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tv   News 4 New York at 11  NBC  January 21, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm EST

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fire. a woman shot and the trigger man on the run right now. >>fo> then a twisted mind. our first look at the suspect police say slashed a man across his face from cheek to ear. he is also charged in another attack. ready or not, here comes the monster winter storm. heavy snow, whiteout conditions and potential flooding that could swamp areas. >> this storm has potential to paralyze a huge swath of the east coast. tens of billions of people bracing for the worst with. by this time tomorrow night the storm could be at our door. >> a blizzard watch is in effect for new jersey, new york city and long island. alternate side street parking has been suspended saturday in the city's five boroughs. >> what are the latest snow totals we expect? here's dave price. >> here's what we know. up to the minute. we are looking at two factors here.
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there is agreement with respect to snow totals. we have considered both when coming up with our storm team 4 forecast. with know the damaging winds and flooding will be a part of this system and it will be almost an all-snow event with the exception of the coastline. timing has been adjusted, pushed back a little bit. by friday afternoon, it is pushing through southern new jersey. we don't see accumulating snow in the city until mid-morning on saturday, pushing through with the worst with of it through the afternoon. then it continues through sunday morning before all is said and done. snow totals, six to 12 inches. those are the parameters we have set around the immediate metropolitan area. as you head north, those numbers begin to drop a little. white plains, and then you head north and west through poughkeepsie in to orange and ulster county trace amount to
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we have coastal concerns right along long island and the new jersey shore. gusts as high as 60 miles an hour. seas up to 20 feet. primarily beach erosion and coastal flooding what we are watching for. in a while, we will go region by region and talk about specific forecasts and detailed snow totals. in the meantime, back to you at the desk. the storm could add another layer of misery for people living without heat and hot water. complaints to 311 spiked this week. 5,000 reported by wednesday. natalie pasquarella spoke to one mo'dther who could be riding out the storm in the cold with three small kids. her reporter from crown heights, brooklyn. >> i turn it on. >> reporter: the water boiling in her home isn't for dinner. >> once this is hot. i take it. i go to the bathroom and pour it in a bucket that is actually in the bathroom. >> reporter: the single mom has been using the water to bathe
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son and two with nieces have been without heat, she says since last week. >> thursday morning i woke up and it was freezing, freezing in the house. heat. i checked the hot water, no hot water. >> reporter: she says she's been in constant contact with the company that manages the building and a couple of days waiting for repairs turned in to a more than a week and no fix. now the kids are spending time in their bedroom where two space heaters are plugged in working to keep the place warm. >> i have my kids in here. we are getting sick. >> according to it tos website, silvershore properties recently purchased the building. we found out there were five active boiler violations on file with the department of buildings the most recent in 2013. hi this is natalie pasquarella calling -- >> i called them company, left messages and an e-mail with no response.
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by calling again in the morning leaving one day to get her heat back before the storm moves in. >> i'm scared that snowing, freezing and then the portable heater won't work. >> reporter: she told me at one point this week it got down to 62 in her apartment. she's hoping the company will get the repairs done done tomorrow before the snow begins. reporting in brooklyn, natalie pasquarella, news 4 new york. there are parts of new jersey that could see the brunt of the storm in our area including barnegat. concerns about flooding have people asking -- have police asking people to pack up and leave the area near bay shore drive and specifically between the public beach area and the east bay avenue bridge. residents should leave by 6:00 tomorrow night and if not people maybe forced to fend for themselves before the floodwaters recede. the mayor issued a hazardous travel advisory urging drivers
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as of now the subways will be up and running. >> if you need to move around, use mass transit to the maximum extent possible. in order to keep the 6,000 miles of roads in the city clear, the mayor plans to deploy 16500 snowplows and 579 salt trucks. tomorrow morning sanitation workers will be on 12-hour shifts with 2400 work withers a shift n. a few hours, crews will hit the highways on long island, as well, spreading salt and water mixture. the goal is to treat the roads before the snow starts. they have 28,000 tons of salt and 6350 ton of sand on hand. for subways the snowy forecast should not impact
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will see few if any express trains. for metro north and l.i.r.r. customers the snow total is ten inches to watch for. anything above that can shut down service. city buses will have chains and snow tires to help with traction. airlines are cancelling flights at airports up and down the coast including dozens in the tristate. with five states, washington, d.c. and several counties in georgia under a state of emergency, 1,000 flights have been cancelled tomorrow. additional cancellations of saturday flights are expected as the storm moves in. we are posting updates on the storm and related concerns on the news 4 new york app. download it for the latest forecast, interactive radar and weather alerts you will need to know. breaking news in queens. a mother has been shot, her daughter hurt during a violent robbery at a hotel. it happened at the hampton inn just outside of kennedy airport.
