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tv   Today in New York  NBC  January 15, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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right now, we are learning more about the attempted robbery that ended with gunshots fired inside a long island bank. the debate over horse-drawn carriages. why some are furious over new plans that's almost a done deal. and the gloves are off and the knives are out. last night's contentious gop debate. "today in new york" starts now. good morning, everyone. it's friday morning. it's january 15th. i'm darlene rodriguez. >> i'm michael gargiulo. storm team 4's chris cimino here with the first look at this friday forecast. chris, i'm confused as to where we are. >> well, we're here in the studio. i can tell you that much. it's january 15th. i know that. it's a friday. but temperatures much milder in many cases than yesterday morning at this time. still chilly to the north| seeing 30 in hopewell junction. the city at 35. that's a dozen warmer than it was yesterday that the time.
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still some chill, between 20 and 25. some patchy clouds out there right now. our next weather maker, an area of rain you see over the southeastern 7y9sis. we run out of cold air, so when it arrives, it will be a rainmaker. plan on the day clouding over. mild by noon, it's 45. forecasting a high close to the 50-degree mark this afternoon. some wet weather and more cold weather to talk about. first, let's get the early update on a friday morning commute. >> good morning. there are a few things that could potentiall get in your way as you head out the door. we'll head to 82, morris avenue, where it's closed in both directions between springfield avenue and route 24. this is all because of a water main break. we also have roadwork that's shutting down some roads out of the holland tunnel. the covered roadway here, 139, is shut down, as well as the southbound pulaski skyway. we'll have more weather and traffic coming up. >> thank you. it's 4:31. an attempted robber is in the hospital after a security guard
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those shots were fired inside the bank with customers nearby. "today in new york's" lori bordonaro is in franklin square with how it unfolded. >> reporter: good morning, darlene. we're waiting to find out who that security guard is. we know he's a retired police officer that took down that would-be robber here inside this chase bank, possibly saving lives. police say the armed robber came into the bank here on franklin avenue at about 5:30 yesterday afternoon. there were seven employees and eight customers here at the time. the robber allegedly pointed his gun at the two security guards inside the bank. one of those plain clothes security guards shot the robber four time. he was taken to the hospital and is expected todw survive. investigators have been out here, they were out here most of the night gathering evidence. fortunately, no one was hurt here. certainly very scary moments for all of those people here inside the bank. right now there is a sign here posted on the bank saying that
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>> all right. lori, thank you. right now police in indonesia say they're hunting for terror cells with links to yesterday's deadly jakarta terror assault. five attackers and two civilians were killed. tourist. police say an isis flag was found at the scene of the assault. also today, three men were taken in for questioning. right now police are not linking attacks. police have just released pictures of a man wanted for a violent robbery on staten island. police say the suspect approached a 45-year-old man behind a building on gordon street in clifton on december 1st. he allegedly punched the man several times, grabbed his wallet, and ran off. police tell us he got away with about $600 in cash. happening today, some students will be returning to school two days after being sent home with a nasty stomach virus. 88 students were sent home sick in the last two days at ps-12 in
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crews did disinfect the school, and none of the children had to be sent to the hospital. also happening today, officials plan to reopen two midtown office buildings that were evacuated because of a gas leak. nearly 500 people forced to leave those buildings on 37th street between 7th and 8th avenues yesterday. workers spent the night repairing a broken eight-inch main 4:33, time for weather and traffic on the 4s this friday morning. >> we made it. after a really cold, chilly week, looks like a nice mild finish. starting out above freezing in most areas. in the five boroughs at least. city island, 33. staten island at 30. 20s around the northwestern suburbs and hudson valley. partly cloudy right now. that's the way the day is going to play out. more clouds as we go through the day. not so cold this morning.
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afternoon. we'll see a little rain later tonight, probably after 10:00 or 11:00. right now, not bad. a few clouds out there. upper 30s by 8:00. mid-40s by noon. getting close to 50 by 3:00 this afternoon. we'll talk more about the rain and changeable forecast in a little bit. >> a pretty quiet go. we have overnight track work on ten different subway lines. if you're getting on the buses, some service changes on the b-35, b-70, m-15 and m-79. alternate side of the street parking rules in effect. >> all right, lauren. thank you very much. happening now, the nypd is looking for a man wanted for a shooting in the bronx. they're asking for your help to find him. going to show you the suspect, 31-year-old juan rivera. investigators say on december 30th, he walked up to a man in the fordham heights section, shot him in the jaw and the back.
