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tv   News 4 New York at 6  NBC  January 17, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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. it's football's best weekend tonight on sports final. >> announcer: live from studio 3c in rockefeller center this is news 4 new york. >> hate crime investigation tonight a man speaking out after attackers yelled isis before beating him on the street. >> hundreds gathered to mourn a life cut too short. a woman who disappeared, found after driving into a new jersey river. >> plus get ready for a one-two punch. the bitter blast of cold. good evening. >> new york city has issued a
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sanitation cewsom are getting ready to roll. >> that snow came down heavy at times and the first time you could see it covering cars and grassy areas in the city. >> take a look at this video from old bridge new jersey the snow starting to blanket the roadways making them pretty slick and after this comes arctic air. we are tracking all of this. erica. >> the real slick conditions arrive tomorrow because the snow from today is going to refreeze on the roadways and sidewalks causing some problems. right now we aren't looking at advisories except in southern new jersey where the weather advisory will expire at the end of this hour. you can see the counties included in that. they got more snow there. here's a picture from ocean county. thank you betty. we were expecting between a dusting and coating. this is a pretty thick coating. some especially farther to the south getting up to an inch of snow. the back edge of snow is now
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so we're almost done with it. in fact by about 7:00 most of us won't have any snow falling at all. but we will see light lingering snow showers overnight. no additional accumulation, maybe another dusting in some areas but the main concern is going to be those puddles that have formed. they are going to freeze solid overnight tonight as temperatures plum met and a bitterly cold monday morning. we'll talk more about the temperatures coming up in the full seven day forecast. >> you can track the weather any time with the news 4 new york app. just tap the logo in the corner and select the weather tab. >> the hunt is on for the men who shouted isis before beating a man in front of a young child. that man spoke to us about exactly what happened. he says he wants his attackers brought to justice. this happened outside an elementary school on watson avenues in the park chester section.
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attack. brynn. >> reporter: we have seen detectives in this area looking for evidence, surveillance video possibly. you can see a patrol car parked in front of the school. detectives not taking this case lightly. considering it a hate crime because of the words that were yelled at the victim as they threw punches. >> two people was calling isis. >> speaking through a translator he says those are the words he heard before two men attacked the 43-year-old man from behind in front of this park chester school. >> translator: i think they beat me up because i'm muslim. >> reporter: they kicked him to the ground, threw jabs to his face bruising his eye and forcing him to go to the hospital. the hateful attack happened friday as he picked up his niece from school who could do nothing but watch her uncle defenseless. >> my niece saw i was bleeding
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throughout the whole night. and she said she'll never go back to school. >> reporter: the attack has swelled with muslim faithfuls. assembly man says this kind of attack can't be tolerated. >> we have to make sure that people of all faiths can feel free to walk as they want, to practice whatever faith they want and not feel any kind of violent assault. >> i've been living in the bronx for 30 years and never experienced anything like that. >> reporter: some leaders blame the political rhetoric landing on young minds. >> why would someone attack him calling isis and hitting him from behind? >> reporter: the motive is unclear. police will learn more when they catch the suspects but they do need the public's help. give police a call. i'm here live from the bronx, news 4 new york. >> thank you. hoping they'll track them down soon. an entire community in mourning
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to pick up her brother and never came home. hundreds turned out to say goodbye. her car ended up in the river. we have this story from clifton. >> reporter: hundreds turned out to remember the 22-year-old who had been missing two days. when her car was discovered in the river. family friends and a community turned out to say goodbye. >> i don't even have words. it's so tragic. i don't know what to say. it's hurtful. we can't understand. >> reporter: words are hard to come by. it's here friends and a community said goodbye to 22-year-old tuben who was missing since thursday night. she was supposed to be picking up her brother along the garden state parkway. she suffered from a seizure disorder and was never seen again. >> i knew her as an incredible
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everything and was amazing. didn't let anything define her. she was setting such an example. >> reporter: hundreds searched for her. along with law enforcement were out there. it was a dive team that made the sad discovery. her car was found in the pasaic river found dead inside. today they honored the young soul. >> it's not supposed to be that a parent buries a child. it's supposed to be the other way around and for a young girl, a 21, 22-year-old girl who has her life ahead of her, for this to happen to any family is -- it's too hard to imagine. >> reporter: investigators are trying to figure out if her seizure disorder played a role. she is being buried today keeping within orthodox jewish beliefs. >> new at 6:00 tonight the state department working to locate three americans missing in iraq. there's word they have been
