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tv   News 4 New York at 5  NBC  January 28, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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on social media, there were thousands of tweets and facebook postings. at first, as you said earlier, chuck, many thought it was an earthquake. certainly it was powerful enough that people thought that way. and it happened for almost an hour. >> i didn't feel any shaking, but i noticed my windows began to rattle for maybe ten to 15 seconds. felt it on two separate occasions around 2:30. >> reporter: what did you think it was? >> i don't know. construction nearby. >> reporter: no. there was no construction around there, he said. i talked with a scientist, mitch gold at lamont doherty earth observatory. he said it appeared there were multiple passes of one or more jets to make those sonic booms. and this is what it sounds like. that is a defense department
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again, the pentagon, however, telling nbc news they know of no military jet activity here. however, there is just offshore off the jersey shore there is a restricted zone for military training. and it has happened before. in fact, there is a report out of charleston, south carolina, earlier this week of sonic booms down there that the pentagon did not necessarily lay claim to, although they said they had some jets in the air over north carolina. at this point, who knows. but we can tell you this, nobody in authority is saying it was an earthquake. live in long branch, i'm brian thompson. storm team 4 meteorologist janice huff is here to explain how a sonic boom works. >> it's when an object passes through the air faster than the
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the united states geological survey, the organization that records earthquakes, they know it was not an earthquake. they are saying it likely was a sonic boom in the atmosphere, one or more planes traveling faster than the speed of sound or 768 miles per hour. and it creates like an education explosion. they can travel very far. not only across parts of new jersey did you feel this but even up toward amitiville, long island. still no actual confirmation that it was a sound wave or a sonic boom, but certainly enough to rattle nerves and rattle houses around the tri state area today. a major development in the zika virus outbreak. a pregnant woman from new york city diagnosed.
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cases of zika virus in new york state. there's one in rochester in western new york. at this point nobody is infected in new jersey or connecticut. >> reporter: first and foremost, health officials want to be clear that new yorkers are not in any danger unless they travel to an infected country. that said, yes, there is one new case here in new york city, a pregnant woman who was diagnosed after returning from a trip in a country that has been affected. the announcement came as a surprise to folks on the street today, a new case of the zika virus in new york city, this time a pregnant woman who was traveling in an affected country. >> that's exactly how it happens. you travel. out there. that's sad. >> reporter: pregnant women are
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developing babies can be harmed. there are now a total of three cases in new york city and seven in new york state. the virus is not contagious. it can't be spread from person to person. you can only get it if an infected mosquito bites you. so far only one species of mott mosquito transmits the virus. >> we want to strongly advise pregnant women or women who are considering becoming pregnant consider delaying travel to affected countries. >> reporter: they are going to boost their west nile fighting type mosquito efforts once the season begins in april. >> i'm just founding out about this, like literally i'm just finding out about this. it's something that, yeah, is
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>> reporter: yeah. and health officials want people to have that family discussion. another reason people here in new york don't need to worry, it's winter. mosquito season doesn't start until april. officials will be using this time in between to study the virus and moss quitos in the area. >> here's what you need to know. the zika virus is spread to people primarily through the bite of an infected mosquito. the most common symptoms are rash, joint pain, red eyes and the symptoms will show up within a week. coming up at 5:30, linda explains the deals airlines are offering. a wild scene out of brooklyn started with a robbery and ended with a police pursuit and bullets flying through the neighborhood in broad daylight. >> reporter: sibila, no police
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two suspected robbers are in custody. another robber was shot. we're told he had a gun. and all of this, well, it all played out just one block from this very busy school. a smashed up suv, scores of police officers, the result of a botched robbery and police pursuit. >> i heard a bang. i came out of my driveway. all of a sudden i heard four shots. saw two people running on the right hand side of the sidewalk. >> reporter: joe watched it all unfold in front of him. he saw the robbers and directed police to them. moments later he watched as police fired, hitting one man. >> one person was shot on the corner. he was on the ground face down into the snow. >> reporter: the wild pursuit ended here in the midwood section of brooklyn. the robbers tried to run. police arrested two. the other had a gun. police shot him. >> our uniformed police officer fired several rounds at that male.
