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tv   News 4 New York at 6  NBC  January 28, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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half hour or so, we keep getting shocks. the whole house is shaking. >> there's tremendous vibration. three times now. i don't know if it's an earthquake or what. >> they think maybe a fighter jet might have drove by. but yeah, i just got off the phone with them because you're our second caller on it. >> reporter: now, we also obtained these exclusive photos of ceiling damage to a home. it remains to be seen if the navy will pay for this. but an apology is expected from the pentagon or the navy at some point this evening to area residents who were affected by this boom. they say that normally these jets should not be breaking the sound barrier where people in a populated area can hair it. moving on now to the nypd stepping up security on the
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>> right now there are 2800 patrol officers on the grounds. today another 1300 officers are going to be trained to join them. >> this comes amid that rash of slashings and stabbings, five in the subway testimony just this month. >> reporter: crime on the subway still near historic lows. a handful of shocking slashing incidents among the reason police today are taking some strong measures. >> the system is very safe. we're looking at a little more than six crimes a day in the whole city. >> reporter: the chief of transit took to the trains with us today to reassure riders after a jump in slashings. hundreds of patrol officers head underground to check in on stations every day. >> we want to be there to kind
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>> reporter: five seemingly random slashings have made front page news, including one on a 71-year-old rider. >> i don't want to travel by myself. i'm really scared. >> reporter: and an arrest made in the attack on the elderly woman. >> it only has to happen once. that's where our job is. that's why i appreciate this opportunity to put this in perspective. >> reporter: the chief says, yes, there is a jump in slashings this year, five this month on the trains, up from just two in january of last year. but still small compared to the 6 million daily riders. but combined with other slashing incidents aboveground, some say they're being more careful. >> reporter: you don't think it's the media scaring people? >> when people are hurt, i don't think the media can actually scare you.
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police son on the way. in all of last year there were just three subway slashings on random victims. most cases police say the result of an altercation between people who know one another or get into a fight on the subways. again, a strong show of force expected in the weeks and months ahead as the nypd ramps up patrols. the world health organization says the zika virus is spreading explosively in the americas. it plans to hold an emergency meeting about the outbreak next week. here in the city a pregnant woman has been diagnosed with that virus, bringing the total number diagnosed with that disease to three. the woman was diagnosed reenlt recently. four people in the new york state area have been diagnosed
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each of these four counties, monroe, nassau, orange and suffolk. in mineola health officials are tray trying to ease concerns. >> reporter: here at the nassau county health department the message today was a simple one, don't panic. still we heard growing concerns about zika in the story of a nassau county couple who actually cancelled their travel plans because of the virus. they're expecting their first child in june and were to leave this weekend on a cruise, one last vacation before the baby's arrival. but the outbreak with its threat to pregnant moms led the nassau county couple to cancel their plans. >> this is our first time around. i don't want anything to happen to put the child at risk. >> reporter: the smiths told the story as nassau county officials tried to educate the public
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so far one of new york's eight zika cases has been confirmed here. >> the disease as a whole is very mild. the risk at this point really exists only in pregnant women. >> reporter: pregnant women infected with the virus can give birth to children with brain defects. most are in central and south america. >> it's very possible that someone can go down there and pick this disease up, this virus up and come back up here with it. >> reporter: zika is spread by mosquitos. more moat for most symptoms are minor. as for the smiths they're fighting norwegian cruise lines for a refund. >> they don't really care. they're in it to make money. >> safety should be first and most important.
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cruise lines did not respond to our e-mail seeking comment. they've offered the couple credit for a cruise in the future. the blizzard may be a zant distant memory or maybe not. there have been hundreds of manhole explosions since the storm. how have utility crews been keeping up with them? >> reporter: we are inside con edison's learning center in long island city where engineers and
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in the case of a manhole fire. you'd never think something this explosive could begin as melting snow. but after a storm like the one that just pounded the tri state, we are still feeling the effects. so this is an exclusive look inside con edison's manhole simulator. that's fog, not smoke. and the sound effect of an electric charge, all designed to show what these real workers faced today after another rash of manhole fires. >> a manhole fire really occurs if there has been a long-term corrosion and a buildup. >> reporter: like these real cables, sizzled to a crisp. workers showed us on claremont avenue in fort green today. one of 500 manhole fires since the blizzard. >> it's amazing how the entire
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feet of snow in the winter. i think con ed is doing a really good job. >> reporter: thousands of people have lost power for short outages. >> i saw darkness and smelled smoke. >> reporter: which is why workers are putting in 12-hour shifts to keep a lid on things. back here they're also analyze ing bits and pieces of cables burnt in past manhole fires. coming up, arrests in the carjacking and shooting at a hotel by jfk. plus mayor de blasio opting out of this year's ground hog ceremony. more importantly, what will
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new at 6:00, to men in custody in connection with a robbery at a queens hotel. they have been arrested in an unrelated car theft. a 20-year-old woman was pistol whipped, her mother shot in the torso. she is still in the hospital. police are searching for a third suspect. staten island is probably breathing a sigh of relief tonight.
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the groundhog's day festivities. in 2014, though, de blasio dropped the groundhog and it died a few months later. she he joked about missing the ceremony today. >> i think if there were a groundhog union, they would ask me to skip the ceremony. >> we should tell you the mayor did attend the ceremony last year but he didn't touch the groundhog. he didn't take any chances. >> one and done with that, right? >> mm-hm. coming up, a follow-up to an i-team exclusive. >> the mayor promised to get school buses to pick up kids at their shelters.
