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tv   Sunday Today in New York  NBC  January 17, 2016 10:00am-10:30am EST

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now on "today in new york," family and friends prepare to say good-bye to a new jersey woman after a frantic search for her came to a tragic end. plus, free prisoners in flight. awaiting the americans released from iran. and a rough morning in florida. residents try to pick up the pieces after severe weather good morning. welcome to "today in new york" i'm pat battle.
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our weather, seeing some of tbr coldest temperatures of the season. raphael miranda in the storm team 4 weather center with that. >> that's right. getting much colder with the next 24 hours. this is just a preview of the cold to come. much colder than yesterday at this time for sure. you can see on storm tracker lots of clouds out there as well. no rain, but we are picking up a little bit of light snow well off to the south and west. we have a coastal storm that's going to graze the region as we head throughout the afternoon. we could see a few snow showers in and around the tri-state. temperatures are already cool. 35 in chelsea. 35 in hoboken. 36, city island. temperatures generally stay in the 40s 30s throughout the day today. 28 in monticello. just around freezing in newburgh. as you're planning the rest of your day, snow showers. a few flakes, flurries in the forecast later on this afternoon. you can see those temperatures, they were in the 50s yesterday. 30s are the highs today. much colder. definitely need to have the jackets handy. again, it gets much worse than this. this is going to seem mild compared to what's coming our
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we'll take a look at those brutal windchills heading our ain a few. funeral as much as services scheduled to take place. >> crews pulled a car from the passaic river in wallington. >> that's where "today in new york's" lori bordonaro joins us with the latest on the investigation into that young woman's death. lori? >> reporter: and pat and gus, we just learned that a funeral service will be held at 2:00 this afternoon at the jewish memorial chapel in clifton. this as investigators from the bergen county sheriffs office were back out here for a second day trying to figure out how devorah stubin's car ended up submerged here in the passaic river. a dive team pulled her mitsubishi from the water late yesterday. her body still inside. police say devorah's car crashed through a fence, went down a ten-foot embankment into the water. she went missing thursday, and for two days, hundreds of
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members searched frantically m from the orthodox community broke sabbath, saying they would do whatever it takes to bring her home. devorah suffered from a seizure disorder, but it's not clear if that played a role. we spoke to a family friends a short time ago, who tells us everyone is devastated. >> at least we know what happened. it's a little better than not knowing. the whole weekend was a very sad weekend for the community, the neighborhood. everybody came out from lakewood and brooklyn to help with the un fortunately, it ended in such a sad ending. >> reporter: and he said devorah was about to start a new job doing social work. once again, her funeral service planned for 2:00 today in clifton. a huge crowd of mourners is expected to turn out. gus and pat, back to you. >> lori bordonaro live in wallington, thank you. new this morning, family desperate search. this one for a missing woman in queens. 30-year-old sierra shields was reported missing yesterday.
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around noon on thursday leaving laguardia airport, where she works. she was on foot and dressed in her navy blue flight attendant uniform. if you have any information on her whereabouts, please give the nypd a call. a staten island woman accused of stabbing her boothe today claims she acted in self-defense. 31-year-old christina quinones is facing murder and assault charges. police say she stabbed 31-year-old ruben jimenez in the chest at their home early yesterday morning. they're looking into whether jealousy over another woman may have played a rolle in the argument that led up to that fight and the stabbing. family members say the couple argued often but stayed together for the sake of their two children. >> i know ruben and christina loved each other. not saying they didn't love each other, they had their problems. she's a really good mom. i'm shocked. it's history. that's what it is. >> jimenez was arrested last year for assaulting and choking quinones. and right now, police trying to track down the person who shot and killed a man in brooklyn. this happened yesterday
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york apartment on new lots and georgia avenues. police say a 25-year-old man was shot in the head, and witnesses say he stumbled out of the building then collapsed and died on the sidewalk. this morning, hate crime detectives are investigating an attack in the bronx. police say two men screamed "isis" when they beat a man on watson and pugsley avenues last evening. we're told the 43-year-old man was wearing tradition mall muslim clothing. police say he was walking with a 9-year-old girl when he was punched in the head and knocked to the ground and kicked. five american prisoners released in a prisoner swap have left iran. a swiss plane carrying four of those prisoners took off from tehran this morning. official planes from iran and the united states were seen parked side by side on a tarmac at a geneva airport this morning. however, there's been no official confirmation whether these are, in fact, the planes that are going to receive the freed americans and take them to germany. the group's release announced yesterday, just hours before iranian and western diplomats in
