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tv   News 4 New York at 6  NBC  January 9, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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what an impressive young man, he distinguished himself further with his quick thinking and his brave actions.
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officer gets hit with a bullet in a gun battle on the street. a sunday soaker, get ready for rain and powerful winds. all you need is $2 and a dream. $900 million at stake in tonight's power ball jackpot. tonight, that officer sharod stewart is expected to be just fine. you see that two thumbs up from the hospital room. he and two officers were responding to a gunfight in the bronx. the man suspect was released from the hospital just five hours before the shooting. this all started at a so-called jump up party on 3rd avenue and ended with a gunfight a block away.
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hospital where the suspect and the officer are being treated tonight. >> reporter: both the officer and the suspect expected to survive. but they e're reovering from gunshot wounds after a wild gunfight after a officers broke up up a party in the bronx. officer sharrod stewart gave the thumbs up from his hospital room. today mayor de blasio blaz owe -- >> reporter: officer stewart and his partner responded to a huge brawl at 2:00 a.m. they chased the suspect is, 19-year-old christopher rice. rice pulled out a gun and started fires. witnesses described the chaos. >> there was about 50 or 75 people and everybody was running.
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struck in the right ankle. he shot back hitting the suspect four times. >> today marks the officer's four-year anniversary with the nypd. meanwhile the suspect is in the same hospital in serious condition. >> this suspect has a criminal history of five prior arrests over to the last several years, including an arrest just yesterday, at 9:00 a.m. yesterday. >> reporter: multipleal guns and the knife have already been recovered. the fight left five others in the hospital with stab wounds. >> i'm here to call on folks to say that we are not going to tolerate this and there is no way that we're going to end up here this way. >> reporter: and we mentioned earlier that the suspect rice was arrested yesterday for fair dodging, according to commissioner bratton, he had
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three hours when he opened fire on that officer. >> michael, thank you, glad to see that officer is okay. new at 6:00 tonight, a woman gang raped in a brooklyn park and tonight police want to track down the men responsible for this. it happened at osborne playground in brooklyn yesterday. the 18-year-old was walking with a male when five men approached them. the woman was assaulted by three of the men. by the time police had arrived, the suspects were gone. we want to turn to some nasty weather moving our way. wire in for heavy rain and strong winds. what can you expect exactly and when? >> we have that heavy rain on the way and we also will have some strong onshore winds and that's why a coastal flood advisory is in effect for all the counties highlighted in this
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it goes from 9:00 p.m. until 8:00 a.m. a gale warning also in effect because of some gusty winds. tonight and tomorrow, raining throughout the entire area by midnight, with that heaviest rain a arriving during the morning hours on sunday. we could have rainfall rates a at a half-inch to one inch an hour. it's going to taper off in the afternoon, but we will have winds gusting to 30-mile-per-hour, not only during the morning on sunday, but once again in the afternoon. we're just looking at some light showers through the evening here on future tracker, but then that heavier rain starts to push in. i'll track this with future tracker coming up during your first full forecast. >> you can track the forecast any time with the news 4 new york app. the man accused of shooting a philadelphia police officer in the name of islam face adjudge today. edward archer appeared in court
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multiple charges including attempted murder. investigators say archer used a stolen police gun and pledged his allegiance to islam. he shot officer hartnett and miraculously hartnett survived undergoing surgery to his avrl. today people in the neighborhood and even other officers are concerned. >> reporter: on this feltonville basketball court today, philly kids played in a fallen hero's tournament honoring police. it comes just a day after officer jesse hartnett nearly became the newest one on that list. nearly assassinated on a street corner on thursday night. >> they put their life on the line every night. >> we're a little bit nervous
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what's going to happen. >> captain john mcclusky acknowledged uneasiness today, the ambush on officer hartnett came just a day after the police commissioner richard ross was sworn in police commissioner. police union president says officers patrolling a in pairs has helped calm some nears after thursday's ambush and soon under the new commissioner, the red and blue lights always on atop patrol cars will go dark again. but mcnesby says the attack on hartnett proves that being a cop makes you a target. >> it's not because jesse was white, whether he was black, it's because he was wearing a uniform, a badge and driving a philadelphia police car, it's as simple as that.
