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tv   News 4 New York  NBC  January 24, 2016 11:30pm-12:00am EST

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zone for 22-yard touchdown. on carolina's next possession, airing it out deep to corey brown. brown makes one defender miss and takes off. 86 yards to the end zone. panthers take a commanding 17-0 lead. 24-7 at the half. and this play late in the third quarter salted it away. cam newton rolling right and diving into the end zone for 13-yard score. his second rushing touchdown of the game. panthers score seven turnovers and rolled 49-15. they are the favorites to beat the broncos in super bowl 50. >> to go through a season and you know, have everything said about you, and unpositive at that, you know, from people to not pull in your favor. say that it is only a matter of time that the panthers are this, that and the third. and for this turnout, makes it all worthwhile.
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we're not finished. >> he is pretty good. now to the nba, nets hosting thunder in brooklyn today. the start of the game pushed back four hours because of the snow. and nets played terrific basketball and started to pull away late in the third off the turnover. and a gorge us pass. and from the slam. and brooklyn led by 8 after three. and brock lopez helping them stave off the thunder. leading the way with 31 point and 10 boards as nets earn a huge victory. 11 of-106. in college hoops, st. john's lost to arquette 78-73 and 0-7 in big east play. on the ice, north of the border in ottawa with the senators leading 1-0 early in the third period. mike hoffman fires a laser past henrik lundqvist.
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so after back to back wins. blue shirt are shut out in ottawa 3-0. sports final, jets offensive guard willie cologne is in the studio. looking ahead to super ball 50. talking about the stunning signing of the cespedes. the show starts after that. >> any of those games outcome? >> denver defense was just so awesome in this football game and puts the pressure on brady all day. and mustering up a last drive but that defense won the game. >> they were great. >> bruce, thanks. >> here on news 4 at 11:00. tri-state not the only area impacted by the monster storm. how nearly two dozen other
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oh, man, oh. >> there it goes. snow and ice falling from rooftops. a massive storm and firefighters using a ladder to get up there and knock snow from the building's roof. >> the tri-state region tonight trying to get back to normal for the start of the work week from roads to rails. we have it covered. >> starting with ida siegal live
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one of the toughest commutes tomorrow. >> yeah, rob, it will not be fun for a number of commuters tomorrow morning. during the blizzards yesterday all of long island railroad service was knocked out and still out tonight but for a select few it will not be back in the morning. take a look, we're talking about four branches of the long island railroad including w t hempstead. for rockaway. and long beach. mta did get seven branches up and running and that's about 80% of the line. they worked around the clock using special equipment to clear the tracks. clear the rail yards and make sure it was safe to get the trains where they needed to go. and while they couldn't get the entire job done, we did find people tonight who say they understand. some commuters have to work around it tomorrow. >> sometimes in life things happen. and we all have to deal with it as people. >> yeah. one option to get to work
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another long island railroad station. or you can drive to the subway or simply drive all the way into the city no matter what you choose to do to get to work in the morning. you will likely need more time to do it. so make sure you set your alarm clock just a little bit earlier. reporting live from west hempstead, eyesa seagull ida siegal news 4 new york. >> some streets look like a plow never even went by. >> oh yeah, natalie. this street i'm on right now, let me walk over here. this street as well. swing over there. that street too. these are are all streets connected that haven't seen a plow and actually at this point it may be even too difficult for a plow to get through. residents, as you can imagine, are fed up. the concern, not only how are
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but how are people getting to work tomorrow? and also what if there is a medical emergency. how are medical emergencies getting down the road? the mayor admitted dissatisfaction and said plows would get a chunk of them done today but tonight, as can you see, we saw streets like this and found men literally standing in the road hoping to direct plows to their snow-blocked roads. >> plows are going by. we have four trucks stuck. now it is so deep they can't even get it out. >> the mayor also said they will be sending resources from other burroughs here to queens to help get the dig-out process going. he also said you can help by not putting any more snow into the roads. i'm live here in queens, news 4 new york.
