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tv   Saturday Today in New York  NBC  January 9, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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live from studio 3c in rockefeller center, this is "today in new york." now on "today in new york," breaking news out of the bronx where police are searching for a gunman in a shooting that injured seven people, among them a police officer.
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about his motives. and back behind bars, a mexican drug kingpin returns to the same prison he escaped from six months ago. i'm pat battle. also want to get you updated on the weather. it is changing. a >> we are watching out for patchy freezing drizzle north and west of town. some slick spots to watch out for early this morning. it gets milder as the day goes on. we're keeping those clouds in the forecast for sure. rain arrives tonight into tomorrow. tomorrow for your sunday that's a rainy and windy mess of a day. winter weather advisory still in effect well north and west of
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drizzle. we're seeing that as very light precip on storm tracker 4 radar. temperatures already into the 40s in many spots. a high of 47 today. we're well above average. lots of clouds and drizzle today. tomorrow is a different story. we'll take a look at that coming up. we're following breaking news out of the bronx where at least seven people are in the hospital, including a police officer, after a shooting. >> it happened around 2:30. at least three of those hospitalized are in critical condition. mayor de blasio and police commissioner bratton are scheduled to speak about this at any moment. we have a crew on scene and we'll bring you the latest as it becomes available.
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here in just a bit. and in a related story, we are learning more this morning about the man who is charged with ambushing a philadelphia police officer. >> a man in a long white robe, you can see him right there charging across a darkened street after firing a handgun. police say he admitted to being inspired by isis. >> the suspect's mother says that her son was a troubled man and that he had been hearing voices. >> and also law enforcement officials tell news 4 they are investigatoring trips ing investigating tripped the suspect made to saudi arabia. >> police are urging people to be extra vigilant after the attack in philadelphia and of course the recent attack in paris outside a police station there. >> reporter: chilling video shows the suspect gun drawn,
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his cr ser, police say firing off a dozen rounds at officer jesse hartnett sitting inside. three shots hit the officer before he got out, bleeding heavily, and shot the suspect. jesus blackman lives right up the street and saw officers take the suspect down. already ap re prehending the suspect on my block. >> reporter: police identified the suspect as edward archer and said that he pledged allegiance to the islamic state. >> he confessed to committing islam. according to him, he believes
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s that are contrary to the teachings of the koran. >> reporter: we found out the 30-year-old suspect has prior conditions on simple assault and firearms charges. law enforcement sources say the fbi is lookingarcher's phone and computer records. as officer hartnett recovers from surgery for a broken arm around nerve damage, people here in west philadelphia are grateful the officer made it out of the ambush alive, but sickened something like this could happen on their streets or anywhere. >> it's terrible, because you need to feel comfortable in your area. >> this is the environment that we live in. >> reporter: we also learned the gun used in the attack was actually stolen from a philadelphia police officer's
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officers say they don't know just how many hands it passed through before it injured one of their own. reporting in west philadelphia. >> you can follow all the developments on this officer ambush on our website and read more about the nypd calling for police to be more vigilant. two iraqi refugees arrested in the united states on terror without bond. that suspect is accused of lying about traveling to syria and fighting in the civil war in
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and a second iraqi refugee seen here will also remain behind bars in texas until his hearing later this month. he is accused of providing support to terrorists by moving people from the u.s. to the middle east. police say that man never planned an attack and there are no threats against public. mexican kingpin "el chapo" will wake up in the same prison he escaped from six months ago. he was arrested in an early morning raid friday in his home state. the intense shootout left five suspects dead and a mexican marine injured. these are the first images of that drug lord in handcuffs and a dirty t-shirt. it's not clear yet if the justice department will push to extradite guzman to the united
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half dozen cities on drug charges. new this morning, former nba star lamar odom is now being treated in a private facility. his family released a statement showing their appreciation for everyone who prayed for his recovery. they say they are proud of odom's miraculous and continued improvement. we've got a commuter alert for you for anyone planning to travel between staten island and new jersey. authorities closed the bridge until 8:00 a.m. sunday. it's part of the raise the roadway project so larger ships can pass under it. well, gus, still a chance to dream big. you got $2 to spare to make 800 million? >> incompetent probably spare
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>> that jackpot -- >> that jackpot has ball lon ooned to a breathtaking $800 million. previous record was set in 2012 when a $600 million jackpot was divided among three winners. in less than 24 hours the numbers are announced. to all, we say good luck. be kind to your favorite local newscaster. coming up on "today in new york" on this saturday morning, preparations underway for the ran yule annual golden globes awards. frozen pipes bursting at the jersey shore after our first deep freeze. >> never had this problem before. this is the first year. >> reporter: why fewer people may have winterized their houses this season.
