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tv   Today in New York  NBC  January 12, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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breaking news right now. a place very popular with tourists. what witnesses are saying they saw. plus news this morning, a baby-sitter terrorized while pushing a stroller. what police say this man told her before following her home. and storm team 4 tracking some snow that could arrive in time for your commute home. "today in new york" starts now. good morning, everyone. tuesday morning, january 12th. i'm darlene rodriguez. >> i'm michael gargiulo. let's get to storm team 4's chris cimino. >> before you jump out of your seat, michael, this is a little quick bit coming our way. light snow. by the time it gets towards the city and coastal areas, it may warm up enough to get some rain. not very impressive moving across western pa.
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our a right now. look for flooding in new jersey. the black town road is shut down and griggstown causeway is shut down. hopefully by the end of the morning commute the flooding will have subsided. we'll have more weather and
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breaking news happening in turkey. an explosion in istanbul. it's happening in an historic ction of that city. "today in new york's" kerry barrett is in the newsroom with the very latest. kerry. >> michael, this happened h couple of minutes before we came air. we'd like to bring up map specifically to show you whe this happened. as you mentioned, an historic district in istanbul. it's very popular with tourists. kind of e or sightseeing area there. a couple of the landmarks, the blue mosque, the takami palace there. as far as what happened, we're hearing that at least one is dead, several injured. looking at some of the aftermath right now. how badly they're injured and how many, we're still figuring that out. we can tell you police and medics are on the scene. they're yelling suicide bomber as they're trying to move people away from the scene. you ca men see somef the injured
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pr cannot confirm at this point that, in fact, a suicide bomber is the cause of this explosion although we can tell you that turkey has been really grappling with the threat of isis linked extremists in that area. several threats recently. police sealing that area off. people are worried about a second explosion. there was a double suicide bombing blamed on isis that killed more than 100 people in october and turkey has really kind of stepped up their efforts to tackle these militants since then but, again, this specific informat n still coming into the newsroom. i'm going to check for more. i'll be back with it ae soon as we get it. >> kerry, obviously a developing situation. thank you very much. new this morningtia baby-sitter terrorized on long island. a stranger approached her while she pushed a stroller. "today in new york's" jen max field in nassau county. jen. >> reporter: good morning.
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this 20-month-old girl's baby-sitter did everything right and prevented t mhe child from being kidnapped. the only thing the suspect was able to get away with was an empty stroller which he left here at the pizza place restaurant in hughlett. they were walking down west broadway when the suspect approachedin 65-year-old sie tter ail told her she was pushing a, quote, dead baby in the sitter. the sitter was alarmed, rushed to the child's home and locked all the doord the suspect followed her. he gave up, stole the stroller and left. nassau county police have surveillance video of the suspect from a nearby restaurant. he's described as wearing a blue winter jacket, lanyard around his neck and gray hooded sweatshirt and blue sweatpants wiroth a white stripe. police are asking for help identifying this suspant. thankfully because of the sitter's quick actions and locking the door's so quickly in
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the 20-month-old little girl are sashfe. back to you. >> terrifying story. jen, thank you. casinos are one step closer coming to the northern part of new jersey in tren tn. if it passes, it goes to the voters in november and it changes the state's constitution to allow casinos outside of jersey city. 4:34. ti yme for weather and pa traffoc on the 4s. >> we have a little winter weather coming our i way. a little clipper. cold and dry this morning. teens in the suburbs. then snow showers and a mix of snow and rain showers will break out this afternoon from west to east. city, coast probably just wet roads for the evening commute. however, increas g southerly wind is what's going to send
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the saving grace for any accumulation in the town. slippery spots north and west wi a light accumulation there. a few clouds. 26 in the city. a lot of mid to upper teens in the north and west. we're concerned for slippery conditions later in the afternoon. the evening commute can be a little dicey. the morning commute is relatively quiet at least from the weather. >> it is relatively quiet. we'll talk about mass transit. we have a lot of overnight track work. the 1, 2, 3, 4, 7, a, d, f, j and shuttles are affected by service changes. q 42 and q 83 in new york city and then n.j. transit bus routes 30 and 78 on de ur. alternate side of the parking rules are in effect. breaking news on staten island right now where a police car went out of control and into a local business. this is happening on bay street in clifton. "today in new yo
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strahan has just arrived on the scene. >> reporter: details coming in how this happened. the image behind me tells how this happened. a crashed nypd cisd, went into the side of a balloon and flower shop at 1:00 this morning. according to police, the officer behind the wheel said he had a medical emergency. high blood pressure caused him to pass out. he is in the hospital in richmond hill. he's not being treated for injuries sustained here but for th- e medicalcamergency that caused it. you can see it's in the side of that building and there are apartments above it. those people decided to get themselves to safety even though the structural integrity of this building not compromised from what police are saying right now but, again, the police officer in that out-of-control vehicle being treated in the hospital right now, not necessarily for any injuries he sustained here but for that medical emergency. very scary moments here, michael. back to you.