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feltonville, where they honored the first female officer killed in the line of duty, gratitude that nobody has to plan a funeral to officer hartnett. >> our players go out to all the officers out there today, make sure they're safe and sound and that they go home at the end of their tour. a captured drug lord known as el chapo may soon find himself across the el chapo whose real name is juan guzman escaped a maximum security prison six months ago. he was captured on friday in a shoot-out with mexican marines. i want to go to the most talked about story of the day. check this out, that growing powerful jackpot, now at a stalling staggering 900 million bucks. someone on staten island also
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night's $165 million megamillions jackpot. we're all hoping that luck strikes twice. >> i just heard someone say you've got to be kidding. no, folks, this is to the truth. take a look at this sign. it's been a busy day at this willow brook deli. the folks that are coming into the store are hoping they walk out with a lucky ticket that makes them rich. are there's a deli that delivered just that, victory, $165 million of it. >> the official lottery call at 7:00, and they say you guys sold the winning ticket. >> the mel gamillions was bigger. but saturday thigt's drawing could be bigger, that's why all day, the lotto hopefuls have come. >> it's really great that somebody in the neighborhood, the community won. so it's a good thing, it's nice. >> reporter: do you think
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>> this could be a lucky ticket, hopefully. i can only dream, right? >> reporter: visions of dollar signs, what they would do with the money? >> buy a yacht to sail around the world, buy a house, help my mother out with her bills. >> reporter: so even i got in line for a text, a line that's only going to grow throughout the a day. on saturday morning, the new york lottery was selling lottery tickets at 1.7 million per however. >> you can believe this reporter is not leaving staten island without getting my poweral ball text. so isn't it saying hey, you never know? wish me luck. not to press your hopes, your chances of winning are one in 292 million. and if nobody wins tonight, the jackpot will grow to $1.3 billion. wow.
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a deadly hit and run in the bronx, involving three drivers, but only one stopped. how police are getting the public's attention to track the drivers down. plus a man walking his dog, look at that photo, ends up falling through a frozen lake on long island, how long he was trapped and who came to the rescue. plus a special honor for one of new york's bravest, what he fought for that earned him a key
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in the bronx, the nypd wants to find two drivers who struck a man in the street and just kept driving. you see it there near 170th street. asking for information about what happened. it started last night just after 11:00, the 52-year-old victim was hit three times while crossing the street. the driver of the third car was the only one who stopped. that man was taken to the hospital. no charges were filed against the third driver. a long island man is behind bars tonight after hitting a police car while driving drunk. this happened about 4:00 this morning in brookhaven. place say that the man hit a -- the officer was air lifted to a nearby hospital and is expected to be all right. the suspect was later arrested, he now faces a slew of charges.
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helped fight for an extension of the zradroga act. comedian jon stewart joined mayor de blasio in giving former police officer ray pfeiffer a key to the city. pfeiffer and others fought long to extend to the bill that gives aid to sick responders. >> i told them, we're still dying from terrorists, we're still sick there terrorists. ethey started to get it. 72,000 people are in this program now. 72 people have health care that is deserving of it. >> pfeiffer who's a long island native spent eight months at ground zero. six years later he was diagnosed with reignal cancer. congress extended the act through 2090. a brooklyn man fell through
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the man was walking hiss dogs and one of his dogs got loose and went on the ice. he went to get his dog and he fell through the water. the dog was able to walk off the ice, didn't seem to have any issues there, the brooklyn man is however being treated for hyper therla. comes up on news 4 new york. out with a bang. one of new york's legendary concert stages comes crumbling doulg
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nightly news is coming up in just a few minutes. a few call for el chapo's extrad degrees to the united states. we're live in mexico plus new insights with about the suspect in the shooting of a philadelphia police officer. the fbi now investigating his travel to saudi arabia and
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plus we'll take a look at how uber and other car services are driving traditional taxis to oblivion. and a fascinates piece of history at a construction site in virginia. that in just a few minutes on nbc "nightly news." >> as we bring in erica jones, really a soaker coming. that's what we're talking about. >> the heavy rain is going to make it tough to get out the door on sunday morning. let's take a look outside at times square, it's currently cloudy and 46 degrees, we did have a couple of leegt showers early in the afternoon. maybe you got caught in it. we'll see that transition to some heavier rain as well. the rain stays with us for most of the day on sunday, the wind will be with us from start to finish, and then on monday, dry and colder weather moves in. lots of 45s on the map.