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we'll let you know when your weekend becomes a soaker, coming up. we are standing by for a live news conference. commissioner bratton expected to tell us more information about that shooting in the bronx that left seven people injured.
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we are cutting away now to a press conference at lincoln hospital.
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with guns, bats and knives at 2505 third avenue. we have sense determined there was a very large jump-up party with 200 to 500 people at that location. a fight broke out at that establishment and spilled out into the street. as officers arrived at the scene -- we had significant units from our srg group up there this evening. they encountered the male suspect and pursued him. they engaged in a gunfight in which police officer stewart was struck in the right ankle. we returned fire, striking the male suspect four times. three additional firearms have been recovered during subsequent searches of the area around 137th street and in the establishment. the injured police officer was
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we want to thank the staff at lincoln hospital for the quick attention to the officer's injuries where he is in stable condition. he has been joined by his family, mother, a number of brothers. his father is a detective in this department who is currently on active duty with the u.s. army. so it is a police family. coincidentally today is the fourth anniversary of the officer's appointment to the new york city police department. the suspect who was shot at the scene was also taken here to lincoln hospital. he is listed in serious condition at this time at the hospital. the suspect is a 19-year-old man, christopher rice. preliminary investigation indicates this suspect has a criminal history of five prior arrests over the last several years, including an arrest yesterday 9:00 a.m. morning. he was released three hours before shooting involving our
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at this point, five additional stabbing victims have been taken to local hospitals in connection with the initial fight that prompted the 911 calls. this matter is still in the early stages of the investigation. our police officer as i mentioned is 25 years old. he is unmarried. he is upstairs with his family. he was appoints to the department exactly four years ago. so he has quite an anniversary date. with that, i'd like to introduce the mayor of our city, mayor bill de blasio. >> thank you very much. commissioner bratton, i visited with officer sherod stewart and his family. what an impressive young man who went into this dangerous situation and handled himself so well. a group of officers from the 4.0 pre
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this young man already has an impressive career in terms of the work he's done getting to the anticrime unit. he had distinguished himself already. in this incident he distinguished himself further with his quick thinking and brave actions. thank god, his injuries are not life threatening. he is from a police family, his dad a detective. his family very committed to this city in every way. it's actually very, very impressive to see this family and their closeness and also all they have done for all of us, their commitment to all of us. the family was gathered around to support him. and everyone realizes, thank god, he's going to be well soon. but the fact is backup came quick. his fellow officers did all the criminals. this is obviously a large group of people in a fight. nypd handled this situation, guns.
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at lincoln hospital. i want to thank the ceo of the hospital's corporation, all the people at the hospital who have responded so well to help this officer and very much appreciating him and his good family tonight. thank you. >> and pat lynch, president of pba. pat? >> thank you, commissioner. we spent a lot of time concerned about terrorism and we should be. but while we're doing our job with terrorism, we're also still out there doing the dangerous work. this is happened today. went to a job that was an out of control situation. but our police officers went, being calm, handled the situation. there's also another tradition as well, a tradition of praszing ing passing this job from father to son. we saw that in this case, father
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brother as a traffic agent in the nypd. two great traditions, calm under chaos and tradition of service within our family of the nypd. >> we're open for a few questions. understand this is still preliminary. we are still trying to put it together. we anticipate more arrests as the investigation goes forward. >> it was part of a social club? >> it was in a premise that was what we would describe as a jump-up party, not a licensed premise. and again the number of people we estimate anywhere from 100 to 200 at that location. >> invaluable. >> yes, it's -- the pronunciation of the officer's name. >> sherrod. >> stuart. >> we can get all that information from you.
