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tv   News 4 New York at 11  NBC  January 22, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm EST

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now at 11:00, winter whiteout. >> be smart. just don't go on the roads. >> a massive storm is barrelling in to the tristate. dumping snow, coating roads and forcing millions of people to hunker down. >> i'm trying to make sure we have stuff to weather through the storm. >> live team coverage of the blizzard 2016 begins now. good evening to you. i'm sibila vargas in i'm david ushery. chuck has the night off. we have been tracking the storm all week and tonight it has intensified and bigger snow totals are expected to blanket our area. >> governor christie issued a state of emergency in new jersey. in new york, the national guard son stand by, ready to respond to areas left snow bound. >> we have a team of reporters positioned across the tristate and we will throughout the storm. let's begin with storm team 4 meteorologist janice huff. >> it is snowing in new york city and it's about an hour
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we expected it by midnight. so it is here. the storm has picked up intensity and speed. that will continue overnight as that low pressure system off the coast to our south intensifies. we are expecting the heaviest snow now between 4:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. on saturday. that's a 12-hour duration of likely the heaviest snow and locations. some areas may receive at least a foot, if not more of snowfall. we have increased the snowfall bands and pushed them north to include all of long island, new york city and most of new jersey, all the way to the jersey shore, a foot or more of snow. in some cases 18 inches likely by sunday morning. to the north six to 12 inches from mount pleasant and fairfield, coastal connecticut and two to inch inches expected north and west with. much lighter amounts. the storm son the move. still snowing in washington, d.c. and now it is snowing in our area.
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intensify for the rest of the night. now, storm team 4's dave price will talk more about else is happening in terms of the warnings out there. >> absolutely. we have expanded warn withings. as you can see, we have them now for rare on the, edison, new york city, out to the island and the jersey shore. there you can expect sustained winds to 35 miles an hour, limited visibility to a quarter mile or less. again, those conditions could last for three hours or more. as we head out and north t westchester, fairfield, rockland, bergen, passaic, morris, and sussex and warren counties, there we think we will see a heavier band of snow push north. the conditions will deteriorate. coastal flooding continues to remain an issue from suffolk county to nassau in to the city and making an elbow turn to the jersey shore. as far as the future tracker
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bands of snow continuing to move through, straight through saturday at the noontime hour. and in a little while, we will give you a detailed look, area by area, at what you can expect and how this snow will progress through the day. heavy snow overnight. dangerous conditions as you wake up tomorrow morning and much more weather information ahead from the two with of us in a little while. in the meantime, back to both of you at the desk. david, sibila. >> thank you. as you told us snow is not the only concern. the fear of severe flooding triggered mandatory evacuation in barnegat and new jersey. several other towns called for a voluntary evacuation up and down the coastline. checkey beckford found a lot of people who decided to stay and ride out the storm. >> the concern here man skaun is the creek. we are looking at snow blowing around us. it started 7:30 and already
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you can see it is covering the street here. the coastal flooding is the main concern, not so much the snow. people here having to make a decision whether they will stick it out or leave. the storm brewing outside, a countdown of sorts for those on the jersey shore still struggling to decide, should they stay or go? >> some of the neighbors asked, they always ask me what i'm doing, only because they know i have the lowest house probably in the neighborhood. >> tom's house doesn't stack up to elevated homes on the boulevard. but the volunteer firefighter is sticking it out with a plan. >> we spent three hours today raising the furniture because i was here for sandy. the water was four feet. >> he lost it all, more than three years ago. now raising everything three feet off the ground in case the storm pushes water from the harbor across the street
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six coastal towns issued voluntary evacuations. >> hate to be the bearer of bad news. >> but barnegat officials aren't taking chances with one street where storm surges could reach dangerous height. >> if you are staying it is at your own risk. >> police going door to door telling people to believe. some wouldn't budge. >> we are going to leave. we have an 88-year-old father here. >> we found a lot of people willing to ride out the storm, packed parking lots prove they weren't willing to bet their cars on. >> it usually vacant. especially come 9:00 at night, nobody here and i think of the low-lying areas and moved to higher ground. >> high ground indeed. the first part of the storm delivering this, plenty of fluffy white snow. our first major snowstorm of the season. again, as we know, the coastal flooding in this area is the main concern.
