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tv   Early Today  NBC  January 25, 2016 4:00am-4:30am EST

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. right now it's the big dig after the storm. plows work through the night to try to clear the streets. across our area, streets are socked in. >> the commute is going to be a running. we'll be with you all morning to help get you through it. "today in new york" starts now. good morning everyone. it's monday morning, january 25th. i'm darlene rodriguez. >> i'm kerry barrett in for michael this morning.
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it's a half hour early. >> 4:00. >> we're going to get on the latest you need to know this storms. hundreds of schools are closed. the long island railroad will be running at 80% today. metro-north will have a normal weekday schedule. nj transit buses will be up and running. lauren will have the latest in a moment. this morning, between black ice and unplowed streets, getting around is not going to be easy. our live drive cameras on the roads looking for trouble spots. we have team coverage. you're looking at the george washington bridge right now. team coverage is across the region. we begin with chris cimino. chris? >> good morning, ladies. we're talking about temperatures well below freezing, especially in the suburbs. any melting that took place during the day yesterday in the
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especially on secondary roads, highways. it drops to the teens across long island. low 20s white plains. low to mid teens across central new jersey. the skies are generally clear right now. but we're seeing cloud up towards the north and west. again, these clouds not producing any type of snow. we'll be in and out of clouds and sunshine today. it's quiet. again, the slush puddles get -- through the mid 20s. back to the upper 30s by this afternoon. several hours of melting. back to work on a monday morning after a vicious storm hits the tri-state. >> we already have problems on the roads. that's going to be the biggest problems of the morning morning. let's head over to 78 with the express lanes shut down by exit 48, route 24. with an accident here. we also have a closure over in jersey city. route 440 southbound also closed by danforth avenue. that accident involves a downed traffic light.
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i'll have the details coming up on the 4s. >> lauren, thank you. a far from normal commute. storm team 4's lori bordonaro is in lynn brook with more on that. lori good morning. >> reporter: maybe just getting to work this morning, service still not resumed on four branches of lirr. trains will be running on a modified schedule here. many trains have been canceled. only be running every hour during the morning commute. hempstead, west hem steld, rockaway and long beach are paralyzed stations. stations were empty as crews worked around the clock to try and clear the tracks. we spoke to those stranded in the city, couldn't get home and some who couldn't get to work and business owners who depend on patrons who take the train, they had a rough weekend as well.
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brook is scheduled for 5:36, kerry and darlene. we're expecting to see commuters here in a little while. the trains will be so infrequent, they're expected to be crowded. keep that in mind before you leave the house. back to you. >> lori bordonaro, thank you. many of you waking up wondering when you can get off your own street. >> there's still quite a bit of ground to cover, especially in certain neighborhoods. katherine creag is in ozone park queens. what's it look like? >> reporter: kerry and darlene, we want to show you this. this is the biggest problem that commuters are facing. right across the street, there is a bus stop that we're zooming into. you can't get to the bus if the bus -- when the bus is stopped there because there's so much snow and it looks like no one shoveled out an area for commuters to walk from the sidewalk to get to the bus. we're a few blocks away from the school. ps 64. there's a street right next to
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82nd street near 101st avenue. it looks like a plow has yet to get to it. in many neighborhoods, they say it's going to be challenging to get to work and/or school today. in woodhaven, a car owner was digging out a car with the help of friends. they started at 10:00 last night. and at 2:30 this morning they were finishing up. they're asking for attention from the city in clearing their streets more around 60th road near the l.i.e. >> i thought they were ready. they said on the news. but what is this? it's crazy. even a 4 by 4 can't go on these kind of streets. >> reporter: new york city's public advocate and other local lawmakers are imploring the mayor to call for a delay to the start of school. but for now, schools are set to
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school is on in new york city. kerry and darlene, i know at my child's bus stop, he and other classmates pick up the bus in the middle of the block. i told my husband to bring his shovel. you can't have adults, kids standing in the middle of the street to wait for a bus. >> absolutely not. it's a safety issue for sure. katherine creag thank you. a lot of weather and traffic to get to. we'll head over to chris with an update where we stand. >> the weather picture much quieter. now it's the cleanup process and the process of melting and refreezing. it goes from snow to slush to ice. watch out for slippery slush and ice out there. it will be mostly sunny to start the day. we start out in the mid 20s. down between 10 and 15 degrees. we anticipate sunshine and --
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that temperature and the sunshine will mean further melting. there's going to be a lot of slush gathering at the crosswalks so be prepared. do your stretches. you'll be jumping and leaping to get over it. mostly cloudy skies, again, patches of black ice, especially in the suburbs. let's find out from lauren scala what the early issues are for the commute. >> let's start with the subways. we have a couple of service changes right now. d trains running local between west 4 rt street and 145th street. f trains running local between 36th street and forest hills avenue. subways should be fine. if you're getting on the major commuter lines, we heard from lori bordonaro about the lirr. several branches are expected to be in service. cancellations, overcrowding, they're working to get the other ones up. right now we have service changes expected on the harlem line.
