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tv   Today in New York  NBC  January 25, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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it has been 24 thunder showers since the snow stopped falling. we're buried right now. despite nonstop plowing, many streets are unplowed. here's a look at ozone park in queens. >> trains are running but the commute is going to be a tough one. we'll run down everything you need to know this morning. "today in new york" starts right now. good morning everyone. it's monday morning. it is january 25th. i'm darlene rodriguez. >> i'm kerry barrett in for michael this morning. >> want to get to the latest for the blizzard of 2016. the storm is blamed for ten deaths. two in new jersey, five in long island. newark schools are closed but new york city schools -- 7 of 12 branches are open on the long island railroad. this morning, between black ice and unplowed streets, getting around is not going to be easy.
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on the roads with you looking for trouble spots. we do have team coverage across the region. we begin, though, with storm team 4's chris cimino. good morning. >> good morning, guys. a slushy, slippery morning depending where you are. take it slow, be patient. a lot of patience will be needed throughout the day today. there's still a lot of snow on the streets. the patchy black ice is a concern. more melting this afternoon. that's good news. but the bad news is it tends to refreeze again during the over night hours. mix of sun and clouds today. between 35 and 40 degrees. that's seasonably cold for this time of year. right now at 28 in astoria. 29 in sheepshead bay. in the park at 30. that's the warm spot. central new jersey drops off a bit. 12 in morristown. 13 in bridgewater. patchy clouds this morning.
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you'll see breaks in the over cast. we'll see clouds and sunshine. temperatures may slip into the 20s briefly in the city. back to the mid and upper 30s this afternoon as it becomes slush town once again. let's go to lauren scala. what do we have to know about the commute so far? >> i would prefer slush town to ice town. the morning commute will look more like ice town. the long island expressway, we have big problems. all lanes shut down westbound on the expressway. you can see an accident out there in this early morning. you will need to take the service road to get around this right now. delays are starting to build westbound out before the van wyck expressway. continue to keep you posted. in better news, a live look at the belt parkway by jfk airport. things moving nicely on the roadway today. let's hope they move nicely at the airport as well. it will be a busy day playing catch-up there. we'll have all the information for you. we'll take a closer look at the rails when i come.
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people waking up looking out the window now hoping to see a plowed street. >> depends where you are. some of the streets are still impassable. here's a look at the map. it shows in real time what areas have been plowed. on some side streets, it's actually been quite a while. "today in new york's" katherine creag is in ozone park with the latest there. lot of big piles of snow behind you. >> reporter: so many problems, kerry and darlene. especially when you consider school that will be on today for people trying to catch the city bus for kids waiting for the school bus. that area there, that's a pickup for the city bus. the problem is there are cars there where you would pick up the bus. there's no area where it's been shoveled out where people can get on the bus. they would either have to wait in the street along the side of the street or the snowbank. that's a huge problem. we're a few blocks away from ps 64. right next to the school, 82nd
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looks like a plow has yet to get to it. in many neighborhoods in queens, people are telling us, sending us messages and photos on twitter. it's going to be challenging getting to work and/or school today. in woodhaven, we met a car owner digging out his car with the help of neighbors. they started out at 10:00 last night. when we talked to them at 2:30 this morning, they were starting to finish. they're asking for help from the city in clearing their streets. their sidewalks are bad as well all around. 60th road near the l.i.e. >> if you ask me, they could have done a better job. it's not like it was 100%. they could have done a little bit better. >> can people walk on the sidewalk? >> they can, but it's hard. if they have snow boots or whatever. if you have sneakers on, it will be in the puddle. >> reporter: mayor de blasio told reporters that he's not happy with the plow action here in queens.
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so that's what neighbors are telling us as well. even the public advocate is asking the mayor to delay the start of schools. for now, schools are starting at the regular time. school is on in new york city. back to you, kerry and darlene. >> for more information for parents and families, kat, thank you. it's going to be far from normal commute this morning. especially for anyone who relies on long island railroad to get around. storm team 4's lori bordonaro is in lynn brook with more on that. what's the latest, lori? >> darlene, trains will be running here in lynnbrook. it will be running on limited service here as this system is just getting back up and running. as lauren mentioned earlier, four branches of the railroad are still shut down. hempstead, west hem steld, far rockaway and long beach this morning. we were in hempstead last night. it looked like a ghost town inside. crews working around the clock using special equipment to try and clear the tracks.
