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tv   News 4 New York at 11  NBC  January 27, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm EST

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now at 11:00, a sanitation workerlynder arrest. he claims he was pistol whipped and robbed clearing snow from the streets. but the story took a shocking turn tonight. then -- i started screaming for help. >> a 6-year-old mauled by a raccoon and saved by a good samaritan top tonight the boy's mother describes u all to news4. the search right now for a man police say killed his girlfriend and shot the mother of his romantic rival. i'm chuck scarborough. and i'm sibila vargas. police say the support believed his girlfriend was cheating on m. >> brynn gingras is life with more on the manhunt and the people police are protecting right now. >> reporter: it wasn't long ago hen the medical examiner actually walked out the front doors of the build with the body
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her friends were out here whaling in grief trying to unanderstand how it's possible that her boyfriend allegedly killed her and then continued on a jealous rage. police want 29-year-old tie kwon long. no one knows where he is but this morning he was here at this far rockaway apartment building where police say he killed his girlfriend. her moth was home but she never got to say good-bye. >> this man came in, he took my child away from me. >> she says the couple dated for five years and there seemed to never be a time when long was not jealous of the 36-year-old mother of one. >> like anybody, he'll just go, she with this one, she with that one. >> reporter: police sources say that jealousy may be why he shot a woman in the hand in the building. but long believed her son was romantically involved with the victim.
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he he's in protective custody but he wasn't the only one who got a phone call today. >> he cousin calling me talking about bloodshed. tell him to give him some money and he'll squash the beef. >> reporter: this man spotted long boarding the train before that call and it may be the last time anyone saw him. this evening police held a nus conference while the investigators worked the crime scene. long has a criminal history, 11 prior arrests. >> tiquan long has a criminal record. >> the most recent assault last year against his now murdered girlfriend. >> reporter: now police are investigating a motive but the victim's family can only speculate that not only jealousy fueled him but drugs. they say long was a drugged ticket. i just checked in with police and they're still looking for him.
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to help, give them a call. a 6-year-old boy is recovering tonight from a horrifying attack by a crazed raccoon that nearly gouged out hi, s eyes and could have killed him had has hand not rushed to the rescue. >> the boy's mother saw it all happen and tonight she spoke one on one with news4. natalie paska really is live with the detail. >> reporter: that little boy as you said is recovering here at the hospital behind me from that vicious raccoon a tack. and i had the chance to speak one on one in person with his mother tonight who came outside to meet me just briefly. he says for one reason, to thank the man who helped her little boy. >> i don't have words to say things to im because he saved my boy today. he saved my son. >> this mother is grateful tonight for the person who came to the rescue of her little boy who tonight is recovering from
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>> he has some swelling on his face because of the scratch. >> reporter: still wearing the blood stained coat that hugged her little boy seconds after the attack, she explain to me what happened just after 8:30 a.m. on their walk to 16th avenue elementary today. >> he screamed mommy and i turned around and saw that he was on the ground and then something was, something was there on his back. >> reporter: that something was this raccoon latched on to her son. >> then i started screaming for help and danny, who help me. >> reporter: she screamed and people near by called 911. but it was neighbor danny walls who jumped into action. >> i was huge raccoon all over him viciously attacking him in his face. >> danny grabbed a metal bowl and worked to beat the animal off of him. tonight this moth tells me she
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could have been for her son if it weren't for walls. >> vi to say thanks, thanks, thanks a lot, danny. >> reporter: she called you her angee. >> i appreciate that. i appreciate it. but definitely wouldn't allow any kid, any kid in that circumstance to be in any danger. >> reporter: now, she told me her son should be released here from the medical center within the next 24 hours. as for the raccoon, that deceased raccoon, animal control took the raccoon. it will be tested for rabies. we may see the results as early as friday. i'm natalie pasquarella for news4 new york. it appears a sanitation worker has a lot of explaining to do. he told police this morning that he wat pistol whipped and robbed while clearing snow after the blizzard. but late tonight that story took a scandalous turn. checkey beckford is in queens with exclusive details.
