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tv   Today in New York  NBC  January 26, 2016 5:00am-7:00am EST

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i'm michael gargiulo. >> i'm darlene rodriguez. at the woman bottom of your screen, a full list of delays. so far, we're finding things are better than what we saw yesterday. >> right. we do have team coverage as well. we'll start with storm team 4's chris cimino. >> with temperatures heading back above freezing and stayed above freezing overnight in the city and long island. you go nor and west with a clear sky, temperatures can drop off dramatically. 16 in franklin. 13 in high bridge right now. nyet towards the city, 39 in wn. 37 at long branch. low 40s in long island. 10 in ssex and 10 in bridgewater. in these areas there could be patc s ofs lackouce and slippery. as the clouds move towards us that will put a lid on
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by the time they get here, they tend to be rain showers. look at the temperatu s t'ss afternoon. at nn time increase in clouds. there will be sun at times but spotty showers. high temperature of 44 degrees. we'll check out the rest of tha forecast in a bit. here's lauren. >> thanks, chris. no major problems on the roads ju yet but let's talk about the rails. l.i.e. rr, expected to be delayed between 6:00 and 6:30 a.m. the rest of it to come back be atwee6:00 and 6:30. anfod path commuters still no rail servise between newark and journal square. but starting at about 6:00 a.m., they'll start offer something limited shuttle bus service from newark over to journal square as well as harrin toe.ournal square.
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are having a tough time getting back to normal. >> we're going to begin witp "today in new york's" tracie strahan. tracie, schools in newark closed once again today. >> reporter: it's all because of snow remt'oval efforts. the snow removal efforts will originate today, but all of the snst on north 5th street. you can see in the distance still packed in the middle of the street, well, that's what's causing issues throughout the city. we'll show you video of path cruise trying to remove snow from the rails. as she said, there's no service from newark to journal square. and right now, that service cancellation is expected to last least through the end of the morning rush. now, it's already a headache to get around newark. en this morning, we've seen people that have to walk in the stu reet because the sidewalks are not plowed and that's a dangerous situation. now, the state has stepped in. they have small strike teams. that's what they're calling them, 30 trucks, 10 loaders and othe
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snow removal. they emphasize that plowing is not the priority. that has many people fired up. there are a lot of cars on either side of me still having to be removed. peisle ale wondering what it's going to take to dig out. back bu to you. >> tracie, thank you very much. we appreciate that. >> now, we want to go to queensr we're seeing one activity on one street. we saw a plow a short while ago. better check in with "today in new york's" katherine creag to see what's up, kat. >> caller: hi, darlene and michael. he continues to get closer and closer which is a good thing. that area that we're resuming into, that plow operator, that is fresh snow, though. and this place hasn't been plowed since the snow stopped. according to residents, they're feeling a little puzzled w it hasn't been plowed ever since over the weekend. their cars struck. their sidewalks, thou , are cl red.
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around. one thman just told us that he has be when trapped here for days now. many stree's in different neighborhoods in queens, in fa . fritom what we saw have not been cleared. mayor de blasio said he wanted all streets in queens to be cleared by the end of the day questioned. clearly, that is not the case. where we are, apartment building workers have cleared the sidewalks. people are cleaning off the snow from their cars. one man we talked to a short time ago said, where are they going? >> a lot by of people have thrown the snow it seems back in the streets, thinking they're doing themselves a favor by clearing f the cars. you turn around, and where are they going? if you do that, you can't go anywhere else. >> reporter: that includes councilman eric orrig said he gave the sanitation department a list of streets that needed plow g. residents say they hope this street where we are, 85th road
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again, we're giving you a live look at that plow down there. from what we understand, it's taking the snow from this street. putting it in a truck and dumped elsewhere. this street, as you can see, michael. it's about a foot high where we are. then as you go farther down that way it's been untouched. >> the problem is you can't even, if you're able to get out of the space, you can't go up the street so you're stuck? >> yeah, absolutely, michael. an the thing is, drivers, they cleared off the cars they can't go anywhere. god forbid they get stuck and then what happens next. >> thank you very much. the city's historic blizzard dumped more than 30 inches of snow on parts of staten island. so residents there complained about snow covering side streets. many staten islanders are giving the city high marks for snow removal efforts. >> and a roof in new jersey that collapsed under the heavy
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a drone captured the damage of the rahway sports complex. and it's the home of soccer and also a flag football field. it's 5:05 right now, time for weather and traffic, still dealing with the after effects around the region, chris. >> one of us has got melting and also freezing at times. patchy black ice in the morning that is wet but could be iy in the city. but in long island and new jersey, i think we're fine. temperatures above freezing. most temperatures climb into the 40s. rain showers possible. not snow showers later in the day. 38 in sheepshead bay. 41n murray hill already. and jersey city, 35. then yr go farther north and west it drops off dramatically.
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bridgewater. water temperatures still mild in the 40s, actually, they're well year. when the wind turns off the water, it'' nice in the city. clouds moving in. more buildup later in the afternoon that could lead to rain showers and high temperature information the mid-40s. seven-day forecast and your weekend just ahead. lauren. >> we have a new accident, grand central parkway eastbound near laguardia. you can see it's blocking both sides of the roadwa . heading to the subweighs, uptown 3 trains running local. and alternate side street parking rules are suspended today and throughout the week until february 1 and metering
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breaking news in manhattan where police have shot a man overnight. it happened in the east village near fdr drive. the suspect is in the hospital. "todw in new york's" lori bordonaro is there with what povelice say happened. ri, good morning. >> reporter: darlene, good morning. police say they were called to the seventh flo apartment at the jacob reese house. when they got here, they stay a man was standing in the door holding a knife. police say they ordered that man to drop the knife but he allegedly threatened them. one of the officers fired hitting that man in the chest. the victim is in bellevue hospital in stable condition. he's a 25-year-old man described as emotionally disturbed. he lives in this complex but was visiting his grandmother at the time. he is expected to be okay. michael and darlene, both officers were taken to the hospital for observation but they were not hurt during the incident. back to you. 5:08, happening today, it's the second day of testimony beginning in the
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nypd officer charged in the shooting death of an unar d man. prosecutors say officer peter liang acted recklessly and did not follow his training when he fired into the pinch k houses. that shot killed akai gurley. the man wanted for attacking a subway rider in manhattan, investigators a the man slashed the creek of a 71-year-old woman on t "t" train. we'rethemd the victim was taken to bellevue hosital and is expected to be okay. along long island, police are looking for a man desecrating an historic cemetery. someone damaged more than 100 gravestones at the ronkonkoma cemetery. bundals struck sometime between
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just ahead, president obama's ambitious savingsplan. also ahead, some people waterlogged after thehstorm. wait until you hear what goveor chris christie said about leaving the state and heading back to the campaign trail. here's a live look in jersey city. the weather and traffic on the 4s is coming up. you're watching "today in new
