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tv   Today in New York  NBC  January 29, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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threatening to chop her up. plus, five years later, a new search now in connection with the disappearance of a student. the westchester college student who disappeared. mystery solved. the sonic boom that rattled homes across three states. "today in new york" starts now. good morning everyone. it's friday morning. it's january 29th. i'm darlene rodriguez. i'm michael gargiulo. storm team 4's chris cimino here with the forecast. that's an f-35. that will do it every time. >> every time. i tell you. that's one of the big boys in the sky. we feel it and hear it. what we're feeling it morning is a range of temperatures in the 20s. particularly northwest new jersey the cold spot. you jump into the city, above freezing at 37. then lower 30s, upper 20s across long island, down the jersey shore as well. a weak disturbance is headed our way. this is the storm we worried
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moving away from us. what we're dealing with instead is a cold front. there are some snow showers that will work in here, possibly mixed with raindrops in the late morning, early afternoon hours. some clouds. 20s in the suburbs. look for brief mixed rain and snow showers from late morning until midday or so. then a gradual clearing trend. it will turn windier later in the day with a high of 40 degrees. emily west on this friday morning. tell us about the first check on the commute. >> hi everyone. we have trouble in queens. let's take a live look at the grand central parkway westbound just past the l.i.e. you can see an accident here. several emergency vehicles. only the left lane is open. the two right lanes are closed. we'll keep an eye on it. if you can go with the l.i.e. instead, that's your better bet. more weather and traffic on the 4s. >> emily, thank you so much. new this morning, we're getting a look at the man who police say threatened and cut a woman on a brooklyn subway train. tracie strahan is in downtown
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>> reporter: darlene, this arrest comes two days after he allegedly told the victim i will chop you up on this train and slashed her. no word from him as he was walked out of the precinct hours ago really. all of this happening hours ago. he will face charges, including assault, menacing and criminal possession of a weapon after a 29-year-old woman claims he threatened her and hit her with an object wrapped in cloth causing a laceration to her right hand. that slashing happened at the atlantic avenue barclay stop on the 3 train. that was one of the three subway attacks this week alone. subway stabbings and slashings are up 15% for the months of january. 286 attacks compared to 249 this time last year. now, after of the attack, police released photos of the man. they were taken by his alleged victim in this case.
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police and is expected in brooklyn criminal court today. >> tracie strahan, thank you. a convicted long island sex offender is due in court after he was found naked in a car with a teenage boy. suffolk county police officers saw that car early thursday morning in the parking lot of a shopping center. inside the 48-year-old and the 14-year-old boy. they met through a cell phone app and police are trying to determine if there are more victims. police arrested three men who robbed a string of banks and gas stations on long island. suffolk police caught the man last friday after a failed robbery attempt at a shell gas station. a good samaritan followed the suspect's car and gave a description to authorities. they are suspected in eight incidents since december. new this morning, a homeless man facing charges in a series of bank robberies in manhattan. police arrested the 43-year-old yesterday.
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here on surveillance video. investigators say he's tried robbing banks ten times since november. sometimes hitting several in one day. police say he tried robbing five on thursday but bank tellers recognized his face from wanted posters and led police right to him. we know what's behind the shaking feeling from long island to southern new jersey. the navy says one of their newest military fighter jets were doing maneuvers off the coast of new jersey. they broke the sound barrier several times. no m it rattled homes for miles. this is the f-35, the air force's and navy's newest fighter. a woman in amityville long island knew something was up when her home started creaking. >> i felt it in me happen. it was a sensation that i never experienced before. >> the barnegat homeowner in new jersey says the shaking cracked his walls and ceiling. the u.s. geological survey says
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the period of 90 minutes. the f-35 is brand new. it's a stealth equipped plane and obviously very fast. >> breaking the speed of sound. i would imagine, chris cimino, that would cause quite a bit of noise. >> yeah. there was something i was -- why it ended up moving towards land. that sound would -- there was an inversion in the atmosphere meaning it was colder at the ground. it actually bent the sound waves back towards ground. >> fascinating. >> i didn't come up with that. the scientists did. i'm just repeating it. nonetheless, that's why that occurred. typically you wouldn't get the sound waves reverberating up the coast like that. back to meteorology. passing snow showers from late morning through midday or so. we don't expect accumulations out of this. north and west may be a dusting.
