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tv   Today in New York  NBC  January 19, 2016 5:00am-7:00am EST

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4 is what it feels like in central park. 1 feels like temperature in newark. 7 in valley stream. 1 below zero in newburgh and white plains. 7 below the current wind chill in monticello. this feels better that it's 17 in the city and 14 in sussexam. most people in the mid and upper teens. it's a day that will get a good deal of sunshine. the wind stays busy. temperatures in the 20s. single digits and teens at the time. cars warmed up are they out on the ro s? >> starting to get out on the roads. thankfully we don't have any major problems getting in the way. bronx river parkway, all lanes shut down. the left lane is closed southbound from palmer road to the sprain bbrrook parkwty. at 9:00 a.m. they have to make repairs to the guardrails so you're clear until then. we haven't seen road work in
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this morning we have the manhattan bound brooklyn bridge the left and center lanes closed. more weather aute ffic coming up on t 4s. we want to get to the bitter cold. chris told us the wind chill so dangerous this morning. for some of you it will feel below zero. "today in new yo's" katherine creag on the upper west side with those trying to stay warm, among them kat creag. >> reporter: i am. have the parka and hood out here. very chilly. you can see the newspapers flecying. some of the street signs waving in the wind. video from commuters. nd street and broadway, they tell us, at least the ones we lked with, they areeprepared, they are layered up. seatvel l oers they are wearing because the wind goes through you here even a f minutes outside is unpleasant. there are other ways people are getting prepared, buying the materials they need to combat icy surfaces. there could be some snow this
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people we've been talking with are trying to stay warm. two think it was going to be is cold right now? >> i came prepared. >> reporter: that's good. head to toe? >> yeah. >> reporter: what are you wearing right now? >> a lot of things. >> reporter: you see some commuters there, everyone has their hoods up. they are wearing hats in the city. there's also a code blue alert, meaning crews are out in advance looking for homeless people. also, if you see someone who might need help, michael, whether they're out here in thea street, if they're homeless, if they need help the city is urging people to get someone back to you, michael. 5:03. long island, the trial begins for a man accused of shooting a sussex county officer. ha 's charged with the attempted murer of a police officer. prosecutors say he shotomfficer mark collins twice aftg er a
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jericho turnpike. collins has since recovered and is back on the job in the emergency services unit. also happening to y, testimony begins in the trial of the man charged in the death of a nassau county police officer. prosecutors say james ryan was driving drunk when he caused the two crashes on the long island pressway in 2012. officer joseph olivieri responded to the scene and was struck and killed by another suv. the defense is expected to argue ryan was not at fault, he ess leaning against a guardrail at the time. following breaking news from overnight in pakistan. a suicide bomber killed ai least 11 people, four officers, two children. this happened in the volatile region of peshowar. a bomber drove a motorcycle filled with explosives into a security checkpoint. a local commander is taking
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almost 5:04. going to check weather and good morning. >> good morning. all about the wind and weather combined. into the afternoon. plenty of ineffective sunshine. normal highs should be in the upper perfect 30s. the winds will eas a little bit tonight taking some sting wh and bite out of the cold. in chelsea, city island same thing, 18 islip. everybody is in the teens and everybody is experiencing wend chills in the single digits. mostly clear now. we'll mix in a few fair weather clouds. not an issue. windy and cold throughout with highs in the upper 20s. more on the cold. more on the traffic right now from lauren. >> thanks, chris. good morning. let's talk about some of the bus dest turs. to the bx 19. uptown delays on the 2 and 5 from simrihnyoeet to freeman street. there's a speed restriction. subways are doing okay and mou
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alternate side of the street parking rules are in effect. bundle up and move the car. more weather and traffic coming up on t 4s new clue in a potential hate crime in the bronx. a man attacked randomly. this morning we have a first look now at the attackers. "today in new york's" tracie strahan is in parkchesmer. >> reporter: darlene, the images cawaptured in the video were taken moments after the attack friday. a year-old girl being picked up from this school watched as her uncle asunched and kicked. now they're asking for the public's help in nabbing the alleged people in the hate crime. you can see two men running past the video camera. they're both believed to be teenagers. of you can see thheem running past a home in the moments following
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both of them were seen wearing ski masks and they were elling isis before punching the man and kicking him to the ground last friday. e 43-year-old was wearing traditional gashhen rb. he suffered black eye and bruises to his face but has since been released from the hoi spital. all of this will be the subject of a rally right in front of the school today where thi crime ha ened. assembly men and congressmen will be here. wls asking for the public to attend this, darlene. the parkchester section of the bronx has become home to a growing muslim population. they say they don't want anyone else to live in fear of this happening. back to you. >> tracie strahan in parkchester, thank you. 5:06. police are investigating a disturbing discovery in a car in newark just before 7:00 last night. authorities got a call about a vehicle on fire at south 12th street in central avenue. when they got there they found a body inside. no word yet as to how that person may have died.
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eyeing year long attacks on communication lines near this year's s er bowl sight as a possble larger threat. there have been a series of lines cut in the bay area. nbc washington, they say the attack may be a test on the larg networks. the nfl id, quote, we have confidence in our law enforcement and public safety partners and have an effective and compreh thsive plan in place to mak super bowl 50 a safe and exciting event for our fans. 5:07 now. a promisenfrom the head of the oscar academy. ite released a statement responding to calls to boycott the oscars over a lack of diversity. "today in new york's" kerry barrett's in the newsroom with the latest. kerry, so many peoplepeaking about this. absolutely. yeah. this isn't the first year that
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frustration over the lack of ydiversity in oscar nominations. ere isn't a single actor of color up for a lead or supporurngheole. it has prompted the viral hashtag #oscarssowhite. this is for the second year. drawing the theory of gglist celebritiis. now spike lee and jada pickett smith say both of them will not attend the ceremonies. they're suggesting others not attend. she posted this video to her facebook page. >> is it time that people of color recognize how much power, influence that we have amassed that we no longer n d to ask to be invited anywhere. >> now the academy's president says it is continuing to try to be more inclusive. back in 2013 93% of the choosing nominees, the members choosing them were white. last year it added 322 new members, its largest class ever. that was in an effort they say
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but also admitted in a statement that more needs to be done, better and faster as well. so comedian chris rock is hosting this year. people are waitiog to hear how he responds. back on the 15th he tweeted saying the oscars were the white b.e.t., black ento.tainment television awards. we'll wait to hear from him no dod ubt. he'll respond to this later, michael. 5:09. in this morning's cnbc money report, the growing messenger service. the service was bought by facebook two years ago.e charges people a fee of 99 cents a year. after the first year. now whatsapp is looking for fees for direct marketing to users. 5:09. the bible mistake don d trump de while speaking at a christian university. plus, never before seen. the underground tunnels that are now open to the public. >> wow. it is dangerously noold outside this morning.
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it's the wind chill. put that together it will make it feel like zero. will have weather and traffic on the 4s. the belt parkway by the through
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jo. four things to know this morning. it is dangerously cold. people stocking up on rock salt. ahead in weather and traffic on the 4s. today a police officer accused of killing kycgurly in court. he was unarmed when police opened fire. jury selection in officer n? liang's trial is set this week. the attorney says officer.liang may testify. this morning the ead of the academy is promising changes. she responded to several hollywood stars calling for an oscars boycott over a lack of diversity. and we have a recall to tell you about this morning.
