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tv   News 4 New York at 11  NBC  January 28, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm EST

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a major new development in a case that's gone unsolved for years. the fbi raids a home in connection with the disappearance of lauren spooers. >> and the stelt test that triggered alarms, but first -- >> we're not going to beat hillary clinton with someone that's willing to do or say anything to win an election. >> the debate before the iowa caucuses. were they able to steal the spotlight from dth who stiped out good evening i'm chuck scarborough. >> first we're heading over to track a mix of rain and snow right now. >> this storm that's coming next is just a blip to the blizzard that hit it last weekend. it's going to bring a little bit of rain depending on where you are to the area tomorrow because the temperatures are going to warm up above freezing once again. the leading edge of that snow is
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and it will take several hours before it reaches the poconos tomorrow morning. if you're north and west of the city, in the morning you'll start to see some light snow developing in patchy spots. etch in the city you may see a few flakes fly. this will continue on and off through about 3:00 in the afternoon, but no significant accumulating at all. maybe a dusting on sidewalks, otherwise, just falling from the sky from time to time with temperatures well above freezing tomorrow. but what about the weekend? your storm team 4 forecast coming up in just a bit. >> back to the debate right now. of course it opened the questions about the elephant not in the room obviously referring to no-show dth. it -- we break it all down for
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some of the standout moments. >> as the republican front runner tried to steal the spotlight, a big question tonight. would they be able to keep the attention on the issues and not donald trump? >> i'm a maniac and everyone on this stage is stupid, fatd and ugly. and then you're a terrible surgeon. now that we've got the donald trump portion out of the way -- >> slamming donald trump right out of the gate, the candidates went after the republican front runner who decided to hold his own event, a fund raiser for veterans just miles away. >> i'm not going to do the debate out of respect for myself. but i've got to -- you know, i love iowa. we've got to do something. >> the candidates worked to set themselves apart from trump focusing on issues like the military and foreign terror. >> i will apologize to nobody
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i will go after terrorism, hunt down isis and utterly and completely destroy isis. >> have a no fly zone in syria and create safe zones to deal with the -- >> also taking center stage, domestic terror. >> i just don't think marco can have it both ways. >> i don't know anyone who's not in favor of fully vetting people trying to come to this country other than barack obama and hillary clinton. >> and chris christie trying to stay in the game. tonight he made a point to go after hillary clinton and her e-mails. >> she put american intelligence officers at risk for her convenience. she put american strategy at risk for her convenience. let me tell you who's not qualified to be president of the united states, chris. hillary clinton.
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debate immigration, just down the street at trump's fund raiser he claimed that he raised close to $6 million in one day but there have been some questions as to where the money will be donated. of course, a lot of people will be watching to see what the look like. that is what we're waiting on now. well, all the candidates took part in the so called undercard debate. complaining about a lack of coverage of their campaigns and of their appearance on the debate stage tonight. >> the entire hour leadup to this there was no conversation about any of the four people on this debate stage. the media across the country is manipulating and shaping and framing this campaign and has been for at least a year now. >> i don't think it's that the message isn't working. i think it's the message isn't getting out. >> all right.
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americans to take our country back. but the former ceo of hewlett packard really got the digs on hillary clinton. >> she is trying for the white house. she's probably more qualified for the big house, honestly. she's escaped prosecution more times than el chapo. perhaps sean penn should ber view her. if my husband did what bill clinton did i would have left him long ago. so here's the deal. >> clinton and rival bernie sanders are expected to debate next week. >> we'll have live reports on all the happening on monday. >> and the disappearance of a missing college student. we're talking about lauren spooer. the westchester woman was last seen back in 2011. she was walking home while attending indiana university. now all these years later a possible new lead. news 4 is here with what the fbi was doing today. >> and the spierer family has
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daughter. so much so that their answering machine at home still identifies lauren in it. the family may get some clues as to what happened to her. the fbi is focused on this home in martinsville indiana. specifically a barn on that property. the agency confirming to news 4 it's assisting local police in following leads and tips into the disappearance of the lauren spierer. the college student vanished after a night out with friends in bloomington. it's unclear how investigators were led to this house where 35-year-old justin wagers last lived. wagers is a convicted sex offender. he's in jail right now arrested months ago accused of stalking and ex- posing himself to women. authorities towed a truck from the property and have been sifting through dirt after cadaver dogs were used in the area. it's the first surge of activity since the case went cold.
