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tv   News 4 New York at 11  NBC  January 26, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm EST

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. did greed trump friendship? the man accused tonight of stealin his buddy's powerball cket. >> and then just ch ings.nto our news room, police have a suspect in custody of the subway sl hing of a 71-year-old woman. >> good morning, everyone. >> we have a crew i headed to that possible slahing arre, ut first the sto n powerball ticket. a man accusedf swiping it from a friend and trying to pass it off as his own. >> we're in the bronx where that man apparently ran out ofnluck. >> reporter: imagine winning $350,000 in a powerball ticket only to have someone steal it. so tonight a bronx taxi cab driver said it happened to)him and the spected tthhef, is friend who tried to cas it her at this ore. >> translator: 4, 8, 10. those winning powerball numbers
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jackpot but he says it was pfrt of a t ket worth $50,000. just a couple of weeks ago after finding out he told his friend. that friend took the ticket and ran off swapping it out with a $4 winning dud. lice s y he tried to cash the ticket hkre at the same hybrid store where it was purchased. police arrested him tuesday morning with the $50,000 ticket in hand. now he's facing a slew of charges including grand larceny. >> reporter: castillo says he feels bad leading someone heo trusted like a brother to act so selfishly. he ays he may have lost the lotto bu he lost a ftsend ieip. >>oc reporter: his family did not want to talk. if you to'r wondering about the ticket, victor tells us he still hasn't gotten it back and hasn't been able to cash in on that prize.
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beginnt g to rebound from that blizzard that brought mouch of the area to a stand still. three days later mounds of garbage is now adding to the problem. we're live at held's kitchen. >> eporter: it's been three days since the storm and we see many mountains of snow around the city. we're trying to find out what they're doing to make life a little bit easier for new yorkers. an army of dump trucks and front end leaders lined 5th lveeae rey to get the job done. >> it's a massive mess and we're trying to clean it up. >> reporter: it's companies who's contracted by the chiy to work. 12-hour shifts just getting the snow piled high out of everyone's way. >> reporter: do say they priority today is what? >> usually it's clear the bus stops, clear the fire hydrants, make sure the crosswalk are open.
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city workers the department of sanitation says 99% of city streets have been touched by a plow. bu in almost every neighborhood, there's still work to be done. ny bike lanes remain blocked, bus stops too. better still wear your boots says richard harris. >> when they drop you off ere's los of slush and we don't know if there's ice there or whatever. >> reporter: like to see it cleaned a way. >> that would be nice. >> reporter: this midtown stop is not accessible. other riders say the snow and slush make for a messy day but understandable that it's not clear. >> i think they've done a good job. >> reporter: next e expect garbage collection which has taken a backseat to snow remowal. by now the trash is piled up in mounds forcing you to walk by it or over it. either way, new yorkers can't wait till it's gone just like the snow.
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>> all right. well, it may take a little while for all of this snow to be cleared. the good news is thet anitation department says they're going to pick back up witho arbage collection beginning on thursday. i'm live her in hell's kitchen. a man that went missing during the snowstorm has been found. he was seen last on satur wy night leaving three friends at mcswiggen's pu he told them he would wal home a d then he was reported missing yesterday. they found a wallet not far from the riveryesterday. >> there were no signs -- visiblp signs of any trauma to the body or any foul play that was suspected at the scene when they did their investigation of the body. buppt it would be the new jersey medical examiner's office that will be determining a cause of dewha i >> well, it's not clear if his disappearance was storm related. and the cold weather did
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elderly woman discovered in her car. a medical examiner says the 78-year-old died of coronary arriry disease and the cold was a contributing factor. restaurant workers at the burger king where she was found said she told them she was too afraid to drive home during the weekend's blizzard. her body was discovered yesterday morning inside her snow covered car. a story that was breaking as we came on the air at this time last night, thousands stuck in traffic for hours and hours. 4 investigates is getting answers. >> traffic at la guardia airport today, free and clear. not a whiff of the epic grid lock the night before. >> nothing is moving. >> every entrance and exit, every airport ramp and nearby highway was jammed up for as many as five hours. candace cook simmons was stuck in it. >> there hasn't been in accurate information as to what rea y caused the delay.
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port authority police sources that officer staffing was average on a day when they should have known traffic volume would be high. there were only 12 street officers. five foot posts and seven cops radio cars. what's more, sources say officers told supervisors before 2:00 in the afternoon that affic was an issue. but the commanding officer did not increase manpower until 10:00 at night. the port authority denies being understaffed saying quote, last nigh s significant traffic congestion resulted from an unprecedented eenfluence of accidents. >> to say it was traffic see ms for disingenuous andrneems to lack the level of trabs parn si i would expect for a five-hour delay. >> the police union says the pba is embarrassed by the lack of respect for the traveling public. >> it cost you 100 to leave the airport?