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fresco sweet apple chicken usages bg tuse are mislabeled. thusey contain pork that's not on the label. theytre sold throughout new york and new jersey. all right. time for the afore mentioned weather and traffic on ther s d we're dealing with cold temperatures and strong winds. that's not a good combination out there. dangerously cold especially this morning with wind chills at or below zero. the chill is going ye to ease a little. potential for the weekend storm moimving in late friday night into saturday. it's looking more and more like a significant snowfall. also strong winds. coastal areas could sea coastal flooding. classic nor'easter. there are ve hill some pieces sitting out to the west in this sh puzzle. we have to see where they land when it moves eastward. meantime 17 hoboken. 17 chelsea. 17 jackson heights. you get the idea. mid and upper teens covering everybody from sussex down the shore up o poughkeepsie. more than responsive 20. ten in monticello. wind gusts, 24-mile-an-hour
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gusts close to 29 at jfk and laguardia. gusts 30 miles an hour in white plains. close to that in poughkeepsie and newburgh. the wind is howling creating wind chills that make it feel like 1 in newburgh. below zero, newburgh, white plains, monticello. nothing going on in terms of general weather. no storminess, just cold and wind. fair an amount of sunshine. patchy clouds up towards the nohrrth. a few clouds will make it in. the biting breeze continues all day. temperature of 29 and wind chills are going to stay down in the teens. you need to bundly up throughout. wind eases a little bit. it will be breezydet times. wind chill at 23. no as chilly tomorrow. better day. more clouds in the mix thotgh especially in the afternoon. temperature should get near the
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future cast, around zero low single digits by noon and feel all of 10 deg trees in the city getting into he teens during the course of the day, but that's going to be about it. weekend planner, plan on saturday being a rough one. sny, wind bey day. temperatures in the low 30s. this to strm will pull out on sunday with temperatures into th the upper 30s. notndoing fo put any numbers on it r ht now but we'll significant snow accumulation possible later thursday night and into saturday. it dries out upper 30s and back to 40s with a mix of clouds and sunshine. 5:16. let's see what the commute has out there for us. right now, lauren. >> things free and clear on the roads moving along nicely. take you around. live look at the grand central parkway by laguardia airport where you can see that. things are free and clear. headings over to the cross bronx expressway, same story there. bronx river parkway, things moving ejcely. newark, if i h rd you corrs,tly, chrd m you said it feels like 1 degree in newark. that's what feels like looks like.
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crank that heat. then for my ferry commuters, if you're getting on the ferries, everything back operating on the regular schedules. no delays or service changes. coming up on 5:17. now t decision 2016 in just a few minutes new poll numbers will be released in the race for president. so're anounting down thet o., of course. it is just days until the iowa caucuses. nbc's tracie potts is in washington. the latest on the race. a lot of people analyzing the numbers when they come out, tracie. >> reporter: exactly. we've actually got something to tell you about overnight, too. the more the polls come out, they're giving us a better sense of what's happening as we get closer to iowa. the latest nbc/wall treet journal polls are telling us republicans more so than democrats are taking a hit by the tone on the campaign. >> everybody knows that. i was -- >> reporter: donald trump and three other candidates are at the same event in iowa today. ted cruz is packing in six meet
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trump's increasinf attacks on cruz not mentioning him by name at rallies. >> heard somebody say, we're going to build a wall. where did that come from? nobody were said that before but me. >> reporter: cruz says issues are fair game but he wouldn't launch personal attacks. >> if he or anyone else wants to engage in a battle of insults, he's welcome to do so. i don't intend to res nd in kind. >> reporter: the latest poll results shows the battle for the republican nation has given four in ten voters a more negative ew of the party.d >> you can support someoneho has the exp iee in getting results for people. >> reporter: our poll shows more democrats value experie e o jr change. that could benefit hillary clinton. bernie sanders greets voters in iowa today. >> they want real change in the way we do business. n>> reporter: the poll finds more than alf the voters unphased by the tone.
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out th ke polls, michael, what the positive numbers are like. they are in t s order, clinton with the highest nd then sanders, rubio and cruz are tied, carson and then donald trump. >> right. e two republican leaders who are not in that list still leading their party's respective podalls, cruz and trump, right? >> reporter: cruz and trump. actually, yes, cruz and trump are still leading the republican party. you have trump on top and cruz not far behind in many of the polle especia y in iowa. when you look at the favorability numbers in the largerypoll, the republicans as whole aren't doing a good job. thank you very much. 5:19 right now. there are more developments involving donald trump. many people talking about his flubbed reference to the bible. >> 2 corinthians, right, 2 corinthians, 3:17. that's the whole ball game. >> the passage is known as second corinthians.
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out that correction. the audience was student at the angelical audience. i thought it was the start of a joke. dint understand. in brittain donald trump is coming under fire from the members of parliament. thaney debated three hours whether to ban trump from their country. that's after half a million opleisigned a petition. they cited him from banning muslims from the u.s. >> his words are poisonous. >> he's also a buffoon. >> donald goump isst fool. >> his policy is to close borders if he is elected president is bonkers. >> deliberations. >> when it was all over trump was still allased to enter tbryotaha. the lawmakers did not take a vote. also in london the city is opening up the secret unnel for the public. these tunnels played an historic le durin world war ii. 120 people opened up one of eir tube stations in london. thousands of people sought shelter here during what they
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much of the oritinal signage there from t ht -- froi wornd wa pr ii still hangs. the origil l cots are there as well. many raised for tours will help improve the city's travel network. pper is someone who helps diffuse bombs. you see it right there. really fascinating to see that. >> it sure is. 5:21. just ahead, a first for nasa. the achievement that might make you think that one of the biggest movies of the year. plus, never seen a police chase like this. officers not chasing suspects but higs running wild on a major highway. you can see how hard that is.
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live look here at the long island expressway in the great burrow of quns. this is the first flower grown in space. very nice. astront mark kelly tweeted out the pictures. nasa scientists hope thelflower will give them insight how to possibly grow fo in space that could be used on a trip to mars. you can't go to the stop and shop.
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>> head out to cvs v s vs where you need std uff. kind of cool. >> pretty cool. absolutely. >> flowers not going to survive this weather any time soon. they can handle the space station, but they can't handle 17 degrees, i'll tell you that. wind chills making it feel colder. generally in the teens. mostly between 15 and 20 coversn e entire tristate. places like monticello, 10. e wind chill is down to 2 or 3 degrees. 29 the expected actual high temperatures. sunshine, few clouds. stays windy. wind chills in the single digits. 23 the low tonight with a few scattered clouds. the wind will ease up a little. take some of the sting out of the cold the next couple of days. i think tomorrow and thursday will feel a lot better. then we have to concern ourselves with the first significant snow. >> break out the snow boots. >> the good thing is it looks like it's late friday night and saturday. wouldn't impact the commute. >> school children will have something to say about that. v>> i'm sure they want the impact
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>> unfortunately, we do have impacts on owiur cpamute this rnthg. subway delays on 2 and 5 trains. this one came in, delays on the huntington bound trains. tappan zee bridge, roads in good shape this morning. yesterday morning dealing with icing. this morning no issues so far as you're headed out the door. >> lauren, thank you. six puppies were taken on a wild ride in california. they were spotted through the back window of a car being chased by police in los angeles. when police finally did get the car to stop, some of the dogs inside got loose. e dogs didn't appear to be aggressive, but it did take time for police to round them up. they're now in the care of animalservices. the woman driving that car is re under arrest. the dogs make a brak for it as well. >> hey, people playing with us. >> how fun this is. >> 5:26 now. ahead this morning, what se people found on their door steps in new jersey. it actually launched a police investigation.
5:25 am
to help protec nework city from scenes like this. >> reporter: i'm katherine creag live on the upper west de. it's cold for sormany people. we'll tell you how they prepared for temperatures and the possibility of snow this weekend. that's coming up. if you're about to head out the dooran taknyus with you. keep watching "today in new york."
