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tv   Today in New York  NBC  January 19, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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wind chills this morning. >> plus, this morning there's a new look at the men wanted in a hate crime. a random attack in the bronx. new this morning, a response to the calls from some hollywood stars to boycott the oscars. what the academy says it is doing. "today in new york" starts now. good morning, everyone. tuesday morning, january 19th. i'm darlene rodriguez. >> i'm michael gargeulo.aichris cimino is here. >> brrr. te dmperatures in the teens. the wind the other side of the story. 17 right now in murray hill, 18 in city island. 17 in staten island. ens in sussex. monticel omlo, 10. bring you the wind and it feels like 5 in central park. feels like 1 out of jfk, zero in funewark. thgaese are dangerous wind chills. below zero from ne burlh to white plains.
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the sun will heoave a few patchy clouds.i stha windy throughout the day. 24 by noon. forecasting a high only in the upper 20s. let's get the first check on cold tuesday morning. >> yesterday we had a lot to talk about, especially the bronx river parkway closure. i want to update you on that. right now the left lane is closed heading southbound from palmer road to the parkway. the entire road will shunnt down again fortrepairs. clear until 9:00 a.m. i'll continue to keep you upda on that. over to new england thruway, and that blocks the lane. right now you heard chris say it, it isitter cold. e wind chills making it feel near zero in some places. "today in new york's" kathryn. >> craig: is on the upper west eside. kat, good morning. reporter: good morning, darlene. we're trying to stay warm. so are commuters here. people are running to and from. that person is walking.
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some others are. some people running to and from the subway station here because it is so cold. after a warm start to theintealr weeks ago people are getting 2 prepared now for colder temperatures. ice, they bought some materials they need to combat icy surfaces. it is such a cold morning in the city, there is a cold lue warning. they'll be out looking for homeless people. th want you to alert 311 in case you see someone who might need help. that number very important because we did receive calls, darlene, overnight that some of the public housing units in the city, they didn't have heat. con edison told us they worked on some residences in northern manhattan and brought heat back to those places. we're waiting to see if people have problems. the city is telling people to call 311 if you don't have heat or hot water. >> thank you so much, katherine creag.
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public housing officials will show us the new cameras installed at 31 housing devet pmen new security card entrance systems. those costs $18 million and the city and the state shared the costs. a hearing for the 2014 shooting death of ky gurley. they say it was nor intentional the rookie officer's gun went off. he may testify in his own defense. jury selection begins thursday. thi morning a 59-year-old woman is recovering from serious injuries after a fire in the bronx which began in the bedroom of a third floor apartment on barnes avenue in ellert lasts night. the woman was found unconscious in the smoke filled hallway. she has burns on his face and body.
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among them three firefighters. time for weather and traffic on the 4s. >> we've been dodging it and the winter is hein. we may be dealing with snow, too. bitter wind chills will continue this morning. plenty of ineffective sunshine. and the wind will have a little tomorrow. gets more comforte le at t0at point. still more comfortable and dangeransly cold. 17 in the city. we'v seen a wind chill down arlfound zero. by noon it's all of 24. by 3:00, 28. forecasting a high of 29 again. a good deal of sun but plenty of winld to keep the wind chills down to the single numbers and teens all day. morning commute, like you said so far it's quiet. >> quiet. we have a couple of changes for mass transit commuters. uptown 2 and 5 trains running with delays because of a speed
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street and freedman street. overni eat track alrkw.. major commuter lines are fine. buses, the two detours, bx 19 and m 23. more weather and traffic coming up on the 4s. thank youo much, lauren. 4:34. breaki news overseas. a suicide bomber has killed at least 11 people including two children and four police officers in an attack in pakistan. it happened in a small little region near peshowar. they drove a motorcycle filled tewith explosives to a security checkpoint. a local taliban commander is taking credit for the attack saying it was in response for the killing of his comrades. right now police are searching for two men wanted in a possible hate crime in the bronx. told you about this yesterday. a man attacked randomly. this morning we have a first look at the attackers. "today in new york's" tracie strahan is in park chester. tracie. >> reporter: michael, all of this will be the subject of a rally to take place today.
