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tv   News 4 New York at Noon  NBC  January 12, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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and good afternoon, i'm rob shah mitt. >> and i'm kerry barrett. we are beginning with that snow that's moving in just in time to mess up your evening commute. >> that's right. storm team 4 dave's price is tracking that system right now. dave, this won't affect everyone, it looks like, right? >> all of us aren't going to see the precipitation, the accumulation is to the north and weorst primarily. we're watching the system working through central pennsylvania on it's way in and over the next several hours. it's going to begin to roll on through. you are seeing little bits pop up right now, but the this is moisture that's not hitting the ground. it's evaporating. the cloud cover sl outside at this the point. this is what we're expecting as you head outside the city, where there is a drop in temperatures to below the freezing level, and where the g und is already cool, you could see upwards of an inch of precipitation. just a coating for the city, but our big sprob going to be that all of this is around through the rush hour making for a co lica
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up the workday with snow and rain aok freezing presip coming down through the evening hour prps we'll have your full forecast in a little while. now back to both of you at the desk. >> you can track the snow with our nbc 4 new york app. tap the logo in the corner. select the weather tab. you'll find the latest forecast in the radar and get any alerts th patou need to know. now to breaking news, we have learned that police arrested the fi h suspect accused in a gang rape at a brooklyn playground. all five suspects are teenagers. just 14 to 17 years old. tracy strahan has new information this afternoon, tracie. >> reporter: well rob, they wouldn't tell me where he's being held, but over the phone, police confirmed that that 17-year-old suspect was taken sbool kus dill just about an -- into custody about an hour ago. he along with the other fours wi tll be charged as adults. the other four facing a judge in
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we saw video showing all five of these teenagers connected in the gang rape of an 18-year-old girl. this afternoon, the four in custody, the chargve against them include rape, krm sex act, d sex abuse. how authorities say an 18-year-old victim was walking thinrough a park here in brook nl, with her father, when the suspected pointed a gun at the father and told him to leave th at park. he was able tu flag down a parol car from the 73rd precinct on e street and told the officers about the attack. when he returned, his daughter said he was assaulted by each teenager. police now confirming that a -year-old suspect, the alleged fifth suspect in connection to the gang rape of an 18-year-old girl was taken into custody an hour ago. of course more details tonight at 5:00. for now back to you guys in the st udio. >> all right, tracie, thank you. new at noon, nassau county police arresting the man who they say tried to abduct a
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the child's nanny says that this man followed her home, shouted disturk and frightening messages the entire time. jen maxfield is in the area where police just released >> reporter: that's right, the late, breaking details, we understaed that the man spected of that attempted kidnapping has been arrested. he is 44-year-old craig micowski. he was incoherent this mor ng when he was arrested at t hewlett professional building in lou let. apparently he was sleeping on office there when he was discovered just after 7:30 this police also made the poi at the news conference this morning to praise this one and a half-year-old's baby sitter who certainly saved her yesterday from being kidnapped. we're going to show you some vi deo n w that was released by nassau county police in the wake of this attempted kidnapping yesterday. this is video of the man who they say is the man who is
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manhattan. this video was taken at the pizza pl: ace. a restaurant nearby the home where police cay the baby sitter had to run into after the man approached her and asks her why she was pushing a dead baby. wrong. took the toddler inside, locked all the doors, even as police door. police at the news conference today made the time to praise the sitter's quick-thinking and bravery. >> she did a great job. she was encountered by someone who made a threatening statement, and she went right back to her residence, lock the the door, secured the facility, unfortunately there was one room that was open. and that's where he did get in to. >> reporter: and the sitter told police that the man was able to get into one part of the home, the unlocked mud room, but because she had locked the kichlen doorl from the outside,
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both the sitter and that 20 month-year-old girl in her care escaped uninjured. but again the news out of the area today here at the nassau county police headquarters is that they have made an arrest in this attempted kidnapping. he is not in jail at this time. given the circumstances of his arrest this morning and in coherent. they have him at a hospital where he's under psychiatr care. thatyo the latest, i'm jen max fooemd, news 4 new york. >> thank you.> right now we're trying to piece together a terrifying picture al suicide bombing that killed ten at a popular tourist destination. we brought it toout as breaking news all morning long. now we're learning about what specifically happened and who specifically was behind it.c's richard angle has the story in turkey. reporter: there was not a tourist in the world who's been here who does not know this spot. this is the heart of touristic is mtanbul, right between the blue mosque.
