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tv   Today in New York  NBC  January 27, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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slashed a senior citizen on a subway train. plus, that the anti-government protestors who occupied a federal building ifrmt. back to school in new jersey. the message overnight to people still digging out. "today in new york" starts now. good morning everybody. it's wednesday more than, january 27th: i'm darle e rotodriguez. i'm michael gargiulo. >> it's great, it's mild. temperatures in the mid-40s already. few showers, light rain in parts of the area. that seems to be about it. this area of light rain will be moving on through probably within the next hour or so. we'll have clouds early this morning. then i think things will gradually clear on uth i do feel i have a clicker problem this morning as i stand here. we expect sunshine this ternoon. temperatures used to be in the upper 40s. i think we'll end up in the lower 40s and the trend will be chillier through the rest of the week. the friday storm looks like it
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i won't throw it, lauren. hope you're in better shape than i am. havippy wednesday. >> let's see if my traffic works. let's ead over to route 28 with an accident betwe chestnut reetnd locust streets. all lanes shut down in both direction the. the henry had you had soy by dike man street, a missing pothole. tracie strahan is in newark trg acking this recovery. tracie, good morning. >> reporter: on their website, newark public schools are warning students to exercise ution ned patience when it mes to their commute back to school today. but darlene, look what they're up against, not just the kids but the school buses.
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administration aid iverything they could. let's look at t oer residential streets and the snow problems that remain. we saw them firsthand street by street. in that youtube video, barakae said his administration took ca lere of snow that fell right here. when it comes to unplowed streets, he's mad too. >> i am not happy or excited about how long this process is taking or how well we are doing , at it, i know that we won't stop until it's done. >> reporter: you can see right here in the east and west wards, that's where the biggest problems are inynewark. so far, darlene, schools are on a normal schedule. but the buses, well, maybe the need a jump-start. back to you. >> all right. looks like that's the case for sure. tracie, thank you. the only thing that might be piled higher than the snow in new york city is the garbage.
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gar back pickups expected to resume. as for the snow, the snow is being hauled away with bus stops, fire hydrants and crosswalks getting priority. police are trying t find out what killed a man during the snowstorm. the body was pulled from the hudson river yesterday. he had last been seen at a hoboken bar saturday nigh.. he, told his friends he was going to walk home. he was reported missing when he failed to show up fdor work. police later found his wallet near the river. a popular rolling skating rink closed for repairs. the heavy snow caused the roof to collapse in south amboy. emergency crews evacuated the building, turned off the gas and electricity and nobody was hurt. governor christie is apologizing to a south jersey mayor. while speaking at a new hampshire town hall meeting,
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crazy mayor in south jersey say this is worst flooding than sandy. the governor calle dhim yesterday to apologize. he says cristie asked him to apologize to first responders, residents and buness owners. time for a check of weather and traffic on the 4's. aside from it being nice to walk ar thound in, chris, hopwhully this helps the melting process and the removal process. >> i think we knocked down a lot of the snow yesterday and trying it remove it. what we're seeing is temperatures this morning and continuing the melting process. overnight, we don't have the black ice. we have a few raindrops. me wet, slick spots. spotty showers from now until the next couple of hours across long island east of the city. the temperature 45 in the city. suburbs generally in the mid and upper 30s. hopatcong, 39. poughkeepdie0sell above freeng. 38.
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yesterday morning in the teens. quite a change this morning. starting out with a few showers. 45 in town. we'll shake the showers this morning an omd a aigh back to 40, 45. quiet days ahead. we'll talk about that in the seven hp day in a bit. y isstes on the roads, lauren scala? >> a lot of improvements over the past few days. eight buses are detoured in the city and nj transit saying to expect delays and detours. delays on the g train now. the major commuter lines look good. everything to be on schedule. r the first time this week. thode next update on the 4s. we're getng a look at the man accused of slashing a 71-year-old womanfo in the e face. damon noels wt arrested last night.
