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tv   News 4 New York at 530  NBC  January 19, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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right now crews are battling a massive fire in bayonne, new jersey, the flames tearing through homes and businesses. news4 was first on the scene of that fire. >> and checkey beckford is here wi th an update. checkey? >> reporter: yeah, guys. as you can see -- i'm going to step out of the way so you can
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battling this blaze. at least three ladders up now, still pouring water onto not one, we're told, ut multiple buildings here on broadway. you can probably see one of the buildings over there, but we're told at least three buildings have been affected by this fi. to what extent we don't know so far. but you can probably see in your video right now flames still shooting out of the roof of that -- at least one of those buildings, some thick black smoke coming out as well. we also heard from some people who live in one of the buriildings there. they tell us everyone was able to get out at this point, so that's the good news, except for one woman who says her dog was left inside. she, of course, is distraught and wants to find out if her dog is actually okay or not. but for the most part, everyone made it out. that's what we're hearing from people who were inside the building. still no official word yet from bayonne firefighters. this all started around 4:30 when fire started shooting out of what we're told it a bar and deli in one of those buildings. it used to be a jewelry store. at this point it's unclear what
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se e, it's still a massive fire. fi refighters have plenty of work on theirands right now trying contain. the wind not helping matters at l. we're still on scene and we'll remain on scene and bring you more as it develops. news4 new york. now t our other top story. a doctor accused of sexually assaulting patients has turned himself in to police. >> that doctor works in the er at mt. si ount sinai right herthe in manhattan. brynn gingras is here with the charges the doctor might face. >> reporter: two victims, we're told by police, have come forward and said that this doctor performed lewd sex acts or inappropriate sex acts while in his care at mount sinai hospital. it was right here where news4 cameras were when detectives
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david newman. he 's now going to a manhattan courthouse. he didn't say anything to reporters at that time. police say one woman said newman drugged her and performed a lewd sex act while no one else was around. that woman believed she was sexually assaulted at that time so she saved her hospital gown to preserve evidence. a second woman said she saw the doctor last year for a cold, and she claims he touched her inappropriately, and now mt. si ount sinai has suspended that doctor and they wrote, we take the nature of these allegations very seriously and continue to make our own extensive inquiry. that doctor is set to go on assault and sexual abuse charges. i'm outside the sbs pre be cinct here. back to you.
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york city streets are the safest they've been for pedestrians. he credits the millions of dollars he spent on ais campaign to get drivers to slow down. he focused on queens boulevard once dubbed the boulevard of death. things may finally be turning around, says andrew siff. >> reporter: it's notoriously known as the most dangerous road in the city, but thanks to things like protected bike lane it's much closer to asing its infamous nickname. pedestrians like ann espinolas has noticed something. >> yes, i think it's a little safer than one or two years ago. >> reporter: even though they can't put their finger on it. >> i'm not quite sure. it's a lot better now. >> reporter: what changed is a lower speed limit, wider crosswalks and barrier bike lanes with protection from cars. after touring the street today, the mayor and his transportation
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are real. >> we have zero fatalities on queens boulevard. >> reporter: the mayor held up the chart to prove the point. deaths on queens boulevard hav e plummeted. >> we don't want this to be the boulevard of death anymore. it had to be the boulevard of life. >> reporteon the changes cost $1 million and skeptics are unconvinced. >> it's not safe. it's not really safe to walk around. >> reporter: some pedestrians also wary. you think he bike lane made it worse? >> yes. >> reporter: but families of crash victims say the improvements are priceless. >> i saw the bike lane and it brought tears to my eyes. >> reporter: lizzie's son killed at age 22 riding his bike here before there was a bike lane. she joined families of safe streqts to fight for the safety changes. >> i knew it would not bring my son back, but it would save other lives. >> reporter: the mayor says citywide, pedestrian deaths are down 22% over the last two
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he puts it this way, that 66 new yorkers who would not be alive without the safety changes. in queens, san drew siff andrew siff, news4 new york. skimming sprees all across the city. seral men wanted for ealing people's bank card information and withdrawing a lot of cash. the mistake that could get them caught. plus rafael is here tracking that intense snowstorm. >>r the cold finally letting up tomorrow, but then we have a storm to worry about. will it bring us a blockbuster snowfall? we'll have the possible scenarios in your forecast. here's lester with what he's working on at 6:30. >> d> the palin factor. what will the impact of her support for donald trump have on the republican race? h e admits the water crisis is a disaster and what he plans
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d why flying may be the best
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we are continuing to follow ths breaking news out of bayonne, new jersey, crews battling some ferocious flames here from high above. dozens of firefighters on the scene. these are homes and businesses affected on broadway in bayonne. we do have a crew on the scene and we'll keep you updated on the search for more people and the evacuations going on right now. all right, tonight the search is on for these men
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dollars from innocent new yorkers. police say they attached skim skimmers all across town, read people's bank information and got cash. >> here's michael george with how these guys were able to get away with this. >> reporter: this cbi behind me is just one of the businesses they taeeeted. you may be familiar with skimming, but what's unclear is how much they were able to get away with. they've already stolen $15,000 from atm customers, but they may have made one crucial mistake. cashing in on your personal info. place say these men have made off with $15,000 stealing credit card numbers from atms. you use this atm? >> yes, i do. >> reporter: are you worried your card might have been stolen? >> yeah. >> reporter: they put skimmers on this atm and this grocery store.
