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tv   News 4 New York at 530  NBC  January 26, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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a car chaos at laguardia. 4 investigates. it lasted nearly five hours. >> we brought you the pictures and the horror stories first at 11:00 last night. four investigates as to why this may have happened. ida siegal is at laguardia tonight with that. >> we were at the airport here last night during the entire mess. there was a lot of skepticism at the time from people who were stuck in it. they wondered what was going on here. this has to be more than a simple traffic jam with heavy volume. and news 4 investigates has learned today that in fact there is -- or at least there appears to be more to the story. port authority said yesterday that so many people converged at the airport all at the same time ter the blizzard and that was the cause of all of the traffic. but port authority police sources are telling news 4 today
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was only averaged on a day they should have known that passenger and traffic volume would be high. there were only 12 s eet officers, 5 for foot posts and 7 officers in radio cars. what's more according to sources. officers told supervise ors that traffic was an issue before 2:00 in the afternoon. the cgmmanding ficer according to sources decided not to increase mpower until 10:00 at night. the port authority police union tells us in a statement today. that the pba is embarrassed by the lack of respect for the traveling public which includes the deep disregard for personal yoand travel safety and security. we reachedtout to the port authority police deptment itself multiple times today to see ifthey had anything to a c to that initial explanation from yesterday. they said theyodid not. we also asked them about the staffing issue, we have not heard a response on that part of
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reporting live from laguardia airport, ida siegal. four investigates has also learned that travelers who missed their flights may not have been out of luck. some airlines have what's called a flat tire policy. if you can pro you were trying to get to the airport but were held up for some unforeseen reason they will book you on the next flight. you'll want to check with your airline. an ambulance has crashed on the grand central parkway. dennis is over the scene? >> reporter: yesterday was an ambulance fire. this afternoon it' an ambulance accident here. this is westbound on the grand central here at jewel avenue. happened around 5:00 as you can mention. skidding off into the snow. we understand they were responding to a call. this is not an fdny ambulance.
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causing a mile and a half of backed up traffic in the area of jewel avenue. david and sibila, back to you in the studio. >> thanks so much. a bronx mother is facing charges in the death of her own child. danielle white pleaded not guilty to manslaughter in court today. her boyfriend jose feliciano killed their 2-month-old old son in december. instead of calling police, she helped dispose of the body in a wooded area. feliciano has also pled guilty to several charg including murder. the man accused of killing ing ing etan patz will be allowed to participate in the retrial. the lawyers defending hernandez says she made improper comkents
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etan patz was 6 years old when he disappeared on his way to school in 1979. a man accused of trying to flee the country while charged in a deadly car wreck on long island. >> he tried to buy a boat in an leged plo to sale to south america. the 43-year-old is facing vehicular homicide. new footage from a cop body camera that shows how a routine traffic stop can take a near deadly turn. this is from a police officer in orlando firing at a car with a 17-year-old behind the wheel accordin dto t?he dertment. the officer initially tried to pull the car over for a seat be lt violation. e suspect could not stop and nearly ran down an officer. a witness who did not want to appear on camera described a wild scene. >> i froze. in a state of shock, i wasn't expecting them to pull out guns and open fire.