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the snow cleared in time for the commute this morning. the weekend was very tough for those left stranded much hopefully this morning it will be better, kerry and darlene. trains running on a modified schedule. you want to check the schedule before you leave the house. many of the trains will be crowded because they're running so infrequently. >> no surprise there. lori bordonaro, thank you. it is 4:36. time for weather and traffic right now. chris, so much to get to. you were mentioning one of the big problems even if your roads were plowed will be the ice. the temperatures were so low overnight. >> particularly the suburbs. salt works pretty well. in the single numbers and low teens, things can refreeze. in the city, i don't think there's a big problem. most slushy. in califon it's 10. 14 in high bridge. 16 in blairstown. there could be icy patches. what appears to be wet on the roadways and walkways could be a
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19 down in long branch. most of long island in the upper teens. we've been talking about black ice. but slicker and slush too. sunshine to start today. there will be a few clouds missing. the morning mostly sunny for the commute. starting out in the mid and upper 20s. a lot of low teens north and west. a mix of clouds and sunshine for the afternoon. temperatures seasonably cold. but back above freezing for a few more hours and melt more of this snow with a high of 38. let you know if there's any storms on the rise in the seven-day in a little bit. let's get over to lauren scala and find out what it looks like sniemts mass transit, there's a lot to talk about. new york city buses are expected to be operating this morning, both local and express buses. expect delays and detours. everybody operating today but, of course, depending how the roads were plowed, the local streets, you're going to see a lot of detours. plan for that. also, if you're getting on the subways, the cold weather plan has two changes.
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f trains running local between 36th street and forest hills and queens. otherwise, the subways also looking for today. delays are always possible. metro-north because we were iowe harlem line service, trains won't make stops at the tremont stations. otherwise, things seem to be rolling along nice. lori told us which branches are not in service this morning. more weather and traffic on the 4s. thank you very much, lauren. want to take you to our live view camera here as we're looking at the temperatures. 30 degrees right now. this is harding avenue in the throgs neck section of the bronx. the street has been plowed, a two-way street. lots of people complaining about the secondary and tertiary roads. we'll stay on that. newark schools closed today. many streets are buried. the mayor was out all night helping people dig out. "today in new york's" tracie
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morning with the latest. good morning. >> reporter: darlene, good morning to you. even though he's been out all night, many residents are wondering if the efforts of roz baraka and the officials enough. it's still packed with snow and for many living on side streets who have to go to work at this early hour, the struggle just started. show you video of how bad it is on this street. it's indicative of how the entire area, not only the snow packed on the entire street because plows haven't been seen, but you have the cars buried since that blizzard began. we'll show you video hours ago from our news crews going up and down the streets. many of the people have been buried and many people not able to get out of snow mounds once they try to make their way down the street. we spoke to a woman early this morning on her way home from work but wasn't confident she'd
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>> we were just -- over this area, none. our section, none. the majority of them. >> reporter: that's the reason that newark public schools are closed today. city hall is closed. i have to tell you, darlene, a lot of people said i wish i worked at city hall. i still have to go to work today and wondering how they can do that. >> valid question, tracie strahan in newark. tracie, thank you. 4:40 right now. we're learning more about two blizzard-related deaths in new jersey. a mother and a son died from carbon monoxide poisoning. this is in passaic. police say felix was digging out the family car saturday night. his wife and their two young children decided to sit in the car while it was running. odorless carbon monoxide filled the car killing his wife and son. >> stay in the house, don't come out in weather like this. you never know. don't bring your kids out.
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it's real bad. >> the man's 3-year-old daughter is in the hospital in extremely critical condition. on long island, neighbors tried to save a 94-year-old man who died outside of his home. charles watson collapsed while blowing the snow off of the driveway saturday. the world war ii veteran, one of four people on long island who died clearing snow. some residents along the jersey shore are cleaning up after devastating flooding. hundreds of homes in west wildwood were surrounded by water after high tide broke the seawall. some areas had up to 6 feet of water in the streets. dozens of neighbors had to be rescued, even carried out of their homes. michael mcgowan's home is one of nearly 100 that was flooded. sniemts >> here we are again. the joys of the jersey shore. it's overwhelming but nothing that's not replaceable. >> west wildwood wasn't the only shore town that flooded. ocean city, sea isle city woke up surrounded by several feet of
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>> getting a look at del mar, new jersey, before and after the storm. from this drone foot anl, you can see the snow-covered dunes were able to hold back the surf and the high tide. they held. that's the good news. the mayor said they prevented major flooding in town. we have to check the number of flight cancellations. that number is changing. nearly 400 flights are canceled at the main three airports today. it's 234 flights canceled at newark liberty. 131 at laguardia. 32 can semd at kennedy airport. if you're flying out today, of course, check with aur your airlines and get an update. >> there's a chance you won't be on the flight. a little one. the efforts to dig out from the blizzard of 2016. you've got crews all across the region in some of the neighborhoods that are still buried. stay with us all morning long. also new this morning, a
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what passengers say about turbulence that threw people around in the sky. your weather and traffic on the 4s coming up. we're out on the roads looking at unplowed streets. of course, black ice. that's going to be a problem this morning. you are watching "today in new
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welcome back. 4:45 right now. looking at a live picture here. i believe we're looking at newark. newark, new jersey, there we go. says it on the screen. >> that's okay. it wasn't clear what we were looking at. now, here we go. because i thought we were going to the live view camera in the bronx. now, here we are. i believe we were in the throgs neck section a little bit ago. we're still there. first of all, a lot of people have been able to dig out their cars, which is a good thing. still the streets, that will conditions.