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>> reporter: this all started several blocks away at this cell phone store. three robbers stormed in, grabbed phones and left. they did not count on an employee following the get-away car and alerting police. >> all of a sudden i see a bunch of cop cars and ambulances and firetrucks. >> reporter: the commotion startling this woman who worked in this neighborhood for years. >> this is so rare. this never happens in our area. this is a nice area. it's quiet. >> reporter: back here on the scene, we're taking a live look right now as investigates armed with shovels are digging through the snow looking for spent rounds from the incident earlier today. we can also tell you detects are trying to piece this together, trying to see if these three men could be connected to other robberies in the area.
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police say they shot a man in a stolen car there who they say drag add cop ged a cop down the street in jersey shore jersey city. officers tried to arrest the man when they realized the car was stolen but he drove off, dragging the officer with him. shots were fired. he is in critical condition. the officer is okay. viewers sent us video and pictures of what appeared to be a fire on top of a building in bryant park. all this smoke was actually the exhaust from a diesel crane on that building. nobody was in danger. now to decision 2016. this is it, the last republican presidential debate before the iowa caucuses begin on monday. donald trump is boycotting tonight's showdown but he's
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>> reporter: good evening from des moines. the debate itself will take place here at the iowa event center here tonight. the trump rally a few miles away across town. both taking place simultaneously would show again vividly that the republican front runner is writing his own rules. on debate day in iowa a big question, will donald trump dropping out hurt or help him. donnie wittmann said he's more eager now to back trump. >> he's his own person. i like that. he doesn't even spend any money on his campaign. >> reporter: you're going to caucus for him monday night whether he debates tonight or not? >> you bet. >> goes along with everything else that we've seen so far, that he's just not that interested in the people as much as i'd like him to be. >> reporter: claiming he was treated unfairly in the first
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anchor bill owe 'reilly's plea. >> we're going to help a lot of veterans. >> reporter: trump plans an event at drake university at the same time as the debate a few miles away where with trump absent ted cruz will be center stage. >> it's not that he's afraid of me. he's afraid of you. >> reporter: or trump has made a crafty move. >> voters get to see just him on the stage. >> reporter: in today's poll trump has widened his lead in iowa with four days until the vote. iowans tonight could see a push at the debate by marco rubio. >> steve is going to have some company in iowa soon.
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iowa for the caucuses on monday. still ahead, a dangerous discovery at the disneyland in paris. and a school fight club in queens all caught on camera. and we've all been there. you wait and wait and wait to get a ticket to a big event. within seconds it is gone. what's being done to keep you from going through that again? clouds are moving in now. and we've got a bit of snow on the way. don't get too excited.
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new information we just got about that sonic boom that we reported. >> that was felt all along the jersey shore, parts of long island and connecticut. i guess we have official confirmation now? >> reporter: yeah. official confirmation. and we know what jet it was. it was an f-35c joint strike fighter jet that was doing a test run out here over the atlantic ocean off the jersey
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this coming out of the naval test wing atlantic at the pax naval air station down in maryland. this jet has been in development for the last few years, a multibillion dollar program. i wouldn't be surprised if we don't hear more sonic booms from this jet in the months and years to come as this jet rolls out in the military strike force. new at 5:00, a terror scare at disneyland in paris. french authorities arresting a man with two handguns and a copy of the koran. french authorities say the man's bag set off the metal detector at the hotel new york. lists. a woman with him was also arrested. she was not armed. paris, of course, remaining on high alert after those deadly attack
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flames erupted on north bergen place. >> when i walked outside it was smoke everywhere. my lungs started burning. your eyes started burning. it was like pretty bad. >> the woman killed in the fire has not yet been identified. and in new jersey now a man wanted for a string of sexual assaults off the streets tonight expected in court tomorrow. the 35-year-old is accused of raping three females and trying to rape a fourth. the victims include a 13-year-old girl. michael faces a long list of charges including aggravated sexual assault, kidnapping and making terroristic threats. a man accused of running a sex trafficking and prostitution ring down the super bowl weekend here in new york was convicted
