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tv   News 4 New York at Noon  NBC  January 28, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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one person did die in the fire here at this four-story rental apartment building in freeport, reports of smoke inside the building started coming into the fire department at 10:15 this morning and when units arrived here than foy ey found fire. some very tense moments and thick smoke made it extremely difficult for folks to get out of the building and let's listen to what one resident told us just a couple of minutes ago. >> and when i walked outside it was just, like, smoke everywhere and you couldn't see anything. my lungs, they started burning. your eyes started burning and it was, like, it was pretty bad. >>. >> fortunately, the damage in the building was limited to that one apartment. there were 47 units in the building and as you can see, a lot of the folks who live in the building waiting out here, but again, we're told by the fire department the damage was limited to the one apartment.
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identified the victim of this blaze, but neighbors told me a husband and wife lived in the apartment that caught fire. the woman who lived in the apartment was apparently dealing with some health issues and was on oxygen, but again, fire officials have not identified either the man or woman who lived in that apartment as the victims of this fire. as for the cause again, that is still under investigation and just to recap, one person dying in a fire here at this four-story apartment complex i freeport. back to you. >> greg cergol reporting live. thank you, greg. we have another breaking story, and there has been a shooting. kaye? >> we just got word at 11:00 this morning and these are live pictures from chopper 4. this is in the ocean parkway section of brooklyn and the scene of when we are told was a commercial robbery. shots were fired during all of
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one suspect has been shot. two suspects are now in custody and police are telling us that they are looking for additional suspects. you can see a large police presence at this intersection over here and we'll continue to keep you updated. i'm kai simonton. david, back to you. >> this was a wild scene in jersey city where the officer was dragged down the street. it happened after a traffic stop at fourth street and ocean avenue. officers were trying to arrest a man in a stolen car says the department and the man tried to take off, dragging that officer. police did shoot at the suspect and he's being treated at a nearby hospital. the officer suffered only minor injuries. in lyle ong island, a man was killed after 2:00 on glen miller stasreet. they say two men were standing on the street when someone opened fire both were hit and one was killed and the second treated now at a hospital and he's expected to survive and no
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violent and on the run. right now police say they're searching for the suspect who stabbed a man to death in an east harlem homeless shelter. it happened just before midnight on lexington avenue near 124th street. news 4's katherine creag says this is one of the reason the shelters. >> we heard from so many clients of the homeless shelter. as for police commissioner brattin, he met with reporters telling them the suspect's name was anthony white. this was a violent fatal attack and the security officer here at the shelter saw the suspect run out and he saw the room where the victim was and it was a gruesome scene. as police returned to this homeless shelter and detectives checked back in, people who know the suspect who is accused of fatally stabbing a 62-year-old man said he's been violent before. >> the first time the guy punched me in the jaw when i was sleeping. he wanted me to leave the room. he's paranoid and all of that.
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midnight the suspect and victim became violent. the suspect stabbed victim in the neck according to investigators. the victim died and the suspect nowhere to be found. it happened at the boulevard homeless shelter for men on lexington avenue near 124th street. clients of the shelter tell us while there is a metal detecter and a security officer. >> i complain about people threatening to kill me in the space. i think the director should take it seriously. >> he came after me with a razor blade and slit my face. >> ronny lee says he was attacked here a week ago and he wants to see more security officers. >> they need people in there that aren't kids that will thoroughly search your book bag and they're not allowed to go in your pockets, but they can make you turn them inside out. >> people who know the suspect tell us they've had problems with each other for years. >> one woman who lives near the shelter wept as she found out
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>> he killed -- >> he got killed? they got the people? >> reporter: no, they're still out. >> oh, my god, how did that happen? a shelter? >> reporter: and we are waiting for a statement from the department of homeless services. also waiting for the identity of the victim. again, what we know of him, he was 62 years old. as for the suspect again, david, his name is anthony white and police are still looking for him. back to you, david. kat creag reporting live for us in east harlem. a driver from florida has been charged with driving while intoxicated that struck a police officer. he was headed in the wrong direction this morning and he collided with joseph verdi's patrol car near nichols road. the officer was taken to the hospital, treated for minor injuries and released. growing concern over the
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county officials to make a new law. many americans are canceling their travel plans and while some are offering refunds it is not mandatory and they submitted legislation today requiring companies who do business in the county to refund pregnant travelers. >> anyone else that has this concern that has already made plans to travel to one of the affected countries and they are pregnant, they along with their travel companions should get a full refund. >> the zika virus is passed by mosquitos and can cause serious birth defects in pregnant women. there are 24 countries currently on the travel advisory list and many call it a commuter's lifeline and today they're fighting the possible shut down of the l train pain shutdown that could shudder the line for years. michael george just stepped out of that meeting in brooklyn. michael? >> reporter: david, a lot of brooklyn residents are still in