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stops at melrose or tremont. i'll kuip posted on that. gladstone branch will not be operating. path begins operations -- all changes to keep in mind. alternate side of the street washing rules remain suspended. they'll be suspended through february 1st. that gives you time to buy a shovel and dig out your car. back to you. >> plenty of time. unlike in new york city, schools in -- are closed. the mayor out helping people dig out. tracie strahan is in newark this morning. >> reporter: kerry, i have to tell you. newark mayor did tweet out even a few hours ago, we are still out here. we haven't seen any plows on the side streets like north 11th where we're standing. we've been here a couple of hours. residents we spoke with said the same. they're wondering if all of this is too little too late. we took a ride and looked around
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got here. the streets like many side streets absolutely snow packed. it's been a rough go since all of this happened. people say their cars have been snowed in making a narrow passageway. that's the reason that newark public schools are closed, city hall is closed as well. mayor baraka scolded residents for not following the travel ban during the blizzard saying it didn't allow plows to do their jobs. a woman who lives on this street isn't sure if that's true. >> like every street, no plows. can't get out. >> what do you think it will take to clean this up? >> oh, my god. a lot. this is really bad. all side streets, even from where i'm coming from work right now, nothing is done. >> reporter: kerry, these cars that we see on either side of the street, they are still plowed in. snowed in i should say.
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it's interesting to see the main boulevards in newark. they could be cleared down to the blacktop. the side streets are certainly the issue this morning. >> i think that's the case a lot of places. tracie, thank you. there are ten deaths connected to the blizzard, including two in new jersey where a mother and son died from carbon monoxide poisoning in passaic. she was digging out the family's car saturday night. his wife and two young children decided to sit in the car while it was running. odorless carbon monoxide filled the car killing his wife and son. >> i didn't sleep yet thinking about that. the kids, man. and my son is real, not doing good. real bad. >> the man's daughter is in the hospital. on long island, neighbors tried to save a 94-year-old who died outside his home. he collapsed while blowing the snow off his driveway on saturday. the world war ii veteran was one of four people on long island
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4:10 right now. the jersey show taking a pounding. flooding a major problem. the worst is in west wildwood surrounded by water after high tide broke the seawall. look at that. the water up o 6 feet in areas. dozens had to be rescued, even carried out of their homes with rescuers moving them past floating chunks of ice. michael mcgowan's home is one of several that were flooded. >> here we re again. the joys of the jersey shore. it's overwhelming. but nothing that's not replaceable. >> that's the good news. west wildwood not the only shore town underwater. in sea isle city, woke up surrounded by several feet of water as well. from this dramatic dr e footage, you can see the dunes that held back the pounding surf. crews working feverishly to
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before the storm. the mayor says the dunes held and prevented major flooding. according to flight aware, 650 flights are canceled at the main three airports today. we just checked and 401 flights are canceled at newark international. 200 can sild celed at laguardia. if you're flying, call ahead to get an update on your flight status. still stuck in the monster snowdrifts there. congress will not be in session today. schools are closed there. federal, state and local workers told to stay home. also, the metro system there limping back into service. trains will only run underground this morning. at the white house, the president's pets love the snow. they're out frolicking in 20 inches of fresh powder. as for the president, white house officials say he did what
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i guess he can do that. >> he can work that out i guess. when he feels like it. 4:12 right now. >> home is the office there. >> right. >> we're dealing with the leftovers of a storm over the weekend. it takes time to get things cleaned up and a whole process to remove snow like this. both from removing it off the streets and get tg to pretty much break down to water. refreeze, melt, evaporate. when you have 20-plus inches of snow, over 30 inches of snowt will take a while. the feature this morning, less wind out there. even stinging cold. we'll have sunshine that stays behind clouds this afternoon. nothing serious heading our way from those clouds. we should break freezing by this afternoon. starting out in the teens and 20s this morning. looks quiet into friday. we're watching a system for friday offshore. right now the computer information is suggesting that it stays offshore. this is monday, that's fry. a lot of things can change.