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>> motive at this time is still under investigation by detectives as to what happened. as we've indicated multiple stabbings, a number which we itself. and the actions spilled into the streets, where our officers encountered that very large group still fighting in the group. >>. [ inaudible ] >> we have an individual down at the 25 prezingt cinct that at this juncture we do not believe is related to this incident at all. >> thank you very much. >> thank you, sir. >> the mayor and police commissioner there recapping what turned out to be a fateful night for a police officer in the bronx on his fourth
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the ankle trying to break out a huge street fight at what they call a jump-up party in the bronx. fortunately that police officer will be okay, shot in the ankle. several other people hospitalized this morning. >> his dad's on the job as an nypd detective. he was hit in the right ankle. sound like a chaotic scene. what they described as a pop-up party. violence ensues, several people shot, several people stabbed. suspects in custody. we're going to be tracking this ongoing story. also want to get an update on the weather as well. >> it's going to be a wild weekend tomorrow, especially guys, in terms of the weather. we're easing into a stormy weekend. today a little bit of a drizzle out there. temperatures will be mild in the 40s. tomorrow we could break records in terms of the warm weather. still dry right now.
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ice north and west of town. you have to head well north and west to see any temperatures below freezing. 41 in the city. it is a mild start to your weekend. gets milder as the days go on. we've been tracking temperatures very closely north and west of town to make sure they don't go below freezing. right now monticello is the cold spot. that's where you could see some patchy black ice. danbury also, 29 degrees. you could have some freezing drizzle there. 38 in bridgeport, warm enough for plain old drizzle. not a lot of heavy rain thankfully going on. streaming on in from west to east. this moves in overnight tonight into tomorrow morning. that is a soaking rainstorm moving in from the gulf of mexico. a warm front moves in. you'll notice not a lot of
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a mostly cloudy but quiet day. around 6:00, the drizzle threat continues. watch what happens as we head deep into the overnight. here comes the heavy rain moving in from southwest. at dawn you're waking up to very heavy rain down the jersey shore. that is a soaker of a morning around 6:00-7:00 a.m. on sunday. that front gradually pushes in throughout the afternoon. this is lunchtime or brunchtime tomorrow. it's still very soggy out there. eventually this warm front does lift through. by 5:00 or 6:00, the heaviest rain is already gone, probably winding down just after lunchtime. again, keep your umbrellas handy throughout the late afternoon into the evening. it is a stormy sunday ahead, the heaviest rain early tomorrow morning. it will be windy as well.
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hour at times. over an inch of rain is possible. that's why the threat for some street flooding is there, especially sunday late morning into the early afternoon when those heavy downpours move in from southwest to northeast. 60 degrees would be a record high temperature to go along with the rain and wind tomorrow. monday look at that temperature teens. we could have some icy spots monday morning just from leftover puddles freezing over. stay up to date with the news 4 app. you could see the latest forecast, use our track interactive radar. available in the app store right now.
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i want this time to be my last time. that's why i choose nicoderm cq. time now for a look at
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the knicks pushing the spurs to the last shot. mike piazza talking hall of fame. >> derek fisher crushed his knicks a week ago. in san antonio they ran into a good team. the spurs have won 30 regular season home games. carmelo anthony, his set jack jumper part of a 9-0 run. arron afflalo lobs it. knicks down one. the rookie 28 points, 11 boards. no quit in these knicks. missed a wide open look from the corner.
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the result. knicks fall short. 100-99. brooklyn hasn't won at home since december 10th. that was thomas robinson. the left-handed slam. orlando would pull away. here wide open for three. he gets 6 of 8 from beyond the arc. and the magic win it 83-77. the nets have lost nine straight at home the rangers -- both were former first round picks. neither has met expectations. devils hosting the bruins, one of the top scoring teams in the nhl. down 2-0. his sixth goal of the season. 2-1 is as close as new jersey
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jimmy hayes camped out in front of corey schneider. the giants have to be the most attractive of the nfl seven head coach openings. it's nfl wild card weekend and of course the jets will be watching from home in minneapolis. the forecast calls for game time temps around 4 degrees. they're prepping the vikings home field by piping hot air underneath the turf to prevent it from freezing. don't forget you can watch the seahawks and vikings as they freeze it out sunday right here on nbc 4. of course things get underway later today with the nfc, the texans hosting the chiefs and
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>> freezing it out. all right. coming up next at 6:30 on today in new york we are going to continue following that breaking story out of the bronx.
