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tv   News 4 New York at 5  NBC  January 11, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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bus accident on lyons avenue. she had a lot of back pain, knee pain. >> the bus just hit the tree. that's the only thing i remember. >> reporter: this is the tree that the bus driver hit. it leaned out into the street, just enough in this case to rip away the front edge of the bus leaving windows and glass littering the street at the point of impact. but the driver herself seemed to be okay. >> are you okay, ma'am? >> yeah. reporter: you're okay. >> i think so. yes, i am. >>. reporter: she would not say anything else about the accident. now, if the tree is, indeed, he culprit of that mess on the street, new jersey transit tells me that normal protocol would be go to the city of knew washgs and newark and ask them to cut it down. >> brian, thank. so many questions tonight in the neighborhood where a young woman was raped as her father franticly tried to get the police's help.
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of brownsville where the rape happened in a aayground. marc? >> right now four teens are in custody. police are looking for a fifth suspect. the folks we talked to a oss brownsville are angry. they're furious at what happened insi s this playground and just outside their front door. >> save our community! >> reporter: a wide range of emotions over the gang rape of an 18-year-old girl at this playground. from anger -- >> it's intolerable. >> reporter: to heart break. >> makes me feel so sad. >> r orte to disbelief. it almost knocked my mind out of my head. verna has called this neighborhood home for decades, she cannot fathom the attack. >> a lot of people go behind their doors and say it's not their problem. this has become all f our problem, because that's so body's child it could be mine, my granddaughter or their child.
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with a gun, forced a father to ave his daughter's side by he handball courts at osbourne playground. they say the t ns sexually assaulted the girl as the father tried to find police. >> something horrendous happened thursday night. >> reporter: mayor deblasio is disgusted. this is the kind of thing that, for me, deeply, deeply troubles me. it's an intolerable situation. >> i wasn't here that day. i'm so sorry. if i could have helped you, i would have helped you. >> reporter: shawanda smith lives steps from the playground. she wishes she could have helped the girl. she has two daughter ages 16 and 19 and says the rape changes the way she parents her daughters. >> i always tell my kids to be in the house before dark. >> reporter: the four teens who are in custody now, they have not been charged as of yet. police are still loossng for the fifth suspect. they say if you have any information, a reward is being offered. you can remain anonymous. live tonight in brownsville,
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new at 5:00, the nypd releases pictures of a man wanted for a fatal shooting in the bronx and a carjacking. ruben pizarro is accused of killing 24-year-old dave rivera in november. on december 31st police say he forced his way into a van on sherman avenue at gun point and robbed and shot another man. athian is recovering. pizarro goes by the nickname chulo. a live update on the vision at 6:00. new york city is preparing for the possibility of snow tomorrow. issuing a snomoalert. how cold is it going to get? are we likely to see snow showers tomorrow? janice huff has the latest details. we will have snow showers, but not a lot of accumulation unless you're well north and west of the city. today it's been dry and it will stay that way through the evening hours. lake-effect snows up towards buffalo, watert n. significant accumulations here. the lakes are not frozen over,
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overethe lakes and depositing the snow on the leeward side. we're not going to see effects that. the storm we're watching will be coming out of the northern plains, and southern canada. it's called a clipper system. they call them alberta clippers. they're fast-moving areas of low pressure that have a lot of cold air but not a lot of moisture. as it rolls through, it will bring light snow showers to the area. we won't see that starting until tomorrow afternoon around 3:00. the evening commute could be slick, but in and around the city there will be a mix of rain anhed snow. don't look for much in terms of cumulation. north and west generally an inch or less. we'll talk more about that in the forecast coming up. back to you. you can see how close the storm is to you on our nbc 4 new york app. get the latest forecast and even send us your video. we woke up this morning to the stunning news that legendary actor and singer david bowie had buyed after year and a half
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tonight reaction is pouring in. tonight, fans gathered at his apartment in soho. all day fans in los angeles gathered around his star on the hollywood walk of fame leaving candles of remembrances. mourners in brickston south london laid flowers in front of ziggy star dustl one of his alter egos. andrew siff is live in front of his soho apartment for us. >> he wasn't only a rock star and style icon, he was new yorker. the crowd behind me now is ten deep just to lay flowers here on the sidewalk. many are saying good-bye to bowie by quoting his open words. ere's a starman waiting in the sky. one of many david bowie lyrics placed among the flowers outside hi.s soho apartment tonight as new york and the world mourns hie passing at age 69. >> devastated. like everybody.
