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tv   News 4 New York at 6  NBC  January 19, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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a surround and drown mission to y toeteep the fire contained to the two buildings that are burning here on broadway and to stop it from spreading to a third building that is to the left of it. we're told that it started in a clock store and then spread next door to a bar or deli located in the building next door. we talked to some people here who say that the buildings that are involved are mixed use buildings. on the lower level there are businesses, and then up above, that's where people live. right now many people standing out here sitting on the stoops of some of these businesses out here staring at the fire because their homes are going up in flames. listen to what one woman told us. >> my doggie is inside. >> all of a sudden i saw the flames shooting up in the air. it started with the clock store and then it started to spread through the other buildings. >> reporter: and that woman you heard from first, i don't know if you can hear her clearly, but she says shee worried about her
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she believes her dog may died in the fire. firefighters sill trying to douse this four-alarm blaze right now. but as i mentioned, we've been here for over an hour, and really, it hasn't letup. we'll stay on and bring you any developments as they occur. we're live in bayonne right now. news4, new york. our other top story, the weather. another bone-chilling day across the tri-state. >> wind chills made it feel ike 1 degree out there. anyone out there had to bundle up big time, and storm team 4 is watching a winter storm that could pack the season's first punch of significant snowfall. let's get straight to storm team 4's dave price who is rackang a orm systemathat could hit us this weekend. dave? >> as we take a look at the situation, sibila and david, we ca n tell you two things. number one, we'll see relief whu'en it comes to the wind chills. the bad news is that means we have to turn around rapidly and prepare for the potential for some snow.
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we call it the gfs. watch as this system brings it to a more northerly track, and you can see it just kiss the coastline. this is where we get heavier precipitation and the storm ves more northerly. as we go to the european model, once this system moves out, the european model shows us a later arrival and a system which is wider, which actually is away from the coastline, and as you can see, stays well to the south. both models with a more southerly poyjection right now as we've headed to the late afternoon readings, but any of this could change. we feel confident that we will have plowable snow as we head into the weekend, so now we need to prepare. more specifics when i see you in a few minutes with your full forecast. >> all right, dave. whatever happens suffolk county chances. they started gearing u for serious snow today.
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live with the preps. >> this neighborhoodads quiet right now but it is expected to be anything but in the next couple days as that storm gets closer. the winter has been so quiet for suffolk county snowplow drivers, some of their five new heavy drugs drugs. now those trucks and their drivers are gearing up for action. in all 160 county vehicles and 20,000 pounds of. >> we have been extraordinarily lucky this winter season. it appears that that luck may be running out. >> the county executive's perspective, though, isn shared by east north board landscaper c.j.bunjorno. >> they turn landscaping trucks
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so far those trucks haven't been needed. >> normally we would be plowing right now, but it's part of -- no one is sure how much snow is in store, so the county executive says it's too early to say if new york state will call in more plouz ws to help or consider shutting down the iae early as has been done in prior storms. >> several days out, stotms can shift, still.ouas we get closer, we'll be monitoring the storm. >> watching and waiting will be the story for awful us over the next couple days. we're live in comack tonight, greg cergol. stay on top of our weather with the news4 weather tap. what a day for students and
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10 schools were either locked down or evacuated threats. they appear to be part of an effort. brian thompson has a lot of sources in this state. he. >> once in a while, and in many ca ses they don'thond. . here and up in massachusetts where there were many calls. the bergen prosecutor is in charge of the investigation here that involves some 25 bergen county schools now. >> evacuations and lockdowns at schools in eight bergen county communities, along with one each in passaic and middlesex, but
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jersey. delaware, iowa, maryland, massachusetts and pennsylvania, leading. >> you. they think this person may have done the same thing a little over a year. there were several in the boston area, a case never solved. all of today's calls were routed through bay aud, south dakota. in faylong, . >> yeah, because i heard.
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duty and no swat teams were akty vatd. . . we want to get to the cerebral mpalsy as soon as possible to protect life and property. it puts them at risk. it puts other motorists at risk. >> reporter: the fact that these calls were routed through bakersfield doesn't mean they originated there. but news4 investigates, although they also. live in hackensack, brian thompson, new york. dozens of people stood in the cold to call attention to what could be a hate crime. he says these two men beat him because he's a muslim. he had just p ked up his nine-year-old niece from school
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. . that's that's. >> rockmon is from. >> wi> ctr halg service ubermis facing allegations it discriminates against those with disabilities with new york city. the disability rights refusing toy give him a ride in november because he could not accommodate his wheelchair. . the uber's. . jones says that is not enough. in other news governor chris christie
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technology all ows only the who was hoping for the gop nomination for president. . they are cracking down on other counties from owning a gun. coming up. the $4 billion transportation hub at the world trade center finally has an opening date. also ahead -- >> looked into fail roadway. >> how an innocent man spent
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the common core rollout was a disaster. parents knew it. teachers knew it. and now, governor cuomo's task force is doing what's right. state tests don't unfairly count against students. and test scores won't be used in teacher evaluations. less testing. greater focus on learning. that's a start, but there's more to do. let's work together to support sensible and fair learning standards that help every child -- in
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the multi billion-dollar transportation hub will finally open in march. it's known as the oculus and it will allow commuters a seamless transition on the subway line as well as commuters to new jersey on ferry service. the project was set back with cost overruns. but if you are planning to ride the train between 10:00 p.m. and 5:00 a.m., repairs are expected to continue every weeknight into next week. they're expected to wrap up at 5:00 a.m. just in time for the morning rush. coming up when news4 returns. how could it happen? an innocent man stuck in rikers island jail never given a trial for five years. first let's look at what's
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a lot going on. sarah palin about to announce her support for donald trump. we're waiting for that announcement. we'll also be covering some news. you can relate to those falling oil prices. airfares are at a three-year low if you know how and when to shop for them. thneat's the key. with this storm we may need a break. are those prices going to hold? >> yeah, they will hold, but airlines know when the heavier travel season comes around, those prices abound. we have other tips and we'll see you com g up at 6:30. now to an i-team exclusive. an innocent man ended up behind bars at rikers for five years without even getting a trial. so how could that happen? the i-team went to find out.
