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tv   News 4 New York at 11  NBC  January 15, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm EST

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now at 11:00 a stunt turned deadly. a teen jumping rooftops falls. plus. >> you are right, donald trump, hillary clinton, de blasio demanded an apology and i'm happy to apologize. >> what ted cruz said about his new york values comment next was anything but an apology. you have to hear this for yourself. a big change in the weather this weekend. what you need to know to be ready for and when. we start with the story we brought you first on 4. a tragedy on the west end has a family in shock tonight. a teenage girl jumping rooftops with friends fell to her death. brynn gingras has the details new at 11:00. >> a stunning, tragic accident. i want to paint for you the scenery of what happened. you can see those buildings on
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each other. from the roof there are crevice crevices, aircraft shafts, one this girl fell in to landing five stories below. >> emotional family members returned to the scene where the 15-year-old fell to her death. at the family's home, her mother could barely utter these heart breaking words. >> she was the best girl. >> reporter: police say jimenez was on the roof of the house with two girlfriends. late this afternoon when someone warned them they couldn't be up there. police sources say the girls got spooked and ran away. jimenez fell on to a net like this one that covered an interior air shaft. the net gave out and she dropped five stories. a bird's eye view shows the gap where she fell. >> there were a lot of police here and it was pretty crazy. they were guarding the door and
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people going and finding as much information as possible. >> why were they up there? how did that happen and nobody knew? >> reporter: jimenez's family owns this pizza restaurant where inside employees appear heart broken. regular customers, too. >> she would come in and talk to us. >> reporter: her grandfather told us she was good at school, always friendly. tonight, candles are outside of the apartment building where the accident happened. investigators inside sorting through the scene where this young girl lost her life. now jimenez was here because one of her friends lived in those buildings and we're hearing both of the girls with her at the time of this are completely devastated. it is a tragic accident, but police are investigating. brynn gingras, news 4 new york.
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to the weather now. rain is coming down tonight. you better get ready for change, a big one with in the temperature this weekend. we might see snow. janice huff is tracking it for us. >> we are tracking rain right now and quite a bit up the coast with an area of low pressure. we are tracking a cold front to the west. most of the rain right now, the heavy rain is to our south. we are seeing light rain showers in the city. in areas north and west in the pockets where there's cold air kept in place overnight, you are likely to see frozen precipitation, maybe sleet, freezing rain, maybe a little snow mixed in the overnight hours. temperatures around monticello, orange county, northern new jersey, catskills and poconos near freezing. the 40s are hugging the coastline and it is all rain for the city and coastal areas. a cold rain at that. at 8:00 a.m., things are tapering off. rain showers taper midday.
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the evening. then more cold air is coming. we will talk about that in a few minutes. back to you. we track the weather all weekend with the news 4 new york app. tap the news 4 logo in the corner and select the weather tab and find the information you are looking for. just about everybody is talking about this, especially here in new york. what started out sounding like an apology for his new york values comment. >> i apologize to all the pro life, pro marriage, new yorkers whoer were told by governor cuomo they have no place in new york. >> turned in to a blitserring attack. ted cruz taking jab after jab at top new york democrats. checkey beckford is in the newsroom with cruz's latest statements. >> reporter: the twittersphere has begun to attach the hashtag, sorry not sorry to cruz's statement. because we're not sure what it was.
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>> i apologize to the millions of new yorkers. >> at first it sounded like ted cruz was about to say sorry for criticizing new yorkers' values or lack thereof. but this was the beginning of the presidential hopeful's back handed tirade. listen to what he really said. >> i apologize to the millions of new yorkers who have been let down by liberal politicians in that city. i apologize to the hard-working men and women in the state of new york who have been denied jobs because governor cuomo won't allow fracking. re. >> reporter: the so call aid poll ji a jab at andrew cuomo and others who called cruz out after the debate suggesting that new yorkers are money grubbing sinners. >> everyone understands the values in new york city are socially liberal, pro abortion, pro gay marriage, focus around money and the media.