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an album on friday and kept his cancer a secret for the past 18 months. ground control to major tom >> reporter: for more than 45 years, since the saga of major tom in space oddity, he's been a unique presence in music. born in london as david jones, as david bowie he t ook on shifting personas. most famously the glam rock star ziggy star dust. and he made new york his home for decades. married supermodel iman, father of two. >> this is a sad day for all of us. i was a great fan. from -- i was 12. >> reporter: at the new york theater workshop in the east village, bowie jknt helped create the musical lazarus, and a tribute to his music planned for carnegie hall had been in the works for months. >> see david going off into space, that line, may god's love
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just takes on a lot more meaning for me, and i'm sure for a lot of people listening. may god's love be with you >> more about that haunting song, we spoke with a fordham professor who talked about why that resonate sochs with new york. behind me, this crowd has started to sing some of bowie's best known songs. more coming up at 6:00. live in soho, andrew siff. our coverage conti'ves online. we have coverage with fans and pictures. a big development in the shooting of an nypd offeaicer just minutes ago we learned that the bullet that injured him came from another officer. news 4's lori bordonaro has new information. >> reporter: officer sherrod stewart is still here in the hospital and moments ago we learned it was a stray bullet from another police officer's gun that struck him in the ankle.
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loved ones at the hospital, nypd officer sherrod stewart flashes a smile, recovering from a gunshot wound to the ankle. his brothers tell me he's anxious to come home. >> he's recovering, day by day. >> reporter: is he in good spirits? t>> yeah. his family is around him. he's having fun, humble and stuff right now, but he's going day by day. >> he went through his first surgery. and he has to get a second. >> reporter:rehristo her rice is facing several charges in the saturday morning attack. the officer was responding to a street fight on third avenue and 137th street. >> my first reaction wa my brother? man. i hope he be okay. i was sad and stuff. i went to see him. i was happy to see he was okay. >>treporter: officer stuart returned fire hitting rice four times. rice has five prior arrests. he was actually in police cuenstody three hours before the shooting for tryin g to ride the subway without paying.
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say about the suspect. they tell me their brother is an inspiration to his five siblings and loves his job. >> we're family oriented. we're all about being around family. we're excited for him to come home. >> reporter: a bullet has been removed from officer stuart's ankle but he still needs another surgery. as for christopher rice he also remains in the hospital in police custody. lori bordonaro, news 4 new york. a workplace shooting in kentucky leaves two people hurt and a gunman at large. this happened at a company that makes custom counter tops in louisville. authorities say a worker opened fire during an argument between several employees. two people were hit. it's unclear how serious those injuries are. isis says it is responsible for the baghdad attack that killed 18 people and injured 50 today. and they warn there's more to come. iraqi officials say seven gunmen went on a suicide mission storming the mall and setting off a car bomb at the entrance. shortly after the attack, the
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of worse to come. the new york city department of education wants to improve the way schools communicate with families with limited english proof pro fish shent proficiency. the goal is tone ensure school provide parents with language services. still ahead, two window washers saved by a daring high-rise rescue. after years of complaints on how circus elephants are treated. a major circus decides do something about it. and traffic comes to a standstill after debris falls
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you could get free installation, no data cap, and access to over 400,000 twc wifi hotspots with select plans. call now. . two window washers are back on solid ground after a heart pounding rescue on the side of houston's tallest building. look here. the workers became stuck when their scaffolding system malfunctioned and angled down. firefighters and a rescue team secured the men with ropes before guiding them to safety through a 71st floor window. the workers were not injured in the accident and investigators
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scaffolding was to blame. >>n> police in philadelphia are on heightened alert after one of their own was shot in a dark intersection on friday. wcau has the story from philadelphia. >> r orter: police pa troelg trolling the streets of philadelphia are not alone. they move in pairs now after a shooting put a colleague into the hospit . >> my job is to protect the men and women out here. >> reporter: police commissioner richard ross saying quite simply -- >> we still have a job to do. >> reporter: the man seen here is behind bars, but the threat is not over. a tipster says there are other men more radical and to be careful. >> we would be remiss ot to cover every base. >> reporter: at the mosque down the street from the shooting, frustration. >> it is bogus. they are trying to say that terrorism, some terrorist group. i don't know what they're talking about. >> reporter: with the aocus on
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commissioner ross imploring not to forget the man hit by three bullets last week who has a long recovery ahead. >> he's a tough man. whof you think about the psychological impact t his must have on him, now and in the days to come, you really got to keep him in your prayers. >> reporter: officer jesse hartnick is still in the hospital. he had a string of well wishers throughout the weekend but at one point they had tourn people a cy so he could get some rest. we have some breaking news out of newark. fire spreads across three apartment buildings. let's get to checkey beckford on bergen street.el>> reporter: firefighters are mopping up this scene. i want to step out of the way so you can look at the work taking esplace behind me. you can see some of the damage
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this midirdle brick building. that's where the fire started after work was being done on the roof. it then spread to the building on the left and to the right of it. you can see the damage to the yellow building there to the left of the building. we're told that the main building where the fire started was unoccupied. renovations were being done. the other two buildings were fully occupied. at one point two firefighters were injured when there was a partial collapse two firefighters had to be pulled out of the building but sustained only minor injuries. at this point the cause of the fire is unknown. that investigation just in its beginning stages now. again, only two injuries, minor injuries to finefighters. no one else hurt in this three alarm blaze. live in new york, checkey beckford, news 4 new york. do you want go behind the scenes for president obama's final state of the union address? well, there is an app for that. the white house announced today
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followers with an inside look at the administration. to tune in, find the white house on snapchat by adding white house as a friend. president obama will give his final state of the union address tonight night. you can watch the president's speech live right here on nbc 4 starting at 9:00. news 4 new york at 11:00 follows after that. temperatures may be dropping in the city, but our cold weather is nothing compared to upstate buffalo. a driver posted this on instagram this morning. >> boy. >> the car was parked near lake erie last night and the combination of sub zero temperatures and splashing waves left half the car totally encased in ice. the lakeward side. kind of tough to attack that in the morning. we are talking about lake effect ice. >> there really is a place called frozen. it's not just a movie. it's a real place.