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tracie, thank you very much. today an injured nypd officer is preparing for so surgery. we're getting more information abdyout tsw he was shot. officer sherrod stewart was sho in the ankle while trying to stop a brawl in the bronx on saturday. it turns out stewart was shot by a fellow officer. this development was announced yesterday after 19-year-old christopher rice was arrested at hi, w hospital bedside. police say he was shot after firing at them first. >> it was a very chaotic situation up there with a number of shooters, including police as well as suspects coming out of that party, and we have a very good idea now of the circumstances who shot what and where. >> rice is still charged with assault, wounding a police officer and criminal possession of a weapon. 4:38. ght now president expected to do a non-traditional state of the union address. he's not going to set out an agenda for his last year in office.
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call for national unity. he's expected to be upset with this year's negative tone. nicki hailey will deliver the republican response. >>ha> this morning is a special edepition of the "today" show. the entire "today" team is t the white house ahead of tonight's state of the union address. a special interview with itpr rident obama at 7:00 and tonight for coverage of the state of the union you can watch at 9:00 right here on nbc. a long island military family who recently lost a loved one, they'll be at tonight's state of the union address. the widow and parents of staff sergeant lewis bonacosa will be the guests of lee belding. he was one of six american service members killed by a suicide bomber in afghanistan. today chris christie may try
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public through the state of the union address. christie plans to talk about rning a down state prison into a theater. you can watch the state of the st moate address on nbc 4. donald trump of course runninfor president, but last night there was the throw back to an earlier day onsthe apprentice. it happened when the candidates appeared on jimmy fallon. jimmy pretending to give trump a job interview. >> tell me a little bit about yourself. >> well, i'm an extraordinarily handsome person. i have a beautiful head of hair. >> i know that. i know that. >>in on a more serious note trump said he looked forward to running against hillary clinton in the november election.
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with the largest voter turnout ever. >> fellow republican candidate senator rand paul said he will boycott the nextel advised debate thursday night. he will move down to the undercard debate. quote, i won't participate in anything that's not first tier. 4:40. a vehicle is wanted in the deadly hit and run in broo 'n. police are looking for a light colored car. they say 49-year-old rodney graham was hit by two vehicles while crossing rockaway and atranta avenue. the second driver did remain at the scene. 4:41. just ahead, the highly ticipated music festival that just hit a snag. left behind. a bus driver left a 5-year-old alone on the sidewalk. and some snow in the forecast. yoofur weather and traffic on the 4sspiis coming up. don't forget, follow us on facebook and twitter and instagram. michaelg4ny, darlene4ny.