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>> when we were coming, we were in early yesterday morning. some of the cars still parked along the streets. i was like oh, everybody moved their cars. no they were buried under the jiept piles of snow. giant piles of snow. >> the snow blowers from the businesses blew the snow on top of my car too. guess who helped me yesterday? >> who. >> pat battle. for two hours with a shovel about this big. i really want to thank so many people that stopped by to offer help. we had five or six guys to get the car pushed out. >> that's nice. >> people were so nice and helpful. i had a little girl with a bucket with a little shovel from the beach. can i help? it really was sweet. i saw a lot of people on the streets helping others get across the icy patches and the slush. >> good people. >> i think a lot of people will be dodging the slush puddles again later on this afternoon.
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gets sloppier. so iict turns out it looks like a really pretty snow gets really ugly in the city in a hurry. it's 30 degrees right now. mostly clear. not much in the wind department. that's good. not dealing with the strong windchill. our headlines, though, focusing on patchy black ice early. the areas it's melting and runoff. refreeze overnight. be careful. that's on walkways, on and off passes. particularly overpasses. things of that nature. sun mixes with clouds. a quiet day. shower chance possible late tomorrow toward the evening hours and probably a rain shower at that. 30 in tribeca. 29 in sheepshead bay. north and west, here are the teens throughout new jersey. lot of teens in portions of the hudson valley. upper teens across long island from islip to west ham son. school day forecast, city schools, temperatures start out in the mid and upper 20s. by recess, about 36. by dismissal time 38 degrees. it should turn mostly cloudy
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at least the first half of the day. there's a lot of cloud cover out here, breaks in it. thicker cloud cover to the south and west. no snow or rain coming out of these clouds. this is warmer air pushing in our direction. we'll see temperatures climb into the 40s by tomorrow. future tracker, again, in and out of the clouds we go today. more clouds this afternoon. then it breaks up a little bit for a time tonight. a few more bands of clouds come on through. 7:00 a.m. tomorrow, watch out for patchy black ice tomorrow morning. then the threat of a couple of rain showers. a couple of bands come on through between 4:00 and 8:00. there's a frontal boundary that will come through and stall offshore. hopefully thaw enough offshore to keep the next storm threat on friday away from us. that's the way we're leaning right now. we'll keep a careful eye on it. upper 30s today for a high. more melting going on. even in larchmont and brewster, above freezing. same thing in hamburg and long branch. above freezing. holbrook at 37 degrees.
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temperatures don't dro as much. low in the 20s. montclair, rye brook, that's not terribly cold. temperatures in the low to 20s to mid and upper 20s across central and upper new jersey. a quiet night. quiet through thursday. friday, we'll watch a system offshore. all of the information keeps the storm just to the east of us. some even further east. we've seen trends that change as we get closer and closer to it with temperatures on friday expected to be colder into the upper 30s. we head up and down a little bit. then back up again bit weekend. 38 today, 44 tomorrow. a couple of rain showers late. left overwet snow shower. watch the storm on friday and a mix of sun and clouds for the weekend and back into the 40s once again. approaching 4:50 on this monday morning. what's going on commutewise, lauren? >> one big problem on the roads. not too many others. but one big one. the long island expressway in queens.
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westbound approaching 22 much the van wyck expressway. cars and trucks are being pushed off at the exit. you can get back on after this. delays are already building. be very careful as you head out the door. leave yourself extra time headed this way. no problems on the roads. but let's talk about the rails. path commuters at 6:00 a.m., service will operate on most of the path lines. that's good news. there will be no service between newark and journal square for continued storm cleanup. nj transit will cross honor path tickets. for lirr, lori bordonaro is keeping us updated on this. full service is expected at 5:00 a.m. when i say full service, that means they're making all stops. there could be crowding and cancellations. but the port jefferson and port washington, ronkonkoma, huntington, babylon, green port will be operating. partial service offered on the montauk branch to and from spee i don't think.