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through the day and colder by tonight. right now, above freezing. 37. any snow showers we do see likely not accumulate. suburbs north and west, might be a brief dusting in spots. late morning, early afternoon. the skies then start to clear out as it turns windy and coaler. your weekend forecast coming up on the 4s. here's emily west with the latest on the commute. >> we'll look at the transit. the overnight track work until 5:00. expect delays. the commuter checklist, no delays. everything is starting out fine for this friday morning. your buses still going to find detours. the m 66, q 23 and q 58. new york city buses still have the newark and jersey city dealing with the snow removal. delays there and detours. alternate side is suspended. that will continue through monday and coming up on the 4s, we'll give you the latest on the accident on the grand central parkway. back to you. >> emily, thank you very much. it's 4:36 now. there's new movement in a case
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it's the disappearance of lauren speer. she's the college student from westchester county missing for five years. katherine creag is in the newsroom. what we've learned overnight on this cold case. >> the mother of lauren spear says the most important thing is to find her daughter. the fbi launched a new search connected to the disappearance of the young woman from westchester county. fbi agents as you see there sifted through dirt and had cadaver dogs go through the property in martinsville, illinois. it's near the i.u. campus the area where she was last seen. she was 20 years old when she vanished. she would have turned 25 last week. the property they were searching was once the residence of a registered sex offender, justin wagers. the fbi didn't say how he could be connected but he was known to peep into other residents' homes and talked openly about his
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>> he's a sex offender, but it wasn't me. >> it wasn't -- it wasn't me and i said, well, i'll tell you this, i said, if it wasn't you, it was your twin brother. i'll put it that way. >> justin wagers, again, who used to live in that house is currently awaiting trial in a public indecency case. the parents of lauren spear have been desperate to know about what happened to her. you'll hear from the mother of lauren speer in the next half hour. >> kat, thank you very much. 4:38 right now. donald trump being called the elephant not in the room. he came under attack even though he skipped the gop debate last night. >> kind of miss donald trump. he was a teddy bear to me. >> i'm a maniac and everyone on this stage is stupid, fat and ugly. now that we've gotten the donald trump portion out of the way --
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second to trump heading into the iowa caucuses made him a popular target in the debate. >> while they were debating, donald trump was raising money for america's veterans. trump's charity event was in iowa miles from the debate site. it claimed to raise some $6 million for veterans. some critics say it was trump's attempt to steal the thunder from his rivals. trump said he wanted to debate but alluded to his battle with fox news. >> you have to stick up for your rights. when you're tleeted badly, you have to stick up for your rights. you have do it. >> trump did appear with gop rivals, mike huckabee, rick santorum. those candidates, huckabee and santorum failed to make the cut for last night's primetime debate. today, mayor de blasio heads to iowa to stump for hillary clinton. he'll do anything and everything the clinton campaign wants to win iowa's democratic caucus on monday.
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that he misses the groundhog day. he dropped animal two years ago. that animal later tied. the newest attempt to close the pay gap between men and women. he's going to require larger companies to report what they pay their workers. federal government will collect the data making it easier for women to bring discrimination lawsuits against the companies and their superiors there. also today, vice president joe biden in town and he's going to talk about the economy and speak with governor cuomo. he'll be at the ymca on west 14th street. he was officially named leader of the moon shot task force, that group holding the first meeting on monday. the moon shot coming from the effort to get to space in 1969 and they said a similar effort it required to battle cancer. >> considered a big battle for sure. who is now eligible for a
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>> then there was a big move by uber overnight. what the company is trying to do to convince more new yorkers to ride with them. a look ahead to a weekend warmup. weather and traffic on the 4s is coming up. don't forget, follow us on facebook, twitter and instagram. michaelg4ny, darlene4ny. you're watching "today in new
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it's 4:43 here. four things to know this morning. this is the man who threatened a woman on a brooklyn subway train before cutting her hand. police say he told the woman, "i will chop you up on this train." military says the testing of
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over the atlantic. the reverberations rattled homes along the shore in new jersey, on long island and even connecticut. a shower rug sold at stores like bed, bath and beyond and dollar general is being recalled. it has plastic suction reports. there's been dozens of reports of people falling. parents in new york can get a free crib. the state is giving away more than 1700 portable cribs. it goes to lower income families who maybe can't afford a safe place for their children to sleep. it's part of the safe sleep for babies campaign to eliminate sleep-related deaths. it's 4:44. pretty quiet out there. clouds starting to increase. the temperatures above freezing in the city. chillier in the suburbs. a cold front is approaching that could trigger snow and rain showers mixed through late morning, early afternoon. looks like a mild finish to this month. the next few days we'll see a warming trend and then rainy
