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tv   News 4 New York at 530  NBC  January 15, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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right now on news4 new york, high tensions on a plan to build an islamic center in new jersey. a muslim community center proposed is drawing the heated debate >> it comes to a showdown next week. the center will be located in bay on. news4's brian thompson is there right now. >> reporter: yeah. and this center's zoning board will be meeting here at city hall on tuesday to hear the case for that community center for muslims, just a few blocks from here. and it does promise to be a very
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a old industrial building, now a flash point in bayonne. the muslim community pray in the basement. they want to move into this neighborhood. but as these signs show, not everyone is on board with that plan. >> always come back to what the mosque are, what's happening at the mosque, what the koran preaches. it's a clash of cultures. >> flyers reading no mosque no mosque. something city officials take to be a double slam against hispanics and muslims. we found facebook postings against the move calling muslims a dangerous threat and i hate muslims, and using words we can't put on the word. >> look at what they're doing to the world. bombing everybody, creating a world full of trouble. >> reporter: but there are supporters here as well.
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>> nasty, bigoted racist comments. >> reporter: in a neighborhood that proudly flies the american flag. >> we have separation of church and state for a reason, now we, to be able to allow people to do whatever it is that they do with their religions. >> reporter: there's been a vibrant muslim community here for six years, is says the mayor. >> this is not what bayonne is. i've been here my whole life. born and raised here. this is a city sitting in the shadow of the statue of liberty. >> reporter: before the meeting, opponents promise to pack the plaza and the meeting itself to voice their opposition on everything from traffic concerns to fear. live in bayonne, i'm brine an thompson. now to the alleged gaing rape in brooklyn. yesterday we told you how the suspects were being set free without bail because there was not enough in evidence to indict them.
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before more facts come in. jonathan dienst has more. >> police say they will not rush the science. they're awaiting the dna test results. also trying to retrieve data from the teen's cell phones. they're insisting she gave consent. her dad die enies that. both he and his daughter were intoxicated at the time. the rape charges still stand but the brooklyn d.a.'s office needs for time to figure out what happened. they still believe the woman's claims. >> as i said earlier, we believe we found her very credible. this young lady was in the park at the time. i think it's well stated in the press. i don't have to restate it now. right now when someone comes to us with a complaint of rape, we take it very seriously. we're going to move forward to
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>> defense lawyers say the teens will be cure. . dna and cell phone results due next week could make the difference. back to you. a drug test gone wrong at a french clinic left one person dead and five others hospitalized. a total of 90 people took part in this trial. they were using a drug aimed attack ling mood and anxiety issues. the victims had been in good health until taking this oral medication. prosecutors have opened an investigation into this case. the vice president begins his mission to eradicate cancer. john biden is launching a moon shot initiative to break down the silence that he says is slowing down progress. he kicked off his mission with a roun table with doctors of the university of pennsylvania cancer center. he says there is too much competition and not enough sharing of information.
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information and the big data and the ability to transmit it quickly to you, could maybe move the ten years to five years. >> this is obviously a mission that hits close to home for biden. the vice president's son beau died of brain cancer last year. the rugged and bearded actor who played grizzly adams passed a away. he had been battling cancer of the spine. he had a lifelong affinity for wild animals, worked as a trainer for walt disney studios. haggerty was 74 years old. when we return, news that walmart is closing hundreds of its stores. and looking for the couple who robbed a queens bank and this comes as cops say they're making real progress in stopping bank robberies.
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around the metropolitan area but some rain too. as we head to the north and west, we could see some troubles in the form of ice. we'll talk about it all coming
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was it a bonnie and collides type bank a heist in queens in police say the man and woman both had guns and robbed the bank on rockaway boulevard. no unwas hurt but the police are looking for help. they want the catch the pair before they strike again. and the chances that they do get caught have gone up. the fbi and the nypd announced today that their joint bank robbery task force is fully operational with cases this year being solved at nearly the rate of just a few years ago. >> we have a number of additional strengths including the laws and the sentencing capabilities of the federal courts so that it makes for a perfect blending to have two sets of skills, as well as the two sets of capabilities. >> just last month the joint robbery task force caught suspects carrying out armored car heists in the bronx. retail giant walmart plans to close 269 of its stores, including 154 here in the u.s.
