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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  January 16, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm EST

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washington, d.c. today. bay bib panda bae bae made his public debut. >> looks like a skunk there. i would like to get some video of him moving around. those who waited long to see him didn't mind. bae bae was born in august at the zoo. >> that's it for news4 new york. kwpt nbc nightly news" is next. on this saturday night, americans freed. americans released in a prison swap as an historic nuclear deal takes effect. fighting words. donald trump with a blistering new attack on ted cruz while the democrats get set for tomorrow's crucial debate before the iowa caucuses. terror attack, the deadly siege of a hotel in west africa by al qaeda militants. toxic water. president obama declares a federal
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where tens of thousands were exposed to dangerous levels of lead. oh, bei bei. the debut of washington's biggest star. night "nightly news" begins now. good evening. we begin tonight with what appears to be a turning point in this country's relationship with iran. the u.s. confirming late today that iran is come plying the agreement reached last summer on reaching its nuclear capability and that paved the way for the lifting of western sanctions of iran. it comes hours after the regime released five american prisoners. the release of four of them, part of a prison
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we start in vienna. >> reporter: good evening. the breakthrough was announced here and diplomats here are calling this implementation day. it seemed like a sweetener in a nuclear deal worth billions to iran and for five americans, it was sweet indeed. they were finally freed. >> we have received confirmation that five americans who had been unjustly detained in iran have been released from custody. >> among those
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saeed abedini, and jason jason rezaian. "the washington post" in a statement said we couldn't be happier to hear the news. matt trevithick, a student held for 40 days, was also released released. while the prison swap is technically un unrelated to the nuclear deal, critics denounced washington for signing any agreement while teheran held americans. we have carried out all necessary measures under that agreement. >> reporter: the u.n.'s atomic energy agency certified that iran is keeping its word and has put checks on its program
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difficult for iran to develop a nuclear weapon. so washington and the eu kept their word today dropping sanctions that have been crippling the iranian economy, giving iran access to world markets and billions of dollars in frozen assets. >> we welcome that iran has followed through on the promises that it made. it has kept its word and we will continue to do the same. but we will also remain vigilant in verifying iran's compliance every hour of every day in the years ahead. >> reporter: at least two americans are still either held or missing in iran. the americans released today are expected to eventually make their way to germany for medical checkups before heading home. >> thank you for more on the iran nuclear deal. we turn to our chief foreign affairs correspondent.
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carolina getting ready for tomorrow night's democratic debate. >> reporter: republican candidates led of course by donald trump pounced on the idea of releasing iranians from u.s. jails to get the americans back. and even former secretary of state hillary clinton took a hard line. he she released a statement tonight saying we shouldn't thank iran for fulfilling their obligations. she pointed out iran is still violating u.n. resolutions against their missile program. they did not link the prisoner release to the nuclear deal they didn't want them to become bargaining chips. the talks to release the prisoners did
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clear though. iran was desperate to get out from underneath the sanctions. there are a lot of hurdles left before iran and the united states are going to restore full diplomatic relations or full business relations anytime soon. >> thank you. by the way, that's where the top republicans were today and where the democrats will be tomorrow to square off. >> reporter: with the one time bromance between donald trump and ted cruz over, increasingly heated rhetoric. >> it seems donald trump has a lot of nervous energy. for whatever reason, donald doesn't react well when he's going down in the polls. >> reporter: with the two locked in a tight
