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tv   Sunday Today in New York  NBC  January 24, 2016 10:00am-10:30am EST

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standing behind me and the folks who are still out in the roads doing work right now. we're really happy to be able to say that there is only about 100 or so people that were sheltered last night in public shelters. we're very happy about that. we also are happy to report that our new jersey transit system will be back up and running around noon today. bus, light and rail, and rail. we had fewer than 300 accidents across the entire state, which is a very, very small number. that's again a testimony to the folks staying off the roadways. we had a high yesterday of about 94,000 power outages across the state. we're down to about 25,000 this morning. the bulk of those are in cape may county, about 18,000. in those folks, you will have about 90% restored by the end of
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we have about 3,000 up in bergen county. new jersey. the 4,000 folks in central new jersey should be restored by the afternoon, this afternoon. we'll see up in bergen county, i would assume the end of the day today. the high tide this morning was survived very well by the people in cape may county. only minor to moderate flooding, only street flooding. we don't see any significant property damage happening in cape may county. folks did have to leave because of lack of power in those barrier islands. they went and sheltered, often with friends and family. some went to local hotels, where generators were operating, in order to stay warm last night.
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so far no deaths in new jersey connected with this storm. for today, i think the most important thing is for everybody to remember, if you go out on the roads, you know, please respect the speed limits. very important. there's still going to be places where the roads are slick. it's cold. places. we're working on continuing to salt in those areas. please be careful. take your time as you drive around today. you're free to go out and do what you want to do. go to church, go to the supermarket. go to some of your kids' sport sporting events. go out and do that stuff. if those games are on, you should go out there and do it. if you don't have to be out, there's no reason to go out. so there will be plenty of stuff i'm sure for you to do around the house. cleaning up a foot and a half to two feet of snow. last thing is this.
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have the folks that are in my cabinet, the lieutenant governor, and all the folks who work for the state of new jersey who have worked so hard over the last 96 hours to get us ready for this storm and to carry us through it. it's our 17th snow emergency in my six years as governor. so we know how to do this. when you lead in a strong and direct way, as all the folks standing with me did for their departments, you get things done and you get things done very well. so for all the people in new jersey, thank you for your support over the last 24 hours in particular in staying home. we look forward to a normal, regular workweek starting tomorrow. any questions, i'm happy to take no questions. i'm out of here. thank you, all, for coming today. we appreciate it. for the people of the state, enjoy a beautiful day today. be careful shoveling your snow, okay. it's really heavy, wet snow. we've had no deaths so far in the state from this storm.
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so let's everybody please be careful in moving that snow around today. if you got some younger folks who can help you with it, get them to do that. thank you all very much. >> dueling press conferences from the governor of new jersey and the governor of new york. no deaths reported in the state of new jersey. still, obviously a huge recovery effort going on. still asking people to stay off the roads if you can. you don't need to go out sightseeing. still a lot of cars in both states that are buried in snow that have been abandoned by their drivers. the big news coming out of new york, the lirr. >> yes, exactly. we don't foe when it's going to be back on. hope is to get it back online for the monday morning commute. you talk about how this remains a dangerous situation in terms of the roads. people should not go out if they don't have to. let's get you caught up on the
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six storm-related deaths in our area. the governor reaffirmed limited metro north service will be likely back up at noon. >> they're literally digging out those stations. you can't take a plow to the tracks. the cars are snowed in as well. getting those stations back to normal so they can accept riders will be an issue. there was damage sustained. it may not be up until tomorrow. that is a hope. the governor said he's hoping to have the lirr up by tomorrow morning in time for the commute. our team coverage continues in the weather center with meteorologist raphael miranda and chris cimino standing by as well. >> that's right, guys. it does make sense to see all these issues we're dealing with.