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iraqi officials say they don't know who the kidnappers are and working with the state department to find them. last monday 18 people were killed when insurgents attacked a shopping mall in baghdad. >> three of the american prisoners landed in germany. this appears to be their convoy of vehicles with patrol lights driving from the airport. we're getting our first look at washington post reporter jason rezaian since his release. it was taken after he landed safely in geneva. also on that plane hekmati, a former marine and an bedini abedini, a christian pastor. president obama spoke from the white house. >> today's progress, americans coming home on iran that's rolled back its nuclear program. these are a reminder of what we can achieve when we lead with
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>> a fourth america was not on the plane that left iran and it is not clear why. meanwhile we are learning that a staten island man is among seven iranians released by the u.s. as part of the exchange. 46-year-old was convicted of violating u.s. embargo sanctions. >> iran is expected to be one of the hot topics at tonight's presidential debate in south carolina. the iowa caucuses are a couple of weeks away and the race is shaping up as a close one. there and in other primary states. this morning hillary clinton and bernie sanders talked about their tight battle on nbc's meet the press. >> they're losing ground. we started this campaign off at 3% in the polls and closing in on iowa. we're doing well in new hampshire. >> i always thought this was going to be close and i feel very good about where we are but we're going to keep working until the very last caucus is
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>> now you can watch that debate tonight right here on nbc4 starting at 9:00. on the republican side donald trump blasts cruz for failing to report loans from goldman sachs during cruz's 2012 senate race. cruz is attacking trump's new york values and questioning trump's conservative credentials. >> what donald says on the campaign trail today is fairly conservative. but voters are far more discerning. they have learned over and over again politicians don't tell us the truth. >> he's a nasty guy. nobody likes him. nobody in congress likes him. nobody likes him anywhere once they get to know him. >> meantime jeb bush continues to struggle in the polls but on meet the press today he said that he still expects to win the republican presidential nomination. >> coming up here on news 4 new york.
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we have been in con contact with crews to find out when the water main break is inc. go to be fixed. >> one subway line, the nine stations affected and specifics
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crews remain on the scene of a water main break in the bronx that happened at 9:40 near 167th street and prospect avenue.
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causing problems for several blocks. there was flooding at a nearby school and forced a church to cancel services. the city's department of environmental protection shut down the main to isolate the leak and is in the process of repairing it right now. con-ed son is also on the scene. a new york city man fell 30 feet down an elevator shaft and lived to tell about it. the 36-year-old was leaning against that door at a new brunswick train station when it suddenly opened. but there was no elevator for him. that long fall injured his back and took rescuers an hour to get him out. he was rushed o a hospital. his condition unknown. >> a commuter alert for anyone that takes the n train. your ride might be affected starting tomorrow. these nine manhattan bound end train platforms in brooklyn from 8th avenue to 86th street will be closed for the next 14 months all part of a $400 million deal
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which opened back in 1915. the renovations include everything from improved platforms and overpasses to repairs to retaining walls between the stations while many agree this needs to be done they cannot ignore the added headaches. >> we take the train to school and work every single day. a lot of people use this station. if they don't speak english, it's going to be difficult. as you can see, the sign it doesn't have it in chinese or other languages. >> riders can use temporary platforms on 8th avenue. once it's complete they will begin on brooklyn bound service. >> the push to get e-cigarette companies to stop marketing to teen. what city officials are calling on the feds to do. >> if you looked outside it's snowing now and next is the erica is back with everything
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two new york city elected officials are taking on e-cig rett companies demanding they stop advertising to kids. new york comp controller and public advocate were joined by dozens at a rally today on the upper west side. they say e-cig rett are targeting young people and they say it's working with more teens vaping. they're calling on the companies to stop and urging the fda to step up regulations. >> it is not cool. it is not right and stay away from our children. >> reality is they're marketing it to children right now and so nicotine is dangerous and we don't know whether or not e-cigarettes contain nicotine or any other chemicals dangerous to children. >> she says she wants the markets brought under the same food and drug administration regulations as regular cigarettes. supporters of the vaping
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viable alternative to smoking. >> kate snow joining us from charleston, south carolina, the site of tonight's debate. with the look at what's ahead, good evening kate. >> reporter: coming up tonight. a southern showdown down here. a lot on the line for clinton and sanders are as the race tightens up in the early voting states. we're live from the debate. plus the latest on the americans released by iran this weekend as part of a prisoner swap and also an nbc news investigation into claims of new problems in cars that have been involved in a massive recall. and an idea that might seem to defy logic. why some schools decided to give their students even more recess. four times a day, recess. we're going to see you in a few minutes with more on that on "nbc nightly news." >> where was that idea when i was a kid. >> right? >> kate, thank you. we want to move to a pretty sad story here. four people died after at least two tornados ripped through
