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tv   News 4 New York at 530  NBC  January 11, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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raining down from 44 stories up. tonight a stretch of 7th avenue is still shut down nearly 18 hours later. >> because city workers are still trying to figure out if the facade at the sheraton times square is sif afe. >> reporter: this happened near the top, these three large aluminum pieces broke off and began plummeting to the ground. they fell about 44 stories, three very large pieces on a cold, windy night. luckily nobody was hurt because this happened at night. imagine if these had fallen during business hours. 7th avenue heaanng into times square quiet today. shut down after another building facade failure in manhattan. this time the sheraton hotel. 44 stories up you can see where three large pieces of aluminum, two of which 45 square feet in size detached and came crashing down last night. >> the fact that no one got hurt
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>> reporter: rob hirsh works a block from where this happens, and in a bizarre twist he lives a few blocks from last month's facade collapse on the upper east side. how nobody was hurt in that failure as a major brick wall rained down at about 9:00 p.m. seemed like nothing short of miraculous. >> it's like following you around. >> maybe an hour and a half before the brick came off that building, my wife and i were walking by. it was crazy. >> reporter: today a spauk shed going up in front of the hotel. last night's high winds appear to be to blame. the engineers are looking into the failure and say the exact cause of the inc ent remains under investigation. ilding owners responsibhe for ensuring that their buildings are aecure during high-wind events. mustafa hamid runs a food cartwright in front of the sheraton every day. >> i thinkhis is dangerous,
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it's sheraton, they should have done i right. >> reporter: engineers will inspect the facade of this building using sca ffolds to make sure it's safe. until they deem it's safe, 7th avenue will be closed off. that's making a big time mess out of traffic, something we're not unused to. two dangerous facade collapses here in j t the last 50nt and both of them somehow nobody injured. live in midtown, rob schmitt, news 4 new york. how powerful were those wind gusts last night? darsve price is here now to break it down for us. >> just around midnight last night, we had 25-mile-per-hour gusts. all the rest of the readings were significantly higher. the park is i>sulated a bit, so our estimation is probably closer to 30 miles per hour.
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friction, wind speeds could be higher than that got news is today winds are beginning to die do . but as we head into tomorrow, winds will pick up once again as we head into the afternoon hours, as we make that turn we're back into the 20s, so concerns for scaffolding remain an issue. no doubt inspections will be maigde on anything that's suspect. your full forecast ahead in a couple minutes. dave, thank you very much. count on news 4 to keep you connected with the nbc 4 new york app. see the latest four cast, radar and set the weather pain as your home screen. download the app on the apple app store now. ne information tonight about friday's school bus crash in park slope w ch left some students hurt. the department of education says the bus drive hear been suspended. e bus was broadsided while trying to make a left turn from 4th avenue. six children and an adult were hurt. no charges have been filed, but e nypd is investigating.
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panic button in the back of every new york city cab. the repeated calls come from cityououncil members who take issue with the suggestion that women consider buddying up in cabs because of a rise in cabbie rases. bratton made those comments after it was revealed that 14 of the city's rains last year were committed by for-hire drivers. the mexican government released dramatic video of the siege that ended with the capture of the drug lord known as el chapo. this is video of marines firing shots as they barged into the safe house two days ago. he spent hours below ground before he was captured ending his six months on the run after caping a maximum security prison. actor sean penn is facing critics after meeting with el chapo while he was on the run. tonight 4 investigacts has learned that new jersey senator
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formally ask an appeals court to have the corruption charges agai t him d ismissed. the senator is charged with using his office to help a florida eye doctor win business deals. in exchange the feds say that the senator accepted gifts and free luxky va ury vacations. th sides will argue their case nearly march. hillary clinton and donald trump are the national front runners but today they're fighting to get ahead in iowa. the caucuses are three weeks from today, and t latest poll numbers suggest the first presidential contest of 2016 will be a nail biter. democrats clinton and sanders are within the margin of error in iowa and sanders is leading in new hampshire. >>th and i'm asking you to choose to caucus for me over either of the other two. and part of the reason i'm asking you to do that is because we do have differences.
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also reflected on the republican side where donald trump and ted cruz are locked into a fight for first in iowa in the latest nbc news "wall street journal" maries poll. and governor christie is hopping off the campaign trail tomorrow to deliver the state of the state address. christie plans to tal about healthcare, drug treatment and education initiatives. while governor christie's support in primary states like new hampshire is growing, his poll numbers in new jersey have hit an all-time low.e> count on new 4 to bring you governor christie's state of the state address live on our weryite, and on nbc 4new york our app. that's starting at 3:00. >> up to 1,000 people will get free college classes here in new york. after the break, why you probably won't be one of them. plus there is now 1.4 billion reasons to play the powerball. up next, the one t ng you may lose if you hit the gigantic jackpot.