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storm in central park history. 26.8 inches fell yesterday. february 4th, 2006, we picked up a tenth of an inch more. certainly ranks as one of the biggest storms in our history. jfk, you picked up 30 inches of snow. bronx zoo, 27.6. the totals continue from there. williamsburg, 29 inches. grant city, staten isle, over two feet. we saw so many spots over two feet, including hicksville closing in on 30 inches yesterday suffolk county also picked up well above two feet in some spots. islip, 25.9. as you head north out of town, less snow on the ground. as you head deep into the hudson valley, much less snow waiting for you. yonkers, 20.5 inches. pelham, 14.2 inches of smoe.
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the cold is in place. chris cimino is going to talk about the rest of your day coming up in your forecast. >> with a lot of snow out there, even though we were getting sunshine, it reflects the heat back quickly. it's not going to warm up all that quickly. there will be some melting of the snow. with the wind, it feels like 13 in central park. 11 at jfk. as you go out to remove that snow, make sure to bundle up in a big way. here's your day planner. clouds and sunshine mixed. a good deal of sun through the day. hopefully getting to the freeing mark around noon. the new workweek, we'll have that forecast in a uh few minutes. >> thank you very much. road conditions a big concern. also some coastal flooding. we're seeing that happening right now. a river rose through wildwood in new jersey. >> wow. that is quite an impressive picture. obviously not what those homeowners are thinking as that
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this is what was feared at high tide. you can see there that there's a boat literally parked in front of someone's house. they may be using that to get out if this water doesn't recede in time. this is what the concern was along the jersey shore. looking at wildwood here, it is street flooding. maybe a foot or could have been so much getting ideas of the openings, things coming back online. that includes broadway. the broadway league just announced all shows will play as scheduled today.
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museum of modern art will open at 11:00 a.m. the nets game has been pushed back to 7:30. the doors are going to open at 6:00. >> as many things are opening, we're hearing some things will remain closed. jersey city public schools will be closed tomorrow. you parents may want to start making plans for that. kids as well. the schools in jersey city, all of them going to be closed tomorrow because of the storm and snow removal efforts still ongoing. >> one of the issues is you might have those main arteries cleared up, but we're seeing in places like belmar, where ray villeda is standing by, sidewalks are cggedlo up. ray, what are you seeing? >> reporter: gus and pat, wt ere is lot a of ice on the sidewalks, but as you those main arteries through town, you can see the black top. with the sun coming out, it's melting away some of that ice on that main artery that is ocean avenue. some of the side streets still have some smoe.
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the morning to clear those up. i want to show you now some video. you were talking about the sand dunes in some other jersey shore towns. take a look at some of these pictures the mayor took with his drone of the dunes it here in belmar. you can see they held up. most of them held up. there was just one or two -- there was just a small portion in this 1.3-mile stretch of dunes that did break down with the water. otherwise, the water did not make it past the sand. although it breached that small portion of the sand dune wall, that was about it. for that, they're very grateful here. as far as the cleanup process, that's very much under way. we're starting to see a lot of folks cleaning up the more than two feet of snow that fell here in belmar. a lot of folks woke up early just to do that very thing. they just had to get out of the house. another thing we're seeing is people walking up and down the boardwalk here. they say this is a cold walk in the park compared to what we had to deal with yesterday. take a listen to one woman who
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the>> we were out here yesterday afternoon. we were a bunch of crazies walking on the dunes yesterday. it was great. >> did you lose power at all? >> no. >> you were one of the lucky ones >> we were fine. >> reporter: she was one of the lucky ones. about a third of the town, 30%, rather, lost power. they were able to get it back on. i spoke with the mayor, who said there were maybe three or four people without power, but they're working to get those few people back on. he tells me that the town of belmar was pretty much spared by this storm because they did very well. the tunes held up. as you can see, the roads are starting to clear up here as well. we're live in belmar this morning, i'm ray villeda, "today in new york." >> thank you, ray. as you've seen here, a lot more developments are coming in by the minute. we'll brung you more as we continue here on "today in new york." as we go to break, we're taking live looks all across the