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the blizzard total 26.8. again, to ut put it in perspective, we didn't have much before that because the total for the season is 27.2. we only had .4 inches. in that one storm, we received more than what we normally receive for the entire snowfall season in new york city, which is 25.1 inches. in the winter that hasn't seemed like much of a winter, we're above normal in snowfall. temperatures vary. morristown, combeder this at this time. warmer. same thing to the north. across long island with the deep snow pack too. temperatures colder than yesterday morning at this time. with no wind, it doesn't feel that bad. up to the north, 21. hopewell junction -- in the city. single digits before the morning it through. a lot of upper teens across long
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another cold morning and if it's melted, refroze overnight. there's a little bit of runoff, at that refreezes and that looks clear or wet, but it's actually ice. be careful out there. lot of cloud cover pushing in as warmer air tries to push on in. again, nothing going out of the clouds in terms of rain or snow of consequence heading our way. maybe a couple of rain showers by the end of the day tomorrow. future tracker, mix of sun and clouds. look pretty good. then a few more clouds later in the day. overnight, bands of clouds coming through. tomorrow, again, a fair amount of clouds. couple of showers there. it's green, not white. we think mainly rain. could there be wet snow mixed in? perhaps as the storm goes by. 38 the expected high today. low to mid-30s norts and west of the city. warm melting will take place. that threat of a shower on tuesday into wednesday morning. this is friday.
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offshore and an area of snow offshore. we think it stays offshore. a little shift in the track could change on us. it looks to be quiet. temperatures on friday, upper 30s. a quieter and milder week. just a couple of rain showers and 42 on wednesday. 36 thursday. colder. we'll watch that storm on friday. the weekend looks to turn milder too. saturday and tun, low to mid-40s. there are things to know on the roads. here's lauren. >> we did have an accident closure in the express lanes on 78 eastbound by route 24. that cleared. a closure on 440 southbound in jersey city. that also cleared. we'll look at the roads around the area. here's a live look at the long island expressway by queens by the grand central parkway. things are moving nicely. you can expect slick roads. so take it easy. the inbound side of the lincoln, also just fine. no delays heading into the tolls
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finally, heading up to the tappan zee bridge. no speed restriction placed on it. but still take it easy. driving at reduced speeds is always a good idea especially when it's this cold out and snow on the roads. we'll talk about the metro-north really quick. a lot of people expecting normal service this morning. harlem line service changes, no stops at melrose and tremont stations. use the fordham station or the bx 41 bus. if you need to make stops, you can have the option of getting off at 125th street heading southbound and take a local harlem train northbound to get off at melrose or tremont. you have options but something to keep in mind. alternate side of the street parking rules remain suspended. getting details about a fire in a kew gardens section of queens. several people hurt in the fire, including firefighters. they had to shovel through the snow to get the hoses to the
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at one point they had to back out of house when the first floor collapsed into the basement. a cat also rescued from the fire and given oxygen. a cleanup under way in southern alaska, after a 1 magnitude earthquake. >> you can hear and see the tremor shake and rattle everything. of the damage was light around anchorage. mostly items knocked off of shelves. the quake struck early sunday. >> it was shaking really god. the lights were really all over the place. >> not just the building but like the concrete pad underneath was swaying back and forth. >> the quake kausd localize caused localized flooding. nine of the paris attackers were choosing not to air the video. isis claims it was made before that terror siege in november
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some of the supposed attackers are seen beheading isis prisoners. they also imply britain will be the next terror target. happening today, opening statements begin in the trial of the rookie police officer accused of killing an unarmed man in a dark brooklyn stairwell. the family and loved ones of akai gurley are planning to pack the courtroom today. they want to make sure the officer is held responsible. he was shot at the pink houses in east new york. liang's atto says the shooting was accidental. charges have been filed in connection to a deadly machete attack in the bronx. he was attacked yesterday in the hallway of her mother's apartment building. this is along 141st street in the mott haven section. gonzalez died at the scene. a neighbor has been arrested he's charged with murder, manslaughter and criminal possession of a weapon.
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passengers had a small scare at newark airport after the plane landed from detroit. the wing was clipped by a boeing 767 being towed. delta says 153 people were on the plane at the time but no one was hurt. there was no one on board the boeing aircraft. >> that's a little bit of good news. 4:19. still ahead, more on the efforts to dig out from the blizzard of 2016. this morning, we're totaling it all up. not the snow totals but the cost of the storm almost as impressive as the piles of snow out there. >> almost. courtesy of the nypd, a bird's eye view of the snow covered landmarks around the city. right now, our live drive camera on the roads heading to the castle hill section of the bronx where we are hearing unplowed streets are going to impact bus service. this morning, snow, black ice could bring your commute to a halt. weather and traffic on the 4 straight ahead.
