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tv   News 4 New York at 6  NBC  January 23, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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time warner cable. now at 6:00, weekend whiteout. >> everybody is getting overwhelped. >> it's a rough one. >> it's a mess. >> roads closed. >> we will arrest them in needed. >> neighborhoods flooded. >> we worry about the water. >> and power knocked out. storm team4 is on the move live team coverage of blizzard 2016 starts now. >> good evening, we thank you for joining us.
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be the worst blizzard to ever hit new york city. >> i'm rob schmitt. the among anticipated storm blue in with blinding winds, snow and buried our area in upwards of 2 feet of snow and it's not done yet. >> this have been three storm related deaths in the city from shovel ing shoveling. a travel ban is in effect meaning all nonemergency vehicles must be off the streets or face fines. >> the mta suspended elevated subway service and buses are not running. >> and rail service is halted across the lirr, and connecticut transit systems. >> we have a team of reporters out covering the blizzard across the tri-state air from dwr the jersey shore to the city, long island to connecticut. we begin with janice huff.
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not an all-time record. anywhere from 19 to almost 22 inches of snow from central parm park, jfk, newark and islip, all records for the date. bring bridgeport, 7 inches. if we get one more inch of snow in central park, this snowstorm will make it into the top five. we could go higher than that as it is still snowing out there. this is a sample of the snow totals, madison 22 inches, 21 inches in williamsburg, flanders with 24.5, almost two feet of snow and beth page with 20 inches for you. 19.2 in hicksville, in connecticut a range of 6 inches in stand ford to a foot of snow in fairfield. dave price is here to talk about where the storm is now and when is the end. >> that's what everyone wants to know. let's take a look at it now. you see a little rotation, a little turn right now. the storm system is being pulled
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areas where we see dry air working its way into the system. that's a good sign. bad news is we still have more snow behind it. what's going to happened? a little bit of relief right now. don't be fooled if you're on the jersey shore. you're going to see more accumulation. we have snow in nassau, suffolk and fairfield. still snowing at 10 sclk, still snowing at 3:00 a.m. and finally out of the way as we head to tomorrow mid morning. that's a quick look at your weather picture. a much more detailed look in a couple of minutes. tonight mayor de blasio not playing games when it comes to the travel ban that we're under. right now check points are set up around the city to catch drivers who violate this order and it could mean jail time. >> no one wants to have to arrest people. but the nypd will take any
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roads clear in the middl of this emergency. >> news4's brynn gingras is in one of the busiest parts of thety right now, times square, with the latest. >> reporter: well, rob, you said it. this is one of the busiest places in the city and because of that we have so many people that are out here on the streets right now. and that is a major issue. police are asking people going around asking people like this gentleman, all of these people in the street to get out of the streets because there are so many emergency vehicles that are trying to get by. police vehicles trying to get by. i'm going to tell you, our news truck to was trying to get through the streets and because it's so packed with snow, so thick, you can imagine how difficult it is to stop these vehicles and people are tarting out. it's dangerous situation for anyone not to be driving and really not to be walking even though times square is really right now america's playground. new york city's streets buried.
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>> this blizzard is proving to be hard work. for those trying to clear sidewalks and streets. >> can't say nothing. got to walk with your head down. can't see the cars coming. >> reporter: tell me what it's been like for you guys. >> nightmare. icy. we've been doing lots, multiple times and we're not halfway through the storm. >> reporter: impossible to keep up with the storm. visibility down to two blocks. from here you should be able to see the empire state building. cars are getting stuck, spinning out, even those nypd vehicles were barricaded in. it took bobcats and push plows to get them out. and check out these stairs leading to the 1 train, icy and slick. >> a little extreme. >> reporter: bradway shows are shut down. that's why this utica woman says
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>> it's gotten worse since this morning. we decided once the show was canceled we might as well live. >> reporter: on 5th avenue, store after store closed. tourists some who rarely see snow finding fun things to do and taking it in stride. >> the snow hurts but it's well worth it. it's worth the cold toes and fingers. >> i wanted to go to the museums but i think it's not possible today. >> reporter: like i said, everything is closed so people are coming here to times square. let's take a look at the roads again. people. again, i just talked to police and they're asking everybody to get out of the streets, get out of your cars, don't be driving on these streets. i know a few blocks from here there are check points where police say they're just pulling cars over, making them get out of their cars and leave them because it is really dangerous out here. no joke. there's a lot of snow on the roads. i'm live here in times square,
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back to you. >> watch yourself. >> the weight of snow has led to a tricky situation there in new jersey. a roof -- you see the cracks -- buckled at a trader's joes. right now the entire building is at a risk of collapse. marc santia is at the scene. >> reporter: and natalie right now they're keeping everyone away. that's the trader joe's right over there. the trader joe's a lot like other stores here in westfield closed. that's a good thing. that means no one was inside the store. there are no injuries, nobody was hurt. this building, no match for the snow. take a close listen. i want to share with you what we saw, what we heard just a short time ago. >> heads up. heads up.