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they are asking the community to come out in protest of the hate crime. it comes as police have released video of people possibly behind it. take a good look at t ps video we're about to s w in black and white. you can see two alleged suspects, both believed to be teenagers, running past a home in the moments after the attack. authorities believe those are the two that houted isis at mujibar rama after punching him several times. all of this happened in front of his 9-year-old niece. he says she's still traumatized by everything that happened here. now assembly an will head t rally here in a few hours. rama, michael, is still recovering to injuries from his eye that he suffered as a result of this attuck. 're expecting him also to be at this morning's rally. back to you. tracie, thank you. this morning we're waiting to find out more about a body found in a car in newark.
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about a vicle on fire at south 12th street in central avenue last night. when the arrived they found a body inside. there's no word yet on how that person died. 4:37 now. happengoing today on long island, the tr l begins for the m accused of shooting a sussex county police officer. 23s--year-old shlselo n leftenen left huntington station. he shot officer mark collinsf twice after a traffic stop last mark. jericho turnpike. collins has since recovered. he's back on the job in the emergency services unit. also happening today, testimony begins in the trial of a man charged in the death of a .nassau county police officer. prosecutors say james ryan was driving drunk when he caused two crashes on the l.i.e. in 2012. officer joseph oliviere responding to the scene was struck and killed by another suv. the defense is expected to argue ryan was not at fault. he was leaning against ao
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as super bowl 50 approaches, security officials are eyeing year long attacks on communication lines in the bay area as a possible larger the retr. there have been a series of fiber cables deliberately cut near levi station. ey obtained a memo from the fbi and homeland security in part, it raises concerns that the attacks may be a test on networks as part of a larger plot. the nfl issued a statement in response saying, quote, we have confidence in our lawod enforcement and public safety partners and have an effective d comprehensive plan in place to make super bowl 50 a safe and fans. in the race for president donald trump coming under fire on two continents.'she w in the u.s. e flubbed a reference to the bible. >> 2 corinthians, 3:17, that's the whole ball game. there were giggles heard in theti dience from the evangelical
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they know that is 2nd corinthians. >> ac> in europe, some fightg words from brittain's rliament. they debated to ban trump in the u.k. people with hateful talk can be kept out of the u.k. half a million brittains signed a petition objecting to trump's talk banning muslims from the u.s. >> his words are poisonous. >> also donald trump is a buffoon. >> his policy to close borders i bonkers. >> heard a lot of british phrases there. the members of parliament did not take a vote and for now donald trump is free to enter brittain. the president of the academy awards is promising dramatic steps to make the oscars more diverse. in a statement cheryl boone isaac said she is, quote, heart broken and frustrated over the ck of inclusion.
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the recruitment practices in the'scoming days and weeks. it comes after the hashtag #oscarssowhite started trending. meanwhile, mayor de blasio speaks. there are some areas that have supported diversity. hollywood has a long way to go. >> in response to the lack o diversity, spike lee and jada ckett smith says they are boycotting tds awards. chris rock is hosting. some are wondering if he will join the protest. 4:40. now ahead, what some people found on their doorstep in new jersey that launched a police investigation. plus, a mor financial boost to protect new york city from scenes like this. if you're not outsig yet you soon will be and will feel it. it's bitter cold. storm team 4 tracking the potential for snow coming our way on the hamilton bridge. weather and traffic on the 4s coming up. don't forget follow us on facebook, twitter andminilagram. michaelg4ny, darlene4ny, you're
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4:43. 4 things to know this morning. it is dangerously cold. we found people stocking up on rock salt. we'll have a look at temperatures around the area and weather and traffic on the 4s. today the police officer accused of killing guy gur yoley when the officer peter liang red on him in a brooklyn stairwell. the trial is expected to start this week. his attorney says officer liang may stiay. this morning the head of the academy is promising changes. she responded to several hollywood stars calling for an
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more on that response ahead at 5:00 a.m. we have a recall to tell you about this morning. kayem foods is recalling al fresco sweet applesauce sajs. ththat contains pork. that's not on the label. 4:44. a cold tuesday morning. really a bitterly cold tuesday morning.ndwind chills down in the single mbers to around zero. some cases even a little bit below zero. another cold, blustery day. the col will ease through mid week for a time. temperatures back above freezing daytime hours. we'reghatching the weekend storm looking more and more like the pieces are coming together to bring a significant coastal storm. that mea the fmrst significant snow as well. right now 17 in the city, 16 in moarrristown, 16 in long bran . yoeu get the idea. mainly mid and upper teens. you think it's cold here, 9 in cleveland, 1 in chicago, 3 below in minneapolis, 17 below in international falls.