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affect the smaller wall part express stores. they aim to place as many of the workers as possible at nearby locations. the announcement comes three months after the ceo said it would conduct a performance review of its stores. chipotle is shutting down all of its stores next month for several hours. this comes as the chain try to battle back from a string of high profile food born illnesses. that will happen when the staff take part in it. chipotle says they'll discuss changes and answer questions from employees. a beached sale was just take in the sun on a jersey shore today and now the authorities are keeping a close eye on the sea animal. it was sitting in neptune this morning when a witness thought the sale was in trouble. but authorities determined he is okay. harbor sales are common in new jersey.
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them sunning themselves on the beach, the experts say please do not feed them and do not harass them. local dominicans lined up at the consulates office updating their ed cards so they can vote in the presidential election on may 15th. vote ares are electing a president, vice president, national congress as well as municipal offices. coming up, a unique view of one of broadway's most acclaimed shows. the view from the stage of arthur miller's "view from the bridge." what it's like for the actors to have the audience just feet away from them. >> here's lester holt with what's coming up at 6:30. from charles tosh, south carolina, the fallout from last night's republican debate as the democrats get ready to square off on sunday. we'll tell you what's behind another drop on wall street.
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small town couple that struck it rich in this week's powerball drawing. we see you right back here tonight. okay. for the soccer team... for the girl scout meeting... are you having?! at stop&shop, prices are down. savings are up. victory lane.
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mayor de blasio says a dialogue is continue between the city and new york's horse and carriage drivers. the mayor made a campaign promise to do away with horse drawn carriages over concerns on how the animals were being treated. but nothing has happened so far. this morning the mayor said discussions are still ongoing but there's no indication that any deal will be made soon. there have been rumors that as many as two-thirds of the horses would be permanently retired and the remaining horses would get a new permanent home at a stable in central park. no better time than january
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manage a bunch of passwords with one master password. set it up once. additional security features and encryption are built in so that your information won't be compromised. it works across numerous devices. last pass is free for ios and android. linda bare baquero. all right. dave price here now with a check of the weather. we got cold for a bit but now we're back to the atlanta like winter we've been seeing. >> don't get used to it because it's going to change again. i know a lot of folks will take gray skies as long as it's comfortable to walk in and it is dry. but there's going to be a little change in the next 24 hours.
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heading ore direction. well above average though. tomorrow it's going to be a nice day through the afternoon hours. the early morning hours still on the soggy side. then cold air into play next week. 49 degrees outside right now. we got to 51 at 2:42 this afternoon. temperatures in the upper 40s, 43 in poughkeepsie, 37 in monticello. clouds out and about and the moisture working its way up in our direction. probably another two hours away. this is the coastal system that's going to bring us the rain and the slick conditions to the north and the west. even though we're in the city, it's going to be in the 30s as you head out to the north and west suburbs and the elevated areas where the temperatures are naturally cooler. tonight and in the morning hours, the showers roll in, the showers push out and we're in
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a decent afternoon. sunday, breezy conditions. the winds shift out of the north and west. temperatures in the mid-30s. let's take it back and talk about rain totals. it's a quick moving system. 1:00 we see the rains start in earnest and 10:00 tomorrow, it's all gone and out of the way. but by noon we're on the safe side and out. temperatures, here's where our concern is. out to the north and west, orange, sullivan, into pike counties, that's where the temperatures are going to be the freezing mark or below and that's where the slick conditions prevail. but by tomorrow morning we'll warm up once again above the freezing mark and all of that should memt away. tonight, 42 degrees into the overnight. and into the next seven days, here's what you can expect. 32 degrees on monday, blustery and cool but dry as we head
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that's a quick look at your forecast. make it a great weekend. well broadway is celebrating the work of new york city native arthur miller. one of his well-known plays is getting rave reviews. "a view from the bridge." if you're lucky, you could get a view from the stage as gus rosen dale found out. >> you don't know nothing. they got stool pigeons all over the neighborhood. >> he's a less than perfect patriarch, married but infatuated by his niece driven wild when she falls in love with an immigrant that comes to stay at their house. >> at some point you found yourself really engaged with the characters of the story. >> mark strong plays the tortured long shoreman who shares his book at home with his family.