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vienna announced the lifts of international sanctions on that country. this morning, the iranian president praised the deal while addressing his parliament, claiming the only people against it are warmongers and zionists. the time is 10:05. "meet the press" is coming up at 10:30. chuck todd joins us from washington, d.c., with a preview. good morning, chuck. >> morning, gus. >> okay, donald trump. mr. consider he had a strong performance at the gop debate this week. caucus is less than three weeks away. can the establishment slow this guy down? >> >>. >> i don't know. depends on his new york values. look, if he wins iowa, i think the answer is no. you'd have the establishment starting to sort of become resigned. you have the different stages of grief, right. there's bargaining, denial. i think we might be getting to acceptance. i have to tell you, over the
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versus cruz, the fact that bromance is over, it's opening up. >> let's talk about clinton and sanders. think back to 2007. clinton is leading most of the polls. all the sudden at the last minute, this guy named obama takes iowa. now you see sanders doing very well there. is this a repeat, or is there something else going on? what's your take? >> i'm going to quote another guy with some new york values, yogi berra. de ja vu all over again for hillary clinton here. look, it's sort of the same problem. look, hillary clinton is a very measured person. that's one of her great strengths. but in a primary, that can be a problem. ultimately, these two are fighting over a bigger theme here. change versus continuity. hillary clinton is essentially arguing if you like the obama presidency, i will do what he's done and make further changes. but it's really about continuity. bernie sanders is campaigning for revolution still. he's campaigning for big
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fine, but we still need big structural changes. what does the democratic party want? big change or continuity? that's what this campaign is about, i think. >> and maybe just taking the temperature of the country right now. this sense that people are just like, why the heck not? why not go for the untraditional candidate? >> i think that's right. we had two-thirds of voters in our poll saying that they would prefer a change from the way things have been going. they're not necessarily into continuity continuity. there's so much distrust. i think about what's going on in michigan and the flint water crisis and as a governor there and what happened in chicago with rahm emanuel. it only adds to more distrust of elected officials. this whole angst out there that's fueling trump and sanders, that is that. i think you're right, gus. that is this larger theme that's happening here that there's nothing hillary clinton can say because of her last name that will somehow convince some of these voters that she will be enough change. >> all right, chuck. we'll see you in a little bit. thanks as always. >> you got it, bud.
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press" at 10:30. a severe storm tore through florida this morning. officials say a possible tornado touched down, and it has killed at least two people. look at the video. several homes destroyed in this mobile home park in sarasota. two people in that park were killed. four others hurt. officials say more than 17,000 people are now without power in that region, and residents are being warned to look out for falling trees and power lines. president obama has signed an emergencyndeclaration to provide federal aid to flint, michigan, during a massive water crisis there. the aid clears the way for fema to coordinate relief efforts and to provide water, filters, and other supplies for 90 days. lead from corroded pipes seeped into the water supply when the city switched from the detroit water system to the water from the flint river back in 2014. a marine from philadelphia is one of 12 missing off the coast of hawaii. captain brian kennedy and 11 others were on board two marine
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nighttime training thursday. teams are expanding their search for the marines, but high surf is disperse ing the debris and complicating the effort. officials in hawaii are confirming the first case of that mosquito-born zika virus in the u.s. it's a newborn baby suffering from brain damage. this comes as the new york city health department is issuing a travel warning for anyone going to the caribbean or mexico. it could be most dangerous to pregnant women. at least 11 people are dead and 13 others injured in a suicide attack at the home of a prominent politician in afghanistan. officials say the attacker blew himself up at the politician's compound in the city of jalalabad jalalabad. they say the home was crowded with people who were invited to a family event. the compound is close to the pakistani consulate, which was targeted in an isis attack just last week, but so far no specific group has claimed responsibility. an american missionary is
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terrorist attack on a hotel in west africa. militants with ties to al qaeda targeted the splendid hotel in burkina faso in west africa. [ gunfire ] you see the fires there in the background. the militants set fire to cars. they fired rounds, shooting inside the hotel and inside a cafe across the street. the siege came to an end yesterday when military forces killed several of those extremists and freed more than 100 people. all four of the militants were killed. more than 23 people died in that attack, including american michael rittering. he was a missionary for the charity sheltering wings. still to come on "today in new york," a news 4 exclusive about your money and the world trade center site. a construction company admitted to overbilling on the project. now an insider tells the i-team taxpayers may have to pick up the bill.
