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tv   Today in New York  NBC  January 22, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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ahead of a monster storm. and plow drivers on the clock. power crews standing by. the storm expected to pack some serious winds. we have team coverage to help you prepare for what's copping. "today in new york" starts now. good morning, everyone. it's friday morning, january 22nd. i'm darlene rodriguez. >> i'm kerry barrett in for michael this morning. >> this storm is already hammering parts of the southeast. slowly moving this way. we have team coverage beginning with storm team 4's chris cimino. that blizzard warning just issued. >> good morning, darlene, kerry. we went from a blizzard watch to a blizzard warning. once you get within 24 hours of the storm approaching, the decision has to be, do you pull away or go from a watch to a warning? it's likely we're going to see blizzard conditions. that's from very late tonight right into sunday morning. north and west of that, pink,
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likely several inches of snow accumulating. further north, still in the watch game right now at this point because you're going to be on the northern fringes of the storm. the accumulations will drop off dro dramatically from south to north. here's the storm itself still trying to get organized. one piece of energy sitting back in here is going to shoot to the coast later tonight. that's going to fire up that storm. that's going to expand this area of snow as it moves up the coast. the headlines right now, today's fine. you want to get something done, get it done today, through the evening. clouds build on in. both commutes will be quiet and dry. snow arrives from south to north later tonight. blizzard conditions quite possible during the day saturday. we have coastal flood issues. we'll talk all about that in a little bit. let's get the fist check on a friday morning commute. >> if you're getting on the rails, we have a bunch of overnight track work. the 1, 2, 4, 6, a, e, d, and j are affected. plus, we have fast track maintenance for a little longer
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so no 2 right now between franklin avenue and flatbush avenue in both directions. your next weather and traffic update on the 4s. people living along the coast are bracing for the worst. several counties under a coastal flood warning. storm team 4's tracie strahan is in one of those counties in belmar in monmouth county. good morning. >> reporter: darlene, good morning to you. they're gearing up for what belmar's mayor says could be a significant storm surge throughout the weekend. behind us, we want to show you what their plan second base to guard against that. it stretches for about 1.3 see. we're going to show you drone video taken by the belmar mayor's office. beach. you can see those 12 to 18-foot dunes already in place. crews have reinforced emergency berms on this beach as well. they're preparing the town for
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and flooding from high tide on saturday and sunday. other shore towns, they're offering up a voluntary evacuation. they're recommending residents in certain areas get out of town by 6:00 tonight since coastal flooding could make the roads impassable. anyone staying behind could end up without power. the work is set to continue as we bring you back live here to belmar. governor christie's office issued a statement saying he had a telephone briefing with his cabinet to try and figure out contingency plans for the entire state. but the governor is not in the state. darlene, we'll have more on that coming up in our next half hour. back to you. >> thank you so much, tracie. 4:33. new york city has more than 2,000 plows and salt trucks ready to handle the storm. katherine creag is in midland beveach. >> reporter: where we are, this is a neighborhood that was hit hard, as you know, by superstorm sandy.
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here, you can see the mounds of sand. this is where the sand dunes have been built up here in midland beach. the worry is all about coastal flooding. again, this is an area hit hard by sandy. the mayor says new yorkers need to be prepared with this next storm, with having food and supplies at home. as for mass transit, it will be running. city buses will get chains and snow tires ahead of the snowfall, but a bus driver told us the travel will be slow on those snow-covered roads. the mta says you'll see fewer express trains it because they need to be placed out of service to stay dry. for metro north and lirr customers, we're told if the snowfall reaches 10 inches, it can shut down service. kerry and darlene, the message from the city, as you know, if you can stay at home, please do. people will be out and about. mass transit will be running. just know that it'll be slow likely on the subways but definitely in the buses. back to you. >> all right. kat, thank you.
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time for weather and traffic on the 4s. a lot to get to. >> there is. plenty of weather to talk about over the next 24 to 48 hours. we have the cold air in place. temperatures in the low 20s in and around the city. barely making it back to freezing this afternoon. teens to the north and wst. lots of cold air to go around. then you need the moisture. storm system just getting organized over the southeastern states. this is going to blossom into a significant nor'easter off the mid-atlantic coast and move slowly towards the north and northeast later tonight and tomorrow. the computer models have waffled back and forth, taking the brunt of it further to the south and east. now they're bringing it just a little closer again. the way it looks right now, plan on tomorrow being a day and tomorrow night you don't want to be out there traveling no matter where you are. accumulating snow is likely pretty much everywhere. maybe a brief mix along the immediate coastal areas. a little sleet, a little rain could mix in. highest snow amounts still will likely be central new jersey on to the south and southwest of that point.