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bringing the likes of rio de janeiro, rudy giuliani and hillary clinton to the same side of the map as they denounce cruz's characterization of the big apple. >> we rebuilt downtown manhattan and everyone in the world watched and everyone in the world loved new york and loved new yorkers. i have to tell you, that was a very insulting statement. >> reporter: when asked if he plan to apologize after a south carolina campaign event on friday, the texas senator took about three minutes to take aim at his critics, including mayor de blasio who earlier called cruz a hypocrite for taking campaign money from new yorkers. >> i apologize to all of the african-american children who mayor de blasio tried to throw out of their charter schools that were providing a lifeline to the american dream. i apologize to all of the cops and firefighters and 9/11 heros who have no choice but to stand
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blasio because mayor de blasio over and over again stands with the looters and criminals, rather than the brave men and women in blue. >> there you have it. we have yet to hear from mayor de blasio or trump or clinton or cuomo about what they think about cruz's so-called apology. chuck, back to you. >> all right. thank you very much. well, new at 11:00, they have got him. police captured the man accused of grabbing a teen at knife point and threatening to rape her. it is a story we have been following all week. michael george is in downtown brooklyn where the man is expected to be arraigned tonight. michael? >> for days people have worried this guy was still out there, accused of trying to abduct and assault a 13-year-old girl. tonight we got word from police they have arrested the suspect, 32-year-old from brooklyn. this is surveillance video police released of the accused attacker. police say he grabbed a 13-year-old girl walking down the street and threatened her with a knife.
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was going to assault her, and told her he would cut her if she called out for help. she did resist and he ran off. all he got away with was her cell phone. police have been looking for him and tonight they say they caught him. he is facing so many criminal charges we can't list them all, including robbery, luring a child, sexual abuse, lars nis. he's expected to be arraigned tomorrow morning. michael george, news 4 new york. the search is on for a couple who pull ed a bonny and clyde style bank heist in queens. both had guns when they held up a gun. they entered before closing and demanded the money and no one was injured. police are led on a wild chase in the bronx. they spotted a car speeding this morning. the driver hit the gas
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an effort to get away. the officer fired his weapon but no one was hit. police managed to catch up to the car a few blocks away and four officers suffered back and neck injuries in all of that. at 11:00 a travel warning for pregnant women. u.s. health officials say you should cancel plans to travel to latin america or the caribbean. the zika virus is believed to be causing birth defects in brazil. it is spread through mosquito bites. numerous cases are turning up. one in five people infected develop symptoms. those include fever, rash, joint paed pain, red eyes lasted for about a week. new at 11:00 a terror attack in west africa. gunshots, explosions and car fires reported. an upscale hotel and cafe used by western withers. an unknown number of hostages were taken.
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being held at this hour. ail kai al-qaeda affiliate is claiming responsible for the act. the topic a joint plan of action before a deal takes effect. the u.n. atomic agency must verify iran fulfilled its side of the agreement. clearing way for sanctions to be lifted. coming up, the bridge you want to steer clear of this weekend. plus -- celebrating in the life of music legend david bowie. a tribute in bryant park tonight. are services like uber and lift to blame for the city's traffic troubles? the mayor said so. we will tell you what research shows. chipotle is shutting down all of the store s for one day. the restaurant says this is to keep you healthy.
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for under 400 calories. america runs on dunkin'. . new at 11:00. the late david bowie was celebrate at the bank of america winter village in bryant park. ice skaters were treated to songs from bowie's career. some dressed as his alter ego, ziggy star dust and aladdin. he died on sunday after his 69th birthday. new information on the search for 12 missing marines after a mid-air collision off of the hawaii coast. rough surf are making the operation difficult. two helicopters were on a night time training mission when they collided.