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mild and rainy days ahead. we'll talk about that in the seven-day forecast. temperatures warmer about everywhere you go. as much as 11 degrees warmer in morristown. 4 degrees warmer in the city. 9 degrees warmer in islip. that's the trend with the southwesterly breeze ahead of this cold front. it will turn colder tonight into tomorrow >> 37 in chelsea. 36 jackson heights. everybody above freezing nearby. but you get outside of town, it drops off. 31 in white plains in islip. if there's going to be a quick coating or dusting of snow, it would tend to be northwest central new jersey, maybe parts of hudson valley. where are they? in west central pennsylvania right now. not terribly organized or impressive. one or two could hold together as the front sweeps towards us. snow showers late morning into early afternoon. notice the area of green solid looking. that was the storm we were
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it will not be a threat to us. we've got clouds around. a few holes to the northwest. wouldn't be surprised if we get breaks. we have the outbreak of the snow showers between 11:00, this is 1:00 in the afternoon now. in the pink, indicating there could be raindrops mixed in. these will sweep through. best chance for a light coating will be catskills, poconos portions of northwest and central new jersey. then they're gone. by 6:00, 7:00, well out to sea. things dry out, skies clear. the wind wraps up out of the west, northwest. it's going to be a cold friday night. if you plan to head out, bundle up. windchills back into the teens for a time. sun followed by clouds tomorrow afternoon. again, not an issue with the cloud cover producing snow for us. dry on sunday. milder by the time we get to sunday. for today, up around 40 give or take one or two degrees in and around the city. rain or snow showers midday hours and drying out toward evening. the temperatures may start to drop once you're past 4:00, 5:00.
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upper 30s north and west. wind will increase through the afternoon. cold one tonight, 26 in the city with the west to northwest wind. 22, places in rye brook. 24 montclair. upper teens to low 20s north and west. it will be a cold start to the day tomorrow indeepd. weekend forecast, looks good. dry for the weekend. sunshine on saturday, 39. milder finish on sunday at 47. let's put it together in the seven-day. not too shabby. no big storms. could be a brief shower in spots later monday. groundhog day looks quiet. 49. a rumble of thunder on wednesday with a high of 58. that's almost spring-like and back to slightly chillier weather on thursday. let's get to emily west with the lates latest on the commute. an accident on the grand central westbound. between jewel avenue to the l.i.e., this is going to be closed. a live look at that spot. traffic is getting by on the
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the shoulder. looks like they did let people get through there on the shoulder. it's going to be a slow go if you can do the l.i.e., do that instead. the brooklyn bridge as well this morning, there is construction there. but it seems like traffic is moving along without too many problems. even the bqe by cadman plaza, nice ride. still construction in the south tube. really no big delays with that. the holland is fine and the george washington brimg dge, that earlier roadwork wrapped up. the truck lanes closed between 15e to north of exit 8. report of activity southbound near 7a. we'll keep you updated on that. you'll find the q train dealing with delays right now both directions. the 2 train between franklin avenue and flatbush avenue is suspended. more weather and traffic on the 4s. thank you, emily. world health leaders are calling
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to the zika virus. they say it's spreading explosively. they will determine whether it will be an international health emergency. the virus is linked to birth defects. they warn pregnant women to avoid travel to countries in parts of the caribbean where mosquitoes are spreading the virus. uber passengers could pay less for their rides. the company cutting most fares by 15% in new york city. it's going to start this morning. that may be good news for uber users. but also means uber drivers will make less money per trip. according to reports, it will help the drivers by stirring up more overall business. there may be a payday on the way for volkswagen customers. they're considering buying back tainted diesel cars. they admitted to rig some vehicles to cheat u.s. emissions tests. first they offered car owners money while a fix was in the works.
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to bring some cars up to codes so they'd offer buybacks instead. an employee of an after school program is out of a job accused of encourage students to fight. we'll show you video that popped up on facebook. it shows students throwing punches as this employee marcus cruz allegedly eggs them on. department much education says cruz worked for a separate program, not the school. the father of one of the students says the school is responsible and he's considering a lawsuit. police are searching for a robbery suspect in brooklyn. he helped to hold up a verizon store and then led police on a wild chase in mid wood. that chase ended when this black jeep slammed into a parked car. the suspect is in stable condition at the hospital. police recovered three weapons at the scene and a second suspect was also arrested much. a new jersey man who police say raped three women and tried to attack a fourth is expected in court today.