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from the lakes, they're south of buffalo and north of watertown, they'll get two to three feet of snow between now and thursday morning because of the lake effect. i'll show you that in a second. we'll get a wintry mix around here, maybe an inch or less north and west of the city tomorrow evening into wednesday morning. winds will ease tonight. now. the chill does stick around. after this storm comes through tomorrow afternoon, gets cold again for a couple of days. we'll see that arctic cold coming in. this arctic cold front will slide through over an area of low pressure to bring us that wintry mix tomorrow afternoon and evening. roads will be slippery north and st of the city after that, we'll follow more windchills in the teens and single digits going into wednesday. right now the actual
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ace ross northern new jersey from hop 26 in frankl . 25 in mine hill. we saw a big difference from 24 hours ago when it felt like springtime. we've felt a drop of 20 to 30 degrees in the past 24 hours. winds are gusting, still up around 25, close to 30 miles per hour. and this is what it feels like outside now. ens and 20s. make sure you're dressed for these conditions if you have go out and about this evening. skies are clear. the weather is dry for us across the region. north and west of us, they're getting that lake-effect snow. the bands are already setting up south of buffalo and just south of watertown. this is the area where they will see two to three feet between now and thursday this is a persistent flow. we're watching southern canada and the northern plains for that clipper storm that's going to come through hereomorrow afternoon and bring us the coating of ow. mamybe a coating in and around the city and coastal areas, more
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inch north and west. that's it. it's clear and cold for tonight. no precipitation, no snow, no rain for us this evening. to rrow evening's commute will t tricky, messy. gh of 41. there will be rain mixed in, cools down again to biting windchills wednesday into thursday. an her light mix coming up this weekend. dave will have the latest on that in a few minutes. if you don't win the powerbal on wednesday, it's like 1.4 billion or something like that, consider this a consolation prize. some new jersey gas stations, the price of a gallon of regular is around 1.50. according to website gas buddy, it's 1.49 at raceway in edison. an analyst says the price may go lower because crude oil costs continue to drop. overall aaa says the average price of gallon of regular is 1.81 in new jersey. it's 2.11 in connecticut. 2.19 in new york. the greatest show on earth
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pound attractions much sooner than expected. the ringling brothers circus will retire all of its touring elephants in may, a year and a half early. the move comes amid scrutiny about how the animals are treated. circus officials say there are 11 remaining elephants who will be retired to the conservation center in florida. still much more ahead tonight. up next what could be the final word on the detection of breast cancer. and coming up 569 at 6:00, the family of a 12-year-old girl killed as she sa in her living
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if you've been confused about mammogram testing, you're not alone. >> group spent the time sifting through conflicting evidence about when to test and at what age. >> reporter: when it comes to scream screening women at average risk
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not be better. the u.s. preventive services task force finds mammograms offers greatest benefit for women at age 50. >> we found the best co benefit comes from starting doing mammography between 50 and 74. >> reporter: the task force says mammograms may be beneficial for women in their 40s, but that decision should be made by a woman and her doctor aft discussing personal risks. costs should not be a barrier because federal law mandates health insurance cover mammograms at age 40. women at age 40 are at higher risk for false positive. >> i think it's important to realize that a lot of false positives in the early 40s results because that's a woman's first mammogram. we have no prior mammogram force comparison. >> reporter: many breast imaging
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outweighs the risks of false positives. >> i became a physician so i could save lives. >> reporter: breast cancer is diagnosed in about 200,000 women in the u.s. every year, killing 40,000. erurica edwards, news 4 new york. and he new recommendations do not apply to those with a strong family history4.f breast cancer or other major risk fa ors. doctors say those women do need to be screened earlier. tonight at 7:00 on cozi-tv, the chief of surgery at mt. sinai breaks down those recommendations. coming up, protecting women physically, to be safe. women sometimes choose to take a cab, but eventually women have come under attack. what city lawmakers want to do to protect passengers. and high winds rip metal off a high rise. the steps being taken to protect people on the ground from
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then -- a firsthand look at dramatic military raid that led to the capture of el chapo in mexico we f're also hearing from actor sean penn about his dealing. with the drug lord. coming up does that time share deal seem too good to be true? we have a warning for all
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right now on new 4 new york, metal comes loose from a midtown
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