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>> you have people running up the stairs as that is happening and ted cruz criticizes new york and the people of new york is a disgrace. >> reporter: cruz not saying he's sorry for criticizing trump's values. >> in terms of a commander and chief, we ought to have someone who isn't springing out of bed to tweet in a frantic response to the latest polls. >> reporter: cruz even making an offhanded jab at trump after getting stuck in an elevator. >> who put donald trump in charge of the elevators? >> reporter: another showdown in the same southern state. the democrats squaring off tomorrow in their last debate before the iowa caucuses. hillary clinton and bernie sanders off the trail today, but former president bill clinton making his
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>> you just have to decide whether you want a change maker, not a change talker, to be president. >> reporter: while sanders is surging in the hawk eye state, questions remain about his ability to win more diverse states like here in south carolina. the question, can he find a way to connect with more african-american voter voters voters. >> it wasn't enough for him to stand up and say i was with the civil rights movement back in the 60s. you have to pay your dues again now because the landscape has changed and the issues have changed. >> reporter: sanders is putting up ads on african-american radio stations. he's also holding a number of campaign events throughout the south, including here in south carolina this weekend. sanders and the other democratic candidates will try to court voters at a party dinner here tonight. back to you. lester holt will
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night's debate. good to see you. >> technical rehearsal rehearsals getting ready for that debate. it's the last debate before the first votes are cast in this election. it also comes with the polls in iowa showing the two in a virtual dead heat. it's critical and we have seen it certainly in many of the attacks of the last week or so, especially hillary clinton going after bernie sanders on health care. also look for sharp clashes on gun control. always a topic of contention between the two of them, but consider where we are in charleston where a man with a gun killed nine people in a racist shooting at a church here last summer. that's critical. look for the issue of wall street to come up. the clinton folks in and out happy about what they perceive to be as an attack ad that came out earlier
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sanders folks referring to her relationships with wall street. it will play out on the stage behind me. >> you can watch the debate live tomorrow night at 9:00 p.m. eastern time, 6:00 pacific right here on nbc. chuck -- at least one american is among dozens killed in a terrorist attack on a hotel in west africa. the siege came to an end today when military forces killed several al qaeda-linked extremists and freed more than 100 people. our report tonight. >> reporter: it was dinner time when militants set fire to cars and started shooting inside this splendid hotel and cafe cappuccino across the street. she was at the cafe with her american friends. we played dead, she said.
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people's feet to see if he were they were alive and would shoot if they moved. >> reporter: french special forces and a small group of u.s. forces backed up troops as they cleared the five-story hotel room by room. the militants still shooting as soldiers escorted people out. by dawn, it was over. three militants dead. a fourth killed at a nearby hotel. the government said two of the militants were women. among the your injured and dead people from 18 different countries, including an american missionary. he and his wife amy worked with orphans for the christian charity. the state department wouldn't say whether more americans were killed or injured, only that our embassy is making every effort to account for u.s.
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tonight the same al qaeda group that assaulted a radisson blu blu blu mali taking create. in hawaii, the second day of searching for ten u.s. marines. the search hampered by high waves. >> reporter: rescuers operating with urgency urgency. 12 marines now lost at sea for more than 24 hours. search teams at times facing 20 mile an hour winds and 16-foot swells scouring an area 20 miles along the coast and 8 miles out. military officials believe two ch3 helicopters were on a nighttime training mission three miles
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when they collided many midair. >> went silent for a second and then all of a sudden two big booms. >> reporter: the crash so violent and unexpected no mayday calls were broadcast. >> it was just a big fireball comes down. >> reporter: officials say each helicopter was manned by six service members. tonight, their families are desperate for answers. among the feared lost, these men both from houston. christopher orlando an avid surfer from massachusetts. crew chief ty hart from oregon. >> i don't know anyone who wouldn't like ty, just a friendly person who seemed to be doing the right things and positive. >> reporter: tonight the navy and coast guard continue searching the oahu coast. >> they're walking the coastline, they're walking the beach, just looking for anything and everything.