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news 4's brian thompson is in morristown. >> you always hear about black ice but listening to someone has survived a life and death experience with it, that something else. as crowded as roads promise to be, it is black ice that might be the most dangerous. ask kayla sherman about her driving. >> i flipped my car pu walked away with bumped a and bruises. however, i'm lucky to be alive. >> in weather like this, kayla backs off. >> i never go above 20 miles an hour. just because 20 miles an hour you don't necessarily have to stop as fast. >> of course black ice on the drive is just part of the challenge in the morning and at the end of the day because there's also black ice on asphalt drive ways where you may have shovelled or snow blown if you don't have enough salt bound. in fact road crews have told me there simile is not enough salt
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who drives and even walks to their car and to their front door. in morristown, brian thompson, news 4 new york. >> from icy roads to buried streets, many people in newark are upset the city hasn't done more to clean up after the storm. as news 4's checky beck ford is here to explain, residents are partly to explain. checkey? >> i'm standing in the middle of north sixth street in newark but it looks like the top of a snow mound. people say they are getting socked left and right and want to know why the city can't clear streets. we saw car after car stuck on snowy streets. five of them within minutes of each other here on mullberry street steps from city hall. the street looked like it had yet to be plowed. earlier in the day the mayor scold et resident for not adhering to an earlier travel ban adding drivers to stay off the road. saying plows were diverted to
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spots and that caused delay in clearing roadways. tonight a thick mound of snow still covered many streets like here on north sixth street. even though we saw snow plows making three passes on the roadway. >> now you call and they say yeah we send three trucks. >> in addition host city offices have been closed for tomorrow as well. and in newark checkey beckford news 4 new york. >> impacting 88 million americans in two dozen states, not just massive but deadly. at least 30 deaths tied to this weather. let's look at how people outside of our area are tackling the blizzard of 2016. >> cheerful town of snowball fights filling our nation's capital today. a fun moment in the aftermath of a blizzard that has paralyzed the east coast. federal offices and schools will
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today a recovery effort took place. as of right now crews are working to restore power to tens of thousands of people, 2200 national guard members fanned out across 12 states, snow causing big problems for firefighters in virginia a buried hydrant hampered efforts to save this house. and take a look at all of the roofs that caved in. this church in pennsylvania. bowling alley in virginia. and washington redskins training facility all unable to take the weight of the snow. as for roads crews aren't just cleaning up the snow they have to remove hundreds of 18-wheelers and cars stuck on highways from pennsylvania to kentucky. fema workers are also finding it tough to find fuel in some states. >> everybody is out of fuel. so we drove like 27 miles it find gas cans and fuel. >> then there's the airports
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airline travellers crews spent the day if philadelphia and d.c. clearing runways so passengers can hopefully finally get home. >> while the roads in the region were cleared today getting airports back on track is proving to be a much bigger challenge with more than 11,000 flights cancelled since friday. at la guardia airport, runways reopened at noon but many passengers were still going nowhere. most airlines grounded for the day unable to get planes back into place after the storm. passengers were stuck yet again. >> cancelled. >> i'm afraid of losing my job. >> crews in new york, philadelphia and washington, d.c., have been working nonstop to clear the snow. tomorrow at least 900 flights cancelled nationwide. remember you can turn to our website or mobile app for updates any time. >> all right. still ahead, the final push before the iowa caucuses and candidate are running hard with just eight days to go.
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the family of a brooklyn man
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officer plans to hold a conference tomorrow. loved ones want it make sure that the officers is held responsible. shot in november 2014 at a dark stairwell at at pink houses in east new york. investigators say he was unarmed. lang's attorney says the shooting was accidental. >> the iowa caucuses are a week from tomorrow and the top presidential candidates are campaigning there at at fever pitch. donald trump stumping for votes today at a church. a day after the des moines register newspaper blessed his republican rivals. marco rubio with its endorsement. the latest iowa polls shows surging against cruz. endorsing hillary clinton, she seems to be alluding the trump today on "meet the press." >> people look and think, can we imagine this person to be president and commander-in-chief. >> people that are so loyal, far
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candidate. >> clinton of course facing a tough challenge from within her own party from fellow democrat bernie sanders. >> we may have new clues into the disappearance of malaysia airlines flight mh370. a team of investigators will inspect the deborough found off the coast of thailand on saturday. a large piece of white curved metal washed ashore and was found by a fisherman. all 239 people aboard have been declared dead. >> up next, news 4 exclusive. mayor de blasio took to streets to tour some of the most troubled areas after this weekend's blizzard. we got to ride along. that's coming up. >> what's in store for the start of the work week. there may be good news for us.
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6,000 miles of roads. only hours after the snow stopped. but not every neighborhood got the service that they needed. >> the mayor toured some troubled spots to get a look firsthand and our own andrew got an exclusive ride along. >> how are you? >> how are you. >> mayor de blasio inviting me to ride in his suv. >> going along on roosevelt and everything is looking great. >> for a tour of some neighborhoods hardest hit by the storm. >> what did you see in queens this morning that troubled you? >> i saw it was really two different realities as i said i went first into long island, 59th street bridge, long island city in astoria and they look pretty good. in wood side and sunny side i wasn't satisfied. >> as we traveled back towards the snowiest block he made this pledge. >> give us today and we'll get those neighborhoodets up and running. >> then he got out and looked at trees that hadn't seen a plow.
