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tv   News 4 New York at 5  NBC  January 14, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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brynn gingras is live at riker's islands with the breaking details. >> reporter: one of the teens is expected to be released soon right here from rikers. and law enforcement officers told us there's evidence issues, credibility issues with the case. and now the brooklyn d.a. will not indict any of the suspects by tomorrow's deadline. they simply said they need more time to build the case. three of the teens already posted bail and will be refunded money, according to our sources. and the fifth teen, he will stay behind bars because of an active warrant for a separate crime. this does not mean the teens are in the clear. they are still accused of raping an 18-year-old girl at gunpoint inside a brownsville park last weekend. and the brooklyn d.a. explained his decision writing, because we're determined to get to the truth about what happened in that park, we need more time to investigate this complex case
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therefore we have consented to th e defendants release. >> the d.a. does have six month to file an indictment in this case. but for now, four of the five teens are going to be out of jail. i'm live here, brynn gingras, news4 new york. new information right now about the dozens of school kids who have gotten sick in queens. the mayor says it appears to be a norovirus. the outbreak is hitting ps 12 in woodside queens. john chandler is standing by at the school where the parents are obviously concerned. >> reporter: indeed they're terrified. that's because this was a mystery for much of the last 24 hours. it started wednesday morning when 60 kids left the school after vomiting. today, another 28 were sent home. all the while, workers rushed to find a cause. some classrooms half full at ps 12, but the nurse's office was jam packed. >> full of kids right snow.
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she started to feel sick. the nurse sent her home. she's one of 80 kids with a nasty stomach virus. >> the nurse sent all of the school people, want all of the kids with the symptoms go home so they won't catch it. >> same symptoms. that is not good. >> this is what they gave me. >> reporter: the parents picking up their kids also left the school with information on norovirus. the cdc says it causings up to 21 million illnesses and 800 deaths in the u.s. each year. the most common symptoms, diarrhea, throwing up one nausea and stomach pain. health department inspectors checked the school but found no serious contamination >> our message to any students or staff who are not feeling well, they should stay home. we want to get a handle on this. >> reporter: the department of education adds in a statement, parents have been apprised of the situation and will continue
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we will work closely with the dohmh to ensure that all students are safe. the school will be thoroughly disinfected over the weekend. school officials are reminding parents and students to take their own preventive steps. >> because the virus is spreading a lot in our class. we should use for hand sanitizer. >> reporter: yes, lots of hand sanitizer sanitizer. her mother suggests everyone practice common sense here. if your child doesn't feel well, simply don't send them to school. the school will be open tomorrow before it is disinfected wednesday. i'm john chandler, news4 new york. there is one simple way to prevent the spread of the nor ro va virus and that is practicing goods hygiene. it can be spread by an infected person, contaminated food, water
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the fbi said there's no indication that a man who ambushed a philadelphia officer is part of a terror cell. edward archer pledged allegiance to isis last week. but the fbi director james comey says there's no evidence that he was part of a larger plot. officer hartnett continues to recover. jet bleu is blue is scrambling to fix some outages. jetblue's website is finally back up and running. news4's chopper4 was over jfk, newark and laguardia today where the jetblue plains were sitting at the gate. the university of columbus today, the students and faculty
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death of three students. a dozen others were hurt. they were on their way back to the states when tragedy struck. heading to the airport for their flight home. marc santia is live at the campus with more for us. >> reporter: chuck tonight, campus is light. that's because school is out. these students gave up their winter break, they gave up their vacation to help others. olivia earhart, abigail flanagan and danielle were headed home from honduras. they died on the way to the airport when their bus went off the road. >> she was always cheerful and always involved in helping other people. >> the deen of the school on the upper east side, he watch danielle grow up, an excellent student and always looking to bring comfort to those in need. >> she was in south africa working at an aides clinic. she worked in israel at a home for abandoned and abused
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she worked at summer camps with children afflicted with cancer. >> reporter: the women along with other columbia students were helping out with global brigades. >> it's tough when it happens to your own people. >> reporter: this student learned a fraternity brother was among one of the dozen injured. >> i hope he's okay right now. but from what we can tell, he should be find. it's a pretty unfortunate event. >> reporter: students gathered today to reflect on the life of danielle danielle, who in a short time made an incredible difference. >> this is such a random devastating act, no reason behind it. and that's when the heart takes over and our faith has to supply, not an answer but a way of supporting each other. >> reporter: columbia university has sent thaer medical personnel to honduras to make sure their students are receiving proper
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we're live tonight, marc santia news4 new york. thanks so much. all right. to other news here. the hang jofr after an historic powerball drawing continues for most of us. but there were at least three tickets that matched the winning numbers. they were sold in california, tennessee and florida. jean gray is in melbourne beech with more. >> reporter: an impromptu pep rally. just minutes after last night's drawing and word that a winning ticket was sold at this 7-eleven in california. overnight lottery officials confirmed two more winning tickets in mumford, tennessee and melbourne beach, florida. almost $1.6 billion split at least three ways. there are rumors -- >> it's probably one of their friends that that they know at the store that is probably a winner. >> reporter: wu at this point, no one has claimed the record prize.