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massive debris field off the coast of oahu. call. the coast guard was with notified by a civilian on the beach who had seen the aircraft flying and saw them disappear. did see a fire ball. >> marine corps spotlight pilots say the night time maneuvers are the most dangerous flight operations. new research shoots down the mayor's theory that uber and other ride hailing services are the cause of traffic woes. the mayor commissioned the study after his attempt to put a cap on the number of for hire vehicles. the study found the heavy traffic is caused by increases in deliveries, population growth, record tourism. the report recommended not limiting the car services. traffic alert for anyone planning to travel over the yoen bridge the next several days. it is shutting down and will be closed until sunday morning. that's not all.
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until 3:00 in the afternoon and overnight from 8:30 p.m. to 5:00 a.m. construction was expected to start last year but the harsh winner delayed things. the $1.5 billion project could take three years to complete. if you take the subway, check your train ahead of time. you see all of these lines? there are service changes on each one of them the next couple of days. crews will be doing construction work with as part of the mta's effort to update the track and signal systems for your safety. for information on your train and alternate routes go to some hero firefighters in new jersey save the life of a drowning dog. watch this. 6-month-old german shepherd fell through the ice in west milford forcing deputy chief williams to crawl on the frozen lake to save him. the scared canine tried to attack the firefighters but they
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the dog to safety. the dog is safe with his owner tonight, tired, wet but safe. well, no new house and keeping their jobs that's not the response a winner of the powerball lottery is expected to give. a tennessee couple picked up one third of the huge jackpot. a lump sum of $528 million. they are one of the three winning with tickets. the pay skbrauf, they want to pay off their mortgage and help their daughter. >> when we bought the tickets, our first priority was to pay the house off because we wanted to get a piece of a pie. i'm grateful we got a big piece of the pie. >> two others were sold in california and florida but they are yet to come forward. i think it hasn't sunk in yet, has it. >> i don't think it has. it will soon. i love the dog is with them. celebrating, as well.
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>> that might happen. they may stay in their house until they get a new one. tracking rain out there. moving to the tristate area. some of us are seeing light rain. there's more to come for the rest of tonight and more changes this weekend. we go from 50-degree temperatures back down to the chill by sunday. that happening this weekend. right now look outside. the view from the top of the rock camera pretty nice out there and the temperatures are pretty nice. 46 degrees, our high was 48, 49 -- no 51 central park. that's right. tomorrow we will see the same cloudy skies, another mild day, despite the notion we will get some rain and also an icy mix north and west. that's right. areas north and west have cold temperatures trapped in the valleys. likely to see a little sleet mixed with rain and maybe snow too. that may accumulate in higher elevations, not more than an inch if that. heavy rain moving through
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should be a nice saturday afternoon. soggy start. nice dry end to the day and another day where the temperatures approach 50. on sunday, a dramatic change. another cold front comes through and temperatures bottom out. few flurries flying around. 46 in midtown. 40s near the coast. north and west in the 30s. the coldest air in new england along the canadian border and a lot of mild air from philadelphia to pittsburgh and cleveland. the coldest air will take another day and a half to get to us. in the meantime, enjoy another mild afternoon tomorrow after the rain moves of out. upper 0s and upper 40s for the highs. if we get ice or snow about around monticello, it will melt fast when the temperatures warm up. we go back to the deep freeze in to sunday. high temperature generally in the 30s. the winds will kick up and that means more windchill. by monday afternoon, high temperatures, not windchill are
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in the meantime, we are tracking the rain moving from the south across southern new jersey, ocean county, about to see heavy rain near stratford. lighter rain in northern new jersey. watch out. we will start to see some of this changing or freezing over in the valleys as you get to the colder pockets of air. in terms of rainfall totals a quarter to a half inch. a few spots along the coast, like ocean county that may see an inch of rain. the cold is back on sunday. a few flurries to go with it and temperatures in the 30s the windchills will be much colder. going in to monday. that's the coldest day. for tonight, we're down in the upper 30s to around 40. not that cold at all. plus, if you are around monticello, you are not going to see rain. may see ice and snow. yorktown 35. montauk 39. tomorrow, once again, like springtime, the city is near 50.
