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tv   News 4 New York at Noon  NBC  January 15, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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hey, good afternoon i'm rob schmitt. >> and i'm kerry barrett. it's not often that you hear the mayor agreeing with donald trump, but today he's making an exception. >> the mayor is reacting to last night's republican debate where ted cruz attacked trump's new york values. news 4's katherine creag has more with what the mayor had to say, kat. >> reporter: also what new yorkers have to say, some of them we have to admit, might have to be censors. we talked with the mayor and he's not always in agreement or rarely ever in agreement with donald trump, and that this might be a first, but he said that he is fired up about what senator ted cruz had to say about new york values. cruz has made remarks recently describing what he calls, quote, trump's new york values. a conservative, conservative could never emerge from new york city. that new yorkers are socially liberal. they are remarks that some have
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and insulting. first, we're going to hear from mayor de blasio. what he said, then you'll hear the exchange between ted cruz and donald trump, and republican presidential debate last night. >> inassaulted that ted cruz said about. i find myself for once in agreement with donald trump. i think ted cruz owes the people of new york city an apology. >> but everyone understands that the values in new york city are socially liberal or pro-abortion, or pro-gay marriage, focus around money and the media. >> when the world trade center came down, i saw something that no place on earth could have handled more beautifully, more humanely than new york. and i have to tell you, that was a very insulting statement that ted made. >> reporter: and new yorkers have something to say about what ted cruz said and they were not
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>> i'm glad he feels that way new york. >> how can he say that about new yorkers? we're very compassionate people. and i think it's horrific. for him to do that to us. >> reporter: and the mayor also talked cruz's loan from goldman sachs during his 2012 bid for the senate. the mayor says he's critical of new york, but like's new york money. goldman sachs is headquartered here. the mayor and governor said that cruz should apologize to all new yorkers for his remarks. reporting live in turtle bay, katherine creag, news 4, new york. >> there's one new yorker that's commenting, hillary clinton, also talking about this. she just tweeted, quote, just this once, trump's right. new yorkers value hard work, diversity, tolerance, resilience, and building better lives for our families. we are following breaking news out of hawaii. where two marine helicopters
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the marines were conducting a nighttime training mission near washington hue when the choppers collided in midair. rescuers spotted debris and at least one empty life raft, but have not found any sign of survivors. >> following that closely. now to wall street, everybody's watching the markets after the dow dropped more than 400 points this morning. >> its been a mess here for the last couple of weeks. the latest numbers, let's check in with bill griffith. >> the roller coaster ride continues, big sell-off wednesday. they've rally, yesterday, even bigger sell-off today, oil prices are at 12-year low's, and then this morning, retail sales figures for december that actually showed a decline. that's never good. and for all of the holiday shopping season, we now know retail sales were up just 3% when a higher number was expected. dow is down 416 points. let me tell you about oil and why it's down. it all has to do with iran. the international sanctions
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to be lifted after they have proven that they had dismantled their nuclear weapons program. iran is the fourth largest oil-producer nor the world. and with the sanctions gone, it'll billion free to sell oil again in the world market. and that means as early as this monday, another half a million barrels of oil, a day, will hit this market that already is seeing a glut of oil. what's going on is more people are producing, and all the big consumers around the world, like china, are slow egg down. so you've got a lot more oil than you need. and this is bad for producers, but of course, what this means is good for consumers. cost of gasoline is only headed down even more than it already is right now. right now we're facing this big volatility on wall street. monday we're closed because of martin luther king and traders don't want to be in that market over that three-day weekend. that's what's going on. >> nobody stops producing oil. thank you. >> keep us posted.
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he is is replacing a legend, today it was about looking forward as ben macadu was there to take it all in, bruce. >> reporter: kerry, there was a new head coach at the giants podium today. big blue introduced ben mcadoo to replace tom coughlin. the 38-year-old epa pennsylvania native was helping franchise bring home their first vince lombardi trophy. mcadoo was the first choice, and the last choice of the giant's brass to become the team's 17th head coach. today he was formerly introduced by john mara at flanked by john tish and lori tish, and jerry reese. mcadoo looked confident, but played it close to the vest at his first news conference. and he sounded like a coach from beginning to end. >> i like the pressure.
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this is the opportunity of a lifetime. it's the capital of the world, it's the football capital of the world. what could be better? than this type of opportunity? than this type of pressure. and you prepare for it. and i've been a guy that's been baptized by fire, and i'm comfortable with it. >> is he the guy that helped restore the integrity? >> that's why we are, we wanted to bring back the pride to this team. its been a rough four and a half years. >> what's the mission as you go forward with this football team? >> the mission, it's all about the vision. we want to put the fifth lombardi trophy in the case and everything we do is going to be reinvolved around that. >> reporter: this is a crucial higher for the giants as they try to restore credibility. is he the right man for the job? only time will tell. but certain things are for sure, he's got the fire, and the desire, and the backing of his players to get it done.