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>> her parents have never given up hope. now possible clues about what may have happened to their daughter. incredibly tight lipped about this case. what's the connection between spierer and wagers for example and what evidence, if any, they found so far. of course this is a story that will have developments and we'll continue to follow it for you. for now, that's the latest from the news room. back to you. and more breaking news for you tonight. an arrest in the slashing of a woman on the 3 train in brooklyn early this week. police now have this man in custody. the suspect is expected to be charged within the hour. on tuesday he allegedly sliced the wrist of a 29-year-old woman and then threatened to chop her up on the train in front of terrified passengers. the woman was treated for her injuries and released from the hospital. the mystery solved behind those sonic booms heard all across our area today. it turns out they were from
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whatever the cause, these booms had a lot of people talking. we're live in long island with reaction. >> reporter: we talked to a woman here on bay side place. she was home sick from work when she felt something strange. she walked out her front door into the middle of the street trying to see if she imagined it. she was looking for neighbors and looking for answers to this question. >> did you just feel the earth move? >> reporter: she didn't know what was happening when her walls started creeking and her ceiling fan began spinning on its own. >> my ceiling fan actually did a little bit of an 8th of a spin as a result of it, and i knew that there was something going on. >> and then there were the earthquake like vibrations that got stronger, sending at least six pulses through her home. >> i felt it in me happen. it was a sensation that i've
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>> the tremors also rattled this garage on the jersey shore, more than 100 miles away. a homeowner even claims the shaking cracked his walls and ceiling. >> i noticed my windows began to rattle for whatever it was, maybe 10 to 15 seconds. >> reporter: the culprit behind the phenomenon that had so many rattled rattled, a sonic boom. military fighter jets conducting tests off the coast broke the sound barrier sending what felt like shock waves throughout the northeast. there were nine booms over 90 minutes stretching as far north as connecticut spurring 911 calls. >> the whole house is shaking. >> reporter: normally the u.s. military isn't allowed to conduct test flights that would set off sonic booms over populated areas, but diane bates says she isn't upset. >> everybody wants to know what was that and we don't need to know what was that.
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>> reporter: and this isn't the first time booms were felt in our area. they were felt in 2013 and 2014 in new jersey. now, a naval spokeswoman says that these supersonic tests are done almost on a daily basis but they usually don't make it to land. no injuries were reported today. news 4 new york. new tonight a bit of a scare at a mall in long island. the mall in garden city was evacuated after police received a call about a bomb inside that store. police responded. units with bomb sniffing dogs searched the store and found nothing. this is the same mall where an employee was shot during a botched robbery attempt just before christmas. hours. no arrests have been made. virus. this is after another confirmed case here in new york city. a pregnant woman recently
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three people have been diagnosed. pregnant women of course most at risk because their developing babies can be harmed. it cannot be spread from person to person. you can only get it if an infected mosquito bites you. health officials warning though, pregnant women should not travel to countries and parts of the caribbean where zeet mosquitos are spreading this virus. >> we would strongly advise pregnant women delaying travel to affected countries until we understand more about this virus infection. >> now, the world health organization says the virus is spreading explosively. it plans to hold an emergency meeting about the outbreak next week. that will determine whether zika should be declared an international health emergency. >> coming up, schoolyard brawls,
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in action with a coach accused of egging on the students. and the possible shutdown that has a lot of people fuming. and she may have the world's mooes
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fists fly as two kids slam each other to the ground at a queens middle school. those two boys are not alone. that is a school worker overseeing that fight. allegedly egging the boys on. marcus cruz, a coach, was fired after this video surfaced on facebook. a parent of one of the boys is demanding an investigation. >> it's very unacceptable. you're a grown man, you're supposed to be a role model for these kids.
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can see that he looks like he was actually participating in the fight. >> the department of education says cruz was an afterschool employee and not hired by them, but the case will be investigated. the department has zero tolerance for those that do not prioritize the safety of students. authorities say cops opened fire after one of two thieves flashed a gun during a confrontation in midwood. they say the man had just robbed a cell phone store. they hopped into a getaway car. the police chased them and then the pair crashed their car. the officer fired shots after they saw a gun and charges against both men are pending. a lot of people angry and nervous. some of them expressed their feelings today at a community meeting in williamsburg.
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the tubes that link the two buroughs. but people say that shutting down those tubes would make their lives a lot more difficult. >> businesses, to be quite honest, will shut down if something happens to the l train. >> we're talking an extra hour commute every day. >> the mta is still trying to decide whether they're shut the tubes down in stages or to do it all at once. at this point there are no plan to shut them down any time soon. bar bihas a new look that comes in all shapes and sizes. each reflecting different types of bodies. tall, petite, curvy. the company's been changing her look to try and give her a more realistic shape. you can buy them online alongside the original barbie body. it is not clear yet when they'll be available in stores. the family of a fallen pd officer held a fund raiser for all those who lost loved ones
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>> it was organized by the ramos foundation. he and his partner were killed in 2014 by a suicidal gunman. >> to his family, his lovely wife, his children, all of them, assuring that as he gave a life, even though he is now gone from us he will continue to give. southeast florida clearing up tonight after a tornado passed through that region. an ef-0 tornado touched down. some surveillance video from a church shows patio furniture being lifted in the air. that delivery man nearly being blown away. winds reaching up to 85 miles per hour. knocking down trees and utility lines. hundreds are without power today although thankfully there are no
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>> what are the wind parameters for an ef-0? >> i think it's up to 100 miles an hour. i think that's what they were predicting. a weak tornado but this is like the third or fourth report of tornados in florida in the last two weeks. very unusual for winter even in florida where they get thunderstorms. they don't get that many tornados there, but this is what's been happening with this el nino winter we've been having and we're about to see that happen here. here's a look outside. looks quiet out there right now and conditions across the area are pretty quiet. it's cloudy, 39 degrees, so the temperatures are above freezing. that's where we'll be tomorrow for an afternoon high, so when this clipper storm comes through with a little bit of light snow and rain, it's going to be probably some sprinkles and rain around the city, because the temperatures are going to be warm. we don't have to worry about the coastal storm. that was the bigger issue earlier in the week, but the clipper comes through tomorrow. a little bit cooler air behind that.