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stay ahead the storm thith the nbc 4 new york app. tap the logo in the corner and select the weather tab. see the latest forecast, interactive radar and even set the weather page as your home screen. download the wnbc 4 new york app. it's 5:13. here are 4 things to know this morning. this is a live look at woodside queens street. it's been buried by snow. the frustration has been growing for many people. machinery has been brought in to remight have the snow. some taking to social media with the hash tag plow queens. police are looking for a
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wid oriends and walked home after the storm but has not been seen since. >> path riders are not as lucky. there's no path stofs ervice to newark. and keep an eye on laguardia. a massive traffic delay backed up traffic. this tuesday morning, teemperatures well above the freezing mark already in the city. not so much the case in the suburbs north and we . that's where we're concerned about areas of black ice forming for some. there will be spotty rain showers moving in later this afternoon and evening. a look at the storm right now, all the computer information suggesting this thing is going to stay out to seas. you'll have to stay tuned. things still could change. at least i like the friend. 36 in dieker heights. an these are good numbers along long island. low 40s. chances of running into black
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same thing, a couple miles inland, on the other side of the river, temperature, below freezing. 12 in morristown, 12 in sussex. 25 in white plains. 25 in newburgh. clouds are rolling on in. first push of showers probably this batch here that's going fall apart before getting here. we get breaks from time to time in the clouds. the actual front, that will come during the night. itbe's going to be a rain sho r he deal. that first batch moves through this morning. and then a brief break and esclouds take over again. and here comes that chance for rain tonight. especially on the cityouth and east. north and west, a few flakes but not moisture. the emphasis of the moisture stays south and east of the city by midnight and pushes offshore later on. we'l hel have some clouds. i think for the most part, it's it
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we're back to sunshine as it drys out in the afternoon. and some movement of the clouds and say north-northwesterly flow. the good news here, it looks like friday is going to be a miss. 45 in the city. 45 in bethpage. out across long island, well up in the 40s. and down 10 or 15 degrees. 46 in long branch. a lot of clouds around and again a possibility o showers late in the day. say few evening showers not as cold. tehaeratures back to the 30s. en the suburbs not as chilly. a patch or two of black ice tomorrow morning. thursday, 38. seasonably warm. and back to the weekend, we're back to 40s. and then the week, next week. >> yo> we do have a couple of
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many at this hour but we'll head over to jersey city where we do is have police activity and a downed pole that is shutting down commumunipaw avenue. you can see it's building through here. westbound delays that has eithered out. i'll continu to keep you posted on that. let's talk about the rail s s s s l.i.e. rr rails, and 5:30. and then long beach at 5:35. tweet us with updates. let us know how that goes. you can expect delays on l.i.e. rr and path trains no rail service between newark and
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and limited bus service from 6:00 a.m. from newark to journal square and harrison. parking rules remain suspended through february 1. you still knead to feed the meters. coming up at 5:17, new jersey officials assessing damage caused b w flooding f m the storm. homeowners who live along the jersey shore say flooding from the blizzard is actually worse than it was with superstorm sandy. the new jersey's lieutenant governor is promisingnfo bring in sand for that erosion. governor chris christie is back on the campaign trail. he's also facin questions why he didn't stay here to deal with the aftermath. carrie is dealing with the response. >> governor christie coming out from criticism of some people
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there was a town hall meeting. one woman said she once attended school in pennington school, she asked him why he was fought there. she said her family and friends sent her pictures of flooding from all over the state. >> i don't know what you expect me to do? do y want me to get down there with a mop? you know, the fact is, we had all the roads cleared. we had new jersey transit back up. and for the people who did stay, we had folks on the ground, evacuated what needed to be evacuated. no one needed to be evacuated. >> he also mentioned that the national weather service called the flooding moderate but really it was only cape may county that was affected. but he is getting criticism for taking funds from cape may county. that's in the next hour.
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meanwhile, the democrats as wei la were in iowa. >> that's right, they were making a last minute appeal for support ahead of next week's caucuses. hillary clinton, senator sanders and governor o'malley were all there. they're calling some voters to view her as dishonest. >> why are they saying that? i'll tell you why? i've been on the front lines since i was your age. >> establishment of politics is not enough. we need bold changes. >> martin o'malley is trailing th polls but he urged his supporters to hold strong in the caucus. president obama issues his budget next month and he's going to announce his access to expands retirement accounts. the white house would say one proposal would require employers
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iras in change for tax credit. just ahead, why the water in niagara falls could be reduced to a trickle. plus, he didn't know he was racing but he nearly won. a dog that crashed a marathon. and we're watching the cleanup in queens. overnight, crews arrived to finally start clearing this street here in woodside. we'll talk about that when we come back. you're watching "today in new
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this is a live drive camera in new jersey as we get started right now it's in hoboken. it has been in jersey city. now, it looks like it's getting the turnpike there. a bloodhound usually described as laid back and lazy es dcapehaher home to run a half imarathon. >> yeah, runners day to the running line in alabama. she ran the entire course, by the way, she finished in seventh place. next year, organizers are renaming the race the hound dog half. there will be a special prize for seventh place. i love her, that shows she's a social dog and wantethto hang
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i love that she has a medal on. >> she ran it? >> yeah, 13 miles. >> of course, that's without training. >> we should run for a little fun today. >> people will be running around their yards. but if you're walking the dogs again, this time of the year, you have to be careful because there's a lot of salt out there. make sure when you come in to wipe the paws off. no maratn running for anybody. watch for patchy and black ice. particularly in the suburbs. the city, i don't think it's a big problem with temperatures in upper 30s. we start the morning off with partically partly cloudy skies. it's mild. look at the high, 44 degrees. and then spotty showers the first half of the night.
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snow. it looking relatively quiet. we need time to clean up. county. we're going to start with a there. then, let's talk about the rails. we have good news for l.i.e. rr. and the subways, uptown trains running local, 96th street and center in railway is still experiencing delays in both directions. otherwise, the rails are coming back to life. that's goo hed news. >> that is good news. upstate there's talk of holding back the forcing of natu p actually stopping a natural treasure engineers want to close off the american side of niagara falls. they actually did this back in 1969. they used a collection of rock and soil called a coffer dam. this is for an erosion study.
5:23 am
rathey'll do it to approach the crumbling arch bridge there, you're looking at the maid of the mist there. people will sound off and hold a public hearing tomorrow. team coverage of the major task. the storm cleanup. >> reporter: i'm tracie strahan, live in newark where classes are cancelled once again and many streets are far from being cleared. snow with the mare's plan of attack to fight all of this -- comi up. >> reporter: hi, i'm katherine creag live in queens in woodhaven where this is one of many street that is just now getting plowed. we'll have a live report and the latest -- coming up. >> if you're about to head out the door, keep watching "today in new york." download the news 4 new york on your mobile app.