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beck, news 4 new york, rob and kerry, back to you. >> thank you. mayor de blasio says that a dialogue is continuing between the city and new york's horse and carriage drivers. he made way about concerns about how the animals were treated. but so far, nothing's happened. well this morning, the mayor said the discussions are still ongoing, but there's no indication that any deal will be made any time soon. there have been rumors that as many as two-thirds of the 200 horses would be permanently retired and remaining horses would get a new permanent home at a stable in central park. portfolios at a long island -- employees at a long island bank were after a work after a scare. armed gunman threatened to rob a chase bank. than until a security guard intervened. news 4's lori bordonaro was there where that bank has just reopened, lori. >> reporter: and rob, the chase bank here just reopened about an hour ago.
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their usual time this morning. one of them told me, they are very shaken up, but says they're trained for situations like this. police came in through the back door, hugging as they ie reporting live this morning at the bank's franklin square branch. >> i hope the people over there are all right. i go to this place every week. there's nice people over here. >> reporter: seven employees and eight customers were in the bank yesterday when the armed gunmen came in just before closing. police say he told them it was a hold-up. then pointed his gun at two security guards, as those inside dropped to the ground. one much those security guards, a retired police officer, shot the would-be robber four times. >> probablyfuls a good thing, right? he saved people's lives. >> reporter: he comes here with his son and say's he's thankful he wasn't inside. this morning, many customers are arrived to find the bank closed, but not surprised to hear about
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>> i guess this place has been robbed a few times. this isn't the first time. >> it was one robbery there. last year. but it happens more often now. >> reporter: police are investigating, they have not released the name of the gunman, he is in the hospital and expected to survive. live in franklin square, lor ally bordonaro, news 4 new york. >> thank you. coming up next at noon, a health alert. dangerous untreatable virus posing a really big risk to pregnant women in central america and in the caribbean, but could it spread to the united states? and are these the first powerball winners? why this couple decided to show off their ticket on national tv before cashing it in. and dave price is here, and it feels nicer outside. >> it does, we didn't win powerball, but we won the temperature lottery. temps all the way up, close to 50 degrees. we're going to be talking about how long that lasts and what's in store for your weekend forecast.
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you could get free installation, no data cap, and access to over 400,000 twc wifi hotspots with select plans. call now. new at noon, police looking into a woman's claims that she was raped at the port authority bus terminal. she's 28 years old, she tells police she met a man on a dating website. they agreed to meet at the midtown terminal. when she got there, he held a gun to her back and forced her into a secluded area of the terminal where he raped her. police are investigating. also new at noon, police captured the man accused of raping his girlfriend's ten-year-old sister. the nypd's fugitive apprehension team tracked double the 24-year-old into minnesota. he allegedly attacked the child at a home. this was back in october. the assault was violent, she
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police charged him with rape and assault among other crimes. all right. also in brooklyn, two people hurt in an early morning accident involving an ambulance. chopper 4 above the intersection, this happened around 5:15 this morning. two victims were taken to the hospital in serious condition, it's not clear if the injured people were in the ambulance or if there was a patient in the back of that ambulance. walmart sl closing stores in the united states. they'll mainly consistent of walmart's smaller walmart express stories with 10,000 employees losing their joshes. it comes three months after walmart's ceo says the company would review at its 11,000 stores worldwide in the face of increased competition and online rivals, like cdc is expected to issue a travel warning urging pregnant women not to travel to certain
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and south america. there have been thousands of birth defects in those regions. and researchers believe the zika virus is blamed for this. it's transmitted by mosquitos. the virus could be spread to her unborn child. children with the virus are often born with underdeveloped heads, and brains. very serious. >> yeah. since wednesday night's drawing, of course everybody's been wondering, who's holding those winning powerball tickets? >> three winning tickets were sold, meaning that each would get more than a half a billion dollars. plenty of money. and today a couple holding one of those tickets came forward. nourl's mark barger has their story. >> a world record jackpot -- >> reporter: the question of who won the record-setting $1.5 billion jackpot may be partially answered. with winning tickets sold in california, florida, and tennessee, one couple has come forward saying they have one of
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mumford, tennessee. >> it's not going very far. appearing on the "today" show, john anne lisa robinson who haven't turned their ticket into lottery officials decided to go on television first. >> well, i think the american public wants to hear from them, and even though they want to be private after this is over, they want to, you know, let the public know that they're the winners. >> robinson's live next door to the mumford gresh ri store where the ticket was sold. >> look again, they're the same, looked again, and the third time, i ran, john, john, check these numbers. >> so i checked them. actually four times, and i said, well, i believe it when the news comes on in the morning, and they say, hey, there's a winner been in mumford. >> so what's it like to be carrying around a ticket worth $533 million? >> now i'll be nervous, because everybody knows. >> reporter: the next stop, turning in their ticket to lottery officials to make tobacco official.