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victims include a 13-year-old girl. the three attacks and attempted rape happened in newark and irving ton. he's accused of beating up one victim's boyfriend. police arrested and charged him yesterday. affluenza teen ethan couch is expected in a texas court today. a judge will decide if he should be placed in an adult jail instead of a juvenile one. he was deported to texas yesterday from mexico. authorities say he and his mother fled to mexico while he was on parole for a 2013 drunk driving crash that killed four people. the two left the country a video surfaced showing couch at a party with alcohol, drinking alcohol which violated his parole. lawmakers want federal dollars to flow into flint, michigan to help solve the water crisis. they introduced a bill in congress. it would pay $400 million to replace the water system's core owed lead pipes.
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another $400 million. residents cannot drink the water and many children are showing signs of lead poisoning. it's a real crisis that everybody has been talking about. it's out of control. >> how could this have happened? >> absolutely. coming up at 5:00 a.m., the popular kids cereal getting a new look. some remarkable finds. findings about new mothers. what could save millions of lives. why the blizzard that just hit is getting more impressive, at least when you look at the numbers.
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ras alula. ras alula. 37 degrees. it's 4:54. feels mild out there, though. last saturday's snowstorm one of the most powerful storms to impact the northeast since 1950. the national oceanic and atmospheric administration rated the storm of crippling category 4. it ranks as the fourth most
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snowfall scale. it rates storms based on how large an area was affected, snowfall amounts and the number of people living in its path. >> couldn't argue with that based on what happened. >> the thing about it, sort of from boston on north, missed out on it. the big story, remember the first storm of the century, that's still number one. that was 1993. that impacted from alabama, georgia, to maine. this is pretty nice. >> make some history sometimes. pretty quiet. no historic weather the next several days. that's good news. a lot of clouds around today. spotty showers this afternoon late morning through early afternoon. up around 40. the breeze is quiet now but will kick up this afternoon. we'll start to see gusts over 20 miles per hour. colder tonight with a clearing trend. a low of 26 in the city, windchills slipping back sgoun
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weekend looks quiet. moderate by the time we get to sunday. the seven-day forecast coming up in the next hour. emily, what's happening? >> 2 train troubles. you're going to find both directions. also dealing with construction a little bit longer. truck route 1 and 9 southbound closed between dun tan and communipaw avenue. >> thank you, emily. the city is naming a new staten island ferry boat after a hometown hero who gave his life in afghanistan. army staff sergeant michael hollis was killed while shielding a wounded polish soldier by a suicide bomber. he was posthumously awarded the bronze star for his actions. the staff sergeant expected to join the ferry fleet in 2019. now to a special honor for
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during a ceremony, police commissioner bill bratton presented officer connor mcdonald a special gold shield. it has the badge number of the man who helped save his father's life. now retired, the detective -- to switch hospitals after he was shot and paralyzed. the mcdonald family says he's alive because of that act. two more medical marijuana dispensaries are scheduled to open today in our area. both on long island. one in riverhead and the other in north hempstead. the facilities will make marijuana available to patients with serious illnesses who have been screened by certified doctors. 12 other dispensaries opened earlier this mornt in the state. the 6-year-old boy attacked by a raccoon in new jersey will find out if that animal did have rabies. the boy was released from hackensack university medical center yesterday. he was walking to school in elmwood park when the raccoon
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a man passing by used a pole to beat and eventually kill that raccoon. a new policy means good and not so good news for military families. it doubles the time for mothers in the air force and the army, but it cuts time for sailors and marines who had 18 weeks leave. yesterday defense secretary ash carter says the changes help with retention of female soldiers soldiers. we're learning more about benefits of braes east-feeding. more than 800,000 children worldwide could be saved. that's because it reduces the risk of sudden infant death and it provide protection against breast cancer. it's in the lancet medical journal. rolling around in the same style as the holy father. one of the fiat 500l's that the pope used during his u.s. trip last fall is up for auction today.
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black tie gala at the philadelphia auto show. the proceeds will benefit select ministries and missions of the archdiocese of philadelphia. so they get to ride in the pope's car. >> you like that fiat. >> i love that fiat. coming up on 5:00 a.m. >> keep watching us by downloading the "news 4 new york" app. our next hour starts right now. this morning, a new search in connection with the 5-year-old disappearance of a local college students. what her mother is now saying about it. plus, police say this is the man who made a serious threat on a subway train, then backed it up. how a smartphone alert helped police catch a man that helped him rob banks. 5:00 a.m. on this friday. i'm michael gargiulo. i'm darlene rodriguez. chris cimino is here with the forecast. chris, good morning. >> good morning. happy friday. we're tracking a few snow
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nothing significant.
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