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tv   News 4 New York at 11  NBC  January 23, 2016 11:00pm-11:29pm EST

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now at 11:00, winding down, but not over. >> i thought it was all hype. i didn't know it was going to be this bad. >> a deadly storm. >> i knew i had to get out of there. >> roads blocked, trains stopped, ambulances buried. >> still digging ourselves out. >> what lies ahead? storm team 4 gets answers, our live coverage begins right now. >> the blizzard of 2016 is one for the record books. >> so far this storm will go down as the third snowiest of all time in new york city. >> we have just learned the number of deaths tied to this storm has jumped to five in our area. all while shoveling snow. a task that often comes with health risks. >> a travel ban issued for new york city and long island will
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morning, provided the conditions improve. >> a suspension on elevated subways will be re-evaluated as of 6:00 a.m. underground subway trains are still running. >> we have a team of reporters out covering it all 37. >> snowfall records have been sit. ranging from 22 inches at islip, to 27.7 at jfk. central park's total of 25.1 is the record. it's third on the list, knocking down the blizzard of 1996 out of the top five. we haven't gotten an update in several hours. we expect an update around midnight. that is when we'll see some changes. it's possible it will move up to number two, if not to number one. we'll be watching for that. 27 opinion 9 inches in elizabeth. lots of areas of new jersey over
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same in hicksville. 26 1/2 in co mack. 26 1/2 at white house station. new rochelle with 21 inches of snow in connecticut. over a foot of snow has fallen, we expect these totals to verify by tomorrow morning. dave price is in the weather center to talk about where the storm is now. >> janice, didn't mean to cut you off, we're in our last gasps if you will. the system is it moving out into the atlantic. let's just zoom in a little bit, we're still going to see some moderate snowfalling for the next several hours, and flurries are going to be falling as we head through the rest of the evening. by the time we get to midnight, almost all of it out of the way. the cleanup begins tomorrow and oh, what a cleanup it's going to be. >> folks, back to you at the desk. >> new video tonight we want you to see at this manhole fire in midtown. flames shooting from the ground
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it happened about two hours ago in front of the hilton on 54th street. it's not clear if rock salt caused the fire. no one was hurt. >> to make sure everyone adheres to the travel ban. checkpoints are set up to catch drivers to stay off the roads. >> brynn jingrass has been watching the area. >> they've been very busy. there was just two cars here, now there's one. they pull out in front of the cars that approach them, they sound those sirens and tell them they need to get off the roads. it's not just about safety at this point, it's also to clear the roads so plows can maneuver safely as well. but, yes, police taking this job very seriously. >> nypd cruisers drove up eighth avenue, flashing lights and asking people to get offer the roads. the travel ban in effect for new
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and it's obvious why. cars like this now buried taxi just can't maneuver these snow packed streets. >> i wouldn't want to drive in this. we have a car, and it's buried in snow. we would not go out in it. some people don't always make the right choices. >> emergency vehicles struggling just as much. good samaritans tried to help this crew. as for other ambulances, they called in their own emergency. >> we are so stuck. >> are you stuck in the snow? or stuck behind somebody? >> yeah, we were stuck behind somebody, and got ourselves stuck, so we're still digging ourselves out. >> on the west side highway, police stopped cars going north and south, directing them off the dangerous roads, and frankly telling drivers to just go home. >> i think us new yorkers are a little fed up with, you know, the overcautiousness sometimes, but i think it's smart, especially tonight. >> governor cuomo said the travel ban will be lifted at
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step, the digout, after a big thank you from their work from the mayor, crews lined up ready to uncover as much ground as possible. mark burns got in his car only to be able to move it when the ban is lifted. and after several hours -- >> a lot of work? >> a lot of work. >> now, i did just check in with authorities, they have issued one summons, that's good news. one ticket since this travel ban went into effect. that was for a livery cab up in harlem. they had to give a ticket and tow the cab away. just within the last half hour or so, we've been seeing a lot of cars. the travel ban gets lifted at 7:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. live on the west side brynn gingras. >> thank you. look at this, a process of
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tracks is already underway. the mta sent us this video from coney island. workers will spend the rest of the night trying to clear all the snow off the tracks so hopefully the above ground trains can start running again tomorrow. along the jersey shore, beach erosion and flooding are the big concerns. brian thompson is in orly beach with the latest on the situation there. >> the good news is, the wind has died down and the tide is ebbing now, it's going out to sea. you can see this dune line, touch and go all day long, it may be breached. as of now, at least through two high tides, it's still holding. >> pounding surf, relentless all day, yard after yard of the slender dune ripped away by an angry sea and frustrating. >> you live down the shore, you want to have a beach. two years after sandy, we couldn't use the beach. >> reporter: high water vehicles were on stand by just in case