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4-inch gleh into carmen rivera's face on the d train. police sent out this video showing the suspect running from the scene. knowles is charged with assault. also new this morning, a crime spree in the bron p a robber armed with a knife holding people up. in at least two cases stabbing or slashing his victims. katherine creag is in wakefield in the bronx with new video. t >> reporter: michael, one of the first robberies that happenh,ed. it was a violent attack on he victim victim. not only is the suspect stealing from all of these people but also as you said stabbing. at least one slashing another. the suspect as you see here and police release this surveillance video of him stabbed a victim several times in the back as the sufoect tried to steal the victim's belong hapbapened january 10th. 7:00 in the morning where we are at 225th street and white plains road. the suspect got away with nothing. but the victim had to go to the
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there have been at least four other times the police tell us that suspect robbed robbed nginnocent people of their wallets and belonginalgs. he's gotten away with more than $300men ch from the vihtims, mobile phones as well. the last robbery, michael, happened on saturday, the day of the blizzard. 6:00 in the morning. you know how awful conditions were then. he stole money from a young woman, a 26-year-old woman. as you saw in that video, he's still out rhere somewhere. police are looking for him. bak to you, michael. >> they're hoping hat video leads to him. thanks, kat. the leader of a group occupying a national wildlife refuge in oregon is under arrest and one of his followers dead. bundy was stopped by agents 20 miles from the refuge. he and several others were reportedly heading to a community meeting. shots were fired during a confrontation and a rancher from arizona was killed. of this morning, no indication that the rest of
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donald trump's campaign, manager sal ys the candidate will not take part in tomorrow's televised debate. trump doesn't want megyn kelly to gr return as a moderator from uding with her after their last,debate. he called kelly's questions biased. fox insisted she will be on the stage tomorrow. >> i'm not a fan of megyn kelly. i think she's a third-rate reporter. >> i would like to invite don krd ri jght now to engage in a e-on-one debate with me. >> ted cruz saying he would debate trump any time between now and monday's iowa caucuses. trump hopes to hold an alternate event to rais money for the military taking place during the x debate. this friday, mayor de blasio plans to go to iowa to campaign fohar hillary clinton. he will stay there until the ucuses over.
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de o blasio appeared to drop the animal two years ago. mayor de blasio went to albany yesterdayo argue against state budget cuts. instead, lawmakers pressed him on property taxes. the mayor appeared for five hours before a joint bget hearing. that's where he was urged to accept a statewide cap of 2% on the city's property tax increases. the mayor objected arguing someday the city may have to deal with a fiscal crisis. a proposed state takeover in atlantic city. it's moving forward now. governor chris christie and the senate -- sweeney came to an agreement last night. legislation will be introduced to give the state power over the city's finances for five years. residents fear their jobs could be in jeopardy. they face a $30 million deficit. they could run out of sh as a city coming up in april. luck has run out for a man in the bronx accused of swiping his friend's winning powerball ticket. cab driver victor castillo says to
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a winning powerboll ticket worth $50,000. he was so excited he told his friend. friend stole his ticket. the man was arrested when police say he tried to orasn it in. s facing several charges including grand larceny. coming up on 4:40. new concerns and warnings about a virus without a cure. very, very concerning here. where women are being advised simply not to travel. plus an update on the tenuous situation out west. wh aat's being done to help ople whose homes are on the edge. the great snowmelt. hopefully that continues today. aspr we look at the hamilton bridge, weather and traffic on the 4s coming up. follow us on facebook, twitter and instagram.