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double-digit accumulations. blizzard-like conditions, especially along the coast and in the city and areas near to the coast, we could see wind gusts over 50 miles an hour. you take that snow and blow it around, you will have blizzard- blizzard-like conditions. coastal flooding is also a big concern. we have blizzard warnings in effect. long island, the city, a good portion of jersey. the areas in pink, it's a winter storm warning. then watches further to the north. we'll give you numbers of the expected accumulations across the area coming up. let's get to lauren scala. update on the commute. >> so far, so good. we have a couple bus detours out there. the bx-19 for the city. nj transit bus routes, 63, 64, r 68, 80, 156, 158, and 159. that's a lot for them. let's take a live look outside at the roads. there's the holland tunnel, or the approaches rather. the covered roadway is shut down in both directions for a little longer with roadwork. something to keep in mind there. heading over to the long island expressway, we also have
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traffic pattern on the service roads. that's been causing delays daily since that started. just keep that in mind. alternate side of the street parking rules in effect today. we'll have your next weather and traffic update on the 4s. right now the mta is planning to keep mass transit running during the storm. for subways, underground service should not be disrupted, but there will likely be fewer express trains. totals over 10 inches could shut down service. city buses will get chains and snow tires to help with traction. meantime, the force of the storm may awaken the so-called darth vader train on the lirr. the 80-ton snow-moving train is pulled out for major storms. however, the lirr doesn't anticipate having to use it this time, mostly because of the fewer trains running on the weekend. >> also on long island, utility crews out trimming trees to help minimize any potential damage. they want to lessen the chance that falling limbs will take out power lines. so these workers were from great neck.
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off an army of plows and salt trucks they have at their disposal. the storm will leave thousands of new yorkers living without heat or hot water desperate to stay warm. this single mother with three small children says she's been living without heat in her building on ralph avenue in crown heights, brooklyn, since last week. she says she's been in contact with the company that manages the building, but so far they have not helped her. she boils water to bathe her children, and they all sleep in one bedroom in front of space heaters. >> i'm scared that snowing, freezing, and then the portable heater i have won't work. >> news 4 investigates found the building has five active boiler violations on file with the department of buildings. news 4 left several messages with the company that runs that building. some students scheduled to take the s.a.t. tomorrow in new jersey can probably stop cramming. a lot of test centers postponing
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you can find a list of possible s.a.t. center closings and the makeup dates on our website, before the storm comes, you can download the nbc new york app. use it to see live radar where you live, track the storm every step of the way. search wnbc in the app store or google play. new this morning, a police investigation in downtown stamford. part of grove street was closed off overnight while police examine a gray nissan maxima. the nissan had holes in two windows, and evidence markers 4:39. police are searching for the gunman who shot a woman outside hof a hotel in queens. it's a story we brought you as breaking news last night. a mother and her adult daughter attacked in the parking lot of hampton inn near kennedy airport. investigators say a gunman jumped into their car and pistol whipped the daughter.
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him. she is in critical condition at jamaica hospital. the shooter took off in his own car with stolen property. this morning, police have the suspect in a violent random slashing in the east village in custody. the nypd arrested 28-year-old francis salud. he's accused of slashing anthony smith, a complete stranger, from his ear to his mouth last saturday. smith needed more than 100 stitches, and the injury left his face partially paralyzed. he asked his friend to speak for him. >> he just wants to make sure that this person, you know, is put where he belongs, whether that's in a mental institution or in jail. >> police say salud was arrested three months ago for a similar crime. in that case, investigators say he slashed a man during an argument over a cigarette. police say he may have a psychiatric history. we're getting reports out of north korea that they're holding
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north korean leaders say they have the student who they believe attend a school in west virginia. right now the state department is not confirming that report. just ahead on the heels of this approaching storm, why there's new outrage in new jersey that dates all the way back to sandy. plus, a troubling record. what more travelers than ever are trying to bring on board airplanes. and this time tomorrow, the first flakes will be falling. the latest projections on the approaching storm. your weather and traffic on the 4s is coming up.
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it's 4:43. here are four things to know this morning. sanitation workers go on the clock. power crews out across the area
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approaching storm. a blizzard warning is now in effect beginning tomorrow morning. the latest forecast in just a moment in weather and traffic on the 4s. police have made an arrest in a crime we've been following very closely. a random slashing in the east village that left the victim with nerve damage in his face. the suspect, 28-year-old francis salud. britax is recalling its b-safe 35 elite car seats because the handles can break, causing parents to drop the seat. the company says you can still use it in the car or a stroller, just don't carry it. they're providing free repair kits. if you're planning to brave the weather to attend this weekend's winter jam in central park, you are out of luck. the event is canceled because of the storm. earlier this week, the parks department actually made snow for that event. the parks department says, unfortunately, it will not be rescheduled. >> winter jam being snowed out. who would think it? this is the day to prepare.