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the sanitation worker initially told his girlfriend of 16 years that he got from two armed gunmen who pistol whipped him and robbed him. but tonight by say the on the job attack never happened. that he made it all up. law enforcement sources telling news4 morelli admits he was actually soliciting a prostitute and later got into some kind of altercation with two men. it was a far different picture of the sanitation worker than the one spun to his girlfriend anved her father. thap described morelli as a hard worker, doing 14-hour overnight shifts since the blizzard. they believed he was working overnight last night when he was attacked. but tonight mike morelli was arrested' charged with filing a false report. we talked extense live to mike morelli's girlfriend and her father earlier tonight. they had nothing but wonderful things to say about him, about
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shifts since the blizzard. and tonight we called them to get their reaction. her father said he was surprised, shocked, couldn't believe it. they didn't know he had been arrested. he said he would be the one breaking the news to his daughter. in queens, checkey beckford. some sad news in new jersey. a 3-year-old girl hospitalized after being found unresponsive in a carbon monoxide car has died. she wu found inside a car in an idle idling car. the snow was blocking the tail pipe. when he finished and looked inside, he discovered his wife and son dead and his daughter in critical condition. she did not make it. we could be in for a couple more manhole covers for a few days. the runoff is seeping in the manholes across the city.
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in contact with the electrical cables, the roults can be explosive. manhole fires have been reported since friday. con ed has been busy dealing with the outages. after working nonstop to clear snow for the past four days, the sanitation department is going to resume garbage collection tomorrow. residents should place their trash and recyclables out according to the normal srechedule. but carting it all away may take a while because sanitation has to devote some of its time to snow removal. a chopper sideways on a long island street. hard to believe any,ne walked away from this crash. two people were inside the helicopter when the engine lost pow power at 700 feet. the pilot was able to navigate the aircraft into a residential neighborhood, missing homes and power loins on his way down. turns out the chopper was on a training night from the academy of aviation. the student inside was on his first flight ever. witnesses say they cannot
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>> it went from seeing him to not seeing him at all. and i heard the big thud. >> everyone who's been on the scene so far, the police, the faa, have all commented on what a good job he's done. >> the pilot didn't want to comment on the crash. he is working with the f action a to determine what caused the helicopter to lose power. over the past two months we reported a sere rose of random slashings in new york city, en ough to add up to a disturbing pattern. so the news4 i-team looked into what could be driving this frightening criminal trend. ida segal reports. >> a slashing on the subway, the attacker captured in a clear photograph but on the run. it started with a bump on the 3 train. police say it ended when the man slashed a 29-year-old woman on the wrist yelling, i will chop you up on this train. >> it's horrible. that's a regular occurrence. there's no more excuse me, i'm sore or anything like that.
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case file on the string of slashings. we found nearly all of the attackers were unprovoked in december and january. on december 16th, a 16-year-old girl wu slashed in if neck in queens. her attacker still has not been caught. three weeks later a 24-year-old woman was slashed in chelsea. >> my gut instinct told me that something was wrong but i didn't think anything would happen. >> police did catch her attacker and linked him to similar crimes before he's undergoing a psychiatric evaluation. a little more than a week after that in the east village, a man needed 100 stitches after being slashed in the face. his attacker was taught and also has a his is triof violence and mental illness. then on monday, a 71-year-oldo woman was slashed on the subway. her attacker also caught. the same morning police get word they have this additional subway slt ash in brooklyn. >> i don't know if they're copy cat or not. each one seems to have its own motivation when we make the arrest and get into what was
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as i've indicated. sometimes emotional disturbed persons, their rationale is beyond rationalization. >> slashings in the month of january are up this year compared to last year by more than 18%. forensic psychologist notes motives of the attack ares may vary but they also have an advantage in the winter. >> it's a great time to do this because you know, people are bundled up, they don't have the same sort of range of motion. they can't look around. they're in their own world. >> reporter: police note that while slashings are up for the month of january, homicides and shootings are down. th oey're passing around this poster showing a reward if the most recent slashing, $2500 for any information that leads to an arrest. reporting from prospect heights, ida segal, news4 new york. new at 11:00, the death toll rising to four. more than two months after a gas explosion leveled a home in
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11-year-old tie kwan henderson died from his injuries this week. his sister died three weeks ago. both were seriously hurt and had been hospitalized since early november. two other women lost their lives on the day of the blast. officials say the home was illegally convert into a multifamily unit. and now to decision 2016. just five day to go before the iowa caucuses, republican front runner donald trump is standing firm in his decision not to for participate in tomorrow's debate. trump says he was not treated well by the network in the first debate claiming moderator megyn kelly was unfair. fox refuses that megyn kelly to be excluded tomorrow night. so he plans to have a rally in iowa to raise money for veterans. >> i don't think he's a credible candidate. i wouldn't vote for him if he was the only one running. >> if he's running any risk,