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scenery but there is an audience filling the wings, staging that carried over from london. >> luckily i'm shortsighted so i can't actually focus. >> arthur miller wrote the play in 1955. themes of sexual identity, controversial then, controversial now. >> i've looked out into the audience and you find a face, especially here in this city, you find a face that's looking at you trying almost to have a conversation with you. >> the truth is not as bad as blood. >> the action simmering before it explodes. family revelations. in the end theatrical destruction. >> it's delicate balance between allowing the audience to relax and then taking them on an intense ride. >> audience members surround the tragedy on the stage. >> you're looking in, you're all joyiers and you're involved
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>> and it stays on their minds long after the journey home. gus rosendale, news4 new york. >> our coverage of theater news continues on our website. check out "in the wings" on nbc news4 new york new that looks good. up next, concerns though over a frightening virus that could be spreading. >> from brazil to puerto rico, is there any chance the virus could reach our shore. chuck is here with a look at 6:00. it was a devastating suicide just days before christmas. now the parents of the 14-year-old who took his own life want an investigation into the event that led up to his death. plus the push to put smoke detectors into new york homes. how you can get a free one if you need it. those stories and more tonight
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with select plans.
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well it's a name you are zika. sit a horrific and potentially deadly virus that is picked up by pregnant women, spread to their babies and could possibly move around the world. michael george has more. >> thousands of babies borng with serious bit defects, believed to be caused by the zika virus, a crisis in brazil. now the cdc is considering warning americans traveling to
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>> i have to go. >> doctors think it originated in uganda, spread to other climates. the virus migrated across the america. in adults it usually only causes headaches, joint pain and fever. but in unborn children researchers believe it can cause microreceively. father da silva says people are home. >> i have a lot of friends travel for the holidays and they got sick there. >> zika isn't spread person to person. it's spread by mosquitos. so health experts don't expect a breakout in new york. pregnant women who are traveling need to make the most precautions. >> if you're traveling to an
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the cdc website or the new york city department of health website and protect yourself from mosquito bites. >> there's one case in texas but it's believed that patient got infected in latin america. thank you for watching. stay with us as the news continues at 6:00. now at 6:00, ted cruz apologizes to new yorkers, or does he. what the republican candidate said just a short time ago. why the parents of a 14-year-old who took his own life right before christmas want an investigation into the events that led up to his death. and a staten island college student's simple invention that's making a trip to the hospital a lot less scary for little kids. i'm chuck scarborough. and i'm sibila vargas.
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for his comments during new york values during last night's debate. >> he's getting flack for disparaging our city. and now he's just responded to the criticism being heend on him today. melissa russo joins us with the new information. >> chuck, a stunning turn of events this afternoon. ted cruz intensifying his criticisms of new york and its democratic leaders after a slew of politicians demanded apologies from cruz. we're going to show you his response in a moment. but instead of apologizing, cruz turned ur up the rhetoric after new yorkers gave him a piece of their minds. >> not a lot of conservatives come out of manhattan. >> not a lot of manhattan niets seem to care what he thinks. >> let him go back to texas. >> everyone understands that the values in new york city are socially liberal or pro-abortion or pro-gay marriage focus around
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