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tv   News 4 New York at Noon  NBC  January 19, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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received bomb threats this morning. all of them in burgoen county. police swarmed the campuses. >> we are at one of the schools where students were evacuated, and jen, we're talking about thousand us of students affected countywide here. >> reporter: that's right. we're talking about more than 10,000 students at nine different schools, all of them just coming back from a three-day weekend and now having their entire morning disrupted by these bomb threats. re at the high school, the students havgbeen bussed back after the school was declared safe. one of nine schools that received one of those roshded bomb threats this morning. hundreds of students in fairlawn had to stand outside in the frigid cold after the bomb scare forced them to evacuate. and others walked by a community center to declare school safe. police sponlded to the high school after the bomb threat was calmed in there. administrators let students shelter in place instead of it
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because the threat was not deemed credible. according to to the rolice chief. threats are also being investigated at other schools. police at all of those nine locations have not found any edible threat, and the schools are being cleared and students are getting back to school now. though just around lunchtime, and we also have word now that recorded threats were received at five schools in massachusetts, outside of boston, and also three schools in delaware again, we're not sure at this time if these threats are codennected, but as for the nine here in the county, most of them ar e being cleared and no credible evidence found for any of them. rethat's the latest, live from new jersey, i'm jen maxfield, news 4 new york. >> thanks, jen, thank you. now to the weather, we're talking about today's bitter cold, but also the potential for a major snowstorm over the weekend. storm team 4's rafael miranda is trorking the system right now. people have lots of q stions for you.
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i have a few answers, that's good news. we're the cold outside right now what the kids were dealing with again windchills below zero in the hudson villey this hour. eight below zero, that is how cold it felt in monticello. feelhalike nine degrees in white plains and the winds are howling out there again. again the winds gusting up to 40 miles per hour, yeah, that's a rough combination with the cold and wirnd. 36 mile per hour wind gusts, central park, wind gusts near 30 miles per hour. stay below freezing all day and again another frigid night tonight. 23 degrees is your low temperature. the good news is the winds finally weaken a bit. it's going to be breezy. f nds out of the northwest ten to 20 miles per hour. things get ore comforta e, especially by tomorrow afternoon, ho is the gfs, american model showing that snow potential and yes there is a potential for a major snow storm storm as we head into the aweekapd. i'll explain what this means coming up in your full forecast. rob and shiba, over to you.
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and several people who braved the freezing way, bundled up, ducked into nearby buildings whenever possible. many people don't have that luxury. katherine creag is in time's square wit workers who have o stay outside for hours. kat. >> reporter: yeah, not just minutes, rob, but for hours. you have to take a look around to see how bun ed uoup everyone here. usually you would have this place packed with people, but not a whole lot of people here, but those who are, they're bundled up and for a lot of people who work outside, it was a challenge to stay warm. eve hi being outside for a few minutes the cold temperatures sant imagine being out here for ho urs. >> just adding layers basically and moving around. >> reporter: how long do you have to stay out here? >> all of us, about, it's two,
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>> reporter: foo this group of peopaile promoting broadway shows whether it's sunny and warm or freezing, they're out there for thevese hours. this hot dog vender picked this spot, right above a subway grate because there's warm air flowing from below. the food vender next to him -- >> we have a heater plus when i see all you beautiful ladies, my hearts start pumping harder and harder, thelood blows. >> reporter: the bitter cold didn't stop him from laying it on thick, they and others make a living outside. one who's outside of grand central terminal, the shoe shine guy. >> he's frozen out for today. >> reporter: commuters noticed he took the day off. no shoe shining outside for toda eahe's on his way to work. >> i'm going to brave it. i need some exercise. so it's cold. and no one's really used to it yet. it kind of smacks you. right? it's a slap.
