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tv   News 4 New York at 530  NBC  January 13, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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right now on news 4 new york left for dead a mall our nour malnourished puppy dumped on the steps of a shelter. the puppy may have been used as bait for dogfighting. >> authorities want to find the person responsible. freeport police have a big clue in this case. >> reporter: surveillance video shows san juan abandoning a pit bull puppy on the steps of this shelter. inside the duffle bag, this 3 mold copper.
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puppy curled up barely breathing. he was freezing, shaking, barely moving curled up in a little ball. >> shelter manager believes copper may have been used as a bait dog meaning he was practice for other dogs in a dogfighting ring. copper was covered in bite marks and grossly malourished. >> it's a little baby 3 months old. it's sad there are people out there still doing these things. >> reporter: it's unclear who the man in the video is. right now the nassau d.a. criminal crimes unit hope he or anybody with information come forward. >> our worry there's other puppies, his litter mates still being abused. >> reporter: just for you days later copper is surviving and thriving against all odds. he's full of energy and winning over everyone at the animal rescue. >> he is delicious. he is so sweet when he sees people he gets excited.
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about 15 pounds underweight so not quite ready to adopt just yet but getting better and better every day. he's full of energy. hopefully he'll have a permanent home soon. michael george, news 4 new york. >> the hunt is on for two suspected rapists in washington heights. the pair met a 33-year-old woman last month near west 179th street. they walked to high bridge park together. once inside the park they beat her and raped her. the victim treated at the hospital for facial trauma and a cut to the back of the head. new information tonight the man accused of randomly slashing a woman in chelsea has to undergo a psychology evaluation. police say he slice ad 24-year-old woman on the left side of her face on 23rd street last wednesday morning. very early in the morning. his next court date is set for
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staying in chelsea police looking for a man accused of groping a 12-year-old girl there. the victim told investigators she was walking near 28th street and 10th avenue wred when a stranger grabbed her from behind. she ran home and told her mother who called police. the man was wearing dark green pants and a bow tie. >> heroin epidemic is taking yet another dangerous turn. new jersey state police tell us the dealers are lacing the drug with pesticides and selling it to unknowing buyers. the pesticide sold under the name of seven was found in samples of heroin labelled level 10, miracle and top chef. it's not only toxic but can cause involuntary convulsions, stomach cramps and blurred vision. >> we're learning about text messages from el chapo sent to a mexican actress while he was in hiding. the mexican government confirmed
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in the messages el chapo said he's eager to set up a meet and greet important,ly about making a movie about his life. one text message chats about a wine and tequila filled weekend. mexican authorities want to question the actress and sean penn. a new report reveals gaps in screening at u.s. ports during the 2014 ebola outbreak. the department of homeland security inspector general says custom and border patrol agents let 169 travellers from ebola stricken countries enter the u.s. without being properly screened. the inspector points to inadequate training and a lack of additional contractors during that outbreak. dhs says it has taken a number of actions to improve the effectiveness of their response. >> atlantic city's mayor is moving to counter what he calls a hostile take over attempt by new jersey state senate.