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officials are telling them they can leave at any point if they feel they are not safe, if they are in low-lying areas. if they don't have family or friends to stay with, they are told there are shelters provided. checkey beckford, news 4 new york. checkey, we are seeing flakes here in newark. they have been flying for just over an hour now. no accumulation just yet. we have a lot of activity at the sanitation yard. you can see the salters are getting ready, the plows are getting ready to get on the roads. by the way, governor chris christie saying tonight, don't get on the the roads yourself. do not drive. outside in the newark sanitation yard tonight, crews loaded up salters ready to get to work. inside, governor christie warned tomorrow would be brutal, but new jersey was ready. >> i've sine signed a state of emergency which gives me certain authorities to be able to close roads and do other things. hopefully tonight, by the time you see, this you have gotten
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supermarket and elsewhere. >> reporter: folks at the acme grocery store in montclair were doing just that tonight. >> i couldn't find a park space for the first time ever tonight. there's a sign of people having the same idea. >> making sure we have stuff to weather through the storm. >> reporter: what's the stuff? >> milk, bread, cheese. >> reporter: as usual everyone had the same idea. so the bread aisle was a little bear. milk and eggs were also going quickly. >> i'm surprised they weren't out of milk yet. i got milk. >> reporter: milk was on your list too. are you feeling like a cliche. >> totally. >> we will make milk and bread sandwiches tonight and the next day. i think i'm ready. >> reporter: if you must go on the roads the governor asks that you steer clear of the plows and spreaders. >> we have done this before and feel confident in our ability to do it well. >> reporter: new jersey transit is shutting down at 2:00 in the
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equipment and make sure they are ready to go. invest service may resume later in the morning but thaw will be a judgment call by new jersey live from newark, issa da siegal, news 4 new york. in new york city the snow is falling and the mayor is urging people to stay off the roads. block a snowplow or emergency vehicle and you will be towed. natalie pasquarella is live with the plan in place to keep the city up and running. natalie? >> i'm here at the white hall street subway station where the snow just started here in the past hour. i can tell you earlier tonight, i was with a city crew as they headed out to treat the roads. they told me as soon as the snow starts falling they start salting. they are doing this overnight to make sure people are safe. >> people are stocking up and preparing for the worst. >> reporter: as new yorkers head
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sanitation workers are rolling out for a long shift ahead. >> ready to go. >> reporter: dennis hall is taking off from the garage at spring and west streets. maneuvering one of the more than 500 salt spreaders ready to clear city streets. >> two inches come down, at two inches we will stop plowing. >> reporter: subways will be running for the weekend. >> no matter how bad a storm is if the subway is open we will be. >> buses outfitted with snow tires and chains. >> 80% of our fleet will be running on chains this weekend. that's 1700 buses. >> reporter: we found ambulances at this downtown garage on stand by and a warng from the mayor as he declard a local winter emergency starting at 8 p.m. >> unless it is urgent stay off the roads, simple as that. >> one with man told he he is trying to figure out how he will get to work. >> i have to work this weekend. i'm a deejay. the party must go on. >> reporter: when it comes to
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hits, restrictions are in place. no alternate side of the street parking. erin who, lives in hoboken told me she already took care of that. >> i brought my car home. i don't want to dig my car out. >> reporter: subways like the whitehall street location open for riders. the mayor said the winter emergency could be extended. as of now have it is set to expire midnight tomorrow. we will keep you posted. here for now live in lower manhattan, natalie pasquarella, news 4 new york. >> thank you. governor cuomo announced a small army of resources is ready to help hard-hit areas. >> right now we are bringing down 200 d.o.t. trucks, 400 staff, basic plows, salt spreaders, et cetera. >> as we mentioned earlier, 600 national guard members will be deployed to help with critical operations. david? in long island, roads have
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roll and people urged to stay home during the storm. michael george has been out and about and is continuing our team coverage live from linden hurst. michael? >> reporter: the snow just started to fall here in linden hurst but it is not the snow or wind that has people worried, it'ss the water and possibility of coastal flooding. high tide starts in five hours. tonight, people who live near the water are preparing. kim knows she won't get much sleep tonight. >> are you worried about tomorrow? >> yes, i am. i definitely will be up all night checking the flood levels. >> reporter: every few hours, kim plans to wake up and check to see if the storm is causing the water to creep closer to her home. how close are you to the water. >> about a block. >> reporter: they know how dangerous water can be. scars from sandy are visible wherever you go. people are lining up at gas stations so they are ready to
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county officials are telling residents to use their own judgment. >> if it comes up my driveway i will evacuate. >> heavy snow and wind could add to the problems in nassau county. one of the biggest concerns is up there. power lines brought down by snow or downed trees. if that happens, and you lose power, county officials say be patient. they can't send crews up there to fix anything in the middle of a blizzard. emergency management officials are warning people to stay off the roads. volunteer firefighter says he may sleep at the station so he is ready to respond. >> we are prepping for everything. get ready for a lot of car accidents and stuff. >> it will be a long night for emergency workers and it starts right now. in the last half hour, we have seen the snow and wind pick up considerably. we're live in linden hurst, michael george, news 4 new york. >> thank you. westchester county is ready for whatever mother nature