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dangerous firefight in the freezing cold sent several people to the hospital. "today in new york" starts now. good morning, everyone. tuesday morning, january 19th. i'm darlene rodriguez. >> i'm michael gargiulo. chris cimino is here. we have the cold and the snow. we have the cold now. >> real cold now. cold eases between before the snow arrives before the end of the week or weekend. 17 in chelsea, 16 in staten island. most folks in the mid and upper teens with the air mixes up so much there's not a big raise in temperature from suburb to city to coastal areas.
5:27 am
it makes it feel like 4 when the wind kicks up. 1 the current wind chill in newark. the cold is everywhere. 24 at noon forecasting a high of 29 degrees. 5:31 on the nose. let's find out about the commute. >> thanks, chris. the roads are in good shape this morning. right now we have a couple of changes for subway commuters. delays on uptown 2 and 5 trains. delays on 34 street hudson yard bound 7 trains. that's because of subway problems. getting on the buses, bx 19 and m 23 in the city. things rolling along nicely. more weather and traffic on the 4s. it is bitter cold. the wind chills are making it feel like it's near zero in some places. "today in new york's" kathryn. >> craig: is creag is with us. good morning to you. tracie said i look like leonardo
5:28 am
we have so many people bundled up at the subway station. one commuter told us it is such a chilly start to the morning. we want to show you the video with people heading to the subway station at 72nd street and broadway. the wind just goes through you here. even a few minutes outside, they told us, is unpleasant. most of the people that we've been talking with are prepared. they're layered up. there are other ways of people getting prepared, buying the materials to combat icy surfaces. there could be a lot of snow this weekend. as for this morning, commuters are bundled up as they head to their train or bus. one woman put on so many layers she told us she lost count. >> no idea but i'm cold still. >> i don't mind. it's like in canada. i wish it would snow. >> reporter: how many layers do you have on now? >> just a t-shirt and this. >> reporter: he told us he's from canada. jacket. some people deal with it a little bit better than others,
5:29 am
learned of some public housing units in upper manhattan that had no heat. kon edison said at the douglas houses there were a boiler problem. those people at the douglas houses, darlene, they have their heat back. that's something the city says, call 311 if you have any problems at all where you live with heat or hot water. >> katherine creag, thank you. new security measures in place at new york city's public housing. officials announced the completion of $18 million worth of work that improves new security cameras at 31 different housing developments. in the new card entry system that can be restricted to the residents only. city and the state share the costs of those improvements. a pre-trial hearing is set for the police officer accused of killing a brooklyn man in a stairwell. peter liang is charged with
5:30 am
they said the rookie officer's gun accidentally went off. the daily news says liang mail testify in his own defense. jury selection begins thursday. complaints from a bronx fire apartment that severely injured a 62-year-old woman. it happened on barnes avenue last night. the woman was found unconscious in a smoke filled hallway. she has burns on his er face and body. four other people injured including three firefighters. cause of the fire still under investigation. 4:34. time for weather and traffic on the 4s. check in with mr. cimino. it's in the teens, sir. >> in the teens, ma'am, yes, it is. it feels even colder than that when the wind kicks in. feels like zero to slightly below in some spots. that bitter wind will continue throughout the day today. this morning, again, the coldest of the wind chills. plenty of sunshine around today. ineffective in terms of warming things up any. temperatures making it back into the 20s this afternoon. the wind will ease somewhat
5:31 am
tomorrow taking some of the sting out of the cold. by tomorrow we should crack the freezing mark in the afternoon. not cracking any freezing mark today, that's for sure. not close. stay in the teens for the morning. low to mid 20s by noon. finishing off in the upper 20s. it stays windy so the 28 continues to feel colder. the snow potential for the weekend. closer look for the commute here's lauren with the latest. >> thanks, chris. for those of you who commute on the bronx river parkway, if you were awake or had anywhere to go, you would know all lanes were shut down from an accident that took place overnight sunday into monday. today we have left lane closed down from palmer road to sprain brook parkway. all lanes subject to close at 9:00 a.m. for further repairs. clear until then. speaking of clear, a look at george washington bridge. things moving along nicely to the tolls. hudson river crossing doing well. alternate side of the parking rules in effect. more weather and traffic on the 4s. thanks very much. police searching for the two men
5:32 am
that took place in the bronx. told you about it yesterday. a man attacked randomly. this morning we have a first look at the attackers. "today in new york's" tracie strahan is in parkchester with that. tracie. >> reporter: michael, there has been outrage over this attack since it happened last friday. the alleged attackers reportedly yelled isis at their victim but they didn't get away before being caught on tape. this is the new video being released by the nypd hours ago. you can see the two alleged suspects both believed to be teenagers running past a home in the parkchester area of the bronx moments after the attack. authorities believe they are the two who attacked mujibar rakman last week. all of this happened in front of his 9-year-old niece he was picking up around 5:30. today this will be the subject of a rally just a few hours. assembly men, congressmen, and they're inviting the public to come out and express their
5:33 am
michael. the parkchester section of the bronx is becoming a growing muslim community. they want everyone to continue to feel safe in this area. as for mujibar, he did survive that attack and is still in the hospital. this morning police in new jersey are investigating after kkk flyers were found on several lawns. people living in red bank and fair haven woke up to find the flyers outside their homes yesterday, which is martin luther king day. they found dispashlging remarks about dr. king but no threats were made. today a city council member will call for the licensing of all the people who repair elevators. james vacca of the bronx will introduce his licensing bill. this is after a series of deadly accidents. just last month an 81-year-old man was killed in a stuck elevator at his high rice apartment. that was in al lerton. people still refuse to ride in
5:34 am
procedure in the city, no state. >> certainly open to ways that we can improve. >> mayor de blasio said that new york city has a rigorous elevator inspection program. manhattan could get protection from a catastrophic flood. you may remember these scenes. now the city will get $176 million in federal money. that money will help build sea walls or grassy levies all the way around to battery park city. it could mean new ball fields and bike paths. 5:38. police are searching for the vasher who attacked a man who walked down the sidewalk. he needed 150 stitches to his face after he was slashed by a stranger in the east village on saturday. his name is anthony smith. smith says he didn't know the man who came up behind him on sixth avenue screaming
5:35 am
>> some random guy comes up to me, shoves me against the wall, slashing me in my face and back. he didn't even take anything. he cursed and he went off. >> police released blurry photos of the alleged slasher. described as an asian man, 20 to 30 years old, 5'6", 150 pounds. an emt in new jersey died after responding to a crash involving his teenage daughter. he was on the job when he arrived at the scene of the 19-year-old's crash in sussex county. while waiting to see his daughter in the hospital he suffered a massive heart attack and died. his daughter was later released and she is recovering. music industry is taking to social media to pay tribute to the eagles glen frey. take it easy take it easy don't let the sound of your own voice driving drive you crazy
5:36 am
done henley. he wrote "hotel california." the second best selling album behind michael jackson's "thriller." don henley said he lost a brother. >> it is hard to imagine the eagles carrying on without glen frey. he and don henley. they were the leaders. >> glen frey died from complications from rheumatoid arthritis, acute ulcerative colitis and pneumonia. one of my favorite songs that he co-wrote was "take it to the limit." >> absolutely. absolutely. >> right? >> such a talent. 5:40. just ahead. this morning people in one neighborhood say it's a familiar scene. where a car went out of control and into a home. plus, you have to see it. a driver escaping serious injury or worse by a matter of just inches. and tracking some
5:37 am
up when you step outside. it is dangerous out there. weather and traffic on the 4s is coming up.