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sky cam live taking a look at the brooklyn bridge this morning, what's shaping up to be a busy news morning for us. i'm gus rosendale. >>or and i'm pat battle. let's get a quick look at the weather forecast which is really changing this weekend. >> so much going on. major cold on the way, heavy rain. you could see on storm tracker live radar a little bit of patchy drizzle. we are watching out for freezing drizzle in some of the coldest spots. otherwise lots of clouds this afternoon, a mild day ahead, back to 47 degrees, our string of above average temperature
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near 50 in lyndon. it will be a dreary gray day. heavy rain after midnight. lots of clouds as well. notice temperatures staying well above freezing. this is plain old rain as it moves in and the winds are picking up as well, out of the west 10 to 20 miles per hour. we've got a stormy sunday on the way and major cold on the way as well. throughout this morning we've been following breaking news out of the bronx. a police officer is in the hospital in morning after a very violent scene in the bronx. >> that police officer and six other people in the hospital after that officer was shot in the ankle. several people stabbed as well. about five people stabbed. it was a big fight up in the
6:31 am
ray villeda is there with the latest. >> reporter: good morning. that officer is here at lincoln hospital after being shot in the ankle. he was responding to a large fight in the modhaven section of the bronx. i want to show you the video. you can see that police are still at the scene. we're told they got a call to come to that area around 2:00 a.m. because of a large fight that started at a party that spilled out onto the street. we're told there were multiple guns involved, multiple people stabbed. officers arrived and chased after the suspect. there was ra a gunfight and we're told that suspect shot at the officer. the suspect was shot as well several times. the officer is in stable condition, surrounded by family. just a moment ago we heard from the mayor and the police commissioner about his family. take a listen. >> the family was gathered
6:32 am
everyone realized, thank god, he's going to be well soon. the fact is backup came quick. his fellow officered did all the ed officers did all the right things to handle the situation, diffuse the situation, got the guns. >> reporter: i want to talk to you about that officer. 25-year-old sherrod stuart. four years ago today he joined the force. he comes from a large police family, his father a detective is serving in armed forces overseas. we're told his brother is a traffic agent with the nypd. so a very proud family that serves this city, those were the words of the mayor and the police commissioner. now about the suspect, he is christopher rice. we're told just hours ago he was inside a courtroom.
6:33 am
basically jumping over a turnstile at a train station. he was let go around 11:00 last night and four hours later this occurred. he's in the hospital in serious condition. he was shot at during this gunfight. a very scary situation in the bronx. we've also spoken to witnesses. i'm ray villeda, "today in new york." right now a news 4 exclusive. this school bus you can see there with kids on board struck by a car and flipped over. this morning people who live in the area where this happened say this intersection has a troubling reputation. today in new york's michael george investigates. >> reporter: a school bus packed with kids flipped on its side. this exclusive video obtained by news 4 shows how it happened. watch again and look at the top
6:34 am
a white truck pulls into a busy intersection. the school bus pulls in front of it and turns. the mustang doesn't see it until it's too late. >> the minute i came out, i saw how severe it was. >> reporter: marilyn saw children on the sidewalk, some with injuries. >> he was holding his head. i made him lay down and told him it would be okay. >> reporter: the end result, seven injured, four of them children. luckily the kids escaped with minor injuries, but one adult was seriously hurt. all are expected to survive. parent and community members hope this is a wakeup call. >> this is why we need more speed cameras. we need them urgently. >> reporter: smith says the intersection has basically become a highway, a highway children cross every day. sure enough, when you watch the video again, you can see how close thehitting a
6:35 am
smith worries the next one could be fatal. >> my children ride the school bus every day so that really touched me closely. >> reporter: after reviewing the surveillance driver, we asked if the school bus driver will face a citation for making that left turn. right now all they'll see is they're investigating the cause of the crash. a 13-year-old boy hit by a car in the bronx is in critical condition this morning. witnesses told police that the boy ran into the street and was hit by a minivan at the intersection of fox and westchester avenues last evening. police say the driver did stay on the scene. no charges have been filed. we are learning more about a man who allegedly slashed a woman in the face in chelsea. investigators are saying the man may be responsible for attacks on other women across the city. police charged him with an attack in november when he allegedly hit a woman in the face with an object. he attacked another woman in the
6:36 am
his latest victim was on her way to work when he allegedly cut her face. a 28-year-old was on her way home in the bronx when a man cut her cheek. the woman und was so bad that she needed more than 100 stitches. news 4 was there last june when roger logan was released from prison after spending almost 17 years behind bars. the city comptroller says logan will receive $3.7 million. logan's lawyer says he also settled a case against the state for just under $3 million. a supervising officer in the eric garner case is now on desk duty, charged internally with failure to supervise. adonis was one of the
6:37 am
scene. a new jersey woman who police say instructed her child to steal a dropped cell phone faces charges this morning. investigators say the woman is seen in this security camera video directing the boy to grab the phone that had dropped to the floor. she is charged the theft and child endangerment. the so-called bordeaux bandit is behind bars this morning. he is is wanted in new york, new jersey and connecticut, suspected of stealing high end bottles of wine. in one case he allegedly stole a $4800 bottle. in another case he is accused of stealing a $2,000 bottle. police in connecticut want to
6:38 am
>> seriously, a $5,000 bottle of wine? >> there's a movie in that. allegedly. coming up, we're going to have more on that breaking news out of the bronx where that injure was injured in a violent street fight and shooting. >> reporter: an officer is in stable condition at lincoln hospital after responding to a large street fight. i'm ray villed live a life. . .