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access a bank of america kiosk. >> if this happens to bank of america, what other banks will they end up doing this to? >> reporter: crooks put a device called a skimmer right on the atm. it looks like a card reader so most customers can't tell the difference. it scans your card. they get your info and then drain your bank account. the best way to protect yourself is to jiggle the card reader to make sure there's no skimmer. investigators think there are two separate gangs of thieves behind these latest crimes. police say these two withdrew cash over and over again for six weeks. by the end they got away with $7,800. and this man and a partner who wasn't photographed are accused of making eight withdrawals in a week. police say they've already made off with at least $8,800. but they were never supposed to be photographed. they avoided the cameras when
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police say their one mistake was getting caught on camera when they withdrew the stolen money. >> hopefully they catch the person. it's not right they're using the atm, withdrawing the cash. it's just not right. >> reporter: i spoke with bank of america officials. they won't say how often they're checking their atms for skimming devices, but they do say they take every possible precaution to protect customers and notify them if there are any unusual charges. we're live in midtown, michael george, news4 new york. if you made a new year's resolution to save more money this year, it's not too late. >> better get baquero has some
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. it was another bitter cold day in the tri-state this morning. it felt lower than negative 8. >> everybody is talking about this snowstorm now that has the potential to hit our area this weekend. >> storm team 4 meteorologist rafael miranda is tracking that system. what do you got? >> it doesn't seem we lost time, does it? now we're tracking a potential major snowstorm because this may take different tracks than the tri-state. this is a track close to the coast. many models have been following this scenario the past few days. a direct hit, a classic nor'easter, heavy snow, coastal mixing, maybe some sleet along the coast. coastal threat from moderate to major coastal flooding. a full moon, so that's a bad scenariofthere, and damaging winds as well.
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presented the scenario run after run, and this is what it looks like here. this is the actual output. you canoree that heavy snow all along the i-45 corridor from washington, d.c. to philadeinhia to new york city, and this is saturday into saturday night. another possible scenario, that the storm stays more to the south and goes out to sea. for us it could be more of a glancing blow. lighter snow. still windy, still some beach erosion, but nothing as intense and the heavier snow could stay of to the south. we'll still get some snow with this scenario and even coastal flooding will be a possibility. that scenario represented by the european model. that has shifted south today, so you can see this is where the heavier snow stays. lighter snow for the tri-state. we t'll have to see if this trend continues tomorrow or something back to the more northerly track. re's where we know there will be snow, especially friday night into saturday. dels ave shifted south today a bit. we'll see if that trend reverses tomorrow or continues.
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maybe around the washington, c. area. but this is still several days ayyand we'll see more changes in the next few days. that's why you have to stay with us on storm team 4 for the very latest. you can see on storm tracker, no snow there, still very quiet. 19 in monticello and 27 degrees in bridgeport. it doesn't feel anything like that, though, because of these winds. winds that have been howling even stronger than they were yesterday. we have wind gusts at 43 miles an hour this hour in islip. this is what you need to dress forer, wind chills in the single digits once again and even some teens out there. another brutal, cold start to your day tomorrow. this is what it feels like at 7:00 a.m. wind chills in the single digits and teens at the bus stop, so you need all those layers aguln. it's not until tomorrow afternoon it starts toel feel a little less harsh. quiet on thursday, preparations for the storm, and the timing for the worst weather looks to beor friday night into saturday. we will continue to fine-tune that track and the impacts of the storm over the next few days.
