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tv   News 4 New York at Noon  NBC  January 11, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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final suspect in this. news 4 new york at noon starts now. i'm rob schmitt. >> and i'm kerry barrett. >> the family of a 12-year-old her death. >> police cleared the courtroom on long island, news 4's greg cirgrol joining us with more on what wust down there, greg. >> reporter: well first, just a few minutes ago, nassau police finally explained why they believe a 12-year-old dasia was shot and killed inside her home last october. but the as you said, not before that chaos erupted during the court appearance of dequan keller, the man accused of killing her. keller's friends and joiner's family came face to face for the first time. one witness told me that keller's supiorters were actually yelling, we love you. the 20-year-old was ordered held without bail after pleading not guilty to second-degree murder charges. police say he's a member of the
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outside joiner's home in retaliation for the theft of his brother's hoverboard. now lice wouldn't say who stole the hoverboard, although they did tell us it was appeared to a member of a rival blood sect. after the shooting, police said they thought it was possible someon fe in dasia's home was the ,0et. now she was killed as she sat in her living room. and incident that sparked outrage and sadness across the heenmp hemp hempstead community. >> the residents cooperated with the police, and one voice, we let this individual know a other members of that community ow that this kind of conduct will not be tolerated in hempstead or nassau county. >> reporter: police told us today that the arrest was aided by more than 40 calls to their crime stoppers hotline, and also by surveillance video that police were able to collect
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again, jaquan keller pleaded not guilty to second-degree murder charges today. he was ordered held without bail. he'll be back in court next week. live, news 4 new york. >> greg, thank you. all right. going to transition now to the weather. and, what a differenc e a day does make after a rainy, very warm nday, it is frigid today. >> it's sunny though, let's go to dave price with what we an expect a little later on,day. >> yesterday at this time, about 59 degrees. winds kicked up, t tperature came down, and we are there right now. with those chilly conditions on the thermometer and those windchills as well. 32 degrees right now in new york city at the freezing mark, 32 in dan bury as well, 36 out to the hamptons, and cooler to the far rth andcl west. as far as thosd winds go though, look at this the, wind gusts in the last hour or so, upwards of 30 miles per hour at stewart newburg airport.
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25 in farmingdale, and 28 in long branch. morristown, you saw one at 26 miles per hour. what it does is it makes tdgse temperatures feel significantly cooler. as we widen the map and take a look at temperatures around the area. in the teens, 12 degrees what it feels like to the skin in monticello. 23 in the city as you walk through central park and 19 until morristown. cool air for us, and unstable weather pattern, which could bring us a mix of wintery conditions around parts of the region. we'll tell ou about that in the full forecast coming up in just a couple minutes, fo lks. >> dave, thank you. and remember, stay ahead of the weather with the nbc 4 new york app. you can see the latest forecast and interacted radar. download the n 4 new york app on the app store r tht now. > well the rock world today mourning the death of david bowie. the artist releasing his final album just a couple days befor he j lost his 18-month battle with
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>> tracie strahan joins us live from soho in front of his manhattan apartment, tr ie. >> reporter: well, it's been amazing to see the tributes pouring in on the sidewalk to the man who was the epitome of a rock star, but certainly made an impact in the world of rnb, possible, and even hip hop down the road. as you mention, he has representative confirms that david bowie died after an 18-month battle with cancer. today friends around new york and the world are taking a look back at his life. the ballad space oddity who to fans was out of this world. decades of david bowie's hits are helping fans cope with the music legend's shocking death in front of his apartment building in soho. the tributes include flowers and candles, and sometimes tears. >> yeah, it's, it's hard to believe, actually, because it's,
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would have been eventually, but noett that soon. >> reporter: david jones, bowie was music's master of reinvention. from the glam rock ziggy stardust to the cool-suited thin, white dude. he spans decades from young americans, rebel, rebel, changes, and then hot hits like modern love, and let's dance. at the nnw yinork theater workshop where the music laz reduce, fans began to leave flo twers before sunrise, shortly after receiving word of his death. never one to be tight cast, t he seemingly wild rocker performed the little drummer boy with ben crosby in 1977. >> reporte david bowie's final album was released just three days ago. last friday, and this video for the song, he's seen with his eyes band anled in of a hospital bed.