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hospital in stable condition. if you have any information, you're asked to contact police. the man arrested for a shooting at the roosevelt field mall on long island is due in court today. 21-year-old oliver lee is accused of trying to rob a tourneau store inside the mall three days before christmas. during a struggle with a security guard, his gun went off, hitting a 67-year-old mall employee in the shoulder. an elderly man now in the hospital after being hit by a motorcycle on the upper west side of manhattan. police say the 73-year-old man was crossing the intersection at 96th street and amsterdam avenue when he was hit. the man was out of the crosswalk, the motorcyclist had the right-of-way. the man was taken to the hospital with head injuries and is in critical condition. this area, though, has had a history of serious accidents. residents say they've been pushing for tougher traffic laws for years. >> a lot of very reckless and horrible driving around here. i'm not sure what could be done about disturbing, especially since i
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>> that motorcyclist was also taken to the hospital with injuries. so far, he's not facing any charges. 4:36 right now. the iowa caucuses are just 17 days away. with pressure mounting, last night's republican hard punches. president biggest battle was between donald trump and ted cruz. trump once again questioned cruz's ability to run because cruz was born in canada. cruz countered by saying trump embodies new york values. >> the values in new york city are socially liberal, pro-abortion, pro-gay marriage. >> when the world trade center came down, i saw something that no place on earth could have handled more beautifully, more humanely than new york. >> governor chris christie and senator marco rubio also exchanged attacks. the "today" show will have a
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fireworks from last night's debate. that's at 7:00 a.m. after "today in new york." meanwhile, democratic candidate hillary clinton admits she does watch the gop debates, sometimes with husband bill. that's what she told jimmy fallon last night. she also said she's not intimidated by donald trump. >> donald trump the other night, i don't know if you saw. [ laughter ] >> tell you what, he's a lot more obsessed with me than i am with him. >> jimmy suggesting that clinton play a drinking game. every time the republicans mention her name. he said, i don't think i'd make it past the first half hour. well, this morning there's renewed debate over a popular new york city tourist attraction. there is yet another new deal now to kek carriages on city streets. not everybody is happy about it. "today in new york's" katherine creag is in central park with both sides of the story.
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gone back and forth. east side, central park, all over the place, west side, for months now. >> reporter: absolutely, michael. following those political stories, this has become a political issue as well. a big debate. the horse-drawn carriages. as you know, they gather along here, central park south by the plaza hotel. some people believe they're the fabric of new york. then you have animal rights activists, even celebrities getting involved in this issue. mayor de blasio, when he ran for office, wanted to do away with them over concerns about how the animals were being treated. now it looks like there's going to be a compromise. the horse-drawn carriages will stay put, although the number of carriages allowed may be reduced by a great number. a source tells news 4 a deal on the future of the carriages is close to being finalized. michael, as part of the deal, the horses would also get a new permanent home, stables inside central park.
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now are on the west side highway. you'll be on 8th avenue, 10th avenue with a horse-drawn carriage next to you. so this way, they would away from traffic. >> kat, thanks very much. this morning we're seeing the takedown of an alleged gunman in the bronx. this is in morris heights. officers say they were on patrol, heard gunshots, and saw the suspect fire off another round and walk away. he fay ces a number of weapons charges. while you weredw sleeping, the number of areas banning hoverboards got bigger. the powerball prank could make your blood boil. it could get even worse when you
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and your weather and traffic on the 4s coming up. and don't forget to follow us on facebook, twitter, and instagram. michaelg4ny, darlene4ny.
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four things to know this friday morning. police are searching for this man after a violent robbery on staten island. investigators say he punched a man several times on gordon street in clifton and stole from that victim and ran off. there are worries on wall street this morning after china's stocks plummeted overnight. those concerns could be feeding into lower futures on wall street this morning. president obama's first big interview after this week's state of the union will be on youtube. it will be today.