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police arrested the man they say slashed a senior citizen on a suy.bway train in manhattan. they charged damon knowles overnight. a man occupying a wildlife refuge in oregon is arrested, a follower dead. the fbi and oregon state police say shots were fired during a confrontation. a rancher from arizona was kid. the state department is urging people whose passports are expiring. renew them now. they're being ove helmedsby applications. not all bike lanes are cleared of snow. the bike share program actually closed ahead of the blizzard. today is the first day to get out and ride again. tomorrow, trash pickup resumes
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> 4:44. the snowmelt continues overnight. most of us stayed above the freezing mark. that was good news. showers and clouds early. they will be dissipating. plenty of sunshine tomorrow. in the midst of a january thaw bfr it gets colder by tomorrow. the weekend looks mild again. temperatures back into and above the 40-degree mark. 24-hour temperature change. morristown, 31 degrees warmer this hour than yesterday morning. just 24 hours ago. 6 degrees warmer in the city. 30 degrees warmer in sussex 28 k degrees warmer in -- 44 eepshead bay. 42 in staten island, 45 in jers at this city. here's the big changes. sussex, morristown, 40 or better. the hudson valley low 40s. mild overnight. more melting do continued. we had a few rain showers. most are across long island,
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this continues to slide to the east. showers east of the city. beyond that point, not a lot going on. things should stay relatively quiet in terms of rain or snow the next few days. future tracker gets rid of the showers today. we're breaking out into sunshine. you notice overnight, generally clear skies. patchy clouds. chillier overnight and cooler again tome'row as a more northwesterly flow co inues. the offshore storm for friday ste ays offshore. that's good news. we miss out on gettingh significant rain or snow out of that. we may get clouds early. that's >>bout it. for today, 43 the expected high good five to ten degrees -- a little chillier tonight. upper 20s. lower 20s in the suburbs. north and west. friday and saturday, chillier weather in the upper 30s generally. the storm will stay on out to sea. a snow flurry north and west on
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sunday. pretty nice then, mid-40s. 40 on saturday, 404 sunday. 47 by monday. there could be a few showers around. groundhog day on tuesday. questionable at this point if there's a shadow or no shadow. a high of 45 degrees. it's still early on the commute.ivlet's check with lauren. >> a couple of problems there. long island expressway in queens, eastbound we got reports of a tractor-trailer on fire. that's by exit 24 kissena boulevard. not causing delays. i'll keep you posted on it. heading over to new jersey -- ste,arting with the goethals bridge, delays until 5:00 a.m. it's a spot to avoid. the 30-minute traffic holds. another 15 minutes or so, delays will be building through here. you may want to head to the bayonne bridge. it just got worse. route 28, a lanes shut down in both directions between chus nut and locust streets the.
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george washington bridge where things are moving long nicely on both levels. lincoln tunnel, holland tunnel in fine shape. alternate side of the street parking remains suspended. understaffing was not an issue during the traffs, jam at laguardia airport. so ces telling 4 investigates there were 12 street officers on ty monday night, five on foot, snechb seven in cars. port authority officers warned supervisors as early as 2:00 in the afternoon to call for extra help. the manpower wasn' tt added until 10:00 that night. >> the traffi seems very disingenuous and seems to lack othe lethl of tnsparency i would expect for a five-hour delay. >> in a statement, the p t authority says the congestion was caused in part by an unprecedented confluence of accidents, vehicle fire and snow from one. largest blizzards in t
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history. > snowy owls near kennedy airport can be killed to protect planes. that's according to a federal appeals court. in the ruling on tuesday, the u.s. court of appeals says migratory birds pose a threat to humansou the agency has been trapping and relocating the birds since the lawsuit was filed in y 2013. jurors just convicted a long island man of shooting and wounding a suffolk county police officer. 23-year-old sheldon left tank was found guilty of aggravated attempted moyer for shooting officer mark collins in he neck after a traffic stop. he faces 40 years to life behind bars. officer collins miraculously recovered. in fact, he's back on the job. a milwaukee man was arrested 23-year-old sammy mohammed hamza wanted to storm a temple with a
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people. was recorded plotting the attack. he originally wanted to kill soldiers and citizens in the west bank but changed his plans. more countries are on the do not travel list for pregnant women and possible exposure to the zika virus. the centers for disease control has added the dominican republic and the virgin islands. a total of 24 locations where this mosquito-borne virus is linked to birth defects. th pe cdc is saying that at thisan point, the early defense is to prevent mosquito bites. >> makes you worry. i mean, it' dangerous. there's a lot of mosquitoes around there. ioi know a lot of people over there. they don't use repellant. >>si some are using concerns this morning. united airlines says they will
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norwegian and carnival cruise lines as well. homes teepter on 'em of an ocean side cliff. the most powerful el nino on record could take homes with it. just a few feet separate these apartments at pacifica from disaster. now residents have just days to move out. >> the surf breaks so hard when comes up, the whole place shakes. there's no way you're going to sleep lard less of what you try to do. >> i have nowhere to go. >> fiv of the ru residents in the complex are refuse to go leave despite evacuation orders much the city will ask for state and federal money to fight coastal erosion. new troubles to find hh 370. australian officials say two of the three search ships ran into trouble in the indian ocean. an underwater probe got tangl in fishing lines. it was bent. another probe was lost an
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it hit an underwater volcano. abe vigoda has died. he will be remembered as detective fish on barney miller. >> stop me before i kill. married, probably. >> he played a mobster in the movie "the godfather." his death was reported in the past on several occasions. this time sadly his daughter says it is true. abe vigoda at her new jersey home in his sleep yesterday at age 94. my mother was a big fan of "barney miller." i 'rmemder she would watch the show. >> tess yoe. >> hesked mike for help. can you help me, mike. >> for old time's sake. >> abe vigoda. 4:51. ambitious new guidelines with doctors. the 36-second video from oprah winfrey that sen
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then we'll take a first look inside the impressive structure that will soon be bustling with commuters. wow, look at this place. you're watching "today in new
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45 degrees. looking at newark airport. it's 4:54. wow. you say. >> i mean, it's like -- went back to 45 degrees. >> it's 45 degrees at this hour of the morning. that's pretty mild. yesterday we saw a lot of melting. >> yeah. >> upper 40s. today the temperatures may slide back down a couple of degrees from where they are now and level off in the low and mid-40s for the afternoon.