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a lot of coastal communities breathing a sigh of relief this morning. raphael miranda is joining us now. of course, storm team 4 helped us weather that storm yesterday. so much appreciated. what are we looking at today in terms of what we're facing for cleanup? >> thankfully as the storm is pulling away, all the threats are diminishing. there's still a lingering coastal flood threat for the jersey shore. it's getting better hour by hour. that flood warning remains in effect for parts of the jersey shore. right now, we are tracking the sunshine out there. it is a beautiful scene, if you can enjoy the snow today safely. just bundle up. it's a great beautiful
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21 degrees outside. it is cold. definitely layer up. winds are variable. nothing nearly as windy as what we had yesterday. we saw winds gusting over 50 miles per hour. it was certainly a blizzards. you can see the snow totals in new jersey. they were the highest just to the west. we saw snowfall rates of 2 to 3 inches per hour. morris plains, 33 inches of snow. roselle park, 27.5. well over two feet in metuchen. madison, 29 inches of snow you have to deal with. howell, 25.6 inches of snow. again, different as you head to the westchester/rockland region. southern westchester, you had those blockbuster totals in yonkers, 20.5 inches. pelham, closer to a foot. of course, the windchill still on the chilly side. still cold.
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feels like 20 in oakland now. feels like 16 degrees in newark. they were below zero in monticello. now it's a little better. as you plan the rest of your day, sunshine and clouds. maybe a few clouds through the afternoon. otherwise, it is a quiet day. no more rain and no more snow. temperatures are in the mid-30s. we start that melting process. back to the coastal flooding. the concern is until noon now. any flooding that we get will be minor to moderate. nothing like what we saw yesterday. the flood warnings still in effect for the next hour and 45 minutes. we also have a coastal flood advisory in effect for nassau and suffolk counties for high tide this morning into the late morning. future tracker is nice and quiet as we head throughout the rest of the day. this is 12:00. no snow. big change from yesterday. 7:00 this evening, dry. as we head back to work and school, we're dry on monday morning. lots of sunshine.
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i guess jersey city kids are staying home for one more day. they get a nice play day in the snow. through monday evening, keeping it dry. heading into tuesday, no storms on the horizon just yet. maybe a little bit of rain. that's the only potential issue coming up in the seven-day forecast. today's high temperature, 34 degrees. we will start that melting process. then whatever melts may freeze overnight tonight. 23 your low. watch out for that. a little bit of patches of black ice a possibility over the next few mornings. take a look at the seven-day forecast. getting milder day by day, clearing up nicely. 37 for your high for tomorrow. milder on tuesday. the melting really begins this then. a chance for light rain tuesday into wednesday. temperatures in the 40s. you want to stay up to date with the news 4 new york app. tap the news 4 logo in the corner, scroll down, and select the weather tab. you can see the latest forecast, use our interactive radar, and learn how to submit your own weather video. the news 4 new york app for iphone is available in the app store right now. pat and gus, over to you. >> thank you very much. up next, our coverage of the
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we'll have an update on road conditions and where people are
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call now. taking a live look at wildwood. you can see this humvee making its way through the water, giving us a better perspective of what flooding is like for those people there. governor christie updating us on that a short while ago. we also heard from governor cuomo on the cleanup. >> and kerry barrett has a recap up in the newsroom. >> a couple big developments. the governor explaining that the new york travel ban is over. that's certainly good news. buses are running on the weekend schedule. inbound metro north trains will begin at 12:30. outbound trains will begin at 3:00.