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at least for this second high tide they weren't needed. they've done it before, one driver telling me. >> really happy, they're pleased -- they just -- they're thrilled when we're coming around. >> it was a close call. these condos appear ready to tumble into the sea. the ocean swirling around the pilings. plans to bring in more emergency sand for the entire dune line may or may not help. >> they'll reconstruct the dune the way it was. >> all the way up? >> yeah. it's going to cost a lot of money again. we've done this several times. >> high water trucks were the only way to get to bayshore drive in barn gatt. ocean county should bounce back fast. >> as the sun comes out, and the weather warms up a bit. it will be a fast transition. >> now, to give you an idea of how much sand has been lost,
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the dune line was out to here. i'm walking all the way down to where the new dune line is. this is how much sand they have lost through this high tide. they have one more to go, but if it is a little weaker than what we've seen so far, they may just make it. live in orly beach. brian thompson nbc 4. >> we've seen so much snow it's been hard for the plows to keep up. how is it getting around? checky beckford travelled through new jersey tonight where there's no travel ban in effect. how was that drive? >> just talking about the job these plows are nacing, they're all lined up, coming through the parking lot, trying to clear out the parking lot. look at the ground right here,
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and that's what we're facing on the roadways as well. we took a drive up from the jersey shore. i have to tell you, at some points it was yuan right nerve-racking. we took off at 8:27. the local roads were covered in snow. we headed north toward the garden state parkway thinking the major highway would be better. we were wrong. my photographer white knuckled it going between 25 and 30 miles per hour on the bumpy road. at one point we could barely see 10 yards ahead of us. we were forced to stop a couple times to do this, knock the ice off our windshield wipers. conditions improved near matawan. we could see the blacktop for the first time in more than an hour. we finally made it to our destination in south amboy.
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half. again, the gps told us it would take us half that time. here the map says 38 minutes, it took us about an hour and 20 minutes to make it here. no travel ban here, officials still warning people to stay off the roadways unless they absolutely have to be out there. live in south amboy tonight, checky beckford, news 4 new york. >> glad she made it safely there with jimmy. you're warm inside, there's so many people in our area outside in the blustery cold. >> they're working hard to clean things up fast. and michael george is live in linden lindenhurst where at least 21 inches of snow pell. michael? >> reporter: the snow is still falling. a quiet night in linden hurst. the travel ban seems to be working. by the time we wake up tomorrow, a lot of this snow will be cleared off the main roots and highways. it takes hundreds of people to make that happen.
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unsung heroes of the storm. >> with the travel ban in place across long island, lindenhurst is eerily quiet. there are only two sounds breaking up the silence. emergency responders and snow plows. >> this has got to be a tiring day for you? >> yeah, i'm ready to collapse. i am ready to go home and get some rest. >> every hour the streets are covered enough to plow all over again. >> horrible. don't even come out. i got stuck with the plow truck a couple times. tino and carlo are married and they're also volunteers, running across nassau county saving lives. >> it's been a little rough. a lot of rescue calls. >> reporter: tina told us, if there's a message for the people at home, it's to stay home. >> we don't need anyone to get stuck in front of us, and then
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them. >> we have an update on what those emt's are dealing with. more than 70 accidents on the road in nassau county. none of those are serious injury accidents. we did just get word about a tragedy here in nassau county. a 61-year-old man died. he went into cardiac arrest while shoveling snow. live in linden hurst, michael george, news 4 new york. as bad as things were here, storm horror story ies are coming in from up and down the coast. >> the monster storm killed at least 14 people elsewhere and left thousands others stuck in the cold. in kentucky, thousands were paralyzed for almost 20 hours in a 20 mile stretch of backed up traffic. the national guard had to move in to rescue 18 wheelers that were no match for the icy hills. the drive was more treacherous near pittsburgh. those are the exhausted and
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university women's gymnastics team, finally moving after sitting on the pennsylvania turnpike for more than 30 hours. at our nation's capital, nearly three feet of snow shut the city down. roadways were offlimits, runways closed to air traffic. the best way to travel was on skis. a few who did venture out took advantage of a rare opportunity to slide down the capital lawn. >> they were having fun there. >> as we head to break, let's see what our viewers have been up to today. >> these harlem kids went all out. check out their igloo, very
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in westchester county, a foot of snow today. you have to look at the back of your screen, folks, the sports underdome next to the ice hutch, collapsed under the weight of all the snow. on the ground way in the back. that's what it looked like before when it was still standing before the storm. luckily, no one was hurt. >> it's saturday night after all. after being kooped up inside all day, a lot of people are
