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tv   Today in New York  NBC  January 20, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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people are preparing for a potential snowstorm. plus, breaking news this morning. a gun battle at a university in pakistan when armed men scale walls and began shooting. and stumping for trump. sarah palin delivers a fiery spdveech in support of the presidential candidate. "today in new york" starts now. good morning, everyone. it's wednesday morning. it is january 20th. i'm darlene rodriguez. >> i'm michael gargiulo. let's check in with storm team 4's chris cimino looking at the forecast today and days to come. >> well, today is quiet. the next couple of days quiet. itle's more likely late friday and early saturday we need to be concerned. we'll talk about that. the good news aneut today is it's not as cold this morning. arting around in the mid and upper 20s. 27 in sussex. down the shore, a little chillier in long branch at 23. those feels-like temperatures yesterday morning were 0, 1, 2 below.
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that's better news too. that's the way the day will play out. we'll start out with sunshine, gets clouds in the mix. high temperature above freezing at 35 degrees. more on the storm potential in a little bit. let's get the first check on our wednesday morning commute. >> good morning, everyone. two problems on the roads. win of them a vehicle on 287 northbound just before north maple avenue. two lanes shut down there. then heading up, we have route 9w shut down between finger street and mike krout road. more weather and traffic coming up. >> lauren, thank you. right now the forecast isn't as clear as we'd like it, but across our area, people are bracing for show. tracie strahan is at home depot, where they should be busy today. >> reporter: we got the inside scoop from the overnight manager a short time ago. she said already they've
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of snow blowers and pallet's of salt. she says there's already been a rush here and with snow on the way, they're expecting even more. just the mention of sw on the way, even a few inches, is enough to drive people to at least think about supplies. they've been scooping up at haherdware stores things like ice melt and shovels and all of those staples. >> people buying a lot of bread, salt eggs, milk. >> shopping. a little bit preparing for the storm, a little bit just for dinner. >> reporter: the folks at have issued this advisory really about what t add to your cold weather emergency kit ahead of this weekend's storm. they say things like rock salt or other environmentally safe products are good to melt ice on walkways. they also say you should add sand to improve traction. of course, snow shovels.
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heating fuel on the chance you get stuck at home and those regular fuel sources may be cut off. they're saying you should minimize travel. only go out if you need to. t if you do need to, add some of the supply kit into your car. that's what they're saying. all of this, of course, as a precaution. back to you. >> tracie, thank you. this morning, we're following breaking news that comes from pakistan. at least 20 people have died after gunmen stormed a university outside of peshawar. among the dead are professors, students, and security staff at the school. officials says this attack happened just after the university opened. they say the gunmen scaled the walls to gain access. four of the attackers were killed by police. so far, no one has claimed responsibility for the attack. jury selection begins today in the trial of a police officer charged with killing an unarmed man inside a brooklyn stairwell. officer peter liang is facing manslaughter charges. jury selection was supposed to
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up a day following a hearing yesterday afternoon. defense lawyers say officer liang is expected to testify in his own defense. he claims the shooting was an accident. firefighters battled both fire and ice in new jersey. the ice covering the sidewalks and the fire hydrants as crews tried to put out that fire last night. two buildings on broadway, including homes and businesses, were destroyed. the high winds whipped the flames, threatened a third building. crews were able to stop the fire. in the midst of that devastation, there was a sweet reunion between a family and the dog they thought had died in the fire. >> my doggy. my doggy's inside, yes. >> happy that she's alive. >> i'm sure they were relieved. the family's 5-year-old miniature poodle back with them this morning. nobody was hurt in the fire, which is always good news. the cause still under investigation. 4:34. time for weather and traffic on the 4s. checking in on the temperatures.