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is above freezing, near 50 in asbury park. here's the seven-day forecast showing the change coming up this weekend with. we go from mild conditions on saturday with rain to start. another cold day on sunday. then stays chilly on monday and tuesday. warm up on wednesday but not dramatically so. 37, 38 wednesday and thursday is a near average high. this is like january. it stays dry for friday. may see snow on friday, too. >> thank you very much. much to do about mcadoo. >> past ten years over 80 nfl coaching changes. the giants made their first in over a decade today. i'd say meet the new boss but fans are familiar with ben mcadoo. tom coughlin's successor meets the media. the nets against the blazers, what happened down the stretch? find out ahead in sports. here's what jimmy fallon has
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>> hey, guys, ray romano is my guest tonight. and music from carlisle and great show. do not change the channel. have a tip for new york's biggest i-team? call 866-news-244. or e-mail tips@nbc four new
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the common core rollout was a disaster. parents knew it. teachers knew it. and now, governor cuomo's task force is doing what's right. state tests don't unfairly count against students. and test scores won't be used in teacher evaluations. less testing. greater focus on learning. that's a start, but there's more to do. let's work together to support sensible and fair learning standards that help every child -- in every neighborhood -- succeed.
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its restaurants to hold a teach meeting on food safety. you have heard of the strain of food bourn illnesses linked to chipotle. staff from 1900 locations gathered to discuss changes that could be made. an update on a story we have been following the past few nights about the dozens of dogs and cats rescued from a filthy new jersey home. the animal shelter says they are doing well. bergen county protection and rescues foundation has gotten hundreds of calls from people wanting to adopt the animals. the applications we're told will be reviewed but they are on the way to new homes. we'll be right back with john
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mcadoo figured he had moved eight times in six years for jobs but didn't have to go far for the head coaching gig. they promoted him to head coach after the thought of losing him to the eagles. the 38-year-old endorsed by manning. was he nervous? probably. prepared? most definitely. he gave the impression the job won't be too big for him.
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occasion was. his lack of a suit shouldn't detract from the way he spoke today. he projected a confidence saying the giants would work to reload, not rebuild. >> i like the pressure. this is what you live for. this is the opportunity of a lifetime. it's a capital world with. it's the football capital of the world. what could be better than this type of opportunity and pressure? >> he's a smart guy, a tough guy. he's had some great training. s i think all of those factors led us to believe he was the right guy for the job. >> what do you think your style will be like? >> my style? i'm not too worried about my style. i will be myself and be comfortable in my own skin. i'm excited to be the head coach of the new york giants. >> style will suit the giants just fine. there was admitted relief from all that tom coughlin passed on the eagles job.
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steelers will face the broncos on sunday. they will do it without antonio brown. he's out with a concussion suffered on a devastating hit last weekend. this is crushing for pittsburgh. one of the best receivers in the game. roethlisberger is questioning for the game. see how the steelers react. it starts tomorrow. remember, you can watch the packers and cardinals here on nbc 4. kickoff set for a little after 8:00. coverage starts when this music starts playing. the mets and matt harvey settle on a one-year deal worth $4.3 million for 2016. anthony is listed as questionable against the grizslys. tonight the immediate concern in [ lynn beating the blazers.
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they take control with a 19-2 run. 33. the nets lose 116-104 and will visit the hawks tomorrow night. college basketball world is familiar with monmouth's bench players and their elaborate celebrations. the coach is not a fan. he said "are they on the team? i didn't know if they were on the team or wearing uniforms as cheerleaders. to me they are not basketball players, closed quote. they are facing monmouth and they led by one at the half. colin stewart with 12 points off the bench for the hawks. all from beyond the arch. hold old school play loving every minute of it. this was a great basketball game. they fall 110-102 monmouth. laughing last tonight. that is your look at sports. >> big story tonight, ben mcadoo. >> we'll be right back.
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