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you feel like you're getting accused of everything you didn't do but yet you have to deal with the consequences. you have to deal with the punishment, the pain, the agony. >> reporter: that's how ken creighton describes his time at rikers island where he spent five years waiting for a trial that could have proven his innocence, but he never got his day in court. >> he was actually asking repeatedly, let me go to trial, let me complete my case. and he was told no, no norks. finally after five yea rs, they let him go. >> reporter: creighton was arrested in 2006. one witness inside this bronx mini mart saw creighton pass a gun to his brother dior. or ended up firing shots in the street, hitting a woman in the leg and a man in the head, killing him. he was indicted in 2007. he was 17 years old. >> i had a daughter when i was in there. i had a son when i was in there. i was suicidal.
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>> they tell the i-team they were ready to go to trial but prosecutors wanted to try his case along with his brother's. neither the bronx d.a. office nor his brother were in a hurry. after two and a half years in rikers, creighton began to lose hope. >> i was in there for no reason. i didn't know how much time i was going to get, i didn't know how long they would keep me, i didn't know nothing. >> reporter: in 2012 after his brother finally admitted guilt to the shooting, they dismissed charges saying the case was only based on one witness, and that witness couldn't be located. >> they dropped the charges because it wasn't me, period. >> none of these individuals knows kenny at all. >> reporter: so kenny wasn't evnm,n the bordega at the time. >> reporter: this man said he was the one who passed the gun to dior, not ken. he walked through the security video that captured the moments before the shooting.
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the striped shirt, and this is dior right here. >> reporter: and what happens there? is that when you pass the gun to him? >> i'm passing the gun right here. >> did the police ever interview you? >> no. >> and they never asked you about the incident, they never came to interview you?ld>> never questioned me or nothing. >> reporter: he said he was never questioned by police even though the i-team has learned he was identified by anotherer witness. >> reporter: the i-team tracked down this witness who gave a written statement to the investigating deteacive. he did not want to show his face, but he wants the truth to be heard. >> but you saw. it was not ken. >> it was not ken, no. >> how do you know ken? >> i know him from the neuighborhood. >> clearly if they had followed up with the investigation the way they should have, ken would
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>> minutes after the grand jury proceedings confirmed that ken did not admit this witness. and despite the prosecution's case, none of the evidence ever came to light until after the case was dropped because ken couldn't get a trial date. >> they had this witness. they could have gone forward. they chose not to try the case for five years. as soon as his brother took a plea, this witness no longer became available, and ken was free to go. that's suspicious. >> reporter: the bronx is notorious for trial delays. in 2015 it took more than two years on average to dispose of felony cases in the bronx, much longer than the other burroughs. >> why would you even do it? what was the reason for it?
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showing it wasn't me at all f. >> reporter: because creighton is suing the city, the bronx d.a.'s office said it would not be appropriate for them to comment while the case is in litigation. in the. we have an update now on that fire in bayonne, new jersey that we've been following. it was commercial on the ground floor, residential above. crews are trying to. residents who live on the floors have been talking to them. they're understandably emotional. we'll keep an eye on thise developing story. >> as the winds. take a look outside and tell you what we know.
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at this point. a beautiful nightn new york. it is going to remain and then we'll see some progress. let's head back to the studio and take a look at our headlines. that's the end of the first chapter of our weather week. now all eyes are on the end of the week. after calm conditions for a 72-hour break, there is sagreement. that's a different story than we were talking about last night. now there is disagreement on the storm track with the two. 29 in montauk, in the teens. mont. so which one of.
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all eyes at this point on this storm system. still out in the pacific northwest. it's going to make its cross-current journey, it rams into the rockies. then it's going to make its. that's when it'a. and then the questions start. here's the very latest on the track. we can tell you. measurable snow. the numbers at this point still too early to tell you, but the models have now shifted to the south which means the major snow could stay in d.c. >> there's still time for changes, so we'll track it through the rest of the day,
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starting at 4:30 this evening. northwest winds 10 to 20 miles an hour and into the sthex. the euro actually bringing that. the american model still look being. it helps bring the notice much closer to the coast. don't forget, if you don't catch it right here, you can still get the latest weather info on the news4 app. just ples the radar and storm updates.
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the knicks survived sterday's double overtime against the sixers, and even though carlos went back out of the game with two sprained ankles. doctors are calling a bruised right foot a bone bruise. he appeared to suffer the injury while jumping for a rebound in the fourth quarter yesterday. gringas hasz played srks s has played all rookie supports of the season. >> it doesn't seem too bad, too important of an injury. hopefully it will turn back tomorrow. >> of course, i want to try to
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82 games. i don't want to play through the pain, but i have to play through the pain. on the ice toni t, the rangers host vancouver at the garden and the devils face calgary at the rock in newark. let's go to the australian open. big shocker 14-time grand champion and rafael is out. that's right, he was hosted by spell low span. after 3 hours and 41 minutes of play, this is just the second time in his career that nadal has lost in the. on the far court was ousted by
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