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this storm was. >> 25 inches on the ground. >> two feet of snow on the ground. let me tell you, new york city is a city of marathon walkers. people think nothing of taking a 20 block walk-through snow drifts. we saw some people doing just that. they had to get outside. there are other folks who are quite content to stay warm inside. i suspect some of the folks watching this broadcast are squarely in that camp. >> in brooklyn, there are two distinct responses to a snowy night like this, you're either hunkering down on your catch or cabin fever has you itching to go out. at charlene's bar on flat bush, camille pond is playing cards with old friends and making new ones. >> we just met this half of the table tonight. and now we're all best friends. >> believe it or not, this bartender says this might be one
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>> busiest ights of the year are blizzards and hurricanes. >> if two feet of snow is good for business. >> it's also a good excuse to stay inside in snowy prospect heights, dominick and his friends are capping off the blizzard with good music and good wine. >> it's a great atmosphere. there's no cars on the streets, people are talking to each other. >> it's true, in brooklyn, the weather wasn't just a weather event, it was a social event 37. >> it s this magic to the city. >> one thing both the indoor and outdoor folks told us is, the timing of this storm was perfect, because they can suspend reality. they know they have all tomorrow to get acquainted with one of these. back to you. >> i agree. i think everyone i knew was excited about this storm but me. >> it's a sound you'll hear for days to come. the snow blower. our crews captured people
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>> give you another look here. what our viewers have been up to today. >> looks like an inverted snowman there. >> feeling a little stiff out in the cold. he tried to stretch it out. maybe doing a little yoga there. who knows. >> despite the storm, "saturday night live" is going on as scheduled next. you can see they're getting ready right now in studio 8h. dunkin' donuts' unbelievable selection of breakfast sandwiches freshly made all day -- and now you can enjoy two english muffin egg and cheese breakfast sandwiches for $4. that's breakfast whenevs. the common core rollout was a disaster. parents knew it. teachers knew it. and now, governor cuomo's task force is doing what's right.
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find your sweet spot today with dunkin's chicken apple sausage sandwich. enjoy sweet apple and savory sausage together for under 400 calories. america runs on dunkin'. can you believe that potentially this could be the most snow we've ever seen in one day in new york city? >> i can't believe that. >> i anticipate that we are going to come really close. we're expecting another update in central park in less than an hour. but we may be off the air when
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so far we're at number 3 in the park. a daily record. but it could be the all time snowfall record in the park. you don't have far to go. when the next update comes out, we have so many totals, around 26, 27 inches around new york city, i wouldn't be surprised if the city has that as well. if it comes in before the show this is the band that came through. many areas are up near 30 inches, wouldn't be surprised by tomorrow morning if we have a few totals around 30. that's why we're thinking the park should have made the record at the top of the list. the heavy snow is coming to an end now. should be over by midnight. the sun returns tomorrow, and then comes the warmup. wind gusts out there right now, not as heavy as we've seen. a few spots over 30 miles an hour, the windchills in the teens. it feels like 8 above in white plains right now. the snow is coming to an end. here's dave price talking about
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the rest of the night. >> you bet, as you can take a look, the storm system is beginning to push on out. keep in mind the eastern end of long island is going to see it for a little while longer. winter weather watches well to the north, getting ready to expire and take away. at about the noontime hour for coastal flooding, we'll keep our eyes on that, but the worst is over with respect to flooding concerns. now, with respect to wind gusts, it is still going to be blowing out at this hour, we see wind gusts around 32 miles per hour, in asbury park, and 41 in garnegat. as we wake up tomorrow morning, they're going to be up there, but they're going to die down rapidly as the day progresses. so as far as the forecast goes, the winds are less of an issue, but you're going to wake up to bitter cold and icy conditions tomorrow. keep that in mind, there's your
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what a relief it is to wrap up the weekend and actually head into the workweek. when's the last time we said that? temperatures are going to warm up, and all the snow is going to begin to melt away, folks, we'll send it back to you at the desk. >> dave, thanks, we'll be right
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these pictures were snapped in central park. the snow covered bow bridge. >> it is amazing what a difference a short ride up the throughway can make. >> most of us will spend tomorrow digging out, others will have to find something else to do. [ laughter ] >> really? >> he's a bit of a smart alec. he and his wife sent us this picture from poughkeepsie. they didn't get a flake. and this was taken today. he's rubbing in the fact that he has nothing to do tomorrow except watch some football. must be nice, while we're digging out snow. >> about 30 miles south of him, i think they got quite a bit of snow. >> it was sharp. >> really a cut off there. >> it's going to be chilly in the morning. but the sun will come out tomorrow. >> thank you very much. it's going to be cold. a lot of you will be out digging.
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properly, take some breaks and don't overdoe it. a numbing win in the morning. there may be a tiny bit of melting in some areas. we'll have to wait a couple days when it warms up into the 40s. >> be sure to wake up with today in new york. chris cimino, rapheal will be here with the latest on the storm. "saturday night live" is coming up next. the guest host is ronda rousey. >> the musical guest is selena
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