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>> that is the south wall back ling under heavy snow and ice collected on the roof. the concrete bulging out, the front door twisted. westfield firefighters got a call for an alarm and never expected to find this. >> when we arrived on the scene we could tell the outer walls were bowing out. when our ladder truck arrived, we gained entry through the visibility area up top. >> reporter: right now you can see the cracks, the fractures on the wall have only grown larger. this wall starting to bow out. i'm also told that some of the roof top air conditioning units have now fallen down inside the store. police and fire blocking off elm street in downtown west field waiting for mother nature to finish its work here. >> heads up. heads up. watch yourself. >> reporter: and for the first time all day we're getting a break in the snow, but that still isn't changing anything for the trader joe's. it's still buckling, the wall
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you got to really tip your hat to the west field fire department, the police department, they were out here and they blocked the area as well as other crews. they've cut off the electricity, the gas, that's all been shut off to this building and now it's a waiting game as they firmly believe this structure will collapse. we're live tonight in west field, marc santia, news4 new york. holy smokes! >> well this storm is wreaking havoc along the jersey shore. this is video of high tide in barnegat. mandatory evacuations were issued in this area. news4's brian thompson is live in ortley beach which has 15.5 inches of snow and where people are very worried about the next high tide, brian. >> reporter: yeah, it's not the
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it is the waves and the wind pushing the waves against abvery fragile sand barrier. my photographer is going to zoom in. we've litten up this barrier. you can see the waves eating away at the sand in the time i've been here, the few hours, we've lost several yards now of sand on this barrier and there's a real concern that in fact it will be breached overnight or by tomorrow morning's high tide at the latest. and this is going to be -- look at that -- a very close call either way. every wave eats away at this barrier an already weakened line of defense from one of the hardest hit towns by sandy thee years ago. >> i was up here all day and they're whit ling away little by little and i don't foresee them making it through the night. >> reporter: the army corps wants to rebuild this area here but needs easements further
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>> so if the people in ortley beach sustain damage, they the send their thank you note to the people in bay head and the people in point pleasant who continue to fight which is an environmental sound and necessary project. >> reporter: but this isn't the only worry spot. >> we were more worried about the water on the back bays. we had enormous erosion. but the berms that we built up, they stopped the water from coming in. >> reporter: so far there has been no real flooding in this area. look at the waves as they tear away at the do you know. this is going to be a very close call indeed. the folks up in bay head disagree with the governor as we've reported in the past. they don't see it as selfishness. they see it as they want to build their own barrier. but down here the folks in ortley are desperate for more sand and they're not going to get it. live in ortley beach, brian thompson, news4 new york. >> thank you.
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now as we mentioned earlier, the mta suspended service on all elevated subway tracks. was are also not running. so if you haven't set up shop for the night, you might not be getting home. we have news4's chris gore yo so continuing our coverage from park slope in brooklyn. how is it there? >> reporter: right now travel is about as tricky and treacherous as it gets. as you say on top of the vehicle ban, which means you shouldn't be getting around via car, if you're trying to use the subways, there are a lot of disruptions, including this station right here. this is the bq station, the 7th avenue station in park slope. as you can see, this station is closed. you can see the snow on the steps. this is the latest service advisory from the mta. every single line has either a service change or a suspension. the easiest way to think of it is this. if your line runs above ground
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but even if your station is underground like this one, that does not mean your train is running. >> no vehicles on the road. >> with personal vehicles banned from roads, travelers like this scrambled to get to the subways. but he and others quickly learn that the seventh avenue bq station was closed hours before the official 4:00 cutoff for trains above ground. >> i thought it was going find an open line because some of the trains go underground. but apparently it's not running. and i'm kind of disappointed. yeah. >> reporter: they have been working to keep subways on a mood fied schedule. >> how are you going to get home? >> probably take a cab or close the bridge by foot. >> stay here. >> reporter: the people we found violating the ban on personal vehicles said they had to be on the roads. but mostly they were going nowhere fast. it seems the most reliable form
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good pair of boots and maybe a sled. we found rhonda using one to carry her groceries home. >> i've been walking everywhere today. my car is parked. >> reporter: back live, you're looking live at flat bush avenue. one of the main thorough fairs through brooklyn. the good news is you continue see any personal vehicles there. but the one e you're looking at, that's a stranded vehicle. we're live in park slope the night. >> looks more like park city, utah. thank you. from the trains to the roads, everyone ordered to stay off of the streets so the plows can do their jobs and keep them clear. governor cuomo issued a state of emergency to help with the cleanup. michael george is life with more on that. michael? >> reporter: well, rob, despite the travel ban, police are responding to 76 accidents here in nassau county.
