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tv   News 4 New York at 6  NBC  January 8, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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the shooting in the name of isis. >> he stated that he pledges his allegiance to islamic state and that the reason he was called upon to do this. >> at this hour police and fbi agents searching his home, seizing phones, computers, looking to see if he was inspired or directed by anyone connected to isis. they say he's traveled to the middle east in recent years, spending months in saudi arabia and egypt. officials want to know did he meet anyone over there. as for the officer, he's out of surgery. officials say he's lucky to be alive and praise his work chasing down the armed gunman even after his arm was shattered and he was bleeding badly. the suspected gunman for now expected to face attempted murder of a police officer charges in philadelphia. federal terrorism charges could follow if investigators confirm any link to terror. in the newsroom, i'm jonathan dooent. and lest holt is going to
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philadelphia officer shooting on nbc nightly news at 6:30. today we're learning that the suspect in the slashing attack in manhattan may be linked to several other attacks. carrie base more may be linked to others. marc santia is in midtown with this new information. >> reporter: so bee la, right here in the shadow, that's where the man wanted in a vicious slash in chelsea, he was arrested right here. now we're learning he may be linked to other attacks and his violent spree may have started right down the street. the hustle and bustle of midtown. police believe this is where carrie baiz more randomly picked his first veem.
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>> it probably happens anywhere. >> reporter: one month after the initial attack, police sources tell news4 basemore struck again, a random attack. on new year's day, detectives believe he escalated from a push to a violent attack, slark a 28-year-old woman in the face in the bronx. just days ago, police say he slashed this 24-year-old in the face as she walked to work in chelsea. >> basemore, arrested more than 30 times, his mo recent arrest near st. pats. >> it's important to get those people off of the streets. >> it's brought a sense of relief for women who accounted for all of his alleged victims. >> made me feel more comfortable. safe to walk around. >> it's scary. lime glad that they did catch him. >> reporter: right now bazemiles per hour is being held at the hospital.
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we're live tonight in midtown. marc santia, news4 new york. now to some potentially dangerous weather coming our way. freezing rain is heading into parts of our area tonight. janice huff has the details for us. >> the leading edge of the icy weather is about six hours away. right now it's moving into central pennsylvania and it's mix of rain and freezing rain, a bit of snow all the way up towards punxsutawney . and in the areas north of i-287 is our main concern where the temperatures, like in monticello, are below freezing. trapped in the valleys. once the rain comes in it will freeze on the cold surfaces and create a glaze. we're not talking about much but it doesn't take much to make treacherous roads. we'll see that happening in the catskills and poconos. but 8:00 in the morning, a bit of drizzle in and around the city. the temperatures will warm up so
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but from sullivan, pike counties into northern new jersey, orange, putnam and farfield, winter advisories in effect. and then there's all of the rain coming on sunday. i'll have the latest on that in a few minutes. well dramatic moments today as several families scrambled for their lives to escape a raging fire and the flames destroy or heavy damaged apartmentance four businesses in west hempstead. but now many residents have lost almost everything they have. greg cergol is in west hempstead with more. >> reporter: we're across the street from the building that burned. the had businesses on the first floor and apartments on the top. it was a busting place filled with kids. but as you can see tonight, it's being boarded up. the fire that destroyed much of this build made for frantic moments for the folks who lived here. amber stephens stood outside
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apartment destroyed by fire and still she felt fortunate. >> i can't believe i made it out. >> reporter: the 26-year-old escaped heavy smoke by crawling from her second floor apartment. as she did, fire was engulfing about a dozen apartments in all and four businesses in this west hempstead building. >> at the time i was just trying to get my kids and wife out of there. >> reporter: kenny welch and his family climbed through a window and jumped to the safety of a neighboring roof. two other tenants were trapped by the flames, having to escape down these ladders, pulled to safety. >> i told them come out, i'll grab you. we'll catch you. those two resident wouldn't be here right here. >> reporter: the building's smoke alarms alerted them of trouble. police say two kids and an adult did suffer minor injuries. the cause of the fire is unknown but it may have started in this upholstery business. >> i seen the smoke coming up
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>> reporter: george and his wife escaped as well. but 20 people are now homeless. amber stephens lost her first ever apartment four months after moving in. >> to lose everything that i just built is, it's a lot to think about. i'm glad i have my life. >> reporter: tonight amber and the others who were left homeless by this fire are getting shelter, food and other help from the red cross. we're live in west hempstead tonight, greg cergol, news4 new york. the number of fire deaths in new york city is on the declined. new york city had 17% fewer deaths in 2015 than the year before. there were 59 fire deaths last year. one of the lowest numbers since the city started keeping records of fire deaths about a hundred years ago. the fdny also set a new record for the most emergency response, 1.7 million, up 6% from 2014. coming up as news4 at 6