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this street to say where's the plow? >> yeah. fair to say. and the plow has to show up today and we get the job done. >> a different complaint, she did get a plow, and it buried her car. >> but it pushes it back and then people do need their vehicle, can't because we've got to come back down and dot hard work. >> just remember the this is for emergency vehicles. >> you dent have it move the car. alternate side suspended. >> you can see black top, that's great. the street we were just on up ahead, great. this needs work. my view is this has to be done by the end of the night going into the morning hours. >> despite the plowing challenge ahead, the mayor praised residents like elizabeth for proper shoveling. her response could also pass as political wisdom. >> hopefully within a week it will all be forgotten. >> all just a memory. >> news 4 new york. >> hope so, right? >> yeah, right. >> i woke up to the sound of snow and ice falling down on to my windows.
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>> actually a big pile of snow falling off of a building right into the back of the hood of my coat. almost hit me in the head an i saw a couple of people almost get hit by ice. make sure you're careful and walk away from the side of the building. make it further closer to the street or curb because that falling ice can be dangerous. with melting and the sun will be out tomorrow and you will see a lot of that happening. some buildings have their areas roped off in mid town. be careful. >> coastal flooding during the high tide. this comes to an end. soon at midnight. south facing shores at nassau and still dealing with what's left of the full moon. that is still powerful out there. 1 to 2 feet. that is coming to an end. there is 18 to 30 plus ifrmgs. huge from long island through central new jersey. then stop here. all wait down into virginia and west virginia. some 400 miles. they saw that much snow too. central park is 26.8.
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record books of all time snowstorms and knocked 19966 right out of the top 526.8 inches only a tenth inch away from tying the record. so we didn't have much snow up until this point. barely enough to measure at the park. little less than half inch. now up to 27.2 so far this season. guess what, that's above average of 25.1. hopefully we won't see one quite this big. we will pronly see more snow and possibly towards the end of the week. in the meantime headlines for the black ice. that the big major issue for us tonight. and into tomorrow morning. because there will be lots of areas of ice and slick spots because of these temperatures. that are down in the 20s already in most areas. with that snow pack it is not wrapping up until the sun gets to it tomorrow. 25 degrees in long branch. just a few clouds coming through
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as a matter of fact no major weather until the end of the week. and a warm-up is as nticipated. many areas well above freezing into the 30s. into tuesday in the 40s. and we expect more 40s this week. but there is rain coming our way with the next system. it may end up with a little bit of freezing rain or sleet in some spots. north and west of the city tuesday night. this is a weak system. what's coming our way on friday may be different but it is still far away. weekend looks dry at least it is just that friday we will see a coastal storm that may bother us a bit. right now it looks like a an icy mix. may not be cold enough for big snow or close enough to us for that but of course storm team 4 will be cracking and and tomorrow we will have the latest. >> even nbc 4 fell victim to the blizzard, let's show you this
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some of us got to stay warm inside the studio. others were out discover willing the storm. this is video of one of our views that got stuck on the street in queens. we did get out of there with the help of some very kind people there in the neighborhood. >> we're coming right back but first here's a look. >> coming up on sports final. josh is here to talk about the mets and you know who else is here? cespedes. what does that mean for the ball club? >> he is back and fans should be excited. >> fans are excited because they got their guy and now they have a chance to finish some unfinished business. >> you have big pitching and big lineups. now josh is here. we're talking mets and cespedes and of course we're all talking the nfl playoffs with cologne.
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see you in a couple minutes. yeah. smells good. really good.
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a whiteout at the white house. and the presidential pooches wasted no time diving right in. look at that. spotted today wagging their tails, rolling around in the fresh powder. having a nice time. according to facebook, the black and white portuguese water dogs enjoyed the snow. loved being out in it. but the president not so much a fan. he stayed inside the white house. he didn't want to be out there. >> definitely having fun. >> and the dogs not the only
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>> many folks out there enjoying snow. enjoying a game of touch football in central park. the swings were pretty popular too. so were the more traditional winter are sports like sledding, making a sne man. a lot of people got out today after being stuck inside. but they said they made the most of it. >> made meat balls and gravy and just hung out with friend. >> and a nice glass of wine. >> the meat balls, gravy, the wine, that sounds good. just taking a stroll in the park. >> one kid had just a long sleeved shirt on. crazy. >> morning news starting a half hour early at 4:00 a.m. >> now sports final with bruce. >> welcome to the show. championship sunday is in the books. we had one blow out and one game for the ages.
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