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live with details. check checkey? >>. >> reporter: crime scene tape and police vehicles in the parking lot and police say the mother and daughter didn't expect to be ambushed by a gunman earlier tonight. detectives scoured the hotel's parking lot, looking for clues that could help in finding a gunman in a scary attack against a family apparently visiting from out of town. police sources say a mother and her adult daughter pulled up to the hampton inn just outside of kennedy airport 8:30 tonight. they didn't know they were being followed. when the mother got out of the car the gunman jumped in to the car and pistol windchill -whipped the woman in the passenger's seat. the suspect hopped in his car and took off with stolen property. police are investigating why the mother and daughter were targeted.
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in critical condition. this isn't the first time this hotel has been prone to a shooting. in november, a man pulled a gun from a dea agent and fired a shot. no one was hurt in that inls dent. checkey beckford, news 4 new york. >> look at this video. many agree this person looks dazed an confused but police say this is a man who slashed a stranger across the face last weekend and say he has done it before. news 4's michael george is in manhattan where the suspect was taken in to court. >> the last hour we saw the suspect brought out to face charges of slashing a man on the sidewalk and our cameras were there when the victim came here to identify him. this is 28-year-old francis salud, he's the man police say sliced a stranger from ear to mouth with no warning.
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anthony smith, came to the police precinct, his face still partially paralyzed from the attack. he came to confront and identify his alleged attacker. >> he's dealing with a lot. >> reporter: he asked his friend to speak on his behalf. >> he wants to make sure this person is where he belongs whether a mental institution or jail. >> police used this video to track him down. police say he attacked anthony on saturday. no warning, no provocation can. just a random attack with no clear motive. >> i don't know if i can give you an exact motive but i believe he has a psychiatric history based on some of the information we've obtained. >> police say arrested francis salud sick months ago for the same crime. he allegedly sliced a man near bellvue hospital in an argument over a cigarette. he was arrested but made bail. anthony is grateful salud is behind bars.
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the attack left him with more than 100 stitches. >> it will take several months before he gets feeling and motion in his face but he is doing well. >> is a francis salud has assault and criminal possession of a weapon charges and police want to know if he is connected to other crimes. michael george, news 4 new york. earlier this evening, police towed an suv that hit and pinned a woman with outside of a laundromat. the victim is this the hospital tonight. this was the scene on east 102nd street as firefighters performed cpr on the injured woman. we are told moments before she was hurt a worker at a gas station got in to the suv as it was serviced. something went wrong with the brakes and the driver lost control, almost running over an off-duty nypd officer and then slamming in to the wall and the woman. >> go straight and the lady she
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got stuck between the doors and hit the lady. >> went to the window. all we saw is a lady. she was next to her about an hour doing laundry and all you saw was her head over the hood of the car. >> we know that police questioned the service station worker, but so far no charges have been filed. tonight the nypd on the scene of a serious accident on the fdr drive. this happened 7:30 near 41st street. it caused delays in both directions. two vehicles crashed on the northbound side of the drive. police say after the cligs collision one driver was struck by a passing car in the southbound lanes. the victim was taken to the hospital in serious but stable condition. coming up, homes and businesses tapped out. some people may have to ride out this weekend's storm with no water. the break that could take days to fix. disturbing video showing a toddler running down the middle of a busy highway.
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details about an alarming water main break in new jersey. crews capped the main but need to make a lot of repairs. the pipe burst 2:30 this afternoon flooding parts of harbor boulevard. officials bringing a wart tanker in to the neighborhood for residents who have little or no water. a bail hearing for scarsdale man charged with murdering his wife. there was no mention of juls es
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itun is the first homicide in scarsdale in four decades. delays for people in the evening rush. some discarded trash caught fire. this is near the corner of second avenue and east 48th. it happened around 6:00. the fdny put it out quickly but no word what started the fire. consumer alert for parents with young children tonight. thousands of car seats are recalled because of a possible fall hazard. it covers the be safe 35 and 35 elite car seats made october 2014 and july 2015. the handles can crack and break endangering infants. customers can use the seat in the car or stroller but should stop carrying it by the handle. the company will send out free repair kits. keep a fire extinguisher handy if off hoverboard in the house.