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at what he's working on for 6:30. >> ahead tonight, we take you to the safe house where now captured drug lord el chapo guzman hid out from authorities. we'll tell you why philadelphia police say their officers ar still under threat after last week's ambush by man who alleged by pledges allegiance to isis. and another set of recommen dation for women regarding mammograms.
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breaking news now in the bronx where crews are fighting a house fire in the woodlawn section. dennis is over the scene in chopper 4 with breaking details and a lot of smoke out there, dennis. >> definitely a lot of smoke. wind not helping out at all. a two-alarm fire in the bronx, 2 1/2 story home breaking out just before 5:00 on the second floor, and now coming up through the roof of this structure. you can see the fire breaking through a couple windows out here. do understand that searchers are underw . no repor d injuries so far. a lot of activity in front. within the last 5, 10 minutes a two-alarm fire. we have a lot of activity on catona avenue with this fire working here in the bronx.
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>> we'll keep an eye on that and it accordingly. new york state has a new plan to provide college classes to prison inmates. governor cuomo and the manhattan district attorney made the announce nt today. more than $7 million will be put up over five years to help educate up to 1,000 prisoners. the goal is to help prisoners reenter the community and cut down on recidivism. the powerball jackpot has risen again. it now stands at $1.4 billion. that's a 1, four, and eight zeros before the decimal point. if you take the annuity, cash value is 868 million. still a nice chunk of change. winning the record breaking prize may sound like a dream come true, but as ted greenberg explains, odds are everyone will know your name. >> reporter: instead of pocketing the 50 bucks they won in saturday's powerball dring, bruno and emily put the money
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day's chance at $1.4 >> why not? why not? you know, the motto is live your dreams. >> my goodness. unbelievable. somebody will be happy. >> reporter: the couple bought their tickets today at the same atlantic city convenience store where a casino kitchen worker bought a ticket that won him a $1 million mega millions prize. his son later told me his dad wanted to stay nameless publicly, but in new jersey lottery winners cannot remain anonymous. >> others will come target you. of course will you have family members coming from everywhere. >> reporter: delaware is among six states nationwide that do not require lottery winners to come forward publicly. >> people are going to know who you are. and they're going to be looking for you. >> reporter: thomas raftery is managing partner of falcon consulting group in linwood and spent more than 20 years working as an fbi agent.
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sum of money must be very careful about the people with whom they invest their winnings. >> during my career i saw a lot of people come into a lot of money, they put it in -- with people that they trusted. and they lost it. >> reporter: by the way, there were 29 third place powerba tickets sold in new jersey for saturday's drawing. each of them worth $50,000. in somers point, ted greenberg, news 4 new york. nothing to sneeze at. >> no. coming up a victory in the courtroom for two of the biggest
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new tonight, fantasy football fans in new york can still get their playoff fix. a panel of judges will allow draftkings and fanduel to keep operating in the state as they appeal a lower court's ruling to st . the companies say their contests are games of skill, not chance. both comcast and nbc sports are investors in fanduel. going to head over to storm team 4's dave prize. any snow in the forever st? >> you bet. winds are winding down, but still cold overnight. the winds will pick up once again tomorrow afternoon. late afternoon tomorrow through the evening looking at a wintry mix rolling through, complicating the rush hour, even making icy conditions on the roadways heading to the north and west of the city. a rainy saturday taking shape right now. that's a waysne off.
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city. 31 i thatn poughkeepsie, 19 in monticello. 30 in long branch. looking at future trackean the rain rolls in, the snow, icy conditions. as we head to early tomorrow afternoon, beginning to push through through the rush hour. you can see a combination of everything. outside the city where temperatures are closer to the freezing mark, that's where we may see accumulation. we're watching all of that now. ratures op down and up and down once again. and as a resulp of that roller coaster, we are going to see treacherous conditions as you head just outside the immediate metropolitan area. so, we are watching that the good news is all of that out of the way by tomorrow night. again, outside the immediate metro area, upwards of an inch to a coating, and in the city just a coating. but the warm weather is going to create road conditions that melt most of that away in the five boroughs. as we head through tonight, what can am pect?
