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tv   Today in New York  NBC  January 14, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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pandemonium in california. overnight at one of the three sites where winning powerball tickets were purchased, but there are some lucky winners here as well. also ahead, new information about a deadly crash that took place overseas. it involves students from columbia university. and breaking news in indonesia. a string of deadly bombings at tourist hot spot. "today in new york" starts now. good morning, everyone. thursday morning. it is january 14th. i'm darlene rodriguez. >> i'm michael gargiulo. storm team 4's chris cimino is here with the forecast. slightly better than yesterday morning. >> yeah, less wind. temperature-wise, pretty close. generally between 20 and 25. in and around the city, we're 23. 26 in jersey city. upper teens to the north and west. we have a little bit of snow flurry activity trying to move towards us out of pennsylvania. it's running into very dry air. some of these may survive their
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don't be surprised if you see a brief snow flurry or snow shower. most of this not reaching the ground. there will be a few flakes around up until around 7:00, 8:00 in the morning. sun by noontime, about 33. forecasting a high a little better than yesterday, into the upper 30s. let's get the first check on a thursday morning commute. >> good morning. you can see nice green traffic flows behind me. we have some roadwork out there. we're going to head over to the queens midtown tunnel, where you have the south tube shut down. the north tube taking on the two-way traffic. that will wrap up at 6:00 a.m. it's going to be extended. we'll take a quick look outside at the l.i.e. in queens where you can see roadwork in the eastbound lanes. and we'll have more weather and trafblg coming up. >> thank you. 4:31 right now. we begin with breaking news from indonesia. that's where police say they just ended a paris-style terror
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this happened in an upscale area of t yhe capital jakarta, which is popular with tourists. one of several explosions was shown on indonesian television. we're told five bombers and gunmen are dead. two other people were killed. one of the attacks wounded a customer inside of a starbucks there. they're now closing all of their stores in jakarta. so far, there are no claims of responsibility. new this morning, a robbery in the williams bridge section of the bronx was caught on video. this video may be hard to watch. police are trying to find the three men who robbed a 67-year-old man on white plains road last week. as you can see here, one suspect grabs the victim around the neck. the victim struggles and is thrown to the ground. he says the men took the money out of his pockets as he was laying there on the street. some powerball players woke up rich this morning. the record-breaking $1.5 billion powerball jackpot drawing that happened last night, there are three winning tickets from california, florida, and tennessee. "today in new york's" katherine
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there are some winners here though in our area as well, kat. >> reporter: that is true, darlene. but maybe not us. i don't know if you checked your numbers. i might have won $2. i'm happy with that. you know what, this store in particular, it has the new powerball amount right there. $40 million. really not something to turn your nose at, but it's not the $1.5 billion that was at stake. we want to show you this video. the big winners, as you said, were on the west coast and down south. chino hills, california, people gathered. look at those crowds. the 7-eleven where one of the winning tickets was sold. people cheered and wondered who the big winner is. the two other jackpot winning tickets were sold in munford, tennessee, and florida. back in california, the clerk who apparently sold the winning ticket and a resident said that. >> i'm very proud.
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exciting to know that somebody from our little city won. it's so exciting. i'm excited for them, and i don't even know who it is. >> reporter: and at the time of the drawing, the jackpot had climbed to $1.586 billion. lots of commas, lots of zeros. there have been several winners in our area with million-dollar tickets. five in new york, one in new jersey, and three in connecticut. i have to tell you, i was at my family's wedding in san diego in california over the weekend, and my cousin paul, who i love so much, his wife, her entire family is from chino hills, california. her dad is one of seven. her mom is one of six. they all settled in chino hills, california. i'm going to just e-mail his wife maureen a little later just to check on her, just see how she's doing. >> she's trying to strengthen that tie as much as possible. >> kat, do it now. it's only 1:30 in the morning there. >> reporter: that's all right. they're all cheering. >> all right, kat. wow.