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may say this is immature pu but i think the risk is small. >> senator ted cruz accuses trump of being a coward and challenges him to a one on one debate without a moderator. bernie sanders went to the white house to discuss policy with proum. government affairs reporter is melissa russo is going to be live at the caucuses on monday. today's decision was widely expected in the wake of this month's stock market struggles. but instead of fueling a rally today, it seemed to fuel more concerns about a worldwide slowdown. the dow jones industrial average lost 223 point, falling below 1600. the s&p 500 and nasdaq were down as well. a government grou of
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federal refuge in oregon even one of their leaders is asking them to stand down and go home. eight others were arrested and are now facing felony charges. the group seized the area more than three weeks ago demanding the release of ranchers convicted of setting fires on land. a wild ride in oklahoma, the officer skds the driver this question. >> do you have anything illegal up there if your car? >> no, sir. >> can i search your car? >> is there cause? >> no i have reasonable suspicions right now. >> opening the trunk of the vehicle revealed what benjamin henson had stashed inside, bag full of marijuana. henson denied it belonged to him. jumped be the driver's seat and hit the gas. he swerved in and out of traffic while taking the trooper's k-9
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bags of marijuana fly off of the windshield of the car. police catch up to henson when he crashes into a fence. he face as slew of charges. a warning tonight. the images we're about to show you may be disturbing to some viewers. this is skylar fish. he almost died doing the duct tape challenge. the point is to break free after being wrapped in that tape. skylar accidentally fell and smashed his head into a window frame. it crushed his eye ocket and caused a brain aneurysm and he may not recover the sight in his left eye. skylar and his mother are hoping that looking at his injuries will teach kids not to take part in the duct tape challenge. tonight we're learning that five people in new york have tested pos ive for the mosquito born infection. they got the virus while traveling abroad.
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the virus is linked to 400 cases in brazil. babies bosh with deformed heads and brains. two top american researches accuse the world health organization of not acting fast enough. >> it started to involve multiple continents and many countries, more than 21 country countries in the americas. we eed global leadership in this global rapidly accelerating health problem. >> the zika virus cannot be spread from person to person, there's growing concern that the virus spreading mosquitos could go to the southern states and evonen farther north. a police investigation uncovered a sectioning scheme. tonight nearly two dozen teenagers are facing the kouns consequences of that.
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themselves and shared them through texas messages apps and a few students began selling the images for profit. >> you shouldn't be sendigg pictures like that to begin with. it's disrespectful to your body and yourself. once it's out there, you can't get it back. >> i was handled appropriately d professionally and it's belief that students have learned a difficult lesson. >> the three students who were art.rested face obscenity and child pornography charges. the founder and ceo of an online gay escort service has been indicted on money laundering charges. the indictment comes five months after and six employees were arrested in a raid by the feds. it allowed male prostitutes to po st their services for a fee and then charged customers to view the adds. they claim the site was nothing more than an internet brothel. a 2,000 reward is being
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person who abandoned a dog. a witness told police they saw the green suv stop on the side of the road, the driver open the door and pushed the dog out. it was then hit by a car travel in the other direction. now the dog is bruised but expected to be okay. anybody with information is asked to call the suffolk spca. guess what, you can no longer carry a hover board on new york city buses or subway trains. the mta officially banned them system wide. it's long prohibited personal wheel vehicles. but hoover boards are also considered a fire hazard after the devices have been catching fire. hoverboards have been banded by amtrak and most u.s. airlines. the national weather service confirmed that a tornado touched down in coconut creek, near ft. lauderdale. yoatu can see the damage. it picked up the car on the
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in another lane. there. >> is that something unusual, january is in. >> you know, usually they don't have this kind of weather so much this time of the year. tornadoes are usually a spring event. but because of the nature of the atmosphere and the conditions under el nino, they've seen this very strong jet stream, a sub tropical jet stream. they're being fed lots of tropical moisture and they're seeing all kinds of severe weather in the last two to three weeks. and they're etting heavy rain there tonight. so we're back to that, the el nino pattern is returning. the temperatures here are warming up. we had a little broef break there with the big snowstorm. of course that being energized by the tropical moisture as well. but now we're looking at more snow melt and refreeze. because tonight the temperatures will drop below freezing again. so we'll expect more black ice.