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president obama signed an emergency declaration today for flint, michigan, when will bring federal funding to that city has it deals with an enormous and dangerous public health challenge. when there's water supply contaminated by lead, there's growing anger and frustration. >> reporter: the shred of good news from residents of flint news these days comes from federal help now on the ground finally. >> i've got a 3-year-old. i don't want her to get sick. >> we keep paying taxes. we keep paying water bills. when does it end? >> reporter: the entire population was potentially exposed to led. more than 9,000 children under the age
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still contaminated. >> we weren't told the truth. you can hear the people. they have lost faith. >> reporter: even with escalate ing e ing ing declarations of emergency. today president obama declared a federal emergency. but this crisis began over a year ago silently when the city switched from a detroit water system to the flint river to save money. nbc news obtained a 2011 study commissioned by the city that shows the river can be used if treated with multiple chemicals, but experts say the water was never treated. >> the way this was handled was just outrageous outrageous outrageous outrageous outrageous negligent and in some cases criminal. >> reporter: at the time, state health
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>> can you come tomorrow at 10:00? >> reporter: we met pastor bobby jackson last week. >> we're out of water right now. >> reporter: viewers donated generously, but more is needed. >> those with the power to make massive change should be moving faster. >> reporter: now there is a federal criminal investigation. long term flint will likely have to replace all of the old lead pipes. clean tap water could be months, even years away. when we come back, we'll take you inside an old-fashioned family business that shapes the cars of the future. ibs-d. you know the symptoms when they start. abdominal pain. urgent diarrhea. now there's prescription xifaxan. xifaxan is a new ibs-d treatment that helps relieve your diarrhea and abdominal pain symptoms. and xifaxan works differently. it's a prescription antibiotic that acts mainly in the digestive tract. do not use xifaxan if you have a history of sensitivity
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as any driver knows, today's new cars are marvels of technology loaded with advances that make them seem safer and easier to drive, but did you know in the process of getting there carmakers also use a technique that was developed long before computers were even invented. the key role of model cars. >> reporter: margaret and jim get into daily scrapes at work but it has nothing to do with their marriage. they're both clay
6:53 pm
on the job. >> most people don't grasp the concept of what we do using clay as a medium and everything like that and doing full-size vehicles out of clay. >> reporter: the craft of designing and building cars with clay is nearly as old as the automobile itself. rolls of clay warmed to make them pliable, those enticing curves and scoops and bends we want in our arrives are chiselled and scored and smoothed to reality. >> the clay was used to refine these little details? >> absolutely. yeah, yeah. >> reporter: lincoln's design director says there isn't a better way to get a vehicle off the drawing board or computer on the road. >> you want to work on real scale, a 1 to 1 scale. there are things we can do digitally very quickly and easily, but you've always got to test that. >> reporter: the interior is all about fine details like the
6:54 pm
control knobs, even the small speakers in the doors, everything is sculpted out of clay. >> reporter: both their dads are modelers, jim's father retired. margaret's has graduated from a more 21st century version 40 years in. it's a cheap down payment on a much bigger investment for automakers. >> we bought a fusion. i got in the car and i'm like this looks really familiar. >> reporter: one family and an entire industry firmly gripping an unbreakable mold. up next, something if you're looking to save money on your medicare part d prescriptions, walgreens says, carpe med diem. seize the day to get more out of life and medicare part d. just switch to walgreens
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he said he was very a sleepily 5-month-old, but as with cute babies all over the world as the baby panda bei bei made his first national public appearance at the national zoo. no disagreement in washington today on what it means to be adorable. >> reporter: after months of anticipation and waiting in line, it's safe to say all the hoopla hasn't gone to bei bei's head. the 5-month-old
6:58 pm
less if he was the day's biggest draw. >> he sleeps about 90% of the day. >> reporter: that didn't stop the crowds from trying to get a glimpse of his roly poly perfection. we've been mez smerize mesmerized. his first steps, a healthy checkup. the first ladies of two countries came together to give bei bei his name. and in a way, the 23-pound cub is carrying the weight of the world. the panda program an important diplomatic diplomatic tie between washington and the u.s. >> we're breeding pandas here and then the next generation of
6:59 pm
start to go back into the wild. >> reporter: bei bei's mission may be conservation, but for most it's all about cuteness. how could you not forgive this face? >> that's nbc "nightly


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