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trucks were out today salting the roads before the flakes started falling. plows are in position as well as extra police who will be patroling the area. warming centers will be open if needed. county officials said that westchester is ready to pitch in if other areas need help. >> winter storm warnings are in effect for shorelines. salt and sand trucks are out in force. there are concerns about the damaging winds and the coastal flooding there as well. residents are told to stay indoors throughout the storm. right now heavy snow bands are sweeping across washington, d.c. an area expected to get upwards of two feet of snow. i want to give you a live look at the white house. you can see it is near whiteout conditions out there. darcy spencer from our sister station wrc, has a closer look at the conditions. >> reporter: i'm darcy spencer in fairfax county, it is one of the northern virginia suburbs of washington, d.c. virginia's under a state of
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if you look here behind me, this is one of the major roads here in the tyson's corner area. you see absolutely no traffic right now. right across the street is one of the metro stations, washington, d.c. subway extends in to northern virginia. the entire system is going to shut down at 11:00 tonight and stay closed throughout the weekend as this blizzard pounds down here in the washington area. we want to show you what the snow looks like. right now it is very powdery. you can use your brush and easily get it off your car. meteorologists here are saying throughout the night this snow is going to get worse. it's going to get heavy an the winds will pick up. that's where we have the danger of major power outages. that's a big concern here in northern virginia. i'm darcy spencer for nbc news. anytime coastal flooding is mentioned, of course, superstorm
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plow workers spent much of the day reinforce ing dunes but despite concerns one woman with said she is ready to deal with whatever mother nature sends their way. >> mother nature is a fickle old woman. hard to say what's for sure. i'm hoping for the best and expecting the worse like i go through life. >> the staten island ferry is expected to run on schedule throughout the storm but riders should give extra time for weather-related delays or changes. the storm grounded thousands of flights up and down the east coast, including many in the new york area airports. united airlines shut down operations at la guardia and newark until sunday. all major airlines issued waivers for travel over the weekend with allowing passengers to schedule around the snow without change fees. travelers are urged to check the status of the flights before going to the airport. here's a good example why
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it safe. passengers on united flight experienced a skid off the runway this afternoon. all 185 passengers and crew were okay. officials say the weather may have been a factor. many high school students are catching a break from taking the s.a.t.'s this weekend because of the storm. the college board postponed the examined until next month. you can check the website to find locations that will be closed in connecticut, new york and new jersey. as we said the snow may have started to move in to our area but your weather photos are already trickling in to the newsroom and we love to see them. keep them coming. john snapped this photo from the jersey shore. dusting of snow along the ocean grove boardwalk. this from staten island. and look at the line outside of trader joe's in chelsea. looks like new yorkers are prepared. >> good thing. we need that preparation. janice, this thing is somewhat -- not predictable.
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>> they usually do, these types of storms. we usually get the sign they are coming a week with away when theyen haven't formed yet and then they have to get here and once they get here things start to really change once the storm starts to form and then it goes to the ocean and becomes another story. that's what is happening now. the snow moved in across the city and continues the path to the north through the hudson valley. not expecting as much here but still very slippery dangerous snow. snowing in the city. already we have seen snow reports up to seven inches in parts of maryland. and stille coming down there. we switched off the snow mode to show you the heavier bands forming across southern new jersey. this looks like rain but it is all snow. the areas in yellow indicate where we are seeing two to three inch snow bands. two to three inches an hour. those are starting to form as the hp low pressure, the coastal storm, the nor'easter is
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that is happening in virginia right now. you can see the rain-snow line in delmarva and it will continue the rest of the night. as the storm stren thence rapidly we will see winds increase. this is the pressure change in the last three hours. this pink off shore shows the highest pressure change, which is right where the low pressure is forming. we will get one of those storms we call a bomb. and that is what is happening to the low pressure system off shore. the pressure falls rapidly. if it falls 24 millibars within 24 hours its rapidly intensifying and bombs ou. it the sign of a strong nor'easter which is what we are getting off shore right now. dave price will talk about these numbers. we increased the storm totals we
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dave, what's the latest? >> janice, you talked about it. the tricky part is we take the map full screen right now. as we have seen the wave of intense snow push further north, some of the towns, cities and counties along these lines have had their totals inch up but it is right on the cusp. in the city we expect 12 to 18. out to call verton, stafford, lacy, freehold, middletown and as we head up to westchester, over to fairfield county, whereas early this morning the numbers were lower. now expecting six to 12. look at how narrow the band is. somers, northern westchester, warwick with, hampton, port jervis two to six inch answer it dries out after that. a trace to two inches of snow. temperatures are cool, wind gusts are picking up. that means you are going to see plenty of snow flying in. 36 mile an hour gusts as you
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52 asbury park, 55 barn gachlt 62 by the time you get to 10:00 a.m. 57 asbury park and 37 hampton bays. this is why we are so concerned early tomorrow morning about flooding along the shorelines. that and high tide. so we will watch it. look at those sustained, strong wind gusts, straight through early sunday morning. now, what can we expect along the south shore of long island? watch the first high tide, second high tide tomorrow night. 12 to 16-foot waves and gusts to 55 miles an hour. as you head to the north shore, minor to moderate flooding, four to six foot waves, 45 mile an hour gusts. coastal new jersey, big concerns there. first high tide 6:30 and second hide tide 12 hours later. waves 15 to 20 feet with gusts to 55 miles an hour. here's your seven-day forecast. this is 24 hours of intense weather. dangerous conditions, limited visibility.