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right now, a welcome sight in queens. overnight, crews started removing snow from a street that is socked in. >> in now, ewark, though, the city is struggling. schools are closed once again. team coverage of the cleanup. breaking news this morning. an officer shoots a man overnight. "today in new york" starts now. good morning, everyone. it's tuesday, morning. it is january 26th.
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>> i'm michael gargiulo. this morning, there's still dozens of school delays and closings, we'll scroll those on the screen all morning long. and a live team coverage is on the roads. we'll show you what it's like driving in jersey city right now. the streets are tight with the snow piled up. you can see blacktop, but they're still covered, be careful. >> we get to storm team 4 meteorologist chris cimino. >> good morning, guys. there's always a low process with a storm of this magnitude. temperatures north and west of town are quite cold, we saw awe refreeze overnight. in the city not so much at 39. we're well above freezing throughout the five burrows. low 40s in long island. you can see the water influence in the temperatures across long island.
5:26 am
difference between morristown's 10 and 40. clouds coming out this morning. no rain or snow to worry about. the showers sit to the west of us. it's partly cloudy in town. upper 30s. that's where we are for the morning. and low 40s by noon time. maybe squeeze out light rain showers by the end of the day. high of 42 degrees. let's find out about the tuesday morning commute. latest from lauren. >> good morning. not too many accidents on the road but we do have one on the grand central parkway in queens. two lanes shut down with this accident. slow ride through this area. not affecting the west side of the roadway so that's certainly good news. i'll continue to keep you updated on that then heading to the rails, metra on scheduling. l.i.e. rr scheduled to be restored by 6:30 a.m. a lot of trains pulled out but
5:27 am
path commuters, still no service for journal and newark. and newark and journal square and harrison and journal square. this morning, we're seeing a welcome sight that could ease frustration for some. "today in new york's" katherine creag was in queens yesterday. she's in queenses this morning. >> reporter: the most welcome sight in this neighborhood, darlene, we have to tell you in this spot there was an suv that was parked here last week, since last week, that driver wasn't able to move it. he just took off a bit ago because 96th street opened. 85th road, this is the street that he lives on. you can see that it's only getting cleared right now. it has been covered with snow. at least hey, what you're looking at, that plow that's been here the last couple of hours. we want to show you video what the street looked like a short
5:28 am
i think you are to move very quickly before this plow gets any closer. a couple residents we've been talking with tell us they felt trapped since the storm hit. 85th road between 96th and anotherth streets has been covered with snow. they don't know why it took so long to get a plow here. but this is the case in various neighborhoods here in queens. not just woodhaven but so many different neighborhoods. mayor de blasio said he wanted all streets to be cleared by the end of the day yesterday. clearly, that hasn't been the indication. one resident just minutes ago told us this. >> i'm not feeling too good right now. been stuck here for like three days. so, you know, since the storm, i'm basically just like -- >> reporter: that man we talked with jared, apparently he and his neighbor, actually, they
5:29 am
clear 85th road by their own hands. of course, they couldn't do it. this area looks like it has been cleared by hand. that area back there. it was fresh powder a while ago. there's a plow here, darlene, trying to clear all of this. what that plow is doing, taking the snow, dumping it in a truck. it will dump is elsewhere back to to you. a new jersey naked is still shocked with what has happened in the snow. yesterday in mawaugh, a girl and her friend were walking home from school. >> i was like, oh, my god, mom, i think we found a dead lady in the snow. she said, okay, come home. >> the teens think she died while shoveling that snow.
5:30 am
when he they found her. here was a screen last night, travelers stuck in gridlock for hours. hundreds gave up on waiting and decided to drag their luggage through traffic. the port authority police blame an accident on the parkway along with the crush of people trying to get in and out of the city. queens having so many problems yesterday. really, all around. airports, streets, neighborhoods. >> chris, we've seen it, hopefully, it's going to help the crews out there with the weather. >> i think we've got some cooperation from mother nature with temperatures in the 40s. that will help with the snow. patchy black ice out there especially in the northwestern suburbs. more melting get into the 40s in most areas. we have rain showers pushing in
5:31 am
sheepshead bay at 37. 41, murray hill. and with the influence of the water here, notice the temperatures drop off dramatically inward. 10 in morristown, 12 in sussex. low 20s teens and it sticks out like a sore thumb, with the mild temperatures off the water there, low 40s. increasing clouds through the noon hour. about 44 this afternoon. just watch out for a couple spotty showers later in the day. they're going to be rain showers. by the way, i like the fact that with the rain, six goals in last night. >> finally, two in a row, very exciting. right now, not so exciting for parts of the community. cross westchester expressway, eastbound, exit 11, now shut down two lanes here. heading over to jersey city, some problems out there shutting down co-muna pa avenue.
5:32 am
109 to the avenue right now. if you're getting on the ferries all good news from there, stanton island ferry, new york waterway, all operating on rel routes. and alternate side parking rules continue to be suspended. meter rules still apply. yesterday we showed you these pictures. this is in jersey city. a viewer don lives there sent the pics to us. good news this morning, our live drive photographer is now on task report. look at that. it appears this street has been plowed. good news there. in new jersey many people are struggling because of the snow. this time in newark. "today in new york's" tracie strahan is back there. one thing, i notice, tracie, i >> reporter: right. >> the snow, they had to put it some place, a lot is buy and around the cars.