6:39 am
. we continue to track breaking news this morning. an nypd officer in the hospital, shot in the right ankle after being part of a team that broke up a large night in the bronx. >> a jump-off party up there, big fight breaking out in the street. this officer hit in the ankle, but police have recovered a gun, they do have a suspect in the custody. let's get to ray villeda outside lincoln hospital where the officer has been taken along
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>> reporter: that's right, pat and gun. good morning to you both. several people in the hospital including that officer. the folks that are in the hospital are here as a result of a large fight that started on east 187th and lincoln avenue. it happened in the mott haven section of the bronx. witnesses describe a chaotic scene. you can see a heavy police presence here. there was a jump-off party like you mentioned. the reason they call it that is the premise where this was held is not licensed to have this type of party. when police responded to the large fight, that's when chaos ensued. officers found the suspect, they chased after that suspect. there was gunfire between the suspect and officers. that suspect was shot several times. that officer was shot in the ankle. both in the hospital now along with several victims that were stabbed or shot, we're told. most of them were stabbing
6:41 am
hospital, a total of five stabbing victims. we just got briefed by the mayor and police commissioner who described the scene to us. >> preliminary investigation indicates the suspect has a criminal history of five prior arrests over the last several years including an arrest just yesterday, 9:00 a.m. yesterday morning on a charge of fare beating, a charge which he was released from court at 11:00 p.m. last night, three hours before the shooting involving our police officer. >> reporter: that 19-year-old suspect christopher rice is right now in serious condition at the hospital as a result of this situation. again, the officer -- we really want to talk about this. this is the fourth anniversary of when he got that badge, when he joined the force. he comes from a large police family. we're talking about his father, a detective who's on leave right now because he's serving our country in the military. his brother is a traffic agent. this is a proud new york family
6:42 am
and right now he is at that hospital surrounded by family members. that's 25-year-old sherrod stuart. we're told he's expected to be okay, in stable condition after being shot in the ankle responding to this large violent street fight here in the mott haven section of the bronx. i'm ray villeda for "today in new york." >> thank you very much. you know the men and women of the 4-0 are breathing a sigh of relief. a terrifying moment for your family when you get that call that one of your own is in the hospital after serving the city. so we'll continue to follow the updates there. it's important to point out the search for suspects still continuing. >> yes, although they have the primary suspect in custody. we'll keep you updated. raphael here now with a look at the weather forecast.
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>> a mess. stormy. if you have something to do outside, do it today. tomorrow will be messy. maybe you're taking down those holiday decorations outside. today is definitely the day for that. temperatures in the 40s so it's mild already. 41 degrees and mostly cloudy skies. we've been worried about some patchy freezing drizzle knot north and west of town. 29 in danbury. town. light drizzle moving in, lots of clouds out there, not a whole lot of sunshine today. then our storm is on the move. you could see this warm front pushing through the south. all of this rain from the gulf
6:44 am
towards the north in the next 12 to 16 hours or so. over 30, even 40 miles per hour winds down the jersey shore. it's going to be very hard to hold onto those umbrellas. it even stays breezy into your monday. by tomorrow morning, very light rain amounts. look what happens when i set this into motion. after 5:00 tomorrow morning, over half an inch of rain already to the west of town and through the morning rainfall totals over an inch in many spots. if you have driving plans especially around new york city throughout the first half of the day there it could be very wet. some spots even picking up around two inches of rain with heavier downpours and maybe even thunderstorms in the mix as well. this is 12:00 today. it's still dry, lots of clouds, maybe some drizzle.