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and then tomorrow into the next seven days, again, tomorrow not a great day at all, especially during the afternoon hours. the bitter winds kick up, the temperature drops once again as we head to wednesday. en smooth sailing relatively until we get to saturday when a better chance of rain rolls in our direction and we wind up beginning the week next week with cold conditions back in the forecast. we'll track it janice will be along with an extended look at your forecast. >> dave, thanks. now a consumer alert about a dangerous combination. a piece of glass found in a container of fruit. the nice mandarin oranges are sold at walgreens locations nationwide. glass has been found inside. one consumer reported being jured by a shard of glass. for more on the recal search
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the n bshgs bc 4 app. a queens man agreed to a deal, signed a contract but then canceled right away. y did he say better get baquero? here is lynda baquero to tell us. >> reporter: in the country where he signed for that time share, consumers have a right to cancel a contract within five days. >> reporter: a caribbean getaway, that's how randolph davis of queens marked his recent birthday, and during his tripe to the dominican republic he agreed to listen to a sales pitch regarding time shares. >> the prices were decent, so all we had to be concerned about was airfare. you can take a group of people with you. >> reporter: since it was his birthday, he said he asked for some bubbly during the presentation. >> we sat there, drank champagne, listened to the presentation, four hours later, we did an 1800 package.
5:50 pm
club with his regrets. as soon as i got back, i sent them an e-mail. i said, listen, unfortunately we thought about this. you know, i think we made a decision recklessly. >> reporter: the club said he could cancel, but there would be a penalty. >> we want to keep the 875 as their fee. >> reporter: randolph tracked down the country's consumer protection agency and asked what his rights are when trying to cancel a contract. >> i did research, it shows you have five days. >> reporter: he did get back a partial refund of $1,000, but he asked news 4 about the $875 fee, which the club says was stipulated in the contract. >> i want the full amount i put down. i was within my right, within the five days, their five-day cooling off period. >> reporter: we asked the club to investigate, they say randolph did cancel the contract two days after signing, and he got back all of his money except for that administrative fee. at that point they say that
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membership, but after we contac d the club, problem solved. the club tells news 4 it is always accommodating members and considers their best interests an sed they do allow members to retract from their obligation. even though they say the fee was listed in the contract, randolph now has a full refund including the $875 administrative arge >> all right. they heard from lynda baquero, but he had five days to cancel. is he entitled to all the money back in general. >> you have to remember when signing any contract, make sure you understand all the terms and conditions for cancellation. the club in this case said the ad ministrative fee was listed on the cont ct as nonrefundable. so he apparently didn't see it. thooat's why you have to be careful. >> read the fine pro t. anks. getting in touch with our consumer investigative team.
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up next, a 9-year-old girl accused of making a terroristic threat against her school. wh ty officials say it's part of a rger disturbing trend. and the search for a repeat offender terrorizing a bronx wahborhood. e nypd is going all-out to find a gang member who has been arrested 23 times already and is now wanted for murd . and we'll look at the local reaction to the death of david
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how do you punish a third grader accused of making a teyrrorist threat? a 9-year-old threatene her elementary school in wallkill. >> reporter: it was just after the holiday break when officials at maple hill elementary listened to the voicemail and heard a message they're calling aa terroristic threat. police discovered it was made by a 9-year-old girl, a third grader who is now charged with the crime. as the community continues to debate what the appropriate punishment should be. >> these times, everybody is so afraid, everybody is so on edge now, all normalcy is out the window. >> we call the police any time we receive a threatening to call to any building or the school district. we treat them all the same, which is that the threat is se irious until we can demonstrate that they are proven not to be.
5:56 pm
prank of this nature30n the school district this school year so far. inul all the other cases the kids had to go into lockdown mode. but in those cases, it was a computer-ized voice of the prank call. this was the first time they heard the voice of a child. >> 9 years old. where is tha coming from? when a child is tha youn you have to wonder where that influence is coming from. >> reporter: the 9-year-old has been suspended and officials say there is a lesson here for her and other children who think they're just playing a armless prank. >> a joke is not a joke anymore. in this particular case, what specifically was said is construed as a crime. as a result, we, as a school district, treat those seriously and prosecute them to the fullest extent possible. >> reporter: her criminal case is still pending. in middletown, ida siegal, news 4 new york. that does it for us. thank you for watching. stay with us as the news
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now at 6:00, emotions run high inside aelong land courtroom as the man accused of killing a 12-year-old girl pleads not guilty. >> and the nypd is searching for a gang suspect who has been arrested 23 times and is now wanted for murder. and the death of david bowie. his connection to new york and local reaction to the music legend's passing. i'm chuck scarborough. >> i'm sibila vargas. >> a 12-year-old killed, and today her killer was in court. >> the family andface-to-face, and that caused quite a confrontation.
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a 12-year-old girl in her own
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