5:38 am
all right. welcome back on 5:44 on tuesday morning. another bitterly cold tuesday morning unfortunately. temperatures down to the teens everywhere. wind chills down to the single digits and below zero. it's not going to get a heck of a lot warmer, not today. you'll ngts a different feel to the air as the wind eases and the temperatures should crack the freezing mark. 4 in the park with a natural air temperature of 17 degrees. the weather headlines, another blustery, cold day. the chill will ease through the mid week period. then we're watching the storm that could bring us significant snow later friday night into saturday. more on that in just a little bit. 24 hour temperature change. it's colder today than yesterday morning. that seems to be the trend. most areas anywhere from about 10 degrees to 12 to 13 degrees than they were yesterday
5:39 am
enough, quite frankly. 17 and 13 in caldwell. most of new jersey in the mid teens. bring in the winds and it feels like 1 in newark for the wind chill in the park, 8 the current wind chill in yonkers. 8 in mutt ton town. 3 at jfk. feels like 2 below zero right now in long branch. 8 below zero in monticello with the wind chill and 2 below in newburgh. bitter cold. dress in layers, bundle up. keep the face covered with that kind of wind. meantime, generally in the clear. some clouds here because this is lake effect snow. that doesn't explain the wild forecast today. good deal of sunshine. few fair weather clouds. biting breeze continues all day long. temperatures at best in the upper 20s. it'll never feel like the upper 20s. wind chills will stay double digits and teens. still breezy at times. 23 the overnight lows. not quite as cold.
5:40 am
mid 30s, some will give way to clouds. thursday, quiet and cold. friday we'll start to see increasing clouds during the day we're fine. later friday night snow will develop coming up from the south as a coastal storm gets going. that could turn into a nor'easter. with a full moon, that means coastal flooding could be a serious issue on top of the snow. watching closely all of the pieces having yet come together. it's looking more and more like plan on a significant snow later friday into saturday. then it clears out partially on sunday with clouds lingering. early next week a mix of clouds and sunshine. let's see if there are any trouble spots tuesday morning. >> not too many trouble spots out there which is something we always like. we do have an accident that just came in northbound on 287 just after exit 3 new durham road. in the addison area. otherwise, looking good. gokul venkatachalam owanus expressway, getting a little crowded out there.
5:41 am
then over on the van wyck expressway, in for a smooth ride there. subway, we have delays on uptown 2, 3, 5 trains. delays on 34th street hudson yard bound trains. major commuter lines look good. next weather and traffic update on the 4s. 5:47 in long island. police have arrested a driver who crashed his car into the home and ran away from the scene. fortunately nobody was inside the home and was hurt -- the people inside the home, they weren't hurt, i should say. police have not yet determined the cause of the crash. neighbors tell us it's the third time in the last six months that a home in the area has been hit by a car. you can just sit here and watch the cars whiz by here at 50, 60 miles an hour. this is a residential area. >> i think we have to put some kind of stop sign. that would help a little bit. >> babylon town spokesperson tells us a study found there wasn't enough traffic volume to
5:42 am
lightness. he's blaming the recent accidents on driver error. happening now, police are searching for the thieves who keep stealing credit card information using skimming key advice devices. they attached the device to the green gourmet deli in lexington. they duplicated customer credit cards and stole more than $8,000 in withdrawals. two different men are wanted for attaching devices at a cvs pharmacy at a bank of america. these are photos much one of those men withdrawing more than $7,000 at a bank in queens with multiple duplicated cards. a hearing today in texas that could determine whether the case of the affluenza teen, ethan couch, will remain in juvenile court. he could get 10 years on probation now using the famous affluenza or wealth defense claiming he was too privileged to know better. they want to see him face a
5:43 am
he is in a holding facility in mexico. he's fighting deportation after fleeing the u.s. with his mother. >> want to update you now on the three americans feared kidnapped in iraq. we're told two are iraqi americans, one is egyptian american. a local official says they were taken friday from their interpreter's apartment possibly by shiite militias. that was in an embattled baghdad neighborhood. they're looking for them. 5:49. today students of sunny genesee in western new york will go back to with heavy hearts. collin kingston stabbed and killed his former girlfriend and matthew hutch chin son. he killed himself in her bedroom. flags at the school are at half staff. a remembrance ceremony is planned for tomorrow night. today in the midst of a flint, michigan, water crisis the governor will deliver his state of the state address.
5:44 am
snyder's home to demand his arrest. their drinking water is contaminated with lead. in 2015 they tried to save money by changing water sources. this morning we have a look at a remarkable close call in maryland. >> this situation is pretty unbelievable. the ambulance struck a light poll by the road. >> a crash involving an ambulance brought down a poll on the beltway outside of washington, d.c. that poll went through the roof of a car inches behind the driver's seat. it went all the way through the car. actually came out the bottom of the vehicle. everyone in that wreck expected to be okay but it's a matter of inches right there. >> absolutely. 5:50. the former super model under arrest in connecticut. then later at 6:00 this morning. the changes that could be in store for your child's school lunch. this morning new research that may just inspire you to sleep in this weekend. there you go. not video of me. don't forget follow us on
5:45 am
instagram, darlene4ny, michaelg4ny, you're watching
5:46 am
the common core rollout was a disaster. parents knew it. teachers knew it. and now, governor cuomo's task force is doing what's right. state tests don't unfairly count against students. and test scores won't be used in teacher evaluations. less testing. greater focus on learning. that's a start, but there's more to do. let's work together to support sensible and fair learning standards that help every child -- in
5:47 am
welcome back. 17 degrees out. 5:53 on this tuesday morning. in new jersey hundreds of exotic
5:48 am
conditions are getting another chance. health inspectors found them living in a back room in a secondhand store in passaic. they say the birds belong to a hoarder. with help from volunteers the spca rescued them. no charges will be filed. the owner did just get in way over his head. the birds will live out their lives in sanctuaries. in news 4 your health, if you're feeling sleep deprived, you should try catching up on your rest this weekend. four nights of sleep restriction increased the risk of diabetes by some 16% but after they got extra sleep for two nights their insulin levels actually returned to normal. researchers say longer term studies are needed to confirm the results. it adds to the debate whether you can actually catch up on sleep you don't get during the week. >> leads to restrictions. less than 8 hours, do you think? >> yeah. 8 hours? >> sleep restrictions. >> right. yeah. recommend 8, 7 when you're a
5:49 am
>> that's about, what, three days' sleep, 2 1/2 days. >> right. >> you guys take your little nap. i don't want your insulin level to go up. cold temperatures down to 17 in chelsea, city island, jackson heights as well. most folks -- >> ahhh. >> you do that anyway, michael. mid and upper teens. we are looking at wind chills in the single digits to around zero. seriously have to bundle up today. plenty of sunshine and cold as well. only in the upper 20s. no flurries or snow showers to worry about. the wind will ease a little bit. doesn't shut down but it will ease a little bit with a low of 23 degrees. quiet the next couple of days. then we'll talk more about the potential snow over the weekend where i thought i was going to get some sleep apparently, but i'm not. >> maybe a little bit. >> hopefully. >> what's happening, lauren? >> not too much for the commute which is good news. we do have some detours on the buses this morning. two of them. the bx 19 and m 23. then we'll take a live look outside at the roads, route 3 in east rutherford.
5:50 am
as you head towards the lincoln tunnel. everyone in for a nice ride. accused serial wine thief is due in court in rhode island. scott deluca from new york state scheduled to be at a hearing in providence in rhode island. police in connecticut say he is the man seen on this security video taking a nearly $5,000 bottle of wine from a restaurant. they say he's also connected to similar crimes in new york and new jersey and in rhode island. super model stephanie seymour is facing dui charges after backing into a car in connecticut. police say the 47-year-old put her range rover in reverse at a stop sign in greenwich and bumped into another car. they say she was unsteady on her feet and refused to take a field sobriety test. she is due in court on february 2nd. wall street is back to work. we'll check in with cnbc.