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following the travel ban. behind me the montauk highway is clear. this is an important point. we're in the parking lot of a shopping center. you can see no cars around here. everything is closed. right now there is no reason to be on the roads. frustrating and dangerous. >> it's terrible. it really, icy, slippery, you can't see. >> reporter: that's what it's like right now on the roads in nassau county. we found this woman stuck on a side street. he's got a flat tire. and when she called for help, she learned she might be waiting for a while. >> i'd like to go home but can't call aaa, they're not here here. >> reporter: no one is allowed on the road except for emergency vehicles and working news media. most drivers seem to have gotten the message. the few people who are out are racing home.
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>> i think it's better everybody stay home. >> reporter: as night falls the visibility is getting worse and worse. >> you probably about 100 feet, 150 feet. >> reporter: if help doesn't come soon, he's pushing her car home. >> i'm ready to go home. i ain't coming back outside. >> reporter: i want tell you some good news. one of the big worries is that there would be a lot of power outages. the utility companies say there's only a few dozen here. the worry it would be in the hundreds or thousands. but that doesn't seem to be the case. >> thank you. definitely not the case. take a look, despite the high winds and heavy now, there aren't a lot of power outages to report tonight. on lie island, pse and g reporting 164 outages, con ed son 163 without power, in new jersey only 67 customers are in the dark.
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>> a silver lining. in new jersey the storm is causing problems, including explosion. >> checkey beckford is live in point pleasant ocean county with that situation there. hey, checkey. >> reporter: heys with guys. last time we saw you we told you about a huge electric arc that we saw just about 40 minutes ago above our truck. now take a look over here. jsp and l, that's one of their workers. we're checking out some power tliens are down. he just told us a few minutes ago that a primary power line, a live power line is down right across the street and told us to stay away from it. he's also trying to tell other people to stay away as well. this just one of the things on people's minds tonight as they continue to ride out the storm. blinding snow and high winds, the combination of a potential
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people worried and for good reason. this transformer near ocean avenue exploded this morning. you can see a car just feet away when a flaming power line hit the ground. >> i saw the transformer blow up and i actually videoed it from my living room. >> reporter: she shot the video from her window. she worried about the other power lines still up near her home. residents are struggling to keep up with the blizzard that just won't quit. >> everybody thought bewere going to beat it because it's almost the end of january. but guess what? >> reporter: covered from head to toe trying to shovel more than a foot of snow off the sidewalk. we found one person not at all worried about power lines or the snow. this 10-year-old putting it to good use. >> it's fun. >> reporter: it's fun? >> yeah. >> reporter: and there's always
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right now the worker waiting on a crew to come out and fix that power line issue. meanwhile, i'll take you to where a resident is firing up his snow blower trying to get ahead of this and get some of the snow off the sidewalk and roads tonight. so people beginning to come out of their homes and beginning to try to shovel and get the snow out of the way. but as dave price mentioned a while ago, it doesn't mean that just because we're not seeing a lot of snow right now, mainly wind, biting cold wind, it doesn't mean that the storm is over. live tonight, checkey beckford, news4 new york. and you probably assumed this much but nobody is getting in or out of our major area airports at this hour. they're all shut down. here's the breakdown of cancellations. laguardia, 255 flights have been canceled, that number up to 33 at newark and jfk with 438 cancellations tonight. >> as we go to break here, want to give you a look at a viewer
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>> brian sent us this shot in montclair, new jersey. a beautiful area there and even prettier with all of that snow
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and we welcome you back to storm team4's live coverage. continues coverage all day long of blizzard 2016. >> a lot of snow coming down but it does sound like it's tapering off a bit. is that right? >> it's starting to taper off but like you said, still coming
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and there's still a chance before it pulls away of maybe a few pockets of moderate snow. it's still adding hup in some areas. but so far, bik on the list, flanders, new jersey 24.5, bridge water at 19, toms river 15.5 inches of snow. here's a look at the other snow totals. jfk and central park, only need another inch in central park to make it into the top five snowfalls. williamsburg with 21 inches, mount vernon 14.5. and we had that big band of heavy snowfall that moved right through thing area from long island through the city back through north central new jersey. some of the totals are verified of two feet. we're going to add to some of that and there are a few spots in central new jersey they macomb close to 30 inches of snow. on the north side we've seen
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like i said, it's still snowing weakening. not seeing that much at the jersey shore right now but this will pivot and move eastward. still a chance for hod rate snowfall continuing for the next three to four hours. about the winds. >> 74 miles per hour, that's hurricane force winds. gale force winds, 40 knots, about 45 miles per hour. look at these numbers, 68 miles per hour, 58 at islip. the wind gusts in the 30s and 20s. these will be sustained for the next several hours but then begin to diminish overf overnight. the issue for so many people is the uncomfortable wind driven snow and the way it feels if you have to be exposed to this for any length of time. 10 in monticello with lower snow totals, 12 in farmingdale and 15 in long branch.