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a little bit of a brees breeze out there. more of the same. skies are starting to clear out in most areas right now. we've got a weak area of high pressure overhead that will keep us dry for the next day or so. temperatures are pretty chilly but nothibe extraordinary. 29 in avon dale. you're melting is refreezing now. 28 in long branch and 32 degrees in bridgeport. so more slick icy spots in the morning on sidewalks and roadways where you have melting. it's a cold chilly dry morning to start. 32 degrees but then warming up to near 40 by noon. so once again we'll see more melting. it's a gradual melt and that's what wc want. we don't want to it melt too fast. looking at the future tracker, the clouds move out across the area. they move back in tomorrow during the day. but we're mainly talking about high clouds. friday we get a little weak system coming in from the north and west. this is very fast moving system.
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will bring snow flurries and maybe a dusting of snow into the hudson valley. the city will see flurries as well. but the coastal storm is not going to hit up s. and this weak storm will be out of here by saturday at noon. the weekend looks decent. saturday, sunshine 42, sunday up to the mid-40s. look at next week, 40s to the 50s by wednesday. so we get the warm weather again. it's coming right back. and when we get precipitation it will be rain on monday and wednesday. something else is coming right back. >> that's right. says pa dus is a met again and the balance of pow near the national league has swung back to new york. coming up, we'll talk about what i means to have the slugger back. and sarena williams try to knock down another opponent downunder. highlights of the number one
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an elderly miami woman got op unexpected company in her bedroom on sunday morning rmg she woke up to find an exotic visitor sitting on of her. imagine seeing this on top of your covers. this is a kink you. a raccoon relative that's native to central and south america. the animal escaped from a nearby house and apparently decided to snug wl a new friend. >> she's sound asleep, he's 99 years old and she felt something going like this to her face. she screamed. >> creepy. the frightened animal bolted for the attic. eventually the woman's son-in-law lured it out. it's a pet belonging to a neighbor.
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tonight he's back home sound asleep we hope. >> he's kind of cute. >> yeah, just rubbing her face. >> right back with bruce beck and sports. you can't predict the market. but through good times and bad... t. rowe price... ...we've helped our investors stay confident for over 75 years. call us or your advisor. t. rowe price.
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your path to retirement may not always be clear. we can help guide your retirement savings. retirement journey we can help you reach your goals. or your advisor t. rowe price. invest with confidence. spring training is just around the corner. 2 is days and counting. and the mets and their fans are pumped up. last night the amazings
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the big bat. in the middle of the lineup, cespedes. >> the fact that a player of this magnitude wanted to be a new york met and wanted to be here and we are a destination now where players want to be, i think it is the biggest testament. >> from our sand pointe, we recognize that we have a pretty good team. but we also recognize that there was an opportunity for us to be a better team. i think it's a clear acknowledgment that, you know, the present is important to us. >> now to college hoops at the rock. seton hall looking to boost their tournament ress may. st. johns trying to snap a ten-losing streak and grab their first big east victory of the year. the pirates led at 8 at half time and angel delgado follows
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monster game with 15 point and 17 rebounds. and it was that kind of night for the johnnies. on the break, the ball hits two red storm defenders and pinballs right to derek gordon for the easy lay-in. seton hall improves to 14-6. the johnnies have lost 11 straight and counting. rutger was in and arbor looking for their first big ten win and they hung tough. midway through the second half, freshman cory sanders come up with the steal and the fluso that cut the michigan lead to five. duncan robinson in a game high 18, including four trifectas. this one pushes the league to double digits as michigan wins it 68-57. rutgers loses their eighth straight big ten game. let's head down under. the women's semifinals of the australian open. e number one player on the
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she was like a loek motive in the first set. broke radwanska's serve in the first game, never looked balk. she took the first set 6-0 in 21 minutes. the second set was much tougher. but at 4-4, serena comes up with the break thanks to shots like this, a punishing overhead and then serving for the match she finishes off her opponent in style. serena with a ridiculous swinging volley here as she improves to 7-0 lifetime in aussie semifinals. serena advances 6-0, 6-4. serena has been amaze in this tournament. she's not lost a set. she's dropped only 26 games in six matches. she's one win away from tying stephanie graph's all-time record of 22 majors.
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