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41 in morristown. poughkeepsie, newburgh, upper 30k. monticello above freezi ce. unusual in the mipds of a january thaw. fo sr today, clouds and sprinkles this morning. giving breaks to sunshine. cooler yesterday. still above normal. temperatures in the afternoon generally in in the lower 40s. patchy black ice could return with a clear sky and low temperature in the 20 as it stands now, we miss out on the storm on friday and the weekend and into the start of next week. actually becoming the recipients of what is typical of an el nino pattern. we'll talk more about that. >> chris, thank you. everything almost back to normal. one delay on the subways. we'll talk about that. lays in both directions on the g train. major commuter lines, everything on or close to schedule. path, regu r service has been restored for the morning commute. metro-north, lirr, nj transit as
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very good news sofar. >> thank you, lauren. it's 4:55. it's a mass transit show piece. we're getting a look inside the world trade center transportation hub. the multibillion dollar station doesn't open until march. crews are putting the final touches on the project. the hub known as the oculus has a wing loik appearance and will connect commuters to 11 mta subway lines and the path train. new defenses against sandy-type flooding each they they admit they don't have a the money needed. they're supposed to wrap around southern manhattan. they're not sure what it will lo like. the project needs hundreds of b mi'sllions of more dollars. officials hope to still break ground on something in the project for next year. 4:56. there was a wonderful reason for a big backup on the fdr drive during the morning rush yesterday. >> nypd officers were making a special delivery.
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the car stopping northbound on 48th street early yesterday. officers helped to bring little nikola wong into the world. mom and baby are doing well on the east side. >> on the east side. did a greht job. 4:56. a garbage truck caught fire in w jersey. thinat led to something much worse. cell phone video captured the moment the truck exploded. it happened yesterday afternoon in hamilton township. it blasted a hole in a nearby house and there's no word of anyone being hurt. the cause of the fire is still under investigation. the jets are settling a class action lawsuit with cheerleaders over lost wages and bourque th die team agreed to play 324,000 crew. during the 2012 and 2013 seasons, they were paid $150 a
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practice time and other expenses. the jets still deny the claims but say the settlement was done to avoid the expense, time and distraction of litigation. jets defensive lineman sheldon richardson admitted to driving 143 miles an hour in his bentley during a police chase. a missouri court which is where he was, richardson pleaded guilty to resisting arrest, speeding, running a red light. his lawyer says he sold that bentley since the incident last july. he could still face punishment by the league. former giants safety tyler sash had an advanced stage of cte or chronic traumatic encephalopathy when he died. cte is linked to repeated brain injuries that can only be diagnosed after death and has been found on the brains of dozens of former football players. symptoms include memory loss, impaired judgment, depression and dementia. sash died in his iowa home in
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overdose from two pain medications. in news for your health, doctors should screen all patients for depression. this is the word from the preventive services task force. it improves the odds of accurately identifying adults with depression. services are more widely available for people to take advantage of. try not to load up on the coffee. a new study says caffeinated products may be good for your heart. researchers at the university of california studied a small group of people who had at least one drink a day. after 24-hour heart monitoring, the participants did not experience an irregular heartbeat. products like coffee and tea may have cardiovascular benefits. it depends on you, your situation, you should discuss this with your doctor and not ever have way too much coffee. coming up at 5:00 a.m., take us with you. >> keep watching "today in new york" by downloading the "news 4
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