5:51 am
security concern involving the home of super bowl 50. the mysterious attacks that officials are zeroing in on. if you're about to head out the door, take us with you. download the news 4 app on your mobile device right now. we'll be back in two minutes.
5:52 am
now at 6:00, our area waking up to a blast of bitter cold as storm team 4 tracks what could be our first major snowstorm. a man slashed across the face while walking down the street. hear what he's saying about the attack as we get our first look at the suspect. plus, hollywood stars now calling for an oscars boycott. "today in new york" starts now. good morning, everyone. tuesday morning, january 19th. i'm darlene rod reeg riguezodriguez. >> i'm michael gargiulo. >> good news. the feels like temperature went from 4 to 5. >> yeah!
5:53 am
it is brutal out there. it's 1 below in oakland, new jersey. 1 in newark. 1 it feels like at jfk. 5 in valley stream. wind chills from newburgh to white branch, 1 below zero. actual air temperatures generally upper teens to mid teens covering anywhere you go throughout the entire tristate. brutally cold. everybody is in it.dnobody escapes it. we get sunshine in her but the gusty winds prevail throughout the day. 24 th at on forecasting high of 29 with of course the much lower wind chills.tmore on the cold and snow in a little bit. lauren ala, is it interesting for the commute? >> interesting if you like flashing lights. 'll head over to new jersey. we have an accident on route 287 heading northbound out after exit 3. yo u can see plenty of flashing lights as delays are building into this area. it takes out the right lane and shoulder. i'll continue to keep a close eye on this. subways, we have delays on uptown 2, 3, 5 trains. we also have delays on 34th
5:54 am
signal problems. majorscommuter lines are fine. more weather and traffic ahead on the 4s. the whipping winds and brutal cold are sure to make the rning commute miserable. "today in new york's" katherine creag is on the upper east side people out braving the cold. you as wea, kat. >> reporter: indeed, darlene. lot of people at 72nd street and broadway, we only seeliik? that gentleman there, just their because they have scarves and neck warmers surrounding their faces. it is so cold out here. a ctly start to the morning. and so many people tell us that they are layered up. they're trying to stay as warm as possible. the wind just goes through you here. even a few minutes outside is unpleasant. most of the people that we've en talkip with have told us that they are prepared. over the last couple of days we've heard from people who are getting prepared in other ways. the possibility of snow has been going out to the stores buying the materials to combat snow and icy surfaces. as for this morning, commuters are bundled up wearing lots of
5:55 am
train or bus. >> i came prepared. >> reporter: that's good. rkhead to toe. >> yeah. >> reporter: what are you wearing right now? >> a lot of things. no idea but i'm cold still. >> i don't mis nd i'm from canada. it's nice. i wish it would snow. >> reporter: how many layers do you have on now? i knowepeople are layered up. >> just a shirt and this. >> r iteo then you have that guy. again, thatituy is from canada so he's not as layered as some people are. he's dealing with it though. ind the city today there is a code blue alert, and that means you kroo crews are out in vans lping anyone who needs help from the cold, homeless men and women, children. trying t gdo them someplace safe. the city is saying call 311 if you see someone who needs help. also if you don't have heat or hot water in you home. back to you, darlene. >> absolutely correct. great viyo. thanks so much, kat. 6:02 now. happening today, long island
5:56 am
shooting and wounding a sussex county policofficeg. sheldon is charged with the tempted murder of a police officer. prosecutors say he shot officer mark collins twice after a traffic stop last march in jericho turnpike. copllins has since recovered. he's back on the job in the emergency services unit. also happening today, testimony gibbs testimony begins in the testimony of the trial of a nassau county police officer. james ryan was driving dru when he caused two crashes on the long island expressryy in 2012. officer joseph olivieri responding to the scene was struck a s killed b another suv. the defense is expected to argue that ryan was not at fault, that he was leaning against the ardrail atsthe time. this morning the 62-year-old woman is recovering from serious injuries after a firen the bronx. the fire began in a bedroom of a third floor apartment on barnes avenue in allerton last night. the woman was found unconscious
5:57 am
she has burns on his father and body. four others were also hurt cluding three firefighters. the cause of the fir lis under investigation. a lot of federal money is going to come to new york city to protect against another destructive flood. hurricane sandy devastated lower manhattan. now the city will get $176 million from washinaton, federal dongllars. the money will help build sea walls or grassy levies from the lower east side all the way around west to battery park sfi. the new barriers could also be turned hopefully into parks and hopefully prevent sces ls,ike we saw there that e're stile repairing. >> still repairing. people still dealing with this mess. 6:04. time for weather and traffic o the 4s. today we're cealing with really cold tempeg tures all around, chris. >> yes, the wind and cold combined to see wind chills a. or below zero early this morning. that will be the case even through the afternoon. wind chills probably single digits and teens. despite the fact that we see to
5:58 am
we're calling it ineffective sunshine. the wind will ease somewhat tonight. it still stays breezy, not as ndy. 17 in the feels like temperature, all of five degrees. as i said, a lot of near zero or below zero wind chills at this hour. 24 by noon, 28 by 3:00. that's the best we do, 29 the forecast high. should crack the freezing mark. seven day outlet a lit a bit. 6:05. here's lauren scala with an update of the commute. >> thanks chris. in addition to the 2, 3, 5, 7 delilays we have up wn a and cains. if you're getting on the buses, two detours, bx 19 andli 23. ferry commuters, everything back on track running on the regular route and schedules. yesterday we had a lot of changes with the holiday. you do need toelove your car today. 6:05. police are searching for the attacker who randomly slashed a man across the face as he walked down a s hewalk in manhattan. the victim talked to kn us about the assault.
5:59 am
150 stitches to his face after he was slashed by a stranger in the east village saturday. smith says the man came up screaming expletives and knocked him to the ground on sixth avenue. >> he needs to be either in the psych ward here or reikers or sop.mewhere. this is someone who's clearly ho rpe tyhey get him. >> police released blurry photos of the alleged slasher. described as an asian man, 20 to 30 years old, 5'6", 150 pounds. this morning we're waiting to find out more about a body found in a car in l.wark. they initially got a call about chr fi are. last night when they got there, they found a body inside. there's no word yet how that person may have died. as super bowl 50 approaches security officials are eyeing year-long attacks on communication lines in the bay arinto as a possible larger r at. there have been a series of fiber cables deliberately cut
6:00 am
nbc washington obtained a memo tween the fbi and homeland security. in part, it raises concerns that the attacks may be an attack on networks as part of a larger plot. the nfl issued a statement we have confidence in our law enforcement and public safety partners and have an effective and comprehensive plan in place. donald trump is promising to make a big campaign announcement in iowa with a special guest. yesterdayeris biblical reference left some audience members giggling. >> 2 corinthians, right? 2 corinthians, 3:17, that's the whole ball game. >> well, the students who lis jebd to that tried to correct do anld trump. the passage is not known as 2 corrinne inthians but second corinthians. the "today" show is following all of the developments on the campaign trail joompt in this
6:01 am
wall street gets back to work holiday weeken thd. good morning. >> back to business. wall street will try to put the fi -rst two weeks of 2016 behind it. the dow dropping more than 1400 points on worries about china's economy and tumbling oiling prices. st focks could get a bounce today. futures are higher this morning. shrugging off the n hae last year's gdp slowed to the weakest pace in 25 years. oil is higher altfough still below $30 a barril meanwhile, whatsapp is d pping its token $1 a year subscription fee. individual users could use this for free for the first year. instead, the company is exploring ways to charge businesses such as banks or airlines who want to contact users directly. if you tylked to a bank about a
6:02 am
it's not free. >> not free. that's right. that's the way the business worlleworks. all right. thanks so much. >> thanks,.guys. up next, a lot of people talkeeg about this. calls for an oscar boycott. new this morning, we're going to te.ll you how the motion picture academy is now responding to that backlash over the nominations. then later, new changes could be coming to your child's school school cafeteria. why the menu may be g anting a makeover. we look at the new jersey turnpike by newark liberty airport.