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10:30 this morning, he came out the mosque and heard an explosion, rushed over, saw bodies on the ground, people were screaming the tour groups that were here, the school groups goon leave the scene. the tourists went back to their hotels. sheltered inside the restaurants in this area, that cater to the tourist, they all closed their doors. people inside as police came and tried to search the area. set up a cordon. >> translator: it was a suicide bomb. yes, i wen there and saw it and came back to the hotel. there was chaos. everybody was runng somewhere. >> reporter: no official claim of responsibility yet, there are many suspects, but the president of turkey says that it is believed at this stage that a syrian suicide bomber was responsible for this attack. richard angle, nbc news, istanbul. tonight, president obama will deliver his final state of the union address. the annual address will take
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capitol building before members of congress as well as special guests. thsue white house says it'll be different than year's past rather than laying out a list of priorities. the president is expected to focus on the big picture as his term comes to an end. he'll address long-term challenges t.e country faces and highligh new opportunities, president obama spoke to today's matt lauer at the white house. he's disappointed that the country is so deeply divided politically, but says that should not discourage the american people. >> politics in washington are so much more divided than the american people are. part of what i want to do in this last addre m is to remind people you know what, we've got a lot of good things goings for us, and if we can get our politics right, it turns out that we're not as divided on the ideological spectrum as people make us out to be. >> we will will have complete coverage ofetonight's sta e of the union, that starts at 9:00
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>> the first lady inviting a number of people to a end tonight's address, that includes three long islanders who lost a loved one in afghanistan. they're the widow of the parents of staff sergeant lewis. his f teral took place right after the new year. he was one of five u.s. service members killed by a suicide bomber. congressman lee inviting the family, calling it a great way to honor the sacrifice. in just a couple hours, governor chris christie will deliver his closely watched state ofht the state address in trenton. police ins ers want to see whethe r christie looks beyond new jersey to his race for president in his speech. he may cite the rosier economic numbers to bolster his campaign. he plans to expand drug treatment and mental health programs. you can watch live on our website, nbc new or nbc 4 new york app. . begins at 3:00 p.m. new here at noon, with less than three weeks new mexico the
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hillary clinton remain national front-runners for their party's nominations. new nbc news survey monkey poll shows trump with 38% support among republicans, followed by 20. on the democratic side, hillary clinton holds a 15-point lead over bernie sanders with o'malley in the very distant third place. meanwhile, couple of hours, mayor de blasio expected to announce changes in the way the city handles criminal cases with guns. the city is dedicating two courtrooms in brooklyn o weapons possession charges. in addition, the nypd will have a new gun violence suppression division to handle all investigatio that concern illegal guns. the overall goal is to help investigate and prosecute gun cases faster and more efficiently. police on long islandn looking for the robber who shot a gas station employee. the thief wearing a ski mask when he pointed a gun at the wo frker and demanded cash. police say the worker resisted
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thief got away with a couple hundred dollars. the victim is recovering in the hospital. investigators in the bronx are trying to figure out what sparked a fire that forced building. the fire started in this building on grand concourse in the university heights section. it took two hours for firefighters to get it under control. one firefighter was taken to the hospital with minor injuries. all right. so the record-breaking powerball jackpot keeps bigger, it's now up to one and a half billion. with a b, dollars. 100 million more than it was yesterday. the next drawing is tomorrow night. we still have a little bit of time to buy more tickets. i think they say it's going to go up another 100 million between now and then. the cash value as it stands now, is $930 million before taxes. 475. >> yeah. >> when it's all said and done. >> plenty. plenty of money, if you need it.
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in a staten island business and investigators saying today, this fault. also, the new yorr man who says one of hisest friends is
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dg on staten island, the city the is looking into the structural integrity after a squad car crashed into it. the accident happened at a flower shop on bait street in clifton. the car left a huge hole in the wall. investigators say the officer had a medical emergency likely caused by high blood pressure. witnesses say the officer was woozy before he was taken to the hospital. meanwhile, the owners of the flower shop say they're going to be closed for at least two days.
