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tv   News 4 New York at Noon  NBC  January 27, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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woman on the train and threatened her life. we're in prospect heights brooklyn with the latest in what's been a string of violent attacks. >> reporter: this is actually the third time a subway rider's been slashed in the last three days. the latest attack happened at a subway station not far from here. the woman told us all she did was bump into a guy and that set the attacker off. a camera caught his face clearly. police say this is the man who flipped out on a train all because a woman bumped into him. >> it's horrible. that's a regular occu ence. there's no more, excuse me, i'm sorry, that's not accepted. >> reporter: it all started when the victim, a 29-year-old woman took the three train from atlantic avenue to this station tuesday night.
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the train and screamed i'll chop you up, then he slashed her hand. >> you want to feel safe, but you never know. >> reporter: subway riders are concerned because this is the third time someone's been slashed on the subway in the last three days. monday morning, police say this man caught on surveillance video slashed a 71-year-old woman in the east village. tack. the suspect in the latest attack is s ll out there. >> you feel safe on this train? >> i really don't. >> reporter: now, luckily police say this woman's injuries were pretty minor, just a cut. but they still want this guy . they're worried about what he might do next. if you have any information, you're asked to call police.
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police $00ing down the knife-wielding thief robbing people in the bron police say he stabbed and slashed his victims. this is surveillance video of the man they are looking for. he has attacked five times so far. the most recent robbery was just this past saturday. each time, he threatened his ctims with a knife. police say the first victim w not even wrong. the suspect tried, and then stabbed the man and ran off instead. five victims in all. if you have any information, please call police. > and new at noon, a construction worker badly hurt after falling several stories. thth happened in the flatiron district. the tictim fell inside this building on west 17th street this morning. the building is undergoing re novation. >> the developers were fined by
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not correcting a previous safety violation. the worker's been taken to the hospital. students in newark had to be ready for school today even if the roads and sidewalks were noavt. we spotted several families slipping special sliding, streets still unplowed. tracey strahan spent the morning in newark and talke to some pretty frustrated families. >> reporter: that's right. we're standing by for the department of education to give us the actual attendance mbers, but we did see a lot of students and nervous parents making their way to for the first time since the blizzard. tameka bishop waited to send her son off to school on the safest part of this snow-covered street she could find. >> it's slippery. >> r orter: theommute may have been the biggest hurdle for newark public school students, forced to walk in the middle of
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sometimes wiping out on the ice. >> it's really slippery. somebody could really hurdt they self. >> reporter: cars were still getting stuck in the newark. in a video released overnight, newark's mayor says he feels the pain of frustrated residents. >> i'm not happy or excited about how long this is taking or how well we even are it. but i knir that we won't stop until it gets done. >> reporter: but there's more anger in the air as the removal efforts or snow rhat remains is leading to unexpected gridlock. >> yesterday, it took me three hours to get to work. >> and how long to get to school? >> an hour and a half. >> reporter: and you're going to he sar a lot of that as theay wears on. we don't know what led to that traffic situation. the mayor said newark had about
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that situation will remain in e until all the snow is removed. tracey strahan, news4 new york. >> thank you. four days after last weekend's blizzard hammered the jersey shore, the sand's being replenished. dump trucks started rolling in to rebuild those manmade barriers that were put up after super storm sandy. several blocks lost up to 98% of their dunes eaten away by three high tide cycles. as many as 3,000 dump trucklo s of sand are going to be dropped ov der the next three weeks. after working nonsto to ear snowut, new york city's sanitation department will resume garbage pickups tomorrow and not a moment too soon for some neighborhoods. sanitation crews kept busy yesterday hauling away mounds of sn with prive contractors
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they will begin roundingyup the rbage in the morning.owif yft have lingering concerns, mail us at tips @nbc new tell us what's happening in your neighborhood. nestle county police have arrested a west bury man accused of killing an acquaintance on monday night. he is charged with second-degree murder and will be arraigned later today. prosecutors say they were able to act quickly because a shot stopper picked up the sound of th wat gunfire and someone called 91 andheolice dispatched to the scene spotted a car. >> the keen observation led to them to stop this vehicle as a suspected involvement for the shooting. th ey app ovended the subject when they observed a .4 caliber handgun on the floor and shotgun