6:03 am
it's 6:12. 17 degrees out.
6:04 am
morning. a code b tai warning in ffect across new york city as we deal with wind and below freezing temperatures. yo de blasio is urging new rkers to seay warm and help others at risk. if you can't log on to twitter, you're not alone. twitter is aware of the issues. they're working towards a resolution. there's a consumer alert impacting your breakfast. yem is recalling al fresco chicken sausage. it contains pork but that's not on the label. >> the first fast track service changes starts tonight in brooklyn from 10:00 p.m. to 5:00 a.m. there will be no 2 trains between flatbush avenue and franklin avenue. service changes run from friday, intheythill also be in effect next week. 6:14. time for weather and traffic on e 4s. another brutally cold morning out there. temperatures in the teens.
6:05 am
lehup in a big way. we've seen it all morning long. it will stay cold throughout the afternoon. chill eases. temperatures by mid afternoon shouould get above the freezing mark. watching the potential for a si icant potential storm. 10 in hacket towni 14 in oakland new jersey.t d and upp teens doing it, down the shoed the same. 16un in long branch. upper danbury, connecticut, matching at 16 degrees. with the wind it feels like 1 at jfk. same thing in oakland, new jers i'eym below zero to the north newburgh, white plains, 3 below. islip at 1 below. monticello feels like 5 below zero when the wind kicks in. future tracker, we're in good shape. not going to warm things up viry much at all. aefew fair weather clouds n rth and west of the city. that works our way through the overnight and through the day tomorrow. more clouds tomorrow.s notice that.
6:06 am
that goet to the south of us with some snow extreme southern new jersey. light dusting of snow we think later tomorrow night. gone by thursday. we see more sunshine back in the picture on thursday. it stays cold. eventually the clouds thicken up as we get towards friday. for today, dealing with this. sunshine what you can't see with the cold and wind. upper 20s. often e! the single digits and ens. 23 tonight the wind will weaken. back in the mid 30s. more sunshine on t picture. enwe watch the storm come up from the south along the coast spreading clouds along the day on friday. friday night looks like snow will break out late at night. temperatures in the low to mid 30s. overnight into sapurday. it could be a significant snowstorm all depends on the track of this storm. one piece of energy that we're watching that has to come in off the pacific coast that has to . once that gets on the grid for the computer models, i'll feel be ier. art to put out numbers. plan on snowy late friday night into satuusay. 33 t >> high.
6:07 am
on monday with a mix of clouds and sub shine. let's see if you have any problems heading up for the mmute, lauren. couple of problems. headr.ver to the accident oh 287 ree. lane. delays pretty heavy back towards route 27 getting through the area en the bronx river parkway. hers's an te' all lanes shut down from palmer avenue bridge. left lane closed from palmer road to the springbrookaparkway. at 9:00 they'll close all lanes to make the guardrail repairs. until then you're clear. accidents. first one eastbound after exit 18, 311. next one eastbound at exit 20. 684. live look outside t the in boend sice of e lincoln tunnel. chsing. over at the george washington bridge, things moving along nicely. same at the holland. alternate side of the street
6:08 am
xt weather and traffic on the . 6:16. new reaction to the growing calls to boycott the oscars over a lack of diversity. "today in new york's" kerry barrett is following all of this from the newsroom. good morning. >> hi, darlene. the oscar a couple of weeks away. the buzz surrounding the growing ntrorsy about tlf lack of diversity in the nominations. there hasn't been a single 3 rson o color up for lead or supporting role.w some big hollywood names th atening to boycott the artire ceremony. along with "beast of no nation." will s going unrecognized r his role in "concussion." his wife actress jada pinkett-sm h as does spike lee. he s says the real battle is in the executive offices about the decisions where what's produced and what's not are made. critically acclaimed "straight out of compton" got only nee
6:09 am
the film's writers who are white the academy's president says it is trying to be more ihelusive and more needs to be done. it needs to be done better and faster. >> we're still working very hard and will csntinue to work hard to bring in more inclusion. >> also people waiting to hear ohow comedeln chris rock will respond. he's actually hosting this year. back on the 15th he tweeted that the oscars are the white version of the b.e.t. awards. you obviously can't go back and look at that tweet right now because twitter's having a little bit of trouble as you mentioned. late oniin the morning, go back and peruse and we'll see what all the controversy is about. wes 'll wait for his response. >> oh, yeah, i've seen chris rock's tweet and the hashtag. aiill check again. kerry barrett in the newsroom. thank you. it is 6:18 right now. the co-f nder of the eagles glenn frey has died.
6:10 am
>> that, of course, one of the gles biggest hits. youan add to that "tequila sunrise," "heart ache tonight," "hotel california." the second largea selli album behind micha l jackson's album "ts hriller." it is hard to imagine the eagles carrying on without glenn frey. he and don henl . ey were the aders. >> glenn frey died here in new york city. died from complications from rheumatoid arthritis, ulcerative colitis and pneumonia. everyone has a favorite eagles song. >> wow. absolutely. >> they were songs that really spoke about a whole season of things. >> they really did. they transcended so many generations. >> t they did. >> 6 oochblt 19. still ahead, we will tell you why a long island school district is stepping up secury this morning.
6:11 am
find out where crooks are ripping off local credit carda users. and don't forget follow us on facebook and twitter and instagram. michaelg4ny, darlene4ny.
6:12 am
the tappan zee bridge on this tuesday morning. flint michigan water crisis, the state's governor is going to
6:13 am
yesterday dozens of protestors gathered outside governor rick snyder's home to demand his arrest. flint'ondrinking water is contaminated with led. in 2014 the cit tried to save money by using water from the flint river. the river corroded the pipes poisoning the water. your child's school lunch could be getting another makeover. senate bill will rev e the healthy meal >>s rules. it will ease requirements on whole grain. the legislation would also delay an >> upcominggdeadlineeeo cut sodi levels. 6:24. time for weather and traffic on the 4s. chilly like temperatures. >> you neat hot oatmeal this morning. put fire in the belly. you need any heating element you can get once you step outside. lo geoking at 1 degree in newark. 5 in the park.
6:14 am
3 below in white plains, 2 below in newburgh. it's brutal out there. it stays cold throughou>>t the day. it's a sunny day at least. the wind stays busy. upper 20s. that's the actual high temperature of the actual air temperature, too. talking wind chills staying in e lower teens i think right through the mid afternoon hours. tonight clear to partly cloudy. 23 in the city. few teens in the suburbs. the wind will slowly ease. you'll notice it feeling a little more bearable. more like typical winter weather tomorrow and thursday. $1 'll watch with the snow threat for the weekend. talk more about that coming up in the next half hour. hey, lauren. >> good morning. changes to subways. for those of you who have to andce the platform above ground, bundle up like chris is saying. delays on uptown 2, 3, 5 trains and 7 is delayed. heading to 34th street, hudson yards.shlook at the roads. starting to get a little congested out there on the l.i.e. making your way wesitound past the grand central parkway.
6:15 am
overall the roads are still doing pretty well as you head out the door. >> lauren, thank you. itrfs 6:25 right now. coming up next, a new clue to a shocki tung cri ime in the bronx. >> reporter: new thmages this morning of the alleged susc who yelled isis is mad before attacking him in front of the >>ild. i'm tracie strahan live in the parkchester tose uctsen of the bronx th the vidgo want you to >>see. r >> reporter: i'm katherine creag ve on the upper west side ere the ind will wake you up. how are commuters preparing for the bitter cols temperatures. also, they're thinking about thi possibility of snow this weekend.i wechl talk about it coming up. keep watching "today in new york."