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at least one person in istanbul is dead. kerr story. today president obama wenl deliver his final state of the union address. you can watch it on nbc 4 at 9:00. chancellor carmen forenia announced an expansion of language access services. they're talking about the nice mandarin oranges. that's the name. sold in walgreens locations. thouey may have glass fragments inside. get more information on 4:44 on a tuesday morning. let's get a check of weather and
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we have a day that's going to change from start to finish, that's for sure. it starts out dry and cold. we have snow showers or a mix of rain and snow showers developing as we go on into the afternoon. the mix will tend to be near the coast. mainly wet in the city and the coast. even though it's snowing, it's a wet snow with freezing temperatures. slippery spots where it will be colder especially in the hige'r avations. increasing southerly wind that will bring in warmer air at least at the lower levels. clearing and colder air overnight. right now cold enough for snow, indeed. 27 astoria, 21 at larch month. massapequa, at 21. across the island, very cold, westhampton at 10. with the wind off the water these temperatures could easily get into the 40s for a time this afternoon. north and west that may not be the , se. that's why there could be light accumulation of snow. you can see the area of snow. this is a clipper again. not a lot of moisture to work
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sometimes the concern is te hese die to the south and redevelop off the coast. this is tracking towards the north. by the time it blows up into a significant storm, it's in northern new england. the clouds are gathering to the west of us. they will fill on in as we go through the morning. future tracker shows that. clouding over by about 1:00 in the afternoon. the nearely showers in the cat skills and poconos. a batch of snow moves into northern new jersey. the green is in new jersey. probably some rain mixed in. nothing more than a few more snow showers pushing through. by 11:00 everything is done. after that things should dry out and turn windy and colder. a coating, i wouldn' even put a coating in the city other than grassy areas. a quick burst of snow. then you get further north and west, maybe half inch or so up to an inch in the higher evations.
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county as well as portions of northwest new jersey into the poke could he flows and cat skills. 40 the afternoon high. that's why we say the roads stay wet. north of the city we could get above freezing. notice theg emperatures across long island well into the 40s. tonight windy, colder, 25 overnight as the skies clear to early snowflakes around. then look for teens and 20s in the suburbs. dry for wednesday. a biting wind out of the north and west. temperatures generally in the low 30s, back to the mid 30s with a little less wind as we work int wo thursday. it stays quiet. as the next storm approaches friday into saturday, it warms up. on the warm side of that. 44 friday. rain at night. rain on saturday. could be a soaker first half of the day. sun giving way to clo s and maybe a flurry on sunday. martin luther king day monday. cold ne and sunshine, temperatures in the 30s. let's get over to lauren scdla. >> so far so good. we do have some road work out there. this will be overnight for quite
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headed towards the queens midtown tunnel, it shuts down the south tube and the north tube takes over. the good news is it's not causing any kind of deshy. we're not seeing any delays. here's the belt parkway. still very quiet out there. over to the in bound side of the lincoln tunnel, similar story here. no delays in bound or out bowed und. we0 'll have more weather and traffic coming up on mo the 4s. this morning a bronx family is calling for a bus driver to be fired after their child was left alone on a busy street. 5-year-old rafael sanchez is home. he's safe with his parents, but yesterday the school bus dropped him off early at a street corner without his parents in sight. little rafael wandered around for vi than an hour. he crossed two streets during that time. a stranger finally helped him home by using the contact
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>> there were a lot of people on the streets, right? bad people. happen. so i'm really, really upset. >> rafael is in kindergarten at ps 392. the principal is investigating why the bus driver broke th ree child is supposed to be returned to the school if no one at the dropoff location to pick them up. > this morning the memorial outside david bowie's new york city apartment is growing. fans of the legendary singer and musician continue to pay their respects. >>me are dropping off flowers. others leave messages or silently say a prayer. we're waiting to hear details on hi ifs funeral arrangem ts. bowie died at the age of 69 after a battle with cancer. governor cuomo will not face charges after the abrupt shutdown of the moreland commission. they said there'slinsufficient thaefd any federal crime was
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investigators plan to take up the rest of the moreland commission's unfinished business. a week after the governor and mayor clash on homeless issues, we could hear more of that after tomorrow's state of the state address. governor cuomo's expected to announce new initiatives aimed at new york city. it will involve stricter shelter rules along with thousands of new supportive housing units. the governor's office is not wod,rking with city hall on the plan. meanwhile, there will be double the number of drop-in centers to help the city's homeless. mayor de blasio announced there will be eight. the drop-in centers allow the homeless to get medical treatment, take a shower, have a meal and get some sleep. it helps many people who don't want to go to shelters. 4:15. a mother is dead and her 9-year-old son is fighting for his life after they were hit by a pickup truck. 41-year-old car n martinez and her son were crossing johns street in bridgeport when they were hit. the 70-year-old driver did stay