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were in the hands of individuals or in office pools. each is worth $528 million before taxes. >> how are you feeling right now? >> nervous. >> reporter: a nervous laugh for this woman that settled for a $1 million payout. >> i spent most of the night waking up everybody else in the house, rechecking numbers. >> reporter: and now she'll have to figure out how to spend those winnings. you know, eight players won $2 million jackpots. the next powerball drawing is set for saturday. the jackpot drops to a measly $40 million. >> it sounds so small now. most of us are headed back to our day jobs today, there are a few knew millionaires in our area. ten people in the area had enough matching number to win at least a million dollars. none have come forward to claim
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there were five new york winners with, connecticut has three and new jersey has two. our pat battle tracked down the stores where the lucky tickets were bought. that report is coming up at 6:00. ben mack due is the next head coach of big blue. bruce beck is here with the latest. >> he's the 17th head coach in franchise history, the 5th since 1990. he's now the field leader of the new york football giants. and he now faces a challenge of turning around a team that hasn't made the playoffs in four seasons. mcadoo spent the last two seasons as a defensive coordinator. he helped revitalize eli mannings career. the giants said mcadoo will work in tandem with jerry reese to reshape the team's roster which
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mcadoo becomes the second youngest coach in the nfl. he said in a statement today, i have been preparing for this moment my entire professional life. it has been a privilege to work and learn under coach tom coughlin. speculation was that the philadelphia eagles were eyeing tom coughlin as their next head coach. but today he took his name out of consideration for the job. giants fans can now take a deep breath. can you imagine seeing tom coughlin wearing an eagles jacket on the sidelines? mcadoo will be formally introduced at a news conference tomorrow morning. eli manage gets his man, big blew keeps a hot prospect who was being whoaed by the eagles and giants owner maintains the organizational stability that he covets. still ahead as we continue
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monitor the breaking news in herald square. a gas leak forcing a build evacuation. organ donations can safe a life. but did you know the state in which you live can also play a role? 4 investigates takes a look at how new york ranks. slowly but surely the temperatures will warm up even over today's readings. we're tracking a couple of storms heading in your direction. details are coming up next. and the oscar nominations are out. what film scored big? we'll take a look a little later
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women now to a news4 exclusive. you always hear how important organ donations are, how they're needed to help save patients lives. some states make the process easier, others much harder. michael george take as look at one man's story and how it's not typical for new yorkers. >> you may not recognize 74-year-old david child but you'll definitely recognize his work. he's the brain behind the designed of 1 world trade center.
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>> hard to breathe. i couldn't function. i felt just terrible. >> his lungs were filling up with fluid. he was near the end. >> more than 1500 people die every year waiting for a liver transplant. but waiting wasn't an option for david's son josh. >> i just wanted to make you better. and we were really all in it together. >> josh donated 60% of his liver to his dad in a live saving operation. david says he feels 20 years younger. >> i'm well. i'm a healthy young person compared to the old person that was fading on out. >> josh is doing great, too. his liver has already regrown 90%. it's the only organ capable of doing that. >> you real really well. this looks really good. >> not everyone is as lucky as josh and david. 4 investigates looks into organ donation numbers and found where you live could determine whether you live or die. new york is near the bottom of the list.
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currently waiting for organs. but people waiting for a liver transplant here have only a 50% chance of getting one in a year. compare that with florida where your chances go up to 90%. >> it would be terrific if there were enough organs were everybody, but there aren't. >> transplant surgeon says new york's need is greater than o parts of the country. transplant doctors are working to improve the session. but david and his sewn josh said they're living proof that lives could be saved if more were willing to donate. >> to be give something like that, forget the lottery. >> and just two months after the operation, david is already back in the office. he tells me he has many more years of contributing to the new york city sighline. michael george, news4 new york. well a rare january hurricane is churning in the atlantic for the first time in nearly eight decades. herk alex is expected to hit
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making its debut six months a ahead of the typical hurricane season. >> very unusual. well, in this el nino year we're likely to see just about anything. we're trying to look up the water temperatures to see how warm it is. because storms like that usually need 80-degree water temperature to intensify at that level. we're going to be checking that to see what's happening over there. alex, we're on name number bun, storm number one and the hurricane season has not officially begun. in the meantime our weather remains a bit tricky and variable around the tri-state area. today we warmed up a few more degrees but it was still chilly. there was a breeze blowing out there today. mid to upper 30s, finally above freezing. some of you had light snow this morning. there was a dusting scattered around here and there and a few flurries. that disfur bans has moved on. tonight won't be as cold.