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ed ed two women and a teenage girl from florida to work as prostitutes. if you've ever had a hard time getting a ticket to a concert or a sporting event, you are not alone. >> now new york's attorney general is asking that same question. news 4 consumer reporter linda baquero is here with details. >> after so many consumer complaints, it turns out inthstigators found abuses and practices that prevent people like you and me from buying affordable tickets or sometimes getting those tickets at all. three major challenges face the average fan. first, more than half of tickets are not sold to the public. most go to industry insiders or presales for people with special access. second, there's illegal software
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grab thousands of tickets in just seconds. it took a single bot more than one minute to buy thousands of tickets to a u2 concert. the average surcharge is 21%. the new york attorney general now wants to reform the industry by requiring more transparency about how many tickets are being withheld. and ending new york's ban on paper tickets that are nontransferable. >> new yorkers deserve a chance to see their favorite musicians perform at a reasonable price, to see their favorite teams play at a reasonable price. the ticket industry is now on notice that our investigations are continuing and will continue until all new yorkers can get a fair deal on tickets. >> well, two ticket brokers now
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operating illegally without a license. remember f if you buy a ticket through a reseller, make sure they're licensed. compare prices on different sites. and pay with a credit card in case there is a problem. time for the weather now. janice, are we going to have liquid precipitation or the snowy stuff? >> it depends on where you are. we'll get a little bit of both actually. it will not be that much to really talk about except we have this fast-moving clipper storm coming in tomorrow. because some temperatures will be warm enough for a little bit of rain too, it will mix with some of the snowflakes. more snow is melting after an icy start this morning. coastal storm offshore doesn't affect us at all. but this weak clipper coming through will. right now it's above freezing
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park at 40. 41 in poughkeepsie. it's relatively mild out there right now. clouds across the region, continue to increase here and there. the offshore storm is way to our south and that's developing. this is the clipper. it's bringing some snow to detroit and cleveland, although they're getting a mix there. that's what's coming tomorrow afternoon north of the city. not too chilly though. we should stay above freezing in the city. there will be black ice north and west because we'll have more freezing tonight again. there will be snow showers showing up around 10:00 over the cat catskills and poconos. the flurries will fly around, at times mixed in with a few sprinkles during the midday
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by 4:00 or 5:00 the clipper is gone. they're fast moving storms and they don't have a lot of moisture to work with. 46 on sunday. 50 by tuesday. in the middle of next week we get some rain and 55 degree temperatures. like springtime all over again in the midst of winter for us in the tri state. tomorrow mostly cloudy. wet snowflakes mixed with rain showers here. you'll see the same at the jersey shore with temperatures in the mid 30s. black ice possible in the morning north and west. yes, you'll have some snow showers there. snow showers for long island and coastal connecticut as well. a high of 39 degrees tomorrow. up to 42 on saturday. close to 50 on sunday. we should get close to 50 on monday with rain showers. back to the mid 50s by wednesday. much more ahead as we continue.
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in the fight against cancer president obama has created a new federal task panel tasked with finding a cure. biden will hold the mirs first meeting on monday. vice president biden's son beau died last year of brain cancer. a panel wants to ban lithium ion batteries from being shipped on planes. they recommended the cargo be
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batteries can catch fire. lithium batteries are used to power everything from your cell phone to your laptop. sue zuki has recalled more than 68,000 motorbikes. the recall includes models from the 2008 to the 2015 model year. barbie has a new look that comes in all shapes and size z. s comes in all shapes and size z. s izes. check out the new line of dolls each reflecting different types of dolls, tall, petite, occur curvy. you can buy them online alongside the original barbie body. it is not clear quite yet when they're be available in stores. david, tell me what's coming up new at 5:30.
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for years. i'm finally glad that matell is recognizing it. >> reading, writing and round houses. fistfighting isn't really new in schools. but wait until you hear who was allegedly egging on two students in a queens after school program. and five days after the blizzard we've got an update on how many tickets have been written for not shoveling sidewalks. the news at 5:30 just minutes away. have a tip for new york's
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