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look up here, i'm in heaven. and bringing you back live now to soho where that memorial continues to grow. david bowie was married to iman since 1992. he is survi ved by two children. now he was set to be honored at a concert at carnegie hall at the end of march. and those tickets went on steal today. live in soho, news 4 new york. >> tracie, thank you. across the pond in london, fans began lising tributes just hours after news of his death broke, memorial growing around a plaque that commemorates where the pop icon posed for the album cover, the rise and fall of ziggy and the spiders from mars. you can check out more bowie memorials plus a photo gallery throughout the years, al you have to do is log on to our website, nbcnew york.c m. well an updatee now on a massive street fight and shoot shooting that injured an nypd officer. police arrested and charged christopher rice with assaulting a police officer, menacing, and criminal possession.
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officers during that bronx brawl early saturday morning. officers sherrod stewart was hit in the ankle and recovering. rice was shot four times by office m, and also remains in the hospital. five others were treated for stab wounds. rice was released from jail just three hours before that shooting. the search continuing this afternoo n for the fifth and final suspect in the rape of an 18-year-old woman. than crime has outraged the brownsviile neighborhood where that attack happened. news 4's jen maxfield joining us where residents there are rallying, jen. >> reporter: that's right, about 30 supporters cam e ere to osbourne playground earlier this morning to offer support for the victim and her father, and of course to condemn the attackers. from here they march to protest two deli owners who thy say should have let the girl father use their phone to call police on thursday night when this gang rape occurred. the community leaders gathered just steps away from where
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was gang raped by five teenage boys. they marched to two delis just a block away where the victim's far was denied help. the five suspects were caught on deli surveillance video before the attack thursday night. police say the teenagers approached the girl and her father here at the osbourne playground. pointed a gun at her father and ordered him to leave. while he went for help, police say the teenagers, ages 14 through 17 gang raped the young woman. >> you're not going to rape women in our community and think you're going to get away with it. >> not allow to call or use his phone. he shouldn't be making business here in our community. from our money. he needs to get out. >> reporter: in their defense, the two deli owners say that the girl's father did not tell them that it was an emergency, and they say that he appeared to be drunk. as for the five suspects, four of them are in police custody. two of them were turned in by their parents, and the youngest
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that's the latest live from the brownsville section of brooklyn, news 4 new york. >> okay, yen, thank you. maryland appeal's court delayed the trial of a police van driver charged in the death of freddie gray. jury selection was set to start today for cesar goodson. he is charged with second-degree murder. gray died in april from a broken neck that he suffered while in the back of that baltimore police van. goodson is the second of six officers to go on trial in connection with gray's death. mexican authorities would like it question sean penn about his secret meeting with the drug lord known as el chapo. friday. now the united states is actively seeking his extradition to face drug charges here. sean penn meet with guzman for rolling stone magazine article, that was after he broke out of prison and was in some sort of jungle hideout. police trapped that meeting down to find guzman. another former fugitive, tonya couch will be in a texas
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she is seeking a reduction in her $1 million bail. she's the mother of the so-called affluenza teen. ethan couch. they were captured in mexico, tonya couch is charged with helping her son elude police. he failed to show up for a probation meeting in his highly publicized drunk driving case. moving on now to politics. the presidential contenders in a bit of a horse race heading to the iowa caucuses. that's where hillary clinton's lead is down now to three points, that is according to an nbc news/wall street journal poll. dothnald trump is trailing ted cruz by four points. meanwhile, trup holds a commanding lead in new hampshire, and that is where sanders edges clinton by four points. hillary clinton took some time awae from campaigning to sit down with ellen degeneres, eemocratic front runner talked about how challenging it is to run for president as a woman. >> i think it still is hard being a woman running for president. >> i agree.