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and tried do take off. the officer involved is on paid administratier leave. a westchester county school was evacuated today after people started smelling a natural gas odor. a backhoe ruptured a gas line. students a staff were taken to another school building while crews worked to repair the rupt ed tine. no word of any injuries and school officials hope to have tappen hill open as usual tomorrow. donations pouring in to flint, michigan, where residents are struggling with a tainted water problem. several companies have announced they will donate bottled water to schools in flint. madonna, jimmy fallon and others are digging in deep to help s those affected by lead contamination. why some think the fight on legalized mixed martial arts in new york state may have reached
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>> uber has a plan to catch any potentially dangerous drivers that could be putting your safety at risk. scattered showers rolling through the area, we have witm temperatures which aren't far behind. we'll talk about your seven-day forecast coming up. lester holt has a look at what he's working on for 6:30. >> six days until the vote in iowa. we're tracking a dramatic reversal of fortune. anxi y in the westover a slow motion cliffhanger brought on by el nino. whany doctors may start screening
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decision 2016, the iowa caucus isrless than a week away. it's crunch time, the democrats are calling for higher taxes. leheing ndrepublican pks up a big endorsement. steve handlesman is in washington with it all. >> reporter: most political endorsements don't make a bit of difference, and this one may t. but religion matters to a lot ofp voters who will caucus on monday night. in a state where many republicans mix prayer with politics. >> god b ess the great state of iowa. >> reporter: it's a blow to ted
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s campaigning. trump backed by evangelicals. he's warning that trump has to be beaten in iowa. >> if he went on to win new hampshire as well, there's a good chance he could be hiunstoppable. and be our nominee. >> trump slammed cruise on morning e. >> he's wacky. something missing there. >> reporter: trump says he would cut deals with democrats. >> you know, it's wonderful to be a rebel. buhet you have to get som peoplen on yor side a little bit. >> reporter: in today's poll, trump leads by 2 in iowa. on the democratic side, despite bernie sanders admitting his health care plan is costly. >> we will raise tanes, yes, we will. >> reporter: sanders and hillary clinton are virtually tied. he told iowa steel workers to boost the middle class, they have to get more democrats to caucus. >> if those people come out and
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>> reporter: clinton is running an ad she says shows a lifetime of fighting for families. there are plenty of iowa ans for trump, cruz, clinton and sanders to try to get out the vote on monday night. the best ever turnout for the iowa caucuses was just 16% in 2008. from washington, steve handlesman, news 4 new york. a blow to animal rights activists trying to stop the killing of birds in and around new york city airports. the port minority can shoot down birds when necessary to protect planes. the panel cited several near catastrophes, including the infamous miracle on the hudson. the group friends of animals were killed after three snowy owls were killed at jfk. are some uber drivers going
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you're able to tell how fast the car is going. the company says the goal is to get to the truth when the passenger complains about an aggressive driver. >> that's certainly a good thing, right? >> coming up. be careful what you click. the web link that will wreak havoc on your smart phone. a rock star is slamming a connecticut high school. >> why school leaders snapped a plan to perform for his rock
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the front man for green day is speaking out after a student production of his rock opera was opped in connecticut.
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parents expressed ccer about swearing, drug use and sex in the show. billy armstrong sent a letter to the school, there is a suitable version for high schools. >> we decided to change the production so we would get maximum participation. >> the school will instea put on little shop of horrors. this is the year that the sport will be legalized in new york state. ufc sent chris wideman to albany today. the bill has yet to make it through to the state assembly. supporters think legalization is more likely this year since governor cuomo included it in his m dget. >> a skating rink in south amboy, these are new pictures
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it happened at the roller magic ating rink on stevens avenue north. heavy snow on the roof is the apparent cause. no one was inside, no injuries were reported. >> storms still wreaking havoc. >> it will continue to for at least the next several days. let's take a look at the headlines. a quick hitting spritz tonight rolling through the area. isolated areas where the rain is going on. and let you know if it's coming your way. inn the meantime, the sun is back tomorrow again. it's going to be great.nythe weekend has a nice feel. hu ge temperature swings today. let's take a look at new jersey. bridgewater to be particular. started out this morning at 39 degrees. ended up et 48. imagine waking up with a cool morning at 60 and ending up at 99. that's the wide variance we're seeing.