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the airports are open as well. it's just going to be up to the airlines to decide which flights are running. >> the travel ban has been lifted. that does not mean people should go out and take a ride and see the sights. the roads are clear for the most part. there are still entrance ramps and exit ramps that are not clear. there are still situations where cars are getting stuck on highways. let's not misinterpret the travel ban. >> you certainly still have to be careful. as for the lirr, the governor says the service will hopefully be up tomorrow, but that is still subject to a little bit of change. they're having difficulties on that. they're expecting an update on that line at about 6:00 tonight. of course, we'll keep you posted on our website, pat, gus? >> all right, kerry barrett live in the newsroom. thank you. governor christie also echoing a lot of things governor cuomo said.
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the state, mostly near cape may. also, less than 300 car accidents, which is a noteworthy number. it's a small size. a lot of that being attributed to the travel ban. people heeded that, stayed home, plows got out there. that avoided a lot of people getting hurt, which we have seen in storms of far less magnitude. >> absolutely. and also of course attributable to the fact that this storm fell on a weekend. people did not have to be anywhere in particular. only emergencies. so we're thrilled to hear that news. also governor christie said new jersey not reporting that anyone was killed during this storm. sadly, that's not the case here in new york. we'll have more on that story. pei-sze cheng working on developments in that regard. we'll be back with a final check
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six people in new york have lost their lives because of this blizzard. two of those people lived on long island. >> and "today in new york's" pei-sze cheng continues our team
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she's live near smithtown. >> reporter: pat and gus, this is such a terribly sad story. charles watson just turned 94 years old in december. this is the house where he lived in with his son. we have a picture of him. he was the oldest of 12 children. he survived all of them. he's lived through wars. he lived through normandy. and he succumbed to the blizzard of 2016. he was out here shoveling and plowing his driveway. that's something his son says he did every winter storm because he felt like he was very active. that's why he lived so long, because he was always walking, out and about and doing things. sadly, yesterday, he took his snow blower out, and that's when he died. family and friends have been coming to console terry watson, his son, and we spoke to him a few minutes ago.
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>> he went out, and that was it. he fell down over here at the curb. fortunately, i have -- no doubt in my mind that he led a full life, and if there was anything he needed to do, i don't know what it was. he did pretty much everything. >> reporter: it's just terribly sad. it was also a neighbor across the street who happens to be a nurse who came and tried to administer cpr on mr. watson, but before the ems crews arrived, but alas, it was too late. he died at a local hospital. meanwhile, this is just one of many deaths on long island related to this blizzard. we just were told recently by the suffolk county pd that a woman in her 70s died in huntington while she was shoveling her driveway. we'll have much more on this
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related to this blizzard later on on news 4 new york. for now, we're live from smithtown, pei-sze cheng, "today in new york." >> pei-sze, thank you very much. obviously our thoughts with the watsons on a difficult morning for them. >> and a reminder for all of us to go out and help our elderly neighbors in times like this. we should also note that we've been talking about the roads, the travel ban here in the tri-state has been lifted. however, the newark travel ban remains in effect. the mayor there saying people did not heed the warnings to stay off the streets as they did here. so that travel ban in newark remains in effect so they can try to get the streets cleaned there until 1:00 this afternoon. all right. raphael is here with a final look at the forecast. >> it is cold outside. windchills in the teens and 20s. the know is over. it's going to stay chilly all day long. breezy, yes, but nothing like yesterday. tomorrow morning gets a little milder. temperatures back to the 30s through the afternoon.
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coastal flooding concerns go away at noon. minor to moderate flooding along the jersey shore. i think we're basically in the clear there. 34 your high temperature today as the sun comes out. overnight tonight, down to 23. you have to watch out for those icy patches. we're going to get a lot of melting melt ing going on. you see that ice overnight tonight into tomorrow morning. heading back to work on your monday, 37 for your high. we are getting milder day by day. we start significant melting on tuesday with temperatures in the 40s. of course, it's going to take many days and weeks to get rid of the snow. we have a nice quiet pattern over the next seven days. >> all right. >> thank you. >> and please stay with news 4 and throughout the day for updates on the snow cleanup, the conditions, and the trains. >> we'll be back around 11:00 when mayor de blasio speaks on
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