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you're likely to see some flurries or maybe a rain shower depending on where you are. you're likely to see more rain or a mix. temperatures near 40. sheeps head bay, it's 39 degrees. a few areas are below freezing. so you'll see some black ice freezing over in a couple of spots. a glaze from the melting snow, but it's quiet here with just the clouds and we're in between systems. this is the beginnings of that coastal storm that stays offshore and this is the clipper coming through with that light snow. north and west in some communities where you've had plenty of snow melt today. the clouds thicken across the region and by midday we're seeing sort of a mix of things. a little bit of light rain, if you're in areas north and west you could see maybe a dusting or coating. probably not much more than that
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weekend and we're up to 42 degrees. the arng verage high is around 40. by sunday we're in the upper 40s to near 50. warmer temperatures next week. even on groundhog's day it's 49. see your shadow, six more weeks of winter, they say. >> maybe he'll declare spring right on the spot. >> let's hope so. >> the knicks, not looking so good. >> shadow of themselves going into this game. anthony was injured. sounds like a recipe for disaster for the knicks. but derrick fisher's club battled the first place raptors valiantly north of the border. we've got the highlights from toronto and a big event in westchester tonight. what does the skipper have to say about the yankees' offson eason moves?
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your path to retirement may not always be clear. but at t. rowe price, retirement savings. takes you, we can help you reach your goals. call us or your advisor t. rowe price. invest with confidence. . hard to believe 30 years tonight that our nation was in mourning. >> it was january 28th, 1986, the space shuttle challenger lifted off from the kennedy center on an unusually cold morning. 73 seconds later as the families looked on, the shuttle blew apart. among the crew members the first teacher in space. today there is a memorial including one at the international space station. >> i'd like to take a moment of
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sacrifice of all those crew members and how their spirit and their legacy lives on in our achievement in space. >> 3, 2, 1. >> investigators later determining that the cold weather that morning is what led to the challenger trat gedy. 7 astronauts gone to heaven far too soon.
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for the knicks tonight, no melo and no porz gig ingis porzingis, midway through the third, galloway saves the loose ball and eventually lance thomas hits the floater to cut a 14-point deficit to just one. but the raptors answer with a 15-3 burst u burst. 26 and it was all kyle lowery down the stretch. the all-star point guard scored ten straight points as toronto wins their tenth straight. 103-93.
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spring training is 20 days away so let's talk some baseball. yankees manager was at the country club at east chester. for the 10th annual sports talk. while he was the keynote speaker at the event, i took the opportunity to talk shop with the skipper. >> you disappointed, joe, that the yankees are one of the five teams that didn't spend a dollar in free agency? >> i think sometimes people look at us and we're not going for the free agents. you look at our position players and they're locked up for contracts. we have a lot of guys locked up and we didn't make a huge splash. >> are you being realistic about your ball club because you seem high in this team? >> i am. it comes down to your starting pitching. you have to keep those guys healthy. >> pro football's ultimate game
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peyton's manning turn to talk. the 39-year-old signal caller will be the oldest qb to ever start a super bowl. >> we want to do our part on offense to help our team win. we certainly want to try to carry our weight and not take our defense for granted. but we have a tremendous challenge in front of us facing the panthers' defense. >> while the panthers' defense forced seven turnovers in the nfc championship game, don't sleep on their offense game either. they're the highest scoring unit in the nfl and one of their stars is a local kid. tight end greg olsen who is a football legend in new jersey. i visited the school today to talk to the coach and the players and there's no doubt greg olsen fever is running rampant. >> so many kids are talking about wow, greg olsen is in the super bowl, you know, especially the football kids that he was in that locker room on that field
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so to see him get to this point, it's exciting. >> it's crazy to see somebody from this high school from this gym it's wild. >> we're all rooting him on. >> it really gives you something to strive for, you know, just the fact that he came from this little place and he got all the way up to where he is today. >> that little place has a big-time tradition. 8 state titles in the past 14 years. the first one came in 2002 when greg olsen was their fearless leader.
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