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officials a piece of their mind. they say if the l train is shut down for years, it would be a disaster. businesses will shut down and people will lose their jobs. 150 people are inside and many angrily slamming the proposal to shut down the l between brooklyn and manhattan for repairs. the mta hasn't told them how this will all work. mta officials said they haven't yet decided on the plan to do it. this is because of damage from sandy on the l train between brooklyn and manhattan. it includes a total shutdown of the canarsie 2 for a year and a half. residents say that would be devastating. >> it would massively affect the way people commute to work. i would say most people probably work in manhattan, and i know the business owners are extra concerned about it. >> reporter: and mta officials tell me they haven't finalized any plans yet and this project is still years down the road and they say they'll listen to the
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we're live inwilliamsburg, news 4. >> thank you. to decision 2016 and the results of a nbc news/wall street journal/marrist poll shows donald trump at 32%. ted cruz at 25%. earlier this month ted cruz was ahead by four points and hillary clinton is neck and neck with bernie sanders in iowa, but new hampshire is a different story. sanders jumped out to a 57% lead over clinton's 38%. earlier this month only four points separated the two candidates in new hampshire. but the big political buzz today has to do with donald trump sitting out tonight's republican debate and the last before the iowa caucus. he says he has concerns with one of the debate moderators, fox news anchor megyn kell who he has clashed with on a previous debate and he's defending his boycott on fox news. >> i was not treated well by fox.
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ridiculous p.r. statement that was drummed up by a child, and it was a taunt, and i said how much of this do you take? >> trump says he'll, instead, attend an event benefiting veterans happening at the same time just a few miles away. melissa russo is headed to iowa and she'll be joining us on everything happening there. coming up next at noon, a story developing right now. the so-called affluenza teen is arriving in texas after his escape to mexico. and why an oscar-nominated actor is rubbing elbows with the pope. i'm storm team 4 meteorologist erica grow. we have flurries and snow showers on the way and another warm-up and i'll show you when temperatures could get into the
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we have an update for you now on the breaking news reported at the top of the broadcast. one suspect shot by police outside a store in midwood. kai simonson, what have you learned? >> david, we first got word on this at 11:00 this morning. we are over the intersection of east 14th street and avenue o. this is in the midwood section of brooklyn. a police-involved shooting. we are told the cop fired shots after responding to a robbery in the store. one suspect was taken to the hospital with gunshot wounds and two suspects are in custody and police are actively searching for additional suspects and it appears as though that there was some kind of a motor vehicle accident that happened between a police car and another vehicle. we will continue to keep you up-to-date been i'm kai simonson. back over to you. .
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>> at kennedy space center, hundreds gathered to honor those killed aboard the space shuttle "challenger" 30 years ago today. it broke apart in mid air 73 seconds after launch. many of the victims' family members attended the wreath ceremony and a memorial was placed outside. the fbi arrested three occupying a federal wild life refuge. the arrest comes after ammon bundy and seven others were arrested. bundy issued a statement through his attorney urging the remaining refuge occupiers to stand down and go home. the young man known as the affluenza teen has been sent back to the united states. mexican immigration officials released this video showing ethan couch headed to the plane texas. couch killed four people while
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his lawyer successfully pleaded he was too privileged to know right from wrong. he allegedly ran to mexico late last year after a video appeared to show him around alcohol at a party which is a violation of his probation. police say they found the drugs hidden inside a truck, not in the truck, but within its parts. drug-sniffing dogs picked up the scent after police pulled the vehicle over for driving suspiciously in elmhurst last night. officers sawed open the axle and the drive shaft and there, they say, were 100 pounds of heroin. detectives say it's worth $14 million. in today's money report, good news about the state of our economy in regard to the job market. for that and much more let's check in with sue herrera at cnbc global headquarters. >> good to see you. the marks are flirting with positive territory, but the dow has been in and out of positive territory all session. it's earnings season so there's
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right now we're up about seven points, eight points on the trading session on the dow. oil is better than 3% and that's what's supporting the stock market early on this morning, as well. you mentioned the jobless rate. well, the number of americans filing for new jobless benefits went down in the latest reporting period and that's a sign of strength in the labor market. initial jobless claims are basically a proxy for layoffs across the u.s. and they decreased by 16,000. that means that the labor market is getting a little bit stronger and that's some good news. the claims for the prior week little bit. so good news on fund that holds a position in johnson & johnson and they say that basically, j & j is worth more if the divisions within it are kind of broken out. that's the company that makes baby products, tide, listerine,
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they make it. and artisan partners thinks if those divisions were freed up it might free up $90 billion in what they call enterprise value for the stock. so j & j has been trading up on the day in anticipation, perhaps, of that company being back to you. have a great day. >> you, too. sue. thank you so much. >> erica grow is here to let us know what we can expect. >> we're well above freezing. so the melting process continues. tomorrow is a brief cooldown, but then we are going to rebound again, so the overall trend will be for milder temperatures for the most part. >> we're taking a live look with the beautiful top of the rock cam right now. it's a little bit almost hazy. you can see, of course, it's hard to get a perfect crystal-clear day here in new york. mostly sunny and 40 degrees right now in central park. in the weather headlines we do have a good amount of sunshine and there are two features that are approaching and first off is a coastal storm that's offshore and a weak clipper system that's approaching.