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areas. still down to a kwaut are of a mile in the city,uart of a mile in islip and up to 5 miles now in belmar. that's an improvement. now, if you speak to anyone at the shoreline, it's a different story. not just about the snow. it's about the impact of these winds and of course the beach erosion and flooding. 35-mile-per-hour sustained winds. winter storm warning in effect all the way up through rockland, putnam, orange, duchess as well and into northern fairfield counties. winter advisories continue through sullivan and ulster and orange counties. keep in mind, flood warnings for anyone on long island and the jersey shore. that's a huge secondary problem to this we're continuing to watch it because we're entering the high tide period right now. over the next seven days, take a look at your forecast. boy do things change. typically we do a seven-day forecast but you know because of
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me tell you, over the next ten days, things look much quieter. let's send it back to you at the desk. >> i was just saying if you take a look here, it might be a little chilly out there but the snow brought a little bit of warmth to the city as well. >> some came together the help other people out while others found interesting ways to get through the storm. here's news4's melissa russo. >> reporter: you got i sick ce icles on your beard. >> yes i do. i love interacting with the people and being in the heart of the city. >> reporter: whether salting -- >> it's fun. >> reporter: it's fun? >> >> it's fun. >> reporter: or spinning or stepping in to help. >> go, go! >> reporter: a travel ban won't stop rugged new yorkers from cross town skiing. >> i like to ski to the park and back. >> nor dogged new yorkers from
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made way for plenty of plowing. >> roads are clear. >> reporter: smooching and just maf marveling in their urban winter wonderland. >> a lot of fun out there. >> we've been focusing on the jersey shore but coastal flooding a concern along long ie harry cicma is there with a look at the conditions right now. >> reporter: good evening nap's right. here in long beach the conditions continue to get worse. it is extremely windy. the windchill factor a major problem. if you turn this way you can barely waum 20 or 30 yards. but the real problem right now is definitely the flooding. this community had major problems during hurricane sandy. there's in question the homes next to the ocean and much of long beach trying to prevent a
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winter storm jonas. the long island community is bracing for the worst with the combination of snow, wind and most notably the coastal flooding >> reporter: what do you think about the weather? >> great weather. we worry about the water. that's more than anything else. >> reporter: the remnants of hurricane sandy still live in the memories of this long beach community. and more flooding tonight as a result of winter storm jonas would be devastating. >> oh my god the ocean is so close to the boardwalk. it's low tide right now. we're going to be in trouble at 8:00 tonight. i think there's going to be really bad flooding here on long island. what we saw in long beach was horrible. the water was so close to the boardwalk and the dunes that they built up. >> reporter: indeed there is a problem here with flooding. you can see the picture of the dunes that have been built up as a result of superstorm sandy. so really there's not much you
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just get out of dodge. get away from those homes near the beach, near the ocean. and that is the scene here in long beach. i'm harry cicma, news4 new york. >> harry, we thank you. want to go now to westchester county. snow plow drivers working overtime from white plains. they're doing their best to keep the roads passable as the snow continues to pile up. in mount vernon, they're preparing for power outages. the community school and the hospital are ready to be use as shelters. >> news4's linda baquero is in stand ford, connecticut tonight with the storm is whipping things up. >> reporter: crews from connecticut light and power are working into the night after a power outage repairing damage after a bus slid and hit it cutting off electricity to 200 residents in greenwich. nearby, governor malloy warned about low visibility encouraging driver to stay off of the roads.
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howling winds, many businesses that opened today shut down early, like this starbucks on west street in stanford. why did you decide to shut down early? >> we're not getting any customers right now and our manager said we could go home. >> reporter: it's why this homeowner was out shoveling her driveway. you were supposed to work? >> wu are closed. >> reporter: so now what do you find yourself doing? >> watching movies and shoveling snow. >> reporter: and while adults work clearing snow, kids played. many adults remembering what snow conditions were like last winter. >> actually seemed like we got a snowstorm every tuesday and thursday. >> linda baquero, news4 new york. and playing in the snow isn't just for the kill dos. check out the panda having fun too. the smithsonian zoo in d.c. posting this video to their facebook page. the giant panda seemed like he couldn't get enough of the snow day. >> good for him.
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snow day.


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