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tv   News 4 New York at 5  NBC  January 27, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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happening coming up at 6:00. and now to a helicopter crash in the middle of a neighborhood. witnesses tell news 4 they spotted the chopt per. then the fear in the pilot's face. this happened in lindenhurst. >> reporter: it manag to miss the homes right here. and it missed the pourl wer lines. this wasn't luck. a pilot was forced to make an emergency landing when he lost power at 700 feet. >> he was able to control it without engine power? god bless him. >> reporter: you're looking at the pilot and his trainee, both
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>> i'm so grateful he's alive. i'd love to hug him. i qu just feel he shows me that life is worth living no matter what your chances. >> reporter: laura told me she heard the chopper's engine sputtering. she said the helicopter was so close she could see the pilot's face. >> the propel ler lers actually stopped. i saw the fear on his face. >> reporter: a mechanical issue killed power to the engine. it was the trainee's first flight ever. the instructor had no choice but to land right in the intersection. >> it went from seengg him to not seeing him at all. i heard a big thud. didn't sound like a car accident, just a thud. >> reporter: the chapter landed on its side. >> it was a ridiculously difficult landing. everyone who's been on the scene
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all commented on what a good job he's done. >> reporter: and the pilot declined to comment right now. he's talking to the faa. they're trying to get to the bottom of exactly what caused this helicopter to crash. police say this is the work of a knife wielding attacker on the loose in the bronx. we spoke with the victim who sustained these injuries. at this point there have been ve attacks all in the williams bridge and wakefield section of the bronx. ma trk? >> reporter: chuck, this is wh e the most recent attack happened. it's just in the shadow of busy white plains road. the woman was a victim. the other four, men. this man, this robber, is leaving a bloody trail through two neighborhoods. bandaged up, but alive. you don't have to know spanish to u erstand the fear in jose
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a knife-wielding attacker in the lobby of jose's apartment building demanding money. what happened next is translated by jose's oldest son. wallet. he stopped like three times and then he stabbed four or five more times. >> reporter: the attacker plunged the knife through his leerather jacket deep into his back seven times. his shirt soaked with blood, but the father managed to escape. >> reporter: the second victim thought he was stepping into the safety of his own apartment lobby wren the attacker struck behind him and attacked. >> he left him in the lobby bleeding there. >> reporter: florez says the attacker nearly blinded his friend. >> he has seven stitches in his right eye.
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through tier ears the only thing that kept him alive was god and thoce hope of seeing his chiren onsoe more time. now, all five attacks, chuck, have happened within wal sng distance of each other. right now the search is on for that knife-wielng robber. jose says he needs to be arrested before he kills someone. we're live in the the wakefield section of the bronx. new at 5:00, two women are gunned down in an apartment building in far rockaway. chopper 4 was over the scene. a 36-year-old woman is dead. a 51-year-old woman was struck in the hand. she will be okay. police are tracking down the boyfriend of the woman who was killed. that melting snow is causing han manhole explosions all over. kids in newark returned to work
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the storm, but many streets and side walks we y impassable. newark's mayor says that 200 plows are working and will keep working until everything is clear. mta officials s they're happy with the way they handled the storm. they were suspended during the worst snow. but after round-the-clock work, most were running during the monday morning rush. >> i think we came back as quickly and above all as safely as we could. we were t going to jeopardize one member of the riding public or one employee. i think we did -- i think our folks did a phenomenal job. >> the last long island railroad trains returned to service yesterday. there's still work to be done at the jersey shore. dump trucks brought in sand to
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several blocks of the beach lost nearly all of its dunes thanks to the high tide cycles. garbage has beening piling up in many neighborhoods since the blizzard began. to decision 2016 and more drama. donald trump has dropped out of the much anticipated last debate before voting begins in iowa. is this a brilliant move or just big mistake? steve? >> reporter: chuck,ous you know, donald trump got where he is at the top of the republican heap in polls nationally and in iowa showing his muscle. and he's not looking weak in this fight. >> are you afraid -- >> reporter: it's another trump headline grb ab. >> i said bye-bye,okay? >> we're already seeing republicans pounce on him saying he is too scared to go toe to