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us this morning at 16 degrees right now. we ev see generally clear skies. clouds off shore, cold air hitting the warmer water. at's what happen lake effect snow showers up ro's western new york and nnsylvania. good deal of sunshine. some patchy clouds hers o there. not the fact that it will produce any type of snow flurry activity that. will stay clear into 1:00 and into the nighttime. more clouds start to gain on us. a weak system passes underneath t us. you'll notice snow right there going through s th rn new jersey. that's tomorrow night, not gone. player for us. clouds. thursday back a little m e sunshine in the afternoon hours. du wring the day friday the clouds will start to thicken up ahead ofs the next system. that could bring us a significant snow later friday night into saturuayy. the piece of energy that's going to form that storm is out into the pacific. we have to wait untee we get closer and the pieces come gether.
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today 26 in largemont. colder, mid to upper 20s across mid new jersey. the west wind stays busy at 1 to 25 miles an hour. it eases a little. still a breeze. t as biting. overnight low 23 in the city, 23 in ryebrook. burbs, see some teens. so it's quiet for the next few days. we see the temperatures bounce ba, ck k little bit morrow, 36, 35 thursday. clouds increase friday. during the day i think we're fine and friday night snow likely to develop. snow is likely on saturday. strong, gusty winds could be coastal flooding as well. ies out with temperatu es back into the u yoer 30s. 4:46. hopefully no big issues, lauren. >> no huge issues out there. weo have a couple of things going on on the roads. construction on the bronx river parkway. southbound from palmer road to the sprain brook parkway, the left lane is shut down. at 9:00 a.m. all lanes will be shut down. clear until 9:00. continue to keep you updated
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then heading over to new england throughway on exit 16, an accident blocking a lane. that's not causing a he delayi we have minor delaysing on the jor deegan. two lanes shut down for road work. that ssould clear up soon. we'll head outside for a live look at the holland tunnel wheregethings are moving along nicely here. you do have some construction that shuts down the covered roadway outbound at the who will la i. now alternate side of the street parking rules are back in effect pr dby. more weather and traff f coming up on the 4s. one city council member is introducing a bill to license the people who inspect elevators. an 81-year-old man was killed in a stuck elevator. now they think they bypassed that car, they are afraid it could happen again. >> there's n licensing
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licensing praiocedurr in the state. >> certainly open to ways that we can approve it. >> >> the mayor incesting that w york city has a rigorous elevstator inspection program. a lot of federal money will be flowing into new york city to protect against another structive flood. hurricane sandy devastated lower manhattan manhattan. now the city will get $176 million from washington. that money will help build sea walls or grassy levies. those new barriers could also be used in park areas. it is 4:48. police are searching for t p attacker who randomly slashed a man across the face as he walked down a sidewalk in manhattan. tarelking to us about his ordeal, -year-old anthony smith needed 150 stitches to his face after he was slaed by a stranger while wrlking in the east vi dene on saturday. smith says the man came up screaming expletives and knocked him to the ground on sixth avenue.
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psych ward here or reikers. he's clearly deranged. >> they have released picturef of the slasher, 5'6" weighing 150 pounds. thle morning police in new jersey are investigating after kkk flyers were found on several lawns. people living in red bank and fair haven woke up to find the flyers outside of their homes yencsterday. the flyers c tained disparaging redamarks about dr. king. it appears no actual threats inre made. > it could determine whether or not the case against ethanarhe coeuch the affluenzar.een could remain in juvenile court. now using the same wealth defense or affluenza defense, pr thosecstnos would like to see hi omface stiffer penalties. he's still in mexico fighting portation after fleeing the
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now to new developments in the disappearance of three americans in iraq. officials now admit that the three wereifikeln kidnapped. it appears they were taken from in embattled shiite neighborhood. ey're searching for the three going house to house. this morning the music industry is mourning another legend. glen fry has died. take easy, takejut easy don't let the sound of your >> he co-founded the eagles, of course, the band with >> multitude of hits. "taking it easy ", "tequila sunrise," "hotel california." don henley says, quote, he lost a brother. >> it is hard to imagine the eagles carrying on without glen frey. he and don henley, it wasn't group without >>them, both for
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they were the leaders. >> glen frey died hers in new york city. he died from complications of pn ussnia, ulcs, aive colitis. the eagles one of my favorite bands. so sad to lose glen frey. >> really is. e of the greats for sure. 4:51. the former super model under arrest in connecticut. > plms, a strange end to a po belice chase. dogs give officers the run around on a major highway. people in one neighborhood say it is a familiar scene, where a car went out of control and went into a home.