5:33 am
there was a man running around on the street and i said, have there been plows around, he said not a one. this is what people are relying ton try to get themselves out of a situation. i'm going to show you a situation of another issue. this is only the path trains. you've been hearing lauren talk about that all morning long. they cancelled path service from newark to journal square. that's going to last through the morning. the crews are trying to remove the snow that remains on the rails hours and days after the blizzard. let's show you video from around this area and how the streets remain at this hour. mayor razz baraka said they called in people. and they're going to be concentrating on snow removal. once again, classes are cancelled told. and then they're going to radiate throughout the entire area. but there's no estimate,
5:34 am
live as to when that's going to be. we heard a sound that sounded sweet in the distance. a snowplow. it appeared to be a private contractor. not sure if for a business or the city of new york. >> tracie, it's not the plowing but removing the snow. and that's another job. >> reporter: right. and the mayor putting the emphasis saying this is a snow removal effort. not necessarily a plow effort. >> if you have concerns e-mail us at tips tell us what's happening in your neighborhood. we're following breaking news in the east village. police shot a man overnight here fzr drive. the suspect, we're told, is near the hospital. "today in new york's" lori bordonaro tell us what police said happened. >> reporter: darlene, police say a man, a 25-year-old, threatened
5:35 am
the doorway of his grand mother's seventh floor apartment here in the jacob reese house on the lower east side. officers responded here, when they arrived, they say the man who is described as emotionally disturbed was holding a knife. they ordered him to drop it. instead, police say he threatened the officers with that knife. one the of the officers replied hitting the man in the chest. two officers were taken to the hospital for observation, but they were not hurt. and michael and darlene, you can see nypd vehicles out of here. investigators have been going in and out of the apartment building here trying to sort out exactly what happened. back to you. >> thank you so much, lori. this morning, investigators are trying to track down a laser pointed at a plane near laguardia airport. it's from charlotte. crews said somebody shined a laser at the plane. this is 12 miles northeast of
5:36 am
at the time, the plane did land safely. the laser may have come from scarsdale in east chester in westchester county. still ahead, heartbreaking pictures from out west. homes on the edge. and there's a cliff crumbling beneath them. plus, the home of a notorious drug lord is demolished. what construction crews found in the rubble that's now being closely guarded. and our live drive camera in jersey city. we just showed you one street that's been plowed since yesterday. casper court. we're still looking for problem
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welcome back. it's time for weather and traffic on this tuesday as we move along. trying to remove snow has been a problem in parts of the area. the city well above the freezing mark at 39 degrees. temperatures in the 40 across long island. 39, partly cloudy in the city. weather headlines, potential there again for icy spots, especially north and west of the city. spotty rain showers to develop
5:40 am
looks like friday's storm is going to be a miss. all of the information is taking it farther and farther east. that's a positive trend. 41 in tribeca right now. 37 in sheepshead bay. same thing in city island. juniorscy city is 27. staten island at 31. look at this, 10 in morristown. 10 in bridgewater. 12 in sussex. 31 in islip. not a lot of weather associated with the clouds in terms of rain and snow. you see the mixed precipitation in central p.a. that snow is not going to make it here. the second push is going to make it later this afternoon for the evening hours. future tracker shows clouds gain on us. holes in the cloud cover here in the afternoon hours then a couple showers break out late
5:41 am
there could be even a period of light rain in central new jersey and the south through the city in the evening hours. by midnight, most of that slides out to the east. a few showers around in the early morning. notice what happens to the clouds. they give break to sunshine by tomorrow afternoon. that should be a trend for clearing sky. shower threat late in the day. it's mild at 44. and maybe a passing shower, flurry in spots tonight. 35. the overnight low again. none of this precipitation will amount to anything of consequence. tomorrow afternoon, a chillier breeze will develop with a high temperature of 42 degrees. but as we look at the seven-day forecast, it should stay quiet. as long as we get past that storm by friday. 38 thursday, 39 friday. 40 on saturday, into the 40s again come sunday and monday. no really big storms. no cold air in sight. i think we can handle that break
5:42 am
>> yes, we can. we have a couple problem out there, maya pack where route 6 shut down by a downed pole. cross westchester expressway. two lanes shut down, exit 11. delays starting to build through here. this just came in, on the major deegan, heading northbound out by van courtland park. it's not causing any southbound delays. heading to grand central parkway an accident in laguardia. that cleared. but a disabled vehicle here near the snowbanks. you can see emergency crews arrived on the scene to help that person. they've been stuck out there a little while. otherwise the roads moving along nicely if this area. heading to exit 14 by union turnpike watch out for a disabled vehicle. that takes out the right lane.
5:43 am
pulled out most of the lines not operating yesterday. but so far so good. we're just hearing some minor dlags and overcrowding but everything is working. otherwise, the trains look pretty good. alternate side street parking rules suspended and more weather and traffic on the 4s. the new york city housing authority has now placed plywood over an open man hole that swallowed up a little girl in the bongs. the 6-year-old plunged eight feet down the hole in front of st. mary's park houses saturday. the man hole was hidden by deep snow. kaleena was briefly trapped in icy cold water until good samaritans pulled her to safety. >> there was two poles she was able to hold on to. if those poles weren't there, she would have crowned. a new york city housing authority person said a person
5:44 am
around it. and this woman we're told swipes purchases in deck drawers and cabinets since september of last year, she struck 14 times gotten away with cash and credit cards. dean skelos and his son are asking a federal judge to overturn their fed convictions. they argued the evidence was insufficient to proven their guilt. skelos was convicted of using his powerful position in albany to get his son a high paying job. and more information on the metal piece thought from being lost from the mh 370 flight. analysts analyzed it and say it did not come from the flight. 5:50 now. ten families agreed to settle
5:45 am
sunkle car go ship "el faro." it went down here the bahamas from hurricane joaquin. three dangerous inmates are on the run after daring escape from the orange county central men's jail in santa ana last friday. investigators say they cut through a steel grate, climbed up through the plumbing duct and escaped through the roof. they were serving time for violent crimes including mutilation and murder. and some homes about to fall into the ocean. take a look at this. in the cliffs in the city of pacificica. on monday, officials declared a third apartment building unhabitable. the city council also declared a state of emergency. heavy storms caused by el nino
5:46 am
behind a trail of destruction. and in florida another surprise at the miami beach home once owned by the drug lore pablo escobar. cruise found a safe inside a wall. it's actually the second safe discovered inside the site. the first one that was found has already gone missing. investigators plan to keep the safe inside of a bank vault. they're going to keep the safe in a safe to keep it safe. just ahead, a glimpse into the future, why your subway ride could some day come with amenity amenities. what. also, a live camera out in new jersey, the intersection of -- jersey city, we should say -- oak street and martin luther king drive. you see police station and plows out there. major snow removal under way. we're going to keep track of it.
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welcome back. time for weather and traffic. are we going to stay on this sorry. i apologize. >> think about it, it might be friday again after the weekend. it's thursday again for the
5:49 am
>> where are you going? >> i work saturday and sunday, that would make, monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday -- >> yeah, okay. >> that makes me even grumpier now. we've got some patchy black ice -- >> a patchy eye -- >> a patchy eye and ice. punchy on a tuesday, michael. upper 30s in the city. teens an 20s. >> what is that? >> that's a flashing caution light. >> you can't have all the lights. >> okay. it's like a traffic thing. >> 44, the expected high today, with more clouds. maybe a passing shower. and a couple rain showers. rain showers during the evening hours. and it will felt a little more of that snow even tomorrow with temperatures back in the 40s. a good trend for the next few days to clean it up.