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brutally cold. >> yesterday, chris, was out of control. >> better today. >> yeah, much better today. temperatures in the mid-20s already. this is where we were reaching high temperatures in the last 24 hours. we're already back on trend to get above freezing this afternoon. that's what we have to shoot for these days, freezing. temperatures probably still stay below the norm. 27 in sussex. 27, morristown. upper 20s across long island. the other thing is, there's very little wind to deal with. we're no fo seeing these dramatically cold windchills. so less wind this morning. the sun will fade to clouds this afternoon. should break the freezing mark by the afternoon hours. the weather stays quiet into friday. it's late friday night, especially on saturday we're concerned for significant snow around here. we're going to talk about that along the weather cast. right now, mostly clear, 28 degrees. temperatures in the 20s this morning climb back to the low to mid 30s this afternoon. however, our sun will fade behind increasing clouds. let's get to lauren scala, see
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>> let's talk about mass transit. fast track on the 2. it'll wrap up at about 5:00 this morning. 3 service will also end early each night in brooklyn. so your alternate to the 3 is the 2. if not, the 4 or free shuttle bus service. overnight track work. the 1, 2, 4, 6, a, e, j, and n lines affected. the bx-19 and m-23 delayed. more weather and traffic coming up. >> thank you very much. new this morning, a deadly hit-and-run in brooklyn. a truck hit a man on a bicycle overnight. police told us that man did die. it happened just hours after mayor de blasio touted the success of the vision zero program. "today in new york's" katherine creag is in sheepshead bay with more on this. kat, so much concern about pedestrian accidents, and that's the reason for the program. >> reporter: absolutely, michael. you hear from the mayor saying the city streets are absolutely safer than they were a couple
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about a tragedy lika this. what happened here at this intersection, this is east 9th street and avenue u, where a life was taken. a bicyclist killed here just hours ago. the victim, 54 years old. he lived in brooklyn. the truck driver who hit him, nowhere to be found. the investigation goes on, but this happened the same day the city talked about vision zero, that the numbers show city wide the number of pedestrian deaths has gone down 22% over the last two years since the start of vision zero. the mayor says that translates into 66 people who are alive today. the mayor and others talked about improvements to the notorious queens boulevard, and pedestrians told us they do sense that something has improved. >> yes, i think it is a little safer than like a year or two years ago. >> i'm not quite sure. it's a lot better now. >> reporter: and some of the changes there include bicycle lanes, a lower speed limit. the mayor also said if there's
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with everything. physical changes, also enforcement by the nypd, whatever it takes. we've been to so many hit-and-runs, like what happened here, and there are changes. at least in those places we've been at. we'll talk more about that coming up. >> and kat, probably the biggest one, bringing the speed limit down in the city from 30 to 25 miles an hour. a lot of safety advocates say that's made a big difference just slowing people down. >> reporter: right, michael. city wide, a lower speed limit. the mayor said that even more improvements could be done, hopefully with drivers following the rules, also pedestrians watching out for drivers who might be speeding. >> all right, kat. thank you so much. police arer earching for the person of interest behind a rash of bomb threats to schools in new jersey. this was happening yesterday. schools in ten towns across bergen, passaic, middlesex counties, they all had to be evacuated or locked down because of the hoex. police say the caller left a
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was a bomb or threatening mass shootings at several different times. more than 10,000 students affected before authorities determined, yes, it was all a hoax. >> it was freezing. so i was just calling my mom and i was like, can you pick me up? >> everyone was just cold. teachers were handing out blankets. >> investigators say these robotic calls appear to have been routed through bakersfield, california. a new york city doctor is expected to make bail today. he was arrested for allegedly sexually assaulting two patients at mt. sinai hospital. one victim claims dr. david newman performed a lewd act while she was drugged on january 11th. prosecutors say evidence was found on her hospital gown. a second victim claims newman groped her on saturdayk newman will not be allowed to practice medicine after his release. he'll be back in court next month. 4:39 now. you heard the speculation about it yesterday. it's official. sarah palin will be stumping for donald trump.
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night in iowa. that's where trump is locked in a neck-and-neck battle a with senator ted cruz. palin's backing could be influential with conservative republicans. the iowa caucus is now just 12 days away. >> what he's been able to do, which is really ticking people off, which i'm glad about. he's going rogue left and right. that's why he's doing so well. >> we're going to give them hell. >> palin's endorsement of trump could be a blow to cruz. he admits her tea party endorsement back in 2012 helped get cruz elected to the senate. dr. ben carson is taking time off from his campaign to urn the sudden death of one of his volunteers. 25-year-old braden joplin was killed yesterday in a crash on an icy road in iowa. three other campaign workers we hurt, but not badly. carson called joplin an amazing young man. hillary clinton could be facing new troubles over her state department e-mails.
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dozen messages found on her personal server were classified higher than top secret. right now no one is saying whether clinton sent them or received them. she has said she never stored secret e-mails on her server. the coast guard is suspend suspending its search for 12 marines missing since last thursday. ey were on two military helicopters that went down during a training mission off the coast of hawaii. search teams found all the life rafts from the helicopters, but there was no sign anyone had been in them. the cause of the crash is still under investigation. it is 4:41 right now. ahead, the controversial vote in new jersey that's now on hold. plus, an unusual warning from police. the search for a woman giving the same excuse for breaking into multiple homes. storm team 4 tracking cold this morning, and the threat of a lot of snow. and don't forget, follow us on facebook, twitter, and instagram. michaelg4ny, darlene4ny. you're watching "today in new
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it's 4:43. heotre are four things to know this morning. breaking news in pakistan. 20 people are dead, many more injured in a shooting at a university there. we are monitoring the situation from our newsroom, and we'll have an update in 15 minutes. fresh express is pulling 12-ounce bags of baby spinach from the shelves that may contain almonds. the company is offering refunds. new wireless hot spots up and running in manhattan. link nyc is turning old pay phones into wi-fi stations. the first four of them are now in place on four different blocks along 3rd avenue. the long-await the transportation hub at the world trade center finally opened in march. it's actually known as the occulus. >> very cool. 4:44 on a chilly morning that's not as cold as recent mornings have been. compared to yesterday morning, most folks are between 10 and 15 degrees warmer.