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storms overnight. you can see the damage in the video is there. a married couple was killed when a twister hit a mobile home and their adult son and four children hospitalized with nonlife-threatening injuries. flooding, fallen trees, downed power lines. many homes damaged and 17,000 without power. >> 30 degrees and it's been snowing at a pretty good clip this afternoon. >> that's right. we have a light coating out there. most of us got less than an inch. right now we're taking a live look at the park chester section of the bronx where the snow has tapered off within the past ten minutes or so. it's currently 30 degrees with light snow in central park. our headlines will see that trend where the showers are tapering off and see a much cooler day as we head into monday. if it wasn't cold enough today, you're going to feel it as we head into monday. it's also going to be windy all
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a few more snow showers. nothing that's going to accumulate at this point. we're just going to look at additional dusting. that's it. right now it's 27 degrees, well below the freezing point. 28 in franklin and oakland at 29 degrees. 31 in farmingdale. the cold air will get colder. look at the ep temperatures to the west. single digit air temperatures in the midwest before you factor in the wind. storm tracker, if you were with us yesterday you saw me talk about the two different storm systems we are watching. this is the area of low pressure. got closer to the tri-state than i expected. so that's why instead of the dusting to coating we got a thicker coating in most of the tri-state. but here's the next very, very weak weather maker. it's going to bring a few flurries and snow showers tonight into tomorrow. we clear out overnight tonight and on monday morning we could
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the lake-effect. we will see a few of these light snow showers streaming through and a quick burst of snow on monday afternoon. that looks more substantial. but we'll only get a dusting out of that. the drop in temperatures is the main story and the drop in the windchill. so feeling like 12 degrees in mid town at 7:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. only negative 2 in monticello and heading into the afternoon not much relief. single digit windchills. tuesday it's worse. single digit windchills for all of us in the tri-state. the winds whipping at around 30 miles per hour at the worst of it. seven day forecast. windy and down right cold monday and tuesday. few flurries and snow showers but just a dusting now that we're done with the bulk of it. we're going to stay below freezing until wednesday afternoon. so this is that real bitter blast people are wondering where
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well it's here right now. we could have a storm on our way next weekend. keep a very close eye. this is a week you want to keep a close eye on the weather forecast because things are changing and we'll be here for you. >> people hate me for saying it but i actually like the snow. >> it's nice to see some flakes, that's right. >> thanks erica, hey bruce. >> natalie it's one of those weekends football fans dream about and it wraps up with two more games today. coming up in sports the panthers jump out to a huge lead against the seahawks but would carolina be able to hold on for the victory? highlights are just ahead.
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season wraps up with two more games in the divisional playoffs today. the 50-1 panthers hosted the nfc champion seahawks in carolina. after the panthers scored the defense makes a big play. luke picks off russell wilson and gives carolina a quick 14-0 lead. cam newton and the panthers could not be stopped in the first half. they built up 31-0 advantage with plays like this. a spectacular throw by cam newton and catch by greg olson. the game looked over at the half. but the seahawks showed their championship timber in the second half. russell wilson escapes trouble and finds jermaine kearse in the end zone. seattle pulls within ten points. now down by seven with under 2:00 to go. the seahawks need to come
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thomas davis stops any chance of a miracle comeback. caroline caroline wins it 31-24. >> you know, we just got to get that killer instinct. yeah we won the football game but some things we got to be better with. >> guys can hold their heads up high. we dug ourselves as deep hole and didn't give up and battled to the last second. that's what they did. >> over in the afc, the broncos trail the steelers 10-9 in the third quarter. the winner will play the patriots in the afc championship. now to hockey. the islanders hosting the canuck canucks in brooklyn. scoreless in the second period when the canucks light the lamp after a flurry of saves. the rebound comes out to ben hut on the who snaps it for the first career goal. a 1-0 lead.
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third straight win. in the first derek stepan wins the draw. mcdonough takes the shot and second goal in as many games. late in the period alex ovechkin brings the capitals back. the amazing goal scorer fires a rocket for his 27th tally of the season. it's now 3-1 caps, midway through the second period. and congratulations to our colleague john chandler and his wife amanda on the birth of their second child. last night at 9:47 the couple welcomed james william chandler to the world weighing in at 7 pounds and 9 ounces. his big brother is thrill nd and so is the parents and he watched the cardinals against the packers. john did the 6:00 p.m. news last night and raced home to brooklyn and took his wife to the
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victory. we wish all the chandlers well. >> we are so happy for them. >> great story. >> amazing. that kid may never see another game that good.
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