5:50 am
>> everything is coming back to normal. >> right. unfortunately, that mean more accidents on the roads. gowanus expressway. we have an accident that came in. 92nd street. the data is coming in. building quickly. as soon as i get details i'll get them out to you. let's talk about the path ride, no rail service between newark and journal square. ny transit continues to honor tickets. and a bus shuttle service started. subways of the future, lauren, you'll be reporting on this. this is the future subway car. r-211 car. the open train car concept. now, we've learned that the new trains could have electronic charging stations. taking the phone out on the d-rain. wi-fi and security cameras. $3.2 billion for the new cars
5:51 am
could wrap up in the next few months. looks nice. no graffiti, no people. >> people will share nicely when it comes to recharging stations. >> sure, charge your phone. i'll wait. it's 5:57. coming up next, travelers' frustrations at laguardia airport. the traffic nightmare that had people jumping out to catch thei flights. and this morning, we're getting a first look at a man who attacked a commuter. >> if you're about to head out, keep watching. download the news 4 app on your mobile device. we're back in two minutes. you're watching "today in new
5:52 am
breaking news, an officer-involveded shooting sesds a man to the hospital. and this is queens, where
5:53 am
crews just arrived to help dig out the ntreet. >> and the intersection of oak street, where cleanup is on wait. we are a crew on the roads checking out conditions in our area. "today in new york" rgarts now. good morning, it's tuesday morning, january 26th. i'm darlene rodriguez. >> and i'm michael gargiulo. a second day digging out from a massive blizzard. we'll keep the list scrolling on the bottom of the screen. >> we have a team of reporters covering everything you need to know. we begin with chris cimino. no hey, guys. we have temperatures down to the teens. 14 n franklin. low teens in hybrid. 12, 24 in mine hill. then towards the city and long island. look at this. 40 now in the park. 15 degrees colder heading up to white plains. 30 degrees colder to morristown where it's 10. city on east, generally in the
5:54 am
wind coming off the water. same thing in long branch. the chance for black ice in and around the city in long island, pretty close to nil. just north and west here you see something that looks wet it could end up being icy. be careful in the suburbs. clouds with a mix of sun and going through the day, 42. ma and then rain showers and a high of 44. let's check in with the commute with lauren. >> a couple of trouble spots out hethere for the commute. inbound gowanus and 92nd street. and a closure. communipaw avenue, from kennedy. and that shuts down the ramp from route 9 to communipaw. we'll talk about the trains, service restored on l.i.e. rr. you can still expect delays this morning. no rail service between newark and journal square but now bus service pulling out shortly.
5:55 am
and we'll have more weather and traffic on the 4s. >> lauren, thank you. we will have more on the snow cleanup in just a moment. first, we want to get to that breaking news in the east village that we've been following this morning. an officer-involved shooting. "today in new york's" lori bordonaro is there. >> reporter: police tell me a 25-year-old threatened two police officers with a knife. one of those officers then fired hitting that man in the chest. it happene right here at the jacob reese house where investigators are gathered outside. police say the man described as emotionally disturbed was inside with his grandmother's seventh floor apartment when police were called. when he arrived a man was at the door allegedly holding a knife. police say the officers ordered him to drop it but he came out in a threaten manner. officers fired one shot, hitting that man in the chest. he was taken to the hospital in stable condition.
5:56 am
officers, they were as taken to y the hospital for observation but were ot hurt. that's the very latest from here on the lower east side. back to you. >> thank you, lori. >> we are seeing signs of progress in the streets. there are still streets to yet still see a plow. katherine creag is liin. kat, crews hav ine just arrived. we've been hearing from everybody with concerns about queens, kat. >> reporter: well, michael, for the first time in days you're seeing pavement now. blacktop on the street. this is 85th road. we are right at the corner of 96th street. there have been would plows here in the last couple of hours. we also just received a response from city hall about unplowed streets in queens. a spokeswoman for the mayor saying queens experienced heavier and faster nsnowfall than other boroughs. she said the neighborhood is working as fast as it can and
5:57 am
one man, you have to see a look on his face. he's really puzzled. why it took so long to clear 85th road. >> i don't know if they're not taseeing enough tax dollars or the right calls. >> reporter: we've been communicating with the mayor's office all morning long. that spokeswoman for mayor de blasio said as soon as the city could, michael, it will send additional snowplows to remedy these areas. it's not going to come soon enough for people who have been this since >> have. weather. kat, we appreciate that. thank you very much. check in on chrisiu mino. you know, we're just thkful,om i think, everybody around the region is thankful, that there's not more snow falling right now. >> yeah. we really get it looks like a good stretch to clean up here. not only with no snow of consequence, but milder sometimes, you get another one on the heels, you get into a three days. it doesn't look like that's
5:58 am
some patchy black ice is in particularly the suburbs. more melting today. most temperatures, though, getting into the 40s, so that's good news, too. rain showers moving in, too. mostly cloudy, up to 40 degrees in the park. that's above the normal high temperature for the day. 6:05 in the morning. we'lonstay in all morning. watch out for a few shower, probably after, 3:00, 4:00 in the afternoon on to the evening urs. your seven-day forecast, here's lauren. >> thanks, chris. >> do have problems on the roads. cesirtaiy an accident on westchester expressway. exit 11. that blocks the lane. delays continue to build through here. headgin over to the major deegan, two lanes shut down. van cortlandt park south. we had head over to the grand ac central parkway whera we do have
5:59 am
out by union turnpike, that take out the right lane so again slow going through here. and then if you're needsing to move your car, you don't need to move your car. alternate side pkingar rules suspended for the remainder of the week as well. you do need to pay the meters. more than a dozen school districts in new jersey have cancelled classes. here's a live look at the inte ction of oak street and martin luther king drive as crews try to clear the snow. it's a simar scene in other parts of new jersey. "today in new york's" tracy tray stray tracy tray shan is there. >> reporter: you hear a plow. he's a private contractor working on the driveway. he's notke e one that removes any s w on north fifth street. we're going to show you what that snow is forcing people to .
6:00 am
once again as they wait for the plows to try and work on these streets. school cancelled here for a second today. mayor razz bar s baraka does want the smaller streets and does admit there's snow here. the state has arrived to help with the snow removal effort. they're insisting it's not a plow effort. people are forced to walk in the street all overnagain. back to you. >> tracie strahan in newark, watching the progress there. thank you, tracie... keep sharing your storm concerns with . e-mail us@tips. nbcnewyork om. or facebook, tell us what's happening. the number of blizzard-related deaths in the area up to 17 now. one of the more recent victim was discovered yesterday
6:01 am
home from school in mawa, new jersey. a teenager noticed a coat in the snow.peturns out it was the neighbor. >> her jacket was white, i re acmember. she had pants. i thought the pants were a whi me bag but was actually her shirt. and the shovel in her hand. >> the teens think she died shoveling. the shoeel was in her h doand when they found her. travelers stuck in gridlock for hours coming and going. bs and buses, they were trapped in he mess as well. hundreds of frustrated people. they gave up on waiting a decided to drag their luggage through the traffic. >> 6:09 right now. this morning, investigators are trying to track down a laser that was pointed at a p tne near laguardia airport, it was an express jet flight near charlotte, north carolina.