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killer who dumped bodies 0 an long island beach. plus this -- >> u.p.s. loses a box containing
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with select plans. call now. suffolk county police are getting more support from the fbi in the investigation of ten sets of human remains found along the south shore. it has been more than five years since the investigation started along ocean parkway. news day reports that two fbi case. the agency will are profilers working up a full analysis of the killer or killers. a grand jury has indicted a teenage girl on murder charges. the 15-year-old appeared in
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this is video of her arrest. she's accused of shooting and stabbing her mother and her mother's boyfriend. she confessed to the murdering claiming he was abused. her lawyer says she understands the severity of the situation. >> under the circumstances, he's as well as can be expected. she understand this is a serious case. this is a situation for a 15-year-old girl, for any person, let alone a 15-year-old child to be going through. >> garcia has been charged as an adult. police are looking for a male suspect they believe gave garcia a gun. coming up, dealing with the city's homeless problem. tonight we take an exclusive look inside one of the city's shelters after mayor de blasio pays the facility a visit. but first, here's a look at what's on nbc tonight. and sibila and i will see you
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tack ring new york's homeless problem tonight. >> mayor de blasio is taking matters into his own hands. he spent hours last night talking with people with real problems. melissa russo was there. >> reporter: it's a place of last resort. the intake shelter with homeless men bring their possessions and pride in a plastic bag. >> we are people with feelings and we are people with families. >> reporter: here in the waiting room, dozens of men are homeless due to fires, drugs, breakups, jobs that ended. >> i'm appreciate ive for the opportunity to be here. >> reporter: eddy rodriguez said thank you when an unexpected visitor walked in the shelter door last night. it was a mayor de blasio. >> i'm not going to say i was shocked. because at the end of the day he seems like someone who cares. >> it's important to see first hand. >> reporter: the mayor clearly
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causing human suffering, dogging his poll numbers and drawing daily pots shots from the governor. >> the taxpayers are spending a billion dollars on the shelter system that people are choosing to stay on the streets. >> reporter: late last night the mayor spent almost two hours at the intake center asking men like eddy about their experiences and their concerns about shelter safety. >> i can go lay at the train station. i don't have to worry about what's happening. i don't have to sleep with my property tied around my neck. >> reporter: he invited news4 to observe their discussions. he got a resume from a man desperate for work and got an earful from veterans saying they're facing red tape on the road to housing. >> that gets me angry. >> reporter: then today a new report that the city failed to
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by last september. >> it's unacceptable to me that those score cards were not prepared. we made a commitment to do it. the people of my administration will feel the lash. >> reporter: with the voters keeping their own score card, will his promise to revamp the homeless system work? and lest holt is joining us now with a look at what's ahead on "nbc nightly news". we're leading off with the random attack on a philadelphia police officer. we'll go deeper and look at something of a pattern we're now see in isis-inspired attacks on people in uniform in this >> so what is law enforcement saying about this? >> well very concerned. we had the attack in new york over a year ago. police are trying to figure out exactly what's going on. a former fbi official told our pete williams that law enforcement professionals know they have to be vigilant all of the time. the warning going out to various departments. but how do you stop someone in the dark from randomly picking out an officer in a parked car
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we'll have more at 6:30. police fire and hazmat crews rushed to sigh nai west this morning after a man jumped to his death. the 31-year-old man leaped from the apartment building around 6:00 this morning crashing into the pressurized line and causing a gas leak. >> very strong noise. so even some people from the building came down here. >> the hospital was not evacuated during the leak which was patched up 30 minutes later. the emergency room operations, affected with some in-coming patients being diverted to other hospital zbloos a commuter alert for anyone planning to travel between staten island and new jersey. the port authority is closing the bayonne bridge from midnight tonight until sunday.
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bridge's roadway so that the larger ships can pass under it. police arrested a man they say stole thousands of donations from a church. the 66-year-old snatched holiday mass donations from the church of st. joseph. authorities say he was only out of prison for a day before the crime and had attended a parole meeting shortly before the alleged burglary >> for it to be within 24 hours, for him to have an intake patrol hearing and come up here and commit a burglary was a bit of a surprise to us. and now a local man says he has been told he won't be getting back his late sister's possessions. jen maxfield finds out what happened to them new at 6:00. >> and u.p.s. wasn't going to reach out to me and tell me anything. >> jerry betsnear wants answers from u.p.s. his sister died last week. e's trying to track down her precious mementos, now lost.