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hempstead or west hempstead branches as they still make repairs out there. alternate side of the street parking rules are suspended from now through february 1st. make sure you dig out your car. you don't have to move it. more weather and traffic on the 4s. lauren, thank you. we're hearing about fires but no one hurt by that earthquake that rattled southern alaska. >> you can see and hear that magnitude 7.1 tremor as it hit sunday. damage was light in anchorage. some items were knocked off store shelves. closer to the epicenter, four homes were destroyed by a fire caused by leaking gas. the ground swayed over a large area. >> it was weird. because i was looking out the window and it looked like the filming was rock. >> took me about 25 seconds to figure out maybe i needed to get under the door frame. it was shaking really good. >> one road even cracked and
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4:51. severe turbulence forcing a flight to make an emergency landing in canada. seven people taken to the hospital. ambulance surrounded the boeing 767 in newfoundland last night. the flight from miami was headed to milan when it ran into turbulence over the atlantic. >> we were just riding along and then turbulence. >> the plane actually dropped. >> everything went flying. people and -- it was pretty intense. >> it soupds like. none of the injuries are life-threatening. they put the passengers up in hotel rooms overnight. they're bringing in a new crew and the flight will continue to italy later today. delta airlines says no one was hurt when its plane was clipped by another. it was loaded with passengers and just landed from detroit when its wing was clipped by a boeing 767 being towed. delta says 153 people were on
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the boeing aircraft was empty at ths e time. thank goodness, right? >> absolutely. >> 4:52 right now. much more on the efforts to dig out from the blizzard of 2016. this is a live look at ozone park queens. we have crews all across the region in the neighborhoods that are still buried. stay with us all morning long. plus, courtesy of the nypd, a bird's eye view of the snow-covered landmarks around the
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over 3 million people have silky smooth feet that you can't help but touch. the new amope foot file with diamond crystals and extra coarse roller head removes callouses effortlessly. feel it yourself! amope pedi perfect. welcome back. everybody coming up for air trying to figure out how they're getting to work this morning. >> big exhale after a rough weekend. this morning is going to be tough for a lot of folks, too. black ice and slippery slush out there. be careful, take it slow. for the most part through the morning commute was mainly sunny. temperatures should slip back to
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seeing low to mid teens in the suburbs north and west. a cold start for some. but at least not a lot of wind. it's not that stinging cold early on. gets decent for the afternoon. more melting with sun and clouds. high in the upper 30s. partly to mostly cloudy tonight. not as cold. a light southerly breeze to the freezing mark. 20s in the suburbs. the next hour, we'll take a look at the back to workweek forecast in complete detail if there's any new storms on the horizon. >> i'm not answering that now. >> little tease. ziemt that's how it works. >> i can tell you what's going on with the commute. we'll talk about the buses and the subways. we have the cold weather plan in effect on two of them. both trains running local in both directions. the f train is running local between 36th street and forest hills, 71st avenue. the subways really for the most part are great over the weekend. they got me home from work on saturday night.
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also the buses to be operating both local and express buses. expect delays and detours. depending which streets are plowed. leave yourself extra time. check in with your individual carriers to check in for the buses. this morning, we're seeing what the blizzard looked like from space. from commander scott kelly. actually tweeting this image that captures that rare weather phenomenon we talked about over the weekend. it's not a city or urban area. it's a flash of lightning from this perspective. the nypd also on patrol after the blizzard. they released this video giving us something you rarely see. a bird's eye view of snow-covered city landmarks. in westchester county, crews will be working to get the underdome cleared off and reinflated. the dome collapsed on sunday underneath the weight of the snow.
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it's the second complete collapse of the athletic complex. the owner hopes to be back in business by the weekend. the ice hutch which sits next door, that withstood the weight of the snow. in virginia an nfl training facility, the dome was knocked to the ground. there were no reported injuries. it will be reinflated after the snow was removed and the conditions improve. it's 4:58. the matchup for the 50th super bowl is set with the panthers facing off with the broncos. the broncos beating the patriots 20-18. quarterback peyton manning who has five mvp titles is the oldest qb to lead the team into the big game. meanwhile, the panthers running over the arizona cardinals 49-15. quarterback cam newton expected to receive his first mvp honors. donald trump is brushing off
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michael bloomberg will be running. he is considering a third-party presidential bid. he will only run if trump and bernie sanders gets the democratic nod. hillary clinton remains confident. >> he's a good friend of mine. i'm going to do the best i can to make sure that i get the nomination and we'll go from there. >> sanders says he's sure americans don't want a billionaire and he welcomes a bloomberg candidacy. both trump and bloomberg are considered that. coming up on 5:00 a.m. -- keep watching "today in new york" by downloading the "news 4 new york" app on your mobile device. our next hour starts right now. right now it is the big dig after the big storm. plows worked through the night to try to clear the stroots. >> all across the area, right here in queens, streets are still blocked.
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