6:02 am
at the plane. the investigators think that ser may have come from westchester county, from scarsdale or east chester. new this morning, we're getting a look at the man wanted for the latest subway slashing in manhattan. police show a video showing the man getting away in noho. he's suspected of slashing a 71-year-old woman on he cheek yesterday morning. the suspect is believed to be in his mid-20s with brown eyes and black hair. and police want to catch the vandals who desecrated an ed d an history in long island. at the ronkonkoma cemetery. th e'sg $5,000 reward for information leading to an arrest. in this morning's cnbc morning report. present obama wants to make it
6:03 am
when he issues his budget plan next month. he's going to announce a plan to expand access to accounts. and it would require employers to enroll workers in iras in change for a tax credit. and governor christie, hear what he has to say when someone asked why the vernor was back on the campaign trail instead of with the cleanup. you're look at the hamilton br
6:04 am
yesterday in westhampton. 11 degrees warmer in bee ont. 20 degrees warmer than it was yesterday at this point. of course, new jersey pretty much the status quo for the hudson valley. a little milder, really, with that southerly wind and soleuth-southwest wind off the water that's where the temperatures are so much warmer. a dramatic change. 44 in westhampton. 42 in montauk. 40 in islip. danbury's in the teens. bridgewater, same thing. 11 in sussex. farther north in poughkeepsie, down to 20. big range in temperatures. at the school bus stops, if you have school, upper 30s. low 40s. clouds tend to build up by the time we're out. looks like there are a couple rain drops in the area. showers on the increase with the after-school activities outdoors. meantime, we're dealing with
6:05 am
we'll get breaks from time to time. sun certainly today. the shower threat to the west. here's the next front out here. here's the actual cold front that arrives later on today and the evening hours. that could bring us a better chance at least of a little light rain. future tracker shows us the first batch dies out around 2:00. this is 2:00 in the afternoon. in the evening hours, we've got light rain across the central parts of new jersey and long island. and no snow or icing conditions to worry about. maybe leftover clouds. cod uld be a sprinkle or flurry tomorrow morning. i don't think that amounts to anything. clouds and increasing sunshine behind that. a little chillier as we go into thursday and friday. 44 expected across long island. mid-40s to upper 40s. and 46 in long branch. lower 40s north and west. 35 in the city. low 30s and near freezing.
6:06 am
low 40s tomorrow. upper 30s on thursday. looks like that storm is a miss for friday. weekend's quiet as we go through thole 40s. next rain chance with a high of 45. let's find out about that commute if you're heading out the door, here's lauren. >> thanks, two trouble spots. we're eading oet to the long island expressway in queens, eastbound there's a big old mess out there. an accident shuts down two or three nes. woodhaven boulevard. exit 19. an accident involving an overturned vehicle and two other vehicles. one lane is getting by. delays in both directions. westbound, a lot of rubber necking. all the way back to the grand central parkway. leouave yourself a lot of time on the l.i.e. this morning. then to the gowanus, we do have an accident 92nd street. that blocks the lanes, delays all the way back to staten
6:07 am
and you can expect delays on staten island express and local buses box of this accident. we'll continue to keep you updated on that. otherwise, let's talk about the trains, good use for l.i.e. rr dmiert commuters, systemwide service has been restored. for path commuters still no rail service between newark and journal square. and as of now, there is limited bus shuttle service available from 6:00 to 10:00 al, between newark and journal square and harrison and journal square. alternate side rules suspended t you need to pay the meters. governor christie is addressing the criticism over his response over the severe flooding on the jersey shore. his comments is causing more controversy. "today in new york's" kerry barrett is in the newsroom with details. >> some people wondering whether
6:08 am
he's up in new hampshire. even there, he faced questions about his storm response. there's a woman there who said she went to school in pe ingt. in mercer county. and she asked why he wasn't there for the weather. high water rescues, one in west wildwood. this one right here. the firefighter who pulled that guy out said hi pulled at least 50 others out as well. >> i don't know what you expect me to do. do you want me to get down there with a mop? you know, the fact is that we have all the roads cleared. we had new jerse transit back up. and for tle people who did sustain flooding, we had folks on the ground. to evacuate if they nee buded to be evacuated. no oa needed to be evacuated. >> yeah, but there were hundreds of homes that were affected and a lot of people said they were dealing th flooding that were worse than when sandy hit.
6:09 am
moderate. this is despite video like this out of margate, new jersey in atlanta county and cumberland county as well. officials asking if it was cape may as the only conte affected why did he apply for federal funding immediately afterwards. christie in response said that's going to take a little bit of time. >> kanry bearet in the newsroom. iowa voters do go to party caucus us. an 11th hour pitching for support. hillary clinton, senator bernie sanders and former governor martin o'malley took part in a forum. one young voter told hillary clinton that young voters view her as dishonest. >> they throw all this stuff at me and i'm still standing. >> we will raise taxes, yes, we will. >> in return for higher taxes,
6:10 am
college tuition and single payer health care. governor martin o'malley said climate change, that's the top issue for young voters. 6:20 right now. just ahead, a scare in the snow when a young girl falls down a man hole. we'll tell you what's being done to keep this in happening again. >> follow us on facebook and twitter. michael4ny.
6:11 am
taking a live look there in new jersey. tracie strahan has been io jersey city. looking there at -- sorry, in newark now. north fifth street and park. and we're looki at snow that they're trying to still get rid of. hopefully, we'll be able to make efforts today. >> you've been all over the place. >> right. jersey city and hoboken and newark. >> all a und betweens. we're trying to cover everything. lots of people not satisfied with going on. >> 2 1/2 feet of snow, hard to remove in a hurry, that's for sure. >> conduct into it, finally, the weather's cooperating. temperatures above freezing. day. 44, the expected high temperature. city. long island, pretty warm, too. watch for ice. rain showers developing later this after on and evening. nothing is heavy, anticipated. overnight tonight, clouds. 35, low in the cities. moving back in the low 40s one more day.