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photographs. you can't get it back, you know. it's a moment in time. >> also inside, her diplomas, awards and laptop. >> it hurt. still does because i'm not sure if it i'm going to get them back. >> reporter: this cardboard box that arrived is not the box shipped from north carolina but it does have the original shipping label on it and it does have the original bubble wrap inside but everything except for this one framed award is missing. add to the mystery, a men's red gulf shirt was inside the box not in the original box. with 16 million packages being shipped every day, sometimes multiple packages get stuck on the conveyer belt and break apart. it's possible that the contents got mixed up here and repacked incorrectly. >> i paid them for the delivery and i expected to receive it. and i didn't. >> reporter: late today u.p.s.
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a spokesperson say they think they know where the missing items are in another package deliveredless where but they won't know for sure until tuesday. the company said we're making every effort to find the items and requite them with mr. betsnear. we regret they've experienced this disappoint, especially consider the sensitive nature of the contents. the family is hopeful to have their priceless processions back by next week. time for the weather. once again, janice. how are we looking for the weekend? >> we've got icy weather, rainy weather and then warm weather and then cold weather again. it's coming up in the next 48 hours. outside right now, a view from the top of the rock camera. clouds rolling in. no frozen precipitation either. most of that is north and west of the city. temperature is 44 degrees right now in central park. and in anticipation of the light
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bit of snow in the valleys north and west, winter weather advisories are in effect until tomorrow morning at 10:00 a.m. these areas north of 287 will see just light accumulations but because they're still cold there, precipitation may freeze on impact on roadways and sidewalks. it's going to be really slippery between midnight and 6:00 a.m., especially before the temperatures warm up. monticello is at 30 degrees already. very cold there. but throughout this region, most temperatures are above freezing, they'll hover just a bit. not a lot of cold air in place here at home. mild air coming our way. it's in the 50s in nashville and atlanta. that's what will be here on sunday along with quite a bit of rain. the warm front will bring the first little round but it will be very light. then that taps into more moisture coming in from the south when the temperatures warm up. so drizzle develops overnight. lightizing on sidewalks north and west.
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melts because the temperatures will rise into the upper 40s. in the city, it's damp and dreary, not all that wet until sunday. heavy rain possible, one to two inches and high temperatures in the 50s. watch out on the roads saturday morning north and west of the area because of the freezing drizzle. the heaviest rain will be sunday. that starts at 7:00 in the morning and will continue until midday for most areas. winds will be strong too. these are the projected rainfall totals. estimates from three-quarters of an inch to 2 inches. then another change comes next week. midweek an arctic cold front coming through and we'll see gusty winds and snow showers coming through that may bring a light dusting to parts of the tri-state area. maybe even in the city. temperatures across the area tonight, upper 30s near midtown but north and west you'll be colder.
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so after noontime tomorrow, anything that falls will be all in the form of rain. it won't be much tomorrow. tomorrow is the best day to get things done if you have to go out. look at that, near 60 on sunday, monday near 40. then we've got snow coming next week. john chandler is here. what's up with sports? >> mike piazza, new york, the mets hall of famer tells us why the last two days have felt like on top of the empire state building. we'll talk to him next here on
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morning with mike piazza today. >> i interviewed a lot of people. some hall of famers with every in on top of the empire state building. that was the first. he's a hall of famer and barely had a moment to himself these last 48 hours. piazza heads to the hall as a new york met and he feels honored at that. he feels like he's on top of the world. maybe it has something to do with the view. he was on top of the empire state building. i can't remember ending an interview with someone only to have the person start back ui telling even more stories. that was piazza today. he wanted to keep talking and keep smiling. can you blame him? >> reporter: here you are on top of new york city. what has this felt like the last 24 hours? >> euphoric. just can't explain and express how grateful i am and honored i
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in new york, you know, it's truly, it's truly an american success story. you can dream and if you work hard and pay the price, you can achieve good things, great things. it's just very fortunate. >> and pea yat iazza's day started on wall street. well the giants have to be the most attractive of the nfl seven head coaching opening. they have stable ownership. the giants interviewed bears offensive coordinator adam gaines today. nfl wild card weekend although the giants and jets will be watching from home, all of you are going to be watching. the vikings will play at a state
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on sunday, they're prepping the vikings field by piping hot air underneath the turf to keep it from freezing. tom coughlin won't be impressed until the temperatures drop below zea rob ro. reb 2008, that's top five in the coldest games list with temps touching minus 4. we miss you tom coughlin. we miss you already. an instant classic. you can watch the see hawks and vikings from the warmth of your coach sunday right here. nbc 4 new york. two kwiek house kooeping notes. the yankees gets kirby yates and the rangers sent eaton to vancouver for nick jensen. interesting day top great to hear from mike piazza. >> what else did he tell you? >> he does a great yogi barra
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