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tv   News 4 New York at 6  NBC  January 21, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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the worst winds along long island closest to the low and the ice potential along the coast where travel could be potentially very treacherous. this system now building up with lots of energy is going to work its way out towards the east coast. it is going to go into the atlantic and reform and the low is going to wander up as a nor'easter and that is what is going to affect us. now, as far as the timing goes. it has slowed just a little bit. friday night it is still working its way up through new jersey. into long blanch, just south of the city early saturday. and before noontime, it will get here and continue to advance through. heaviest snow saturday afternoon through saturday evening. now, as we roll through, what are our totals as we get to sunday? 6 to 12 is where we call it for the city and surrounding areas. less as you head to the north and west. and keep in mind, as you head to inland new jersey, we could see upwards of 12 inches. the jersey shore is still
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miles per hour or more. high surf and we're keeping an eye on it all. let's send it back to you. >> yep, we are, indeed, dave. thank you. flooding with the numbers that you just mentioned. matt doherty has released video today of emergency dune construction on bell other precautions being taken against the storm. brian thompson is live with brian? >> pretty cool shot. yeah, and there is certainly saens of urgency about what these power lines could do snaking through these trees here and else where throughout the region. you take the high winds and the heavy snow that we're supposed to get and that holds a very dangerous potential. even on the eve of this predicted storm, arbrists under contract were out in force on highwood avenue. trimming branches, likely to come crashing down on nearby power lines.
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>> i would say it happens every few months. >> reporter: there are plenty of branches getting this treatment. look up in most any suburban town in the tri-state and you'll see a precarious juxtaposition of power lines and trees. they say every tree covered street in its 2 million plus customer base gets this treatment on a four-year cycle and one resident says he can tell. >> we used to have tons of them in the past and over the last number of years it's been very infrequent, outside of a major storm which they can't do anything about. >> you think they stepped up their game in the last several years? >> very much so. >> reporter: they don't get them all. for this weekend -- >> we have extra crews scheduled for the weekend. all our trucks are fueled up and we have additional equipment standing by. >> reporter: if the approaching storm lives up to expectations, out outages seem likely. >> for the most part, a day or two.
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and somehow you muddle through, obviously. >> what are you going to do? >> after a series of devastating storms in recent years, the state told utility companies here to, well, trim more trees and more often. and that will be put to the test this weekend. york. christie. he plans to spend the storm in new hampshire where he has a slew of campaign events lined up throughout the weekend. the republican presidential candidate says that he's closely monitoring the storm in his home state and will return, if necessary. over the last few months, the governor has campaigned on his prowls and managing sandy and other emergencies, but this one, he'll watch from afar. you may remember early in jaimeral team mayor de blasio was criticized and he reveals the city's plans. no matter how much snow we get, the city is ready to deal with it. the first task to keep the city's 6 thoub miles of road
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mayor's point, 1,650 snow plows and 779 trucks and sanitation workers have in assigned to two 12-hour shifts starting friday at 7:00 a.m. with 2,400 workers per shift. the mayor is taking a different approach to handling mass transit this year. andrew siff has the details and he's at penn station. andrew? >> it's worth keeping in mind and we'll get to this in a moment and the state controls whether mass transit runs. the mayor did take his fair share of blame when the system shut down last year, even though the blizzard missed us. more on that in a moment, but, first, even though you've been advised to stay at home during this storm, officials know that some people do have to get to work and if you do, the trains will be running. what a difference a year makes. 12 months after the epic blizzard that wasn't left many frustrated about a total shut down of mass transit. this year the mta plans to keep subways, trains and buses rolling.