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and also in newberg. 36 in monticello, but we're not worried about any freezing overnight. temperatures holding steady maybe even rising on a couple of occasions. the heavy storms are still waiting in the wings. you saw it in our first weather segment, the heaviest rain beginning right around sun rise for most of us. but we have some reds and oranges showing up on the map, that's an indication of the possibility of some downpours, and raining pretty heavily throughout much of the tri-state. we'll start to taper off the showers as we head toward noon. maybe you'll need that umbrella as you head out the door for services, but heading back home, it's not going to be as bad, however the wind is still going to be as strong. we're going to see those winds gusting to around 40 miles an hour. 4:00 p.m., some of those showers lingering, but everything moves out as we head into the evening hours. however the winds are still going to be an issue.
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excess of 30-mile-per-hour at times early in the afternoon those winds start to taper off. overnight tonight, temperatures holding steady, but the rain arrives, a low temperature of 345 45 degrees in midtown, and getting up to close to a record high with the rain tapering off to showers. with tomorrow's wind and rain, we'll see a much colder air move in, a high of 38 on monday, tusz up to 4r0 degrees, but then we dropback into the 30s and there's some potential for some snow showers on wednesday morning. i'll keep you posted on that, but in the meantime, we're tracking this heavy rain. >> you want to keep it here and also the nbc 4 news app. john, i know you're start ing with to the giants. >> you wouldn't want john kaufman to coach if you're a giants fan. your two-time winning super bowl
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archrivals. and it feels like rivalry. this finish today was something out of hollywood.
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the giants interformer bills coach doug maroney today. you can cross adam gace off the list. tom coughlin left the door open to the possibility that he wasn't done coaching and the eagles plan to test just how serious he is about that. coughlin is expected to speak with philadelphia on monday. he still has one year e er ar remaining on his giants deal. both the jets and giants are
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two affect wild card games on the schedule today. steelers and bengals will kick off later today. the chiefs are on top of the texans 38-0. kansas got off with a 106 yard kickoff return. tomorrow it's the nfc's turn, don't forget you can watch seahawks vikings here on nbc 4. it will be 4 degrees when connect kickoff starts. the rangers and capitals corroborated on a white knuckles game last spring. the rangers rallied with three kboels and they led 3-2 as the seconds ticked away in regulation, justin williams fires on hendrick lundquist. nobody moved, in perfect
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that's when the emotional roller coaster takes a dip. der alex ovechkin needed one more minute for the final blow. through his legs and passed lundquist, his 499th career goal. his 800th career game. 20 of those goals on hendrick, more than any other goalie he has faced. islanders in philadelphia, couldn't get the offense going and couldn't slow the flyers, second period and philly takes a 2-0 lead on this strike from medvedev. the islanders managed only 20 shots on goal. a 4-0 win. the knicks have the night off and the nets visit the
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seton hall hosting creighton in newark. creighton went on a 15-5 run to start the second half. that was maurice watson jr., coast to coast for the lay in. and johnson, hits the lee and a foul to go with it. that's four the hard way. the big man jeffrey blazell had 20 for the blue jays. the hall has now lost two in a row. next up eighth ranked providence. st. johns on to the road taking on marquette. less than five minutes to play, they trail by three, when ron lavuka hits the goal. but marquette would go on a 10-20 run, and they led 17-55 with ten seconds to play. giants have now lost seven straight including their first four big east games. tom coughlin interviewing with the philadelphia eagles. just try to wrap your head around that one, that's a tough one to take for many giants
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>> that's going to spark a lot of reaction if it goes through. >> thanks, john.
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the grandstand at the new york
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