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>> the victim wa a 37-year-old father from uniondale. police say the two men knew each other and had some kind of ongoing dispute. arre ed a man who stole his daughter's eye identity to help support his drug habit. he used his 21-year-old ughter's personal information along with a long time friend's to open fraudulent business accounts and credit cards. he also stole some $255,000 which he admits he used to suhepport a $2,000 a week heroin addiction and a $100,000 a year gambling habit. the families of two men killed afteray metro north train struck an suv last year are suing the railroad along with the trainees engineer. the suit claims that poorly designed railroad crossing and
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the brakes in time caused the february 2015 accident that ki..ed six people. westchester county and mt. pleasant have also been named as defendants. donald trump making headlines from the campaign trail again this afternoon. his campaign calling fox debate moderator megyn kelly obsesse sd with bringing trump down. after watch ffling several days, trt'ump announced he will not take part in fox's broadcast of the gop debate tomorrow night. fox lashed back stay saying he has a map to replace his cabinet with twitter followers. >> f someone did that, didn't show up at the interview, you know what you'd say? you're fired. >> well, right there, the other frneontrunner ted cruz is now challenging trump to a one-on-one debate.
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bernie sanders and president obama are in a private meeting at the white house. that meeting takes place in the oval office. sanders hopes to occupies. there's no word on what they're discussing. we're only b being told that the meeting's been in the works since last month. recently, the president offered words of praise for hillary clinton although he did not endorse her. and mayor de blasio plans to leave down on friday to stump for hillary clinton. de blasio may help sway some liberal democratic voters. that is the hope from mrs. clinton. he'll miss the annual grand hog day ceremony. the new chuck. you'll remember two years ago, the mayor dropped the animal and it died a week later. new chuck's probably okay with that. >> the first big attempt to end the standoff at a wildlife refugee? oregon ended with one person dead and eight others in custody.
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anti-government protestors after stopping them on a rural highwha last night. when it ended, the group's spokesperson was dead. nbc's pat doris is in oregon with t he story. >> eporter: it has been a tense and long night here south and east of burns, oregon. you can see protestors now have moved a big front end loader to block the road. during the night, a caravan of cars carrying women who had been at the refuge. apparently there had been a vote after the death of lavoy finicum and the rest of the others. ied talked with the leader now, jason patrick about his feelings of where things are going. what do you believe? when you say peaceful resolut n and then you kill one of my friends. you say you can safely leave yet you've arrested somebody who's not even here, what o you believe anymore? i believe in the constitution. >> reporter: around 3:00 this
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fbi and state police had started to shut down all the roads in the area and they're not letting anyone in. anyone can leave, but if they leave they are identified and searched and c tainly not allowed back in. one of the side effects here are the ranchers who are still trying to work in this area. it has some pple very frustrated. >> i think it's going to come to an end and it's not going to be nice. >> reporter: so the big question today is now what is the next move on behalf of the police. will they sit at the roadblocks and wait for people to leave un til maybe there aren't any left or will they take decisive action and move in. we'll be here behind the police barricades waiting to see. pat doris, nbc news. >> and coming up next at noon, the search for the driver who shoved this dog out of a jeep and into heavy traffic. >> and the homeowner refusing to
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cliff crumbles right beneath his ho sme. major melting continues today. temperatures well into the 40s. buact is there more snow on the wa cy? we'll have your storm team 4 forecast coming up. next on "new york live" from top gun to little house, the latest reboots coming to a screen near you. we'll take you inside pensy in midtown. and lilly james is stopping by.
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that's the video that's gone viral. just can't fathom that happening. people living in these aaoupartments being told to get out of their homes. incredibly some are fighting to stay put. they've filedu n appeal challenging the city's acuation order which says the coastal erosion is potentially life-threatening. some of the residents say they have nowhere else to go.