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13 degrees warmer in sussex. at least the trend here for the temperatures and wind is good. upper 20s in the city right now. same thing across long island. 23 in long branch. 24 in poughkeepsie. not much wind. the windchills are generally in the teens and lower 20s. watching this clipper system that will pass underneath u.s. it will bring clouds our way later today. heiere's our storm. doesn't look likevery much. there's a lot of energy here. it's going to dive across the rockies, into the south, and drag this gulf moisture northward and eventually develop a nor'easter sometime later fr iday night and early saturday. for the time being, the next two, three days are very quiet. nothing to worry about through the daylight hours through friday. clouds increase a little later on. this is 1:00 in the afternoon. there close the clipper to the south with a couple snow showers. tomorrow we'll see sunshine back in the picture again.
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friday, the clouds start to in crease friday afternoon. notice during the day it's fine. this is now midnight going into saturday. the snow starts to make its move. the trend is now a little bit slower and moving northward. we think it's still going to get here. this is how it breaks down. the computer model is not exactly in total agreement. that's typical of what happens when you have a lot of moving parts. the trend is slower and further south. accumulating snow is still very likely. in terms of how many inch, i'll show you what the different models are suggesting. there's a good possibility with a strong flow, there will be beach erosion. the american model suggests over a foot of snow in the city. towards filly, maybe philly, maybe closer to 20 inches. as we look at some other models, this is also an american model, not as much snow anticipated here. heavy snow central new jersey on south. that line could slide. look how close it is from going
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brunswick to just shy of 6 here in the city. a very fine line to the north. the european model puts us under 6 inches and keeps the heavy stuff back towards philadelphia, d.c., and baltimore. a lot of things can happen between now and then, but do plan on saturday not being a good day to travel. it will be windy and snow is still likely. temperatures mid-30s next couple of days and dry friday during the day. the snow threat, i think, is well after midnight towards saturday morning. worst part of the storm probably saturday armernoon and evening. then the storm exits with a few flurries early sunday. just dry and chilly into the start of next week. let's get to lauren scala. homapefully not complicated on the commute. >> not as complicated, but we have a few things going on. on the tappan zee bridge, an accident on the span. heading over to westchester county on that side, there are two lanes blocked. you can see some flashing lights in the distance. it's still quiet out there. things are passable, but i'll
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that.rheading over to new jersey on 287 northbound just before north maple road, exit 30, car fire out there blocks two lanes. heading over to jersey city, some construction this morning. the covered roadway or route 139 is shut down in both directions between tonnelle avenue and jersey avenue. just for a little longer. alternate side of the street pathrking rules in effect. more weather and traffic ahead on the 4s. 4:48 now. getting a better look at the suspect in a random slashing in the east village. police are looking for the man in this security video. they say he attacked a stranger on the sidewalk on 6th avenue laodst saturday, knocking him down and slashing his face. the victim, 30-year-old anthony smith, is recovering after undergoing eight hours of surgery and having to get at least 100 stitches. in new jersey, the bayonne zoning board is postpone ing its decision on whether to approve a muslim community center.
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three hours had, but the board says it still needs to hear from two expert witnesses before making a decision. they're expected to speak at the next hearing on march 14th. homeowners in new jersey are sounding the alarm after several bizarre attempted burglaries. there have been two reported cases this month in rutherford and carlstat. police say this woman has been prowling in homes there. when confronted, the suspect claimed she wanted to rent a room. abent two weeks later, she was caught in another house. she used the same excuse before runninc off. police believe she was trying to burglarize those homes. nassau county police are on the hunt for a robber with a long list of crimes. they say he's targeting businesses in valley stream, franklin square, elmont and lin brook. police have been looking for the suspect in these surveillance photos for nearly a year.