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i feel like if you are forceful, you're too forceful, if you're t f ceful enough, ou're not tough enough. >> clinton also talked about being a grandmother. she revealed her husband, former president bill clinton spoils their granddaughter charlotte even more than she does, she ys. catch clinton's entire interview today on ellen start agent 4:00 here on nbc 4. and this is just getting ridiculous at this the point. very obscene powerball jackpot climanng once again, it's now up to $1.4 billion. the -- this is ridiculous. the ten-figure jackpot is the world's largest lottery jackpot. >> here's the thing, it's so big that some of these lot toe signs don't have enough digits to show all of the numbers. >> sheesh. >> with about 59 hours until the big drawing wednesday ight, local ticket sale sellers are extpecting a pretty brisk business. >> and if nobody wins it this
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it's going go up $100 million a night they're suggesting. >> i hope a lot of people win it together. we'll see. coming up next here at noon, big niergt for the stars. we're going to wrap up the winners from the golden globes. plus some of the most memorable moments of the evening. general motors is on trial, the latest from the first case over thousands that the company's faulty ignition
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many people clean their dentures with toothpaste or plain water. and even though their dentures look clean, in reality they're not. if a denture were to be put under a microscope, we can see all the bacteria that still exists on the deneure, and that bacteria multiplies very rapidly. that's why dentists recommend cleaning with polident everyday. polident's unique micro clean formula works in just 3 minutes, killing 99.99% of odor causing bacteria. for a cleaner, fresher, brighter denture every day. in today's money report, two auto giants in the news, but not because of the newodels. >> nope, bill griffith joining us from cnbc's global headquarters and a look at the markets, bill >> happy newye , guys. boy, what a crazy myoket we still have here. you would think after this huge sell-off we had last week that
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street, we thought we were getting it this morning. the dow was up 100 points on the open, but then it just sold off again, and now it's come by?ack just a little bit up 40 points right now. oil is now at a 13-year low. it's down to $31 a barrel. that means gasoline prices will continue going lower. s, the detroit auto show is under way in detroit this week. so a lot of car news, but not a lot about new cars. a trial begins today in the general motors case linked to all of those million of faulty ignition switches that caused at le wast 400 injuries and deaths. this is the first of six cases to go toiarial this year on thi issue. caorefully. the outcome could determine whether gm or the plaintiffs wa hnt to pursue the rest of the cases or settle out of court. obheviously, hundreds of millions of dollars are at stake in all of these cases. so they're g ng to watch this carefully. the other auto story, volkswagen
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program that it has offered to owner of it's deezle-powered vehicles. this will include suvs. the original program was for cars only. last november, remember, vw admitted that the diesel vehicles were designed to cheat emissions tests. owners are now being offered $500 cash and $500 insdealership credits as a goodwill gesture because their sales have plummeted. when everybody had record sales last year,vw sales wyere down 5%. mainly because of this bad pr that they've experienced here. so, that's how we are. listen, i know dave price was stunned he didn't win the lottery saturday night, but i'm with you, rob, you etter hope that, a bunch of people win this thing, because one person winning over a billion dollars, that's just too much. i'd be cool with being part of that bunch. >> are you in the office pool? >> yeah. >> and i'm going share with bill. >> thank you.
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let's do a lot of pool thanks a lot. if you're looking for good luck, at least we have it today as far as sky conditions go. >> okay. >> but things will be changing. it's going to be a crazy week, a lot going on outside. let's walk over to the wall, weather wall right now and look. 32 degrees, we're right at the freezing mark right now. plenty of bright sunshine out there. but, boy, is it cold. and we have some complicated factors, let's go right now to the headlines, take a look. get a little bit of everything in the week ahead. we'll go through it day by day, prepare you for what you need to know. winter mix is a big speed bump, that comes tomorrow night, late afternoon as you head to the west into the evening hours as you push further east. and then, another dose of precipitation, possible on saturday. some of these two could be in the form of freezing presip within we'll keep an eye on it. 32 degrees right now. 32 in armont, 26 in par snippety.