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fo r subways, a snowy forecast shouldn't impact underground service, although you'll see few, if any express trains because they need to be stored on the tracks to stay dry. >> people have to get places but it's dangerous. they say stay inside and a great opportunity to stay inside and hunker down. >> reporter: for metro north, the magic snow total to watch is 10 inches. anything above can shut down service. n nia middleton plans to ride on saturday. >> i'm really hoping it runs smoothly, but given the way things have been in the last couple years, i don't really see that happening. >> reporter: city buses will get chains and snow tires to help with traction this weekend. veteran driver daniel mcclain told me it is still going to take you a while to get to work or back home. >> you have to drive very slow and be very careful out there because it's very slippery. >> reporter: i asked mayor de blasio if the city is on the
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have you spoken to the governor that that will likely happen again? >> i don't think we're in that situation right now. i'll talk to the governor further about it. a lot of conversations since last year. the lack of coordination was a real problem and, obviously, decisions should have been different. but this time, there's going to be a lot more communication and coordination. >> reporter: well, we have learned one thing the mta has shut down is weekend work. they've canceled all planned weekend construction and that includes a seven-train outage. there was going to be no service between queens and manhattan. that has been scrapped. you'll now have regular weekend subway service, although the advice remains, don't go out unless you have to. live at penn station tonight, andrew siff, news 4 new york. long island under a blizzard watch until sunday. today crews with long island were out trimming trees to help prevent the chance ofically limbs taking down power lines. this morning nassau county
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they have ready to hit the roads over the next couple of days and suffolk county police have new humvees stationed at all of their precinct station houses. they'll be used to respond to emergency calls and used to get to any stranded drivers. while snow is still a concern, looking that possibility of strong winds and coastal flooding. both officials and residents are making sure they are ready. >> we're taking precautions. we're working with our emergency management folks, as well as our public works department to address it and prepare for it. >> our concern becomes possible old or weakened structures. if a structure dozen seem safe to you, we ask you, don't enter it. we're removing snow from your roof is best left to a professional. >> if you lose power you're reminded to run your generator in a safe location away from your residence. stay on top of the storm with our changing weather with our new 4z new york app. select the weather tab for the latest alerts, radar and forecasts. other news we're following
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the husband of a pediatrician at a new york city children's hospital is now charged with murder. she was found stabbed in a shower at their multi-million dollar suburban scarsdale home. news 4 marc santia gets reaction from the town that hasn't seen a murder since 1977. >> reporter: friends and family gather to say good-bye to dr. robin goldman. scarsdale police say the beloved pediatrician was killed by her husband. >> such a sweet person. >> reporter: she said goldman's work made a difference in the lives of so many from the medical center in the bronx to communities throughout westchester. >> robin was a very caring, sensitive, wonderful person. >> she was the victim of stab wounds. >> reporter: a partner with an international finance company based in manhattan. his booking photo appears to show cuts and bruises on his face and cut otton in his ear. we asked police about it. >> cotton in his ear, from what
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cotton from a bandage and put it in his ear, he had no injuries to his ear. i can't speak to why he did that. and as far as the injury on the face not going to comment on that. >> reporter: at her funeral they reflected on her life and family. >> she did not deserve this. not at all. she was a great mother and a great-grandmother. three children, four grandchildren. it is unfathomable what happened to her. well, coming up as news 4 at 6:00 continues, new evidence of old new york slipping away. one of the iconing movie theaters is about to show its last picture. coming up, this park should feel bright and safe, but burned out lights have left residents in the dark. >> when lights are out, bad things happen. >> the i-team investigates how long does it take to fix a light? more investigations, more answers.
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manhattan's zeigfeld theater in mid-town. the theater's lease not going to be renewed. the venue in the heart of midtown will be transformed into an event space. the theater was manhattan's last remaining single-screen show case and expected to reopen as a ball room in the fall of 2017. well, less than two months after he was convicted on corruption charges, former new york state assembly speaker sheldon silver is still getting his pension. according to the state controller's office silver's pension comes to $79,000 a year or roughly 6,600 a month. under the new york state constitution, convicted
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their pensions. silver filed for his on december 1st, the day after he was found guilty on fraud and bribery charges. coming up when news 4 at 6:00 returns, how long does it take to fix a light in our city's parks. a new i-team exclusive digs in to find out. but, first, here's a look at what's on nbc tonight. david and i will see you again
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the approaching weather as it for you, al roker will join me with the latest on that and an update on flint, michigan. of course, a cost-cutting effort that wound up contaminating that city's water supply with lead from old pipes. real concerns about the water going back to last spring. >> finally getting some national attention here. anything flint could have done, lester? >> it is starting to appear that way. they could have treated the water and avoided what is a big problem. folks lining up for water and probably going to be that way
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kind of maddening when you looked at the missed opportunities along the way. >> we look forward to seeing you in a few minutes. sibila? >> all right, david. from water to lights, lights out. they are making new york city's parks dark and dangerous. the i-team is on the case. why are broken and burned out lights lingering? tough questions with the department of transportation the agency that is supposed to keep the lights on. >> lighting is there to deter crime, but we found in some city parks lighting outages continue to persist, even though work ord oers to fix lighting problems are being closed. with this just a case of bad timing? unfortunately, it probably was. >> reporter: deputy d.o.t. commissioner is talking about a rape the day before thanksgiving in east river park. a cluster of lights was dark
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say 28-year-old paul niles used the absence of light to his advantage. dragging a jogger into the darkness and forcing himself on her. niles has pleaded not guilty. >> i wouldn't run through this part at night. >> reporter: neighbors complained these lights were broken for months or even years. the first the agency learned of the problem was a month before the november attack. >> i believe we received a request for a work ord oer in october. >> this is not a new year. >> reporter: hida is an english professor who said the d.o.t. is mistaken that believes the first sign of broken lights was a month before the rape. this work ord oer shows she called 311 about broken lights back in 2014. she recorded more than two dozen lights burned or broken in east river park. that complaint came 17 months before the rape. is there anything more the department of transportation could have done to make sure the lights in the east river park
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>> i believe we've done everything that we can do. >> i'm not going to claim that i'm shocked that they didn't know there was a problem with the light in the park until two months ago. but i'm disappointed. >> reporter: it turns out this park is not the only one where work orders for broken lights had been closed despite outages persistent. the i-team examined 311 records showing more than 30,000 light problems in city parks since 2010. we found the d.o.t. has closed more than 70 work orders for lights in high bridge park and ferry point park. but, look many lights had been abandoned. some of them had birds nests or brush growing out of them. lamp posts are down. and there are stalks without bulbs. >> you see the tag identifying it. >> reporter: jeffrey croft questions how the work orders could be closed if the park looks like this. >> talk about a tale of two cities.