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welcome back. 17 cold degrees out on this tuesday morning. it is 4:53.
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if you're feeling sleep deprived, chances are 4:53 you might be. you should try catching up on your rest this weekend. a small study of young men showed four nights o sleep restriction increased their risk of diabetes by 16%. after two nights of extra sleep their insulin levels returned to normal. researchers say longer erm studies are needed to confirm these results. you can't catch up on sleep, but you can reregulate some things in your body. i mean, we all know it doesn't hurt, it only helps to get that sleep. >> no. we would need to hibernate for 16 months. yeah. >> good luck with that. well, you know, this time of the year. not goingtoo happen. >> anything goes. nasty it weather in terms of cold first and ehantually we may have snow by the end of the week meaning late friday night and saturday. 17 in town. 14 in sussex. newburgh, 19 west hampton and
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nobody is escapingmthe cold. wind chills down near zero in parts of the area. sunshine, plenty of that.splenty of cold and wind. hie onry in the upper 20s. single digit win chills especially this morning. mid to low teens. 23 the low tonight. cloudy sky. the wind wi ease a little bit. that will be the trend i think tomorrow and thursday we'll feel a little more comfortable. all eyes turning to that storm. d stl gettingilew information and we'll pass that along as it comes to thehweather center. >> traffic, how's it going, lauren? >> pretty good. lays on the subway. uptown 2 and 5, delays between simpson street and freeman street. there's a speed restriction on wathe subway. pr live look outside at the alexander hamilton bridge. overall the roads are in good shsaape. >> lauren, thanks so much. on long island a driver crashed hihis home into west babylon and ran from the scene. that person is niw under arrest.
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the time. she was not hurt. police have not yet determined the cause of the crash but this is the third home in this area to be hit by a car in just the last six months and neighbors say speeding is a big problem. >> you can just sit here and watch the cars whiz by here, 50, 60 miles an hour. this is a residential area. >> i think we have to put some nd of stop sign. that would help a little bhit. >> abon tomn spokesperson tells us the study found there wasn't enough traffic volume to make a stop sign or tra c lightness. he blames the accidents on driver error and says no amount of speed controls would have prevented them. super model stephanie see more is facing dui charges. the 47-year-old put her range rover in reverse at a stop sign on greenwich exit ramp sunday and bum--d into another car. th arresting officer says seymour was unsteady on her feet and refused to take a field so
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a new york man accused of stealing high end bottles of wine will be in court. scott deluca will be in courtnovidence, rhode island. police in groton, connecticut, itid he'o seen of taking a $5,000 bottle of wine is him. he's connected to several crimes in new york, new jersey, rhode island as well. happening now, police are searching for suspects stealing credit card info ation usg the skimming devices on the upper west side. they want to track down two men who attached a skimming device. they double uplicated the people's credit cards. two different men ar wanted for attaching a skimming device at an atm at a cvs pharmacy and bank at carnegie hill. this is a photo of the men withdrawing more than $7,000 at
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muutltiple duplicate d cards. in new jersey hundreds of exotic birds were rescued from deplorable conditions. they say the birds belonged to a hoarder. the spca rescued them. no charges will be filed. the owner got in way over his head. the birds will live out their lives in sanctuaries. today students of sunni again know see will go back to class with heavy hearts. collin kin stop stabbed and killed his ex-girlfriend and another student, matthew hutch chin son. kings stop then killed himself in her bedroom. flags at the school are at half staff. a remembrance ceremony is for tomorrow night. today in the midst of a flint michigan water crisis, the governor will deliver his state of the state address. they gathered outside of rick
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it's contaminated with lead. they tried to save money by using the water from the river. coming up on 5:00 a.m. if you're about to head out the door, take us with you. >> keep watching "today in new york" by downloading the news 4 app on your device. our next hour starts right now. dangerously cold morning. storm team 4 tracking wind chills near zero and the threat of our first snowstorm. >> plus, this morning police released a few seconds of video that they hope will help find the two men wanted in a possibly hate crime. and new this morning, the call for an oscars boycott. promise made late last night by the president though of the academy. "today in new york" starts now. good morning, everybody. it's tuesday, january 19th at 5:00 a.m. i'm michael gargiulo. >> i'm darlene rodriguez. storm team 4's meteorologist chris cimino. >> layers, layers, layers,
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