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>> reporter: trump says it's megan kelley may megyn kelly. gop insiders see a triple win for trump. trapping his top rival ted cruz on stage open to attack. trump protecting his iowa lead and impressing voters. >> because they see strength. they see a guy who's not going to be bullied by a network that they like, by the way. >> reporter: democrat bernie sanders went to the house today to discuss policy with president obama, who's made no endorsement, but wrote the book on victory in iowa. >> i'm not saying we could do what barack obama did in 2008. i wish we could, but i don't think we can. but if there is a large turnout i think we win. >> reporter: avian iowa bowling
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>> i am asking all of you to go to the caucus. if you stand up for me then, i will stand up and fight for you. >> reporter: clinton and sanders are tied in iowa polls. the vermont senator has a lead wolerth protecting in new hampshire. 15 points over hillary clinton. like trump now, bernie sanders is refusing to take part in a debate proposed now by nbc after the iowa vote in new hampshire. live in washington, steve handlesman. melissa russo will bring us live reports from all the happen happenings out there. we have new information on the virus that's affecting pregnant women around the world. >> let's first point out this is not a new virus. it's been around for 75 years
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asia. last fall brazil reported a shocking number of newborn babies suspected of having been exposed to the virus in utero. that of course sent red flags waving across the world for travelers in the now two dozen countries where that mosquito borne virus has come from. the cdc is advising pregn ant men to avoid travel in those affected countries which range from el salvador to ecuador and bar barbados. many other airlines say they are just monitoring the situation. now, the virus has been detected in the u.s., in california, texas, arizona, florida, illinois, new jersey, virginia
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people, all adults, have tested positive. all of them had traveled abroad. if pregnant women must travel to an affected area, take precautions. >> it's a good idea to avoid mosquito bites as much as possible, sleeping in air conditioned rooms and using mott keet mosquito repellant. it is safe for use in pregnancy. >> this virus is sort of a cousin to yellow fever. it's not spread from person to person, but if a mosquito bites someone who is infected, it can then go onto spread it. scientists around the world are working on a vaccine, but that could be years away. still ahead on news 4 new york at 5:00, a new jersey boy
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a raccoon. the encounter, the 911 call and the neighbor who saved his life, we've got it all at 5:30. i want to know. it takes a part of my thought process away from me. >> for 44 years a bronx man has lived without knowing where he came from. now he's searching for his more mild temperatures across the area. tonight it cools down a bit and
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get 50 meg internet for $39.99 per month. call now. you could get free installation, no data cap, and access to over 400,000 twc wifi hotspots with select plans. call now. today a construction worker fell four stories inside this building on 17th street near 6th avenue. tonight he is in the hospital, very very lucky to be alive. that worker was impaled on a piece of rebar in the basement. the investigation into the fall continues. we have a consumer alert for you if you used a credit card at wendy's. the fast food chain says it
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activity after cards used legitimately at the restaurant were used fraudulently at other places. parents, if you have a baby monitor in your child's room you're going to want to hear this. the department of consumer affairs have received a lot of reports from new yorkers who say their internet connected security mono baby monitors are not secure. people you can learn a lot about that by logging onto nbcnew york,.com and searching baby monitors hacked. >> just something else to be ncerned about. >> yes. janice, the weather seems nice. >> it was warmer this morning than it is right now.
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since some cooler air passed through with the passage of a weak cold front. some areas did make it into the low 40s this afternoon. little bit breezier and it will be colder tonight. more black ice is likely, more so tonight than last night. little bit cooler tomorrow and quite windy and blustery on friday, feeling like a winter day with maybe a few flurries. that coastal storm we spoke of earlier this week is going to miss us offshore. that's good news. the average daytime high is about 38 degrees in and around the city. midtown is at 42 as well as jersey city. danbury at 39 degrees. down across the jersey shore, pretty much around 40, low 40s
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cold up at hunter mountain. temperatures in the upper 20s. wind right now are out of the northwest to west, so at times it feels chilly. it's a brisk wind too. occasional gusts up to 20 miles per hour. it feels like the 20s and right around freezing in some spots. 23 on time lapse we can see a few clouds here and there, but it was a nice sunny day to start. getting a few flurries near poughkeepsie. south of our area we're seeing some clouds bubble up. back to the west there's another cold front approaching the area. for tonight, it should clear out in most spots. temperatures in the mid 30s by 11:00 p.m. by midnight we drop below freezing in the city, so there will be black ice in and around the city.