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25 in monticello, to the north and west, cooler temperatures. farmingdale checks in at 34 and long branch at the freezing mark as well. at the tom of the show, wind gusts during the last hour. 20 miles per hour in the city, 23 to newburg, 22 in poughkeepsie, 20 in farmingdale and bellmar. cooler. knocks nine degrees off from what the actual temperature is to what it feels like to the skin in central park. and you can see, as you widen out the picture, it feels like it's in the teenings as you head to monticello and 17 in newburg. couple of high clouds right now, but a nice day, if you're looking out the window. brisk and blustery, everyone, for the remainder of the day. as we head into tonight, the winds do begin to die down, temperatures in the mid-20s, and as we head into tomorrow, what we're going to see is some presip work in our direction. now tomorrow's temperature is going to be in the 140u in the city. so anything that falls is going
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prelim there's going to be no accumulation at all in the city. as you head to the far north and west, you have to watch if for slick roads and just be careful as you head through the early to mid-evening hours. so we'll put it altogether for you. use the future tracker, tomorrow afternoon, the west, tomorrow by hush hour, it's over us in the city. and as we head through the next several days. here is what you can expect. here's your seven-day forecast. we are going to see a little bit of that sloppy weather tomorrow. now we're prepared for it during the afternoon and evening hours. more cold air as we head to wednesday, chilly, but gorgeous on thursday. clouds building on friday and saturday, another dose of that will potential wintery mix. we'll watch it, clearing out sunday and back to cool temperatures and a mix of sun and clouds on monday. that's a quick look at your forecast. much more ahead, janice will be here this afternoon, we'll tell you what you need to know as we head into this sloppy tuesday afternoon, folks.
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golden globes host ricky gervais roasting the celebs. >> if you win tonight, remember that no one cares about that award as much as you do. okay. don't get emotional, it's embarrassing. >> and that's the truth. was that a glass of beer he had? i think he did. leon ardo dicaprio won best drama, the martian starring matt damon somehow won best comedy. sylvester stallone getting a standing ovation for his role at rocky in creed. >> martian was hilarious. laugh riot. couldn't stay in my chair. >> not so much? >> all right. and i saw dicaprio made a move towards lady gaga. >> shoulder, she was walking down, give her the old side eye. >> for more on all that, new york life's coming up next here at 12:30. >> here's with what's ahead. >> that's right, we can't get enough of the golden globes, and you want to see what happened when the cameras weren't rolling last night. we go behind the scenes and let
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plus who wowed us and who missed the mark, we have a panel of fashion experts, talking about all the red carpet fashion right here at 12:30. >> or lack thereof. thnere was a lot of the naval ak dress stuff going on. >> it was very safe. very safe last night. >> i didn't watch.
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wn all right. breaking new s now out of houston, texas. you're looking at what appears to have been a successful high angle rescue of two workers who were trapped in scaffolding there. right tn the heart of downtown texas. the chase tower right on texas street. an td it looks like this is just about wrapped up, and that might be one of the work tlers they just untangled. >> catching this live shot just as they were pulled into that
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hard to tell how high up they are from this particular shot. it's in so close. but substantially, several stories up into the air. so, all is well that ends well in this particular case. if there's anything more, we will do that on news 4 new york at 5:00. the latest headlines and
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is to get a good low-cost you might even get help paying for it! go to or call 1-855-355-5777
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a somba school in brazil are getting into the squing of things ahead of carnival. they are social clubs representing represknt ing neighborhoods of rio. they are a good opportuni for those who can't afford the expensive tickets to the festival. it kicks off on february 5th. i've heard good times. >> fantastic. for breaking news and weather updates, go to nbc new >> new york live is coming up
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