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a live event at 2:15, and they'll field questions using this hashtag, youtube asks obama. and the giants plan to introduce their new head coach at a news conference later this morning. 28-year-old ben mcadoo taking over the job after two years as offensive coordinator under tom coughlin. 4:44. we've made it to a friday morning. it's a little milder out there this morning. that's the way the day is going to play out. above-normal temperatures for a change. rain moves in later on tonight into the first half of the day tomorrow. should be out of here by tomorrow afternoon. that's going to be followed by another shot of cold air again next week. right now looks to be also storm free. the city is 12 degrees warmer than it was 24 hours ago. jackson heights,
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36 in chelsea right now. low 20s towards northwest new jersey into monticello. out across long island, right at the freezing mark. above freezing right now in long branch at 34. generally clear to partly cloudy right now. clouds are gaining on us from the west and southwest. where is that storm coming from? out over the southeastern states. typically you'd look at this and see a track going towards the coast and think we might be in line for a snowstorm. there just isn't enough cold air to work with by the time the storm gets here. we're looking at again mainly a rainmaker. future tracker shows the clouds not too bad during the midday hours. we'll get some sunshine in here. they'll thicken up toward sunset time. by 10:00, 11:00, rain starts to break out. the heavier rain stays offshore. by 8:00 a.m., the rain may be winding down in central new
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by afternoon, still a lot leftover clouds, then we'll clear on out tomorrow night. sunday, increasing clouds again. another system gets close to us. this time, it's cold enough it would be snow if we saw it. maybe eastern long island gets coated with a little bit of snow. that would be later on sunday night. meantime, looking at 54 today. that's not bad at all. long branch, 53. a dry day. no umbrellas needed today. tonight, dry through the evening hours. if you plan on being out after 10:00 or so, take along the umbrella. then the rain winds down quickly. if you sleep in tomorrow morning, you may miss most of it. maybe breaks in the overcast late. colder sunday, 38. there's a flurry chance here or there. much colder early next week. look at martin luther king day. only 29 for a high. 32 tuesday. it with temperatures staying on the cold side. 4:46. lauren, i hope it's still quiet. >> just a couple things out there.
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summit area. route 82, morris avenue, shut down between springfield avenue and route 24. here's route 3 in east rutherford. things moving along nicely. and heading over queen, here's the grand central parkway by laguardia airport. this is what most of the major roadways look like, as they should at 4:46 in the morning. alternate side of the street parking rules in heskt. we'll have your next weather and traffic update on the 4s. in brooklyn, prosecutors have six months to indict five teens accused of raping a young woman in a park. the d.a.'s office says it needs to be time to build a case. the alleged rape happened last thursday at osborn park. two of the teens say the sex was consensual. police say there was a crime committed. investigators are awaiting dna results. the chicago police department once again under
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this happened back in 2003. public. it shows officer kevin frye gunning down unarmed teenager cedric chapman, who's a suspect in a carjacking. the officer claims he feared for his life when he saw the teen turn with an object in his hand. that object turned out to be an iphone box. lawsuit. >> it's a wrongful death case. we're seeking, you know, answers to what actually happened in this case. also, for linda chapman for the loss of her son. >> officer frye was cleared of any wrongdoing. however, a detective in the internal investigation,#* person is also suing the city. he says he was wrongly terminated for opposing the chain of command and recommending that the officer should be fired. and we have some sad news from colorado this morning. a teenager who fell into an icy pond has died.
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minutes before rescuers could get to him. first responders also pulled two other teenagers from the pond. one is in critical condition. the other is said to be doing well. and michigan's governor wants president obama to declare a federal de isaster in one city where the drinking water is contaminated. governor snyder sent out this tweet, showing his request. he wants federal resources to help the city of flint. residents there are living with high levels of corrosion and lead in their water. that contamination poses a particular threat to children. one new jersey mayor wants your help in finding homes for dozens of abandoned cats and dogs. we told you yesterday rescue volunteers and police found nearly 50 animals living in filth inside a north bergen home. 11 cats and one dog were also found debt there. anyone looking to adopt pets can call the north bergen animal shelter.
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travel war , urging pregnant women not to travel to certain parts of the caribbean. researchers believe the zika virus is to blame. it's transmitted by mosquitos. if a pregnant woman is infected, the virus could be spread to her unborn child. rutgers university is telling students to leave the hoverboards home. officials there have banned this popular holiday gift, and now fordham university is doing the same thing. fordham sent out an e-mail telling students that hoverboards are not allowed on campus. both schools say the decision was made because of fire concerns and risk of falls and injuries. 4:50 now. backstreet boys. singer nick carter ran into trouble with the law in florida. he faced a judge thursday after getting arrested for a bar fight the night before. police say he grabbed a bouncer by the throat outside the hog's breath saloon in key west. the scuffle allegedly began with a bartender refused to serve carter and his friend because they appeared drunk.