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let's check in with chris cimino. chris, they can make a call, right? people are up. >> at this hour, i'm sure. if they're winners, they'll be happy. if they're losers, click. dealing with a couple flurries out there. most of them light and north of the city. some sun is going to make its return later on. less wind this afternoon. it's certainly going to be much more bearable to be out there. temperatures it climb well into the 30s as opposed to struggling to get to 30 degrees like yesterday. looking at 23 right now. mostly cloudy in the city. maybe a flurry up until 8:00 a.m. breaks of sun for the afternoon. at 3:00, 38 degrees. more changes in the works. we'll get to that in the seven-day forecast. let's get to lauren for the commute. >> thanks, chris. we have overnight track work out there on ten different subway lines. do expect delays and service changes there. we have quite a few detours today. for new york city, the m-9, 103
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then nj transit bus routes 30, 37, 78, and 107. you do need to move your car today. all the we'll have your next update on the 4s. >> thank you very much. right now we're learning more about the columbia university students killed in a terrible bus crash in central america america. tracie strahan has some new information on the victims. >> reporter: michael, university's president broke the news in a statement to the community, saying the death of all three was made that much greater because they died trying to dedicate their lives to serving this community. we want to show you now some video of the scene in honduras, where all of this happened. the two columbia students and a health care worker who also worked at the school were riding in a bus that crashed while taking them to the airport to actually fly home. they had wrapped up a volunteer mission with global brigades, a group that organizes health and development missions. officials say that bus veered
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into a gully. the victims have been identified as olivia erhardt, a 20-year-old student at columbia, and abigail flanagan, a 45-year-old student and nurse practitioner here at the medical center. another student, daniella daniella moffson, was also killed. 12 more americans, including students from columbia, are now being treated for injuries as a result of the crash. michael, the university is actually sending a team over to honduras to try and help everyone over there with everything. they're also trying to figure out what caused this crash. back to you. >> okay, tracie. thank you. the five teens accused in an alleged gang rape went before a judge. prosecutors say he and four others raped an 18-year-old last week in brownsville. police are now looking through cell phones that may contain video evidence. defense lawyers say at least one
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possible na is due back next week. right now, police are hoping surveillance video will help them catch the man accused of trying to rape a 13-year-old girl in brooklyn. the video is very clear. you're going to see the man following the girl. we have blurred her for her protection. he then follows another woman until she went into the subway station. he turns his attention back to that girl. police say he tried to kidnap and rape her at knife point, threatening to slice her face. we did speak to one of the young girl's friends. >> i came downstairs, and i saw her running. she was crying, and i asked what happened and she said oh, somebody tried to take me. >> the girl says the man only got away with her cell phone. if you recognize the person, do call police. new this morning, a new jersey substitute teacher is charged with sexually assaulting an elementary school student. prosecutors say 50-year-old
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10-year-old girl at passaic school. rodriguez is being held on $100,000 bail. police have arrested a man for a deadly shooting inside an illegal after-hours club in paterson, new jersey. jakwan harrison has been charged with the murder of fernando irby. this was two days after christmas. so far, no one has been charged with the other shooting. police are hoping someone can help them find who men who carried out a scary home invasion in new jersey. the men broke into this home overnight tuesday in middlesex. they woke up an elderly widow. she was startled to see those men, as you might imagine, standing over her bed. they didn't hurt her. they ransacked the home and stole money and jewelry. one of them even made off in her 2013 acura. we have new video of dozens of cats and dogs rescued from deplorable conditions at a new
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more than 30 dogs, 17 puppies kittens. they're now safe and sound at the bergen county rescue. authorities did get them tuesday from a home on hillcrest place in north bergen. they say the home's interior was covered with urine and feces. a warrant has been issued for the homeowner. found dead. neighbors say they heard their cries for months. >> there's one word i always said to my family and friends. it was chilling. when they all started barking at once, it was chilling. >> for more information on how to adopt one of these rescued animals, head to our website, happening today, the giants could officially name ben mcadoo as their new head coach. he interviewed for the job last week. sources confirm it's now a done deal. he's 38 years old. he's never been a head coach, but he's been offensive coordinator with the giants for the past two seasons.
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quarterback's coach in green bay. coming up, a police chase with a dramatic end. and it happened right in front of a television station. and the lawsuit over lip balm. some customers say a popular brand is making them bleed. and we'll have weather and traffic on the 4s coming up as we look at the hamilton bridge. follow us on facebook and twitter and instagram. michaelg4ny, darlene4ny.