6:12 am
two things, no signs of any arctic air moving . no signs of any storms. looks like that friday miss is going out to sea. push g it out. >> making its way out there. we haven't had too many reports of icy conditions this morning. but we do have one croatan on hudson area, route 9, reports of ice. be careful. th t's tak a look outside long island expressway and queens. the delay is heading westbound park wii. eastbound. pretty much behind that building there. you can't ethe accident but you can see the delays it's caught on both sides of the roadway. we'll continue to keep a close eye on this. this is one of the worst this morning. >> lauren, 6:26. coming up next. an update on that breaking news
6:13 am
>> reporter: i'm lori bordonaro, live in the east where police shot a man who allegedly threatened two officers with a knife. i'll have the latest coming up. >> reporter: i'm katherine creag live in woodhaven queens, from rnfeeling trapped to relieved. this is what residents have been waiting for. there's no more snow. the progress made in the last couple of hours coming up. as you're about to head out the door, take us with you if you're watching "today in new york." download the app for the mobile device right now we'll be right
6:14 am
breaking news an officer-involved shooting in man hat. we'll tell you why officers say they were forced to open fire. out in queens. live picks in woodhaven where crews have finally arrived to clear out the snow-filled streets. we want a live look here at k haven and martin luther king drive. the buses just got by. we'll tell you about that as
6:15 am
good morning, everybody, 6:30 a.m. on this tuesday. it's january 26th. i'm michael gargiulo. >> i'm darlene rodriguez. dozens of schools thosed. there is a list scrolling on the bottom of your screen and on >> we've got a team of reporters covering everything you need. we'll start with storm 4 team meteorologist meteorologist chris cimino. >> still slushy out there and some black ice. at least good news in the city, 40 degrees right now. icy commute for some. we're getting reports of some accidents. mainly north and west. some spotty rain showers this afternoon. looks like that friday storm that we're worried about looks like a miss and out to sea. in the meantime, mild this morning, 41, murray hill. how about 40 in islip. 44 in westhampton. and in danbury, and lower teens
6:16 am
we warm up in the 30s and 40s. we'll have the rest of the forecast in a little bit. here's the latest from lauren. >> if y 're just tuning, good morning. long islandnisland rail, and limited bus shuttle between newark and journal square, still no rail service. heleading on to the roads an accident inbound by the gowanus. causing delays back across the verrazano bridge. we have delays on buses around the area still because of snow removal. but this isn't the only problems on the road. let's go to kai siavnsen. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, lauren. we have trouble in queens. live pictures from chopper 4. eastbound side of the l.i.e., woodhaven boulevard. you see the right sigh that overturned vehicle there. two lanes getting by through
6:17 am
you can see emergency crews on the scene. eastbound delays back to maurice avenue. the westbound avenue, that's where the real delays are happening. all the way out to the grand central parkway. definitely keep this in mind. be very careful. chi simonsen, back to you. we do want to get you to breaking news in east village. an officer-involved shooting and "today in new york's" lori bordonaro is there. >> reporter: michael, police tell me would officers were called toinhe seventh floor apartment at the jacob reese house. and when they got here, they say a man was holding a knife, but he alleged threatened them with that knife. and one of the officers fired hitting the man in the chest. the victim is now in bellevue hospital in stable condition. he's a 25-year-old man.
6:18 am
he lives here in this complex but he was in his grandmother's house at that time. police tell us, he does have prior arrests, but it's not clisear for wndt yt this point. again, he is expected to be okay. michael and darlene, both officers were taken to the hospital for observation. they were not hurt. investigators are out here continuing to look into exactly what happened. back to keyou. >> lori, thank you very much. this morning, snowed in communities in queens are finally seeing plows. "today in new york's" katherine creag is in new york with more. kat, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, darlene. what a welcome sight. we want to show you what 85th road near 95th street looks like now. the snowplows they arrive here for the first time since the blizzard hit. when we arrived here 3:30 this morning there were mounds of snow all around the streets. residents told us they tried to clear 85th road themselves with
6:19 am
imagine how exhausting that was. but now it is clear. residents can drive on it. a spokeswoman for the mayor told us this morning queens experienced heavier snowfall than other boroughs. residents describe what the last few days have been like. >> i'm not f joeeling too good right now. i've been stuck here for like three days. you know, i can't move. the just pounded right now since the storm. i'm just basically trying. >> reporter: and a spokesman for the mayor added as on as the city could it would send additional snowplows and other equipment to remedy the problem areas. darlene, we've been receiving messages in twitter, people in ridgewood and corona, they saw snowplows as early as 4:30 this llmorning as well. back to you. >> g> time to check in with chris right now.
6:20 am
another storm, possibly, chris, hopefully, a positive development with that? >> yeah, more and more, it pushes that storm potential farther out to sea. we hopefully won't sba images like towards the end of the week. looks like we're going gp g to miss this one. we have patchy ice because temperature, well below freezing in the suburbs. in the city, a mile start. 40s in the city. a lot of t hieens showing up in the northwestern suburbs. 19 in sayreville. and 9 in hillsborough. 've got that southerly wind, across the water, too. notice long island, in the 40s. city inhe 40s. white plains down to 5 and 10 in sussex and those areas in the hudson valley where slippery and icy spots a possibility. everybody gets mild this afternoon including the suburbs. should be in the yo lowra0s at noon.
6:21 am
few showers mid40s. >> good morning. we have icing problems out on the croton-on-hudson area. and on southbound 9, there's an overturned vehicle. be careful out there. heading over to the west side hiheway th just came in, an accident heading southbound, backing things up to the george washington bridge ramps. i'll continue to keep you updated to see if that affects the bridge. over in jersey city, we also have problems here. the ramp is shut down from truck route 9 to communipaw avenue. closed between 440 and kennedy boulevard. this is because of a downed pole. there is police activity, ut here. this is the heaviest delay. you have 15 minutes into the tolls. at the george washington bridge. 5 to 10 at the holland about the same. good news from there. alternate side parking ruli
6:22 am
they'll be suspended through the erremainder of the week. you'll still need to pay meters. weather and traffic ahead on the 4s. >> crews have been working through the night to try to clear out the snow from the huge blizzard. at the intersection of oak reet and martin luther king drive. the streets are blocked off. crews are trying to clear the snow from it. jersey city not the only community still digging out. new york's tracie strahan checking out the progress in newark for us. tracie, how is it going? >> reporter: well, i'm the king of the hill at least in this ea. this is the very reason that people have to walk in the middle of the street that's still covered in snow in several different areas. we'll show you video now of exactly what people are up hag9inst days after the blizzard. the streets still snow covered. mayor ras baraka announced five small strike teams he called them. dozens ofl plows and trucks would be active again but focusing on
6:23 am
that's the reason that schools have cancelled once again. they have to clear the way for buss to get through. i want to show you video taken of chopper 4. rail yards that housed the path trains. path service from newark tw journal square has been cancelled. it's a snowy yard that's the problem here. they still have a lot of snow on top of the rails. as we bring you back live, a lot of people are passing very slowly. bupt the streets are pass only, michael. a possible sign of progress but a lot of people here still aren't satisfied. back to you. >> tracie, there's a sidewalk there. doesn't look like anybody is even able to walk on it. >> reporter: there's a chair next to the car back there. that's how people are staking their claims for parking spots. once they do dig out, how are they going to get back. >> keep sharing your storm
6:24 am
e-mail us at 6:39 right now. the death toll from the blizzard has risen to 17 in our area. yesterday, a w 2an was discovered under 18 inch of snow outside of her new jersey home as many of the weekend's deaths, neighbors say she had died while shoveling snow. also yesterday, a man was found dead in his car in brooklyn. police think he died of carbo d monoxide poisoning while trying to keep warm in his car. a bronx girl is recovering after tumbling down an open man hole covered by deep snow. her mother said 6-year-old karina crawford disappeared while walking through the snow. she had falling down an eight-foot hole in front of st. mary's. she was trapped in freezing water until a good samaritan pulled her to safety. >> there were two poles. if the poles weren't there, she
6:25 am
>> a spokesperson said the an hole is now covered with plywood until a contractor can put up a fence around the area. they're hoping that can happen as e ly as today. new jersey state officials assessing the damage caused by flood prosecuting the storm. homeowners who live along the jersey shore say flooding during the blizzard is worse than hurricane sandy. on the beaches, the dunes have washed away. the lieutenant governor is promising to bring in more sand. the subway cars of the future are fabulous. 'll tell you about the new features in the works for your commute. sy> plus, weather and traffhe on the 4s is coming up. you're watching "today in new
6:26 am
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and welcome back. 6:44. it is a tuesday morning. tuesday morning, we're seeing milder temperatures at least in we the city. but still very cold in the suburbs. you look at the plaza here, and you go, what snowstorm? they did a great job around 30 rock. you look at a live shot of newark. now, you know what we're talking about. streets are gradually getting cleared in newark. a long haul to get rid of 2 1/2 to 3 feet of snow in some cases. it's been a process and a lot of patience tested. 40 right now in the city, southwest wind at 3 miles an hour. 41 at tribeca. sheepshead bay at 38. in the city, mild temperatures.f uth-inuthwest windisomine in off the warmer waters and warmer wind direction. 39 in long branch. the wind hasn't kicked in places like morristown, bridgewater either. that's why the temperature is down to 10.