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the coast for like $1,500 a month? >> to say we have to get out, why. if it falls, it's not going to fall in ten seconds. >> more rain is expected in that area later this week. and this area's dealt with this kind of problem before. other apartments nearby were evacuated back in 2010 and they sat empty ever since. on long island a reward is being offered for information about whoever left a dog on the side of a busy road. somebody saw a green jeep stop last week and push this dog out. the dog was then hit by a car traveling the other direction. he's being cared for by the suffolk county spca. offering a $2,000 reward for information leading to the owner's arrest. >> in today's money report, the company about to let you withdraw money from an atm without using your card. >> that's right.
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>> hi guys. kind on a quiet market now. that's expected to change at 2:00. the federal reserve is just concluding two days of meetings. they will make their statement about the economy at 2:00 and maybe signal intentions about raising rates in the future. and we're hoping for a hint about when that will happen. right now, as you see, the dow is up 60 minutes. chase bank is unveiling a very cool new service that will allow you to withdraw cash from their local atms using your smartphone. here's how it would work. using your chase app on your phone, you signal your intention to withdraw cash. the bank then sends you a one-time security pin to your phone which you then use when you make that withdrawal at the local atm. they're changing all of their 1,500 atms in the area. it's a cool new service.
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it's more convenient and it's more secure. i think that's the important part of this whole new project that chase has going right now. pretty high school, huh? >> not a bad idea. >> see you tomorrow. >> see you a little bit. all right, the big meltdown continues. >> a long ways to go still. park. >> ten already. we're off to a good start. day by day, we're going to keep the melting going. now it's time to let it go. spring around the corner. you can see outside, it is a nice day. it is breezy though. so we have that chill from the winds out of the west. that sunshine over midtown. you can see, breezy with more melting today. ice still is concern tonight and tomorrow morning. temperatures are going to dip below freezing in most stops. then our january thaw arrives
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right now, pair of fours in city allen. 44 in floral park. island. temperatures from the low to mid-40s from poughkeepsie. everyone's above freezing. a chill. this is what it feels like as you're heading outside. windchills in the 30s. friday, chilly start to the weekend. atur y morning. that major storm we were watching, that goes out to sew nday >> make some plans outside, 44 ngrees. sunshine and clouds and temperature notice mid-40s. dry this evening. we're watching those temperatures gradually sliding baveck into the mid-30s.
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that's when you need to watch out for that patchy black ice. the seven-day forecast, 38 for your high on friday. again tracking a few snow showers there. the weekend looks nice. we're talking about mid-40s monday and tuesday, maybe even 50s. that's the iddle of next week with some rain in the forecast. >> "new york live" is coming up next at 12:30. >> hey, ladies. >> which actor has js t been tapped to play michael jackson in a tv movie? we'll tell you about a casting controversy too bizarre to believe. >> and it's the newest food hall drawing crowds in manhattan. we'll take you on a uth-watering tour right here at 12:30. >> thanks so much. >>e> if you live or work in rockland county, it could be an action-packed afternoon.
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be filming a tv show around rockland lake. that shoot will include a drouiving scene and simulated armored car heist with fake gunfire. extra police officers will be out as a precaution there will be road closures in the area as well. if you hear shots fired, hopefully that's what it's from. still ahead on news4 new york at news, the growing list of -- >> the growing list of countries now battling the zika virus. where health officials say
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president obama says urgent action is needed against the mothers. the dominican republic and virgin islands were added to a omen
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the mosquito borne virus is flinked to birth defects. >> well, the infamous ainfluence wen sa teen from texas is expected to be deported back to the u.s. any day now. he has dropped a legal challenge in mexico and that he should be returned to texas soon. he has been held at a mexican pris since he and his mother were arrested there last monld. he was violating his probation terms from a drunk driving accident that killed four people.
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all right. right now, we are tracking breaking news on long island. suffolk olice tell us their on their way to investigate reports of a helopter down in a residential area. right now, we don't know how many people were on board that chopper. we're going to continue to monitor this and bring you any updates on news4 starting at 5:00. also tonight, chipping in on a kickstarter project can get you first dibs on pretty cool gadgets. >> we're going to have all that and more tonight on news4 new york at 5:00.
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she loves that. >> i can't do it. go to or our mobile app. >> all righty. "new york live" is coming up xt with jackie and sarah. folks.
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