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from iran reports from the first interview with the head of iran's atomic energy group. >> after that agreement, there was a lot made by u.s. negotiators about the potential between the u.s. and iran? >> on a basic economic level there's talk of an industrial and cultural revolution. but the iranian revolution is not fied ading any time soon. now to an i-team follow up. we first brought you this story about homeless kids having to trek miles across the city on public transit to get to school. after seeing our story mayor de blasio promised to change that. but did he deliver? here's melissa russo. >> reporter: before the sun comes up, the school buses pull up outside this homeless shelter
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seven-year-old jawon and his two little sisters are super excited. >> i like it, the school bus, because it's yellow. >> reporter: it feels good to take the bus? >> yes. >> reporter: until the i-team got involved, this family and many others were denied school buses by the department of education which said stopping at their shelters would put their bus routes over the city's limit of five miles. >> it felt sad and terrible. i want kept on making me be late. >> reporter: the i-team exposed how thousands of homeless children living in shelters far from school were losing sleep, missing class after hours on mass transit. that is until after mayor de blasio saw it and made a change. last week those buses started rolling. >> reporter: you never had a school bus until now? >> until now. without the bus i have to get
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my oldest daughter was falling asleep in class. >> there's substantial numbers of new yorkers in the shelter now that are working. we don't want families to choose between work and school. >> reporter: the i-team found some families in shelters are still waiting for their school buses like this public schoolteacher. she asked not to be identified because she doesn't want her students to know she's home less. >> they provide metro cards but not bussing for my son. >> reporter: his school is the in the bronx far away from their brooklyn motel for the homeless. >> i use two trains and one bus. it's long and it's cold. >> i start work at 7:00 in the morning. he starts at 8:00. where is he supposed to stand for an hour?
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bus contractors, guidance counsellors, shelter staff, all say they have been scrambling for a month to reroute hundreds of buses. all agree it's a complicated task in the middle of a school year. the d.o.e. says it cannot give the i-team an estimate of how many more homeless children have received rides to school since the policy change. in a memo obtained by the i-team sent to johns on january 18th, the night before the new buses were scheduled to roll, staff says i hope you understand the challenges we faceden endeavored in less than four weeks to transport students. bus companies did not have
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pickups. her teenage son has been taking his little brother to school but often late. >> reporter: what happens when you get to school late? how do you feel about that? >> embarrassed. >> reporter: adding extra shame and stress for a seven-year-old living in limbo. after work, mom picks him up in the car that contains their few remaining possessions and it reminds him of all he's given up like his home and his favorite toy car. >> the yellow one. >> reporter: and claudia's eyes filled with tears when her son told us how he felt think about about that yellow car. the d.o.e. tells us they will get claudia's son a school bus within the next two weeks. of course we'll be following up. >> good work, melissa. that's a very serious problem
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addressed. time for the weather now. >> the temperature is 40 degrees out there right now. we had a lot of melting today. temperatures drop off begin tonight though which means more refreeze. overall we've got a warming trend coming up. we'll have a little bit of snow in the area coming up not from that coastal storm earlier in the week but from a weak clipper storm from canada. it's going to be a fast one. today's temperatures range from 37 in monticello to 46 in morristown today. it warmed up nicely across coastal areas to help with the snow melt. 32 in fairfield. you'll see a refreeze pretty soon. same in danbury. the temperatures aren't too bad out there. a little on the chilly side later tonight. skies are starting to clear out. here's what's next. this is the clipper bringing
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mix of rain, snow and ice to cleveland. it's all very light. clipper storms don't have much to work with and they move very fast. this evening the sky stayed dry although a little bit cloudy from time to time. and temperatures fall into the mid 30s by 11:00. later tonight, 32 in midtown and those snowy area, the slush freezes over again tonight. we're back up to near 40 tomorrow despite the fact we'll have the rain and the flurries coming through. saturday we're up to 42 and sunday close to 50. we expect some 50 degree temperatures next week as the pattern changes for us once again back to what we saw earlier in november and december, very mild with highs in the mid 50s by wednesday. groundhogs day is coming up on tuesday. 49 degrees with a mix of sun and clouds. will he or will he not see his
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>> a mystery. sun and clouds. the panthers and broncos on the national stage. but we've got a local story right in the mix. coming up in sports, a new jersey high school is routing for carolina and for good reason. their best player ever is cam newton's favorite target. we've got the story of greg
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time to start looking ahead. >> yes, we are indeed. super bowl 50 is exactly ten days away. the panthers and the broncos in santa clara. wayne, new jersey can't wait. that's because one of their own, greg olsen is in the spotlight. he's the carolina panther's leading receiver. as a tight end with 77 catches for over 1100 yards. and now greg olsen is getting ready for the biggest game of his life, super bowl 50. to think it all started here in new jersey where he was a high school all america at wayne hills and led the patriots to their first-ever state title in 2002. the current head coach of wayne
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he had a feeling that greg was going to be special. >> he was dominant. i think when you see a kid with that kind of size and ability, naturally it's in your head, i mean, this kid's got a bright future ahead of him. i think we all had an idea that something big was going to happen for him and it has. >> wayne hills is a power house in new jersey football. the school will be rooting hard for olsen and the panthers on super bowl sundays, because nothing screams tradition more than an alumnus playing in pro football's ultimate game. >> it's crazy to see somebody from this high school who trained in this gym now on the biggest stage. >> we're all behind him. we're all rooting him on. >> it really gives you something to strive for, just the fact this he came from this little place in wayne and he got all the way up to where he is today.
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probowl the last two seasons. in the nba tonight the knicks are in toronto. carmelo anthony is out again with a sore knee. serena williams cruised into the finals. djokovic did the same. not before fedderer provided us with the hit of the tournament. he shows incredible hustle before ripping a backhand winner down the line. unreal stuff. djokovic had the last laugh, marching to victory in four sets. serena and djokovic have dominated the australian open over the years. they have combined for 11 titles down under. have you ever made a shot like
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