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feels. >> two sweaters, a dress, ghts, underarmor, two pairs of socks. and high boots. >> reporter: it sounds like you are prepared, but you're still cold. >>f i'm freezing. >> reporter: i'm freezing too, and medical experts say if you have to be outside, work outside for hours, try to take as many breaks as you can, if it's possible. also, by the way, shiba and rob, the last time we were reporting in times square, at least i was report g, 74 degrees on christmas eve. back to you. >> yeah, and it sounds so long ago enw, kat. you look so adora sble out there with your coat, can i just say, very, very cute. >> i thank you. >> thank you, kat. as the potential snowstorm approaches, you can track it and see howour community is preparing if wur news 4 new york app and select the weather tab there. you'll find radar and any weather alerts you need to know about. new here at noon, just got video the suspect wanted in a
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take a good look. he is accused of knocking a man tote ground on -- to the ground on east sixth street. slicing his face and taking off. the suspect is described as an asian man between 20 and 30 ye s old, 150 pounds. if you know anything, call police. new at noon, dozens of people braifd the cold t -- braved the cold to protest a hate crime. police say the men seen running in o this video viciously attacked a man in the bronx and now the unity needs your help finding them fast. tracie strahan is in park ester with the new developments all new at noon, tracie. >> reporter: we have learned that there is cash for anyon that can help catch these culprits. $2500 worth from the ny -- even in the chilly temperatures, members of the muslim community remain fired up over the aled
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still bruised, the 43-year-old said through an interpreter, he remains emotionally shaken after ing attacked because of his aigion. >> translator: some people are saying i started to hit me. i cannot hit. i cannot sleep, eat, i cannot sleep. i have pain all over my body. >> reporter: lawmakers joined him this morning, denouncing the attack and asking for the public's help in nabbing the two suspects that allegedly assaulted him. police released this security video showing two men, believed to be teenagers, running past a home moments after he was punched and kicked to the ground while picking up his nine-year-old niece from ps 119 friday afternoon. >> if these idiots who did this are not representative of this local community, and the sentiments of this local community. they're not representative of the bronx. >> reporter: this man was wearing traditional muslim garb at the time of the attack. disturbing for others in this
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fearful for their own safety as the alleged suspects remain on the run. >> sometimes people saw and say look, a terrorist, look at the terrorist. but we are not. >> whoever is terrorist is a terrorist, terrorists are bad people, terrorists cannot have a religion. so don't blame the religion. >> reporter: we've learned that the nypd is offering up a $2500 reward for anyone who can help catch the suspects involved in this crime. that's the very latest from the park chester section of the bronx, tracie strahan, news 4 new york. >> thank you. new here at noon, no prison time for a westchester mother who pleaded guilty today in the zet of her six-year-old daughter. kat line dimes was wheeled out of court on a stretcher after the judge sentenced her to five years probation. now the judge saying dimes who suffers from addiction and other health issues, suffered enough from the death of her child.
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easter from a lethal mix of drugs, including ben drill, mor fifteen, and others. emotional dimes told the judge the death was an accident. the child got into her stash and she pleaded guilty to criminally negligent homicide. >> at this time, even the judge acknowledged that she was a de.voted mother to lacey and this tragedy has left emotional and physical s rs she will carry for the rest of her life. >> prosecutors argued for prison time, the probation time will allow her to get the treatment anshe needs. opening statements began this morning in the trial of a man charged in the death of a nassau county police officer. james ryan was not behind the wheel when officer joseph was hit and killed in 2012, but prosecutors say ryan's drunk driving along the long island pressway caused a series of crashes at led to that officer's death. ryan's law rs sayd heir clitht was not at fault. the new york city housing authority is planning security
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e upgrades announced today ininclude the installation of 1,000 new cameras. is is just the first piece of plan to enhance quality of life for residents. >> it's a total impact is more than i 5,000 residents will now feel and see the key comnents ofi this vision of a safe clean and connected through these cameras. >> upgrading coming this spring include a k fob system. the new equipment comes after governor cuomo pleked a $42 million funding commitment to it back in october. the supreme court will take up president obama's proposed immigration plan to shield more than four million people from deportation. if the court rules swiftly in favor of the white house, president obama could start putting the changes into effect before he leaves office. if the administration loses, lawsuits could keep that program ed up in court for several more years.
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trump and hillary clinton remain the national front runners for their party's nomnnations with just 13 days to go now before the iowa caucuses. the latest nbc news survey monkey tracking poll shows trump ahead of ted cruz by 17 points in. the democratic contest. hillary clinton leads bernie sanders 52 to 36%. that's unchanged from a week ago for that survey. of course what matters right now is t sprint to the finish in iowa. five candidates are crisscrossing the hawkeye state making appearances at 19 events. several of those stops belong o bernsz who spent the morning dodge. coming up next here at noon, the market's open for the first time since last week's street. are we in the clear? we're going to talk to cnbc expunge next.->> and the growing push for an oscar boycott. what one big name is doing to
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and ask how you could get a $300 reward card. call for more, now. i in today's money report after last week's steep sell off. >> with how things are looking right now, hey, bill. >> hi guys, happy tuesday. they needed that day off to catch their breath after that big decline on friday. this as you probably have heard now, the first two weeks of the year, the worst opening for the u.s. stock market ever. those first two weeks. but today, we have had a rally, we're off the highs, the dow was up more than 200 points on the open this morning, up just 79 right now as anybody's guess where we go in the afternoon. all kinds of economic reports and earnings coming out this week. that will help with this volatility. we got a report overnight that
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economy has continued to slow down. china, their growth last year was the slowest they've had in 25 years at 6.9%. when you compare that to our growth rate where we are barely at 2% these days. we probably aren't even at 2% right now, they've been growing in double digits for years, and inevitably, they started to slow down. but their retail sales still look good in the fourth quarter, up 11% in china. you compare that to our 3% gain during a holiday's here in the united states. you know china's economy has been so fast, they've just been gobbling up all the commodities around the world. that pushed prices higher. now they're slowing down, the commodity prices, especially oil have been going down, and that's what's causing a lot of of this slow down and volatility in the rkets. 're watching china carefully and we'll see how our own markets can do going into the afternoon here. >> i'm sure you'll keep a close e on if for us. >> you bet i will. >> have a fantastic tuesday. >> see you tomorrow.