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the normal cost. >> $140. >> travelers who missed their flights because they were stuck in that traffic may not get hit with rebooking fees. some airlines have what's called a flat tire policy. if you can prove you were trying to get to the airport they may book you on the next flight. heavy snow caused a roof to collapse this afternoon at the roller magic rink. emergency crews evacuated the building and turned off the gas and electric. thankfully, no one was hurt. and schools will be open in newark thtomorrow. the city is still diggingdo out from the big storm and new york's mayor is apologizing to resident who say the response there has been slow. newark has answered all snow complaints. he also has said equipment and personnel have made clearing the sts reets easier.
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improvements to help in future orms. > d governor chris christie apologizing afte calling one new jersey s ishore mayor crazy comparing he floods caused by the blizzard to hurricane sandy. he said sorry to west wildwood's mayor. but christi said no one should be comparing the two storms by saying that the weekend's blizzard caused more damage than sandy. many areas in southt ery did see significant floodingnd some are blastin christie for his answer to this. >> i don'trknow what you expect me to do. you want me to go down there with a mop? >> he didn'y t exactly say sorry for those words. inead saying storm victims should not be offended but some say his comments were rude and insensitive. >> one mop.he one to clean up and one to stick
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>> i think it takes a lot more th tan a m?p for this. >> the state is assessing t situation and will decide whether to apply for federal aid within a few days. >> and stay on top of the storm's aftermath and our changing weather with our new app. >> all right. politics now. presidential candidate ted cruz is challenging trump to a one on one debate with oro without a moderator. trump announced he will notd participate in the third fox news faceoff. he called megyn kelly a third rate reporter and accused the network of toying with him. trump also continued his verbal barrage against cruz today. >> ted cruz lies. 's a liar and that's why nobody likes him. >> dald has engaged in a lot of personal attack i have not responded in kind.
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>> while c z and trump are arunning neck and neck in iowa. hillary clinton and bernie sander are lvcded ih a tight battle as well. clinton made it clear where she stands on sanders' proposed tax heights. >> my goal as your president is tot raise your incomes, not your taxes. >> we have differences of opinion on important issues. >> sanders is running ahead of clinton among young democrats. a group that was key to obama's victory eight years ago. >> >o coming up on news 4 new york, a garbage t ck catches fire and explodes. the collateral damage. >> then the two new vacation spots pregnant women are now told to avoid.
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me traffic is back to normal on the new england throughway tonight. but this was the scene during the evening rush. ura jackknifed tractor trailer bringing outbound traffic to a stand still at bay chester avenue. no word tonight on whether anyone was injured, but all lanes have reopened. and in a fiery expl osion today in hamilton, new jersey, a garbage truc went up in flames. it damaged several homes. there is no word on any injuries. investigators are still trying to figure out what caused the explosion. and new tonight at least one person is dead after shots rang out on a national wild life refuge. that same refuge that's been armed by an armed group for weeks. they claim the federal government is abusing its p
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but u airly prosecuting ranches who refuse to sell their land. at the time the group's leader said they had no intention of being violent. it's not clear who was killed. and out of the trial an nypd officer charged with the shooting debt of an unarmed man. his blood soaked clothing still on the floor, the jury also heard testimony from the first officers who arrived on the scene moments after he fired a single shot from his weapon. lawyers for him say that gun went off accidentally. prosecutors call his actions reckless. >> and a new warning tonight about a virus that can cause birth defects. government officials are ex- expanding tw he list of people mothers should avoid because of the zica virus. here's the additional places to avoid.
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>> tonight at washington heights people like diana worried about family living in one of the plac doctors say pregnant women should avoid travel. >> tles oo re's a lot of mosquit over there. they don't use repellant.d >> reporter: it's making headlines because it's now linked t pbirth defects. for decades it was only found in africa though it has sprea?d across more than 20 countries and now the u.s. virgin islands as well. >> that's insane. it's crazy. >> reporter: the cdc says there is novak vaccine. >> use the deet and stay inside if possible and travel outside to a minimum. >> you nighted airlines says we
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virus to change their travel plans. a company spokes person said today we are offing customers the opportunity to rebook at a later date or receive a full rebound. and doctors don't know at what point in a pregnancy the virus could affect a fetus. that is why the cdc says even a woman planning a pregnancy should stay away from areas where the virus has been detected. anyone with a passport who need to renew should renew it now. department officials are warning that many countries are now enforcing strict rules that would not allow citizens to enter the country if their passports expire within six months. dozens of homes just feet away from disaster. evacuations are underway after storms caused by el nino battered the city's coastline. this apartment building now the
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it was yellow tagged today meaning the residents can only go inside to collect their belongings. there is no telling when this cliff could give way entirely and more storms expected through march. >> we have a mild storm i guess in the works here? >> we do. we have mild weather in the works around here. and talking about el nito, we're going back to that warmer than average pattern now. i'll tell you what that means over the next week or so. we've been tracking a few light owers and sprinkles through the area. a weak cold front will drop the temperatures a little bit tomorrow, but not too drastically. it cloudy and 47 degrees so it's mild. and speaking of mild weehad all that mild wy,than and the warmer than average temperatures and the record heat in november and december, because of el nino in the pacific and the west was cold and snowy and stormy. they're going to get more storms in the wedt and we go back to the mild weather after our big blizzard.