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20s to the low 30s. tomorrow is is a chillier day. an occasional cool breeze is expected to come through and then we drop down again tomorrow night. expected to be chilly friday into saturday. the storm staying out to sea. no major snowstorms in the forecast for now. mild temperatures, though, on sunday. we're back up above average in the 40s. that's a general trend. we're going to see some warm weather coming up next week, even warmer than what we've seen. watch out for those areas of black ice not only in the city but in outlying areas too. it's a little cooler on friday at 39. but back to the 40s over the weekend and maybe even the 50s next week some rain. we'd like you to just stop what you're doing for a moment and watch this story llosely. you could be holding the answer
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man has been living with for more than 44 years. >> he is sharing his personal journey on facebook. tens of thousands are joining in. >> reporter:s it tough to be here? >> it feels a ittle weird because i keep playing scenarios out in my head. >> reporter: jordan christopher is a man who doesn't know his actual birthday. >> i think about this every day. i wonder about it every day. >> reporter: jordan was abandoned on the 7th floor of the sedgwick houses in the bronx. 45 years l ater he's on a mission to find his mother and find out why she left him. >> i woke up and posted the video. tired of carrying it along with me. >> reporter: he posted a video on facebook sharing his frustration. he originally intended for a couple of friends to see it. so far more than 15,000 people
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went up on sunday. >> reporter: is it hard for you tohare that online, something so personal? >> yeah. i've been contemplating that for years. >> reporter: jordan is first to admit he has had a good life after being adopted by a loving couple. >> something about snow knowing where you came from. >> reporter: whether or not you get those answers you're looking for, have you gotten something else so far? >> like i said, it helped me change my view of the world. it made me realize how many other people were going through this like myself. >> reporter: he may have been ab iandoned at the start, but these days jordan christophwier is far from alone. gus rosendale. >> it's good to hear that he had a good upbringing anyway. but you could tell that mystery, that everyone mptiness is still with him.
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area that could soon ban smoking in your own car. that story when we return. and coming up at 6:00, a spe in slashings on new york city streets. news 4 investigates why and how many have already occurred in 20 16. join chuck scarborough and
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look at health care through our eyes and you'll see healthcare differently too. across 21 hospitals and over 450 community and research facilities, we're 61,000 people looking to not just raise our standard but raise the standard of health care. north shore-lij is now northwell health.
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a controversial proposal is being considered by a cornnecticut task force today. that p el is discussing where it should be illegal to smoke while kids are in the car. now, supporters say this would protect children from secondhand smoke. critics say the ban is an invasion of privacy and will be hard to enforce. another death has been connected to a takata air bag
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fragments in a crash in a 2007 honda civic. a honda spokesperson says other crash related injuries might be to blame. approximately 28 million cars have now been recalled because of those defective inflators. more steps are being taken to help the people of flint, michigan, to deal with a water contamination. he will join a panel of medical experts to find a long-term solution to help flint's population and residents who have been exposed to lead in their drinking water. you can soon take a class to learn how to fly a drone. bergen community college is one of three community colleges that got that approval. the super bowl is less than two weeks esay but it's already
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francisco. a giant truck carrying hundreds of footballs pulled into the center this morning. the footballs and the truck will be sold at the nfl experience event leading up to the super bowl 50. the new england patriots and carolina panthers each received a shipment of 108 practice balls to use before the big game. hopefully they'll all be inflated. >> denver broncos. in the next 30 minutes we'll hear from the good samaritan who saved a new jersey boy who was being mauled by a raccoon. coming up a look at the elaborate scheme. baffled, busted, broken? better get baquero. >> learn your rights. >> consucrr recorder linda
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. right now on news 4 new york, lining his pockets at his own daughter's expense. police say a long island did that and more. stealing identity ies and ripping people off to the tune of a half million dollars.
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ors say his
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