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another powerball player senior feeling the exact opposite feeling today. a nurse in -- this is just brutal. california, thought she had won with a ticket that was given to her by her boss. well it turns out that a photo of a winning lottery ticket that she received was a prank. this was done to her by her own son. got her all excited. today the woman's coworkers feel very sorry for her. >> my gosh, if the son played a joke, and you want me to let her know that i would probably be willing to send her on a vacation, all-paid vacation somewhere because it's not a nice joke. >> i mean -- >> look at her out there waving. she's like, i won. >> this is when the cameras there. this is probably longer after she heard the news. the son has not commented in this. >> of course not. >> grounded forever. >> he's in hiding. >> you saw a picture.
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>> he looks late teens, early 20s -- >> you expect them to be a little smarter. well, we're not talking about the teens or 20s here. >> no, we're not, 40s close to 50. how does that sound? >> let's walk over to the weather wall right now. go through the details as we look at the plaza, what's not there? it's the christmas tree. it's gone, and in fact it feels like it's close to springtime, doesn't it? kplooes comparatively, compared to what we've seen over the last 24 hours or so. let's put up the numbers and see what's going on. cloudy skies, partly cloudy sky once temperatures in the upper 40s well above where we typically are this time of the year. here are the headlines, icy to the north and west. rest of us seeing rainy conditions. then tomorrow, another day of mild temperatures. close tom 50 degrees. if you're looking for the cold air, that'll be back in store for us as we head into next week. all right. the maps right fwhoub terms around the region, pretty much in the 40s.
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north and west to monticello and sussex. we're at 50 degrees in long branch right now. 50 in west hampton, inching into the 50s in montak. all right. so, compared to the norm, where are we? we are bell above it. 38 is our average, 50 is where we'll get to today. where is the snow? it's just not around. what we do have a fair amount of cloud cover, that'll get thicker through the day. as this moisture kind of climbs up the coast, and that's what we're going to see rolling in as we head through to tonight. let's use future tracker right now to figure out who gets what when. now let's put it into motion. first, the clouds, thicken through the day. now, friday, tonight, at 11:00, that's when we see the moisture begin to roll into the area. late into the overnight, see the north and west, monticello, out to the north and west, that's where we're going to see those mixed conditions or icy conditions. sop just take good care overnight.
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begins to push eastward, still long island has some rain. into westport and weston, tomorrow, and even into bridgeport, and then by the time we get to the mid-morning, it's really pushed out of the way. and that's the good news. the end of the day looks nice. sunday, of course, we have another coastal system, but this one looks like it's going to stay out into the atlantic. what we're going to see is the pressure grade i can't bring us breezy conditions for the north and east. and that's about all she wrote on that system. so today, 50 degrees, mild and dry to start, increasing clouds through the afternoon. that's what we're seeing a little bit of right now. tonight, we're going to get down to 42 degrees in the city, but much cooler as we discussed to the north and west, and then that's where we're going to see icy conditions potentially. and seven day forecast. looks like it's going to be windy and cold as we celebrate the commemoration of dr. martin luther king's birthday. 30 degrees on monday. tuesday, bittery, bittery, bitter, and blustery. there we go.
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i'll be great tonight at 5:30. 36 degrees on wednesday. thursday, 36 degrees, and friday, we'll see a little bit of snow possible. that's a way's out. in the meantime, i'm going to get oil and lube for my jaw and i'll see you a little bit later. >> that i think 5:30 prediction is a bit of a stretch. >> oh. i'm just teasing. we love you. see ya. new york live is next at 12:30. >> here's what's ahead. >> i thought we were in a comedy club. the rev nant. plus she's taking on kevin hart in ride along 2. comedy rosewood and more with the hilarious and talented sherry shepard. that and more right here at 12:30. >> see you later, thank you. still ahead on news 4 new york at noon, could it be the best diet ever?
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tacos for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, how does that sound? well if the answer is good, maybe you should try the latest craze on the diet scene. there is a catch. the 30 data co. cleanse comes from three taco scientists in austin, texas. that's something to proclaim. tacos for all three meals, but there is a big catch, the recipes are all vegan. that's the tough part. you might be eating tacos, but you're really kind of eating a salad that's inside of a tortilla. >> you're a taco scientist. >> avocado, lettuce, tomato. starting today, who needs
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of natural history. so this is the dinosaur on view, it is so big, 122 feet long that you're greeted by it's head sticking out of a doorway. it is ian bigger thanl the museum's famous blue whale model. this mammoth dinosaur found in argentina and as fierce as it looks, it too, much like the tacos, was vegan. >> 44-foot neck. all the way to the top of the trees. three time us the size of the t-rex. >> you know a lot about this. >> i did the story yesterday.
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