6:16 am
bitter cold. tracking out with bitter cold. the community prepares to rally around the victim. >> plus, new security concerns for a local school district.
6:17 am
good morning, everybody. 6:30 a.m. on this tuesday, january 19th. >> chris cimino, dealing with this. >> it's bitter cold again. temperatures mid teens. 15. pretty common number in central new jersey. woodbridge, howell, down in toms river. 16 in points pleasant, 17 in the park. sometimes 5 below zero in parts of the area. day planner. windy and brutal. forecasting high in the upper 20s. cold now and down the road with snow to worry about. let's get over to lauren scala, update on the traffic. yoheu
6:18 am
they're trying to do that. they're starting to back up the span. i will keep you posted. we have another accident been out there for a while causing delays. it looks like it's about to clear which is good news. 287 northbound on exit 3, that's been in the right lane for a little whe. u can see delays are pretty avy.od news looks like it's about to clear. moyore weather and traffic coming up on the 4s. it is as chris said, painful to be outside right now. temperatures feeling close to zero but today in new york's katherine creag has been out in it all morning on the upper west side. kat, you've got to be you-en. i have four shirts on. they're that heat tech shirts. i'm kind of staying okay. i have the hood up, the parka. you will all you have to doins seeee how people are bundled up. hoods up, hats on, gloves on as well it is a chilly start to the morning. imagine if you have to work out in this. even a few blocks' wk to e train station or your bus, it's
6:19 am
people we've been speaking with because the wind goes through you wherever you are. st people are prepared. they're layered up. there ar e sther ways people are getting prepared thinking about the possibility of snow this weekend. ey bought materials to combat snow and icy surfaces. as for this mirning, commuters ar bundled up as they head to their train o their bus. >> three layers on. >> reporter: even just a few an ks walking it's still pretty brutal, right? >> it's still cold. it's still cold, you know? that's why i cover up my face like this, you know? >> i'm prepared. i alknow it was coming. everybody knows winter is coming. hoodie, sht, sh i'm good. >> reporter: and on this chilly morning we learned of some public housingyoesidents in upper manhattan that had no heat. kon edison said it's something the city is doing. if t you have any problems with heat or hot water in your homes, take a look at some of the people.
6:20 am
they are layeredtup. i have four shirts on. people are layered to you, michael. >> 6:32 right now. happening a pre-trial hearing. accused of killing a man in a stairwell. peter liang is being charged in the shooting death of ky gurly. the rookie officer's gun cidentally went off. e daily news reports liang says it's there. -- > more security is accused of shooting the man outsioude the arendwood public library.
6:21 am
they're trying to reassure parents. >> we will reassure that whatever steps are necessary to ensure that every child, every mber and every person is sa. >> teens will conduct random searches. additional piaolice presence in district buildi s. ." gtoday new york city public housing officials will show us new safety improvements. they'll give us a new look at security cameras at 31 housing developments. new security card entrance systems. the improvements cost $18 million. the city and the state share the costs. 6:34. this morning the temperatures we sh ould say the lack ofthem. >> the lack of temperatures. winter got off to a slow start. temperatures in the teens. in: some cases below zero.
6:22 am
persist through the morning and afternoon hours. it will still be breezy but it starts to f. l better by the time we get through tomorrow. today you're stepping out for brutal cold. 17 in the city. low and mid teens north and west. as i said, with the windurven colder. 24 by noon, forecasting a high today of 29 degr: s. >> delays on uptown 2 and 5
6:23 am
spea "to'sy in new york's" tracie strahan is in the parkchester section where a rally will be held in a few hours. tracie, good morning. >> k reporr: de le, good morning to you. those organizing this morning's rally said that an attack on onea mber of trgs cllmunity is an attack on everyone in the parkchester section of the bronx is a growing muslim community. it comes just as police have released this new video of the alleged suspect that police may be looking for behind thisge tack. let's show you that video released hours ago. it's in black and white, but you can see two pelple running past this camera. authorities tell us over the pht one that they were running past this moments after the attacks. bod thef tllm were last seen wearing ski masks and dark pcolored clothing. authorities believe these are
6:24 am
at muji rackmaeafter hitting him and pushing him to the grwand. was picking up his 9-year-old when this happened at 5:30 in the afternoon andst he has wearing traditional muslim garb at the time. he did suffer a black eye that you saw there and bruises to his face, but he has been h released from the hospital. the description on the suspect. pretty vague at this point, darlene. thokat's why police were eager to get this video out to the pu, blici of course, anyone with any information on who the suspects could be, they have to contact police immedintely. ck to you. >> tracie strahan, tracie, thank you. four brooklyn men say they were wrongly thrown off a flight to laguardia and now tl yn want $9 million. they claim they were racially profiled as muslims. they all brded the same american airlines flight from toronto last month, butp they say the flight crew ordered them off the plane saying they made the captain feel uneasy. men are now soung in federal court. american airlines says it is reviewing the suit. happening now. police are searching for the
6:25 am
card information using skimming devices on the upper east side police want to track dow two men who attached a skimming device at the green gourmet deli. they duplicated customers credit card and stole more than $8,000 in withdrawals. two different men are wanted for attaching skimming devices suin mid town and bank of america in carnegie hills. se are pho hs of one of those men withdrawing more than $7,000 at a bank in queens with multiple duplicated cards. one city council member is nintroduc yoing a bill to license people who service elevators. james vacca worries the number of deadly accidents is riding. last month an 81-year-ghd man was killed in a stuck elevator in his high rise building. fellow residents say they bypass that car. they're afraid that could harpe--glagain. >> there's no licensing procedure in the city, no licensing procedure in the state. >> certainly open to ways that we:an improve.
6:26 am
anio added though he believes new york city does have a rigorous elevator inspection program. police on long island arrested a driver who crashed a car into a house and ran away. a wom was inside the home on phoenix home o west babylon at the time. she wasn't hurt. there's no word yet on whether speed or ice caused this crash. neighbors say this is the third home in this area to be hit by a car in the last six months. >> you can just sit here and watch the cars whiz by here at 50, 60 miles an hour. this is a residential area. >> we have to put something here. that would help a bit. >> they tell us the study found there is enough volume to make a traffic lightness. >> in new jersey more than 200 exotic birds have deplorable
6:27 am
>> the spca rescued them. no charges will be filed. the spca says the owner just got in way over his head. >>gl> 6:39. coming up, a super model arrested. what police say stephanie seymour did behind the wheen >> weather and traffic on the 4s coming up as you look at the cross bronx expressway there. slow going.