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friday, but it also could bring you a few snowflakes and we'll talk about that in just a second. city island is 42 degrees and same in hoboken, and it's 36 in sussex and 39 degrees in bridgewater. we're looking at temperatures remaining above freezing through the evening hours and just barely dipping into the 20s in the suburbs overnight tonight. those two features i was mentioning and the first on storm tracker, you can see the coastal system that's right now basically in the carolina, but also offshore a little bit. it's going to continue to make its way further offshore and we're also watching this weak clipper system that's bringing ashowers and you can see rain mixing in and you'll see why on future tracker and you see the few flurries and snowflakes on sunday morning and you might get a brief burst of snow and with the temperatures
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good amount of melting and this will not be for the evening commute on friday. 3:00 friday, we could see the snowflakes changing over to rain. this is not an all-day event and not by any stretch and just a couple of snow flurries or a quick raindrop or two off and on tloit throughout the day from 9:00 a.m. until 4:00 and the winds will start to pick up very calm in the morning on friday, but by 3:00 in the afternoon, those winds starting to gust into 25 to maybe even 30 mile-an-hour range, stronger wind gusts to the south as we head into the evening hours those winds pick up throughout the entire metro area, but they're not too terribly strong especially when you compare it to last weekend when we had the terrible wind gusts and we'll see a little bit of a breeze through saturday, as well. today's high temperature, 43 degrees, a lot of sunshine. we're melting off more of that snow and then overnight tonight dropping into 32 in the city and 20s in the suburbs and we will have more black ice especially
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here's a look at the seven-day forecast on sunday it will be milder. a high of 46 degrees and saturday is not a bad day, either. monday we have the potential for a rain shower and not snow and some heavy rain is possible on wednesday, but look at those temperatures well into the 50s. so the mild trend continues for the most part. david, back to you. >> erica, thank you. new at noon, academy award nominee lon ord leonardo dicaprio met with the pope. dicaprio was recently honored for his environmental work in davos and the pope released an encyclical calling on wealthier nations to do more to solve climate change. "new york live" is live at 12:30 and here are sara and jacqui coming up. >> which stars will join arnold schwarzenegger on the new season of "celebrity apprentice." we have the eclectic list.
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all on one street? we'll take you on a tour just in time for lunch. >> the salmon looks so good. >> and we have puppies up for adoption as always on thursday. that and more at 12:30. >> ladies, we'll see you in a few minutes. still ahead, the ugly hit in one hockey game and the man down
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an nhl player is under fire today for slamming into an official last night, calgary flames defenseman dennis wideman unwittingly cross-checked don henderson during last night's home game. henderson continued officiating. wideman wasn't penalized for the hit and the league is expected to take action. >> new at noon, the staten island ferry has a new name. the first of three new ferries
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years will be named after army staff sergeant michael arlis. he was killed while serve ing in afghanistan and it's expected to be in service until 2019. >> still ahead, a new body for barbie.
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children have been playing with barbie dolls for decades and now they're getting a new look. the doll will come in three new body shape, tall, petite and curvy and you'll still be able to get the original model, but mattel hopes the new dolls will give barbie a more diverse look that reflects 21st america. the new dolls are online and will be in stores later this year. a positive outcome of last week's blizzard for broadway fans. an extra deal on tickets. dozens of shows have agreed to extend their broadway week deal for two more days and they're trying to make up for the ticket sales lost when they had to cancel performances during the height of the storm. you'll now be able to buy two tickets for the price of one until february 7th. tonight on news 4 new york at 5:00, we'll have much more on the breaking story in brooklyn where there's been a daylight robbery attempt and a
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also the zika zire virus spreading and what you can do if you have a trip planned to the affected countries. for breaking news and weather updates any time anywhere go to nbcnew or the mobile app. "n tew york live" is coming your
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