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good morning. almost 4:44. welcome back on a thursday morning. another cold one out there but things getting milder as we go through the next 24 to 48 hours, which will set the stage for the next storm that approaching to
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we have a few scattered snow flurries out there, especially north and west of the city. right now, still low to mid-20s. plenty cold out there through central new jersey. 22 in howell. further north and west, a few upper teens. 12 the cold spot in monticello. out east, 20 in westhampton. central park at 23. the feels-like temperatures, it's about the same in the park because there's no wind to speak of. it does feel like 13 with the wind at jfk. not as widespread strong winds this morning. 14 the current windchill at islip. another cold morning, indeed. there's that batch of snow shower activity riding out of the north and west coming across the poconos and catskills right now. it's drying outen on its approach, but some of these could hold together. into the city and towards the coast, i think just a few
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that should be about it. future tracker has this batch dying out quickly. we're back to sunshine mixed with clouds during the afternoon. tonight, pretty quiet. just partly cloudy skies. tomorrow n and out of clouds. the clouds will start to thicken up later in the day and toward tomorrow night. tomorrow evening is dry. here comes the rain overnight. probably after 3:00 or 4:00 in the morning. heavy rain pushes on through. by 2:00, it's already east of the city. we'll start to see clearing in central new jersey, and things will dry out for us saturday night as well. again, a quick-moving hit of rain late friday night, early saturday. 39 the expected high today. much better. almost 10 degrees better than yesterday as skies turn partly cloudy. tonight, 34 the overnight low. should stay above freezing in the city. probably 20s to the north and west. seven-day forecast. we see that rain threat again very late friday night, early saturday morning. it's gone by midday saturday. 47 and colder on sunday. maybe a stray flurry around. then cold but dry for monday, tuesday, and wednesday of next week. highs only upper 20s to the low 30s.
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about the commute. >> still very quiet out there, which we like. no accidents to report on. no major construction projects causing delays. we'll take a live look outside, show you around. here's the gw bridge. things are moving along just fine into the tolls. over at the lincoln tunnel and holland tunnel, it's the same story. heading over to the gowanus expressway, still very quiet past the belt merge through industry city. no construction out there. finally, we will show you what the tappan zee bridge looks like. i think you can count the amount of cars on the span out there. just still very early yet. one other thing, don't forget to move your car. alternate side of the street parking rules in effect. police are releasing a photo of an alleged thief targeting women on the lower east side. this is the man police are looking for. they say he approaches women and steals their purse. the man struck at least four times last month. in two of the incidents, the victim fought back and the man took off empty handed.
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information, give police a call. and still no arrests in that shooting that left one teenager dead and another injured in brownsville, brooklyn. we're told police questioned three people last night. they say gunfire erupted just before 3:00 p.m. yesterday near pennsylvania avenue. an 18-year-old man was struck in the head and died. the other teen was hit in the arm. he's expected to be okay. on long island, a bank robbery ended with a police chase and two suspects arrested. it all started when a bank in bay shore was robbed by two armed thieves. the car was first spotted in wyandanch. police pursued it for 12 miles on the l.i.e. to woodbury. the suspects ran away. after a search, police say the two suspects were caught with stolen money. >> we got off the highway, and the cop cars are just swarming in all directions. >> everybody stopped and was
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>> i said to one of the cops, what is going on? he had a rifle and said, close the door. >> local schools were put on lockdown as a precaution. now to another police chase. the end of this one unfolded in front of a tf station in montana. take a look at the security fool theage from nbc affiliate keci in missoula. police say the woman took off when they tried to pull her over. you see her get out of the car and try to get in the tv station through a side door. the woman was unarmed. police haven't said why she ran from officers. everything is back to normal in australia, where touristsed a sydney's opera house were ordered to leave quickly. police sealed off the area. ferries were stopped from landing at a nearby pier. local reports say there was a bomb threat made on social media. it sparked a thorough search, but nothing was found. the pentagon is not saying much for now about the video showing a u.s. sailor apologizing to his iranian
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>> it was a mistake that was our fault, and we apologize. >> the sailor said they wrongly entered iranian waters. he and nine others were released yesterday after a flurry of diplomatic maneuvering. the pentagon says they will tell us more about the incident after that crew is debriefed. they were on two small boats that were seized by iran. it's 4:48 now. lawyers defending the accused killer of etan patz was the prosecutor thrown off the trial. the defense is arguing she made improper comments about the accused killer, pedro hernandez, while she was running for staten island d.a. that was after the first trial ended in a hung jury. etan patz was 6 years old when he vanished in 1979. before you slather on this lip balm, check the label. some customers claim eos caused severe rashes, bleeding,
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skin pigmentation. the company is saying that the lawsuit is without merit, and their products exceed all safety and quality standards. and bill cosby's deposition in the defamation lawsuit against him is delayed. seven women accuse ing cosby. cosby has denied all allegations. 4:50 now. six favorite friends are coming back to television. so no one told you life was going to be this way >> the cast of the hit sitcom will be part of a two-hour special honoring tv director james burrows, one of the greatest ever. it's going to be the first time they've all appeared in the same show since "friends" ended back in 2004.
