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tv   News 4 New York at 6  NBC  January 13, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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a judge at any moment. four other teens appeared in court late last night. the attorney for one of the suspects tells me her client never touched the victim. >> he's a good kid. typical average kid. >> reporter: a source close to the investigation telling 4 gaits this is a complicated case with evidence and credibility issues. >> as the facts are developing there's something about the case that kind of doesn't hit me right. >> reporter: former prosecutor is not involved in this case but among those eager to see more evidence connecting the five teenagers to the crime. two of the teens told police the sex in the park that night was consensual. police say strong evidence leads them to believe there was an assault. >> saturday we worked on acquiring video that bolstered her story. >> reporter: the victim and her father were both drunk in the park before the teens arrived and none of them were picked in a lineup. some have made comparisons to the central park five another case involving five teens
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they ultimately confessed to a crime, dna evidence later prove they did not commit. >> we learned a lot since the central park case not to jump to conclusions. >> reporter: since then interrogation techniques have changed and are recorded. detectives can still lie but not about everything. the public is also now more skeptical and not assuming an arrest equals guilt but the police insist the victim's version of events in this case have merit. >> both the victim and the father, the witness say the last gun used. we're still searching for that gun. there's a lot more to dhoin case. >> reporter: among what's left to do is get dna evidence. police tell us it will be another week before the rape kit comes in. they are looking to find out what's on the suspect's cell phones. reporting live from brooklyn, ida siegal, news 4, new york. >> a home invasion in middlesex
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least new jersey neighborhood on edge and launched an intense police investigation. brian thompson is joining us live from that neighborhood in middlesex borough with the latest. >> reporter: that's exactly what police here say it is very intense investigation. they enlisted the help of the middlesex county prosecutor all of this coming as this whole community actually feels violated. it was the dead of night. on this street two men smashed the back window of a house ending up in an 80-year-old widow's bedroom. >> that's the first time we ever had anything like that happen at all here and it shocked all of us. >> reporter: not shocked but scared. >> everyone on the street is worried. we have a lot of people living alone, you know. they are very worried about it. >> reporter: the two intruders woke her up in her bedroom. >> an intruder stayed in her
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drawers and the closet. >> reporter: they did not harm her. >> no physical contact between intruders and the resident. >> reporter: they took a late model acura. middlesex borough police actively seeking help from anyone who may have seen something early tuesday morning. as for one resident here -- >> i'm not a violent man i tell you you come to my house you're not getting out. >> reporter: now, this neighborhood is full of theories, but the victim is described as a recluse. nonetheless she was not harmed in this incident and police here sae y they are very focused on trying to find two men who invade her home. live in middlesex borough, brian thompson, news 4 new york. >> now to our winter weather. a code blue warning is in effect for the city which means the homeless will be taken out and put into shelters. >> this will be the coldest night for the rest of this week.
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being jackets and lots of layers are in order. but the winds are at least dying down and that's good news but despite that it still stings out there. the least little breeze that comes through. good news temperatures will warm up above freezing tomorrow and even warmer going into the weekend. we got a couple of storms to watch. more on that later. right now temperatures from 18 in monticello to 27 in farmingdale. mid-20s in the city and bridgeport. there's a slight breeze. not as gusty as it was earlier ou.t of the west between 5 and 15 miles per hour. that's enough to put a sting to your skin if it's exposed. 12 in morristown and 18 degrees is the wind chill in islip. it stays that way through the rest of tonight. it does warp up a bit tomorrow. we get into the 40s by friday. more on that and this tricky weekend forecast coming up in just a few minutes. back to you. >> connecticut suffered a major economic blow today after
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new taxes made unfriendly to business general electric announced its moving its boston. the company is one of connecticut's biggest employers providing jobs for about 5,000 people. it's unclear how many of ge. 's workers will remain in the state. >> reporter: packing up and moving out. one of the largest employers in the united states leaving fairfield, residents we talked to describe the move as devastating. ge has called fairfield home since 1974. the company is relocating to boston, wooed by big incentives and a chance to rebrand itself. >> is that huge win for the city of boston, a huge win for >> reporter: massachusetts governor celebrating the move. connecticut governor tried to put a positive spin onto news. >> our progress will continue.