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>> the upside is the temperatures are staying up a little bit. >> they are. not as harsh. donald trump picking up an endorsement tonight from sar ah palin. nbc news has confirmed the former vice pre dent l candidate and former alaska governor is expected to appear wid th t.ump later at a rally in iowa. palin is a tea party favorite and her support could boost trump's support among conservatives. palin's endorsement comes ahead of the february 1st iowa caucus caucuses caucuses. the start of a new year signals a time to reorganize, get your life together. that goes for your finances as well. better get baquero for tips to make the most of your money. here she is, news reporter linda baquero. linda? >> reporter: we have startling new numbers to show how little we have in our savings and how much we have in debt. here are thrre steps to better financial help in 2016. it's scary the amount of money
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their rainy day fund. >> the average american family has less than $4,000 in saifrgz. th be average maern family has $16,000 in credit card debt. that's not even student loans or mortgages. >> reporter: those statistics come from the recent survey of more than 100,000 invested users. she suggests people do three things this year. first, set up automatic payments. >> let's go ahead and automate to the different buckets you're trying to do. maybe the emergency fund you're trying to fill, pay off credit card debt or trying to save for that future home you want to buy. >> reporter: find your credit score. there are several sites on line, and the biggest key is to pay your bill on time always. >> never be late on a bill. paying off your bills every month is a huge way to improve your credit score. >> reporter: to help pay down
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month, even if the second one is just a small amount. >> making another payment in the middle of the month, it's eating away at that and you're also helping pay less interest intra-month. >> reporter: and make sure you contribute to retirement. >> we're going to live longer thatan we're currently saving, so we need to improve that. >> reporter: more results from that survey, 30% have zero retirement savings. very, very scary. >> call to action, as they say. >> so what age group -- you would think one way or the other, but which group does better at saving money? >> maybe older people because they're prepared for the inevitability. maybe younger. 20-somethings were most likely to prioritize saving, probably because at that point they have fewer financial obligations other than student debt, that's a big problem, but they're also anticipating big expenses like buying a home. according to their survey, 20-somethings do better. >> this is the new
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>> i guess it's that new-fangled generation. >> send an e-mail to bettergetbaquero at a daycare arrest coming up. what 4 uncovers about that center's st. what's coming up new tonight at 6:00. >> we're going to head back to bayonne for the live report on that fire spreading through homes and businesses. an i-team exclusive. how an innocent aan remains behind bars at rikers for so long without even a trial. even people with di bilities say uber is discriminating against them. those stories and much more when
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a lot of people drop off their kids at daycare every day, skppg expecting them to be safe. >> so parents were outraged that a daycare volunteer was charged with touching a little boy. >> they are wondeking if background checks are required
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we search for answers. >> reporter: the daycare academy appeared to be open today, but it was not open for reporters in search of answers. >> can you come talk to me?teare you open for business? no comment? >> reporter: a woman inside had nothing to say to us. this comes after a volunteer worker was charged with molesting a 10-yea old boy hernoe over the weekend. police say 63-year-old manathis anderson abused the boy on five different occasions over the last few weeks. >> that's really sad because, you know, if we can't trust the daycares, who could we trust? >> reporter: health inspectors ha0e cited the daycare in the paost, including one violation this last june indicating the daycare failed to conduct criminal background checks for required individuals. the problem was listed as corrected. but folks in the neighborhood say this most recent development is very troubling. >> i think it's a disgrace because, you know, the city has to monitor. you know, when you have cases like this, the
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and send people out on a regular basis. >> reporter: it's unclear how long anderson had been volunteering here or how many other children he may have had contact with. but we ran into this one who says she felt safe sending her own kids here many years ago. >> reporter: your kids were happy here? >> yes, they was. they never were touched by no one. >> reporter: the department of health is now actively investigating this facility, and that anybody who comes in contact with a child here is supposed to undergo a criminal background check, including volunteers. whether that happened with this particular volunteer is now part of their investigation. reporting from east new york, ida seagal, news4 new york. stay right here. the news continues at 6:00. now at 6:00, another day of bitter cold as storm team 4 tracks another potentially major
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plus an i-team exclusive. ho olw did an innocent man end up spending five years in a rikers jail cell without even getting a trial? a major fire being battled in bayonne, new jersey and we're live at the scene. good evening, everyone, i'm sibila vargas. >> and i'm chuck scarborough. >> firefighters continue to battle the flames. let's get straight to news4's checkey beckford who has been at the fire since shortly after it began. checkey? >> reporter: we've been here for over an hour. it's still raging out of control, flames shooting up through the roof. just a few moments ago we just got confirmation from the city's mayor jimmy davis that this is now a fourth alarm fire. even though he tells us that firefighters believe that everyone has been evacuated from the building, or at least the two buildings that are now involved, their main fight right
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a surround and drown mission to
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