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locked hands in a show of solidarity all opposing a plan to increase state control over atlantic city. sweeney and his supporters say atlantic city has a bloated budget that's far too big for a city of its size but area leaders say that's not a fair position. >> we just need to be treated fairly. just because we're in south jersey doesn't mean we're in the confederacy. >> partner with us. don't come in with a plantation mentality. >> atlantic city mayor said it's too soon to know if his city will consider going to court to block sweeney's plan. >> the big apple is flush with pricey real estate. why the feds will start tracking who is buying luxury pads. >> a crook takes a stolen big rig on a wild joyride. police weren't so far behind him. up next the big mistake the
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>> dave price where did el nino go? >> we got good news and bad news. the good news the winds are dying down. bad news the cold temperatures are still here. more good news and bad news in your full forecast coming up in just a couple of minutes. >> lester holt will have a look on what he's working on. >> ahead for us tonight new details about the capture of those american sailors by iran, their brief time in captivity and behind the scenes efforts to free them. the response to the response. donald trump taking aim today at a fast rising republican star for her official response to the president's state of the union address. and a moonshot to defeat cancer. what did the president mean by that and what will it take? we'll see you tonight at 6:30
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bill cosby's wife kamille will have to sit for a deposition next month in his defamation case. the comedian was supposed to come in for questioning but a judge agoode to hold off on his deposition as he's now facing criminal charges in pennsylvania. his wife kamille will be grilled on that day instead. seven women have filed a defamation suit against bill cosby accusing him sexually assaulting them decades ago. >> a dentist accused of molesting three patients including a 14-year-old girl. the 67-year-old dentist faces multiple accounts of touching
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each victim was alone waiting in a dentist chair when the attacks occurred. he was arraigned and released on $10,000 bail. >> they say they do everything bigger in texas involving a police chase involving a big rig. the man behind the wheel hit a dead end. it all start this morning when the company that owns that truck reported it missing. police caught up with the 18 wheeler and chased to it the dead end at a service road but it didn't end there. the driver refused to get out and that toledo an hour long standoff. he was eventually taken down and taken into custody with the help of a police dog. >> new tonight cable news network al jazeera america is shutting down just two and a half years after its launch. al jazeera america promised serious minded journalism and award-winning work but failed to gain viewers. the company's ceo said the network will stop airing on april 30th. there's a plan to expand its digital international news operation.
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a new jersey transit bus hit a patch of ice today crashing in to a utility pole. this is the aftermath. this happened in carlstad. it knocked down electrical wires on hackensack street. there were only three passengers onto bus and thankfully nobody was hurt. >> in kat young woman lost her
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was riding in crashed through the ice on a pond that was partially frozen over. 18-year-old emily bloom was riding with friends and according to a surviving passenger it was so dark and snowy they didn't realize they were on the pond until it was too late. three people did escape the car but emily was unable to get out before the vehicle sank. >> i couldn't open the door. the ice was too thick. and the water was so cold. and there was no way out but the window. >> officials say that going into that park after dark is illegal. we don't have any word yet on whether the driver will face criminal charges. >> all right. at 5:45, 27 degrees. this has gobt one of the coldest days we've seen this winter. >> we got a good dose of cold still ahead tonight. you asked where el nino went a few minutes ago.
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mean temperatures are going to be above average all season and we're seeing evidence of that right now. we talked about good news and bad news. let's go through it. another bitter cold night. temperatures are going to be in the teens. in some areas. it's going to feel it is in the single digits. we have a brief break as we wrap up the work week. but then more bad news. coastal lows will be troublemakers. we're talking about two of them. right now in white plains 24 degrees, 27 in the city, 18 in mo nticello, 26 out on the island in west hampton and 25 in bridgewater and trenton. wind gusts in the last hour or so maxed out at 23 and 17 in morristown. rest of the area unremarkable. what it feels like to the skin is that it's in the teens and single digits as you head to the neernt west. newburg feels like 9. monticello 5 degrees. last night it felt like you were walking into a brick wall of
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tonight it wilel feel like you have an ice pack wrapped around you because temperatures are so cold. we have clouds, high clouds in the area right now. that's all we have to speak of. as we head into tomorrow early clouds and afternoon sunshine up to 36 degrees which will feel rather nice. friday look at that. up into the mid-40s, but as we head into friday night a low pressure system begins to work its way up, a wintry mix, most likely we see the snow sticking at higher elevation not along the coastline. we'll watch it. it's the weaker of two systems. then as we put future tracker in motion friday mostly clear as we head into friday night early saturday morning, specks of pink and white and saturday a good soaking as we head into the first part of the day. let's take a look, actually at what we're talking about over the next seven days. again, little bit of rain early saturday morning as we head to sunday. we're fine for the first part of
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next low pressure system comes in which could cause a sloppy early morning on monday the holiday, 32 degrees for martin luther king day and then cool and dry tuesday and wednesday. we'll send it back to you. >> the u.s. government will begin tracking illegal money laundering through real estate deals. cash buyers of high end properties will have to be identified in new york and in miami. in new york the rule applies for purchases of at least $3 million. the treasury department said it is concerned some of these real estate deals are made by corrupt foreign government officials or international criminals as a way to hide money. >> if pancakes are on the menu for tomorrow morning's breakfast we have a consumer alert. rival gridles very popular brand. that company is recalling 330,000 gridles because they pose a shock hazard. . they were sold in stores an online.