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for most of us to prepare before the real storm gets cranking. so again, quiet this morning. quiet for the evening commute. snow will arrive overnight tonight. the snow amounts going to vary greatly across the area. much less to the north. pretty good shot in the city. much heavier amounts to the south and west. there will be damaging wind, flooding along the coast, and this is going to be primarily an all-snow event. maybe along the immediate coast, briefly some sleet could mix in. that's about what we think in terms of this one. lots of cold air locked in. 19 in white plains. down to 22 now in the city. low 20s across long island. a large area of cold high pressure to the north. one more piece of energy has to jump into this system before it really starts to blossom. here's the storm arrival time before we break it down. later tonight, extreme southern new jersey. early saturday morning, meaning
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the snow gets closer to the city into central new jersey. through the morning, and into the afternoon it moves into portions of connecticut and into the hudson valley. it's going to take a slow haul up towards the north and northeast as we go through time. again, like i said, a sharp cutoff to the north and west as to how much snow we get. here come the clouds today. we're still dry. here's the leading edge of the snow just making it to d.c. watch that line. it moves more east than north. eventually, it makes that turn towards the north. this is 3:00 a.m. light snow breaking out in the city. still not snowing in connecticut and the hudson valley. snowing pretty steadily from middle middlesex county on south at that point. then those bands of darker blue you see come on through, that's during the day tomorrow. the snow could fall heavy at times. it does push up into connecticut and the hudson valley, but the heir heavier bands across long island. this is going to be accompanied by strong wind as well. 7:00 a.m., still leftover light snow across long island and the jersey coast. then it finally pushes on out and clears out.
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break it down along the jersey shore. looking for strong wind gusts at 40 to 50 miles an hour. again, heavy snow likely there. moderate coastal flooding a good possibility. city and suburbs, heavy snow, wind gusts 30 to 40, maybe 50 miles an hour. low visibility. a lot of blowing and drifting snow going on. to the north and west, not as big an impact. this is where we see the lowest impact with light to moderate snowfall possible. blowing snow still going to be the case. you're going to see strong wind gusts blowing that snow around. out east, heavy snow, maybe a little sleet mixing in. gusts to 60 miles per hour possible. waves of 14 to 18 feet. 6 to 12 inches in and around the city. notice how quickly it drops off to about 2 to 6 to the north and west of us. the main impact, the city around 10 inches or so. same thing across long island. maybe as much as 12 to 18 across central portions of new jersey. here's your seven-day outlook. things get better by sunday, but it's going to take a while. a rough go tomorrow.
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coast. it lasts through tomorrow night, tapers off by sunday morning. this is a pretty long-duration storm. at least 24 hours. partial sun on monday. warmer next week tuesday into s s back into the 40s. a lot of weather. hopefully not a lot of trouble for the commute. >> no real troubles so far. let's enjoy that. we'll take a live look outside at the cross bronx expressway, nicely. or the bruckner. you're in for a nice ride up in the bronx. heading over to the van wyck expressway heading southbound. things are moving along nicely here as well. there is some roadwork out there just past this shot, but it's not causing a delay just yet. we'll head over to the brooklyn bridge. things also doing just fine there. again, no construction. manhattan-bound side of the span is open. bqe still moving along nicely. alternate side of the street parking rules in effect today. more weather and traffic coming up on the 4s. >> thank you. a lot of new jersey politicians are outraged the state isn't getting more federal money for hurricane sandy
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yesterday washington announced that new jersey will get $15 million for a storm preparedness education program. meanwhile, new york state is getting more than $200 million. one federal official called new jersey's application weak. in westchester county, friends and family said good-bye to a scarsdale woman killed in her own home, allegedly by her own husband. the funeral for dr. robin goldman was held as quickly as possible yesterday. her friends say she made a difference and was a beloved pediatrician. there was no mention of her husband. he's been behind bars, accused of stabbing his wife to death. a woman recovering this morning from being slammed into a wall by an out of control suv. it happened in east harlem. witnesses watched firefighters perform cpr on her while she was still pinned against the wall. we're told a worker at a gas station down the block got into the suv while it was being serviced. he apparently lost control when the brakes failed.
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off-duty nypd officer before he hit her. >> you go straight, and the lady was doing the laundry. he got stuck between two doors and hit the lady almost like a pancake. >> all you saw was her head over the hood of a car. >> police have questioned the service station worker, but so far no charges have been filed. today in hawaii, those 12 marines lost at sea will be mourned at a military memorial service. they were aboard two helicopters that went down in the pacific last week during a training mission. search crews believe they found the wreckage under water, but there's no sign of the marines. today's service will be streamed live on youtube. a retired alaska airlines pilot facing charges after allegedly flying his passengers while he was drunk. federal prosecutors say that he piloted a flight back in 2014 from san diego to portland, oregon, and then on to orange county, california. that's where he got a random
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he blamed the antibiotics he was taking at the time. the tsa says it seized a record number of guns by passengers that were trying to bring them on board. they found over 2600 guns last year. more than 80% of them were loaded. 20% more guns seized last year than the year before. the fbi is now defending its response to an armed group that's been occupying an oregon wildlife refuge for weeks. the agency says the occupation has caused a tremendous disruption to nearby residents, but the agents are seeking a peaceful solution. the fbi is now in talks with the group's leader, ammon bundy. the group is calling for the prison release of a pair of local ranchers convicted of burning public land. 4:51. still to come, how billy joel came to the rescue for a local school. plus, some local officers coming to the rescue.