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at the half century mark in west hampton and moyauk. 46 as you head north to newburg and 47 in poughkeepsie. 48 i monticello. all that warm air is in place, as we check the current temperatures back and forth along long island. 44 in north port and 44 in hampton bay. valley stream 45 degrees. around the rest of the area right now, again temperatures e rather comfortable and much warmer than we typically get at this t ye of the year at this time of the day. live radar picture. can you see the rain beginning to push through the area. it's still out in places like fairfield county. let's zoom in and take a look at where it is. it's moved out of fairfield for the most part. just offshore of bridgeport. we see showers along new haven, right along the 95 corridor. take it easy on the roadways, they could be slippery. this was just up in a little
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we saw the rain push through elizabeth and linden and move forward into staten island. more where this came from, the best chance of showers, i think along the jersey shore, as we head through the rest of the night. as far as future temperatures go. we drop down into the 30s, this is the all important 32 degree mark. watch it on thely roadways to the north and west of the city. the morning commute could be slick. warm up again by tomorrow at lunchtime. and then by tomorrow night at dinnertime, back down we go. up and down and up and down. as far as tomorrow goes. partly sunny, 48 at noon. here's your 7-day orecast everybody. as we take a look ahead. it really seems pleasant with plenty of sunshine. maybe a flurry in the north and west on friday. that's all she wrote. that system well out to sea. nice stuff, a couple showers on monday, that's a ways out. we'll continue to track that and
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45 degrees, and the warm weather looks like it is continuing for a good l g while. th 's it from here. janice will talk more abou that ming up at 6:00. back to you guys. >> thank you, dave. we have a consumer alert tonight about some shenanigan s s y your smart phone. they add numrers to the address bar as fast as it can. this could cause unsafe data to be lost b h isn likely to damage your phone. >>mal coming up next on news 4 new york. >> messy crosswalks are causing problems across the city. wh dose responsible for cleaning it up? i'm michael george and hat's coming up. >> huck is here with a look at what's coming up new tonight at 00 >>r > an i team exclusive for you. do you know the difference between beirg admitted to the hospital and being under observation?
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of them. l the hidden killerr iife e your car. what the blizzard is teaching us about snowbound cars and carbon monoxide.
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training in a car is one way to help pay for a new one. linda baquero is here to explain. >> the consumer didn't argue the value of the trade in, she just wanted that car paid off. when she found herself making payments on two cars instead of one. that's when she asked us for help. >> i love the way it drives, it's easy to maintain. >> reporter: to buy this 2015 son sonata, she decided to trade in her 2013 model last november. >> the eolxpecstation was for hyundai to pay off the balance. >> reporter: the payoff amount was she asked her lender whether they received the payoff. >> no, they have not received
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i called back hyundai of new rochelle, and i was promised it was going to be paid again. >> reporter: a check had been sent but they agreed to look into the matter. in the meantime, stephanie was making payments deducted directly from her paycheck every two weeks for the new sonata and the one she traded in. >> the car's still not paid and i'm still making car payments. >> stephanie asked news 4 for help. why dou you turn to channel 4. what are you hoping we can do? >> to get this car paid off. >> we contacted new rochelle hyundai, they looked into her case right away for us, problem solved. they immediately made t payoff for the trade in and at the dealership, they handed her a check for $535, for all the
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>> thank you. three days after the blizzard and nav0gating the city's slippery slushy sidewalks is getting easier, not for everyone. who's responsible for making the crosswalks clear? ws 4's michae geor i' finds out. >> 2-year-old olivia needs a nap, her mom gloria is finding out pushing a stroller through all this isn't easy. >> how has it been getting arou today? >> a little tough. >> reporter: everywhere they go it's a sludge y, slushy mess. >> it was s pose to take 20 minutes and it took me about 45. >> reporter: most streets are clear, but crosswalk entrance ramps are caked in snow and slush. not a b hig deal for most people, they navigate around it. for alice, who's visually
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ore could be a chal nnge. >> it's a little tough because there's a lot of snow still around. >> reporter: she couldn't find her way, so we helped her. >> he curbs are very bad, you can't get across easily. >> reporter: that was a lot of snow. >> yes. >>ey reporte did you go out of that at all? >> heck no. >> reporter: alice is urging store owners to clear the streets. clearing the crosswalks is the responsibility of the corner property owner. in a story, i'm michael george, news 4 new york. >> that does it for us. stay with us, as the news continues at 6:00. we talked to the wife who lost her husband in the blizzard after a snow plow buried his car.
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monoxide get to dangerous levels inside your car. news 4 investigates. >> an i team exclusive. two words and a very important distinction that could cost you thousands of dollars at the hospital. good evening i'm chuck scarborough. >> a man found dead in his car just steps away from his home. brock joins us from sun set park brooklyn with the emotional interview. >> chuck and sibila, a snow plow sealed her husband's fate, burying his car in snow. mething liki this rght here, as he sat inside of on. he couldn't open the door and the windows were frozen shut. >> i knocked on the window, angel wake up. he wouldn't get up. >> she describes finding her
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