severe. today is pretty quiet. we'll see clouds around to start. maybe a break in the middle of the day and more clouds again later in the afternoon. in between, we should reach a high of 43. tonight, mostly cloudy. some spotty drizzle around and light rain later at night. in the city, it's above freezing, but it's well north and west. there could be a period of freezing rain or drizzle.
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weekend planner, look for the drizzle around tomorrow. most of the day just gray. not much in the way of rain. the super soaker comes the first half of the day sunday. we could pick up an inch of rain in a six to ten-hour period. but we're in the upper 50s again. >> we like it. thanks, chris. hey, lauren. >> good morning. we start with good news. we had delays on the subways. those have cleared up. if you're getting on the rails, everything running on or close to schedule. the remainder of the overnight track work will be wrapping up any moment. we'll look outside at the roads. here's the lincoln tunnel. the south tube was closed just a moment ago with roadwork. everything looks like it's reopened now. moving along nicely at all of your hudson river crossings. >> all right. lauren, thanks so much. nassau county legislator is asking transit officials to wait to cut service to the intercounty express bus service. that bus line owned by nassau county, owned by a private company.
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close a budget gap. changes due to take effect later this morning, but he says riders shouldn't be left out in the cold, so he's asking county executives to delay those cuts until after winter at the very least. two new jersey state troopers helped a woman give birth on the garden state parkway, and it was all caught on dash cam video. >> one, two, three, push! >> police say the expectant mother was being driven to the hospital by her husband monday morning when they realized they were not going to make it. the couple stopped on the parkway shoulder in hillside township and called 911. troopers alex morrow and arnold matteo arrived on the scene and jumped into action. >> we walk in through these doors every day, and we don't know what to expect. i definitely didn't expect to be delivering a baby. >> it was just one of those moments where we had to respond. and we did our job. >> they sure did. the woman delivered a baby girl. we're told they're both doing well. not exactly how you want to do,
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on dash cam video. but you know what, everybody is okay. >> that's great. meantime, new york's bravest answered the call to rescue an injured animal in lower manhattan. one firefighter, who also happens to be a licensed wildlife rebill today to be, went up a ladder to rescue a red-tailed hawk. it got stuck in an air-conditioning unit. he used a net to safely capture that hawk. it will now be nursed back to health and released back into the wild. the connecticut department of motor vehicles is apologizing to drivers whose registrations were suspended by mistake. the dmv blames the problem on a recent computer upgrade that mistakenly identified some drivers as not having insurance. the dmv says drivers who were issued fines as a result may be entitled to a refund. the dmv will have its staff working this weekend to fix the problem. now to a news 4 exclusive. experts say a new jersey church destroyed bid a raging fire on new year's day can be restored.
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former st. mark's episcopal church. the new owners who bought it a year ago say they have insurance. not clear if it's going to be enough to rebuild it. however, architects say what it will take to save this nearly 200-year-old landmark is in the realm of the possible. >> we have everything that's necessary to save a building like this. it's the money. >> it is the money. several architects plan to meet with the town and the church next week to try to push for it to be rebuilt and saved. the town has ginn the ven the owners a few weeks to make a decision. you may be going to see the boat show this weekend, but governor cuomo is floating much bigger plans for the convention hall. he's proposing this. it is a billion-dollar expansion project. cuomo wants to increase the size of the javits center by 50%. he also wants to add the biggest ballroom in the northeast. officials say they're looking at existing resources and a partnership with private industry to pay for it.
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>> the javits is huge already.
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