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with officers. not clear if he's going to face anhay charges. police are looking for a reputed gang leader wanted for pr long list of crimes including murder in the bronx. reuben bizarreo is known as chulo in the bronx. most recently on new year's eve he killed a man. he forced his way into a van on washington heights, robbed and shot another man. that man is recovering. the city has pulled the plug on plans to hold any music festivals at flushing meadows carona park. they've rejected three applications for multi-day festivals at the park. one of them was aeg. late last night they announced they would hold panorama on land dals island instead. >> 5> an oregon sheriff said the armed protestors are now
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the harney county sheriff's office says there's been harassment and corruption. they cut fences into the refuge as part of their protests. this armedestandoff is now into its second week. this morning the alabama crimson tide are the national champions of football. taking on clemson, they sealed the 45-40 win with the third touchdown of the night. when it was all overhead coach nick sabine got the gatorade shower and alabama began celebrating its fourth championship in seven years. >> pretty good, 'bama. still to come, the bill >> chris
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welcome back. 4:54. tu oesday morning. >> what's happening with the weatfrr? >> come on. >> 26 is normal. >> annoyi ng. >> get away january and cold. by the afternoon near 40 and a lot of the city and coastal areas will see wet snow that probably goes over to even rain drops. increasing clouds this morning. it's dry. the wind will increase. it's a southerly wind. warmer wd direction. we pop to 40 this afternoon. we'll see a mix of snow and rain showers develop. north and west of the city it will tend to be mainly snow showers. taper off as flurries. all areas clearing and colder overnight with the low of 25. in terms of accumution, not much to speak of. the city, coastal areas, basically nothing. it's a little bit colder.
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an inch to locally an inch up in the cat skills. this is not a big deal but just a trend. i will say the overall long range trend, there are pieces out there floatin around that might eventually come together for something a little bit more than that. just alhint. >> wow. >> during the winter months. >> in our lifetime? >> it will happen. >> what's happening, lauren? >> sometimes traffic is perplex perplexing perplexing. we have one of those situations. an overturned tractor-trailer between hillary and the bqe. pretty slow go. i don't know how it happened. no access to the eastbound bqe. 'll take a live look outside. most of the roads look like this. grand central parkway looking outside to laguardia. no majss delays. in for a nice ride. >> thank you very much. talk about the winter but let's talk about the summer. new jersey lawmakers just voted to restore beach access rules at were struck down by a court
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those rules allow shore towns to decide who uses their beaches by shutting off the access points, limit being park ing parking. people pushing for more access say the beaches belong to everyone. they r msed the legal age to light up. th ce new bill raises the age from 19 up to 21. heading now to governor chris christie's desk. he a hasn't saidsehether he'll sign it. new jersey could be the second state in the country to raise the smoking age to 21. hawaii was the first. new jersey senator bob menendez is making another attempt at getting his federal corruption charges di it, sed. he's accused of accepting campaign donations and gifts from a florida eye doctor in exchange for political favors. they claimed there is no physical evidence to support the allegations and that the charges should be thrown out. menendez's lawyers made a similar argument last september
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against them. meanwhile, ilv cosby's lawyers have als filed a motion in pennsylvania to dismiss charges of sexual assault. the charges stem from an alleged encounter between cosby and a temple university employee in 2004. cosby's lawyers claim the comedian promised prosecutors would never charge him in that case in excha e for testifying in a civil suit without invokes ing his fifth amendment rights. fan duel sites will be running well after the super bowl. they can keep operating while tha eir case is ongoing in the courts. decision on theve legalityn the court may come during the state supreme court's term in may. that would be at the same time e nba playoffs. happening today, boh bergdahl expected at a military court.
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taliban for five years before he was released. we're getting a look now at traumatic video of the recapture of mexico's drug lord known as el chapo. members of mexico's military had a shootout. five suspected members of the drug cartel that guzman runs were there and killed. now prosecutors may have to battle to get el chapo extradited here on drug charges. according to the "l.a. times", there's several other u.s. jurisdictions that want him. dramatic that mexico would extradite someone. coming up on 5:00 a.m. if you're about to head out the door, take us with you. keep watching "today in new york" by downloading the news 4 app on your mobile device. our next hour starts right now. breaking news we have just gotten new information about the explosion that rocked an
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