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the lack of diversity in the oscar nominations, not a single actor of color nominated in a lead or supporting role. now the rechbd app that wereton announced he will try to get people to boycott the oscars, he spoke with director spike lee who is also boycotting the ceremony along with ada pinkett smith who is married to will smith. medeanwhile the academy president says they're making changes but admits they need to do it more, faster, and better. >> we're still working very hard and we'll continue to work hard to bring in more inclusion. >> people are also waiting to see how comedian hris rock will respond. he is hosting the awards this year. and last week, he tweeted the oscars were the white b.e.t. awards, black entertainment television. going to talk weather now. 24 cold degrees. >> only 24, not even close. >> it feels like what out there, like five? >> negative two in some spots. >> oh my goodness.
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we don't have anything above teens right now in terms of the windchills. that's the warmest we're seeing, 24 degrees, but windy out there. you have a lot of room on the fring you want to go ice skating today. today's a good day to do that. windchills stuck in the teens all day long. no warm-up today, finally milder by tomorrow afternoon. that's when we start to feel a difference, of course, everyone is talking about the potential for a major snowstorm this weekend. let's talk about possible tracks, it's still too early to pinpoint exactly where the storm is headed, but right now, there is getting increasing confidence in a track close to the coast. this will mean lots of snow, especially away from the water, mag ybe mixing along the coast. coastal flood willing also be a concern here. and very strong winds, of course, thiscls sevehal days away. it's only tuesday. we're talking about friday night and saturday. and the trend could head further to the south, maybe even out to sea a bit. and this will bh more of a glow. possibilities of what may happen as well as everything in between may still happen.
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models so you get an idea. this is the american computer model, and telephone shows a swath of heavy snow along the i-95 corridor and lighter snow well into the hudson valley and the catskills. that's the gfs. when we look at the e ropean model, remember that one that performed so well with hurricane sandy, it's also trending very similar. heavy snow along the i-95 corridor, ian more off to the south, just west of d.c. but wh you see this type of similarity in the computer model runs, run after run, g that's just increases e confidence that the potential is there for a significant blow friy night into saturday. that's what we're working with. nothing is set in stone just yet, if we keep getting with the runs showing the same thing, the likelihood increasing of that storm actually happening. it is something we need to get in the back of our minds right now and start making l tle preparations. winds are gusting right now, 29 miles per hour in central park. 30 in newark, and we have a windn gust of 3i at jfk. watch out for airport delays throughout the afternoon due to the wind. and again, it's worth another
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feels like two below in monticello.els like nine in white plains. now we have windchillstill in teens. that will continue right through your evening commut this is a look at 6:00 p.m. these windchills are still painful. it gets better tomorrow afternoon. that's when we're looking at temperatures back into the 30s, it feels better, saltill a little eezy there. thursday's a quiet day, friday, dry through the most of the day. if the storm happens, it'll happen friday night into saturday. wind, snow, coastal flooding, of course this forecast will change every time we get updates. stay with us here, storm team 4 and we'll give you the very latest. rob and shiba, over to you. >> thank you. new york live is up next at 12:30. >> here are sara and jackie with what's ahead. >> coming up, what's the best way to brave this harsh winter cold? ben aaron sharing tips every new yorker needs to hear. and a look at the softer side of america's toughest trainer, jillian michaels stops by with a spoof.
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you. still ahead here on new york news 4 at noon. ending with another wild chase. this time thor.
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incredible video here, close ll for a driver in maryland that you need to see to believe. >> this situation's pretty unbelievable. >> i know. >> see that? that's a light poae that blasted through the roof of this car like a spear just missing the driver's head by inches. it turns out an ambulance first struck tll, pole along the d.c. beltway.
12:23 pm
designed to do, then it went fl iying through the air and crashed right through the roof of this sedan. iton was so powerful it even crashed through t floor boards as y well. two people suffered minor injuries. >> that is so crazy. a high speed police chase turned into a puppy rodeo on a california highway. >> look at that, there's the dog, right there, two d s there on the back window. >> actually, there were six dogs in total in that car being chased by police near los angeles last night. when police used a pit maneuver to stop the car, the dogs made that break for it. it l took time but the highway parol was able to round up the pups. the driver was caught and taken to jail. apparently this all started when the driver failed to stop for california highway patrol, that's when the chase ensued. >> dogs are okay. six puppies. six. later oncaews 4 at noon, talk about t catch of the day.
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what a surprise catch for a fieesherman in southern californ . heel snagg a great white shark right off the san clemente pier. experts suspect warmer waters caused by el nino lured the shark closer to shore. feisty one, right? the shark broke free and swam away to the delight of the fishermen. >> nice to see them so close to
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yeah, don't put your toes anywhere near the shark. tonight at 5 accident, we are working to lrn more about the bomb threats against nine schools in new jersey, and if they are any way connected to school threats in other states. if you made a resolution to save money, it's not too late, get tips on that, that's on 5:00.
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