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and then we've got a couple of storms this weekend starting tomorrow night. temperatures over northern new jersey are right around freezing right now. across long island, mid to upper 30s. 37 in midtown right now, close to 40 in long branch. there's a slight breeze, not too bad. but it still gives a little bit of a sting to the atmosphere and makes the temperatures feel colder, like by some 3 to 5 degrees here and there. we've got clouds in place right now. there's some clearing back to the south and west. we'll see a little bit of that late tonight and tomorrow. look at the big picture here. pretty quiet over the central portion of the country. there's moisture bubbling up over the gulf coast. we're going to see partly cloudy skies tonight. not too chilly this time around. mid-30s through 11 clnk tonight and then down to the low 30s in the city a little later on. the skies are going to clear out. clouds will form tomorrow but
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we start to see rain moving up around 10:00 tomorrow night. we're expecting temperatures in the 40s to 50 tomorrow. you won't have to worry about anything frozen unless you're way northwest. could be a little bit of light snow here or some ice as they're cold air trapped in the valleys. . most of it is going to happen overnight into early saturday morning. the rest of the day should start to clear out in the afternoon and we'll have mainly fair skies. but there is another storm system, looks like it's going to miss up offshore that's coming in sunday night. we might get light snow from it. not a direct impact. most of sunday should be dry. the snow showers will show up late in the evening. 48 tomorrow and 48 on saturday. here we go again with the temperatures near 50 degrees. sunday with a chill and it's cold on martin luther king monday at 30. the year's oscar nominations
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>> "the revenant" led the pack with 12 nominations. the film was one of eight nominated for the most coveted award, best picture. >> the other nominees were "the big short", "bridge of spies" "brooklyn", the martian and spotlight. >> bryan cranston, golden globe winners, matt day mop and leonardo dicaprio, michael fast bender for "steve jobs" and eddie redmayne. and the best actress nominees are cate blanchett, golden globe winner jennifer lawrence for "joy", charlotte ramp ling and sere sha ronan for brooklyn. you can see the fill list of nominees on our website. >> you're not the only one
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>> interesting sp ling. lovely irish name. up next on news4 new york at 5:00, making its debut at the museum of natural history. wait until you see the size of this thing. a vicious attack inside this high school, leaves a student hospitalized. >> the i-team investigates accusationings of a hate crime.
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one of the largest creature to ever walk the sert on display at the museum of natural history.
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years ago that in size made tie ran saw rus rex look like a lap dog. i'm scared. >> the titanosaur is so big it doesn't fit in the gallery designed for it. what you'll see is a cast of the dinosaur. its actual bones are too heavy to mount. but some of the ak chum fossils will be on display. >> three times the size of the tie ran saw rus rex, the titanosaur has arrived. >> he didn't fit in the gallery and his head protuds and welcomes our visitors as they enter. >> his head sticking out into the lobby. 122 feet long, a massive dinosaur that wouldn't have been much of a threat if you found yourself in the fight of your life in "jurassic park."
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as a vedge tear. >> this is a young adult. imagine what it would be like if it were a full-grown adult. >> to give you some idea of the size, many have seen a t-rex fos. the titanosaur is three times that size. check out this picture from the excavation site in south america. 84 fossils discovered in 2014 and what a process just to move these bones. >> what you need to do, for each of the bones, you need to isolate the bone with plaster. make a plaster jacket that will protect the bone. >> a plaster jacket over each bone to protect them in transport. the end result is incredible.
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dinosaur could peek into a fifth floor window here in new york city. this one lived about 100 million years ago. >> at least he was a vegetarian. up next at 5:30, we'll update the breaking news of the gas leek. >> checkey beckford just arrived on the scene. plus this -- a gang of teens assaulted a 67-year-old man right on the sidewalk. did nay know they were caught on camera? i'm michael george. we'll show you the video coming up. and a man walks into a connecticut restaurant with a gun on his hip triggering a tense situation with police. but is he breaking the law?
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