6:29 am
20s and icy spots in danbury. icy patches interior of connecticut as well during the morning hours. school day forecast, bus stop, not too bad. upper 40s by recess. could be a few rain showers around actually, low 40s. and a couple of scattered showers around. here arehe clouds trying to thicken up. there's an aa of mixed rain pennsylvania. probably falls apart before get here. can't entirely rule out a sprinkle or wet snowflake. but it's the second band back in here, it's cold front that we bring in moisture later today and tonight in the form on rain and not snow. future racker brings in the clouds. precipitation at 3:00 in the afternoon. sunshine, too. then the rain moves on -- it looks like anywhere between 6:00 and 9:00, close to the city across long island. a little later. another band pushes south during
6:30 am
clouds linger. 10:00 a.m., starting to thin out. partly to sunny skies for the afternoon hours. cooler but chilly weather. a chance of shower, ler today, 44, as we look at the seven-day forecast. we do expect to see temperatures stay mild at 42. upper 30s thursday. upper 30s friday. we miss out on the storm. warming trend and back to the 40 gs. 6:47. lauren scala standing by with the commute. >> quite a bit of subway lines are operating on the mta's cold weather plan. mta transit running on close to schedule. l.i.e. rr you can expect delays this morning. for path, we're seeing issues, still no rail service between newark and journal square. there is limited bus service between newark and journal square and harrison and ournal square.
6:31 am
l.i.e. eastbound, woodhaven boulevard, exit 17, an exit blocking two lanes. this goes back where the acthcident is, westbound rubber neckitg delays. so leave yourself plenty of extra time. we also have this accident o h: gowanus out there for a while. inbound at 92nd street. delays back to the staten island expressway. almost all the way o 440. you can expect delays on staten island buses. you can expect delays on buses all over the area. heading to t 125th street is causing problems, as well as one on the cross westchestere anexpresswny. ck to you darlene and michael. happening today, testimony continues in the trial of the nypd officer charged with shooting and killing an armed man in brooklyn's pink houses. prosecutors say officer peter liang acted recahessly because he fired a single shot into a
6:32 am
gurley in 2015. prosecutors played a 911 call where you can hear a dispatcher coaching one of gurley's partners o frienps on how to perform cpr. >> there's like a million cops but no ambulance. i don't know what is going on. i was telling her how to do cpr and she's trying to do it. >> well, liang said it was aaccidental and he was goiatng to the most dangerous place of a most dangerous place. meaning the roof of the pink houses. the features coming to the city subway cars. >> don't forget to follow us on facebo's and twitter, michael4ny and darlene4ny. you're watching "today in new
6:33 am
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welcome back. if you're taking the subway to work, we have something to look forward to. >> so, this is a rendering of a
6:35 am
a few months ago, we showed you the open concept train car. champing stations, wi-fi, even security cameras. the mta budgeted more than $3 billion for the cars. it's design work that could wrap up in a few months. i'm sure people will share the charging stations on the irain. >> totally, they'll be very nice to each other. these trains will be ready by the time savannah's daughter is a freshman at nyu. >> i can't even get her into preschool, okay. i've been ejected from several reputable preschools. >> that's not true. >> i'm not kidding. one of the principals said you're too late. we early took everybody from early decision. >> which means in the room. coming up on a tuesday here on the show, the unplowed roads, calling the blizzard 2016 leading to growing frustrations. you heard the complaints. and here is a slight chance,
6:36 am
had said we're goi o miss this, that there could be more snow coming to the region. also ahead, a new warning on over-the-counter pain medications you have taking too much. and one-on-one with dustin hoffman. this morning, the surprising thing he doesn't know about his kung fu panda character i didn't know either. plus, we're going to open up about the legendary roles he's turned down. when we get started on a tuesday here on "today." >> back to you. >> dustin, he like lived as a panda for six months? >> yes, research. >> thanks so much. >> all right, thanks. >> up next, we're going to check the snowplow progress across thein ea. you're watching "today in new
6:37 am
lease a 2016 lincoln mkx for $399 a month
6:38 am
now to that breaking news from the east village, an officer-involved shooting at the jacob reese houses. officers responded to a call when they were confronteby an emotio-dl disturbp man with a knife. >> officers opened fire after the man refused to drop the weapon and then threatened him. the man was shot in the chest. he was taken to bellevue hospital. frustrated residents of queens finally seeing it. >> kat, what's the latest? >> reporter: darlene and michael, for the first time in eye das, residents are able to
6:39 am
this is 85th row. you saw what it was like when we first arrived here. 3:30 in the morning. it was covered with snow. it's been like that since the storm hit over the weekend. plows began arriving and clearing the mounds of snow and now it's clear. this is the after video. a spokesman for the mayor told us that queens experienced faster snowfall than other borrows. the city is working as hard as it can. >> tracie strahan continues team coverage from newark. tracie. >> reporter: the snow-covered streets still trapping cars like the one on north 235th street. he is spinning his wheels as mayor ras baraka is announcing ants to continue snow removal today. in the city, they're going to activate small strike teams with dozens of trucks and plows. they got help from the state as well. the department of transportation will help newark and try to get things cleared today.
6:40 am
schools are cancelled once again. back to you. >> checking with lauren, traffic across the area. >> right, a couple of new problems since i saw you a few moments ago. an accident on white stone bridge. head over to the cross neck bridge. we have an accident southbound harlem driver drive, 125th street. there's also one west side high near 125th street. take your pick. we'll take a quick look outside at the new jersey turnpike. newark, out near newark liberty airport. the outer roadway takes out delays. watch out for delays. >> chris, one more check of the weather. >> still slippery spots out there. low in the teens. elsewhere, be careful, icy patches, slushy patches will make for treacherous travel for the first few hours of the morning. everybody heads to 40 or better this afternoon. maybe rain showers later in the day or this evening. tomorrow, cloud it's in morning.
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