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on this sunday, we may see some snow in some parts of the tri-state. who could see the white stuff
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well, there she is. 59th street bridge. >> the bridge of many names. >> many names. not so many degrees out there. >> yeah, kind of stuck in a 35-degree rut the past few hours. hovering there. that's where temperatures are going to stay today. no 50s like yesterday. it's a change. it's about the layers now, pat. she says four. i say three. gus refuses to participate in the layer debate for some reason. >> i'm very warm-blooded. >> no layers for him. but tomorrow, i bet you will be wearing some, gus. everyone else will be wearing lots of layers tomorrow. save them if you want to. that's when you'll need the hats, gloves, scarves, the whole nine yards. today, it's just plain old chilly. 35 degrees outside right now. we have mostly cloudy skies, a few peeks of sunshine here and there.
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there is some snow on the way. we're tracking the potential for snow showers today. that's something we haven't been able to say a whole this season. you can see in your weather headlines, we're back to chilly. a few snow showers this afternoon and tonight again, maybe tomorrow as well. bitter cold, that's the word we're using. bitter tonight, tomorrow, and even into tuesday. that's when the windchills really become something we're all going to be dealing with painfully. you can see on storm tracker, this is 10:15 right now. watching the snow off to the south and west, it's going to be tracking in slowly drifting. not a lot of measurable snow. maybe a coating in some spots. it's 30 in jackson. temperatures back to the 30s. 33 in white plains. 34 in poughkeepsie. still 20s in monticello. let's time out the rest of the day. this is 11:00. heading through the morning, still quiet. watch as the snow begins to break out in some places, not everywhere, and it's mainly light. snow shower activity. but it is cold, so it may coat
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watch out for slick spots. 6:00, 7:00 p.m., a few more flurries and scattered snow showers. still nothing heavy going on. not everyone seeing action here. tomorrow morning, 6:00 a.m., a few more flurries linger. you can see those winds howling out of the west tomorrow. giving us a few more bands of snow by the afternoon. not everyone is going to see snow this time. and accumulations, if anything, will be about a coating in some spots. one thing we're all going to be dealing with, the cold, the windchill factors. later on today in the 20s. starting to feel it, but look what happens tomorrow morning. this is intense cold. feels like 1 below in monticello. i think pat just screamed out there. feels like 14 in central park. no relief throughout the day. by 5:00 in the afternoon, we're still seeing windchills in the single digits to near zero north and west of town. only in the teens at best. tuesday morning, get ready. windchills in the single digits and below zero again. it's going to take a while, probably until wednesday afternoon, before we start to ease out of this extreme cold.
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about it. flurries, temperatures in the mid-30s. breezy by 11:00. the high temperature today, just a bit above average, 39 degrees. 24 overnight tonight. that's when the cold works in. if you have dinner plans tonight, you might need the heavier jackets. blustery for martin luther king day, 29. windchills will be in the single digits and teens monday and tuesday. cold and windy there. finally warming up by wednesday. you want to stay up to date with the news 4 new york app. tap e news 4 logo in the corner, then scroll down and select the weather tab. you can see the latest forecast, use our interactive radar, and learn how to submit your own weather video. news 4 new york app for iphone is available in the app store right now. a stunning claim this morning from a whistle blower who worked on the new world trade center. >> he says his bosses billed taxpayers for millions of dollars in unnecessary labor hours.