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it to walmart for a full refund. and you making chicken tonight? think twice when you cook that dinner. that free range chicken in your refrigerator may be carrying par sites. the free range option is considered healthier. caged free poultry was more likely to pick up fleas, lice and ticks. as most parents can attest to one of the hardest things about buying a bike is putting it together. a woman was prepared to do that job until she realized the hardware was missing from the box. >> it was disappointing enough to her that the parts weren't there but after contacting the manufacturer and waiting several hostage for the missing parts
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gloria and her husband of 55 years bob how an ad for an exercise bike sound like a good idea. >> i saw dorothy hamill who i used to love and i thought this would being a great. >> gloria is now 83 years young paid $239 for the bike from sit n cycle. she didn't use it for many months after taking a fall. when she tried to assemble the bike -- >> everything was missing. >> she contacted. sorry we apologize. they are back ordered. i never got it. >> after waiting a month fwloria called sit n cycle again. >> your warranty superwe can't help you. that's when i got very angry. >> for years gloria said she's advocated for others working with a local legislator when she didn't receive the missing hardware five months after
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contacted news 4. >> fight for other people and i said it's time to fight for myself. that's when i decided to call. >> we spoke with sit n cycle and they tell us she wait ad year to report the missing parts but they admit mistakes can happen even though inspections are done before the product tlaefs factory. but now problem solved. sit n cycle said they will send her the hard aware. reports of missing hardware are not common. >> to get in touch with our consumer investigative team send an e-mail to lynda baquero or call us. the cast of "friends" is coming back to nbc for one night only. >> the actors behind remarks rachel, monica and others are participating in a two hour special to pay tribute to the
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first time all six actors are participating in the same show since "friends" ended back in 2004. >> been that long. the price at the pump continues to plunge. so what happened to all those fuel surcharges that were tacked on over the years? tonight 4 gaits. >> and a look at what's coming up new at 6:00. >> middlesex police are on alert. a neighborhood is on edge. governor cuomo state of the state address unveils $145
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. oil prices have been plum ting for months and the price at the pump has bean gift for customers. >> but some customers are still getting hit with fuel surcharges. >> reporter: gas now under $2 a gallon in some stations in the city. how low can it go? some people think maybe a dollar a gallon. meanwhile 4 gase asked about the
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they line up for gas in greenpoint, a station that sells the cheapest gas new york city has seen in six years. >> this is the best station you can ever have. all over is $2.15. >> reporter: the website indicated $1.91 is about as low as you can go in the city. in new jersey you can find $1.47. in connecticut $1.79. >> very good for everybody to drive around. >> reporter: the news isn't all good. shipping a package still requires a fuel surcharge although 4 gaits found out fedex, u.p.s. and dhl have lowered the percentage they charge. others haven't. >> the airline industry they haven't dropped their price but the fuel is cheaper. >> reporter: yellow cabs also
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ride fuel surcharge that hasn't gotten lower. the tlc says it's meant to help drivers to should terrify cost of less fuel-efficient vehicles. >> like monopoly. i don't agree. >> reporter: one airline delta told 4 gaits it did lower prices in 2015, but concedes it didn't advertise that fact. as for how low the price can go, some experts think kit go much closer to a $1 a gallon while others think the price of crude oil will inch up towards the summer. >> thank you for watching. >> news continues at 6:00. now at 6:00 news 4 gaits the playground gang rape case out of brooklyn. there are credibility issues and
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>> a new jersey woman wakes up to find two intruders in her bedroom. >> a major blow to connecticut. the billion dollar company that's saying nuts to the nut weg state. good evening i'm chuck scarborough. >> i'm sibila vargas. >> news 4 gaits there are credibility issues with everybody involved in this disturbing case. news 4 ida siegal has more. >> reporter: we're at the courthouse this evening because we are waiting for the arraignment for suspect involved in this case. that has not happened yet. again as you say news 4 gaits has learned according to sources that there are some serious credibility issues for everyone involved. that includes the suspects and the victim and so the question at this point is will there be enough evidence for an indictment? the fifth teen charged in connection with the gang rape of
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a judge at any moment.
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