6:28 am
6:43. right now 17 degrees. frigid cold out there. we'll talk to chris in just a moment. me while, getting a look at a rardre catch off the coast of southern california. a man fishing off the san
6:29 am
the 6 foot baby shark was eventually able to break free and swim away. warmer winter waters caused by el nino likely drew that shark closer to the beach. ' need a bigger rod and reel, too, in that case, i think. dealing with cold temperatures and wind out there making it feel even colder. much like yesterday, wind chills down in the single numbers. some cases even near zero. even a little bit colder than it was yesterday morning at this time. in the city right now we've been holding at 17 degrees. skies mostlyoclea wind chill officially coming in at 5. headlines, blustery cold wther gwill prevail. watching the possibility of a snowstorm later friday night into saturday. first widespread snow of the season and significant snow becoming more and more ssibility. but, again, sti glll a pos bili because gl it's still several days away. 17 in hoboken, 17 in green ridge. mi d and upper tee covering the
6:30 am
not a big range in temperature from suburbs in the distant northwest areas to the city and the coast. generally everybody betweenh15, 19 and 20 degrees. winds, s thee,ust at 26 miles an hour. close to 30 at jfk. lat. guard yeah 32-mile-an-hour gusts. 36 o in white plains the wind gusts. these winds with those temperatures creating wind chills like 1 in newark, 2 in oakland, 1 at jfk, feels like 5 valley stream. below zero at white plains, newburgh, monticello. feels like 3 in morristown and zero in long branch. islip with 1 below zero. the biting breeze continues. sunshine. that's the good news. upper 20s. clear to partly cloudy. still breezy the first half of th we night. low 23. not quite as cold or windy. tomorrow should feel a little bi, j better in the afternoo ill cold, mid 30s. less wind. 'll see some increasing clouds
6:31 am
though we'll have to see a ang by foryeand saturday toouwards a snowier picture. notice the feels like temperatures as we go into the af rnoon. generally tweern 10 and 15. single digits into the northwest. low teens overnight. same scenario. gets a little better tomorrow. notice it will feel like the upper 20s by tomorrow afternoon. better news there. quiet on thursday. anouother good day. sunshine in the mid 30s. friday the clouds increa. during the day at this point friday i think we are okay. friaiday night from south to north. snow will break out. snow will likely pick up in tensity friday nrght overnight into saturday. saturday will be a rough day with strong, gusty winds. snow seems likely. could be some coastal flooding. we have a full moon going on as well. this is a real classic nor'easter that could take shape for the first half of the weekend. quieter by sunday. leftover clouds for 37. back to 40 by the time we get to monday.ul6:46 and a half. let's get over to laurenala. >> very busy on the roads.
6:32 am
where the troubles are, cross bronx expressway by jerome enue, you can see the delays going over the george washing n bridge. live look on the fort lee side there. 20 to 25 into the lower level. really no better. over at the lincoln it's a 20 to 30-minute wait. live look at the turnpike exhetension. you can see the delays heading eastbound towards the newar bay extension by the turnpike. very heavy. again, just congestion out there.taif you're headed to the holland tunnel, best bet is to use truck route 1 and 9, much betr option than this. hedinginovertto bhoke subways, still delays in both directions on the b and d. delays on uptown 2 and 5 trains. delays on 34th street. major commuter lines are doing fine. seeing some delays and cancellations here and there on the northeast corridor of new jersey transit. no other issues reported. back to you, darlene and
6:33 am
stephanie seymour faces dui chargesment the 37-year-old backed her range rover into a canor on the greenwich a exit ramp. she was unsteady on her feet and smelled like alcohol but refused to take a field sobriety test. she is due in court next month. happening today, the man dubbed the bordeaux bandit is goeag to be at a heari in providence, rhode island. police in groton, connecticut, say i is the man taking a ne:rly $5,000 bottle of di wine from a tres straunlt. ey say he's connected to similar crimesein new york, new jersey, andrhodeland. t 6:48. new battle brewing over new laws allowing dogs to dine at sidewalk restaurants in the city. don't forget follow us on facebook, twitter and instagram.ddarlene4ny, michaelg4ny.
6:34 am
the common core rollout was a disaster. parents knew it. teachers knew it. and now, governor cuomo's task
6:35 am
against students. and test scores won't be used in teacher evaluations. less testing. greater focus on learning. that's a start, but there's more to do. support sensible and that help every child -- in
6:36 am
good news on the queensboro bridge. 6: right now. the new state law allowing dogs to join the owners at sidewalk restaurants is on a tight leash with the city's health department. >> supporters of the bill tell "the daily news" that it would make it too tough on restaurant owners. along with barriers and touching dining eas, they'll have to check to see if the dogs are wearing proper l sense tags. seems like a whole lot of work for somebo to po through this just so that dogs -- i have three dogs. i am a dog lover but i don't want them with me dining re in the kitchen at my own house, right? >> now the rules are in place there that would make i wo thd haveveo go to he ldtter g the law. the question would be would it >> right. a lot of work especially for people not used to dealing with dogs, animals especially in environment. >> absolutely. >> we'll see. up next, lauren is going to tell us how the bitter cold is impacting the commute. we'll get her opinion on the
6:37 am
>> and whether or not dogs should eat in rest traunts. >> we can't get it from lauren.
6:38 am
welcome back. code blue warning is in effect acopross nhe york city as we deal with wind and below freezing temperatures. "today in new york's" katherine creag is watching that and how are people doing with that, kat? >> reporter: it's also one of those moments th the wind is picking up. very bitter cold this morning.
6:39 am
see how people are bundledup. they have their hoods up, they have their hats on. also, we want to show you some videos. we've showed you some people we've been talking ith trying too stay as warm as possible telling us they have several layers on. as you mentioned, darlene and michael, the city haste ted code blue system. people are driving around in vans looking for people, homeless men and women, people who might need to get out of the cold. it is bitter cold this morning. call 311 if you have any problems with heat or hot wa ner your home. back to you, darlene and gemiael. in now to tra ae strahan in the parkcheste ker section of the bronx where there's a clue. treorge:. >> reporter: police are hoping new security camera video will herilp nab the alleged suspects. re it is. black and white video tha shows two cheople running past a home here in the parkchester section of the bronx. both of them are believed to be d enagers, last seen wearing ski masks and dark clothing. ey believe that they're the
6:40 am
before punching him several times and kicking him to the ground. he was released from the ho ital after suffering minor injuries, but a ally will be held here in front of the scene of the crime in just a few hours with community leaders asking for the public's help in catching these suspects. back to you. >> okay, tracie. thank you very much. today there's a pre-trial hearing for the police officer accused of killing an unarmed man in a brooklyn stairwell. peter liang is facing manslaughter charges for the 2014 shooting of ky gurley. liang's attorneys say the shooting was unintentional and the gun accidentally went off. he may testify in his own defense at the upcomiig trial. jury selection begins this thursday. testimony begins in the trial of the man charged in the officer. prosecutors say james ryan was driving drunk when he caused two crashes on the long island expressway in 2012. officer skroe self olivieri responded to the scene be and he
6:41 am
the defense is expected to argue ryan is not at fault, he was leaning against a guardrail at the time. new york city public housing officials unveiled new security cameras today. flr new security entry card systems. it cost $18 million. the city and the state shared that cost. let's check in with lauren one more time with the traffic. >> bunch of problems out there for people headed back to work and the george washington bridge. this will get in your way. live look at the alexander hamilton bridge. you'll start to see delays eastbound on the cross bronx expressway by jerome avenue. things not moving along here. let's head over to the fort lee side of the bridge as you are approach. 35 to 40 minute wait. 20 minutes to the lower level. over at the lincoln it's a 30 minute in bound wait. at the holland the turnpike extension has a lot of congestion on it. 1 and 9 truck route is the way to go. then we'll head over to our maps
6:42 am
north on the ramp to exit 30, which is the westbound l.i.e., accident there jamming things up on the main line. northbound on the cross island, very slow ride. then heading over towards the subways. we have a lot of delays this morning. right now 1 trains are bypassing south ferry in both directions. you can also expect delays in both directions. also on the b and d we have delays in both directions. 2 and 5 delays uptown and delays on 34th street hudson yard bound 7 trains. the major commuter lines are moving along. >> air train. >> walk. >> don't have a flight unfortunately. >> right. >> on the ground get a little warmer today. you'll go nowhere. meantime, talking about temperatures going nowhere. 16 now in central park. 14 morristown. 16 newbury. when the wind kicks in it feels 24r50ik in central park, zero at newburgh. getting worse. wind chills below zero at
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