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exclusive. >> i remember when we were working on tour wer three and tower four. >> reporter: he was thrilled and proud to help rebuild the new world trade center. between 2006 and 2009, he was a structural engineer working first for tishman construction and then turner construction. both companies managed portions of the world trade center site reconstruction. >> were you excited and proud to work on this building? >> not only excited and proud but it was also a challenge. >> reporter: he was not only an engine craving a challenge, he was a new jersey taxpayer who witnessed executives at tishman and turner send bills to the port authority for workers who rarely did any physical labor. >> why does the government have to pay for this? >> reporter: in this whistleblower lawsuit, he says tishman and turner sent bills to the port authority for so-called stand by trades hours. these are hours guaranteed for
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master mechanics, teamsters, and maintenance engineers. they're simply on call, paid hundreds of dollars an hour, whether they do any physical work or not. he says he often attended field meetings and never saw any of the stand-by workers present on the construction site. >> so you are on the construction site. you are in the trailers. did you ever see one of these stand-by laborers? >> no. >> but you knew that we were paying for them? >> yes. >> why should the government, whether it's the federal government, the state government, the city government, be paying for hours that are not worked on the project? >> reporter: executives from tishman and turner declined our request for interviews, but in companies sa stand-by hours are required by collective bargaining agreements, and workers are paid in strict accordance with project contracts. the baseless claims of mr.
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effort, says a turner spokesman. a tishman rep wrote, we are confident that this suit filed by a disgruntled employee will be dismissed, and, the port authority is aware and approves of the requirements to use stand-by labor. both tishman and turner insist the port authority was well aware the agency was paying for idle workers at the world trade center, but the port authority has declined to confirm that. a spokesman said given the matter is the subject of pending litigation, the port authority is not going to comment. >> you're paying a lot of money for skilled labor to stand around. >> reporter: carol is a construction attorney and the president of the new york county lawyer's association. she says even if contractors absorb the cost of stand-by workers, it's likely they would just pass those costs on in the form of more expensive bid proposals. she says the port authority could have eliminated expensive idle workers by negotiating tougher deals with the trade unions. >> there's no question that if the port authority had sat down
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don't want to pay for all this stand-by time, that they would have been able to engage in some serious negotiations and would have had the potential to get some savings for the taxpayers. >> do you think taxpayers should be paying for these stand-by laborers? >> i think the contractor should be paying for it. why should the taxpayers have to pay for that? that's absurd. >> reporter: new york assemblyman says if the port authority did know taxpayers were being billed for idle workers, the agency should have denied payment requests. he fears the agency's leadership was too cozy with its own contractors. former port authority executive director chris ward recently took a job with aecom, the parent company of tishman. >> there was often an unhealthy relationship between a particular government agency and some of the contractors that they're dealing with. >> reporter: chris glorioso, "today in new york." >> chris ward did not respond to
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as a whistle blower, youseff would be due a cut of any ill-gotten gains his lawsuit proves, but he has an uphill battle to fight. already two u.s. attorneys have declined to sign on to the case, but just last month, the u.s. attorney for the eastern district of new york did find tishman construction overbilled in a different way, by inflating overtime, sick, and holiday pay in order to avoid prosecution tishman admitted the fraud and paid $20 million. if you have a tip for our i-team, call the i-team tipline at 866-news-244. and up next on this sundays morning -- >> live from new york, it's saturday night! >> the highlights from the first new "saturday night live" of 2016. and we're talking new york values here.
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the political season. yes, yes, yes. plenty of fodder for "saturday night live." >> "snl" took on last week's republican debate in its first new show of the new year. >> mr. cruz, you suggested mr. trump embodies new york values. could you explain what you mean by that? >> i think most people know exactly what new york values are. and frankly, they're not the rest of the country's values. instead of celebrating christmas, new yorkers celebrate a pagan holiday called festivus. in new york, people don't say hi to their neighbors. they say, hello, newman. >> sounds like you're describing the tv show "seinfeld." >> and host adam driver paid homage to his villainous role in
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the musical guest was chris stapleton. and we're coming right back with a final check of your forecast.
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well, well, well. >> cold and getting colder. >> oh, the onesies will be coming out. >> i have to get mine from the dry cleaners. had a little repair in the footsie action. >> i'll do mine and post it tonight if you do yours. >> and gus, no comment. >> just how cold is it getting? >> 39 and chilly today. the major cold is tonight, tomorrow, and tuesday. windchills in the single digits. maybe snow showers today. this is winter, after all. >> absolutely. looking forwards to it. thank you for spending your sunday morning with us. our next newscast tonight at 6:00 p.m. >> "meet the press" is next. thank you for having us in for
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