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challenges head on. >> i can help you with anything today? >> reporter: for people who live and work in fairfield the news is tough take. amy owns chloe's closet. >> it's heartbreaking approximately there's a lot of families in fafld irfield who are loyal to stores in the area. >> reporter: next door to the italian kitchen specialty products bring customers in. but the owner can't help but wonder how many regulars will be shipping up to boston. >> it's sad. it's like losing a neighbor, honestly. you see them every day, they come grab a cup of coffee. now you see them go. >> reporter: ge will sell its favored headquarters moving 800 jobs to boston. in a statement chairman and ceo called boston dynamic and creative saying quote we want to
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system that shares our aspirations. back at chloe's closet for three dates amy's father worked for ge. her hope for the future remains in fairfield. >> we hope another big company will come in and help connecticut bring more jobs. more opportunities. >> reporter: now new york and boston they were finalists for the headquarter search. ceo opted for boston saying it was based on technology, innovation and higher education. we're live in fairfield tonight. >> just weeks before the emotional retrial of the etan etan patz case a move to remove the prosecutor. she quit to run for district attorney on staten island. now she's back for the retrial of the accused killer pedro hernandez over the defense's objection.
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>> she made statements while she was campaigning that were for her own benefit and at the detriment of mr. hernandez. >> the judge will decide later if she stays onto case. jury selection begins in march. 6-year-old etan vanished in may of 1979 after heading to the bus stop for the first time by himself. his disappearance became one of new york's most famous unsolved crimes. >> governor cuomo's state of the state address unveils a $145 budget and where he wants that money to go sean it realistic. >> nowhere to go in the freezing cold. aftermath of a destructive fire
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>> firefighters braved freezing temperatures and the wind to battle a raging fire in irvington this morning. that fire started at the headquarters bar and grill around 1:30 spreading fast and rattling residents above the restaurant out of their sleep. red cross is helping families displaced to find a place tonight. >> i'm still alive. i'm still here. that's all that matters. >> crews from milburn and maplewood joined the firefighters. two firefighters suffered minor injuries. the cause of the fire is still under investigation. police in new jersey have arrest ad suspect in a weekend stabbing. 25-year-old steven harr facing aggravated assault and weapons charges. he and the victim agreed to meet on sunday to settle an earlier dispute. at that meeting harr stabbed the man in the foot and back and then fled the scene.
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charged in connection with a death after a bar fight in bridgeport. he faces homicide and assault charges in the death of 42-year-old wayne bentley. they fell into ash creek behind chubby's bar and grill during that fight last august. an autopsy showed his cause of death was blunt force trauma of the head and neck. >> when news 4 at 6:00 returns dramatic images of how the bitter cold froze a car in place in upstate new york. plus your full forecast. >> here's a look on what's nbc tonight and we'll see you again
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shots operating costing the mta thousands of dollars in uncollected rent. developers say unexpected challenges getting permits and utilities led to delay. shake shack is expected to open later. >> lester holt is with us now. >> we got you covered on the day after president obama's last state of the union and it's impact on 2016 presidential campaign. also a warning tonight for the national transportation safety board about safety onto rails. we all recall the deadly amtrak crash in may that killed eight passengers and injured 22 more. tonight there's criticism of only a small portion of the rails that carries our nation's track had something called positive train control installed. we're looking why it's taking so long and the possible consequences. >> this is something that could have saved lives like in the case in philadelphia. >> that's what amtrak says. we'll hear from the ceo tonight and let you know where things
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>> after a two week run up, governor cuomo delivered his state of the state address today. he revealed a $145 million budget with the astounding public works projects. he's proposing to cut income taxes for small businesses. increasing aid to public schools and freezing throughway tolls. one of his biggest expenditures is on homeless services. >> governor cuomo also threatened to send police into unsafe homeless shelters but after weeks of hounding the mayor as you mentioned for mismanaging homelessness governor cuomo today put up money the mayor has been asking for to help solve the crisis. $20 billion received warmly on this 20 degree day. with temperatures at 22 today on the city pavement, there were
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stick it out on the street. at a podium in albany, a governor determined to stop that. >> we will not allow people to with dwell in the gutter like garbage. it is also well established that many of our shelters are unsanitary and unsafe. >> reporter: governor cuomo announced he'll work together with one of mayor de blasio's most vocal critics to watch over city shelters. >> controller scott stringer will review and inspect the new york city shelter system. >> with de blasio sitting right there in the crowd, cuomo announced if bad shelters don't improve he'll put someone else in charge. >> the suffering has gone on for a long time. >> the coalition for the homeless responded that the governor's own record is to blame charging cuomo drastically cut state funding for shelters, funding that helps homeless pay rent and even his own state agency which oversees city