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at 21 stores, gas stations, and restaurants. he threatens the victim with a large knife and demands cash. dozens of people braved the cold to remember three columbia universities who were killed in a crash in honduras. music filled the air at a candle light vigil that honored the three students last night. the women had just finished a volunteer mission. they were on their way to the airport when their bus crashed last week. >> fully present with an open heart and contagious and loving smile. >> the wake for 45-year-old abigail flanagan. in michigan, governor snyder apologized for the tainted water problem in flint during his state of the state address. outside, there were protests calling for the governor to be
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inside, snyder said he would re wase his e-mails for the past two years. he also says he requested nearly $30 million to replace fixtures at day cares, hospitals, and schools and to treat children well vated lead levels. >> i'm sorry most of all that i let you down. you deserve better. yollu deserve accountability. you deserve to know that the buck stops here with me. >> nearly 100,000 people may now have lead poisoning. there are two open criminal investigations, one at the federal level, the other at the state level. he's the terrorist seen in those gruesome beheading videos. now isis confirms the man called jihad john is dead. the terror group actually eulogized him in one of their online magazines. he delivered political taunts next to western hostages who re then murdered. back in november, u.s. forces said they were sure he was
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5:41 right now. still to come, the simple and inexpensive way researchers say schools can fight obesity. plus, who pulled a man from a burning car. and what a frustrated driver on long island did to a red light camera. you're watching "today in new york." to
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welcome back. 4:54. looking at the george washington bridge. 28 degrees right now. >> yesterday's high temperature. >> i decided my new tofng is when i come outside and it's really cold, i'm just not going to look at the temperature. because i feel colder when i look. >> leave it to yourself, not the number. >> is this ignorance a good idea or bad idea?
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sometimes when you see the facts, it hurts even more. don't look at the temperature today. we've got some clouds on the increase after a sunny start today. not as windy and not as cold. that's a good combination. that 35 will feel pretty good. tonight, look for patchy clouds. that's about it. the snow stays to the south with a little clipper system. about 26 in town. maybe closer to 20 north and west. it's the weekend we're concerned about. still looks like we're on for snow and strong wind on saturday. could be coastal flooding issues as well. then it tapers off and exits sunday morning. the question, how much snow and timing it out. computer models shifting around a little bit. just be prepared. saturday will be a rough on h that's the bottom line. >> chris, thanks so much. let's check in with lauren. >> fast track maintenance on the 2 train this week. no service on the 2 in both directions between franklin avenue and flatbush avenue.
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about 5:00 a.m. 3 service also ends early each night, but you can today the 2, 4, or free shuttle buses. we had some big problems last night for lirr commuters during the evening commute. for the morning commute, everything is back on track and running on or close to schedule. good news there. >> all right, lauren. thank you. 4:55 right now. a disability rights advocate filed a complaint with the city's commission on human rights, claiming the car-hailing service uber discriminates. dustin jones says this video shows an uber driver refeudsing to give him a ride in november because he couldn't accommodate his wheelchair. uber says it's helped expand transportation options for new yorkers with disabilities. police are trying to track down the person who cut down a traffic camera on long island. they say it happened monday night on the southwest corner of county road 83 and old town road in coram. we're going to show you a video of what's left of the metal pole. police say they are necessary to
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hundreds of parents and students from our area are expected to leave brooklyn this morning for a rally in albany. they will call for legislators to fix what they call a gap in school funding that shortchanges charter schools. they say the funding formula used by the school is unfair to charter school students and needs to be changed. a little water can go a long way towards helping children stay in shape. back in 2009, new york city started putting self-serve water dispensers in some public school cafeterias. a new study shows that schools who got the water dispenser are most likely to be overweight than schools without them. the difference was minimal, actually less than 1%, but they say water gives students a healthy alternative to high-calorie drinks. young adults will not have to wait until they turn 21 to buy cigarettes in new jersey. governor christie rejected a bill that would have raised the age to buy tobacco and vapeing products from 19 to 21. the big passed in the democratic legislature despite lobbying from the tobacco industry.
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state would have lost more than $16 million in sales tax in that bill passed. meanwhile, governor christie also refused to sign a bill aimed at rescuing struggling atlantic city. four casinos have closed over the past year, and the city has lost $200 million to property tax appeals. the governor did not comment on his decision to reject the two bills. and the florida developer who purchased the shuttered revel resort in atlantic city wants to reopen it now with a casino. he says the can see now would be smaller than the previous one. he says he's also moving forward with earlier plans for a water park at the resort. he says construction for the park could start this may. the hotel rooms could be open by june. seven years after the auto ailout, president obama is headed to detroit to see how the city has recovered.
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obama wants to experience the progress made by detroit, its people, and neighborhoods. more than 640,000 jobs have been created since the 2009 auto bailout. >> coming up now on 5:00 a.m. f you're about to head out the door, take us with you. >> keep watching "today in new york" by downloading the mobile app on your device. our next hour starts now. getting ready for the snow. storm team 4 is tracking just how much snow we could get. plus, breaking news overseas. a massacre at a university in pakistan. also ahead, it's jamie foxx to the rescue. the actor talks about rushing to save a man from a burning truck. "today in new york" starts now. good morning, everybody. 5:00 a.m. on this wednesday, the 20th of january. i'm michael gargiulo. >> i'm darlene rodriguez. storm team 4's chris cimino here with this forecast. >> weather quiet now, going to be quiet for the next two to three days.
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this morning, these temperatures
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