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basic features of the city park. and if you go to parks like central park, the lights certainly don't look like they do in hibridge park and other abandoned parks. that's, obviously, completely unfair. >> reporter: what should viewers think when they see a park with lights that have been abandoned? >> i believe in those cases, quite a while ago, this decision was made by the city to discourage people from going to certain sections of parks for whatever reason. >> reporter: the parks department says three decades ago when the city was emerging from a fiscal crisis, the decision was made not to replace lights in parts of certain parks. last month, a woman was raped by two men after she walked into a dark highbridge park. police are looking for these two suspects. do you think that is wise to continue with that policy of having some of othese parks without lights working? >> i'm not so sure that that is a policy that we have now.
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sent us this invoice from the lighting contractor in east river park. it says three lights were restored after the rape last november. the agency also says problems were fixed back in 2014. i want you to take a look at some video we just shot about an hour ago. we shot this video, it shows one of three lights that are still out in east river park. the d.o.t. says the agency is aware of some lights that are out and they will be addressed. we'll keep watching it. back to you. >> we know you will, thanks. members of the nypd were involved in a wild chase through queens. >> they sure were. the culprit, the cow, which escaped from the slaughter house in jamaica a little before 1:00 p.m. and started running through the streets. officers posted these pictures on twitter. >> well, the animal was eventually tracked down at a parking garage near archer avenue and 156th street. the cow escaped while workers tried to put it in a pen. no one was hurt. warmer temperatures, you better do it now. right, dave?
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a lot to get to. outside at this moment. a blizzard watch in effect for the metro area and the shore, as well. heavy snow for inland new jersey and we're expecting flooding or at least the possibility there of and beach erosion likely along the jersey shore and shore points on long island and connecticut, as well. so, we talked about the blizzard watch. we also have a winter storm watch in effect. all the way up to putnam county and orange county and stretching through inland sections of new jersey, and the future tracker shows the advance of the storm as we take a look saturday early morning. we see snow advancing through the city and at least before 12:00 we're going to see it start more consistently through the area. heavy snow during the afternoon and evening hours and by sunday, early morning, it begins to push on out. much of it gone by the noontime hour but significant accumulations. 6 to 12 inches possible in the city. probably towards the lower end of that spectrum in the immediate metropolitan area.
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like westchester and trace amounts to the north and west. let's get more specific right now and go over to erica grow. >> all right, dave. this storm really will have different impacts for different parts of our region. the jersey shore really feeling high impacts from this. not only heavy snow, but also gusts as high as 55 miles per hour. off shore, 15 to 20-foot waves. moderate coastal flooding is a concern in places like tom's river and point pleasant. long beach island seeing significant impacts and moderate, coastal flooding outs of this system. for the city and the immediate suburbs, moderate to high impact because of heavy snow and 30 to 40 40-mile-an-hour gusts. blizzard conditions will occur if those two come together at the right time. in the catskills and hudson valley, lowest impact from this storm. light to moderate snow with 20 to 30 mile an hour gusts but long island, this is a high impact for you with heavy snow and ice.
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and waves up to almost 20 feet. dave, back to you. >> all right, erica. let's take a look seven days ahead and see what we can expects. the weekend, of course, bullseye saturday into sunday. a 24-hour snow event. watch those temperatures climb as we wrap up the weekend and head into the week. 38 grees s degrees on monday and 42 on tuesday. most of this snow will melt away assisted by a warm rain as we head to wednesday with a chance of showers and a temperature of 40 degrees. we'll continue to update you through the evening on the web and on our app, as well. right now both of you, we'll send it back in your direction. >> all right, dave. we'll be right back with
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is it time for mets fans to start panicking?
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yoenis cespedes. the washington nationals have made cespedes an offer with a five-year $100 million range. the cuban slugger blasted 17 homers for the mets after being acquired at the trade deadline last season. mets fans don't want to see cespedes join daniel murphy in d.c., but they're not willing to offer more than a three-year deal to the electroifying outfielder. in yankees news, newly acquired closer chapman will not face criminal charges stemming from a domestic dispute in october. he was accused of firing shots in his florida home during an argument with his girlfriend. major league baseball is still investigating the incident and the four-time all-star could still face discipline and a possible suspension. on wednesday, yankees' owner said chapman was, "innocent until proven otherwise." now to the suddenly surging knicks who reached the .500 mark
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last night the knicks escaped with an overtime victory against the jazz. thanks in part to the extra effort of derek williams. this big-time hustle play sealed the game. williams fighting for the offensive rebound and the tough hoop and the foul. the knicks go for three in a row against the clippers tomorrow. and, finally, the manny pacquiao mania tour hit new york today. to promote april 9th showdown in las vegas on hbop per view. the final fight of pacquiao's storeied career and prove he is one of boxing best pound for pound fighters. >> this is about legacy, man. that's the only thing it is about. >> how important is to go out with wane? >> it's very important because i want to end my career a winner. >> this is last fight.


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