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that means all that snow is going to melt over the next couple of weeks wit temperatures in the mid to upper 40s to about 50. about 5 to 10 degr kees abhve average in the east. around here that's going to be lo ts of potholes forming too. we've seen that already around here. an d only rain chances versus snow chances oming up in the next week. 45 degrees right now.l40s ou there in parts of new jersey and across oong island and back to the hudson valley, newburg is at 43. now, a few spots may drop down to the 20stonight. by tomorrow morning north and west, so the melting wil freeze to ice and so that's where you have to watch out for that. otherwise the temperatures will stay above freezing in low spots near the coast tonight. tomorrow we'll warm up again. day we were near 50 but we won't be that warm tomorrow. the temperatures will be a little bit cooler, but near average. so nothing drastically colder. arctic air is expected to come into play over the next
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ght shodowers now over the east end of long island. through the hamptons and back to.wards brook hain ven. still a lot of clouds around. those will clear in the morning and speaking the morning comput breezes pick up and there will be that pat y ice north and west of the city. the rest of the day will be nice and sunny with temperatures in the 30s to the low 40s so it will be brisk tosorrow and re jmember that coastal storm we were very concerned about that was goin to tay out to sea now. not going to affect us here. we may get a few flurries on friday. here's your 7-day forecast. you'll see the temperatures over the weekend, upper 30s to the mid-40s. 38 is average and we go above that into sunday. 44 and that's the mid-40s monday, tuesday, near 50 again by the middle of next week. so i think we'll give it a couple of weeks and most of the snow will be gone as long as we don't get any more. >> we like it.
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dash cam video captured the terrifying moment when a semitruck hit an officer in oh other. dash cam video shows a tractor trailer skidding off the road after it was hit by the train and they're rolling right over captain brad moore. he says a small ditch saved his life. he suffered a gash in his head and a broken left hand but remarkably he is okay.
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the cranky detective on the 70's sit come. >> his varied career spanned more than six decades including film tsz such as "the god father." he was at his daughter's home when he passed away today. he was 94 years old.
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the centers for medicare and medicaid services recently asked patients to rate the quality of over 3.500 hospitals. t fewer than 6% received 5 stars. r among them was cancer treatment centers of america in philadelphia.
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y. . what an effort from the knicks tonight at msg. with caramelo anthony sitting it out, new york brought their a me against new york city. moments later after the thunder turnover, derrick williams flies in for the two-handed flush to give the home team a 4-point lead. but oklahoma city answhereed. kevin durant scores two of his game high
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he tied the ball game at 113 with 16 seconds to go. so the knicks had a chance to win it in regulation, but the fadeaway jumper goes in and out. it was so close. the game went to overtime. and okc was too much in the extra section. here russell westbrook hits the jumper for two of his 30 points. the kni s fall short despite a valiant effort. 128-122. overin brooklyn the heat led the knicks by 1 with 90 seconds to . daung finds dayne wade underneath for the hoop and the foul. how did he get so wide open? on their next posseion w e salts it away. wade scored 27 as miami wins in brooklyn 102-9 #. on the ice the devils played their final game before the all star break. they were in pittsburgh tonight.
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period, crosby lights the lamp for the penguins. sent the kid scoring on the rebound from an impossible angle. former ranger makes the pretty move and sets to kessel, but a gorgeous one-timer, the devils get shut out in the steel city, 2-0. in nfl news. sheldon richardson is putting his off the field issues in his rear-view mirror. he cut a deal to avoid jail time after pleading guilty to resisting arrest and speeding at 143 miles per hour during a police chase in missouri last summer. the 25-year-old richardson will be on probation and serve 125 hours of community service. he could still face discipline from the nfl. and finally mets fans, it's time to celebrate. they have dotted the i's and
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the cuban slugger is officially coming back to new york. in a statement, he said the fans made new york feel like home. i couldn't deny the pull to come back and finish what we started last year. nicely said.
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more now on that breaking news we told you about. the man suspected of slashing a 71-year-old woman on a subway custody. this is gus rosen dale. reporter: e're here at the fifth precinct where that
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