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warning issued for our area begins in just about 24 hours. storm team 4 has the latest projections, weather, and
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[engine revving] [crashing] [sirens] welcome back. 22 degrees on this friday morning. we're bracing for a storm, but in florida, some people still have their pool going. an unwelcome guest went for a dip in a pool. that's scary. that's an eight-foot crocodile, by the way. the homeowner started snapping photos and recording video. wildlife officers did go to the house. when the crocodile spotted the officer, it climbed out of the pool and took off into the ocean. officials say it's not unusual for these animals to wander into
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a crocodile, not an alligator? >> crocodiles are not common down there. that's a gator. i lived in florida. >> and then everybody went back in the pool. >> us new yorkers, we don't know or care about the difference between because we don't see these creatures. in florida, they know exactly what they're talking about. >> they're like dogs down there. they're everywhere. >> and they don't see a lot of snow blowers or snow shovels either. that's unfortunately what we're going to see a lot of. make sure the snow blower is tuned up, the shovels are ready. you're going to need it all day tomorrow, tomorrow night, into sunday morning. blizzard warning now in effect. the areas shaded in orange, that includes the city, long island, parts of new jersey. pink areas, winter storm warning. notice sussex county is in purple. that's a winter weather advisory. that's because we don't expect as much snow up there. also to the north you see they're basically looking at a watch at this point. the further north, less snow this go around.
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forecast for today is quiet. sun early giving way to increasing clouds. it's a dry day, 33. most of tonight is snow free as well. we'll start to see the snow develop southern and central new jersey and towards the city, toward morning, with a low temperature in the mid-20s. we'll talk more about the snow accumulations. a multi-impacting storm. we're talking coastal flooding, something serious that hasn't been seen since sandy to that degree. >> veteran ry concerned about that for sure. >> traffic as well. >> so far we're doing okay. dry commute this morning and tonight. right now we have an accident, an overturned tractor traitor on route 3 eastbound. this is shutting down the ramp to the eastern spur of the turnpike. if you're getting on the subways, we have fast track mantd maintenance on the 2 for just a few more minutes. this is going to be out there again overnight next week. we're not completely in the clear just yet. >> all right. keep us posted, lauren.
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metro north disputing claims made in a survey by the connecticut commuter rail council. 84% of the riders in fairfield county have had issues. the biggest problems are late or delayed trains, overcrowding, and a general lack of information. only 10% of riders say that they're highly pleased with the service. metro north says a more recent survey proves that most riders are actually pretty happy. two of new jersey's top democrats vow to stop governor christie's plan to develop liberty state park. christie's exploring plans to build a hotel, amusement park, and other money-making ventures. yesterday, jersey city mayor and the state president pledged to go to court. they hope to delay any development until christie is out of office in 2018. well, it could be a rough morning for residents and workers near a water main break
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the 24-inch pipe rupture kd, flooding parts of harvard boulevard. it's not clear when the work will be finished. >> there is federal fallout from the water crisis in flint, michigan. a regional administrator for the environmental protection agency has resigned. administrator susan headman had overseen the area that includes flint. residents there have had to drink bottled water distributed by the national guard because lead from corroded pipes contaminated all the tap water from the flint river. 4:58 right now. donald trump is blasting a conservative opinion magazine for its scathing attack on his campaign. the cover of the "national review" says "against trump." the magazine labels him as a menace to the conservative movement. he fired back calling the magazine a failing publication. two police officers in queens are true lifesavers, at least in the eyes of one runaway goat.
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goat when it got away from a slaughter house in jamaica monday night. instead of sending it back, the officers bought the goat for $40. they also found a new home for it at an animal sanctuary in suffolk county. love that story. >> pretty cool. singer billy joel making a big pledge to keep the arts alive on long island. he has directed his foundation to give $1 million to the long island high school for the arts. but the money comes with a condition. the grammy winner would like nassau county to keep the school open for the next three years. the school has struggled with dwindling enrollment and falling tuition revenue. it's coming up on 5:00 a.m. if you're about to head out the door, take us with you. >> keep watching "today in new york" by downloading the news 4 new york app on your mobile device. our next hour starts right now. here it comes. a blizzard warning just issued a little while ago. also, sanitation workers are
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power crews doing their best to
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