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february 21st, here on nbc. that's a reunion people are going to tune in for. >> my son is 14 years old. he informed he of this reunion this week. this show still has wide appeal. all right. still to come, officials set the record straight about a possible train shutdown. it looks like trucks full of carrots. >> there we go. >> but not related to the train. >> i'm sorry. >> this is a separate story that we'll sort out for you when we
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for 399 a month only at your lincoln dealer. welcome back.
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23 degrees out. it's thursday morning. looking at the george washington bridge. >> it's cold again this morning. pretty much where we started yesterday morning. low 20s here in the city. not as much wind. there may even be a few scattered snow flurries around in the morning hours. look for the clouds to break up for sunshine later this around. temperatures back into the upper 30s and less wind. tonight, a partly cloudy to clear sky. low temperature not as low as recent nights. looks like 34 in the city. we stay above freezing in town, but back into the 20s in the suburbs. a soggy start on saturday. mild at 47. back to chill on sunday with maybe a stray flurry at 35. so as has been the pattern all winter so far, when the storm comes, the milder air comes with it, so we get rain. that's what's going to happen with this next one. >> there's worse things that could happen. >> that's right.
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>> plenty of overnight track work, as we know. that should be wrapped up soon. the roads are in great shape if you're headed out. a live look at the cross bronx expressway. all good here. heading over to the belt parkway by jfk airport, this is just past lefferts boulevard, still very quiet. all the roads look like this. >> okay, lauren. as lauren was talking about the trains, the mta may totally shut down l train service and do it for as long as three years. a spokesperson telling news 4 that's just one of several options the transit authority is considering to repair the tube. it was flooded with salt water during superstorm sandy. shutting down the tube could affect as many as 300,000 riders a day. we also have an important update on a horrific limousine fire that killed five nurses in california. it was back in 2013. among them was a newlywed. the company that made that stretch limo is recalling 1,000
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it turns out that friction caused by a drive shaft can spark a fire. the company was never blamed for the deadly accident. the recall covered 1998 to 2005 models. gas prices in the city are less than $2 a gallon, but some companies are still hitting customers with fuel surcharges for deliveries. 4 investigates fount out fedex, u.p.s., and dhl all lowered the percentage they charge. as for yellow cabs, they have a built-in surcharge that hasn't gotten any lower. the tlc says it's to help drivers shoulder the costs of less fuel efficient vehicles. when governor andrew cuomo took the stage for the state of the state address, he didn't know he was going to be sharing the spotlight with a heckler. >> okay, okay. let me finish, and then you'll have your turn.
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baron called out the governor for what he calls lack of funding for homeless. also, yesterday, the governor got emotional. he was pushing for 12 weeks of paid family leave, and he was recalling the time he didn't spend with his dying father mario. >> there are many people in this state who don't have the choice. parent is dying, child is sick. they can't take off work. >> governor cuomo also unveiled a $145.3 billion budget proposal. it would spend the state's $2.3 billion windfall from court settlements to freeze tolls on the throughways, to make investments in public infrastructure, and to help house the poor and homeless. two of the biggest florida theme parks are hiring extra security guards. disney world and universal orlando are putting out ads to
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experts say the recent mass shootings make it obvious. u.s. custom agents at the mexico border stopped a huge shipment of marijuana, and it was disguised as carrots. the drug was stuffed inside nearly 3,000 orange-colored packages. they were shaped like carrots. the packages actually mixed in with real carrots being brought into texas near the gulf of mexico. authorities say the marijuana carried an estimated street value of a half million dollars. the carrots are half the size of a baseball bat. may have been one tip-off. >> right. exceptionally large. coming up on 5:00 a.m. if you're about to head out the door, take us with you. >> keep watching "today in new york" by downloading the news 4 new york app on your mobile device. our next hour starts now. right now, the post-powerball frenzy. the crowds go crazy at one of the three locations where winning tickets were sold. meanwhile, new information
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involving two students from columbia university. and there's breaking news from indonesia. several explosions go off in a popular tourist area there. a big police response. "today in new york" starts now. good morning, everybody. 5:00 a.m. on this thursday. it's january 14th. i'm michael gargiulo. >> i'm darlene rodriguez. chris cimino here with the forecast. good morning. >> good morning. we're tracking a few snow showers and snow flurries across portions of sussex county, warren, morris county. even the leading edge approaching the city, most of this not reaching the ground. the last batch back in here might produce a few flurries are, even into the five boroughs, before the morning is through. between now and 7:00, 8:00, possibility of a few flurries out thereto. it's cold, 23 right now in the city. still upper teens north and west. a little less wind, but it's breezy enough to make it feel like the lower teens in some suburbs. 38 by 3:00. that's close to the high today
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almost 5:00 a.m. straight up,
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