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welcome back. 4:23 right now. want to show you a live look at the throgs neck section of the bronx. our live cam traveling around the city checking out trouble spots coming in as we've been telling you unplowed streets a big problem. black ice also a problem. the temperature dropped overnight. the latest in weather and traffic on the 4s. oh, man. >> meanwhile, isn't at that crazy. snow and ice falling from rooftops much that's one of the
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this is from hoboken. firefighters using a ladder to knock down the snow off of that building's roof. all of that snow meant a lot less money in cash registers along the east coast. the blizzard could have an economic impact of up to $850 million. did you hear that? restaurants, theaters, entertainment venues may have been hit the hardest. one says the storm likely boosted online sales with more people shopping or ordering movies on demand. the incredible hulk was calling for help. mark ruffalo from the avengers posted a message on twitter saying he lost his cell phone and wallet in new york during the blizzard. a short time later he posted another message thanking for tips. after that, ruffalo posted a picture with his phone finding heroes and a note thanking them. >> that is so nice.
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we're seeing what this massive blizzard looked like from space. >> nasa shared a photo taken from the international space station. commander scott kelly tweeted this image capturing a rare weather phenomenon called thunder snow. that brilliant glow is a flash of lightning there you see. the nypd was on patrol in the skies after the blizzard. they released this video giving us a bird's eye view of snow covered city landmarks. it's interesting when you have that perspective.n look at the stadium there. you can't very well watch a game under those conditions for sure. >> oh, my gosh, that's amazing. >> pictures and -- in 25 days. >> not here, but in florida. >> that's because it thawed at least. it was incredible some of the things we saw. thunderstorms can produce dynamic amounts of snowfall. that's the range of 24 to 30-plus at the city's end. portions of new jersey and long island as well.
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then it dropped off. a little more significantly the further north you went. again, the melting and refreezing process is what we have to deal with and what we're concerned with over the next couple of days. we're watching temperatures right now, in the city not bad. a lot of the sub sushs urbs in the teens. north and west of town, across long island and the suburbs, temperatures in the teens, watch for black ice. this morning, sun mixes with clouds. seasonably cold. more melting in the upper 30s. partly cloudy to mostly cloudy tonight. more refreezing. you have this much snow on the ground, this can go on for a couple of weeks at least. >> you're driving and it gets darker. you don't know if it's wet or ice. >> that's the dangerous part. it's very early. not too many accidents on the roads. i can predict easily as the morning goes on, we'll see a lot of them. take it easy out there. talk to you about the trains now. lori bordonaro also keeping us
4:27 am
the lirr service status for the morning. service picks up at 5:00 a.m. on the port washington, port jefferson, ronkonkoma and green port lines. partial service on the montauk branch to and from skee onk. no service on the far rockaway hempstead, west hempstead branches. they have to dig out the tracks. we'll continue to get you the information. it's a big improvement. >> there's a lot of things moving along. that's some good news. >> keep us posted, lauren. thank you. in westchester county, the owner of the sports under dome in mt. vernon hoping to have the facility up and running by the weekend. it collapsed on saturday under the weight of the snow. nobody was inside, thankfully. but it is the second complete collapse of this athletic complex. the ice hutch which sits next door was able to withstand the weight of the snow. moving now to virginia, a
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snow collapsed an nfl training facility. this is a dome where it was knocked to the ground. no reported injuries. the team says it will be reinflated after the snow is removed and conditions improve. the 50th super bowl is set with the carolina panthers facing off against the denver broncos. the broncos beat the patriots e yesterday 20-18. peyton manning is the oldest quarterback to lead a team to the big game. meanwhile, the panthers ran over the arizona cardinals 49-15. cam newton is expected to receive this year's mvp honors. super bowl sunday is february 7th. donald trump says that he'd welcome a challenge from former mayor, michael bloomberg. word getting out over the weekend that bloomberg is considering a third-party run. it is believed that he'll only run if donald trump or ted cruz and bernie sanders on the democratic side become the final
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hillary clinton, she doesn't seem that concerned. >> the way i read what he said is if i didn't get the nomination, he might consider it. i'm going to relieve him of that and get the nomination. >> sanders welcoming a chance to run against bloomberg and trump over billionaires. sanders believes that we don't want the rich running for the country. belongs to mh 370. the piece appears to be from a plane with numbers stamped on it. many doubt it's from the plane that vanished two years ago. that flight from kuala lumpur mysteriously veered off course with 239 people on board. it's coming up on 4:30 a.m. take us with you. keep watching by downloading the "news 4 new york" app on your mobile device.


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