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the videos of them catching fire or exploding usually while charging. the federal safety agency are looking in to see whether batteries to blame. keep them away from combustible materials. in hollywood backlash over the lack of diversity among this year's oscar nominations. will smith is joining his wife jada pinkett smith in boycotting the show. for the second year in a row all 20 people in the major acting categories nominated are white. expanding best acting categories to more than five nominees. >> it's not a democracy. it is more of an elite organization. >> at this current time, we are uncomfortable to stand there and say that this is okay. >> in its meeting, the academy
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rules and 2013 study found 93% of the academy voters are white. 76% male with an average age of 63. bit of irony tonight at 11:00, winter jam, but apparently wintry weather not part of the plan. new york city is cancelling the festival scheduled for this weekend in winter park because of the winter storm moving in. this is video in from earlier in the week when they were trying to make snow but the event is on hold saying people getting there may not be safe because of conditions. the festival includes skiing, sledding and snow boarding but it will not happen. >> back to dave price who's looking at the models. what are they telling you? >> we know we will have a sloppy weekend throughout the region and dangerous to be on the roads, par roads particularly saturday through sunday. heavy snow for inland new
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places like princeton, bridge water, even as far as places like paramus and bergen county and short hills. you will see sloppy conditions, as well with. flooding and beach erosions are likely too. this is a strong storm beginning to push through. it will head to the atlantic. that's when it becomes a classic noulr'easter. rides the eastern seaboard and the i-95 corridor is where it will dump all of its snow. this is what we are looking at right now. the blizzard watch in effect for much of new jersey, nassau, suffolk county s, five boroughs, essex and union. a storm through orange and sussex and back in to new jersey too. keep in mind it doesn't matter how it is categorized. this is going to be a dangerous condition for us for 24 full hours some many people asking how bad will it be where we are?
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that it includes wind and snow and freezing rain in some locations. that's what's going to make it so challenging. this is what we are looking at right now. tonight. all of that rolls through tomorrow. that's the precursor for the precipitation rolling through. and then, as we head to the early hours saturday morning, we see snowflakes roll through the metropolitan area. the heaviest precipitation during the afternoon in to the evening hours. and straight through sunday morning. it doesn't get out of here until the noontime hour, pushes through. some residual snow on the eastern end of long island. six to 12 for the city, stretching through sections of fairfield county and in through bridge water and sections of jersey, interior sections an all-snow even for you. up north to duchess county and over there you see a trace to two. very different totals. let's look at the forecast for
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the remander of the seven-day period, all eyes on tomorrow. the next 48 hours after that, not only in the storm, but what happens after. the roadways lab mess. slick, whatever melts will refreeze at night. we have to watch it. the latest, the next reading at 3:00 a.m. chris and the team will have the latest in the morning at 4:30. >> thank you. with on? >> it is one thing if you don't sign your own player. it's another thing when your rival scoops them up. could that be the case with the sis pe dus. he could be heading to our nation's capital. the knicks leading scorer gets a nice honor and is thanking you, the fans for the
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for drivers to always keep an eye on the road and for parents kids. police released a dash cam video running alone in the dark in the middle of a busy highway. a sheriff spotted the boy and rescued him from danger moments before a huge truck drove by. the child wandered off from a party. parents. at least two organizations have stepped up tonight to save a cow who's seen running through today.
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he escaped from a slaughterhouse and worker were trying to put him in a pen. the cow led police on a chase. they tracked it down. it was returned to its owner and no one was hurt. >> not something you see every day, right.
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the common core rollout was a disaster. parents knew it. teachers knew it. and now, governor cuomo's task force is doing what's right. state tests don't unfairly count against students. and test scores won't be used in teacher evaluations. less testing. greater focus on learning. that's a start, but there's more to do. let's work together to support sensible and fair learning standards that help every child -- in
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is it time for mets fans to hit the panic button? their arch rivals are going after yoenis ce spedes. according to several sources the nationals have made him an offer in the five year, $100 million range. the cuban slugger blasted 17 homers for the mets. fans don't want to see him join daniel murphy in d.c. but the amazin's are not willing to go higher than three years. newly acquired yankees closer chapman will not face criminal charges stemming from a domestic dispute in october. chapman was accused of firing shots in his florida home during an argument with his girlfriend.
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investigating the incident and could still discipline the four-time all star. on wednesday with, yankees owner steinbrenner said chapman was "innocent until proven otherwise." carmelo anthony come down. you have been selected to play the all-star game. he will represent the eastern conference in toronto on february 14th. melo is averaging 21.7 points a game and a career high four assists per contest. it will be his ninth nba all-star appearance. on his twit wither account, he wrote humbled to be back, thanks for voting. >>. rutgers hosted iowa tonight and hung around in the first half. the scarlet knights can't break the press and peter finishes
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the hawkeyes hand rutgers the loss. on the ice, the evil devils senator the senators to the rock. new jersey on the power play midway through the first. joseph is there to redirect for the tally. quite a moment for the 21-year-old rookie who notches his first career goal. the home team didn't stop scoring. one moment later, he hits the post but follows his own shot. grabs the rebound and sneaks one past anderson. he is 2 on the year. the devils scored five the first period as they cruise to their third straight win 6-3. in boxing, the manny pacquiao, media tour hit the garden as they promoted the welt witherweight showdown in las vegas. it is billed as the final fight
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bradley is not shedding any tears. >> this is his last fight. he got one foot out the door. it's my job to get him out. push him out. >> if you are a fighter, you can't get sentimental, ever. >> it's his duties.
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