6:45 am
if you have dinner plans, bring the raincoat. probably won't need the umbrella. 4:00 a.m. the showers start to become more numerous around the region. this is your 7:00 a.m. it is a miserable start to your sunday, heavy howling as well. the worst weather window from 7:00 a.m. to about 1:00 p.m. then it gradually winds down. by far the worst part of the day will be early on your sunday. after that storm moves out it turns colder. 35 is your high on monday. it's windy. windchills back in the teens. a little blast of winter there. tuesday night into wednesday we're tracking the slight chance of snow showers. you could see the latest forecast, use our interactive
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your own weather video.
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well, time for this morning's pet profile. if you're a dog owner, that early morning walk may have stung a little bit this week as we felt our first last of winter. some tips to keep your pets comfortable in the chilly weather. you've still got to go out for that walk. >> it depends on the fur and your pet. keep in mind they do rely on us when the elements and the weather gets very cold to put on a coat or keep their walks short. >> you've got to keep an eye on their paws. we're wearing shoes and boots. they're really exposed. >> yeah. the stuff they put on the ground to melt ice actually can burn their paws. each dog has different
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what we suggest you do is when it's snows out there, when you come inside, take a warm cloth and wipe off their paws before they come inside. >> the cutest cat we've ever had here. >> isn't this a beautiful two month old sigh named phoenix. look at those blue eyes up close. we have so many cats right now. it's an amazing selection. >> she's a beauty. i've got to tell you about this dog. i don't know why, i just smile every time i see this. >> this is a boy. his name is brewster. he's available tomorrow. he's two years old. he's going to be available at an event in the bronx at petland
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he's a chihuahua mix. we think it's chihuahua and some terrier. >> look at how chill he is. the tongue hanging out usually means what, they're relaxed? >> we'll have to give him some water after this. a little nervous. >> i never really thought about how you guys get here in the morning. pat and i are walking into 30 rock and all of a sudden we see david with like 15 cats in his car. we thought you took the bus. anyway, it's great to have you guys here. these are two beautiful animals. >> this kitten is available on 110th street today at 11:00. and the pooch is available tomorrow at bayshore petland. >> the site is
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thank you very much. we're coming right back with an update on that situation in the bronx we've been telling you about this morning. one police officer shot in the ankle, several people stabbed. savor an egg mcmuffin any time you like. a fresh cracked egg, canadian bacon and an english muffin with real butter. mcdonald's all day
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as promised, an update now on that situation in the bronx where a police officer has been shot in the leg. he is in stable condition this morning. was able to fire back. the suspect shot four times. >> the suspect actually ly ly had been in police custody earlier that day for jumping a fare. other suspects still being sought at this hour. again, as you said, pat, that officer shot in the leg or right ankle. we're hearing multiple things there. he is expected to be okay. it is time now to check in across the street and find out
6:53 am
"weekend today." >> you got the whole gang. just ahead here on this saturday morning on "today" powerball fever, we've all got it. it is sweeping the nation. we have tips this morning on how to increase your odds winning. also what to do if you are the lucky person who does win. >> and why if you win in new york, you're actually worse off than someone in california because of the taxes. and "el chapo" returns back to the very same prison from which he escaped. >> plus could you have your own personal robot to do your chores? it could be sooner than we think for the rest of us and we'll take a look at what you can expect tomorrow night at hollywood's biggest party, the gloeld olden globes. all that and much more when
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morning, guys, right here on "today." and we're coming right back with a final check of your
6:55 am
before we leave you, a final update on that breaking news in
6:56 am
>> reporter: gus, pat, that officer is still in the hospital. he is recovering after being shot in the ankle. he was responding to a large street fight in the mott haven section of the bronx, east 138th and third avenue. it was quite the scene. police are still there recovering evidence. they've recovered several knives as well as four guns. the fight broke out around 2:10 this morning inside a party and then it spilled out onto the street. police responded, identified a suspect, went after him. take a listen to a witness. >> they were screaming at each other and they started shooting. after the cops came, that's when they started shooting. i heard sirens and i heard everybody go home and that's when they started shooting. after that, everybody started running, getting in their cars and driving away. >> reporter: that officer again is expected to be okay after being shot in the ankle
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