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they say cuomo under-funded homelessness prevention and supportive housing. >> we have been working on a number of the issues that the governor addressed today. >> relations between mayor and governor have been as chilly as today's temperatures. but today the mayor praised cuomo for putting new homelessness funding on the table. including for another 20,000 units of supportive housing. if that really happens, some say -- >> the homeless crisis as it exists today will be a thing of the past. >> urban p.a.t.h.ways operates 15 complexes and this drop in center on the west side of manhattan which try to engage the homeless with little things like snacks, tv, clean bathrooms. david was one of their clients after living on the street for three years. >> it was very heartening to walk through these doors because people have a sense of pride. >> and that pride one of the
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show his face. he said he thought new york's politicians should stop finger pointing on this issue and, in fact, governor cuomo thanked mayor de blasio today for his efforts on homelessness. new yorkers hoping that's a sign their relationship might warm up along with the january air. >> might be nice. some amazing video tonight out of buffalo. >> crews are removing a car from a block of ice that's encasing it. the car sliced through the ice with the help of a tow truck. >> the car's owner parked outside of a rest ant along lake erie never thinking it would become a permanent spot. the lake waves splashed over the car and several inches of snow and ice accumulated. >> that underlines the temperatures. >> if we had something going on here with temperature we have even though it's a lot colder
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of that here too. we don't have the withins on the water. the winds have died down. even though we don't have the extreme blustery wind chills from earlier today there's a bit of a bite to the air still with lighter winds. a look outside from our top of the rock view. a cold night across the tri-state area. 26 degrees in midtown. feels like 18 with that breeze that's coming in out of the west. the high temperatures today actually occurred around midnight, temperatures kept falling through the day. they stayed in the 20s with most of the day with wind chills in the teens. these transparent actual highs. then it bottomed out after midnight. with these within gusts between 35 and 40 miles per hour this afternoon the wind chills remain in the single digits and teens all day. actual temperatures in the 20s. couple spots in the teens. monticello at 16. mainly in the 20s. d.c. 30. boston 25. teens around detroit and columbus, 21 in chicago. still a lot of cold air in place
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northeast but there's milder air waiting in the wings. it will slowly start to warm up tomorrow. in the meantime you still need the players. future temperature will remain down around zero up around monticello this evening, 13 in nanuet. another cold night. bitterly cold. layer up. as we go through the day tomorrow gets bitter. we're expecting the actual temperatures to warm above freezing tomorrow. it's chilly but not quite as brutal. 36 is the high tomorrow. we climb above freezing. mix of sun and clouds. decent day. friday increasing clouds. we're in the 40s and there will be some rain coming in. north and west of the city you may get a bit of an icy mix late at night with cooler temperatures. two storms on our way. friday night to saturday is weaker of the two. mainly rain. few patchy areas of ice and snow
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now the second storm is sunday night. it has the potential to become a strong nor'easter. still too early what we'll see with this but as we get closer and closer to time we'll be you. bundle up out there for this incredible cold that sticks with us for another 24 hours. 36 the high tomorrow slowly climbing out of the deep freeze. friday and saturday's highs in the 40s. we got that weak storm coming in friday night early saturday. saturday sarch dry and so is sunday until sun night. that's when we possibly see some significant snow. we'll keep track of it for you. >> you got a home town brawl. >> local bragging rights are on the line in brooklyn tonight. the red hot knicks visiting the slumping nets. bust will carmelo anthony return to action after rolling his ankle last night? we got the answer in a moment.
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time coach, we got the update, a big blue church to replace tom
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momentum. >> they are rolling right now. two local teams heading in opposite directions, clash tonight at barclay center. the knicks have won five out of six. nets got rid of their head coach and gm on sunday have lost ten straight at home. but the knicks will be without their leading scorer, carmelo anthony who sprained his ankle last night at the garden. melo tried to state in the game against the celtics but was in too much pain. here's head coach derrick fisher
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>> we don't want to make a steady diet of playing without carmelo on the floor but all teams go through this at some point and we just have to respond to it. >> we go through a streak of losing sometimes you lose faith what we're doing. >> the nets reached out to former bulls coach about their coaching vacancy. tomorrow night at barclay center the ice will be down when the islanders host to rangers. both teams are tied for second in the metropolitan division. today the blue shirts practiced at greenburg. the rangers are playing much better lately but not have won back-to-back games since late november and now that they have moved into the second half of the season the blue shirts are ready to make a playoff push. >> the importance of every game and every point is more clear over tory player, and you look at the standings right now it
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>> in this last stretch since the holiday break we've been giving ourselves a chance every night. that's the biggest thing. you want to be in every game and try to come out on top and get as many points as can you. >> the giants coaching search continues and one of the hottest names in football is off the market. former bengals offensive coordinator hugh jackson will become the next head coach of the cleveland browns. jackson was skefded to interview with the giants on thursday but cleveland made him an effort he couldn't refuse today. now the giants will turn their attention to other candidates with current offensive coordinator ben mcado as the favorite. the allegation are hot on his trail. last night, the owner says he hopes to hire a new coach by tend of the week. it's a tangled web and right now
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