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the car, and then open the door, all my vase, all my flowers -- everything, it's broken inside. >> people living above that shop have been given a vacant order as officials look into whether that building is still stable. new at noon, we're hearing from a woman believed to be the first medical marijuana patient in new york state history. 27-year-old britany barger suffers from stage four ovarian cancer. she's too sick for surgery and she is desperate for something to alleviate the symptoms. she signed up for the new medical marijuana program. she was the first to walk in the door that was on opening day. today, she talked that experience. >> i didn't expect to see, you know, marijuana plants or anything like that. it's more like just going to the doctor's office. and instead of, you know, going to the farm siz where you walk up to a counter and you get to
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everything beforehand instead of just getting a bag of pills and see you later. >> the white plains dispensary, one of eight that opened last week, another 12 expected to open by the end of the month. all right. in today's money report, interesting here, one of the biggest, one of america's biggest film-making companies is businessman. >> yes, bill griffith joining us from the global headquarters with that and of course a look at the markets, hey, bill. >> yeah, that is an interesting story, rob, i'll get to that in a moment. boy the day on wall street is a carbon copy of yesterday, big rally on the open, up 200 points, and then it slid south. we were negative briefly, now a modest gain of just 25 points. we'll see what happens in the afternoon as this volatility continues on wall street. yes, this block buster deal announced in hollywood this morning, legendary entertainment is being bought by a chinese
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the conglomerate's called the dal yan wander group. this is one of the large east coast buyouts bay chinese company. legend day coproduced some of the biggest moneymakers including the dark knight series, man of steel, and the huge success, jurassic world. the groum is run by china's richest man, it already owns the amc theater chain here in the u.s. they're making a big buy in hollywood. and the largest for-profit university in the country. the university of phoenix, they have 112 campuses around the world and online. announced this morning they're looking for a buyer, but it may be a tough sell. company has fallen on hard times in roman in 2009 was 460,000, today it's 176,000. and during it's earnings announcement this morning, university of phoenix sald revenue plummeted business 18% in the most recent quarter. last year, wall street valued
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today that valuation is only $750 million. so it's a dwindling asset. and you know, if you win the powerball tomorrow night, you could buy university of phoenix. there's what you could dog with the money. with the money. >> yeah. >> thanks so much. all right. well as dave told us at the tom of the show, areas north and west of new york city may get up afternoon. the central school district has cancelled all afterschool programs and the pine bush in orange county is dismissing early. keep an eye on bc new for any additional school closing information. make a big deal out of the first kind of snow of the year. i wouldn't imagine hat one inch woreuld -- >> well remember, roads are going to be slick, and especially lil as we head into early tomorrow morning, anything even that melts when it freezes or drops i should say, will refreeze overnigt with the bitterly cold temayratures coming our way. lots to talk about. ll. get to it, see what's happening. shall we? this is a look at the rink right
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lot more freezing stuff outside that rink as we head through the next eighty hours or so. especially to the north and west. all right. here's what you can expect. preecip begins between now and let's say 2:00 p.m. working it's way from west to east. light accumulations to the north and west, about an inch or so as rob mentioned. sloppy commute home from the city, everyone, and bitter cold nds and very cold temperatures follow a we head into the overnight and tomorrow. 40 rig now in new york cityli, the ground is warm, and that's why we're not going to see a lot of accumulation at all. it's just too warm to hold anything, but as we head to the rth and eest, we're hovering right around the freezing mark, or >> below, so that's where we're going to get the as i cumulation of a little bit of snow. hee're's the system right now. you can see it just pushing through williamsport and central pennsylvania into the poconos as it rolls in our direction. we'll see the precip begin to fall, and it could fall ao snow
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down right now. it's evaporate the ground. the future temperature and radar map together shows you what happens when the temperatures through. lendt's put it together. so today, 4:00 p.m., temperatures in monticello, 29, 31 in newtown, above the freezing mark, but you get snow flakes falling, just won't stick. and danbury at 37. in the city and jersey shore, we get is that mix to rain asout head south and as you head east. by 6:00 p.m. tonight. a lot of it has pushed out. of thdoe way towards the eastern end of long island, then another small round roms in our direction, and by that time, much of the temperatures to the north are at or below the freezing mark. and that's where our concern is. as we head during the overnight, everyone dips below the 32 degrees zone, and that's why we are calling for up to an inch of snow to fall and accumulate north of the city and maybe a coating in the city, or less. a lot of that again is just going to meltd away.
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tomo ow, bitter cold follows. let's put together the forecast for the next several day us. we are anticipating a sloppy afternoon into the evening hours, erin, and then that cold wind is going to begin to blow. as ju it does, we are going to see mperatures egin to plummet for tomorrow, and next round of precipitation friday into saturday. saturday we could see some heavy rain and ool temperatures to begin next week. that's a look at your forecast. >> all right, dave price, thank you so much. "new york live" next. >> coming up, it's the most popular new trend in breakfast. we are trying out three original bowls of ramen to get you througatany cold morning. and which golden globe winner just named lisa vav pd pump her favorite real house. we'll check up with lisa herself and let her know who that is at 12:30. >> curious. >> yes. >> we'll see you then, thank you. still ahead at noon, the ba fugitive to risked getting
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ohio man wanted by police decided he needed a better mug shot. here is the selfie that 45-year-old donald pew sent to police in live ma. it had the caption, here is a better photo, that one is terrible. on facebook, police thanked him for the new photo, then asked him to turn himself in. pew is wanted on -- i guess that's the one he didn't want. he was wanted on a diy charge and person of interest. >> couple of drinks there. >> the first one does look better. friend. this is jimbo, 1500 pound bear and lives at dhe orphan wildlife center in new york. he plays with the owner like he is a puppy. the center nurses injured
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wild, but jimbo was born in captivity. he can't return. so he has lived there for 21 years. is he licking his neck. >> all over. >> the owner posted this video on facebook and says he's m e than a child. like a child, not more than a child. more or less similar to a child. anyway -- >> doing more. >> i'm going to stop.
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tonight on news 4 starting at 5:00 with more on the developments in the brooklyn gang rape. a fifth suspect in custody. snow and the rain move into the tri-state just in time for the evening rushing. finally going to snow. breaking news and weather updates, go to nbc new or our mobile app. >> yep, new york live is next. have a fantastic day.
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