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charge. well, the winners of the $1.6 billion powerball jackpot are still a mystery, but we're learning more about a california nurse who thought she had won. for a time yesterday, employees at the park avenue health and wellness center in pomona were celebrating a fellow nurse thatn reportedly received a photo from her son of what he said was the winning ticket. it turns out it was a bad practical joke. the facility's owner asked the manager to express his shi ympathy for the woman. >> the son played a joke. i want to let her know i'd probably be willing to send her on a vacation somewhere, because it's not a nice joke. >> no, it's not. the owner bought 18,000 powerball tickets for patients and nurses before the record drawing. >> it's happened a couple times. i don't know why people would think this would remotely be
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it's a horrible joke. if he's a young boy, you know, lesson hopefully learned. >> hopefully. 4:51 right now. still to come, two huge projects that could halt subway service for brooklyn commuters. what you need to know about the n and l trains coming up next.
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with very rough seas. we haven't seen a winter storm like this since 1978. chris, the azores right in the middle of the atlantic? >> a little more toward the east. closerer closer to europe. not expected to hit europe. nonetheless, this late in the season it's incredible. afoekt fecting the azores right now. 1978, last time they had a name storm in the atlantic this late in the season. we've seen a lot of strange weather these days. meantime for us, we're going to see temperatures head back above normal here. we'll have sun giving way to clouds as the day wears on. it's nice, mild, dry day. up around 50 with less wind. this one will feel more comfortable to be out. evening hours, quiet and thickening clouds through the evening that will lead to rain probably at 9:00 or 10:00 in the most area. low temperature in the 40s. again, you don't have to shovel
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>> no problem there. >> hey, lauren. >> good morning. we still have plenty of overnight track work this morning. you can expect delays and service changes for about five or ten more minutes. hopefully by time you get there, that will all be wrapped up. we'll take a live look outside at the staten island expressway by victory boulevard. everything is in good shape. all major roadways are passable. nothing is really shut down right now. that's always good news for the morning commute. >> all right, lauren. thank you. two major construction projects could leave hundreds of thousands of brooklyn commuters without subway service. the first project begins monday when the manhattan-bound platforms at nine subway stations along the_ n subway line will be closed for a 14-month renovation. once that phase is finished, work will then begin on the coney island bound platforms. the mta is also planning a major repair that will shut down the l line into manhattan for months, if not years.
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this for anyone. it's going to be difficult. >> people are going to be doing a lot of crazy rerouting. >> it's too much for us. how much can we take? >> the mta says the total shutdown of the l line is needed so crews can repair major salt water damage caused by hurricane sandy. but it could be another year before those repairs begin. the latest effort to reform the port authority may have hit a roadblock. a new jersey senate panel approved a reform measure yesterday. this calls for legislative oversight of the agency. that provision is not part of a bill that's already been approved by lawmakers in new york. both states run the port authority and need to pass the exact same legislation in order for it to become law. david bowie's family is staying out of the public eye and insisting his funeral will be a private matter. that message was posted on the late rock star's facebook page. he died last weekend here in new york. his family says they're overwhelmed by an outpouring of love. they also welcome the bowie
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carnegie hall in march. " harry potter" fans and many others are mourning the death of alan rickman. daniel radcliffe issued a heartfelt statement, calling alan rickman a kind and generous and funny man. the actor in movies like "die hard" and "love actually." rickman even appeared on broadway recently in the play "seminar." happening today, vice president joe biden answers a mandate to fight theillness that claimed the lives of david bowie, alan rickman, and his own son beau biden. president obama called on booidn to lead an effort to battle cancer. joe biden has already called for a moon shot, in his words, to cure the disease. he'll speak at the university of pennsylvania today. beau biden died of brain cancer last year. a man is now facing charges
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bench belonging to neil patrick harris. police say the man took the bench from the front of the actor's home in manhattan. they say harris' butler noticed the bench missing and canvassed the area. that's when he saw the suspect trying to sell the bench. police say he has nine prior arrests on drug charges. see, i grew up in new york city. so did you. you don't leave anything outside. >> my butler is very, very good. >> he took care of that stuff for you. coming up on 5:00 a.m., if you're heading out the door, take us with you. >>l;f+r our next hour starts right now. this morning, a would-be bank robber waking up in the hospital after a security guard opened fire inside a busy long island business. new plan, new problem. the deal in the works over new york city's horse-drawn carriages that has critics furious. first a big move, now a new
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general electric.
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