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then higher temperatures. melting, clearer skies and we begin to dry out and lots of it melts away. we will continue to update you. we will be here all night and all day tomorrow. in the meantime, david, sibila, we will send it back to you. >> thank you. wherever you are riding out the storm, download our news 4 new york app for the information you need in one place. >> it's important to keep in mind, especially when we have power outages. you can watch live tv, watch from your smartphone or tablet. find out how the storm will impact you. check out our snow guide detailing the plans for mass transit in our area. and we want you to help report the conditions during the storm. we want you to be safe while you are doing it, but we want you to submit photos to upload your weather pictures and videos. download our news 4 app at google play or the apple app store. >> we are in the thick of it storm and you will have
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count on storm team four to have answers for you on our facebook page at 2:00 p.m. in a live chat. we are keeping an eye on other news of the day. the virus that causes severe brain damage in babies is in new york city. where it is and how it spreads. you really don't want to turn on the faucet and see this. tonight's brown water scare. storm team 4 is taking a moment to review the models. we will take a closer hour-by-hour look tomorrow straight ahead. we'll be right back. dunkin' donuts' unbelievable selection of breakfast sandwiches freshly made all day -- and now you can enjoy two english muffin egg and cheese breakfast sandwiches for $4.
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capitol. the snow coming down heavy in washington, d.c. we will have an update on the storm's track for our area in a few minutes. in other news, a first look at a getaway car involved in a violent armed robbery in queens. police are searching for this volkswagen jetta. the two men inside who sped from the scene at the hampton inn near jfk last night. investigators say that one of the suspects pistol whipped a 20-year-old woman and attacked the victim's mother shooting her in the stomach. jewelry. hospital. a wild police chase ended hospital. three men, at least one armed, stole a car on monroe street before leading police on to route 21. the stolenen car crashed near the entrance of route 3. one officer hurt, another fired his gun. to one was hit. the carjacking suspects were taken in to custody.
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department of environmental protest shut down a water main for maintenance and that's what we are told is causing this. officials say the water is safe, but we're still getting reports of brown water several hours later. if your water comes out discolored, try to let it run for a few minutes until it is clear and cold. word that three new yorkers who traveled outside of the country tested positive for the mosquito-borne zika virus. one case in queens and the other two in nassau and orange counties. according to the department of health, the disease has spread through mosquitoes. not person to person and the symptoms are usually mild but there are reports of increased birth defects in pregnant women. we will be right back with
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in knicks started a half game out of the final playoff spot in the eastern conference. also win withers of six in a row at the garden, their longest win streak at home since 2012/2013 season. looking to make it seven straight against the clippers. five-point game in the third. that's when chris paul takes over for l.a. first he hits the three from the top of the key and then finds deandre jordan with a lob and jordan throws it down with
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clippers win. the knicks worst loss of the season. they are back at it tomorrow when they take on the hornets in charlotte. the nets were blown out at home by the jazz. baseball news and big news for the mets. the amazin's and yoenis ce spedes agreed on a deal to bring him to new york. multiple reports that they reached a three-year deal with an opt out clause after the 2016 season. this will allow him to test the free agent market next fall them cuban slulger hit 17 homers for the mets after-acquired at the trade deadline last season. the deal of course is pending a physical. on the ice tonight, the rangers were in action.
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fairfield county has been added to the blizzard warning. this is just in. this includes greenwich, bridgeport and areas where you will get whiteout conditions.
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we increased the 12 to 18 inch


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